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tv   News  Al Jazeera  August 31, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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hello and welcome to al jazeera. i am thomas in new york. our top stories at this hour. >> i will seek authorization for the use of force from the american people's representatives in congress. >> the president says he will seek approval on capitol hill before taking any military action against syria. looking for evidence of the chemical attack. u.n. inspectors have now left syria, we'll tell what you they focused on with & when their final analysis will be completed. also checking in as the jersey shore wraps up its first big tourist season minutes hurricane sandy tore it apart. ♪
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♪ >> goods to have you with us, president obama says military action should be taken after chemical weapons were used in syria. he says it should not be open-ended there would be no american perhaps on the ground. and it would be limited in scope. but before that can happen, the president is planning to get congressional approval. we get more now from mike in washington. >> reporter: the president began by once again making the case for military action. >> but i am confident that we can hold the assad regime accountable for their use of chemical weapons, deter this kind of behavior and degrade their capacity to carry it out. >> reporter: then the surprise. mr. obama said he'll go to congress for approval. >> i know the country will be stronger if we take this course and our actions will be everybody more effective. >> reporter: in a statement republican house leaders who had not publicly called for a vote well well copped the move.
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but it is a bitterly divided congress. not only between the parties, but within each party as well. on the right, the tea party. many there take an isolationist stance and oppose intervention, but others like republicans john mccain and lind ry si graham want the military option to go evening further. they say they'll oppose any action that doesn't, quote, change the momentum on the battlefield. this as many liberal democrats oppose tack syria. for days it appeared the president would bypass congress. >> it is not the national security spw-ft united states to ignore clear violations of these kind of international norms. >> mr. obama and top officials had ruled out waiting for result for u.n. inspectors and laid out their case against assad and for military action. >> thug and a murderer, like bashar al-assad. >> reporter: now a military move hinges on the vote in congress. which is not scheduled to return for more than a week and where
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approval is an open question. mike, al jazeera washington. >> so members of congress are weighing in on the president's decision to seek congressional approval. house speak john boehner released this statement, saying, quote, we are glad the president is seeking authorization for any military action in syria in response to serious questions being raised. tough words from republican congressman peter king. the new york representative president obama abdicating his responsibility as commander-in-chief and undermining the authority of future presidents. the president doesn't need 535 members of congress to enforce his own red line. i want to bring in robert, a professor of political signs at the university of chicago. good to to see you, thank for joining us. glad to be here. >> that is a good point by representatively king, the president doesn't need such approval, why such a move? >> the president is increasing facing a policy that he's alone in. internationally, he's lost tremendous amount of
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international support he was counts on the ground. he lost britain, he lost germiny and domestically, there hasn't been a lot of support at all. the most recent polls show only 9% of the american people think a strike in syria is a good idea. going forward with so little political support for a policy that doesn't have a clear end game, i think it became very clear to obama this was simply a mistake and he's looking for if it's going forward, a legitimacy from the closest institution that he has, which is the congress. >> so the american people certainly don't want a war, the congress could be deeply divided. how does the president sale military action in syria's moral self enough? >> he's already tried the moral sale in a very abstract sense, so what we have heard is high rhetoric relating to moral principles, those are hard for people, congressman and the american people to actually see and tangibly understand, we also see the case being made about the human costs of the war, but
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really more in terms of quantity of numbers. numbers of people and this, again, is very difficult to actually smoke mote straight emotional connection to this. i think the president will find that he has to put a much more human face on his the consequences of the war inside syria. he has show to show victims, with real lives, real futures that have simply been lost otherwise i think it's a nonstart never congress even with that case i should say say it will be difficult. >> do you think it williamly go to a vote? >> i think there is a channels it may actually not go to the vote and the reason is because we don't have strong, national interests at stake. this is a humanitarian concern. this is a humanitarian mission. this is a mission that when congressmen start to think about
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what are their interests of their constituents is, they are going to have a very heart time understanding why they should support putting america's power and president teaming on the line for humanitarian mission. it may be possible for obama to get it through but it wouldn't strikesurprise if it turned oute votes weren't there like in britain. >> if congress doesn't authorize a vote, does the president move forward with an attack on syria? >> i think not. i think rather that were think about this in the narrow sense of an tack on syria, what is really going to happen in the next few weeks is a gigantic reevaluation of our policy in syria overall. for the last two years things have gotten worse and worse in syria and we haven't had a good policy for how to think about that problem. that's why we are in the pickle to begin with. i think that in the next three or four weeks being this will be the first time the obama administration has had to truly
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reassess the syria policy. and so it maybe seemed kind of ironic, but we may not have a strike but a better policy towards syria. >> robert hope you'll stick around i want to talk about the syrian people and what's at stake coming up in just a moment. united nations investigators have traveled to the next lands from syria, they will be preparing their findings on whether chemical weapons were used there. but the u.n. says a full assessment could take weeks. here is the latest from lebanon. >> reporter: they completed their mission in syria. now the u.n. weapons inspectors will give the evidence and samples they gathered to laboratories. the analysis will determine if chemical weapons were responsible for the deaths of hundreds in the rebel controlled damascus suburbs, the u.n. has asked the west to give it time before resorting to military action. it is something some syrians are asking for as well. my message to the west to give peace a chance. syrians used to live together. it was a beautiful country.
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the only way now is to hold dialogue, let the warring sides talk. and reach a compromise. >> reporter: this has affected the lives of so many and what might come next could cause even more suffering, that is why thousands of syrians are fleeing to lebanon in anticipation of western strikes against the regime. and many know those strikes won't necessarily end the war. >> the outcome of all of this is that they are killing each other. brothers are killing brothers. isn't this a shame? >> reporter: many of these cars have damascus license plates, the feeling among the people is that the regime strong hold will be held. syrian authorities say they are ready to recal taal 80 against any attacker didn't say how but seems they have already repositioned their artillery and moved their end men from their barricks the army and families have been moved in to schools where the inning it werely displaced used to live. other reports say detainees have
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been moved to to military barracks, an ongoing defensive in the damascus suburb is also seen as an army effort not to lose control of the capital. it is a strategic area. it borders the military airport and other loyalist positions, including the presidential palace. that is why some in the opposition believe the army wants to keep rebels as far away as possible. so they can't exploit the impact u.s. strikes could have if, indeed, they do happen. but those strikes could weak the defenses and the regime certainty of power. al jazeera, lebanon. >> iran is showing support for its ally syria by sending a senior official to damascus. he met with syrian officials today and warned against u.s. strikes on syria. >> we declare that we oppose any aggression and war against syria. this is our message to our brother who is in charge here in
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syria and also to the whole world. >> iran has repeatedly warned that if the u.s. attacks syria, israel could be drawn in to the conflict. syria is iranian aid to hezbollah in lobe no one. we heard today for the tires time from another sear crane ally, vladimir button peter sharp has more from how course. >> reporter: this is the first time we have heard from president paout up discussing syria. the last time it was brought up was at the g8 summit in ireland when he met with obama the talk was of a peace conference that's long gone and long passed and i think now president putin realizes this is possibly the last chance, possibly the last chance he's got to deliver his verdict on a possible strike. hostilities could begin at any time. so he took this opportunity to appeal to president obama.
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>> common sense speaks for itself. the syrian government forces are advancing. and some regions they have circled the rebels. under the circumstances, given a winning card to those constantly calling for military intervention is utter nonsense it doesn't fit any logic he is especially on the day of the arrival of u.n. it's other countries want to go gain support from powerful international players, first of all the united states. >> reporter: he said i am speaking to the president, basically as a nobel peace prize lawyer yet and asking obama how many civilians would be killed innocent lives taken. as far as the kremlin if this attack takes place it has nothing with chemical weapons it's about degrading the syrian military and securing victory for the rebels. >> more ahead on syria. the national debate over
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intervention is getting louder. we'll take a look at protests from coast to coast. in a check of the day's other news including the wildfire burning in yosemite. the weather is making things worse for crews on the front lines. ♪ ♪ same champs as english and arabic channels. disorder in a mexico court. why this judge lost his cool.
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millions who need assistance now. we appreciate you spending time with us tonight. up next is the golden age of hollywood going golden but elsewhere. why l.a.'s mayor has declared a state of emergency for the entertainment industry there. next.
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saudi arabia for that. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> welcome back, syria is made up i've diverse selection of of religions ask consul cultures. the ruling family of severe i can't is considered to be a sect of shiia islam. robert joining us once again to help make sense of dynamics and
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how they play in to the current conflict. thanks for joining us once again, this is why it's so difficult to come up with a peace plan in syria. >> we have had a lot of questions and possible problems, should we bomb, should we not. let's look at the demographics of syria and we can demystifies a lot of reasons why it's society difficult to find a solution. >> what are the key ethnic groups, start in the southern area near du damascus. >> sunnies, this light clear here is druz, christians, more sunnies. and actually if we go up north, we can see that we have a different collection of colors that are a different type of mess, where we have sunni, christian, the al whites.
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once we have killings started at all it feeds on it self. >> you are talk about killings because all areas are vulnerable each fighting for their own independence. >> exactly right. at the moment, this makes up something like 16 million of the 23 million people who live in syria. 103rd thousand people have died but only 30% of the groups have been mill terrized to this point. this is much like the early stages of bosnia or the early stages of conflict in baghdad where this deeply i want mixed settlement pattern began to grow on it self. grow on it self it is well on i. it is well possible in the next year, year and a half, we won't see $100,000, we could see 200,000 dead, we could see more mill terrized segments of this population. >> which you look at all these communities and talk about options here, robert, one being an air strike, is this a prime example of why an air strike wouldn't work, why we need boots on the ground? >> exactly. the air strike option is much
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too little to deal with this kind of a massive complex. >> let's pinpoints on this area where we see the different ethnic groups. >> this is a very important area this, this section of the alawites are the regimes strongest supporters if the regime were to fall, here are the alawites, here are christians and here are the sunnies, the sunnies fighting the regime. at the moment the christians are in the middle. if the regime falls it's stingsly likely this group will felix extremely vulnerable and wants to protection itself by kind of presenting a very del-defended perimeter, meaning coming in to conflict not with just the soup is but the christians. >> boots on the ground would never work. >> hundreds of -- >> we don't have the resources. >> we don't have the hundreds of thousands of boots on the ground to put this -- this wouldn't be just 10,000 boots, or even 100,000, we could be talking about a half million boots on
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the ground to suppress this problem and we don't have the troops. >> so with all of these different ethnic groups what can we do moving forward? >> we can look at the areas of, yes, please let's pull back now. the areas of syria that are more stable and we can build from stability there, which won't soft the most unstable parts right way. but will give us a basis of stability to build around. for instance, just here to the west, is a sunni area and, yes, we might note to ar need to arme groups to protect them december. but the truth is, we would not need to broadly arm all of the rebels, we could try to build security and stability from this area and by the way, as this conflict continues, there will be hundreds of thousands of refuges want to go move. they have on move somewhere, should they move to lebanon, israel, jordan, should they move
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to turkey? a much better idea is to build an enclave inside of the most stable part of syria so that they have a place to go. >> so many questions. such a difficult region as we mentioned, robert, political science at the university of chicago. certainly appreciate your dime this everything. >> glad to be here. >> we are learning more about how president obama arrived at his decision to take action against syria. and it's becoming clear why he decided to get congressional approval first. mike joining us now live from washington with more on that, mike. >> reporter: tom, many people were surprised when the president after outlining the case against assad one more time saying he had decided on military strikes, maids that quick turn and said, after all, he was going to go for congressional approval. and now the option, the military option could never actually happen. we thought it would be sooner wrappinger tharather than latere wondering whether congress can pass the authorization. we learned very interesting
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details, sr. white house aides took reporters in to a room and tried to explain the decision-making process and what had hard and transpired over the course of the week. frankly everybody was so surprised when the president made that announcement today it turns out when the president told his top aides last night when he made the decision they were surprised a is well and many put up a bit of an argument it turns out. here is the tick to be as the white house describes it. last saturday, a week ago today there was a meeting of the national security council and all the intelligence had been garth scored became clear to them the president and his top advisors what had happened and who was responsible for it. you saw during the course of the week, they laid out the case of the public, john kerr we two very forthright statements to the president, top officials talking about having little doubt that assad was actually responsible i believe. fast forward to last night. the president at 6:00 meets as he often does with his chief of
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staff just about every everything. instead of sitting in the office they go for a walk out of the sight of tourists, tour tour is always encircle the white house they walk and talk and the president decides that he wants to get congressional approval. up until that time there was never even any thought of aides to get that approval from congress. and so it came as a surprise when he returned to the oval offers he started making calls s to his top advisers, top aids, put up a robust argument against going for congressional approval in the end, they met again this morning. and everyone agreed the president then called, the congressional leaders and then appeared in the rose garden where he delivered the news for the world. -- to the world. aides said the press was influenced by what happened in the united kingdom in parliament and much of the opposition that he was seeing within congress, but still there is a sense from
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white house aides that, though congress was making a lot of noise, they didn't want to have to deal with the issue. now they have to do so. foil we'll wainow we'll wait an. >> alleys are welcoming his decision to ask for congressional backing before attacking syria. philip has more from london. >> reporter: the news that president obama has decided to take the syrian cries toys congress -- >> in the u.s. antiwar protesters marched even as president obama made his statement at the white house. al gentlemaal jazeera reports. [ audio difficulties ] >> we certainly do apologize for some technical issues here, we want to talk about the wildfire in and around yosemite national
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park. it's now bigger than dallas. smoke making it harder for crews to battle the blaze ace result. tp*z aircraft is grounded because of the low vice bill. the fire is one of the worst in california's history. >> and we are tracking that wildfire. the rim fire to be exact. and we are very concerned about it because it is the number one concern of wild fires in the nation right now. now as we look at our current northwest hazards map, what you really notice here is this red area, we are concerned about this because it is another red flag warning in parts of eastern oregon, a place that dried out very quickly this year and a place where we have already had problems with wild fires. the reason why this one has been
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issued for fire weather is because we have some very strong gusty winds, gusting 25 miles an hour or higher, so if we have a lot of campers out there for labor day weekend, the problem is it is so remote and so dry in this area, it's so easy to spreads a campfire. now, as we head farther south i want you to note the area of yellow and gray in the vicinity of the rim fire. we have an air quality issue here, it's unhealthy for sensitive groups. air now has forecasted to remain unhealthy because the san joaquin valley has the defense smoke sitting heavily in the valleys making it very difficult to breathe. so this is stretching out across three different counties, this particular defense smoke advisory. and the size of this fire, if you combined oakland, san jose, and san francisco, those three cities combined and which fire, the rim fire is still larger than that. it is impressive. in fact, 7.9% of the yosemite
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national park is within the fire perimeter. and this is day 1 15 that this particular one has been burning, so out of 2013, it is by far the largest fire in the united states. we are currently watching a lot of showers and thunderstorms moving but if you look at the satellite picture you note the wind direction and it is moving up and away, more of a west, southwesterly winds for the fire and that's certainly being forecast right on the site of the fire as well by the meteorologist to determine how it's going to move and grow. but it is definitely the number one certainty point. we have had 41 states sends personnel to deal with this particular one, now coming up i will tell i about what kind of weather to expect across the rest of the united states for your labor day weekend. >> all eyes on the forecast, rebecca, thank you. less than a year ago hurricane sandy battered new jersey shoreline, businesses a is who the state lost a total of $30 billion. the estimated cleanup costs
11:26 pm
almost $40 billion. now the shoreline is back on its feet just in time for the summer summer's last holliday weekend, al jazeera reports. >> reporter: surfers ride of the breakers, family on the beach and boardwalk, it's labor day weekend and this is the way life is supposed to be on the last holliday weekend of the sum he were. 10 months ago it was all so disk. different. that's what hurricane sandy hit lost. the second costliest hurricane on record same pounds ago shore, smashing homes, uprooting trees, downing power lines, wiping out store front and and even sending the roller coaster into the ocean, turning it in to one of the best known images of the disaster, this is where the roller coaster once stood. there are plans to replace it, but for now, residents are just glad that casino pier is back. >> it was a slow start with june and the rainy season we didn't even have rides open yet.
11:27 pm
we had our water park but with the weather that was a slow start. our rides only up last week in july. we missed two major hollidays, memorial day and fourth of july those are the two main hollidays you need, luckily we have labor day this weekend and are looking for a great you were ute. >> reporter: for those making new jersey's coastal to understand their home, any success this summer has been hard won. as we moved up the coast, many of the towns along the way were damaged in the hurricane. some homes are still being repaired, others have clearly been abandons the beach is full. but not so at poor old see bright which is used to mopping up after storms and was devastated by sands i. >> woody's restaurant was under to three to four feet the water butt bashing lot became a camp side for people looking for food and clothing. >> reporter: the chef says when we thiago he reopened after four months people came from all over the country and the sum he he'ss been solid. >> seeing the down it was like
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walking into a deserts is right now we are rebuilding and that's what the sea bright rising is for we are rebuilding. >> reporter: behind the restaurant the lifeguards patrol the beach. the beach manager says with 50 to 60% of the town still out of their homes, beach income is down this year. but they have still had plenty of visitors. >> it was a great summer being people came back, they came and people came from all over just to support us. >> reporter: why? >> because it's a great little town by the beach. there is no other place like sea bright. >> reporter: when the beaches close after labor day and the families guy back to the lives the people of the jersey shore will be left to reflect after on their first certainly after the hurricane. and they will be hoping sandy is the last storm of this size they see for a very long time. at the jersey shore. >> we'll have more on syria after a quick break on al jazeera. president obama makes his intentions clear on what he wants to do. for now, he needs to wait to
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hear what congress wants to do. plus why crews are digging up an old schoolyard in florida and searching for human remains. "consider this" will be right back. ♪
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♪ ♪ >> welcome back to al jazeera. president obama's decision to delay military action against syria was not what much of the world expected. it also came as a huge surprise to members of congress who now find themselves on the reaching end of the president's political punt. david schuster reports. >> reporter: the president stepped in to the rose garden and delivered a political shock. >> i will seek authorization for the use of force from the american people's representatives in congress. >> reporter: that means there will be no attack on syria for a at least nine days and means any u.s. response to the syrian government's alleged use of chemical weapons will depends on votes in the senate and house. >> today i am asking congress to sends a message to the worlds. that we are ready to move forward together as one nation. >> reporter: lawmakers who demanded media aggressive action against syria were stunned. republican congressman peter king accused the president of,
11:32 pm
quote, abdicating his responsibility. senators john mccain and lindsey graham signaled the president will not get their vote because the limited attack the administration is seeking approval for, quote, would not change the battlefield momentum. other lawmakers said that they detected political weakness in the president. noting the white house did not seek approval from congress two years ago before launching cruise missile at the qaddafi regime there libya. we relying on december democrad republican help to take action, the president is taking a huge political risk. administration officials acknowledge a defeat in congress would undermine the president's credibility and that is of his top officials including secretary of state john kerry could t* could also turn him in to an early lame duck by signaling to both parties his ability to move his agenda forward is gone even on what he calls a moral immaterial tear pitch. a win would giver the obama administration.
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the president urged lawmakers to put politics aside. >> i ask you members of congress to consider that some things are more important than partisan givens or the politics of the moment. >> reporter: congress could start as early as september the ninth. >> in the u.s. antiwar protesters marched everybody as president obama made his president obama made his statement at the white house. >> reporter: the threat of a u.s. attack on syria brought protesters out from coast to coast. hundreds raised their voices in new york's times square. >> to go in to the war with syria, maybe they know how to start the war, but nobody knows how it will end it will be hor foible region. >> reporter: protesters here want to see an end to the conflict in syria, but they say u.s. military strikes are not the answer. they weren't alone. in los angeles,.
11:34 pm
>> one, two, three, four, we don't want your racist war, five, six, seven, is eight,. >> reporter: nashville. >> no more war. >> reporter: outside the u.s. central command in tampa, florida. and outside the white house. now as washington debates attacking syria, these protesters hope for a diplomatic way out. >> diplomacy is difficult, i understand that. but you have to have that as your mission. you need peaceful resolutions to these kind of conflicts, they are political. they are very difficult and reneeweneed a humanitarian resp. >> reporter: they have less than two weeks to make their case. >> we say no, whether it comes today, tomorrow, or monday. >> reporter: many of the protesters we spoke with in times square said they are afraid the u.s. is headed for a prolonged confrontation with
11:35 pm
syria and they don't want a repeat of the iraq war. al jazeera, new york. >> i am joined now by juan cole a professor of the history at the university of michigan. thanks for being with us tonight. what is the climate? i want to talk about the climb at in the region because the arab league declined the call for intervention in syria. does the middle east support a syrian strike? >> no, for the most part not. some countries like qatar and assault and battery i can't rape i can't behind the scenes might support it but won't say so publicly. egypt has come out against american intervention in syria. tunisia which had its arab spring revolution is against it it. across the arab world, algeria, they have publicly said they don't want this kind of western i want efficients in an arab country. >> if the u.s. authorizes a strike, turkey and israel will play critical roles here? >> yes.
11:36 pm
turkey and israel are both military allies of the united states. turkey is a nato member and israel has excellent military cooperation with the united states. so the logistics of any attack would certainly be aided by those two countries. >> let's talk about nato and europe, why are this he so willl hreluctant to get on board here? >> the polish government has spoken clearly about this. they sent troops both to iraq and to afghanistan. and they said it wasn't their experience that that was a useful thing to do. the violence in those two countries has continued. they just didn't see a military intervention as likely to produce a resolution. >> how do you see all of this playing out with what could be a deeply divided congress? >> i think the congress is, you know, we can't be sure that it will vote for this intervention. the libertarian wing of the republican party, the left wing of the democratic party, could
11:37 pm
well refuse to accept such a revolution, we saw recently a vote on the national security agency where those two forces from opposite wings of the congress got together and almost defeated president obama's policy. >> do you think as more time goes on it will be more difficult to get more congressional approval? do you think the passion will cool off, if you will? >> no, i think this is a policy decision. and it has to to with how the u.s. will respond to the use of chemical weapons. i think the passion may be is not the right way to go. it's better for people to deliberate, to see the u.n. evidence. and i think they'll make a considered decision. >> juan cole professional of history at the university of michigan thanks for being with us tonight. >> thanks, tom. >> appreciate it. one u.s. ally is very concerned that america won't take military
11:38 pm
action in sear request. soutsyria. >> south career is concerned of chemical weapons fired from its north. it believes that will happen in north correia thinks there won't be any consequences, craig joining us from hong kong: they have been receiving threats. how realistic are the fears of a chemical attack in. >> well, as far as south korea is concerned, very realistic, and, in fact, according to the administration and what he told newspapers today, defense secretary chuck heigl met with the political leaders of south korea who told him as you said, if the u.s. doesn't act against syria it could convince north correia to engage in its own chemical and biological weapon as tack against south korea. now, north correia sa career cos
11:39 pm
found gas masks so south korea is concerned, as far as it's cornered with good reason about its own stability with within it's own region. even if the u.s. does take action in syria, how likely is it this north korea would actually care? >> as i said north korea is an ali of syria. north korea will be watching very closely. there is no doubt about that. north korea has its own stockpile of chemical weapons. the u.s. believes that range is between seven ann al hundreds of tons to several thousands of tons, including sarin gas, mustard gas and in fact it, manufactures gas masks, has cam suits and trained its military any did he deck devises so north korea has its only chemical and
11:40 pm
by lodge cal warfare capability. it will be watching very closely what happens. south career's concerns certainly play in to the hands of the united states who is looking for ally with the limited strike it is proposing on syria. >> if the u.s. doesn't do anything, how much will it harm america's credibility in asia? >> well, i think taillight will certainly impact its credibility greatly. depend on what it does if it does not deciding to in for a strike. china who has been look to foster better regulars with the u.s. sports political solutions and doesn't support military intervention. that military intervention would conflict with the u.n. charter and could, in fact, exacerbate the problems in the middle east, so the u.s. does have support. if it doesn't go for those strikes, within asia, and
11:41 pm
certainly russia was also one who led the walk out in the u.n. security council last thursday. the u.s. here does have options with its asian neighbors and support from sources that it normally wouldn't get support from on this issue you. >> craig joining us from hong kong, craig, thank you. now for a check of other stories making headlines. a suicide bomber has killed six people near a police checkpoint in southern after bega afghanis. the bomb killed four civilians one police officer and one private security guard. the attacker was on foot when the bomb exploded. no group has claimed responsibilities. a 5.9 magnitude earthquake hit china today willing four people. -- killing four people. the quiet hit the southwest part of the country. 600 buildings fell with another 5500 damaged. the quake triggered land slides and cut off power and telephone services. over 9,000 people were affected. go ahead, touch the art.
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expert are going high-tech to reproduce every brush stroke of priceless paintings. coming up, the finished products and how they are being used to help the visually impaired. and up next, on al jazeera, it was an eventful day for johnny manziel. ross will explain coming up in sports.
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right back. wouldn't believe there is a farm inside of it. ♪ ♪ >> researchers from the university of south florida have now begun a grim task. they started unearthing bodies of dozens of boys buried at a notorious former reform school. the researchers hope to identify
11:45 pm
the boys and figure out how they died. al jazeera's tha natasha reports from floor. >> reporter: there are bodies buried on the campus of the reform school for boys. bodies buried over the course of 60 years. next to a garbage dump. on the site of the campus where the black boys lived. >> it's something that the whole world needs to know. >> reporter: it opened in 1900 it was a place where the state butt skid who got in problem. arthur and richard were sent there in the late 1950s. >> scary. you know, the whole world -- >> this is a form to me of slavery, because they beat you to what they wanted you to be. >> reporter: they say they did back-breaking farm work. richard lost a toe in the cane field and when they rana foul of the school staff they end up in what they called the white house. >> i would call it a torture chamber because here is where you got your mind right. if you didn't know how to pray,
11:46 pm
you learned pretty fast. >> reporter: even though no one knows who is buried here or how they died the state isn't launching a criminal investigation. the attorney say attorney genery one staffer is still alive. and too old to talk. but they could determine how they died. searchers have found 50 bodies so far and only just begun their work. using ground penetrating radar. it's the kind can have technology used to find mass graves in the former yugoslavia researchers at the university of south florida florida are hoping to identify the remains and finally return them to their lovered ones, those they can't identify will be properly buried in marked graves here on the campus cemetery. >> there is a legal obligation of the state of florida to return those remains to the families for proper burial. and some have argued the state has a moral obligation do this. >> reporter: until then richard will have to speak for the dead.
11:47 pm
>> our life was cut short and now here we lay. free us, free us, let our bones go home. >> reporter: natasha, al jazeera, florida. >> ross joining us with your sports headlines. it's saturday, so that means. >> busy college football day. gotta love it. all eye on his texas a & m quarterback johnny manziel. and johnny football might wang want to change his nickname to johnny drama. your heisman trophy winner had to sit out the entire first half because of his autograph scandal but after getting in the game he got benched again. johnny football playing cheerleader early on in the first half. as the aggies took a 28-21 lead in to the break against rice. but in the second half, here's johnny. johnny manziel working his magic as he throws a strike to mike evans for the 23-yard score. manziel putting his signature all over this ballgame by throwing for three touchdown
11:48 pm
passes as the aggies draw 52-31, midway through the 40 quarter, johnny drama, got benched by his head coach after he was called for unsportsman like conduct after he yapping at some rice players. >> i thought he was pressing early, first play he missed a read, couple of touchdown drives, couple of scrambles and a foolish penalty at the end. and you know, no matter what the comments are or what, you know, he's going face that every week with people chirping. and that's not okay. and obviously i addressed that on the sideline right after the play. and that's something he's going to have to deal with every week. >> reporter: were you planning on taking johnny out even before that penalty? >> nope. >> all right, the big question in college football, can alabama pull off the three-peat. the number one team in the
11:49 pm
country, flexing their muscles tonight against virginia tech, look here. jones goes 72 yards to the happy place, jones also returned the kickoff 94 yards for a touchdown. plus he hauled in this 38-yard pass from j mccarran as alabama rolls big 35-10. next up, johnny football and the aggies in two weeks. you gotta love that. number two, ohio state airing it out against buffalo on their opening drive. braxton miller heisman trophy candidate unloads a rainbow to devin smith for a 47-yard hookup. miller threw two touchdowns on the day as the buckeyes would go onto win big, 40-20 is your final. the fighting irish of notre dame have a lot of holes to fill this season, manti te'o plays for the chargers, and their starter quarterback from a year ago everett golson dropped out of school. no worries tommy rees filling in the void. the senior quarterback scored
11:50 pm
the trifecta with three touchdowns passes against temple as number 14 notre dame takes care of business, giving head coach brian kelly career victory number 200. speaking of kelly, he got a new five-year deal today that will keep him in south bend through 2017. all right, what do you think? will tim tebow ever play quarterback in the nfl again. the patriots cut him to get down to the 50 thief man roster. tebow struggled this preseason completing just 33% of his passes. scoring two touchdowns and two interceptions, now, tebow mania hit an all-time high two years ago in denver burk ever since then, it's been a steady decline. with the jets and patriots, and you have wonder if any other team will give him a shot play quarterback. after getting released, tebow tweeted that he will continue to pursue his life-long dream of being an nfl quarterback. on the links the big three, tiger, phil and adam scott teed it up no boston mikkel see stole the show yesterday, cashing in
11:51 pm
with an 8 under par. today, oh, boy. lefty having some issues, mickelson goes around the trees, and in to the rough stuff feel your pain, he's still at 8 under par, tiger woods, his back is good to go and the big cat was dialed in. sticks it, he carded five birdies on the day, 7 under par. six shots back of your leader sergio garcia. all right, the pittsburgh by rats haven't played the played offers since 1990 two, but the riots are going all in in hopes of ending the draught. they continue to upgrade their roster today by trading for former a.l. m.v.p. justin morneau, in exchange, pittsburgh sent outfielder alex presley to the twins. but morneau, who has 17 home runs on the season, was definitely -- will definitely add pop to the pirates' line up, pittsburgh has a 1-game lead over the cardinals in the n.l. central. federer got a slate start but up
11:52 pm
two sets to love. in his third rounds match, but early today, deja vu for johnnies never, he loved to philip last year in the third round of the u.s. open, gets what happened today? he lost again to him in the third round. are you kidding me in isner the highest ranked american at number 13, but now there is just one american male remaining in the tournament in tim, fyi, the last american man to win the u.s. open, andy roddick back in 2003. so it's been a draught but over on the ladies side, bert news, serena williams, sloan stevenson, two americans that will actually meet tomorrow on certainty court. >> a lot of surprises. >> yeah. hopefully into a serena can con. >> keep us update the. don't cry, though, are you okay? >> yeah. >> all right. ross, thank you. van go's paintings are among the most important in history. and now a museum holding them in amsterdam has produced 3d
11:53 pm
replicas, they are so detailed few can actually tell the difference, curators hope the high-tech display will help everyone from the visually impaired to the young enjoy it's artist. phil brings us this port from amsterdam. >> reporter: look bench don't touch. the one on the right is a 3d replica. where ever streak has been recreated by brand-new technology, 19th century art, 21st century style. >> to make one it takes about three months of production, so it gives a little bit of a hint how difficult it is. you can only do it if you have access to the real painting. so the real painting needs to be scanned, which is, of course, also you have to do it -- really
11:54 pm
handle with care. >> reporter: they are aimed at two different markets, first of all you have the people who want to physically experience the art. don't forget, this painting is 124 years old. you cannot touch it. but you can touch this. the idea is that these will appeal to those who want to feel the art. those who are visually impaired students, people who really want to touch a masterpiece, and then you got the people who want to own the art. an original like this, is worth somewhere in the region of $50 million. and it's not even for sale. they are not cheap either, though, if you want one of these, or one of these, you need to around $30,000. however, for those who can afford it, it is probably the nearest they will ever get to owning a genuine article. great for them, but great for art in general, it's the critics that need convincing. >> in some way it devalues the originals, if you could see a great reproduction anywhere in the world for a lot less money maybe, why would you still go to
11:55 pm
a museum to see the original? >> despite the similarities this is one major difference here. this is not actual oil, this is not paint? >> no, it's -- it's a kind of really special -- well, describes best as a kind of i remember. >> reporter: which makes it pricey for what you are getting, but also incredibly unique. only a small number of them are being produced. most have to settle for a significantly small irrelevant, significantly -- smaller, significantly cheaper print instead. >> a special edition of america tonight start at the top of the hour. but after the break rebecca stevenson will be here with your labor day weekend forecast. our children and to get 7.35 raise up to 12.35 or 15.
11:56 pm
>> "consider this" will be right back. ♪ ♪ they presented the president withç]
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♪ ♪ >> hi there, i am meteorologist rebecca stevenson. we have been tracking a storm, a little storm that just thought it could right off the baja peninsula and a very short period of time we saw tropical storm kiko, popped up right around 8:00 in the evening eastern time, and then within two hours, tropical storm kiko
11:58 pm
is almost a hurricane now. which means it's getting sustained winds building up to, it's gotta be 74 miles per hour to be a hurricane, but it's working on it. it's getting there. but the thing about the storm, as we take a closer look here, a little bit on the enhanced satellite it's not going hit land, we expect it to gradually slowly move to the north, northwest and stay out in the water. but what this will also do, is continue the moisture pump for the showers and thunderstorms up in to the southwest. so the desert southwest is getting a lot of these flood warwarnings around new mexico, colorado and a lot of the moisture is come up from this pacific area, causing this to happen. now, as we look at the enhanced satellite here you'll see a lot of colors, the brightest reds and oranges are showing you where the cold cloud tops are, where all of the energy is at. and we've got two stop systems across the united states. two fronts so to speak, and you can see them pretty well here.
11:59 pm
one on the east coast, and one on the midwest, and that's exactly where all of our active weather is happening tonight. and will continue to happen tomorrow. even show ou though our showerse tapering off they'll pick up again where they left off in the afternoon tomorrow. the midwest has been a focal point of golf-ball sized hail today and wind gusts up to 60 miles an hour. still monitoring severe thunderstorm watches for parts of southern south dakota and in to the midwest and will continue to pic pick up tomorrow afterno. tomorrow it will be hot for folks all over again the heat aheaadvisory is back in place, temperatures 84 for denver but hotter further east for memphis at 98. a little bit of cooling finally starts to come in on monday, our labor day. ♪ ♪
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