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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 7, 2013 8:00am-8:31am EDT

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>>. good morning. this is al jazeera america. these are the stories we are following this morning, failing to gain international support for strikes on syria and facing an uphill battle to get a green light from congress president obama is taking his case to the american people with a prime time address. aft ariel castro comes back from the grave. new police videos that show the mind after madman. >> zero ignition. liftoff. >> heading for a mission to the moon to study the lunar atmosphere. sticking to his guns, the
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colorado lawmaker takes a stand that could cost him his political career. president obama hits the ground running after failing to get world leaders on board at the g20 summit. mr. obama will try to convince congress to authorize a military intervention in syria. he will make his case to the american people in a prime time speech on tuesday. the white house is still trying to get its allies to support a strike against the assad regime. john kerry is in a meeting in lithunia and then to paris. lawmakers in washington may have just a harder time, as the president had overseas. more and more members of congress are raising doubts but on friday, it officially became their issue. >> i now ask unanimous con st.
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louis 70 a notification be printed in the record. >> the awesration measure is expected to be voted on next week. the president, himself, says it may not have enough support and could be voted down. >> while the politicians continue discussing what to do, the war rages on syria. the u.n. estimates more than 100,000 people have been killed in the conflict with two million more forced to flee their home. now, the syria question overshadowed the g20 summit in russia. it was the main topic of discussion but in the end, the world leaders continue agree on a conclusion. barnaby phillips has that part of the story >> reporter: they always manage to smile for the family photo. there was even a wave but this was the summit of low expectations, at least as far as syria is concerned.
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and so it turned out, with russia and the united states possibly further apart when it all ended, then they had been when it began. the russian president says most leaders here were opposed to action against syria without the backing of the u.n. security council. although he seems to have less support for his insistence that the syrian government did not use chemical weapons on august the 21st. >> just. >> the so-called use of chemical weapons is a provocation on the part of the rebels who are hoping to get further assistance from countries supporting them from the beginning. i want to remind you that the use of force against so far ran states is done for self defense. it is an illegal act. >> president obama spoke soon afterwards. he looked tired but his words were passionate. >> over 1,400 people were gassed. over 400 of them were children.
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this is not something we have fabricated. this is not something that we are looking or using as an excuse for military action. as i said last night, i was elected to end wars, not start them >> reporter: after saint petersburg, president obama will carry on trying to win international support for the idea of an attack on syria. he now knows how difficult that will be and increasingly, he appears distracted by the domestic challenge of winning that crucial vote in congress that could go a long way towards defining his presidency. the american leader did have friends here, although even the french president who supports military action against syria seems in no rush. >> france should not accept that this chemical massacre should
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remain unpunished. therefore, we will now await the decision of congress, the u.s. senate, the house of representatives and the report from the un-i can't expectors and taking these into consideration, i will then once again have to make decisions. >> intense discussions late into the night, furious lobbying. there is lots of this at the g20, and there were agreements on many pressing economic matters. but syria hung over everything. the abiding memory will be of how leaders failed to reach agreement on perhaps the most pressing issue of our time. barnaby phillips, saint petersburg. >> secretary john kerry has been meeting with european foreign ministers. they want to wait for the u.n. chemical inspectors' report before making any decision to support the white house. we will go to phil littner for more on that. understanding that, they say, phil, they want to wait for the u.n. report.
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what kind of progress has kerry been able to make in lithuania? junior richele, within the last hour or so we have seen something we haven't seen before, consensus. apparently the people union foreign policy baronnes katherine ashton said the eu 28-member body agrees it looks like it was assad who purpose traded those attacks on the 21st of august which precipitated this crisis. so at least some form of consensus coming out of the vism lneus but the question remains: what's the response? richele? >> exactly. now, if this, then what? absolutely. but france, who almost from the beginning was one of the staunchest allies for the united states, while it will seems that other people are starting to get on board, france seems to be dialling it back a little bit.
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>> yeah. the french are now saying they will wait for not only congress but a u.s. report, and that is a step back from their hawkish posture that we have heard in the past. but it is interesting to note, also, that we are hearing from the germans that they are asking the u.n. report is sped up, that it won't take weeks to get some sort of result from those reports, but the u.n. is saying that they won't be looking into who was behind these attacks, simply whether or not sarin gas was used. if you combine that with ashton's statement today, it does look as though there is some momentum gaining but the court of public opinion here in europe is strongly against any kind of military intervention an the leaders of the various e.u. nations are listening closely to that. richele? >> phil, great reporting there from london. thank you so much. a tough sell. >> that's how pompom described his effort to convince congress
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to authorize a military strike. in washington with that part of the story. so the president has a very tough week ahead of him, paul >> reporter: good morning, richele. perhaps the president taking some heart from the news that phil littner reporting there, a little bit of concensuggestion on the european front. certainly still very steep here at capitol hill to roll the rock of an attack up that hill. the president returning late last night on air force one. today. we've got a little bit of his weekly address. let's hear what he had to say about syria. >> but we are the united states of america. we cannot turn a blind eye to images like the ones we have seen out of syria. failing to respond to this outrageous attack would increase the risk that chemical weapons could be used again, that they would fall into the hands of terrorists who might use them against us. and it would send a horrible signal to other nations that
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there would be no consequences for their use of these weapons, all of which would pose a serious threat to our national security. >> the president finished that address with an appeal directly to congress saying congress needs to come together to support a world that americans want to live in and that america wants it's children to live in. again, the president continuing the moment he gets back from europe to press the case for congressional consensus for congregat support for an attack on syria. but again, let's listen to a couple of republican -- pardon me -- republican and democratic lawmakers saying that they've still got a little ways fogo before they can support the president. >> the problem is he is trying to figure out if we go in, is more harm possibly done bile some type of retaliation, bottom president assad and others? does iran do something?
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does russia do something? we are not sure. >> the president has painted himself in a corner on this. his credibility is at stake. i don't want to make a decision based upon the president's credibility. i want to make a decision on what's best for our country. >> that's what has to be debated. >> reporter: so you hear from democrat elijah cummings there in the house, republican senator dan coats. so again, you see this skepticism of the president's case on both sides of the aisle indicating how much work is left to do. so that lobbying front coming out of the white house is going to be "full-court press" starting tomorrow night, vice president biden is going to have some republican senators over to his house for dinner and they are going to continue right up through the president's address on tuesday night. so a lot of work left to do. richele? >> really important days for the united states coming up. paul, thank you so much. president obama will be speaking directly to the american people
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tuesday night in a prime time address. the white house has not given a time for that speech. we will have it live here on al jazeera. do keep it here on al jazeera for continuing coverage for the crisis in syria. go to our website as well for up to the minute updates. days after arier castro hung himself to prison, new details were coming to light. newly released tapes reveal several close calls that could have led to things arrest much, much sooner. >> reporter: fbi intear gated ariel castro hours after his arrest in may. >> in these interrogation videos obtained by nbc news, for four hours, castro told investigators how he kidnapped and abused michelle knight, amanda berry and gina de jesus.
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he said security cameras at gina de juices's school could have shown him 15 minutes before he abducted her >> you could have broke the case there. they had surveillance cameras. >> a week after he kidnapped aman a berry, he says he used berry's cell phone to call her mother. >> her daughter. i said she is my wife. something like that. probably not the exact words. >> what was her mom's response? >> i hung up. >> berry's mother, lawana miller died in 2006. cleveland police did not comment on whether that call was investigated. this is what the f.b.i.'s vicki
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anderson said in may: >> we canvas the neighborhood. we did all of those things. nothing led us to ariel castro. >> castro said he kept michelle knight upstairs in his home and he described a time where his girlfriend heard the t.v. in the room where knight was held. >> okay. >> the t.v. on there? >> in the room. >> was it a close call? >> yeah. >> ariel cast row pleaded guilty to more than 930 charges including aggravated murder, rape and kidnapping. on argue 1st, he was sentenced to life in prison without parole plus 1,000 years. >> i spent 11 years in hell. now your hell is just beginning. >> castro committed suicide on tuesday just over one month into his life sentence.
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kilmeny dukehardt, arizona. >> castro's body claimed his body on florida. gnat nas's new body, crrlotti blasted off from virg. look at th-- from virginia. look at that. >> the $280 million mission will studty the thin, dusty atmosphere on the noon. the car-size spacecraft will orb benefit before plunging to the moon's surface. it's a beautiful morning across the northeast, a bit chilly if you live in pittsburgh, pennsylvania, 49 degrees out there country and actually back into new york. it's a bit more comfortable. 60 as we head into september. i will tell you, the weather is going to stay quite tran quickly
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all weekend long. right now, we have mostly clear skies across p.a. into new york and new england but there is a weak disturbance out of the great lakes. it may bring a stray shorted into new york and later tonight, but that's going to pass quickly. we will see plenty of sunshine as we track into sunday and balk to work here on monday. a look across the north central planes, moisture portions in out of montana into the dakotas. we may see some severe storms across the dakotas, one thing will do is cool it down. it's exceptionally hot. the expected to climb to 85 in fargo, 94 in omaha down in tulsa. 97, which isn't too bad. they are at 106 this time last year but minneapolis 91. typically at this time of year they should be in the 70s. it will usher its way toward the eat and hit chicago monday to
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tuesday. temperatures are 93 and that is oppressive. don't leave pets or children in the car. across the southwest, we had quite a bit of rainfall as we tracked into last night. we are going to continue to see raven across southern cavh california. baja could see tropical winds pushing in from loranna. be indicative if you are tr traveling there. meanwhile, look at the footage from last night, heavy ra rain falling across southern california. embedded some hail in excess of two inches in diameter. you want to be careful if you are traveling, don't want to travel on roadways whenever you are encountering those types of storms. i will send it back to you now richele. >> i love your forecasts because you are so good about telling people what aboto be careful ab. >> a tough stance against the
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nra. >> two peas in an unusual odd. dennis rodman and kim jon ung. >> yogi bear a said if the world was perfect, it wouldn't be: high let's coming up in sports.
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>> welcome back. voters in colorado go to the poles to recall two state lawmakers for voting for tougher gun control laws. they have drawn fire power from all over the country. tama tamara banks reports >> reporter: john morris is
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going door to door in his colorado springs district. >> imitate senator john morris. >> wearing a broncos jersey, he is fighting for his job in an unprecedented recall election. >> whatever hoops they make you jump through, if you would please jump through them. ampullitis >> yeah. >> this is the first time in colorado hist in which an elected legislator is being recalled for fassing some of the toughest laws this nation. among them >> universal background shapings and limits on the size of magazine clips. >> we have extremists that are throwing an extreme temper tantrum. >> he is president of the colorado state senate. of the in the past session, he led lawmakers in taking a tough position on gun laws. motivated to do something after the aurora movie theater sho shooting an the sandy hook ma massacre >> tries my district, across the country, those people pay a
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price all day every day >> reporter: it's well after noon and he hasn't stopped for lunch. >> i was the first democrat elected to the senate from el paso county since 1974 since i was 2006. >> this tile, voters are so angry they are ready to kick him out of office even though he is term limited and can't run again in 2014. >> because he has done some things we disagree with, i think it's important as to whether we say he hcontinues to work or no. >> there aerpt that many votes that they take this that can be career enders. >> they may become a strategy for some gun rights. >> if you are considering voting for gun control, you could be attacked for it. >> i am john morris, the one they are recalling. >> morris is defined, even when getting an ear full from
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constituents >> i have been an nrame. we love our guns and rights. >> he says he refuses to go billlied. >> i have worried much more about being as good a leader as i can be and not focus at all on being a good politician will get you into a recall. and i am okay with that. >> the best way to hang on to his political career, ablaze, is to beat the streetsed until tuesday's recall election. tamara banks,ays, colorado springs, colorado. >> it could cost taxpayers close to half a million dollars. it's the odd couple, part 2, former nba star dennis rodman hanging out with kim john ong rodman treated kim is an awesome guy. they watched a basket ball game together. when questioned by the recorders, he said he would not
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ask him to "kenneth bay. >> john kerr v in lithunia talking about syria, trying to get their support. he be speaking to reporters very shortly, and when that happens, we will dip into that for you. one more strike or a few more feet on a line drive would have been made. johnkerry smith is here to tell us about an almost perfect night in sports. >> game was that close. petide's record was 12 and 20 with a 5.37 era in to friday night. the franciscoans, it has been far from pfsh. friday, perfect was what he was. up against the diamond backs who needed 65 pitches to get through 7 innings without giving a up a single base runner. he managed to strike out 7. when a pitcher flirt with
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perfects, he needs a little help from his friends and that's what he got in the 6th from defensive replacement, juan perez. perez spelled patrick corbin to play scoper before it hit the turning. he replaced brett hill. he says you juan pares. one more play like that, it would be the 24th game. a 3-2 pitch. pants, can't come up with t so close to perfection. it is not to be. a 1-hittinger and the giants, 3-nothing win. >> yankees rig making a try for the spot. do you think they are glad to have him in the bronx? he put them on time with a 2-run home. >> 2-nothing. for two hanky's before gardner put more runs on the board
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finding the gap in left center. gardner gets a triple. 8 to 4. bases loaded, mike napoli, a grand slam homerun just over the right fielder's glove. suddenly, it's tied. jane victorino unties for good. the red sox win 12 to 8. that's your look at morning sports. >> thank you, john henry. meeting with the foreign ministers of the iu, let's go ahead and listen now. >> the banging system didn't exist. it was very difficult to even pay people. there was enormos transformation into democracy and freedom and free economics set of choices and the journey of legitimate wayne i can't through that has been really quite remarkable. now, a major nato partner now the presidency of the eu is
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being filled by foreign minister in lithuania. they did a terrific job today of hosting the european ministers. we are very grateful for the statement that came out of the meeting today with respect to syria, a strong statement about the need for accountability and i am particularly grateful for the president's comments to me early this morning and the foreign minister's support for the efforts to hold the assa. does regime accountable for what it has done. now, there are other big issues that we are working on together: the european eastern partnership is a very important economic plan that will raise the standards of doing business, increase the trade and, most importantly increase jobs. it's good for the economic development. we talked about how that could
8:27 am
continue to suspect. we are continued to work with lithuania in an effort to move that forward. i will have stations with foreign minister hague in ways about which we can try to do that. we also want to think our lithuanian friends for their extraordinary support in globaling challenges, climate change, energy independence, sustainability and, also, something as important as what we think, lithuania was the smallest country to lead a reconstruction team, a providential reconstruction team, and it did so with great distinction. we work with them. we just recently turned that over to the afghans. today, i was able to present a flag of the united states with your commander gave us who
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influence over it for an operating base. we are kwaift for that kind of xrauings. so it's nicecooperation. so it's nice it's nice for me to be here. >> briefly. in addition to what was said. yes, we very happy we reached common understanding on syria but let me add from my perspective from my country that we do appreciate the active role of the u.s. because we cannot stand aside. i would say is more and more evidence the assad's regime is behind all of these crimes and we cannot just ignore this. we should make sure it will not be continued, that we will not have the use of chemical weapons. it's not acceptable. those responsible should be brought to justice. it's imports that we will make full use, now that it's to heart and political decision, it's
8:29 am
important for this and also very important to address the situation, what we committed to do. this is in the statement which was issued by 11 countries and we do support that statement. we sport the views rewe will reflected. let me reiterate this once again. thank you. >> thank you. appreciate it. [applause.] >> thank you all, very, very much. thank you. >> secretary of state john kerry with the foreign ministers of the eu. the word from secretary kerry and other leaders, there seems to be a consensus that there has to be some sort of accountability if the assad regime because there seals to be consensus that the assad regime carried out a chemical weapons attack. secretary kerry seems to be encourage by the meeting he has had in lithuania.
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he hands to and london. we will have more throughout the day. >> do keep it here. thank you so much for your time. don't get too excited because i'll tell you why you should tune out everything you have heard about it so far. plus, if you are one of the 11 million who are looking for work, listen up: i'll introduce you to someone who is hiring. and the woman who never gave up looking for work, and just landed a job. this is real money and i'm ali velshi. this is reel money. you the most important part of the show. join our live conversation with the last half hour, use the hashtag aj, august job numbers are out, it's a mipi


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