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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 4, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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send us our questions, and we'll see you next time. >> good evening everyone and welcome to al jazeera px i'm john siegenthaler in new york. the united nations sounds the alarm over the syrian crisis. millions have left their home. the problem and the response. president obama's team tries to convince u.s. lawmakers to give the okay for military action. >> i didn't set a red line. the world set a red line. >> and the president attempts to drum up support overseas for a strike on syria.
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and we begin tonight with the news that foreign ministers from syria's neighbors are warning the refugee crisis will get worse if the world doesn't offer more help soon. the ministers met in geneva to ask for international aid, if there is an attack thousands more will follow over the border. >> all actions are creating refugee flows need to cease. a political solution to end the cycle of horror is urgently needed. there is no humanitarian solution to the syrian crisis, rather there needs to be a political solution to end the humanitarian crisis. >> here are the numbers. the u.n. agency as we said says there's 2 million refugees, fieched,000 in jordan, more than 400,000 in turkey, 170,000 in iraq and more than 700,000 have fled to neighboring lebanon,
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zina corder reports from beirut. >> one in every five people in lebanon is a syrian. many have settled in poor overcrowded neighborhoods like this one. they live in the local population but can't escape the feeling of not being welcome. >> the lebanese feel like we have taken away their opportunities. they feel we are doing jobs that should be theirs. >> even before the turmoil began thousands of syrians worked in menial jobs but the new arrivals are have created competition. syrians open shops and accept lower l salaries. it is something that many lebanese resent. the local population needs help too. >> their presence has changed our lives for worst. not refugees but bring their
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families here. the lebanese government is not taking care of them. >> but not all syrian refugees make are ends meet. a small room in this slum costs $300 a month. those who cannot afford to pay live in buildings under construction. it is clear that there are tensions between the syrians and leb knees communities. the -- lebanese communities. dealing with a new influx of refugees if the west decides to take action against syrian regime. not only lebanon has to deal with the syrian issue. this country has not been able to stay out of the conflict. lebanon is divided and its people have taken sides in the conflict across the border. >> we don't want to make any problems but many lebanese
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parties are already causing problems and they always blame the syrians. >> some people believe that the presence of the syrians have contributed to the problems here. lebanon has imposed tighter controls, but syrians are increasingly being looked upon as a security problem in a country already under threat. >> lebanon is reacting to the refugee crisis by looking outside it's borders for help. >> the lebanese government has asked the world bank to possession for funds because they fear this will be a situation that will grow even more out of control than it is. the lebanese need this money because the syrian refugees that have come over because of the conflict are causing many issues from health to education to trade to tourism. unclear as to what to do and if in fact there is a strike by the
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united states and others they fear that more will come in. this is a country that before the conflict was 4 million people now 5 million plus as an estimation and so the situation on the ground here is of deep concern. the lebanese people are looking for answers from their government which in fact last not been a fully functional government since april. >> and here with me to talk more about the growing refugee problem is bloma escodoro. the global communications director for unicef, we appreciate your time. >> thank you. >> compare these to other humanitarian crises that are worldwide? >> the this is the biggest humanitarian crisis in 20 years. we are talking about 6 million people that are needing humanitarian assistance. only if we talk about the refugees 2 million people are escaped from syria and are living with nothing in turkey
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iraq jordan and lebanon half them are children and we are talking about the biggest humanitarian trials that have been experienced. >> what's been done to help them and what are the condition of the camps on the border? >> the camp is a desert and is one of the biggest studies in jordan. 120,000 people live there. we have to guarantee drinking water sanitation health, but also to guarantee a future for them. so now their needs are enormous and increasing every day. >> the u.n. sounded the alarm today. what needs to happen? >> what needs to happen now is to guarantee that these millions of people in the region, that need immediate humanitarian assistance to survive are really, really can't have access to all their needs, all the needs that they have at the moment.
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we need to guarantee the access for those inside syria that depend on the drinking water on the vaccines on the education this moment and are really left with the conflict but also we need to support all the neighboring countries that are hosting these 2 million refugees. we have to guarantee that the winter is really, we can face the winter with the right supplies, with the right shelter for the people with the right conditions for them and at this moment as you just said we are very worried about how to go back to school, how to guarantee that these million children living as refugees -- >> will go to school. >> absolutely. and recover their normal life. at the moment we are trying to run the whole operation inside syria, we have 85% of the kids in the school a few years ago and now less than 6% are going to school. >> so you're thinking that this isn't going to be resolved in a few months. >> what we are thinking is that millions of people needs immediate assistance and we
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should be there as far as we need us. and this is a operation that is not a normal operation. this requires extra funding and extra support from all the donor countries and all the sense of reward because we need to be assisting all these millions of people at the moment. >> how can people help? >> people can help in many, many ways. they can join us through our web site but also i think it's very important that not only the nations that we need will come but also raising the profile of the human sferg that this -- that this conflict has created. talking about the conflict and not forgetting that the ream face of this conflict is the are face of these syrian children. paloma escadero. thanks for coming here tonight so late. we appreciate it. >> thanks.
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nasrin reports from jordan on this story. >> olive groves are only 100 meters from beyond's border from syria. he was raised in a village that straddles the syrian border. though he's against the crimes committed by bashar al-assad's government he is against any strike against syria. >> most people are in panic mode, most people bought all the candles, in case the assad regime is attacked by the west. >> people are nervous and families have left for red sea city, jordannians feel if there is a foreign ministry strike on syria the governments in if a damascus could retaliate, that is because amman is a u.s. ally,
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hardware on the ground and a neighbor of syria. and there are plenty of indications that the syrian government owns chemical weapons. >> if the syrian government strikes back with chemical weapons what do we do? just denies a strike will happen. >> but also hosts thousands of syrian refugees. unlike most beyondians here supports a fortune military strike that would cripple the assad regime. >> the strike would help us a lot and relieve us in the long term if it targets military bases, we saw it with our own eyes. >> the government has said it will distribute gas masks if and when that's needed but the images of residents in neighboring israel queuing for gas masks have made jordannians
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feel they are lest valuable. with the u.s. deploying its own patriot missile batteries, f-16 fighter jets and months ago, it is heart to believe jordan will not be involved even logistically, al jazeera el ramsa. >> back in this country, secretary of state john kerry had difficulty picking up support for president obama's proposed attack. >> as the hearing began antiwar protestors held up red hands, a reflection of the heated option administration officials faced from members of the house foreign affairs committee. in this exchange republican tom marino wanted to know who a strike would help. >> do you implicitly trust these people? >> it is not my business to trust anybody. >> it has to be the business because you're making decisions
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to go into war and put american lives at risk. >> we are not unaware of all the different groups self interests, our friends and -- >> consume, with all due respect, i think we are aware -- >> if you would legality me answer please? >> okay. >> the focus is not on good guys bad guys. it is on -- >> i wouldn't think good guys would be using the gas. >> it was ocontrast to yesterday's cordial reception by foreign services committee. members of the obama administration went on attack. south carolina representative john duncan, jabbed john kerry a republican and former senator. >> the same is true for president and the vice preside president. >> mr. secretary -- >> when i was in the senate -- >> i am going to finish.
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when i was in the united states senate i supported military action in any number of occasions. including grenada, panama, a list of them. i'm not going to sit here and say i don't know the judgment with respect to this. the u.s. isn't going ostand up for international norms for dictators who have only been broken twice since assad, hit hr and saddam hussein. >> i hope my colleagues will join me in rg such a authorization. the authorization measure we take up must clarify that any strike should be of a limited nature and there should be absolutely no american boots on the ground in syria.
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>> the administration assured the senate that there would not be any civil war. it could range into the tens of millions of dollars. randall pinkston, al jazeera. >> congressman gregory meeks, a liberal democrat of new york, says he's not sure how the vote will go. >> the hardest vote for any member of congress, i know it is for me, is to determine whether or not you had authorized the use of military force. and that becomes therefore a vote of conscience. not a vote of me of trying to vote just because the president happens to be ademocrat or republican et cetera, it is a vote of conscience what you think is the right thing to do so you can sleep at night. now you give the if the, the president of the united states,
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you give him a head start because you believe, i believe that the president of the united states wants to do the right thing for the united states, and he's not one that's trying to hurry into war. he does start at that premise. so he has a head start because he is the president of the united states and he may have more information than i have but it is my job to seek as much of it as i can get so i can make a decision. even if my constituents disagree with me whichever way i go i should be able to explain to them why i voted yes or no. >> congressman meek says he is weighing the constituents who have grave reservations for action in syria. he needs to get more information to make the best possible decision. over in the senate foreign relations committee a resolution has passed but the vote of 10 to 7 with one voting present shows that even in a committee that
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works together passage is tight and the road is hard. the next steps, these classified briefings as members continue to work towards a resolution that a lot of different constituents can get behind. >> coming up. yearkts's sentence lasted -- ariel castro's sentence lasted less than a month. plus a fresh food food bank, how one community is helping hungry people eat healthy.
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>> i'm meteorologist rebecca
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stevenson. today we had a storm basically right in the middle of the country. hot weather, 10 to 20° above the average for places like rapid city, denver, oklahoma into texas. but if you went to the east coast or the west coast, the story was cooling off and we'll continue that cooling trend on both sides of the coast. now for the east coast, this is where we're seeing temperatures already start to drop down, a much comfortable -- more comfortable i should say temperature in the east. we're expecting the temperatures to drop even further for specific areas into friday. lows overnight, friday, little bit chilly for pittsburgh, 46°, most of us in the 50s, but friday morning clear skies out there, this is where we're going to have temperatures drop in the valleys. any heat we get during the day is going to escape through the clear skies in the atmosphere so frost advisories issued early friday morning in parts of new
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york and northern maine we have a freeze watch in effect. this is cold canadian air that's going to be creeping in. coming up i'll show you who else is going ocool off and who is going to get a lot more rainfall. >> the cleveland man who kidnapped three young women and raped them for nearly a decade has committed suicide. the bus driver architects was serving life plus 1,000 years for his crimes. the impact he left behind. >> on the 2000 block on seymour avenue in cleveland, no memory of the house that once stood here. it was the home that ariel castro held three women captive for more than ten years. sentenced to life plus 1,000
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years in prison the community's focus is here, this time because castro is dead. >> i'm happy that he's gone. happy to have a life gone but happy that that particular life, ariel castro was a very evil person and he never even accepted that he was evil. >> authorities say castro handing himself in his prison cell tuesday night even though guards checked on him every half hour. throughout the day people stopped here. their thoughts were the three young women castro beat tortured raped and locked away for over ten years. >> he should feel that level of loss of control in his own life that they went through and he did not experience that at all. >> he should have suffered a little bit more because those girls suffered there for ten years, 11 and he didn't have the guts to suffer at least a year. and he took his life away. >> since his arrest in may castro spent barely four months behind bars. >> the u.s. economy is looking
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stronger, according to the latest numbers from the world economic forum. with more here's real money's ali velshi. >> america ranks in the top 5 countries when it comes to global competitiveness but it's still got a lot to do to move up to number 1. according to a new report put out by the world economic forum, switzerland takes the number 1 spot again as the most competitive country. the united states comes out 5th out of 148 countries surveyed. this is based on factors the countries put in place that either help or hurt economic prosperity. the u.s. moved up this year after losing ground the last few years of the recession and its aftermath the fact that we're back in number 5 is a testament to u.s. recovery. but complaining the most about overly complicated tax regulations high tax rates and
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inefficient agents the prokses, according to the report, interfeernlings gets in the way of the bottom line but there's room for improvement. bottom line much of the world considers the u.s. to be such a free market economy with little government interference. despite the complaint the report says u.s. businesses are highly innovative, research and development that coordinates seamlessly with the america's universities. economies of scale of being the single largest economy in the world, america is ready to compete. john. >> ali velshi thank you very much. 50 million americans are food-insecure, not sure where their next meal is coming from. for many people food high in sugar and fat make up a big part of their diet.
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providing healthy food for the people they need it. al jazeera's rob reynolds reports from california. >> the rich soil from california'california's central? the nonprofit soil borne farm and the sacramento food bank come in. vegetables harvested are donated to the food bank. sean harrison is the founder of the farm. >> we really need to educate them about why they need to eato increase their accessibility to that type of produce, to those types of foods. >> it is the monthly food distribution day at a church in one of sacramento's poorer neighborhoods and a crowd of people has come to load up on farm fresh produce. there is a big difference between this and odor food
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banks. says its boss blake young. >> there are institutional lines people are checked in through a window and handed a bag of groceries. unfortunately most of the groceries they're handed are things like hosess twinkies or processed or coca-cola. >> there are no processed high fatty foods here. that's important because people related in poverty is suffering from diet related conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes. fruits and vegetables go a long way towards preventing those des. >> the sacramento food bank services about 20,000 a month, the goal ask to help them live healthier lives. >> food is kind of a gateway and we introduce people to
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childcare, prenatal care, killing skills for josh searching and encouraging them to take that next step. >> that's cynthia ryan chopping zucchini. in her kitchen. the food she gets for free in the food bank allows her not only to survive but to thrive. >> as a matter of fact i lost 70 pounds of unwanted, because i am now eating healthy from the food bank. it would be almost impossible for me to buy the quality of food that i receive from the food bank with my income. it would be almost impossible. >> creating possibilities and changing lives with the simple gifts of the good earth. rob reynolds, al jazeera, sacramento, california.
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>> a big night at the u.s. open and a big night for rafa nah daly. sports. >> certainly playing like the second seeded player he is. populating the u.s. open, second seeded rafa nafafa nadal, in the women's draw both serena williams and victoria nazaranka has made the semi finals too. bottle says he has to keep on dominating his sport until his retirement if he wants to be remembered among the greats like mohammed ali and pele. and a judge in texas is getting disgraced cyclist lance armstrong to testify.
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this is part of a lawsuit by acceptance corporation which is accusing armstrong of fraud. those are your al jazeera headlines. >> just ahead, russian president vladimir putin not just criticizing secretary of state john kerry, he's calling him a liar. ten years later, security officials still having a hard time containing all the violence.
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>> welcome back to al jazeera i'm john siegenthaler. here is a look at the headlines. syria's neighbors are and inning international help to deal with the 2 million refugees headed over the borders. nearby countries warning if there's an attack the number of refugees will grow. >> all actions regarding refugees need to cease. a political solution is urgently needed. there is no humanitarian solution to the syrian crisis, rather, there needs to be a political solution to end humanitarian cries i. >> the situation in lebanon is
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becoming very alarming. it is becoming very alarming on the security level. on the social level on the economic level and i think that so far, the response of the international community to this crisis is frustrating. >> if this violence against civilians continue like before and if there is no international reaction to it, we are scared that all the neighboring countries will be facing much bigger numbers of refugees. >> in congress the senate foreign relations committee voted in favor of a limited attack while the secretary of state testified before a house committee looking for support. the speaker of the house is turning down an offer to talk with russian diplomats about syria. diplomats had hoped to lobby congress directly in a bid to avoid military action. president obama has already refused to meet with the russian president during the g-20 talks
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in st. petersburg, russia. vladimir putin called secretary of state john kerry a liar. >> i have watched the dates in congress. a congressman asked mr. kerry is there al qaeda, people say they have got stronger, they say no, i say elnusra is a part of al qaeda. he knows that he lies, this is sad. >> and that attack on john kerry came hours before president obama arrives in russia for the g-20 submit. he hopes to gain support from others. >> while leaders arrive in st.
11:33 pm
petersburg for a summit that may highlight the glaring differences between them on the critical issue of the day. the g-20 host vladimir putin is not talking like a man who is ready to compromise with the united states over syria. >> i have watched the debates in congress and when they asked secretary kerry is there al qaeda in syria no, i say official they are not there, but the rebel under el nusra a part of al qaeda, they are there. he lies openly and he knows that he lies. >> but is the american president stopping on route to the russian summit spoke as if conflict was inevitable. >> my credibility is not on the
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line. the international community's credibility is on the line and america and congress's credibility is on line because we give lip service to the notion that these international norms are important. >> in damascus itself the syrian regime speaks and in die phi ant language. >> the syrian government will never change their position, even if there is a third world war. syria has the right to reply and react according to the u.n. charter. such an aggression is not justified in the international law. >> the formal agenda, where focuses on the richest and most powerful in the world. but in reality those issues are likely to be overshadowed by the syrian crisis. there are very few people here that are optimistic that russia and the western powers can
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overcome their vast differences towards syria. it seems like an impossible challenge in st. petersburg. in less than two days leaders will try to find a consensus that has been so elusive in two long years of fighting in syria barnaby williams, st. petersburg. concerns for action he in syria stems from how things played out during the iraq war. >> the thing i worry about most is not -- how do you limit what kind of action you take and what do you have five days later, when it's over? if we have a widening of the war, because iran has gotten into it or russia or something else, that is going to be a disaster. and i'm really worried about what we have five or ten days later. you remember when we went into iraq we were supposed to be out in 60 days. >> members of syria's main
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opposition group are going door to door on capitol hill lobbying members of congress not only president obama's proposed strike on syria but further. >> syrian national coalition in washington, his group petitions congress from his headquarters here, trying to authorize use of force in his home land. he wants more than just a mission to punish the syrian government. >> we don't need a slap on the hand for bashar al-assad for using chemical weapons. we don't need it to be just retaliation efforts. we need it to be a complete campaign to degrade the regime's abilities to kill citizens women and chirp. >> house unamerican affairs meeting. >> american values and telling dictators around the world it's not okay to gas your way out of
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conflict. >> 100,000 syrians have died in the war. kalil says, ending the conflict can only be achieved through help of the international community. as the debate intensifies here in washington, syrian option members say winning approval in the house is going to be a bigger challenge than in the senate. but even if congress does approve limited military action in syria opposition members say their agenda is broader. they want president obama to end the country's civil war. the coalition understands that it is not only up against members of congress but their constituents. some recent poll suggests that most -- suggests that most americans don't support intervention in syria. >> our focus would be more on the house versus the senate because we believe the house is going to be more challenging for us because there's 435 members. administration just started talking about the syria issue
11:38 pm
after two and a half years. we're going to go door to door and talk to key people. >> members of congress, people who work on the hill say its more than a political calculation, it's a matter of life and death for their people back home. >> well france is still debating what its course of action will be for syria. the french prien minister says it will not launch an attack on syria by itself. jackie roland reports from paris. >> the french president makes a solemn visit to the site of a nazi massacre during the first world war. this entire village was wiped out, events from 70 years ago which still resonates today. and in paris parliament has been debating how to respond to atrocities, in particular, the chemical attack last month.
11:39 pm
the president pressed the government's intervention. >> not to react is to let bashar al-assad continue his atrocities. to encourage the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and to abandon syria and the entire region to chaos. with its partners france will live up to its responsibilities. this is its honor. this is its duties. >> an enthusiastic response from the ruling socialists. but there were scathing item civil from the right wing position who accused the president of leaving france isolated and without allies. >> on august 21st chemical weapons were used in damascus. we condemned the barbaric savage and inhumane act. on august 27th the president
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announce they'd france was ready to inter15 in syria. we have to admit that francois hollande and the government are in a diplomat ig impasse. >> strong opinions were put forward but france knows it cannot act alone it has to wait for the decision of the u.s. congress. >> there was no vote at the end of the debate because in france it's the president who has the authority to take the country to war. but pressure is growing for parliament to be given a say. especially if there's a chance of intervening in syria without a u.n. security council resolution. jackie roland, al jazeera paris. >> dick du durbin once again criticized about misleading
11:41 pm
americans about the wawr in iraq, it was another violent day in iraq. imran khan reports. >> on tuesday, a number of car bombs tore through capital of baghdad. in 11 neighborhoods in all. in some cases, the explosions went off in rapid succession, suggesting they were coordinated. they targeted people who were out and about for the evening. >> a car blast took place in a neighborhood 5:00 p.m, killing and wounding several people. >> earn their living. you could see wreckage of iron flew to the other side of the road. they're innocent people who work to live. >> it was not just carrada in the north but in the west and the south. on the road restaurants and
11:42 pm
shops. >> there was a checkpoint here and there. how did the car bomb arrive? i blame the security are for security breach. >> involving sunni striking shia neighborhoods. more than 800 people were killed in the last month alone. the war in syria is having a massive effect here in this country. in baghdad armed groups have said that they are sending into syria and are part of the car bombings we have seen over the past five or six months. there is a massive refugee crisis in new york, adding pressure to a country in a tinder box. >> if you think your walkman and flop i disks look like museum pieces? up next, all the information they hold. and the arizona diamondbacks
11:43 pm
have created a winning progression. john henry is up next with sports.
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>> six months after rebels seized power in the central african republic violence and crime remain rampant. today the government announced a plan to collect unauthorized guns from fighters and civilians. since the furtding began, the government says 1.6 million need humanitarian assistance. reporting from the central part of the country. >> deef in the forest of central
11:46 pm
african republic, cagabandaro fell. they began their advance in december of last year. when the fighting started, hortense took her children into the bush. for months they lived on plants and dirty water. her son fell ill, she walked to the hospital, is now nourished and has a good chance of surviving. >> our children are ill and we don't have the money to care for them. these children are our future. if they can grow up then they can take care of us. >> the eunt nations says that every 21 minutes a child dies in central african republic from preventiblpreventible diseases y more will die without emergency care. during the recent siting, this was -- fighting this was the
11:47 pm
only functioning hospital for 140,000 people. but much of the drugs here as well as the mattresses as you can see were looted by celica rebels. things are improving here but the priority of the humanitarian agencies is to get help for people in more remote areas, it is estimate that half the population has no access to any medical care. >> people come to town because they're afraid of these celica fighters. the local people say they shouldn't see celica as a threats. >> people should just relax. >> but celica did allow this to happen. these u.n. warehouses used to be filtd with supplies for around a million people. everything has gone. >> we need vehicles we need staff we need communications equipment we need people who are
11:48 pm
going to manage our security then we need everything else that goes with it to influence the situation of children and populations that are most needy. >> some schools have reopened, thanks to u.n. help. and in these classrooms there is hope that education can change things. but in central african republic the next battle for control is never far away. there is fear that there will be more fighting sending these children and their families back into the bush. navni nashiri? central african republic. >> john henry smith is here with sports and we're talking about the arizona diamondbacks tonight. >> something weird kind of wonderful has been happening to them this year. i'll tell you about it.
11:49 pm
i'll say it again, these weird habits of extra-inning games when they're supposed to get on a plane and get out of town. rajai davis's two run home run gave the jays the lead, but arizona threatening to tie the game up, here comes the play at the plate and there goes tony campagna, willie bloomquist comes through, arizona now wins 4-3, they have won all ten of those travel day extra-inning affairs. oakland a's versus the texas rainers met in the bay area, that strikeout pitcher yu
11:50 pm
darvish gave up a long ball to brandon moss in the third, the a's promptly hit three more taters, oakland pulls itself into a first place tie with texas. the red sox had a whopping eight home runs, 20 runs in total. 20-4 just the second time in the 101 year history of fenway that this team has hit eight home runs. through the nfl the season kicks off thursday night when the dpeefnedding champion raifns, champ bailey will miss this game as he recovers from a sprained foot. you know who won't miss this game? our own mike eaves. nfl preview reports from around
11:51 pm
the nfl, as we get you ready for the first nfl sunday of the new season. since 200912 quarterbacks have started on opening day. the bills fir round pick e.j. manuel to be there, against tom brady and the patriots, that was the original plan until manuel underwent minor knee surgery. opening day under center in the nfl's modern era. however coach said manuel's knee is 100% now. >> i know mentally if i have the chance to go out and play i'm ready for it. >> i'd be lying if i stand here and don't expect him to do great things, he is there with the other 11 players. >> it's not my first nfl season,
11:52 pm
i'm not looking at that. we've got oexecute the offense and the defense has got to do a good job too. >> opening weekend the new york jets say they are starting second round pick gino smith. embattled and injured veteran mark sanchez he being a starter in 2009. five time open champion roger federer. nadal is a step up in competition for federer, regardless, nadal blasted 6-0, 6-2, 6-2. off to the finals.
11:53 pm
ing. victoria ozeranka made short work of plantukova. a u.s. open semi final rematch between the two of them could very well happen. so that is your look at sports this evening. >> all right, john henry smith, thank you very much. well, zip drives and floppy disks all antiques. they promise, most of this old media is in danger of vanishing forever. al jazeera's erica ferrari reports, on one museum trying to change that. >> there is an archaeological museum, transfer station, where museum technicians are helping retrieve materials trapped on outdated technology.
11:54 pm
>> such as zip drives, jazz drives or old floppy drives. we can all relate to this, what has happened to our old vhs collections containing old movies. >> liven cable tv show she helped found more than 30 years ago. >> we hadn't looked at this stuff since it got shelved in the late '80s. >> the service is completely free. >> all the material transferred get uploaded and serves as both a practical storage space and a way for the artist to share their work with others. >> the retired teacher said he came to try orescue video he shot with students back in 1982. >> i took 17 students and schoolworkers to the first american group to china. in 1982, when china was
11:55 pm
essentially leaving the old china and beginning to develop the new china that we're familiar with today. >> countersays there's an educational value to his tapes that would have otherwise been relegated to a trash pile of history. >> i refused to let it go into the dumpster. it should not go into the dumpster. it needs to be rescued. >> the transfer station is a museum as well. if they're young enough not to remember, they can see for themselves the real life vhs or floppy disk. eric ah ferrari, al jazeera. >> rerebecca stevens is back wih your weather and at the top of hour, joie chen. stay with us. ç]
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>> i'm meteorologist rebecca stevenson. we've better than tracking some very different weather across the united states. from cooler in the midwest, and hot weather in the pacific northwest, specifically washington state. as you can see some showers
11:58 pm
coming up. thunderstorms with a lot of lightning strikes in them. red flag warnings indicating fire weather meaning that the lightning strikes could easily start new wildfires. but during the course of the day we'll have more rain pushing in with thunderstorms and that's why we have flash flood warnings in place even flood wash for western washington. half an inch to an inch of rainfall is expected in western washington on the cascades. as the water comes down into the mountains it runs quickly into the river statements and that brings even more problems because of the high-running rivers coming down into the east slopes as well and that problem goes into idaho and eastern oregon and parts of nevada. the amount of rainfall or the probability of rain highest for washington state, so we'll be watching to see how much rain is coming down here. on the satellite you could see that low pressure wrapped up
11:59 pm
nice and tight. that storm system is going to be tracking into oregon and swinging up into eastern washington, when it does that's why we expect all that rain to be coming down thursday and friday. eastward, different story, just a little bit of light rain as cold air working its way down. we're going to feel the cooling trend on the east coast working its way south the next three ofour days. but what you're really going to feel is the cooler weather in the morning hours. radar showing a few light showers, pretty light front, pretty light air mass as that cooler air moves in comfortable highs in the low 70s, both coasts west and east, here it is in september and it is baking in triple-digit heat for the central portion of the state. something else we're watching is our tropical weather, tropical storm gabrielle bringing heavy
12:00 am
rain into puerto rico. >> welcome to al jazeera i'm john siegenthaler here are the headlines. the senate foreign relations committee is giving president obama the go ahead for a limited strike against syria. the resolution would limit any action to 60 to 90 days and prohibit u.s. troops on the ground in syria. two democrats voted against it. house speerp john boehner will not be meeting with diplomats, not clear if the diplomats will try to meet other members of congress. army private bradley manning who now wants to bele


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