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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 1, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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hello, and welcome to al jazeera. i am thomas drayton in new york. our top stories at this hour. >> i don't believe my former colleagues in the united states senate and the house will turn their backs on all of our interests. >> secretary of state john kerry says the case for military action in syria lies in the evidence of chemical warfare. two years after the devastating earthquake and tsunami, radiation reaches new deadly levels. >> nelson man dela spends his first night at home after spending three months in the hospital. we will look at the extraordinary legacy of journalist sir david frost.
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good to have you with us. we begin tonight with the white house's efforts to convince congress that syria used poison gas in an attack that killed more than 1400 people, including at least 400 children. president obama wants lawmakers to approve a military response. al jazeera's jean reserve has more from washington. >> meeting with a prominent member of the iranian parliament said his country is cape alan of confronting external aggression. the obama administration is pushing hard. john kerry and on all of the sunday talk shows claiming the u.s. knows what weapon was used in the chemical attack >> we now have samples back from
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first responders in east damascus. those samples of hair and blood have been tested, and they have reported positive for signatures of sarin. so we are now getting a stronger case each day. >> to persuade congress to authorize the use of military force, the administration held classified briefings sunday on capitol hill, but when members emerged, there was largely skepticism about the impact of the limited military strikes proposed by the administration. jts i don't know if every member of congress is there yet. >> what about you >> i am not there yet. >> i am not convinced that the timeline that was outlined by the president yesterday is a valid one. >> secretary of state kerry says he believes congress will authorize the use of force but if it doesn't, he says the president has the authority to the act on his owning but mr. kerry refused to be pinned down on whether president obama would.
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jeanne meserve, al jazeera washington. >> the u.n. secretary general has asked for samples to be speeded up. ban kee moon says they will be send to lantories and those responsible for the attack should be punished. >> the secretary general took note of the announcement by president obama yesterday on the referral to congress. i can tell you he regards it as one aspect of an effort to achieve a broad-based international consensus on measures in response to any use of chemical wells. use of chemical weapons will not be accepted under any circumstances, and there should be no impunity and any perpetrators of such a horrific crime against humanity must be held accountable. earlier tonight, david shuster spoke with robert hunter, the former u.s. ambassador to nato. he told us the president's
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decision to defer to congress is a positive one. >> i think it's about time that we move beyond the old cold war idea that presidents could really make war on their own and then only inform the congress afterwards or just consult with them. rather, i think it's important to get the congress on board. now, the case for doing something on moral grounds is very strong. we will accept, i think, the administration's view that this is the syrian government doing it, though they haven't yet fully proved that, but i think members of congress are very concerned that this not go beyond that on into some kind of uncontrollable circumstance in which we could see the syrian civil war not only get worse but spill over elsewhere in the middle east. >> i hear your point about congress being involved and putting control perhaps on the u.s. mission but congress by
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most accounts is a dysfunctional institution. if the president has made the decision that there is a moral imperative to act, why on earth would it be helpful to the united states to, therefore, kick this over to a dysfunctional institution like congress? >> i think the congress wants to make sure that if he takes a decision that is as controversial in this country as this will be -- after all, we have just gone through two wars. the american people don't want another war. he wants to make sure that he has the people's representatives in congress as he put it yesterday. he wants to make sure he has them with him. now, there is a possibility congress will vote it down. i don't believe it in the final analysis. he wants to have them with him. there is another angle here i think one has to consider. the president will see the president of russia later this week in saint petersburg. it is just possible that president obama could try to strike some kind of deal with president putin to see if it's possible to move this whole
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thing out of a question about war and peace, what do we do? what we don't do? into an area where we might finally, start to get some diplomatic process that can try to bring this war to a halt without tearing the entire region to pieces. >> suppose a number of people are wrong and congress does, in fact, vote this down p what does that do american power, influence and prestige around the world. >> in the short time, we take a knock for that because the president did lock himself in. secretary kerry ain the two presentations he made last week was very emotional and very direct about it. however, i think any country out there that believes the united states won't defend its national interests is a country that's going to get itself in very deep trouble. this is not something that applies directly to our national interest. it's a moral issue. but any country that is going to take us on somewhere else, i think they had better beware.
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>> last week, britain said it would not participate. now germany is opting out. german chance lower angela merkel and her opponents both vowed they would not act without the u.n. security council signing off. but russia is likely to block such a measure. mechlt erkel said she is more time to get u.n.. fire fighters battling the wildfire on the edge of yosemite national park say fire retard ant chemicals are being dropped to stop the fire from spreading. so far, it's moved through 350 square miles in the two weeks it's been burning. a bit of cotroversy here legal immigrants cannot serve on juries even though this can own their own businesses and serve
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in. that could change in california. jennifer london reports from los angeles. >> in california, lawful immigrants play a critical role in the legal system. they serve as witnesses, attorneys, even judges. but they can't serve as jurors. the state assembly is trying to change that, saying there is a need to create juries that reflect wider society. >> you want the pool of people to consist of all elements of our community. ber at a time where at least in california, we have, you know suggesting there is many non-citizenship that are living here. i am looking for ways to improve the delivery and access to justice for everybody who lives here. >> temporary visa holders and undocumented immigrants will still remain indelible to serve. if governor brown signs this into law, it will open the jury box to more than 3 million
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potential jurors. >> potential jurors like anthony skordi. i think it's great that we as green card holders should serve as jury members because we pay taxes, and we have to follow the laws. >> he left his home in london in the mid '90s to pursuant acting decree in los angeles. skordi says while he is glad to have his rights expanded, it's not looking forward to serving. >> because it takes time out of my day. you don't know how long a case could go on for, and i have other commitments, as everybody else does. >> aside from someone's personal feelings about serving, joann demitrius says as a matter of public policy allowing non-citizens to sit on a jury is a bad idea. >> if you've got somebody who is coming in who is not a citizen, they are going to have potentially a very difficult time understanding the norms, the various things that are important to us in our judicial
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system. so i am saying that any defendant should have the opportunity to have the somebody else who is a united states citizen to serve and decide their fate, whether it's in a criminal case or a civil case >> reporter: the majority of republican lawmakers oppose the measure. rocky chavez argued his position on the assembly floor august 22nd. >> where do we come upon imposing upon other people who are treeing to work here or go to school here the responsibility that a citizen has? you know, is there a problem with the judicial system? is there a shortage of having people offer citizens to come serve on juries? last year 9 million citizens showed up to serve on juries. only one 65,000 of them actually served. so there is no problem about trying to get people to serve on juries >> reporter: the complex question of whether legal
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immigrants should serve on juries may soon be answered quite simply. it could very well become law. jennifer london, al jazeera, los angeles. the florida a and m marching band has returned to the field for the first time since one of its members died in a hazing incidents. >> the band was suspended for two years after an incidents in 2011 that led to the death of drum major robert champion. the case led to criminal prosecution and the resignation of the university president. on sunday at or land are a sit russ bowl, the marching 100 were back a little florida a & m's football defeated valley state 27 to 10. tllings encouraging news on this labor day weekend out of detroit. the ford motor companyhere is en this labor day weekend out of detroit. the ford motor company is the making good on its promise to create more jobs. they rolled out a line of fusion >> dan: built here in america, bisi onlie-ere has the story from flat-rock michigan.
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>> there hasn't been much to cheer about in detroit lately, but for the first time, the new ford fusion rolled off an assembly line in the u.s. ford added a shift at its flat rock assembly plant a few miles south of detroit and 1400 jobs and $500 million in investments. >> we would all like to thank the uaw for committing to work with ford to grow manufacturing jobs here in america. >> fusions start at about $22,0 $22,000. until now, they were only made in mexico. but with sales up 13%, the plant there can't keep up. most of the new jobs pay $15 and $0.78 an hour, competitive with mexican factory workers but veteran ford workers at the flat rock plant make nearly twice that now. still workers we talked to sounded enthusiastic. >> obviously, we are adding another shift, and actually, two shifts, so it's all -- it's all good, plus it's an american made
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car, too. so that's another great thing. >> good news considering a couple of years ago, this same plant, which also produces the mustang, nearly closed when production nose-dived. >> we had some dark days here, you know, and this plant was actually on the chopping block, you know. and we diecided we were going t roll up our sleeves and make ourselves attractive for new investment. look what we've got >> reporter: about 350,000 fusions this year will be built here the 1400 new hires will put ford ahead of its goal in creating 12,000 jobs in the next two years here in the united states. >> bi. >> ford is recalling more than 14,000 cars because of a problem with power steering. they are being recalled in nearly 2 dozen states.
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car owners are encouraged to go to their dealership for repairs. hello. well, today we have been talking about the thunderstorms that very long been a big problem across parts of nevada. we have some new video in from los angeles. i want to show you the serious flooding in that region. in the area, the rain has been so hard across this area that evacuations have had to take place, especially in the northern and northwestern suburbs in the area, about 22 to 25 people had to be evacuated here flash flood warnings are in effect for that northern area of las vegas. we think it's going to continue for the rest of the even. i will show you a little bit closer in of what we are talking about. there, the thunderstorms for most of the stay, but for las vegas you can see how they ranched up in the afternoon and really just to the north of the area. we are going to be watching this again for the next day or so. we don't think they are going to
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be as hard tomorrow. we think most of the heavy rain will be a little bit more toward the east. the forecast for las vegas looks like this. we are going to see partly cloudy skies on monday, 96 degrees. temperatures on the increase. thunderstorms on tuesday. we will get back into the triple digits. we are looking at a lot of activity here across the central plains in terms of winds as well as hail damage as those thunderstorms move through. we expect to see more of the evening pushing into parts of missouri as well into illinois. we will bring you more details of your forecast the last labor day weekend, on monday, in just a few minutes. >> kevin, thank you. form earn south african nelson mandel a is bang at home after months of being treed at a hospital for various illnesses. the 95-year-old remains in critical condition. tania page reports from outside the man de la residence in joanesburg
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>> reporter: he is still in critical condition and at times, his health is unstable. an ambulance is on standby just in case he deteriorates and has to be rushed back to hospital. but he is receiving the best care possible. part of his johannesburg home has been converted into an intensei care unit. the medical team treated him in hospital have relocated. >> a panel of doctors review his case every 12 hours. those are medical schedules they make. and we do not interfere with those decisions at all. and they have decided that they have reconfigured the house so that he can receive proper intensive care just as he would receive in hospital. >> the news has been welcomed by many people here >> i think it is not as worrying as him being at hospital because you know when you are around people that really love him, that really care, you can kind of feel that the the attachment and the positive energy is flowing. >> he will recover if he is meant to recover. but when the time comes, the
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time comes, there is nothing much you can do about it. >> if they think it's a good idea, but i believe that we still need our hero alive. >> man dela celebrated his 95 i think birthday last month defying the odds and proving yet again his strength and resilience. he won the hearts of millions of people when he emerged from 27 years in prison wanting reconciliation, not revenge to eventually become south africa's first back president. >> his granted son says the family is celebrating his return home and they have been touched from messages all over the world. the move home may allow the family a little more privacy but it will also reignite the intention level of interest in the health of a man who is still gravely ill >> reporter: ma has not played any role in public life for over a decade but he is this
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country's moral compascompass, africans draw strength from knowing he is still with them. t tania page, johannesburg. >> a popular music festival in new york is down. we will take a closer look at the legacy of a legendary broadcaster, sir david frost.
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begin to take effect? >> reporter: the laws do not go call it the last hurrah of summer as we look live over new york, just a beautiful shot. mean while, a popular music festival in new york was interruptly cancelled after two
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concert goes died and several others became real. designer drugs may have been to blame. >> the electric zoo music festival ended one day early. organizers deciding there would be no show after two attendees died and at least four others were rushed to the shhospital. investigators suspect drug overdoses, possibly mdma, the drug ecstacy either in pill form or in a pure crystal often called molly by users. world renown djs have been spinning where fans dance for 12 hours a day over the courts of the labor day weekend. >> unfortunate, a lot of people we like are going to be there. but not happening now. >> it happened. no matter what people do, it's going to happen. you can't really control it. >> there were three suspected molly overdoses in boston. a college student died.
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two other people suffered non-fatal overdoses. >> this has entered mainstream from pop culture and it's much more mainstream. we are dealing with it more now in the past year or so than we have in the past. >> police say users sometimes think molly is a safer and more pure form of ecstacy but they warn like other street drugs, it can be just as deadly. erika ferrari, al jazeera. >> many of us go to google to search for information, view maps and read books and a lot more but some of google's practices have been seen as controversi controversial. al jazeera's taking a closer look with a documentary: google and the world brain. >> one of the things you need to understand about google is that they try to roll out projects first and then to think about the consequences later.
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so, you would often see them experiment with something that may be the google street view project. >> in 2007, part of the search engine's long-term goal to create a virtual thr 3-d map ofe planet but investigations learned google street view cars were collecting more than photographs for their data banks. their antennas were hovering on unincreptive information. >> i think the case of google checking wi-fi information reveals a complete lack for privacy within the corporation. >> you can see all of google in the world brain tonight at midnight eastern right here on al jazeera america.
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ross shamibuku. >> a super star sunday. serena definitely your leading lady because she defeated fellow american sloan stephens in straight sets advancing to the quarterfinals. murray dom nad their maps and they are both moving on into the round of 16. the rockies tonight with 20 being 99 hits. the 17 veteran got a standing o and rightfully sew as the rockies would go on to beat the reds 7 to 4. it's official, real madrid has obtained the rights to garrett bales for $132 million. real madrid acquired the former tottenham sale to a 6 year deal penning a physical. a lot of money. >> how much? >> $132 million just the
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transfer. >> thank you. legendary broadcaster sir david frost has died. he was 74 years old. his family released a statement saying he died of a heart attack while on a cruise ship. he most recently, he hosted a series of interviews for al jazeera. lawrence lee has more. >> hello. welcome to frost over the world. >> by the time david frost arrived on the jean at al jazeera, he had achieved something no other television journalist ever did. he became a true global star, someone celebrities wanted to be interviewed boo him. >> it has been pretty much a disaster. >> he was equally at home sitting opposite hammet karzai,
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his charm, he had as much time for a colleague in the correspondence corridor. >> the amount of people he dealt with on a daily basis, some of the top people in the world, se celebrities but he was an ordinary guy, really a very nice man. >> david cameron says my heart goes out to karina and the family. sir david was angextraordinary man with carm, wit, talent, intelligence and warmth in equal measure. he made a huge impact on television. the next on interviews were among the greatest broadcast moments but there were many other brilliant interviews. he could be a friend and a fearsom interviewer. >> after making his name in britain in the 1960s, he broke through with the u.s. with what mr. cameron alluded to, his
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famous interview of richard nixon when the american president admitted he betrayed his people. that interview, itself, exposed something of frost's generalous of understanding how people operate and then getting them to reveal themselves. >> one of the reasons he wasn't in touch with what people were thinking was he didn't like going out of his way to meet people because he was awkward with people. and that awkwardness and that clumsiness was one of the things that probably closed him off from knowing what the public were really thinking. so it's those sort of personal flaws that come through. >> prime minister, thank you very much. >> david frost's leg is unique in world television, a news man and journalist who was also an entertainer known on both sides of the atlantic. anyone who is anyone would have been flattered to be offered the frost interview. hardly nip in the history of t.v. who could make that claim. lawrence lee al jazeera, london. >> we will be right back.
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"consider this" will be right back. >> an interesting debate. coming up, a school where students don't read books. instead they use ipads almost
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>>,to al jazeera i am thomas drayton.
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secretary of state john kerry said evidence against the syrian government is growing stronger by the day. he said he is convinced congress will not allow syrian president bashar al-assad gas people with impunity. david frost, the celebratedbricelebrated broadcaster has died. his family says the 74-year-old died of a heart attack while on a cruise ship. nelson mandela has spent a night in his johannesbur home. doctors say the former president will continue treatment at home. the florida a and m university marching band returned to the field during the school's football game on sum. the band had been suspended for two years after the hazing death of its drum major back in 2011 the obama administration is
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building case that syria used chemical weapons. the white house will be using the week ahead to try to convince congress to respond. >> after saturday's announcement by president obama that he would ask congress, secretary of john kerry took the lead defending the president's decision. >> the fact is that the president clearly had sufficient case presented to the american people that assad had engaged in an outrageous crime against humanities and that it was vital to take steps. but i think the president realized in consultations with the congress that people wanted to weigh in, and he believed after thinking about it that the united states of america is much stronger when we act in concert. secretary kerry made the rounds on the sunday morning shows citing new evidence of the
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chemical attacks and pushing back against any perception that the move was a sign of weakness. >> this morning, a very important recent development that in the last 24 hours, we have learned through samples that were provided to the united states that have now been tested from first responders in east d damascus and hair samples and blood samples have tested positive for signatures of sarin. so this case is building, and this case will build, and i don't believe that my former colleagues in the united states senate and the house will turn their backs on all of our interests. >> some law makers such as kentucky republican senator rand paul welcomed the president's move but remain opposed to any u.s. action against syria. >> i would ask john kerry, do you think it's less likely or more likely that will chemical weapons will be used again if we bam assad. i would ask if it's more likely or less likely that we will have
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more refugees in jordan or israel might suffer attack. i think all you can imagine are more likely if we get involved. >> others want action but with a clear strategy and end game. >> we should not be sending servicemen and women into military conflict if they don't have complete confidence that the nation's political leadership is behind them. >> you worry even more when the president's chief -- chairman of the joint chiefs says it doesn't matter when we strike. >> that's not a military action then. that's a symbolic. >> summer may be on summer recess until september 9th but the congressional debate appears well under way. paul beban, al jazeera, washington. >> the arab league is condemning the syrian government for its use of chemical weapons. the 22 arab league nations were in agreement over who is to blame but they are boldly divided over what to do about it. saudi arabia said it would
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support a strike if the syrian people did but egypt declared it's against any western intervention. >> egyptian state t.v. is reporting that the company's out of president mohammed morsi will stand trial fourteen other members of the muslim brotherhood are to be tried alongside him. no trial dates have been set. his trial is the latest move in a crackdown by the interim government on politicians al lied with the mineral wel m /* brotherhood. he was pushed out by the military on july 3rdrd. mexico's president has proposed some reformats for his country. protests against those reforms turned violent. lawmakers were blocked from entering the open session.
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lucia newman >> reporter: joined by students and electrical workers are trying to make their way to the congress building right now. but riot police have been blocking their way. a congressional subcommittee is meeting to at least consider proposals by these disgruntled teachers who do not agree with the president's proposed education reform. they say they will be left without jobs. the teachers have tried to keep peace but they threw malatov cocktails. the political climate is heating up. not just teachers but those who are opposed to his energy reform bill are now joining forces. this is just part of what's been
11:36 pm
two weeks of demonstrations all over the city. traffic has practically come to a standstill. on mopped when the president delivers his first ever state of the union address, the demonstrations are expected to get even bigger as these people try to make it to the doors of the presidential palace where the president will be speaking. >> a team of south korea ian officials are in north korea discussing the reopening of an industrial complex run by both governments. the monday morning was the first since the facility was shut down in april over heightened tension. 53,000 workers were withdrawn and shut down after international complaints over north korea missile tests. >> we are breaking away right now to bring you a live briefing on the situation at the fukushima plant, we are listening to shi ni tinaka. let's listen in.
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>> [/* /- [speaking zing zap >> i recently intend today speak to you. t my speak, i would like to focus on what is of interest to you, the topic causes great anxiety. in other words, the......
11:38 pm
[speaking japanese. >> well, that conferen, we were supposed to here some information about what the nuclear regulatory authority is doing. it has come under heavy criticism about the way its dealt with this problem, particularly about the warning levels it has given. it upgraded from a warning level 1 to a warning level 3, which is a serious incident.
11:39 pm
so it's defending its decision to do that. the way in which it posted information into the public domain. >> craig, we want to point out this is the fourth i knew dental at the fukushima plant. is that correct? >> yes. the latest leak is a radiation leak from a pipe that connected to cooling plants, and this is only discovered several days ago and announced yesterday. so it's the fourth incident and it comes on top of information that the readings that they took from the spill last week were 300 tons spilled from one of the tanks was incorrect, 18 times incorrect. that was only 100 million cybers enough to kill someone standing near this water within four
11:40 pm
hours. so they have a lot of credibility issues here which they need to address. >> craig, i know there are growing concerns that tokoyo electric can safely move forward clean-up. >> what's being suggested now is that the tokoyo electric be nationalized it was declared as being too big to fail and a lot of public funds have come into it to be able to keep going with this clean-up. >> that's a bit of a problem, though, because they are saying they are not doing their job correctly. they are also not providing information about how bad the situation is, about arrest leaks occur. so the japanese government is certainly saying it's looking at stepping in and there are many people around the region who hope that that is the case. >> the company responded, tepco, has it responded to how it's going to keep its workers safe?
11:41 pm
>> they say their workers had their best suits and they are applying enter narm regulations on the work force in the way it deals with the clean-up. but one wonders about the work force, particularly those who went to the clean-up site just after this incident because if they were only measuring 100 milicevers per hour and it's 18 times that, how much radiation did those earlier workers contract and what does that mean to their health going forward with the clean-up, which some say is going to take 40 to 100 years to effect this decommission and clean-up properly. >> i am japanese officials fear the glare of international could threaten tokoyo's bid for the 2020 olympics. >> that's right. they meet next week to decide where the 2020 olympics will go.
11:42 pm
mary paneledits believe the -- pundits believe that they are concerned that they may lose this bid. fukushima is 230 kill meters outside of tokoyo and they are saying radiation levels within tokoyo are below london levels. the radiation contamination is mainly occurring in the groundwater and contamnating the don't line, not only of japan but of mary or pacific nations. >> we are monitoring comments from the japanese nuclear regulatory. radiation levels now 18 times higher than previously thought. our craig leeson in hong kong. we will be right back after this.
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but should you be made aware if you are consuming them.
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that's next on "consider this." >> more than 1 million japanese took part in a nationwide drill testing that country's preparedness. shinzo abay. they mark it on the anniversary of the earthquake. this mock disaster drill dealt with the scenario of a massive earthquake south of tokyo. >> some of the most active fault lines, the country has been rocked by more than 10 earthquakes in the past year ago. tehran has been 340e689 spared but as siriah liney reports, it's just a matter of time. >> welcome to tehran, one of the world's most dangerous cities.
11:46 pm
not because of crime but because of nature. more than 250 earthquakes have hit the city in the past four months. it's a worry tehranis live with on a dailies. >> it is an earthquake prone country. we don't have low-risk areas. all faults are average or high-risk. tehran's earthquake risk is high and the city has been destroyed several times. we should not predict it. but we expect an average to strong earthquake in tehran. >> what the city's draftisaster manager is preparing for a quake that seismologists expect will hit ta run. last year, survivors criticized the government for slow response time and lack of rescue equipment. the city is forming volunteer
11:47 pm
squads across the city to avoid the same situation. >> we have organized more than 800 volunteer groups in tehran. we have trained them and provided them with the necessary equipment. more than a thousand groups have been organized in different places like stores and the bizarre but are planning to get the number to more than 2,000. >> tehran has a fluctuating population of about 12 million people. it's congested and disastever managers know this presents an enormautz challenge. particularly in old nabors. construction covers 6,280 hectares of the city. it's not just old buildings. there is a building boom under way in tehran right now. already, some of the newest structures are showing signs of wear and tear because of the speed at which they are going up. a lot of homeowners seem more concerned with turning a quick profit than the future.
11:48 pm
soraya lennie, tehran. >> a company wants to begin extracting goal. al jazeera gabe bgaberel alazondo. >> a walk deep into the jungle is not an exotic holiday but a way of daily life and survival. >> here in the jungle, we go to hunt and to fish. it's our culture. without this jungle, we have nothing here. >> benoit and 70 other people live in the village here deep in the jungles of french ghiana, making this europe's largest national park and its only sleights of the amazon. the residents, a growing eco tourist destination have decided to protect the village for good
11:49 pm
reason. there are more plant and animal species than in the whole of europe, but there is something else here. gold, and lots of it. and that's why the government granted a small french mining company named rexma a five-year license to explore it against the wishes of the villagers. the area the company wants to explore has an estimated 8 tons of gold along the nearby river, the main waterway for the village. >> in the capital, an investigation is understandway under allegations that rexma falsified documents and says the whole controversy is overblown. >> the area they are going to explore is only 12 hectares? we are not going to destroy the world. these 12 hectars will give the people wealth and jobs. >> rexma has offices set up and three pieces of heavy machinery ready to start digging as soon as they get final authorization.
11:50 pm
>> the issue with rexma has practical and symbolic significance. >> the world power like france or europe, a piece of ours rain forest, how can we tell kuntz trees smaller than us to preserve their for et. the residents continues to fear if the project given the green light, it will mean police to the river and an influx of illegal gold miners in the area. as this they gather for their daily game of patunk, all they can do is wait and see what government officials will decide to determine the future of their home in europe's part of this pristine amazon. >> once again, that was al jazeera's gabriel alazondo. >> he might have a reputation as a tough guy, but russia putin is showing his affection for animals. he took time to feed the dolphins on an area in the ocean
11:51 pm
area. he stopped to shake hands with a walrus and observed tigers for the center of reintegration of rare species. he said he likes posing with animals to promote wildlife conservation. ross is here with sports. >> all eyes on the ladies this evening because it was an epic battle between serena and sloan, the 20-year-oldsteins is a rising star who beat serena earlier in the year and ever since then, they have had a rocky relationship. i don't care what serena says. she was looking for pay back and it was tight first set. sloan feeling the pressure because she would hit it wide as serena wins the opening set 6 to 4. remember, serena has won 16 grand slam titles defending the
11:52 pm
u.s. open champion and a 31 years young, looky here, serena showing she can run around the court with those youngsters. she would win a straight set 6-4, 6-1, best of the quash finals and serena once again proving she is the queen of the covered. >> it was like a really big match because sloan is such a great player. how excited are we for the future of american tennis? right? yeah. she is such a good player. i felt like something bigger. i had to stay focused for the moment. i don't know. the whole time, i just tried to stay relaxed and stay composed. thank you, guys, for cheering. there was a lady over there that was cheering really hard. so thank you very much. >> such a gracious winner. now, your defending men's champion, andy murray in center court and he spark he would win a straight set to advance to
11:53 pm
round 16. your enough one seed going prime time. the jokester smashing against sosa. joe sjosovich, 2011 champion ha yet to drop a set in the entire tournament. the scary part, he is only getting better. >> i am banking on basically every element in my game. hopefully i can serve a little more efficient and get some free points from my first serve. >> that's the goal as the tournament goes on. it was another day, another night session obviously for me here. it's always a privilege to be in our stadium. you felix treme responsibility to play well, to entertain the crowd. so hopefully, hopefully you will enjoy it and have fun tonight. >> tiger woods looking to get mojo back. he had to play in the third
11:54 pm
round because his daughter, sam, on the courts today watching daddy. unfortunately, tiger admitted he just didn't have it today. he had a bad day at the wrong time faded. search i don't garcia right here in an approach. this is a beauty. carted 7 birdies sitting pretty at 19 under par. the shot of the day belongs to steve strichter, 197 yards away with a 5 iron. stricter. looks for green. get in your hole. stricker almost gets it for the whole in 1. three shots back of garcia heading into tomorrow's final reco round. taker woods 6 under but he leads in terms of points in the fedex point cup standing. >> pittsburgh pie rates, they haven't made the playoffs since
11:55 pm
199 tie 2 but they upgraded by trading fomor in eau. 1 for 3 as the pie rates looking to compete the sweep against the cardinals. the cardinals are sweep this. allen craig with the cards exploded three runs in the first. st. louis gone to win 7 to 2. as a result, the cardinals are tied with the pirates for the first place in the nl central. on the college grid iron t louisville bridgewater showing us why he is a heisman trophy candidate. junior gun slinger 23 of 28 passes for 325 yards. he racked up five touchdowns. there is a reason why he is being tagged as an n.f.l. first round draft pick, lighting up the stat sheets as the cardinals spank the bobcats 49-7 is your final. it's official, real madrid obtained the rights to garrett
11:56 pm
bale for $132 million, that's to talk to him. reel madrid signed the 24-year-old bails to a 6 year deal for $132 million transfer fee shattered the previous record from 2009 when real madrid required ronaldo from manchester. now they will be teammates for the europe cup. >> making money lights it's monoply mop. >> cab korveaux is up next with a look at your labor day forecast
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>> there is a picture of the skylinok it will s
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takeaway is our company emerges ♪ ♪ >> welcome to al jazerra, i am thomas drayton and here are tonight's top stories reports of a suicide bomb attack on a u.s. base near the bodder of afghanistan. the heavily armed militants attacked the site in afghanistan. no word yet on casual identities. a taliban spokesperson says the insurgent group was behind the attack. secretary of state john kerry says the case against the syrian government grows stronger by the day. kerry told the sunday talk shows he expect congress to support a military strike on syria. syria's deputy foreign minister says the white house lacks evidence of syrian involvement in suspended poison gaza tacks


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