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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 5, 2013 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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regulator,-k. >> hello and welcome to the news hour. it is good to have you here with us. from al jazeera is's headquarters in doha these are top stories. syria overshadows the g-20 smut in st. petersburg. egypt survives assassination attempts at least two are killed in the attack. kenya could be the first country to pull out of the
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court. >> palestine's football chief threatens to ask for the suspension of ftra. if they aren't given the freedom to play their matches. >> so divisions over syria are looming at the g-20 summit in st. petersburg. china is pushing for a solution to the crisis. pushing world powers into reviving plans into an international peace conference. there will be no bilateral meeting between vladimir peunt n
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and barack obama. are there going to be no face-to-face talks over syria? >> it's not clear. you appreciate all these things are movable feasts. there are no scheduled meetings between the two men. the history is that they were going to have much longer talks in moscow before the g-20 summit here in st. petersburg. those were cancelled by the americans last month because of their frustration over a range of disagreements with the russians so those longer talks aren't happening and nothing was put in their place. however, the two men are going to be in close proimen proiments afternoon and rks proximity today and tomorrow. in may be what the americans call a policide, sounds rather informal but something will be worked owhere the two men will meet and talk face-to-face. you're absolutely right, on the
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schedule, nothing so far. >> what we're also seeing happening, this is supposed to be an economic summit but all the focus is moving towards syria or that is what most people are looking at right now. we are also seeing that countries are taking sides. how are you seeing this forming? >> yes. it's interesting. it's almost like the old cold war days where you have rival camps. rival polar masses if you like, with russia on one side and the americans on the other. the russians got the support of the chinese today. no surprises there. it has to be said. but there was a meeting between president putin and president ping one of the first bilaterals of this summit and the remarks we heard from chinese officials are consistent with the sort of stance they've taken throughout the crisis in syria saying any
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intervention without u.n. backing would be very unhelpful. a chinese deputy finance minister who is here in st. petersburg part of the delegation, warning that the attack on syria would push up the price of oil. looking beyond china there are other countries here who i think will have sympathy with the russian position. in fact the south african president jacob zuma has come out and said the attack would have to have the authorization of the security council. that leaves the question of who are the american's friends here? well morally if not mill tailor, the british are their friends although david cameron has been defeated in his own parliament, so he can't grant british military backing to an american operation which he intended to. the french are in that camp.
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the turkish are in that camp. rival groups if you like. >> barack obama is arriving at the summit. it will be interesting to see, vladimir putin is there to greet all the arriving dignitaries. there you go, there you see it. pretty warm handshake there, smiles for camera and there's barack obama the u.s. president he's officially arrived at the g-20 summit, shook vladimir putin hand. no chitchat, he walks street into the building. there you go. we're watching photographers. everyone is waiting for this moment to see how he is going to be greeted and what kind of reception he would get. very formal. the car is driving away.
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i'll get back to you on this. i might just have to interrupt you again. and in fact before i go to you, another car has just pulled up and another dignitary. the indonesian president there shaking putin's hand. also barnaby, the u.n. arab league envoy is also arriving at the summit. usually he would have no business being there, this is an economic summit but he's bringing in an agenda that really wouldn't go hand in hand with this summit and that's to try to get a syria conference or make people go to the syria conference. how does this change dynamics? >> well, i think it's a reflection of the concerns obviously of many of the
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countries here and the concerns of a lot of the nations. laktar bahimi's boss is also here and the two men are making you might call it a desperate attempt to revive those peace talks in geneva. i was going omention other countries that are you might call in the prowestern camp. european union leaders were talking along those lines in a fresh statement a few hours ago. you would expect germany, angela merkel, and the japanese to have lot of sympathy for brahimi and for attempts to revive that conference. but i think they're going to come up against the skepticism particularly of the americans who have feel -- who have felt throughout the last few months that the syrian government is
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not serious about negotiations and they the americans are more and more uneasy about who would represent the rebels and whether that can be done in a coherence fashion but brahimi is trying, and you are right, absolutely a surprise, not actually a gate crasher, because the russians must have agreed to him coming here but his syrian agenda is not the tradition agenda of the g-20 whatsoever. these are a group of finance ministers from the late '90s and when it took on this greater level with heads of state back in 2008, that was the height of the global financial crisis so the summit concentrates on economic relations looking at tax evasion of multinationals. on the sidelines, brahimi will be doing his very best to try to
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revive the syrian conference. >> i want to remind our viewers that we will of course be watching the summit very closely. there's barack obama just a few moments ago he came out of his car, shook hands with vladimir putin. smiling for the cameras. we'll be keeping up to date with all of the events of the g-20 summit and putin will be giving his opening speech. go live the that for you. trnlingthe pope has writtene president and all others, the pontiff called on roman catholics to join a day of frear on saturday.
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searcher working for a humanitarian group has been killed. part of the doctors without borders organization. called for better protection for humanitarian workers. let's move on to some other news. egypt interior minister has survived what he calls a cowardly assassination attempt. in a statement mohamed ibrahim warned that the blast was part of a new wave of terrorism. >> thank god it was a cowardly attempt. the forensic experts are investigating and it appears to be an explosive device. it was large, set off remotely. it destroyed four of the vehicles of my protection team and many shops in the area were badly affected along with a civilian car and a small child who had a leg amputated.
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i have an officer with serious injuries and another officer with a leg amputated. >> we are not naming her for her own safety so firstly tell us more about what happened? >> well, the explosion is just outside the residence of the interior minister mohamed ibrahim, initial reports that there were perhaps about 20 people injured. there were early reports of -- we haven't been able to confirm that yet. trying to look for clues and a big pass which causes the minister was saying and shocks in the area. he was inside the car, a part of the convey, where the explosion happened. he says it was remotely
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detonated bomb. we haven't got other confirmed sources telling us exactly how the explosion happened. but it was explained i think a target mohamed ibrahim and he is warning we have heard, he is warning that it's just the start of more to come. some sources in the ministry of interior have been saying that this marks a return to the egypt of the 1980s. president anwar sar sadat was assassinated by a group which was fighting for the state under hosne mubarak. what they want. >> thank you very much. we'll have to leave it there. there's been fighting between antigovernment draitors and police in bahrain.
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in response to a young activist. prodemonstrations about two years ago. now the head of the palestinian football team has threatened to ask the sports governing body fifa to respond israel's football association. has its movements heavily restricted impacting on their international matches and recent talks between the two sides do not yield a resolution he's prepared to ask fifa of taking drastic actions. joanna what kind of restrictions do the palestinians taste? >> ever since the team was officially recognized by fifa, the teams that have had to come to them to play international
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friendly and international matches they've also had troubles getting inside of the west bank. in 2007 the team was prevented from traveling to a 2010 world cup qualifier against singapore and they ultimately lost that match because obviously they wouldn't be able to play it. they weren't able to get exit visas out of the west bank and gaza. they have difficulties getting into the west bank to train as well. these difficulties have been brought to light for the head of the palestinian football association. he's also talked about problems of building and maintaining facilities, getting hands on equipment. they bought or been given to them by fifa. trouble getting it through customs things we take for granted, having really big problems getting hold of the equipment and also traveling.
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>> given those obstacles it's amazing they have a unified football team. >> it's an interesting point he's raised, the two sides, the israel football association and the palestinian football association, have been in talks, fifa is trying to broker aa peace deal. the problem i think is that fifa are dealing with the football associations and both sides would like to keep sports and politics separate but of course the issue of traveling and restrictions are coming from the israel authorities. so whether fifa has the power to speak to the israeli officials i'm not sure whether the descrailz authoritieisraeliautha on that. >> you will be back later with
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more sports. >> i will, olivia. >> still ahead. it's no laughing matter. a chinese official winds up in court for smiling at the wrong place at the wrong time. >> i'm in the maldives. >> is rafa nadal playing his best tennis? he's certainly entertaining. we'll have the details. kenya's parliament is holding an emergency meeting to decide whether to pull out of the international criminal court. wanted by the court for crimes against humanity. katherine soy is in nairobi. what is this all about and why
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now? >> this is a sharp defiance. this motion is very significant in the sense that members of parliament who have been pushing the motion have been saying that we cannot have a president and a deputy president appearing before what they call a foreign court. yet a foreign politically motivated court, yet there is a constitution in the country and there are institutions of the country, strong institutions in the country that can try any suspect of any crimes that have been committed in the country. now they know and i spoke to the mover of the motion earlier who said that he knows that this what they are doing now will not affect the cases against the president and the deputy president and the radio journalist, joshua san, next tuesday the president in november they know that this will not be affected but they are setting a precedent for the future so no other kenya what they see is humiliation, no
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other kenyan is humiliated, outthey are institutions in the country. >> they are setting a precedent mainly as you said so what they're saying no other kenyan will be humiliated by foreign law. they are setting a precedent for other countries. how do you view that there? >> yes, they are setting a precedent for other african countries. whatever comes ask something that will be watched very closely in the region and it's set precedent for other african countries who feel aggrieved by the international criminal court who actually perhaps begin their process of withdrawal. we know that the african union is very close to the international criminal court, accusing the international
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criminal court, what the mps are debating about in parliament behind me. the support on this motion in kenya depends on where you look at it. which part of the divide you look at it from. but we know the support for the icc has been waning. there has been many polls by the pollsters in the country that show the support for the international criminal court declined by 39%. about half the people do not advocate for withdrawal for the -- from the international criminal court. they say it's not good for the country. they say it's not good for the cases that will be going on in the country. so basically, it depends on where you look at it, their support. but it has been declining in overall. >> cat rirn soy thanks ver -- katherine soy thanks, as kenya debates pulling out of the icc.
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the g-20, all the dignitaries preparing for putin's speech. the g-20 is a group of leaders, developed and developing economies and it's a summit for global leaders used to forge growth in franking and tax evasion, but this summit has been overshadowed by the situation in syria. barack obama is there along with his economic agenda he is trying to garner support for going into syria mill tailor. vladimir putin, his country hosting this has very, very vehemently criticized that issue of intervention in syria. and the two, barack obama and vladimir putin who are clearly
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on opposite sides have not been given time to speak according to our correspondent not anything that is officially sanctioned anyway. we will of course be getting you more on this as it develops and vladimir putin will be speak on the podium and we will be bringing you that. to zimbabwe now. where drought and bad harvest have brought on the worst hunger in two years. over 2 million people could go hungry in less than two months. more than a quarter of the population will need emergency aid. because of poor maize harvest. stressing the stability of the entire region so far the only international security assistance being promised to the country is the african union
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peace keeping mission. nazim nasiri has this report. >> it's the gun and not state that rules. the rebels known as celica marched into the capital as a force of 5,000. there are now around 20,000 armed fighters -- >> apologizes for breaking out of that report. as promised vladimir putin is speaking at the moment at the g-20 summit. >> the most acute phenomenon of crisis, conditions to prevent future crisis. i remind you that year ago in the summit in cabos we spoke about creation of the so-called anti-fire wall and its basis
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should be put a series of coordinated steps. first, the decision on the -- over the past to reduce budget deficits of the level of the state debt in developed countries including europe, second liquidation of considerable gaps in financial regulation. and the third, the solution of the problem of the shortage of resources on the international monetary fund. on the whole, g-20 has proved this ability to find solutions of quite delicate issues. thanks to the measures taken, the situation is considerably improved. today, the most acute of these problems have been solved. although on the control, though one cannot be complacent so far, our main task is to return the
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economy to the stable and balanced growth, it's the task so far hasn't been solved. and it means that the system risks, the conditions for the cuteness relapse, crisis relapse are still in place. recently, monetary fund decreased focused over the world economy, the crisply focused though a year ago the estimates were higher at about 5%. and the united states the economy is growing and we're glad about it very much. unfortunate, the rates are not so fast as we want them to be. for the first time in many years we can talk about economic growth in japan. unfortunately so far there is no guarantee of the stability of this tendency. and the euro zone countries
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there are first signals of the completion of the recession in the second quarter, a small growth has been registered. on the whole, on the whole we -- there is no such good results expected. also, over the last month new risks arose. in due time, the measured monetary estimation of the quantity taiivquantitateive suf. handing out free money we all understand cannot go on indefinitely. that's why our partners they start to get out of -- start to take unstandard measures and might affect the key global risk might affect the economies of
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other countries if we know about it. we need constant monitoring of the forecasting of possible consequences, a timely taking of additional measures, preventive measures both on national and global level. but i will repeat, the main is to ensure the conditions for the recovery of the world economy through quantitative growth. estimation of economic growth and stimulation of job places have become the general under russian chair manship. a plan of action to ensure growth and create job places. i think you have all the grounds to consider this document as a reasonable balance of interests. to instill confidence of the financial markets to our plans to our attentions and also to
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stimulate the investors to turn -- to turn to the real sector of the economy, the basis of the plan are the budget, the obligations of the countries to carry out such reforms. in heart discussions there is no understanding to fund an optimal balance between the fiscal consolidation and the support of growth. it wasn't an easy work but want to thank for the results, it is obviously that long term prospect in majority of developed economies it is importantly to reduce the debt, the deficit -- budget deficit and nevertheless, just the restoration of the stability of the state financial is not enough to return to high growth. the logics and the course of the global economic crisis make us
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understand that we need comprehensive changes, reforms, it's important to underscore the fundamental strategies of growth, such logic system is fiscal plan we talk about the taxation and the regulation, job market, to modernize infrastructure, to regulate trade markets. to achieve break through results, a long way to achieve break through results, the long terminator. stabilization of the situation, the softening of the risks associated with financial markets resolving debt no doubt will contribute to the more international monetary fund. to implement this step, the g-20
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have played a key role, and today we can state a full implementation of the obligations taken by us a year ago in los cabos. the next stage should be the form directed in increase of the role of the voices of the developing countries and the countries --
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>> international organization which will strengthen its potential in regulation. substantial progress was reached in finding broaches to implement reforms, in different key areas. it is important areas i want to
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mention them. basil 3 banking regulation, second reformation of nonbudget derivatives, that measures a system important financial institutes, to conduct such complex reforms, one prior to find compromises between leading world economies. soviet national measures to strengthen financial stability should lead -- shouldn't lead to high regular la tiff risks for foreign participants of the markets. the quality of financial regulation depends on how effective measures are to combat tax evasion. this topic became one of the key issues this year.
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the conditions of the globalization of the world economy to effectively combat this unhealthy behavior of taxpayers is enough to take efforts at the level of different countries, each economy tries to create most attractive for business regime. but that doesn't mean that it should be used, that should be used for tax evasion. according to the results, the plan to take a joint plan of action concerning the tax basis and it has been created by us, and i want to thank all of our colleagues for this work. without them it wouldn't be possible to achieve such a result.
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the plan different steps directed at more transparency and improvement of world agreements in taxation. the results of recent implementation should be a considerable decrease of practice of taking the profit into offshore zones and to increase of taxation in the legislation where goods are manufactured, i suggest that we start exchanging opinions. we can discuss tendencies of world economy and how to respond to, discuss the topics of financial regulation concerning the plan of action in taxation and the reforms of the global financial architecture. coordinate and we can agree on the st. petersburg plan of action, prepared by experts.
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and at the beginning of this part, i'd like to suggest takes the floor which will give a example of the world economy. thank you very much. and of course i would like you to press the button so that i can see who of the colleagues would like to speak to express their opinion on these issues. we'll be working here within two and a half hours. if we don't -- if not everybody will be able to speak who would want to speak, then i would suggest, so that we don't go into the meeting more or less on time. >> so that was veup vladimir pun taking the opening comments,
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speaking about financial growth, the need to combat tax evasion, that's one of the maybe main themes of the summit. let's bring in barnaby phillips there who is in st. petersburg. barnaby, as we heard there it was all economics and financial markets, very little about anything else. >> well, it is the agenda of the summit and it is a financial and economic meeting. and we have to keep on repeating that in a way. yes, on the margins, an awful lot of important bilateral financial diploma diplomacy wile done. what we heard from vladimir putin just then if you like a imagine tearial overview -- imagination tearial overview of the developed countries have not
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felt certainly since the beginning of the global financial crisis in 2008. he alluded for instance to the euro zone at long last coming out of recession. growth in america and in japan, which he generously said he wished was a little bit faster, but was non nonetheless evident. he was referring to countries like indiana app and brazil, when the developed world was down on its heels, india suffering great currency falls and outpouring of capital over the last several months. so he's talking about that delicate balance if you like between fiscal consolidation in the wealthyyes wealthiest counte production of cheap money in the richest countries of the world and how that can affect the
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developing countries and how things can be done in such a way that there is a equilibrium that benefits everybody. but you're absolutely right, he's keeping very much to the script. >> indeed some very important things to talk about there but clearly syria will be on the sidelines. thank you very much, barnaby phillips live for us in st. petersburg. we had brought you a report on the central african republic but had to break into it to bring you the putin speech. what's happening there in that country our correspondent is standing by for us. so na nasmin, deteriorating heah situation and all around. tell us what you are facing
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there. >> the u.n. has said the country here is on the brink of becoming a failed state. france has also said that central african republic could potentially become another somalia. there is a breakdown of law and order in this country. what you have is a situation where rebels known as celica took over more than five months ago in a coup detat those rebels have among them criminal elements who are carrying out lootings and killings. now here in bangee in august alone more than 30 people who have been killed. many of those people were unarmed, just civilians. hundreds of people who were injured. so by night, this is really a scary place to be for many people in bangee and across the country.
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>> thank you very much. nasmeen nashiri live in the central african republic. we can get more on the g-20 summit in st. petersburg. tensions grow between barack obama and vladimir putin. things have been organized so they are kept more further apart than was originally planned. you are looking at the last time the two leaders came poag, it turned out to be an awkward encounter. for more on the current state of u.s.-russia relations i'm johnny damon by pavil, joining us live from moscow. thanks very much for coming on today. so it's clear that these tensions have been building up. i mean there's a fundamental
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issue between vladimir putin and barack obama. give us an idea of how far apart those two are. without the issue of syria. >> they apparently are not -- don't get on very well personally together, like george w. bush and vladimir putin which in a good personal chemistry. and there is of course a lot of issues on top of syria and on top of snowden just emerged from nowhere during the summer, there are basic disagreements on arms control on missile defense, on human rights, on russian domination of the pro-soviet space. name it. very little right now field of consense between moscow and
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washington and lots and lots of differences which have now resulted in the -- basically them not speaking much. a summit in moscow between putin and obama in the beginning of september was called off by washington. they are in st. petersburg at the g-20, they won't have a one-on-one encounter and russian diplomats are claiming that the americans are not returning calls. so we are right now in quite a situation. there is an enormous amount of very important and very burning issues and moscow and washington are not talk very much even to each other. even less agreeing on anything much. >> and it's interesting because our correspondent brought up a point earlier in the show when he was saying it seems countries over the syria issue are taking sides, taking sides with u.s. or taking sides with russia.
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there is a reminder of the days of the cold war. what do you make of that? >> well, some, yes. though of course in the cold war it was a more organized kind of block system dividing the world. and now it's very dipt. it's -- different. sometimes france sided with russia and sometimes like right now on syria france is siding with washington, while britain is taking a step back. so it is more volatile world. and that's not maybe that good because volatility brings conflict. and sometimes, unpredictable conflict. and if the leaders are there, then st. petersburg won't be able to achieve any progress, say, on syria. while achieving some progress on tax evasion. that's not good at all. because the world economy depends not only on fighting
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offshore tax havens, but also on keeping the overall political situation stable. because without stability, you won't have sustained growth. and that will mean that the economic slump may continue or go into a prolonged depression. >> pavel is a russian financial and defense analyst. thank you. voters in the malldives are going to the polls to elect a new leader. violent protests faced the president out of office. so visitors go there they see an island paradise. often they do not see what is happening on the ground there. they are whisked off and taken to their locations.
9:44 am
there are serious issues in the malldives. >> major economic and social issues that they hope that the next leader will deal with and perhaps prompt a period of stability politically that will really help key industry to grow. you're absolutely right. the tourists many of them do not see the real malldives as has been described to us. >> came to purr after years of gayume, he was seen as a human rights advocator. but now people are calling for something different and it's more focusing on the economy. what kind of a leader do they want? >> that's right. they are hoping for a leader that will perhaps take the malldives into the future.
9:45 am
while the malldives is a small country it packs a big punch. it is a key route in the indian ocean. also for countries like india and china it is a key area, both countries trying to extend their relationships with the country. so the leader that comes in next from what we're hearing really needs to be able to push the malldives beyond this and also to raise the confidence of its people that they can actually be contributors in the region and the world and not just a pretty island for tourists to visit. >> this political instability has been you know shadowing over malldives for a long time, i would say a couple of years now. how likely is it that they will get some stability in the short term? >> right. so you've got look at where the election process stands here. on saturday the people of
9:46 am
maldives will go into the first round of presidential election. the idea being that one candidate should walk away with the majority of the vote. if in fact that doesn't happen, people return to the polls later in the month for a second round of voting. perhaps the people as well as the candidates would like one clear winner on the weekend to end the preliminary uncertainty. but to basically walk into a new chapter of politics and change for country. >> steph nir on malay the maldive capital. gearing up for election, thank you. hundreds injured, eight of them seriously after cars crashed in the british area of kent. visibility was poor on the approaches to a bridge connecting the island of shepey to the mainland. many people needed to be rescued from their vehicles.
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in sports, the world's best footballer, has fallen foul of the tax man.
9:48 am
>> so you might not associate skateboarding parks with the christian faith. but these skate ministries are popping up across north america and other countries across the globe. andre gallagher has this report on why this phenomenon is picking up speed.
9:49 am
>> they come to practice their flips and slides. and for skateboarders across the globe indoor parks like this inone in fort lauderdale are the perfect environment. safe space to give skaters those all important skills. this is more than a place where you practice your latest move on the ramp or the halfpipe. it is for many people a place of worship. >> we're skaters and we love you. >> more specifically a skate ministry, part of north america's largest evangelical churches. >> there are bible studies every tuesday. we've been doing it for wow, 13 years now. it's not -- we don't make them come. they can come, or they can
9:50 am
leave, you know, it's all good. >> the 13-year-old marcus montoya is a church regular and one of ramp 38's most talented skateboarders, his religious studies help him skate better. >> you skate for a little bit and read the bible and talk about jesus and god and come back and skate and you have a good set of mind and you skate hard. >> but for parents like kate dunn, a skate ministry wasn't an easy sell. she was initially wary about bringing her son here but this experience was transformative. >> he would have told you two months ago that he was atheist. but yet, he said i read the entire book of mark and mom, they found the ark.
9:51 am
>> ann crew gallagher, al jazeera fort lauderdale, florida. >> the head of palestinian football has threatened to ask the fifa to suspend, two days ago fifa broke its peace talks between israel and palestine. the palestinian football chief says if these steps don't work he's prepared to ask the organization to suspend israel. >> we are still holding on to our position to resort to fifa, going to the fifa congress next year and demand to hold israel
9:52 am
accountable. including the option of suspending israel's membership. tainted officials from office, the suspension dates back to december when the indian olympic board named lalard barnard as its secretary general. the commonwealth is urging to find other avenues for its athletes to compete. >> we are going to request and have also requested in the past that they should think of an alternative method in which the sports persons of the country can contest under the indianaian flag. >> there's plenty more on our website, check out rafael nadal has made it into
9:53 am
the semi final of the u.s. open. beat australian tommy rabrado. he closed out the match 6-0, 6-2, 6-2, nadal admits it was his best performance of the tournament so far. >> in general it was my best match of the tournament, so that is to be in the finals and my match of the tournament. just happy to be in the semi finals, very important result for me. it's a fantastic one. so just enjoy it today. >> he'll now play geskay, won the first two sets before his opponent came back winning the next two but the frenchman held firm and 3 sets of 2 to reach
9:54 am
his first u.s. open semi. quarter finals later on thursday while in the women's tournament second seed victoria azarenko with serena williams. the azerbaijan has become the only woman under the age of 30 to make the final 4. she was the rubber-up to serena last year. the unseeded italian flavia panessa, winning in straight sets 6-4, 6-1 to reach her first grand slam semi time. qualifying for next year's world cup in brazil continues later this week. there's plenty at stake for many of the teams as the campaign approaches its climax but for the u.s.a. that means an
9:55 am
uncomfortable stay in costa ri rica. chants of no fair play were directed at the players after they arrived in san jose. the u.s.a. won 1-nil during a huge snow storm in denver. the costa ricans felt the match should have been abandoned. after he and his father were accused of filing false tax returns, the figure of $6.6 million is described as a corrective payment. the argentinan was accused of filing incomplete returns for the years 2006 to 2009. messey denies any wrongdoing. the new nfl season kicks off later on thursday when the super
9:56 am
bowl champions, the baltimore ravens, visit the denver broncos. the two will be vying for this, the vince lombardi trophy if they reach the under. new england patriots in 2005 they have lost several key players including star linebackerrer ray louis. >> this is a new season for us, we're playing the opening game, if people need that for an incentive that's fine but i think that's the time we're playing. >> the new york yankees have swept the chicago white sox. the yankees piled on four runs. brett gardner's triple helped them score, the yankees and red
9:57 am
sox, lose 6:-5, keeps the yankees in third place in the american league east. the cleveland have won their first season series against baltimore orioles, since 2006. 6-4 win, that leaves them three and a half games off the wild card race in the american league. on to contradict. afghanistan have bold out, 32-run lead, the home side could only add 46 runs to finish on 327, edgemal finishing with six wickets. that's the sports for now, divian. >> stay with us, there's plenty more on news ahead. it's been good to have you here.
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>> i'm richelle carey. here are the latest headlines from al jazeera. the g-20 is underway in st. petersburg, russia. meeting has been watched closely to gauge the state of u.s. russia relations. on the agenda of the two day meeting is the global economy but much of the summit is expected to be centered around the possible strike at syria. meanwhile in the u.s. the senate intelligence committee is holding a closed door meeting, several scheduled in washington. also walmart employees are planning a strike they're set to protest in 15 cities across the country. the workers want walmart to increase wages


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