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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 22, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

12:00 pm >> here is the latest from al jazeera. hosni mubarak has been released from behind bars but still not free. air strikes called for against the asad regime. and the cost of college, president obama goes on the road with his proposal to make college more affordable. and wildfires burning out of control in ten western states including one threatening california's yosemite national park. ♪
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former egyptian president hosni mubarak's months in prison are over. just minutes ago, a helicopter flew him from cairo's prison and here is the report from cairo. >> released from the prison after hours of legal procedure, hosni mubarak is released. the destination is very short down the road, the medical facility. he will remain under house arrest under the terms of the state of emergency decree issued by the government. his ban on leaving the country
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has also been reimposed. meanwhile, the trial for deaths in 2011 resumes. >> the allegation is that he will be tried through n three different cases and that movement is not just a revolution but a military coup. >> those who opposed him for decades will also appear. charged with inciting the violence in recent months. they accuse the morsi government of not being aggressive enough in taking action against
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mubarak, saying he must take responsibility for the release of the men he replaced. a prison cell but the circumstances have certainly emphatically improved.
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>> and what are we i think we lost jonathan betts but we will check in with him throughout the day and of course here for continuing coverage of the turmoil in egypt. you can always check our website. and international condemnation after the alleged chemical attack from world leaders on syria. the story contains very disturbing images. >> hundreds of civilians including women and children as they search among the dead for surviving relatives. people died after government
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forces used chemical weapons on the people in the capitol damascus. the shocking pictures of the victims have brought international condemnation, the french government demanding some sort of action. [ speaking foreign language ] >> the reaction of international condemnation. >> the germans hinting at an act of barbarism. >> we are very concerned about reports that chemical weapons have allegedly been deployed. and should this be true, it would be a monstrosity. >> the united nations security council failed to reach an
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agreement on a response. the u.n. secretary general called for a thorough investigation but said it would be up to the syrian government to give their permission and to continue civility. >> everything that has been said is ridiculous and unscientific. there is no use of that weapon at all. >> both russia and iran say the news of the chemical attacks are accurate. the sunni national coalition has called for an international investigation. today the u.n. will investigate
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allegations of previous attacks per the mandate. there have been claims and counter claims, the slaughtering of the syrian people is likely to continue. >> and al-jazeera will be monitoring the situation from lebanon. >> we have heard allegations that chemical weapons were used against certain members of the syrian government. russia, china blocking any resolution or any statement demanding an official investigation on what exactly happened in the suburbs of
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damascus. so they have lost faith in the international community and don't understand why the u.n. investigation team is still in damascus, investigating incidents they are claiming the syrian government used chemical weapons. at the end of the day, we do know that it will not be blocking any movement or any action but the administration is quite concerned about getting involved in syrian activity and certain groups are not
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supporting their interests. talk about the red line that president obama has talked about and is being talked about again after claims that the syrian government used chemical weapons on its people. mike, this is a
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arms at all. earlier in the spring, they disagreed with the u.s. position so it is a difficult point to
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say the least, michelle. >> and the u.s. policy, talk more about that. >> well, he put out a statement, john mccain saying our position has never been lower. it was two years ago that president to render the regime less powerful in terms of military movement. >> thank you. two rockets fired north of the country into an open area were said to be fired and were
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intercepted. it is said they were fired from lebanon and there were no claims of responsibility for the attack. let's go back now to cairo where president hosni mubarak has been released from prison. as you were telling us, he is not free although he has been taken from the prison to the military hospital. tell us a little bit more efored
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just taking it a day at a time. >> thank you for that report from cairo. president obama is on a series of speeches to colleges on bringing down the cost of a college education. >> the fact is we have been
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spending more money on other things than college. [applause] >> and meanwhile, not enough colleges have been looking to find out how we can cut back on costs. so all of this sticks it to families but also takes pairs that pay the bigger -- taxpayers that pay the bigger price. >> many are rethinking their college plans or taking and enormous debt. >> this high school senior has set his sights on only one school. wally and his wife have been
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stashing money away for their son's education since he was a baby but costs of annual tuition and fees have increased six times. >> it is ridiculous it has gone up to that point and makes it very difficult for the middle class to get a college education. >> so they go to the less expensive state schools. the higher costs have been driven in part to lower investment in endowments and faxfalls. the financial aid director at university of chicago is concerned about the debt the students are shouldering. >> if you can't -- can get a
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second job to pay for it, we highly recommend it. >> to have agreements with four-year institutions where all of your credits will transfer. >> looking for scholarships to finance his college dream without bankrupting his parents. >> afghan civilians, the stories of jury is hearing in the trial of robert bale. >> and owners of the nuclear plant making international nounments.
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welcome back, recapping our top stories, the united nations request permission from syrian officials on whether there have been any chemical gas attacks on their civilians. meanwhile, hosni mubarak released from prison near cairo to a military hospital. the court ordered his release on wednesday. army staff sergeant robert bale has been sentenced to prison for
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life with no chance of parole. he
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been described indistinctly in human terms. michelle? >> thanks for that update. in business news, yahoo skhraeul ! scores a win other google. its return to the top marks another victory for the ceo who marks the end of her first year
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with the company. and mortgage rates hit a two-year high this week. freddie mac reporting rates have injuried a full percentage point since may. and reports that the japan nuclear plant has called for international help. the level is set at level 3, the highest since the tsunami. and a florida community on edge ahead, a sinkhole threatening to swallow up everything underground. and storms out west giving needed rain but also lightning causing problems with the wildfire situation there.
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i will have the latest.
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welcome back, a small florida lake is gone, believed to be swallowed by one of the state's infamous sinkholes. people who lived near the lake said it looked low on tuesday. by late afternoon, it was draining into the sinkhole. the pond was five feet deep in some spots. now it is barely there. so far, no one has been evacuated from the homes closest to the ponds. right now, wildfires are burning large portions of the western united states. right now at least 50 fires have
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been burning since wednesday. the fight to contain the fires has already cost over a billion dollars. here is more on one of the most stubborn fires in yosemite's natural park. >> the rim fire has spread today we're told but the containment number still stand at 5%. that means firefighters did make some progress in the 16,000-acre wildfire. so it is very much still a wild wildfire, just 5% contained. california is seeking assistance from the federal level and what we have seen is a situation called pl-5, preparedness level 5 meaning the government is stretched to its limits in terms of resources. there are 18,000 firefighters fighting fires across the western united states at the federal level and they have
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spent about a billion dollars so far. ♪ i'm meteorologist dave warren. we'll keep it out west here. seeing a lot of rain on the radar plus the clouds but the problem is some of this rain aoe evaporates before it hits the ground and these are norms developing with lightning on dry ground and that is not helping with the fires. this expected rain could be if i recall -- firely heavy through idaho and montana. across the northeast, rain coming in through new jersey and new york. this cooler air will attempt to move into the air. over minneapolis and chicago, temperatures dropping a bit. 81 in philadelphia, 85 in new york. cooler air around cleveland and toronto. temperatures will attempt to drop a little bit over the next few days.
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southeast seeing a lot of rain especially over florida and this is all causing flooding, even severe storms across the southeast. temperatures will try to climb up about 90. that looks to be the warmest spot across the northeast that. cooler air coming in from the north creating showers and even thunderstorms that could be strong around chicago. we'll watch this radar closely as showers and storms could be developing here over the next few hours. there is the cool air, 77. heating up in the southwest, phoenix up to 92, miami with a temperature of 86 degrees. but again, we're watching the west, showers and thunderstorms developing, taking on rain but a little more lightning could mean a problem for the fires on the ground. michelle? >> okay, thank you. thank you for your time. hope off great day and keep it tuned here throughout the day.
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