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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 6, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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facebook and twitter. have a great weekend. >> good evening everyone and welcome to al jazeera, i'm john siegenthaler in new york and here are the top stories. president obama returns from the g-20 summit but he fails to pick up much support for an attack on syria. both sides in syria's civil war plan a strategy as the threat of an air strike grows. and less than half an hour are from now nasa is scheduled to return to the moon. we'll show you the lamp as it happens. -- launch as it happens. we begin tonight with the latest on the crisis in syria.
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there are new security concerns and protests at the u.s. embassy in lebanon. staff members are ordered to lead. the g-20 ends up,ing president obama returns home to face an uncertain future and a wary congress. randall pinkston joins us. randall. syria use of chemical weapons, 11 of the g-20 member states said that they condemned and also demand he a strong international response but did not specify military action. now that he's back at home the president rejoins efforts to persuade the american public and congress. >> i now ask unanimous consent that a letter of notification relating to section 2 congress 22 be printed in the record.
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>> senate majority leader harry reed took a step putting the resolution on the senate calendar. the resolution including amendments could be up for a vote in the senate as early as next week but the outcome is uncertain. even president obama admits it will be a hard sell. but before leaving the g-20 summit in russia he pressed his case again. >> failing orespond to this breach of -- failing to respond to this breach of international law, they can develop and use weapons of mass destruction and not pay a consequence. >> throughout the country many americans are telling their lawmakers to stay out of syria or if there is a strike, to make sure american forces don't go in. senator john mccain a long time advocate of the use of force made a dramatic vow to his constituents at a town hall meeting in prescott arizona. >> i promise you that if we put
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an american boot on the ground i will do whatever i can to stop it including lying down in front of the -- on pennsylvania avenue i mean that. >> and while the senate moves close to a vote the house foreign affairs committee hasn't yet approved a vote, a week is ending with growing option among the rank and fierl sometimes with political overtones. >> the president has painthimself in a corner on this. his credibility is at stake. i want to make a decision on the basis of what's best for the the country and that's what has to be debated. >> and republican congressman michael grim said, my initial reaction was to stand by the commander in chief. unfortunately the moment to show our strength has passed. the president has weakened his position as our leader and deteriorated our credibility on the world stage. meanwhile administration officials continue to insist
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that a majority of both houses will eventually support the president's decision to tail military action against syria. even while the president was abroad he continued to try to get support here at home, working the phones to members of congress and tonight as he was flying back to the states he was on the phone again. his team members have also been working hard, vice president biden chairing are meetings with members of congress. on sunday the vice president will invite members of congress to his residence to continue discussions on aring military beings strike against syria. >> randall what will we hear? >> what he thinks is important to the use of chemical webs by syria, something that has been condemned for all of the nation he of the world for most of the
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past century and all of this century. response from liberals and conservatives from republicans to democrats to amake the case not only to the congress but to the american people, one of the allies leaning against supporting with military force says it is up to president obama to convince the people that this is the thing to do. >> randall thank you. the syrian question overshadowed the g-20 summit in russia, at the end of it no clear answer and no solid majority. barnaby phillips reports. >> they always manage to smile for the family photo. there was even a wave. but this was the summit of low expectations. at least as far as syria is concerned. and so it turned out with russia and the united states possibly further apart when it all ended than there'd been when it began.
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the russian president says mostly were opposed to action against syria without the back of the u.n. security council. although he has less support for his insistence that syria did not use chemical weapons on august the 21st. >> the so-called use of chemical weapons is a provocation on the part of the rebels who are hoping to get further assistance from countries who are supporting them from the beginning. i want to remind you that the use of force against the sovereign state is only done by the defense not an attack. >> the president looked tired but his words were passionate. >> over 1400 people were gassed. over 400 of them were children. this is not something we've fabricated. this is not something that we
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are looking, are using as an excuse for military action. as i said last night i was elected to end wars, not start them. >> after st. petersburg president obama will carry on trying to win international support for the idea of an attack on syria. he now knows how difficult that will be and increasingly he appears distracted by the dmsk challenge of winning that crucial vote in congress. that could go a long way torts defining his presidency. the american leader did have friends here, although even the french president who supports military action against syria seems in no rush. france should not accept that this chemical massacre should remain unpunished. therefore, we will now await the decision of congress, the u.s. senate, the house of representatives, and the report from the u.n. inspectors, and
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taking these into consideration i will then once again have to make decisions. >> inintense discussions late into the night. furious lobbying. there was lots of this at the g-20 and there were agreements on many pressing economic matters but syria hung over everything and the abiding memory will be how leaders failed oreach agreement on perhaps the most pressing issue of our time. barnaby phillips al jazeera st. petersburg. now syria's deputy foreign minister had a warning tonight about president obama's call for military action. he was talking to the syrian state television. >> this war that is going ostart against syria is a dangerous war and threatens the peace and security of the world. it might reflect negatively on syria and the nation of the world. that's why he threw this hot bowl to the congress. we hope the congress to do its
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duties related to the civil security and peace. in fact that syria didn't threaten peace and security in the world. some are eager to see the united states intervene but as al jazeera's zena kota reports from bay ruth in lebanon others are suspicious of president obama's intentions. >> this is where the fight for the syrian capital has been happening for months, the rebel held suburbs. the objective of the campaign government forces want to prevent rebels from entering damascus. armed opposition forces loped that u.s. led strikes would weaken syria's defenses and allow them to enter the capital. >> the international community knows the regime is weak and military action will give the rebels the chance to enter damascus and take over strategic
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locations, that's why they are delayed the strike and prepared the army to absorb the hit. ♪ >> the armed opposition is not a unified force. many are suspicious of washington's intense he. doesn't want groups marked to al qaeda to prevail. >> the administration does not want to bring down the assad regime now. the administration is in such a disarray that those islamic radicals will end up in power in damascus. >> some yrnz wha yrngz syrians y say was a human shield. they say military assets and loyalist forces have been moved to residential areas.
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the effectiveness of taking out military targets especially since the army has been changing its tactics. >> for a long time they have been adapting to the resistance doctrine so the united states if you want to bomb a fixed facility they can bomb it because it will not be a major impact on them. >> the syrian army is not fighting a conventional war. commanders are increasingly relying on paramilitary groups known as the national defense forces and they could play a greater role if army positions are targeted. what they want is military action to topple it. the obama administration has been seeking congressional approval for what it says will be limited action. limited or not, for now, what is clear is that washington won'ting using combat troops on the ground. the u.s. has said it doesn't want to get involved in syria's
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civil war. taking out military targets may however rebalance the military situation in the opposition's favor which in turn could lead to a political solution. al jazeera beirut. earlier i spoke to al jazeera's political contributor as he plans to face the nation about syria. >> the pressure has been lifted, he's made his decision, he's come to the people and the congress as their representatives and says this is what i want to do. he went into this as saying, i am going to congress, i think i'm doing right thing, i think they'll back me, that's not happening. he has to way to either spin this if it doesn't go the way he wants it to in a way it says to the international community this is how the democracy works, this is the frults of your arab spring.
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you see exactly what happens. we're not going to go to syria i went to my congress and they say they're not going to do it. the problem is getting these congressmen and representatives and senators to say listen you know we need to do this, we need to do this as america, we need to do this from a moral standpoint and that's really tough for the president right now. i think when he came out and said i'm going ogo to congress now, i'm going odo this with the authority that congress grants me i think he had a confidence and oswagger that he lost somewhere on that flight from america to sweden and then on to st. petersburg because you don't see that in the president's demeanor anymore. it's not a malaise speech anymore, it erases the sort of defeated man that we've seen over the past few days in europe. >> that's michael sheen reporting. the president is expected to address thing nation on tuesday.
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al jazeera will have special coverage of that speech. >> there is a finite amount of water on earth. meaning that you can't add any more water than there already is, across the entire globe. it's going to be either in water vapor form or actual liquid form or in a frozen solid form like ice. now look at the satellite and radar here is a low pressure system and the amount of racial that came -- rainfall was anywhere from 3 to 8 inches in southwest washington. where did that come from? we've been tracking that dorm and we look all the way across the pacific add typhoons, that hit china just in the last month. these had a lot of moisture with them. they garnered out of the ocean current. i want you to watch the track of this particular typhoon that
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started to fall pawrt bu apart t tracked its way toward british columbia and we also had some moisture coming up from the southwest. all that combined last brought some heavy rain to us and a lot of flash floods. i'll show you where they're hitting coming up next. >> rebecca thanks very much. voters in colorado head to the polls next week but this election isn't about electing anyone.
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interthe new unemployment
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figures are not what the obama administration had hoped for. even though the economy added 169,000 workers in august that was worse than expected. it puts the unemployment rate at 7 much 3. millions of americans have been out of work for months if not years. >> when 34-year-old alex from brooklyn earned his master's in technologies design from nyu he never thought two years later his full time occupation would be looking for a full time job. >> when people already have experience it's still stressful day-to-day, feeling like every day my 9 to 5 is looking for a job which is really stressful and doesn't really ends. >> alex, which doesn't want to use his full name on tv, has gone through 20 interviews several networking events and a prestigious internship.
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he has vee crie revamped his wok history. >> getting your narrative from your recess play, if you haven't worked in a while, is a stigma. managers want to hire people who have been employed now not that have been employed for a long time. it's another way to be discriminated against. >> 4.3 million maishes ar maishes--americans are in alex's position, so-called long term employed, looking for work unsuccessfully for six months or so. still stormily high and that could spell trouble for the american economy. >> if you have been out of work for six months or more, a lot of people stop looking, that does reduce the number of people willing and available for work and that will certainly in the
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long run slow down the growth of the economy. >> we may be four years into the recovery but a lot of job seekers who are in it for the long haul are starting to lose hope. the share of working age americans who have a job or are looking for one hasn't been this low since 9378. >> the yes is adding jobs but not nearly fast enough. and the quality is lacking too. 8 million workers would rather have full time position he and for alex he's not giving up on that dream jobs and wants employers to know that he and millions like him still have something valuable to give. >> there's a wealth of talent and french ideas in the community of people who haven't worked for a while. >> patricia sabga, al jazeera new york. >> compared to the rest of the country, seattle is doing much better. the unemployment rate has fallen to 4.8%.
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al jazeera tanya moseley. >>, employees can pour their own beer, and take unlimited vacations. >> it's the quality of the benefits themselves, instead of just having a typical cafeteria, it's the higher-end cafeteria. >> joe mart of washington workforce say employees are drawn to companies that allow them to balance work and life. this free yoga class is an example of a perk making a big difference. >> the yoga is definitely a perk at julep. it's a thrill to get a workout during the day. >> this year as we've grown so rapidly i've wanted to be grateful and show appreciation
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to the employees who are here and also, to be able to do more as we're able to do more. >> julep also offers organic snacks and fresh produce from amazon. these perks are a smart investment. happy workers can be 90% more productive and the cost of replacing the highly skilled employees is steep. >> it's typically 150 to 200% of salary to replace somebody that's in a professional occupation. >> most of the companies offering these perks are in health care and technology such as here at a good computerrer programmer could have up to a dozen positions to choose from. >> there are hot spots. data happens to be one of them. e-commerce and mobile commerce happens to be a couple of others. >> the jobless rate has gone down substantially in the last year, from 7.2% in 2012 to 4.8
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this time. at julep they are trying to keep their employees happy. >> its like hand to hand combat and you have to go to their house and play video games. >> park says she's not good at video games but her employees will getting better benefits before the year is out. tanya moseley, al jazeera seattle. >> ross shimabuku is here with sports headlines, we're talking basketball and the new york knicks. >> the knicks cannot get a break, following week, the league suspended him for five games for violating the league's substance abuse policy and j.r.
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will lose $250,000. vick yah azerenka, taking care of business, in her semi final match. sunday's final she will meet defending champion, serena williams. looking for pay back. beings azerenka beat her before. >> we'll look for more later on. under fire for voting for tougher gun control laws. the races have drawn political fire power from all over the country. al jazeera's tamera banks reports. >> it's 10:00 a.m. and state senator john morse is going door to door in his colorado district. >> i'm state senator john morse. >> nors is fighting for his job in an unprecedented election.
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>> whatever hoops they want you to jump through. >> morse is one of two state senators in the cross hairs of gun rights groups for passing some of the toughest laws in the nation. among them universal background checks and limits on the size of magazine clips. >> what's happened here is we have extremists who are throwing an extreme temper tantrum. >> morse, led lawmakers in taking a tough position on gun laws. motivated to do something after the aurora movie theater shooting and the sean sandy look massacre. >> across the country those people pay a price all day every day. >> it's well afternoon now and morse hasn't stopped for lunch. he's pounding the pavement in a district that's typically red. >> i was the first democrat elected to the senate from el
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paso county. >> this time some voters are so angry they are ready to kick him out of office, even though he's term limited and can't run again until 2014. >> i think we should have a say as to whether he continues to work or not. >> there aren't that many votes that a legislator takes that can be really career enders. >> seth says recalls may become a strategy for some gun right supporters. >> if you are considering voting for gun control you could be attacked for it and you need to be careful. >> i'm john morse, i'm the one they're recalling. >> but morse is adamant. >> i have been an era member since i was about 15, we love our guns and we love our rights. >> morse refuses to be bullied. >> i worried about being as good
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a leader as i could be and not focused at all on being a good politician. that will get you into a recall and i'm okay with that. >> the best way to hang on to his political career he believes is to beat the streets until tuesday's recall election. tamera banks, al jazeera colorado springs colorado. you're looking at live pictures from wallace island, virginia of nasa's impending return to the moon. dust and environment explorer. clear skies, 50°, engineers call this rocket laddie. the spacecraft will study the moon's thin atmosphere. first test of laser communication he between earth and a spacecraft. let's listen for a second.
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a beautiful sight. like 4th of july. it will be up there for six months. and laddie will as we said be testing laser communications between earth and the spacecraft. big night for nasa. we'll be right back after this.
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>> welcome back to al jazeera i'm john siegenthaler. here is a look at the headlines. president obama has returned to the united states following the g-20 summit in st. petersburg, russia. he continued his push for global support to take military action in syria. he's expected to address the nation tuesday night. meanwhile, the state department is acting to secure, military out of lebanon, the state department is warning u.s. citizens against traveling there. more on that story. >> the travel warnings were made public in the early hours of
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friday when many embassies and consulates in the middle east are closed. now some americans are packing their bags on their bosses' orders. at the embassy in beirut all nonessential are personnel and their family have been ordered to leave turkey. all staff at the embassy in baghdad have to clear their movement with diplomatic security first, an impediment to their jobs. even after february's attack on the u.s. embassy in ankara all embassies are open. that is not the case in damascus where the u.s. embassy has been closed for 18 months because of security concerns. but the prospect of a u.s. led military strike on syria looming the message from washington is that it is simply taking precaution he. >> i would caution you from inferring anything i guess, what
11:32 pm
i would say is i'm not going ocomment on this alleged piece of intelligence and we will make our decisions on a day-to-day basis. >> the secretary of state published this editorial on friday. in kosovo without a single american combat casualty countries of conscience acted and the world is a better place because we did. it was the right thing to do then and it is the right thing to do now. the draw-down of some diplomatic personnel doesn't mean an attack is imminent or likely, what it does mean, the u.s. tries to figure out whether it will attack syria. rosalyn jordan, al jazeera the state department. >> with the new warnings in bay route, al jazeera's robert ray talked to some of the demonstrators. >> here in beirut in front of one of the entrances to the you
11:33 pm
know, embassy you can see here a lebanese soldier creating a barricade. the state department earlier today said all nonemergency officials and officials need to exit the country of lebanon. the tourists should not come in. today there's a protest here, actually cleaning this up now, and the protest was done by pro-assad group here. they wanted to tell america that they did not want a strike on syria. >> can't believe how you proud about freedom and you support the the people killing kids they destroyed two years ago church, not mosque only, church how i don't understand --
11:34 pm
>> obama, you obama you idiot, leave your life on syria, not against them. >> as you can see red paint on cardboard. many of the protest erst put that on saying the u.s. would have blood on their hands. the message was, do not do it. they do not want outside forces doing anything to interfere with the situation. most of the people here said they wanted the u.s. to talk with russia to talk with the u.n. and some even said sit down with bashar al-assad and figure this out. the message here from lebanon and from the gate of the u.s. embassy here as lebanese soldiers continued to clean up after the protest is no one seems to want a u.s. strike. >> robert ray reporting. after two days at the g-20 summit at st. petersburg russia
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president obama and his counterpart president putin did not find any area ever agreement. >> that they can develop and use weapons of mass destruction and not pay a consequence. >> legality me remind you that the use of force against the sovereign state is possible only if done in self defense. an as we all know syria is not attacking the united states. >> the debate over intervention is getting a lot of time and attention at the united nations. al jazeera's james bays has the latest from the u.n. >> it was left to the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. of all people that to make it clear that on the subject of possible action on syria the you know, now believes that the u.n. is irrelevant not only that but the diplomatic track is closed.
11:36 pm
samantha power says, if they get the vote military is the only action. >> short of military force to try to dissuade assad from using chemical weapons. we have, at our request the u.k. thing, assad began using chex weapons on a small scale multiple times as the united states concluded in june. >> very different views of course coming from senior u.n. officials the u.n. and arab league envoy on sear ya lakda brahimi went to lobby world leaders to stress that his only solution is a political solution. he was asked about the international legality of u.s. military action. >> i think secretary general or myself would not express personal opinion. we say what international law
11:37 pm
says. and international law says that no country is allowed to take the law into their hands. they have to go through the security council. >> here at the u.n. nearly everyone you speak to is talking about syria but no formal meetings have been scheduled. everyone is looking towards washington and waiting. >> james baits at the un tonight. rallies across that country during the day most were peaceful bust some players saw fighting and sel self people wee killed. our correspondent who we are not naming for safety reasons has more from inside egypt. >> once again thousands of people took to the streets in egypt, protesting against the coup that got rid of president mohamed morsi. >> i hate the killing and the
11:38 pm
injustice we suffer from. it's a military coup. i hate the military. it's been 60 years, we're going to get rid of them. >> i'm protesting because assisi killed our brothers. >> i'm coming to protest against our elected,. >> many of the marchers want mohamed morsi back, others are demanding a legitimate political process. the biggest demonstrations are usually on friday but the numbers are thinning out. the muslim brotherhood is under pressure with its top leaders either in jail or on the run. still around a thousand people gathered in the district in giza and on the other side of cairo a few thousand people rallied in nasr city, creating a sit in by the anti-coup alliance last
11:39 pm
month. self styled anticoup protesters, separate sides threw rocks at each others. protests in the nile delta. investigation he are continuing on thursday's assassination attempt on the interior minister. a car bomb, in a car stolen six months ago. protests continued well fast the curfew. every week people keep marching. it seems that the break down often the muslim brotherhood and other groups can keep the protestors off the street. al jazeera cairo. ahead on al jazeera the cheating scandal that's approximating the boat at america's cup.
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and serena williams is in the final of the u.s. open. ross shimabuku has more coming up.
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>> ross shimabuku is here with sports and talking about serena williams, how many can she win? >> four looking for five. she served it up in her singles match and right after that she teamed up in her sister venus for a doubles match. at 31 years young she's playing the best tennis of here career. taking on li non.
11:43 pm
winning 6-0, she continued to roll it on and go on and win it in straight sets, dancing to the finals where she will meet the number 2 seed, victoria azarenka looking for pay off on sunday. >> it was tough at the end i got a little nervous but i was able to close it out finally. we always have really good matches and i look forward to it. it's great to just get to another final. she's a great player and she lifts her game when it really counts so i think that's what makes a difference. to play out here and to hear constantlily, g.o. serena it is really a pleasure. [cheering and applause] >> no, i really mean it. it's really cool. i hear young voices and older voices and it really makes me feel so special so thank you very much. >> unfortunately, serena lost
11:44 pm
her doubles match with sister venus. are you ready for week 2 in college football, johnny manzel, gets to play, and clemens takes on number 6 sout --ing clemson s on number six. georgia losing to clemson is not the way to start your national championship season. this is a team that can compete for the national championship if they can right the ship and win this championship. they are still in the contention for the sec title. >> any chance that sam houston can upset texas a&m,. >> i don't know if it was possible for sam houston state to beam texas a&m but last week
11:45 pm
texas state had six upsets, we could conceivably see it again, sam houston state is two time national champion in the fcs, there is definitely a shot but i think a&m is going to be wary of sam houston state and they're going otake this game a little more seriously than they would when playing an scs opponent. notenotre dame and sc? >> while they did take some time off i think that notre dame needs this game. we're going to a playoff next year so you need to stock your schedule with as many like tough teams as you possibly can and getting rid of a michigan doesn't bode very well for notre dame to get their way into a four team playoff.
11:46 pm
it is going to be very playoff. >> pac 12, what are the chances that a team from that conference could make it to the championships? >> we saw oregon leapfrog, they beat nichols state. but what we saw from okay we have always seen from oregon that high powered offense. what i'm looking is to see stanford play, matches up with the sec, two good lines on both sides of the ball, good quarterback, good running back, the most complete team in the pac 12. once we see them play the pac 12 is going to assert itself as a formidable challenger. >> some big time performances coming out of week 1, do you have an early pick for heisman
11:47 pm
trophy? >> i'm going with the stand by teddy bridgewater the quarterback at louisville. i think he's the quarterback to beat because he's a veteran, he exudes heisman to me. wilson is the flashier or more popular pick but in the end bridgeman is the guy to watch. >> keep an eye on johnny manzel as well. earned had said nonguilty six times for six charges including first degree murder. the 23-year-old hernandez continues to be held without bail but his attorneys reserve the right to request bail at the next hearing. hernandez has also been connected in a 2012 double homicide case.
11:48 pm
also 2000 world cup qualifier u.s.a. trailing. >> the race for sailing's biggest prize begins this weekend in san francisco with the reigning champion starting behind. three members of the u.s. cup race were thrown out for cheating. roxann sebiri reports. >> oracle team u.s.a. suffers a severe handicap. the heaviest penalty in the 162 year history of the america's cup. >> no two ways about it. not the ideal is way to prepare. but we're here to race. >> the jury said certain oracle team members added illegal weights to their 45 foot yachts.
11:49 pm
boats similar to these. some boaters believe strategically placed weights could make their boats faster. the jury expelled three team members and handicapped the team as a whole. >> it's lard to judge on actions of a few team members. >> the challenger 'em rit team new zealand only has nine. tampished by a fatal training accident in may and the $10 million cost of the large ac-72 boats required for the finals has scared off some potential participants. roxanna saberi al jazeera. >> joining us is gary jobson,
11:50 pm
america's cup champion and joins us from san francisco. welcome gary, good to see you. >> well, it's nice to see you and congratulations to al jazeera for putting this all together. i applaud you with your network here in the united states. >> we appreciate it. thanks very much gary. so how big a deal is this cheating scam? >> it's a big deal, unprecedented in the america's exup we haven't seen this. they looked at all the evidence and i think they made the appropriate decision and personalities for oracle team u.s.a. having said that as the report showed both jimmy spittle and jim barker are ready to go. i'm excited. nobody knows who's going to win. the teams are good, the boats are fast and it's going to be compelling from this point forward. >> how buying step back is this for team oracle?
11:51 pm
>> it's a serious setback. think about it, they're already two races down, they have got to win two races to even the score. even more important is losing one of the crew wing trimmer. these boats are powered by a wing sail that is 130 feet high and having the person that practiced over a year on how to trim that sail suddenly off the boats would be like taking tom brady off the field in a neeng w england patriots game. >> do you think it's fair? >> i do think it's fair. the penalties were in the america's cup world series. oracle u.s.a. won three of the four events. it was found by the international measurers that there were anomalies. these boats were strictly one design if you had to make a change for safety or something broke you went to the international measurers to make
11:52 pm
the change. the juries found that there were all kinds of little changes, weights being added little pieces being changed that made a difference in the speed so anyway the team itself to its credit got rid of the victory saying we're withdrawing and there were further penalties that i think were appropriate. >> i know you love the sport, you're in san francisco very excited, could you tell us what it's like there tonight? >> well, first of all there's a lot of excitement around town. you can't get a taxi cab, all the hotels are booked up. it's exciting. the america's cup is here for the first time, the fastest boats that we have ever seen. catamarans that can go 50 miles an hour on the bay. there are going to be several hundred thousand people. my job is to cover this for
11:53 pm
television. these competitors have no idea which boat is faster. they're very determined. there is a lot on the line, larry ellison the business mogul, does he keep it in his up to, or does this new zealand take this to the sport, take this to auckland the city of sails. i don't know if it's david or goliath, it's a great race. >> what's it like to be on the remarkable boat as you have better than on one? >> i'm lucky i have sailed on the oracle boat and it's remarkable. these boats can foil, there's winglets on the bottom of the boats and they accelerate between 40 and 50 miles per hour. the boats are stable, they're remarkably fast and to see two
11:54 pm
of them racing down san francisco bay neck and neck is going to be quite a special sight. so being on board is special. >> gary johnson standing on the dock of the bay, out in san francisco thanks for staying up, gary. some of the world's best graffiti artists are using an area of miami as an open campus. they are turning a run down neighborhood into an outdoor gallery. andy gallagher last the story. in urban landscapes across the world, graffiti is seen as blight, in many ways it's a imol of decline. but then along came the wind wood district, a blank canvas for the world's best graffiti artists. this area was little more than an industrial waste land just a few years ago. now it's being touted as the world's biggest open air gallery
11:55 pm
in the world. wails of buildings and businesses this is one of the largest collections of graffiti in the world. and artist brandon upalka says one factor makes it unique. >> i like the art being out on the streets and not in homes or galleries. it's for every day better than to see creative expression and have your work available to the community 24 hours a day. >> but there's something else that makes windwood difference and that's the driving force behind the project. from its inception it was the business community that made all this happen. for activate kaan ackerbie, there is uncertainty about the future. louis b arvelingsie is worried that the area may become a
11:56 pm
victim of its own success. >> the developers are seeing money signs and they are raising rents at ridiculous prices, it's a shame. they want to make you feel they are the ones that make this happen bibut it's a farce. >> as the area has gun to -- ben to prosper and grow, alan gallagher pldges miami, florida. >> rebecca stevenson is up next. america tonight with joie chen, i'll see you back here rat 8:00 eastern time on monday night.
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11:58 pm
>> welcome back, i'm meteorologist rebecca stevenson. we are tracking where the moisture is coming in the united states and it's interesting because we have a steady stream of moisture coming in along the southern half of the united states through mexico in the form of tropical depression number 8, swirling around and takes a turn and starts to head back to the east. what that's done for us is createa series of showers and
11:59 pm
thunderstorms, localized flooding and turns up into the southwest. even yuma, there was dust storms lowering visible to a quarter of a mile. thunderstorms up in montana we'll look at that in a moment. i first wanted to show that you we're going to continue with the showers and thunderstorms, working their way through the east to the west, not a typical direction that we always get our weather but when we start seeing tropical storms many times they do take a turn into texas and that's what's happening here hitting the southern end for the weekend and going up into the southwest, that's where we have got the severe thunderstorms, watching them this weekend into the dakotas and parts of montana. we'll continue to track that. in the meantime watch for a chance in the midwest.
12:00 am
welcome to al jazeera i'm john siegenthaler and here are knit's top stories. president obama has returned to the united states following the g-20 summit in st. petersburg, russia. he continued his push for global support to take military action in syria. he's expected to address the nation tuesday night. lebanon turkey and egypt diplomats have been ordered to leave as the u.s. considers action in yrgs. not essential staffers have been asked to leave beirut. the jobs report is in and the u.s. added


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