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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 3, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

11:00 pm and twitter. see you next time. >> neither our country nor our silence can afford it. we have spoken up against unspeakable horror, now we must stand up and act. ♪[music]
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>> the obama administration is looking for congressional approve. to launch a limited attack on syria in response to the use of chemical weapons. the secretary of state made his care to the senate committee today, and will get to that story in just a moment. but we begin with an al jazeera investigation. documents obtained by al jazeera reveal that the state department knew of systematic security problems at u.s. diplomatic posts including benghazi and failed to correct them. some of the key findings include an intelligence database, and not been truly functional for a number of years. and many of the installations do not have state of the art secure telephone communication links. in addition, the report found that several of the outposts in africa and the middle east had an immediate need for an intelligence analyst. and this is not the first time that many of these concerns have been raised. al jazeera's invest guy tiff
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reporter has this exclusive report from washington. >> april 1983, a van packed with explosives broke through a outbuilding at the u. embassy. 63 people mostly staff died. six months later in beirut, a hijacked truck crashed through a five-foot high barrier, with wire surrounding a u.s. marine corps bar racks. 241 american servicemen died. president ragan commissioned a report, to examine the security requirements of u.s. diplomatic missions. it discover add culture where security was a low priority. >> a large number of the career foreign service people were distainful. of security requirements. it inhibited the way they were
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accustom to go about doing their work. and it portioned them to deal with messy details that really didn't interest them. >> the principle recommendation of the report was the creation of a bureau of diplomatic security, agents would protect staff serving as similar role as the secret service, in protecting the president and senior officials. it also demanded a substantial building program, some premises were to be renovated other relocated to security sites. initially several embassies had their security bolsters to comply with the standard. >> after about three years priority shifted, new secretary of state, new administration, build programs slowed to a crawl. >> when truck bombs struck u. embassies in east africa, killing more than 200 people, only some 15 missions had been upgraded to the standard, those in east africa had not.
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>> a review board under add think real crawl was set up to examine the the attacks. over 14 years earlier. what is most troubling the crow commission declayed is the failure of the u.s. government to take the necessary steps to prevent such tragedies. >> those are remarkable words aren't they. >> they are, yes. and i suspect the same ideas and come to bear on ben gad and i. if you have a facility in a dangerous area, and you haven't spent the resources to upgrade it you are inviting tragedy. >> given the action of the department, the document obtained by al jazeera recommends a structural shake up rather than a checklist of peace meal reforms. as well as creating the new post of diplomatic security, the report notes that the present security environment require add
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new paradigm, and that a significant cultural shift in the department was needed. >> 30 years after the report, the benghazi commission found that neither the chancellor in beirut, nor a significant number of facilities in high threat areas meet standards. >> that to me is appalling. because if you ever had a place where you are putting people who are representing us in that country, at risk, it's beirut. if a restructuring of the state department does not take place, the panel warns the lives or. >> diplomats will be at risk. >> al jazeera is investigative correspondent joins us now from washington, d.c. and josh, we have heard a lot about benghazi being a temporary facility, what's the significance? >> that's what allowed them to waive the standards and this report really honed in on that.
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they allege that the department of state is classifying missions like the one in benghazi as temporary facilities in order to circumvent those standards. and they say waiver have become common place. >> i know they point out other short falls what about that? >> they highlight the pack there was no lines of authority within the department. there was a lack of accountability, that there were no new -- there were no minimum security standards and the diplomatic security doesn't even have its own train facility, the panel says they have to beg hat in hand to beg of other agencies. >> talk about this panel, who made up the panel and how did they conduct the investigation? >> well, it was a five member panel. high ranking officers and law enforcement agencies it was headed up by mark sullivan. now they traveled all around the world to high threat facilities in pay route, and other locations. and every facility as you
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mentioned earlier that they visited in africa and the middle east, there was an immediate need for an intelligence analyst. >> josh, thank you very much. now to syria, al jazeera has obtain add copy of a senate draft resolution calling for military action. the draft resolution sets a 60 day deadline for limited and tailored use of armed forces with a possible 30 day extension. the document does not authorize the use of u.s. ground forces in syria for the purpose of combat operations, and the draft resolution restricts president obama from repeated the use of force beyond initial strikes. unless president obama certified to congress that syrian forces have repeated their use of chemical weapons. al jazeera's libby casey was on capitol hill all afternoon, and has the latest. >> president obama brings key congressional leaders to the white house in hopes of convincing them the u.s. should
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take him tear action, he is also deploying his top officials in defense, national security and foreign air fairs to capitol hill. and they say it is tough questions from the senate foreign relations committee. >> at home in the halls of capitol him. >> we are contemplating actions that are taylored -- >> they want to come out of it stronger than we go into it. >> democrats generally express support for president obama's plans as well as the strikes on syria are limited in scope. their repeated words no boots on the ground. >> we have to work on language that this is a overriding issue, that i think members as well as the american people want to know.
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it will work out language that will satisfy the congress and the american people that there's no door open here through which someone can march in ways that the congress doesn't want it to. >> but senators have concerned about more than the language of the resolution, democrat come idea doll of new mexico asks what happened after strikes. >> by degrading him, you make these extremist forces stronger. >> no, i don't believe you do. as a matter of fact, i think you actually make the opposition stronger, and the opposition is getting stronger by the day. >> but republicans are skeptical that limited strikes will accomplish what the obama wants that is holding the asaad government account and keeping fit using chemical weapons in the future. senator rand paul of kentucky emerging as a leader among
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republicans pushed back against taking any action half way around the world. >> i haven't had one person come up to me and say they are for this, not one. we get calls by the thousands nobody is calling in favor, we all agree that chemical attacks are horrendous. >> the flood the zone lobbying approach continues wednesday. as his team heads to the other side of cap doll hill to try to win over house members of the president's plan for a punitive strike. libby casey, al jazeera, capitol hill. >> one of president obama most vocal opponents house speaker john baner is supporting the plan for a military attack. al jazeera has that part of the story. president obama and his team are supporting a draft resolution. the president says he expects congress will depate the measure, but he hoped it will be approved quickly after congress returns to work next week. >> president a bam ma's meeting
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was a high stakes gamble, but from the outset, he seemed confidence republicans and democrats would support military action. >> i have made a decision that america should take action. but i also believe that we will from much more effective, we will be stronger, if we take action together. >> once the cameras left the room, the president vice president and secretary of state presented the case. spelling out the goals and limits of the strike plan. >> the military plan that has been developed by our joint chiefs and that i believe is appropriate, is proportional. it is limited, it does not involve boots on the ground. this is not iraq. this is not afghanistan. >> the results are rare showing of bipartisan cooperation. house minority leader a democrat supporting speaker john baner a republican's decision to attack syrian president asaad who the
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u.s. has said has killed more than four mean hundred people. >> the use of these weapons have to be responded to. and only the united states has the capability and the capacity to stop asaad and to warn others around the world, that this type of behavior is not going to be tolerated. >> people say well he killed 100,000 people, what's the difference with this 1400. but this 1400 he crossed a line. with using a chemical weapons. >> house majority leader a republican release at statement saying i intend to vote to provide the president of the united states the option to use military force in syria. and the white house is continuing its full court push on the hill. vice president biden is postponing a previously scheduled visit to florida in order to play a larger role whipping up congressional support. president obama heads to russia for an economic summit.
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he is preparing himself for a chilly reception from vladimir put tin one of syria's strongest supporters and a very strong critic of president obama plans for a military strike. but he will continue to focus on getting votes in congress, counting on his team, to get as many yes votes as possible. i'm randall pinkston, al jazeera washington. >> a high ranking sir yang official is also speaking out about the president's proposal. 20 justify any military action. >> who appointed the american administration to anticipate on the outcome of the mission of the investigation in how could the united states of america from outside the context of the united nations? who asked mr. obama to be the bully of the world. why not waiting until the invest
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guy tiff team headed has finalized and completing its mission of the investigation. >> now, earlier i talked to former defense secretary who helped direct the u.s. military action in both iran and cove slow, and i also asked why some lawmakers seemed so hesitant to support the plan. >> well, the hesitation is that you will see mission -- there are two problems. on the one hand the president has said i want to hit -- syria, hard, but not too hard. in other words, like all the goldie lox solution. both of those gentlemen are critical to getting support from the senate. and without them, i think you will not get support. and they are saying don't just have a minimal attack on asaad, do something that's really going to make a difference, and apparently they have been satisfied that if they are listening to the president that
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their goal will be met. now i suspect what is involved is they are been eager to have the president arm the syrian rebels the one that we supports, and give them much more support. it may be that they are prepared to take less of an attack on the -- against the syrian forces as long as we are upping the support for the syrian rebels. that may be some kind of deal. but the apprehension is that once you start this war, and it is an act of war, there are many untorrid things that take place. launching tom hawk muscles that are as accurate as can be, but they also have failures. and some of those will result in killing innocent civilians so you can see the bodies being dragged out, and the syrian officials pointing to what the western world and hopefully be more than the quite will be involved, but the western world has done to the arab p tolation. >> in your opinion -- >> so a lot of complications. >> was it really a good idea to
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ask for authorization from congress? >> i don't think so. i think he should have consulted congress. in both houses the top committees the armed services intelligence committees. and then gather them around him and saying this is important that we do this as quickly as possible. i think by -- i think he was calculating that look, you have been criticizing me, and criticizing me, well, let me pout you on the spot, and see what you do. the only difficulty is i am also reading that perhaps even if congress should reject and not give him an authority to go forward, he may go forward anyway. i think that would be the worst of all worlds. once you turn to the congress and say i need you to authorize this action, and if they should say no, you take action, it seems to me you are flouting the law at that particular point. >> is that what you think he would do? he would take action if congress says no. >> he has not ruled that out.
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and one of the consequences of even implying that, if not stating that, implying he might take action even if he doesn't get authority, is you let them off the hook. if i am a member of congress, if my vote really doesn't matter, you make take action whether it's with you or against you, why put me through this, and put my vote on the line when you are going to ignore it anyway. i think there has to be a commitment that if this is what he want as vote with congress having an equal say in whether we go to war or not, he out to be bound by it. >> now according to the latest poll, president obama is facing a uphill battle trying to get americans to support military strikes. if they support a military strike, in response to the syrian's. 29% said they support military action, but nearly half said they are against it. 23% said they don't know. the survey also asked if
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presidents fear a long commitment. should there be a u.s. led military response. about two-thirds of those questions 61% said yes, 26% said no, 13% didn't know. finally the the pugh research sent asked if they think a military strike will discouraging chemical weapons 33% said no, more than half said it will not deter chemical warfare. 16% didn't know. after a day of lobbying congress, president obama has left the country to attend the g. 20 summit. before continuing on to st. peters burg, and president obama plans to urge reluctant world leaders to support a strike on syria. but the united nations is warning barack obama that strikes against syria could unleash even more turmoil, and the u.n. secretary general says political action is needed.
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the action to prevent future uses of chemical wells. at the same time, we must consider the impact of any punitive measure, to prevent the further -- and facilities silt tate a political resolution of the conflict. the turmoil in syria and across the region serves nobody. >> be sure to stay with us. al jazeera will have live coverage of the house foreign affairs committee. coverage starts at noon eastern tomorrow. >> the last couple days we have been talking about a tropical storm making its way towards japan, well, it had made land fall. now the problem is we do have a lot of rain with this, as well as flooding across the region. about 1,000 people are being
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evacuated on the western side of the country, so we will be watching this as it makes its way towards tokyo, we think. but lit be the ream innocence of the storm still causing a lot of problems. now speaking with rain, i want to take you over to idaho. notice the thunderstorms that are here, they have been going on for a while, the problem is that we have had wild fires and we have had a lot of burning going on, the soil that has been burned becomes fairly water repellant, which is making this susceptible to flash flood. we do have flash flood. ways in effect. for oregon and washington we are talking about red flag warnings can is the dry windy conditions that cause wild fires. so two different scenarios right next to each other, we will keep you informed on this, and later only bring you the rest of your forecast, especially across new england. >> all right, thank you.
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and 6.5 magnitude earthquake has hit 400 miles off the shores of tokyo, the quake did cause buildings in the city to sway, but most are built to with stand even violent quakes. according to energy officials japan's fukushima power plant didn't suffer more damage. >> but next, the taliban shot her as she traveled to school, now a girl with a desire to learn helps open europe's biggest library. ♪
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♪ >>most of yosemite national park is open. a relatively cool and humid
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labor day allowed firefighters to make major progress in controlling the massive wild fire along the edge of the park. several roads leading to yosemite are still closed and full containment is not expected until later in september. ♪ here to talk about sports and the u.s. open, a lot going on tonight. >> oh, serena, all about serena williams, she dominated tonight, and she was subbing up some big ones when you win 6-love-6-lo, they scal that a double bagel. to win her match, to serena cruises on into the semifinals where she will square off against le unanimous. your number two seed, who beat her twice this year, having her issues against anna ivanovic. she would rather back to win the
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next two, and win the next faze, daniela in the quarter final. over in the mens bracket, novak djokovic was getting his groove on like you would not believe against marcel. the jokester was scary good. the best of the quarter finals are he will face michael ysnic. andy murray in action tonight, have your highlights later in sports. >> thank you very much. she made headlines when taliban fighters shot and nearly killed her in pakistan nearly a year ago. today, she was in her new home in britain, celebrating the opening of europe's biggest public library. simon mcgregor wood has the story. >> the striking demand dominates the second city, once it's manufacturing heart land. the metal rings pay homage to birminghams past, but inside, it is filled with the digital technology of the future. it may be a twenty-first century
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library, but it's still filled with books. >> young people are born digital, they want to get their information from electronic sources they want to read books on kindles or ipads or tablet devices. that doesn't mean that the book doesn't have a role. opening the library whose love of books almost cost her her life. and new life. >> without books it's like a body -- and i say, a city without books and a city without libraries is like a graveyard. >> at the libraries heart they are three. visitor as year. >> this new library cost over $280 million all of it public money. it was approved in 27 just months before the financial
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crisis, and all the cuts that have followed it. so in other words, the people of birmingham got their money for this new lie prayer, just in time. >> elsewhere, up to 400 public libraries face closure, changing technology is just one of the reasons. the people in birmingham hope their gleaming new one will inspire a knowledge regeneration. it is a post industrial hang over, they want this library, to define the city's future, while celebrating its past. simon mcgregorwood, al jazeera, birmingham. >> making the case for a strike against syria, the obama administration lobbies to convince skeptics in congress. >> and a update on the refugee whose are seeking safety beyond the syrian border. that's all i have an real money.
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victoria azarenko christopher >> what happens when social
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♪ >> welcome back to al jazeera. here are the headlines. >> al jazeera has obtain add copy of a u.s. government report detailing failures in security diplomatic posts. including benghazi, which was attacked almost a year ago. ambassador chris stephens and three others were killed.
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we also obtained a copy of a military draft resolution. the draft iii the limited and tailors use were a 30 day extense, and without the use of ground forces. and president obama is left washington to attend the g 20 summit in russia, air force one will first stop in sweden before continues on to st. peters burg. the president is expected to urge a reluctant world to at the summit to support a strike in syria. earlier, the senator foreign relations committee heard from the sek states of tate and defense. kim bereports from washington. >> . >> on his own people, is solid. >> our intelligence community has scrubbed and rescrubs the
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evidence. we have physical evidence of where the rockets came from. and when. not one rocket landed in regime control territory. not one. >> support from the u.s. secretary of defense who told senators the u.s. must hold the asaad regime accountable. failure to do so would harm not just u.s. national security, but other security commitments around the world. he said the action would be limited in size and scope. >> we made clear that we are not seeking to resolve the underlying conflict in syria through direct military force. instead, we are contemplating actions that are tailored to response to the use of chemical weapons. >> but not all senators are buying the administration's argument, and worried limited action will not be a deterrent. >> i think there's a reasonable
11:32 pm
argument that the world may be less stable because of this, and it may not deter an attack. >> this is the first in the series of wearings this week. as members weigh the evidence and decide whether to support the measure. u.s. navy ships are already positions ready to act if president obama gives the order. that i believe appropriate is proportional. it is limited it does not involve boots on the ground. >> it is a measure that is caning support with top leaders including the top republican in the house of representatives. who traditionally opposing obama white house policies. >> that's kimberly reporting and al jazeera libby casey caught up with senator couples and she asked whether today's testimony
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help. >> this afternoon's hearing was for me what is the scope of this authorization the president is seeking. what he initially said was fairly broad. and back and forth, and general dempsey, i think i got more clarity that what they were really seeing what they can live with and work is an authorization that is narrow in terms of duration and scope, that does not require a commitment of u.s. ground troops that still allows us to work towards a long term peatful resolution, a diplomatic revolution, but that our main goal here is to deter asaad from continuing to use these horrific attacks against his own peep. >> according to the united nations, 2 million people have fled syria to try to escape the violence. and we spoken to a few of those refugees about possible u.s. military action. >> we wish a strike would happen today, we wish it would happen right now. we need to remove bashar al-asaad, the cancer in syria. >> if they want to strike syria,
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maybe the prisoners and the innocent are the one whose will be wiped out, it isn't the official or the president who will go, it is the remaining innocent civilians still living in syria who will get killed. >> i expect the number of syrian refugees to reach 5 million, because bashar is hitting the people every day, and because of the daily killings people will escape to neighboring countries. so we call on obar ma to carry out an attack. question don't needles pros him we need him to act. >> of course there are hundreds of thousands of refugees they have been chased from their home and now living in overcrowded camps. we have reports from three al jazeera correspondent whose have traveled to the camps across the middle east. >> refugee camp let's just take a look, when i arrived here two weeks ago, this camp was about a third full. take a look now, it stretched all the way as far as the eye can see, with tents. now there are about 15,000 refugees here.
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in this camp alone, and some 52,000 have arrived since the border crossing was opened nearly two weeks ago. now what they have told us is they simply don't have the resources to cope with another influx of refugees as a result of any military strikes. in fact, the mayor told us that the u.n. are only giving them 10% of what they need to supply all of the refugees so there is a massive funding crisis and if there is any potential strike, those refugees will continue to stream across the boarder. leading to even more pressure here in northern iraq. >> there are more than 32,000 refugees when the camp was being built, it was meant to house only 15,000 people, and it is just indicative of how the situation has gotten out of control, there was a time when turkey would say it would only
11:36 pm
take up to 100,000, now it is grappling with half a million. the government here says it has spent up to 2 billion u.s. dollars that it is time for other members of the community to step up. that is a nigh number, really for a tiny nation, one in every five peer is a syrian. and it has caused tensions in this country, because as you can see, syrians live among the local population, the lebanese are complaining that syrians are taking their jobs, they are also complaining that the apartment rent has skyrocketed, people some people really exploiting the situation. so there is tension, and there's also the security aspect of this crisis. lebanon hasn't been able to stay out of the syrian conflict. we have seen security incidentsle booings and they do blame the syrians. their presence for this instability, the syrians in
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lebanon are either supporters of the government or supporters of the opposition. lebanon and worried if they decide to strike, we will see a new wave of refugees and this country is unable to cope. >> tonight i got a chance to talk with ream sahali. she is an attorney that returned to syria this summer, where she visited the largest camp. i asked her for her thoughts on the current refugee situation. >> you know, i recently went to syria the northwestern parts and the way i went into syria was through an i. d.p. camp, and i actually ended up visiting two carps during my time in syria, one of them housed over 20,000 syrians. the situation is tragic, you have almost a third of the population the syrian population now that is currently displaced you have over 2 million refugee whose are living in ordering countries and outside of syria
11:38 pm
with excess over a million that are just children. that's extremely tragic. no longer living in their home, or even in syria. >> so if there's a bombing obviously there will be. >> refugees what are the needs. >> the needs are -- you can't imagine. you have basically refugee whose are relying on other individuals to house them, to feed them to provide them the most basic of humanitarian assistance. and i.d.p. camps you don't have any government running those catches where oz opposed to turkish camps so you are relying on organizations to do everything. to provide for families, every aspect of survival including food, including diapers, milk, clothing, every aspect of daily life, is -- is being required to be pro -- be provided to these refugees.
11:39 pm
>> when you hear about the possibility bombing of syria, what's your reaction to that? >> you know, it's a difficult question for me. i am very ambivalent. i do agree that it probably will result in more internally displaced individuals potentially more refugees. but at the same time, i do understand the argument that asaad who has been the regime has been engage in this action for 2 1/2 years there's been over 100,000 syrians that have been killed the most brutal types of weapons are being used against civilians and now with chemical weapons where is the accountability. i do understand the idea of using force to the message that it's not going to be acceptable, whether it's effective is another question. i oppose the discussion of military strikes verses nonmilitary, i think the real discussion is how do we end the
11:40 pm
bloodshed. >> do you worry that chemical weapons will be used again either way? >> chemical weapons have been used. this is not the first time. there has been i think a documented i think 12 times chemical wells have been used thus far. and so it's not an issue are they going to be used again, they will likely will be used whether or not military strikes take place. >> many other syrian americans are concerned about this, about the safety of their friends and family back in their homeland, and al jazeera's john visiting one restaurant here in new york city. >> the heat is on in the kitchen. >> chef is conflicted because he loved syria and he loves the sun, but he is pleased that the congress is weighing in before any attack on his homeland. >> as obama has wanted it to be, he wants everybody to participate this the debate, debate is always good. we know his values. >> as he prepares the syrian
11:41 pm
national salad, he keeps one eye firmly on the t.v. >> in the restaurant, joan has helped to run this place for 18 years she is steeped in syrian culture, and says when bashar al-asaad came to power, syrians were optimistic, but his regime has brought it on themselves. >> i don't like to see bombing of any country, i don't think it's in any way a good solution, but it is almost we -- the only solution if the u.s. is going to be involved at all. because i think the asaad government is totally uninterested in any kind of negotiation, in any kind of liberalization. >> back in the kitchen mulling the senate hearing over and over in his mind. after much thought, he comes cut in favor of a limited strike on syria. >> hopefully nobody gets hurt, with these just us eliminating the weapons that killed
11:42 pm
unfortunate innocent people. i think people should support that, because it's -- it's for a good reason. >> and with that it's back to the chopping board, and the box in the corner, to try to work out exactly what the congress might decide to do about syria. al jazeera, new york. >> israel says it conducted a joint missle test with the united states early this morn, the report was confirmed bety ice. according to israel, military sources a missle was fired over the med train to test an anti-missle system. it was part of a long time joint effort, and had nothing to do with syria. in egypt, thousands of anti-caproates tors have been taking to the streets again. the demonstrations are marking twon't mos since the ousterred president protestor protestors g for the former leader to be reinstated. meanwhile, a egyptian court is issued against supporters.
11:43 pm
one person was sentenced to life in prison. and 48 ores were given various terms anywhere from five to 15 years. they have been convicted of assaulting troops during a raitt in the city last month. >> still to come on al jazeera, it may look like a reluctant sky scraper but this building in london has turned out quite risky and really high. and there may be no stopping serena williams. joins us with the coverage of today's play at the u.s. open. >>introduces america tonight. >>in egypt, police fired teargas at supporters of the ... >>a fresh take on the stories that connect to you. [[voiceover]] they risk never returning to the united states. >>grounded. >>real. >>unconventional. [[voiceover]] we spent time with some members of the gangster disciples. >>an escape from the expected. >>i'm a cancer survivor. not only cancer, but brain cancer.
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wouldn't believe there is a farm inside of it. >> there is an odd new building in london that is reflecting late summer fun.
11:46 pm
the player is so strong it is literally melting cars. we have this report. this is london's latest hot spot, in the middle of the city bustling heart a bizarre beam of light radiates on to the street, powerful, dazzling and zeroingly hot. the cause of this, this 37 story tower. once known as the walkky talkky, it has been renamed as the walkky scorch hi. it has had an unfortunate effect. >> you can look up and you can see it is curbed and so that's a vast area up there, and it is collecting a lot of solar energy, now if that goes out in all directions it wouldn't matter, but it is focusing down here on to a point, so all that energy is getting pushes down here. and the temperatures down there are getting really hot. >> it managed to record a temperature of 198.6, but the
11:47 pm
sun has started to come out and already hit the building behind me, and already you can see quite an intense heat here. anything in the direction glare of the reflection can literally go up in smoke. it damages this car parked nearby. it's caused carpets so shoulder, it's so hot you can even fry an egg and sing your hair trying. >> oh, it's hot. >> really feel the heat, it is quite spence. >> just coming through. >> it is intense. >> the designers say it is the elevation of the sun over the next two or three weeks. while they say they are working on the problem, the worst of it lasts for just two hours, and it's during one of the busiest times in the, lunch type. it is certainly too much for londoners, best to keep calm and keep covered. al jazeera, london. >> well, the developer of the
11:48 pm
building say they now have put plans to put up street level screens to try to protect pedestrians. and property. ♪ here with sports i am telling you this is the best time of year for tennis fans. >> i have never been, i really want to go, now that screen that is playing unbelievable. everybody has taken notice. see the queen of the court. leonardo dicaprio, on hand to watch the grand slam champion, serena taking on carlos swarez. now she was celebrating her 2050 birthday tonight, but serena not having any part of that. she was crashing the party, because the defending champion and number one seed, dominated the birthday girl, winning in straight sets 6-love, 6-lo,
11:49 pm
meaning just 52 minutes she hardly probing a sweat. moving on and serena made it look so easy despite the windy conditions. how did she do it? >> well, honestly only because i have been playing here for like 15 -- so i'm kind of gotten used to the conditions and even though it is very difficult to play each year, i'm getting a little bit better with it. >> your number two seed on the ladies side, who has defeated screen that twice this year, having her issues today. now victorious said she felt like she was sleeping in the first set, and it showed. she lost the opening set 6-4, but that was her wake up call. because she turned it on as she was doing to win it in three sets and advance to the quarter finals where she will face daniela in the men's draw, i
11:50 pm
still can't believe that roger federer lost in straight sets. tonight, andy murray on upset alert, because defending sup o. champion wearing red in the near court, in a battle. against dennis. murray, he would man up and went on to win and it advance to the quarter finals. now, earlier in the day, your number one seed is getting his groove on like you would not believe against mar semi. the jokester was scary good. winning in straight sets 6-3, 6-love, and love to advance to the quarter finals where he will face mikkel. all right, on the college gridiron, continuing to be a lightening rod for attention from his autograph scandal to his recent benching. yeah, johnny football may want to change his name. the drama continues on saturday
11:51 pm
when man zell was called for unsports man like conduct after he starting yapping away. head coach not happy about that. so he benched him for the rest of the fourth quarter. johnny drama as you can see, wanted no part of that, but manzi exile has been held from the media. so the head coach doing damage control. >> he came off the field, you know basically i made two statements to him. neither one of which should he have responded to. they weren't questions they were direct statements that i can't repeat right now, so what's amazing to me is the perception that he didn't -- he ignored me, the worst thing that could have happen was for him to reply. based on what i told him. so for people do say hey, you know what, he is not listening to his coach, i -- there's no
11:52 pm
discipline on this team, they are not around this football team. they are not around this program. >> johnny football should be johnny be good. the big question can alabama pull off the three pete, so far. so good. the crimson tide remaining in your top spot after taking care of virginia tech. oregon traded places with ohio state, while clemson moving on up. the tigers jumped up to number eight to number four. the last time that clemson ranked this high, 1988. eaching week of the nfl. but then again, eli manning and company owned the cowboys and big d, because they are a perfect 4-0 in the house that jerry built, do i hear five? giants are feeting pretty good about themselves because their big play makeser back from a foot injury, and he is expected to start on sunday night. the 26-year-old cruz sign add four million dollars extension
11:53 pm
in the off season, as you can imagine, he is ready. it felt good, last time i was out there we had the training camp, and i was quiet, just us talking. but it felt good to get out there, and get some routs in me. >> yeah, i have to watch the films do a few -- a few routs to them, but i didn't see anything. they looked sharp and look -- >> yeah as of right now everything continues to feel good, wake up in the morning and doesn't swell up on me,ly be good to go. >> now our nfl kick off series will continue tomorrow with a one on one interview with jacksonville running back. can't wait until sunday. actually thursday night, the ravens the defending champions will be heading to denver to take on payton manning and company, life to report on thursday night. >> eli is kind of relaxed there. >> yeah.
11:54 pm
>> although the management has put out the ultimatum, you better win or else. they are tiring of not making the playoffs. >> all right, thank you. chances are andy warhol snapped a foety of you. the rest of us can get a glimpse of this visionary pop artist. courtney has the latest. >> these never before seen photographs taken by andy warhol between 1976 and 1980 serve are memories of a by goner rah. >> this is the perfect example of the stolen intimate moments that this show conveys. >> from two private collections, his own, and warhol's assistant pat hackett. >> this is a great photo. it is mcjager serving tea to wandy warhol, when he was visiting andy at his beach house.
11:55 pm
out in the hamiltons. >> it is unique glimpse into the life of warhol and his subjects in plaque and white, from drag queens to first lady nancy reagan, from low brow to highbrow. it is a journey across the range of the fascinations and friends. >> andy warhol elevated celebrity and pop culture placing it on the same plain as fine art. >> warhol introduced the idea of celebrity as art, and artist as celebrity. he is vast remembered for his bold images of the every day, and his extraordinary images of social lites produced through the 60's, they became obictous, some are worth millions. >> i think he would be on instigram, and using all the social media out there. >> these works seem almost quaint by today's standards but he believed if warhol was still alive, he would still be as opportunity as today's social media. weather is up next, and i will
11:56 pm
have your headlines coming up. comparing. and what's it saying about your dating life?
11:57 pm
11:58 pm
>> well hello, again. and hahs flight the map behind me was full of rain. take a look at most of new england as well as the northeast, the only thing we have for you to show in terms of rain is all this rain has pushed off cape cod. now, in cape cod with that we saw over four-inches just with that particular symptom right there. now, most of it is gone, a cold front has gone through, temperatures tomorrow are not going to really reflect the cold front, but what you will feel is a lot cooler -- a lot drier air, and then as we go towards thursday morning and freud morning some of you will be seeing low temperatures getting all the way down to the low 40's. they are going to get actually to the mid 30's. new york issying about 71 degrees there. so as you take a look at the five day forecast, notice on friday, that's the lowest high that we have.
11:59 pm
52-degrees will be your overnight low. this is the same cold front that was causing the problem with the weather. that is beginning to dissipate, and we are looking at better weather for many locations. we will be seeing the remanence of that front, excuse me at the midpart of two week, and then over towards the weekend, we are looking at partly cloudy skies. down towards texas we will be seeing better conditions there as well. that doesn't change all the way through the end of the week there, and then as we make our way to the southwest, more heavy rain will be a problem. where flash flood willing be ask issue there, for phoenix 102-degrees is expected on friday, and saturday, and 101. that's a look at your national weather.
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