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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 4, 2013 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> it is proportional. it is limited it does not involve boots on the ground. an intervention in syria takes shape and gathers support. >> this hello. i'm in doho with the world news from al jazeera. also in this program, bombs, explode across baghdad and appears shia muslims were the target. >> radiation at the fukushima
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nuclear plant is much wers oh than previously thought. i'll be explaining why humanitarian agencies say these people have been forgoten by the world. syria calls it bullying and the united nation warning international law must be expected. and military intervention in syria. politicians in the u.s. are considering a draft resolution which says, the president is authorized to use the armed forces of the united states as he determines to be necessary and appropriate in a limited manner against legitimate military target in syria. it also says:
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>> kimberly has more from washington, d.c. .. war planners have laid oh out their place in syria speaking oh to a skeptical congressional committee. secretary of state john kerry argues that bashar al assad used chemical weapons on his own people are solid.
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>> he said the action would be limited in size and scope. >> in defining our military objectives we made clear that were not seeking to resolve the under lying conflict in syria through direct military force. instead, we're contemplating actions that are tailored to respond to oh the the use of chemicals weapons. >> reporter: not all senators are buying the administration's argument and worry limited military action will not be a deterring rant. i think there's a reasonable argument that the world maybe less stable because of this and may not deter any chemical weapons attack. >> this is a first in a series of hearings in capitol hill this week. members of congress weigh the evidence and decide whether to support the president's measure. it's already in the eastern mediterranean ready to act if president obama gives the order.
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>> the military plan that's been develop bid his own chiefs and they believe is appropriate is proportional, it is limited, it does not involve boots on the ground. >> it is a measure that increasingly is gaining support as top congressional leaders including the top republican in the house of representative sendives who traditionally opposes obama white house policy. >> i'm going to support the president's call for action. i believe that the my colleagues should support this call for action. >> reporter: it is action. it still has to be voted on in the u.s. house and senate. president obama has asked congress to take up the vote promptly and indications are that will be the case. po*t chambers will return from summer ree sesz the week of september 9th. al jazeera, capitol hill. he says president obama has made a mistake by asking
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congress to approve a military strike. >> think he was calculateing, you have been criticizing me, let me put you on the spot now. the only difficulty to that is i am also reading that even if congress should reject and not give him an authority to go forward he might go forward anyway. i think that would be the worst of all worlds. once you say i need you to authorize this action and if they should say no, you take action it seems to me you are doubting the law. >> an egyptian policeman has been killed in an attack. it's just south of cairo on the river nile. >> in in iraq a series of car bombs killed at least 60 people in and around baghdad just yesterday. it's part oh of a nationwide trend as security forces are are
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struggleleing to contain. >> the violence days in the past -- on tuesday a number of car bombs tore through capitol baghdad in 11 neighborhoods in all. in some case the explosions went off in success. suggesting they were -- and they targeted people throughout and about through the evening. >> a powerful blast took place in the neighborhood at 5:00 p.m. yesterday killing people. >> tennessee it targeted people who oh worked and earned their living. you can see on the other side of the road. they are innocent people who work to live. >> reporter: but it wasn't just itself, it's also the district in the north and in the west. one of the worst attacks happened in the eastern suburb along restaurants and shops.
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war in syria is having a massive attack here in the country. they also need fighters in to syria and are behind the car bombings that we've stphaoepb the last five to six months. both of those add prefor a country. sharif is meeting with his cabinet. he wants all parties to find a solution to improve the situation in pakistan's largest city. we have more now. >> reporter: for years, pakistan's largest city of karachi has seen nothing but
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violence, the extortionist, mafia, the land tkprabers. however the new prime minister sharif said he is determined to are restore order in that city despite demands by certain military parties for a military operation he says that this is a job that will be conducted by the ministry forcings. the head of the ministry forcings the pakistan rangers are asked the prime minister that the intelligence to a country trying a spy agency as well as a police with the rangers an give them spwaoeping sweeping power they say they will take at least a month to restore order near the city which had seen nothing but violence for the past few years which had led to thousands of deaths which have seen that city come to a grinding halt on several occasions. now the pakistani realizes the the importance of that city.
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it is able to proceed with the economic vie pwrapbs this down trip. the authorization of use in syria has within pw*pb debated in washington, d.c. >> let's go to the analysis an reaction. he's a member of the opposition coalition. what do do you make is the proposal of limited military strike against the syrian regi regime. >> i think it's a positive thing it' long over due. we are looking forward. some people are supporting us as against our own country. >> let me say this strike is not against the people in syria. it's against the regime's capabilities of weapons of mass destruction. number two, i will tell all the critics give me a better solution to stop this bloodshed. we've been talking act this for two and a half years without any light at the end of the tunnel.
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it does say in the amaf that this is about limiting the regime's capabilities an the military forcings are probably not going to happen. that's when you actually is about iran. this is act red lines it has nothing to do with syria. well sometimes interest of different parties cross and are together. it may help in the interest in the united states in limiting teheranian influence in that area which is a positive thing but it also helps us. remember they cannot say that this strike is to take out assad because the u.s. law prohibits governments from changing regimes outside. but, if they weaken him, mainly the air force, i think the army itself is capable of finishing the mission by syrian hands. you're suggesting a much wider strike that's opinion
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discussed in the u.s. they are talking about chemical weapons. so, right it will be limited and not about regime change. >> you're right. >> remember. it did not say spes khreurbgs it's weapons of mass destruction which includes chemicals and others it includes two things. one, is that the manufacturing capabilities and the other one is the deployment of such weapons which includes air force and missiles. so if they destroy -- >> you're expecting it on the air force. >> i'll tell you quickly here the most hraoebly and the most the oh optimistic scenario cans. the most leekly is they will destroy the capabilities of the regime in terms of weapons of mass destruction and probably air force and some missiles depots that when that's capable
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of heading those. do you really expect that? >> there's another interesting section. i'm talking about strategy. if it does not make it in 30 days after the days of the enactment of the resolution. the president should consult and submit a plan, a strategy for achieving a mitt call set isment to the complex if syria. are you interested in that? >> we are interested after weakening the regime. when it's weakened to the point of surrender, every war in the world and every war in the history will end with negotiation. there will be negotiation for sure and there's good signs from the russians by the way. >> thank you very much. my pleasure. >> still to come, going green in california. university students at the center of a project using zero net energy. and the london building that's so reflective it will fry an egg in the street.
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please go there al ...
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takeaway is our company emerges from a time of war that i was elected in part to end. buzz we really want to turn away from taking appropriate action in the face of such an welcome back to the top stories in al jazeera. politicians in the u.s. are considering a draft which will give president obama to take limited action in syria. a series of car bombs and shootings killed at least 60 people in iraq. they struck 1 i struck 11 diffet neighborhoods. >> tanks holding contaminated at japan's damaged fukushima
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nuclear plant are much more dangerous than previously thought. we have more from tokyo. >> a spokesperson told us a spokes fern recorded higher levels of radiation. it was discover canered at several hot spots. it showed that 1 18mili -- the initial spikes was that tetco started using more sophisticated devices to measure radiation level. previous machines can can reach up t 1 100 an hour. t*e tco confirmed that this new spike is not because of any
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leak. there is still in those developments. because what this means with the clean up operations an how will this complicate because the levels of radiation that's detected are extremely high and can be extremely dangerous. experts said that expo sure to this level of radiation is enough to kill someone if they are not wearing the right prot*eufbgt clothing. >> an egyptian policeman has opinion killed in the southern attack. we can now. joined by our correspondent. >> caller: we understand two gunman approached a security checkpoint in the area. we're told that security forces are now searching the area for the gunman. and it will come as quite a shock. it's a beautiful town on the
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nile. a very famous holiday destination for tourists. they are already struggling with tourism. it's dropped by half compared to last year. so news of violence in this area will really come as a blow to the area that's struggling already. we know that they warned russians not to travel to egypt at all. those are really hoping that the violence and the rest die down and across egypt and the tour are raises will stop looking back. but this news today won't be a welcome news. >> the latest from egypt. thank you very much. let's return to to syria now. reaction for the military sper srepbgs around world. the russian president said he would not rule out stuff action but will be up to the u.n. if a military streubg is necessary.
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>> translator: i do not ebg collude this but i would like to draw your attention to one key aspect. in line with international law, only the u.n. security council could sanction the use of force against a sa sr*e rgn state. it can only be interpreted as an aggression. >> is that a restatement of principals or a redevelopment? >> it's not much of a development. he did put it out there that russia could potentially support action against syria. putin has a veto in the u.n. security council. you have to convince me in another part of an interview an he went on to all the american
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evidence about it particularly the telephone conservation. i think it will be hijacked by both obama and putin and especially if you sit down to discuss syria or any other issues. thank you very much. >> venezuelan president has
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blamed sabotage for a power cut in the country. it's what he calls an electrical coup. the indian rupee is showing signs of recovery on wednesday. >> south the african gold miners are have gone on strike. the industry is only offering 6.5. the united nations is promising that the central african republican will no longer be a forgoten crisis. an estimated i 1.6 million peop. one of the first places the
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coalition of rebels known as seleka. it. tkpwapb in december of last year. when the fighting started, it pushed her and for months they lived on plant, and dirty water. her youngest son fell ill. he's mall -- malnourished and dehydrated. >> translator: our children are ill. we don't have the money to care for them. these children are our future. if they can grow up they can take care of us. the united nations said every 21 minutes a child dies in the central african republic from preventable tk*rz diseasesd many more already l die without emergency care. this is the only functionalle hospital for 140,000.
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much as you can see were taken by se hr*e ka rebels. things are improving. the priority is to get help to people in more remote areas. after testify access has no access of medical care. the local commander says people shouldn't see selekas a as a threat. >> we haven't killed anyone. we haven't hurt anyone. people should just relax. >> reporter: put seleka did allow this happen. the u.n. warehouses used to be filled with supplies for about a million people. everything is gone. >> we need vehicles. we need staff. we need communications. we need people who are going to manage our security then we need everything else that goes with
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it to inkne influence the situan the for children. >> some school cans have thanks to the u.n. help. education can change things. put in central afric africa, itl lead these children and their families back. al jazeera, central african republic. >> the united states a man who held three woman captive in ohio for several years has been found dead. prison officials say aerial castro committed suicide in his this cell. he kidnapped three woman and kept them locked up in their home. they were chained, raped and
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beaten until they escaped in may. castro pleaded guilty and sentenced to life in prison. the head of fpi is stepping down after 12 years. he began his week before the september 11 tacks attack in 2011. as one of the fpi's longest serving directors he's said to reshaped the bureau. california is leading the way in this the united states to become green. the state has the most progress i environmental. this the country inclouding a plan for construction. >> this luxury community has taken college life to a whole new level. >> we're known as the super nice
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apartments. >> reporter: with space for 2,000 resident, west village offers a resort-style environment but also gives students and faculty a plan to be a part of an experiment it's a first of its kind. a zero net community. >> we would produce the exact amount of energy that e ear using on a day-to-day basis. >> reporter: from low flow toy lets an sinks to energy efficient appliance, ceiling fans helps air flow and lighting uses 60% less enhave i. he was one of the first students to live here. a green pioneer of sorts. >> there are energy usage that you have the to meet. >> reporter: if you're consuming too much electricity t the management will come calling. >> if you shut it off when you leave for the weekend, that will not put any e electricity and
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run these game systems when you're not in the unit. the community is equiped with thousands of solar panels capable of generating 7 to 8 million-kilowatt hours of elect treus per year. -- that's how we generate the electricity for every unit here. >> managers say the community is on track to meet its zero net energy goals. with california's strict energy building code. west village can serve as a blueprint for other developers looking to build sustainable housing. >> and while rent and utilitys are higher than other area rentals, residents say it's wors worth the price. you are saying is i'm helping the environment every day of my life. >> they are also helping the california achieve its tkpoel thaits goal thatall new construb
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zero net by 2020. the london billing that's melting cars. developers in the city's sky scraper are rethinking its plans after discoverering its panels strong enough to scorch a vehicle. >> reporter: this is london's hot spot. in the middle of the city, a bizarre beam of light radiates on to the street. powerful, dazzling and hot. the cause of this phenomenon, this 37-story tower. the building's curved construction has had an unfortunate effect. >> you can see it's curved. so that's a vast area up there and it's collecting a lot of solar energy. if that were or the go out in
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all directions it would be massive but it's focusing down to this point. it's focus down here so that is all solar energy getting pushed down here and the temperatures down there are getting really high. >> reporter: so high it managed to record a tell which are of a 198 degrees fahrenheit. >> the sun started to come out and it's already hitting the building behind me and you can see it's quite an intention heat here. >> reporter: anything in the direct glare of the reflection can literally go up in spoke it damaged this car parked nearby. it's caused carpets to smolder, tiles to smash, it's so hot you fry an egg and shinge your hair trying. >> it is the supposed to come through. it's quite hot here, yes. the design is the current elevation of the sun over the next two to three weeks weather permitting it will shine directly on to the building. while they say they are working on the problem the worst of it lasts for just two hours during one of the busiest times oh of the day, lunchtime it' too much as london is used to murkier
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climates. it's time to keep cam and kee covered. >> you can keep u up-to-date wih all the news on our web-site. al it. we have syrians and syrian americans for some candid insight. >> johada lee. the community has been asking for a show that includes people who are experiencing what's going on right inside syria rather than us just talking about itm


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