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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 8, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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>> i talk about what's happening
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there's no word yet on its successor. in the u.s. a growing number of medical workers are working from home. in these case they are going from home to care for them. the home health care services are home health aides, personal care aides and registered nurses. we look at this al jazeera special report. >> reporter: laurie tkprabs a cup of coffee and heads off to work. she earns $10 as a home health aide in philadelphia. >> i like it. >> reporter: by the time she gets to her client's house, there's a list of things to do. >> straighten up. do dishes, make the bed, do his wash.
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if he needs to go anywhere, basically just help him be more independent. >> reporter: as medical and insurance source, home health care is surging. the industry is expected to expand by 70% by 2010 and 2020 adding 1.3 million new jobs. companying these jobs are adequate training and low pay. >> it's not great. you have to have somebody else. >> reporter: we mediate income of $20,000 a year about half of these workers rely on government assistance to get by. >> i have help. >> reporter: but for those the like kristin, people like laurie are invaluable. normally it takes me 15 minutes to get dressed it takes me 45 minutes to get dressed and out the door it takes me ten minutes. >> reporter: so he relies on laurie for the basic, cooking,
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cleaning and helping him get ready for day. >> all i have to do, i wouldn't be able to go to my doctors appointments or any social events. i wouldn't be able to do any of that. she really helps me makes my life easier. >> reporter: more people are expected the to turn to home aid as the silver tsunami hits the shore. >> as that demographic age in to ages where help is needed where it is driving this future increased demand for home health care aides. >> reporter: a baby boomer turns 85 every 8 seconds according to the u.s. census bureau. >> they are reaching ages where a lot can expect to become frail. they can expect to need help. >> and liberty home health services in philadelphia, a soon-to be-home health workers are in training.
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>> e we have numerous people come in. we hire 10 to 20 per week. >> reporter: that includes back up workers and part-timeers. the majority of full-time aides with low turn over. >> the industry is a steady source of employment growth even in a deep recession like the one we saw in 2008 and 2009. this is a very powerful bit of evidence about the strength of the under lying demand for workers in this field. >> there's a lot of people that do it. a lot of people doing this at this job. they are needed. >> reporter: but in 1974 law also allows some workers to be classified similar to babysitters which exempts them from minimum wage and over time laws. >> that means employers are allowed to pay them less than minimum wage with no over time. that's right. you can wake up at 5:00 in northerning, care for somebody every minute of the day, take the late bus home at night and
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still make less than the minimum wage. >> reporter: that was two years ago. despite the pledge to close the loop hole the department of labor says they are still working on it. they require them to be licensed or certified. a study found agency background checks are also limited saying they may provide a false sense of security. >> are you all right? >> yeah. >> i -- she actually got put in a nursing home. i came along and started helping her. i mean she was very funny. >> reporter: but several states now restricting the size and scope of their aide program. some workers are concerned about their client's future. >> they depend on us. they really do. like, i had a lot on what would do i without you? they're helping me here and there. i have no family.
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some of them have no family. >> david arioso, al jazeera, philadelphia. it kwoub the last places you would see a political campaign. that was the case in the race of mayor of the russian capitol moscow. details are still ahead on al jazeera. the future of marijuana use. concerns are growing about an artificial alternative.
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welcome back. issue of legalizing marijuana has been a hot topic in the united states for a number of years. first it was the use of marijuana for medical purposes.
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this in colorado and washington state chose to make recreational use legal. meanwhile there are growing calls for a crack down on sales of synthetic marijuana. investigators in colorado are looking in to weather the drug is linked to three deaths. >> reporter: the synthetic pot known by names like your names y monkey." it's easy to use and some stores sell it a as inscents. >> a few minutes later. i i was out. >> reporter: she was rushed to the hospital after smoking a small amount of synthetic pot. >> i had a seizure. i was paoubging. i ended up in the hospital for 12 hours. blacked out completely the entire time. i don't remember nothing at all. >> the initial reports say at
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least 75 people have been in an emergency for the effects of synthetic marijuana and five in one 24 hour period alone at the university of colorado hospital. doctors like christopher said they have never seen numbers like this before and the patients come in and shay have a difficult time breathing on their own. >> patients are coming in. they are coming in psychotic. very difficult to involve and very violent. and they have fast heart rate, low blood pressure and a very dangerous thing. >> reporter: advocates of recreational pot like matt brown are concerned about the synthetic stuff. >> this is dangerous, unregulated, garage-chemist type substance. >> reporter: despite of its dangers many use rers drawn to synthetic pot. it could be a cheap high compared to $50 for real pot. synthetic pot doesn't show up in
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drug tests. the centers for disease control is sending four investigators to colorado to join state health experts to see if the tkets here are linked to the concoction. >> i would want anyone who is thinking about going and using this to think twice because there's a good chance that you will end up in our emergency room department. >> reporter: a message that is a man that sums up. this is sh-g to not try. >> reporter: investigators are set to arrive on monday. al jazeera, denver. senator john mccain made headlines when he suggested it's fine to legalize marijuana. it came to that in a town hall meeting on thursday why the u.s. should intervene in syria easyville kwar but not in mexico's drug cartel. someone shouted "legalize it." and the senator said quote:
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>> despite the federal law against marijuana, there are 20 states in the district of columbia where the drug is legal for medical purposes. in washington they approved the non- medical use of cannabis. the first state in the nation to do so. the justice department said it won't challenge the new law it will focus on inforcement of more serious trafficking cases. joining me from seattle is an attorney from the group that deal specifically with litigation related to marijuana. good to have you was. >> good evening. >> let me get your thought on senator mccain's comments that perhaps we should legalize marijuana. >> i'm very happy that senator mccain actually said something because it's right and it's a good time to reach across the aisle to republicans to unite on these issues. the only thing i'm surprised about is that he said it this early in the progress toward
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full legalsation. >> reporter: the department of justice won't intervene with the legislation. >> my client's are very happy although i cannot share that full happiness with them. federal government has done this before. this is now the third memo that's issued from them in the past few years relative to marijuana. the bright side is they will not acknowledge on the failure that's the war on drugs, they have indicateed to stake holders like my clients a certain tolerance to what they can take on a federal level on a certain point three-page memo which was a guiding line from my clients but at the same time a federal status still remains. i have a pretty mixed the reaction to the department of justice's m memo. >> what kind of trend is this showing up? >> it's becoming more
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progressive. the social stigma surrounding marijuana for recreational and medical use are clearly falling away while the western states ss are leading the charge. we are finding other states falling online because they now know that there is a way there's a will there's way legislation is possible as long as it's done in a strictl strictly regulated. there's a lot of strife between recreational and medical use. and the key is talking with lawmakers. law makers have to understand the industry in order to under stand what it truly means. bottom line they have to understand how you cultivate marijuana, how you get it to market with a safe way with a clear chain of distribution. all this begins with communication. >> what are your thoughts on synthetic marijuana? it's very disappointinging that people have turned to synthetic
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marijuana to try to garner the same type of high or the same type of th enuberation. >> what's next step in legalizing marijuana? where do we go from here? the next step is these state agencies like colorado and washington have to make good choices. they need to show the federal government that states have rights. they can easily implement these programs without too much scrutiny and we will not all parrish in a couple states and it's up to the states to show the will of the people no show.
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we know that russia's president met with the president of the ioc and ask him to pick safe this sunday was fair and equal. and all of those efforts obviously paid off. there was lots of disappointments along with the -- they only got 24 votes. that's only two more vote then. and fidel castro came all the
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way to convince the judges. he said the state of 60 million children in the united states in cuba and japan were at stake but obviously that was not enough. are you ready for some football? >> the first sunday the nfl season featured 26 teams in action and the night cap featured a pivotal nfc match up between the new york giants and the dallas cowboys. regardless of the outcome this could be costly for the cowboys. tony romo took a hard shot at the end of the second quarter. it was the wind knocked out of him. he did return in the second half. we will see how he feels tomorrow. cowboys lead it over the giants 30-24 with four minutes to go in the fourth quarter. the new york jets led by gino smith came from behind the beat
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the tampa bay buccaneers with a field goal with two seconds remaining. that field goal was set up by a late hit on smith on the previous play. the jets won it 18-17. and in tennis, this year's woman's final the u.s. open featured a rematch of last year's final with serena williams facing second seated and the result was the same as 2012. williams wins her 5th u.s. open tight until 17 grand slams. just one behind chris evertz and martina. i'll be back with more sports news. >> thank you. in mexico, officials are trying to save the species of wolfs from extinction. four great wolf pups are still thithriving. congress gets back to work tomorrow. considering the president's call for military action against
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syria while diplomates around world weigh in on issue. >> and you'll need a microscope to see it. these tiny device right there. they are big business. that story is coming up on al jazeera. real money. victoria azarenko
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welcome back to al jazeera. president obama continues to make his case to congress far military strike on syria. this evening he had diner with a group of gop senators. the meeting took place at vice president's bupresident biden'sl
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residenresidence. can kerry says that syrian president bashar al assad crossed the red line with the use of chemical w weapons. he's denying any knowledge of the chemical weapon attack in his down ko*upb try. he's warning a retaliation for any international strike on syria. he spoke with charlie rose. >> while president obama tries to drum up support for a strike on syria, anti-war prorest springing up across the u.s. joining us now is a doctor who is a member of the syrian-american forum who is leading a march in washington tomorrow. good to have you with us. >> good to be here, thank you. >> let's talk about that protest that's scheduled for tomorrow. why are you against military intervention in syria? >> because, it never work ohed before and there's no reason to that it's going to work this
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time. we can draw an analogy to the bombing of kosovo for example. even before the bombing just because the use of the bombing and the ethic cleanseing on both sides execellerates it. bombing itself called lot of civilian casualties and we fear that the same time is going to happen in syria. >> with that said, what is the conversation that we should be having moving forward? >> i think it's a conversation oh of reconciliation. unfortunately, there's a little bit of an over simplification of the subject here. the regime has been demonized and the rebels have been pictured as moderates and to borrow the words of sec tearry kerry he said they are moderates
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with by the day. that's actually not true. i have, by the way, my entire family is in syria. my brother, nieces and nephews and many friends all over syria. they don't see it that way. the rebels are radicalized and the regime is brutal and both sides have done a lot of killing. >> do you feel that -- [ inaudible ] >> absolutely. they are really terrified. they're veryer scared of the potential of military strikes and we don't know the magnitude of these strikes even if they hit four or five targets there are civilians in the country. then the retaliation from the assad regime is going to be unknown. >> let's talk about that. what are your feelings about assad staying in power? i don't -- i think the
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regime will have to be replaced. now, whether or not a particular individual stays, it really depends on the regime that they leave. so, if assad follows the lines of reform i don't think the population there would mind that he stays. now, i am an immigrant. i have been in the u.s. for 23 years. i'm a u.s. citizen so i live in the u.s. and my family is in the u.s. so, i don't necessarily have a lot of voice in this conversation but it oh's really up to the syrian people to decide. i think i what's more important is the transformation to a democratic and secular syria regardless of who's going to be the leader of the new syria. >> i do have to ask you the question that is at the center of this debate. who do you believe is responsible for the chemical
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attacks in syria? >> i think the investigation has not been completed. the chemical weapons inspecttors were asked to leave and we believe that according to oh the b tph*u ky moon that they were asked to leave by the statement department before they completed their investigation. there are some pieces of information coming out of syria. one of them is from a group of journalists from mint press, a mind indianapolis-based invest . there was an incident back in praeuinapril which was investigd the u.n. high crimes tribunele karla depun t*e announced on the
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she that the evidence points heavily toward the rebels. so there is some evidence that the rebels got hold of some chemical weapons in the past. >> we will have to leave it there. dr. hadi, we appreciate a member of the syrian american reform. thank you. the crisis is having is serious crisis. beyond that, weak borders are allowing weapons and fighters in as well. >> reporter: this is the front line force along the iraqi/kurdistan border with syria. they used to be a militia force fighting for kurdish rights. now it operates under the government and the krg is a state within iraq and this is their army. this general is on a visit to
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the border and doesn't deny what faces him there. >> reporter: we face massive challenges with the refugee crisis with smuggling and with terrorists going across the border but we need newer and better equipment particularly for surveillance. >> here are the border crossing, you can see some of the challenges they face. between 1000 and 1500 refugees arrive here every day. the soldiers search for illegal goods and weapons. they find a life they left behind. for many just getting here as been grueling enough. >> translator: it took me two days to walk here. there was fighting in my village. the army, the t-rts, i don't know, i fear for my life. only god knows what i will fiend here. >> reporter: it's not just these people who use the border. some of these refugees have been walking for days to get from syria which is over there to
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iraqi/kurdistan. they are using the official board crossing which is clearly marked but there's huge parts of this border that aren't clearly marked and armed groups are useing that to their advantage. take this place for example, beyond this ditch is syria. the forces place tkpard guards y ten meters. they get across less secure points. federal government blames these groups for much of the violence in baghdad and cal and al qaedaq blame the western country as well. their responsibility for patrolling the western border falls to iraq's federal government. the other side is patrolled by a maly that calls itself the democratic union party of syria known as the pyd. relations between them are tense and they have no contact with them. if there is any military action against the syrian are regime by the west and its allies it's these border posts that this come under pressure not just
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here in northern iraq but in the western border as well. there will be more refugees entering iraq and more fighters going in and out of syria. that will mean the regional spill over will get worse putting these men under more pressure in a country these already attorney apart by violence and ethic tension and war. on the iraq oh /kurdistan borde. >> he's doing a list of television interviews on monday and an address oh to the nation on tuesday. al jazeera will have coverage of president obama's continue tuesday stphaoeugt. you can get the latest on syria by going to our web-site. al in lebanon, syria's next door neighbor, it's been nearly 25 years since the country ended a floody drawn out civil war. the capitol of beirut is deep ladlydivides over syrian lines.
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robert ray reports. on the surface, beirut seems to be booming. it's a city where construction cranes are in the skyline. people relax in the mediterranean sea and buildings sprawl in every direction with roman ruins alongside churches and mosques. it look likes a paradise. but it's a city on edge. sectarian tensions are simmering. suspicion and fear is in the air and the conflict in syria is only making things worse. >> we have many lebanons inside lebanon. every community feels, thinks of itself as the nation. those nations fighting each other. >> reporter: across the capitol, various neighborhoods have sharp divisions. flags and signs show who is in control and who is not welcome. lebanon's 15 year civil war ended in 1990 and syria was left
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in charge. but syria withdrew its military occupation in 2005 and since then the lines have become much clearer. during the long civil war for lebanon that ended in 1990, this was the front line of battle. the muslims on the west side the christians on the east. both fighting for control of the country. since then, downtown beirut went through a sort of rebirth but many of the country' deeply rooted problems have gone unresolved. dozens political parties compete with one other. each has their own agenda. tensions can return to the surface. violence can erupt. >> poefrd has weapons in the country and everybody is waiting to get rid of the other. >> reporter: in resent months car bombings have been on the rise along with kidnapping and street battleles. that leaves some here blaming the violence on sec tearry spill over from the war in syria. >> the people are divided. >> jihad has been a taxi drive
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near beirut for 20 years. he believes a strike will deepen the conflict and putting the entire region in to the battlefield. >> translator: the shia and the sunnis are spilled over to lebanon. it's now simply old habits that are impossible to break. >> this iraq, i think, is very stern of the civil war in lebanon but not between christians and muslims it will be this between suni and shiite. >> the people in this city of contradictions live with the anxiety and uncertainty oh of a potential american-led strike on syria. they are ware lebanon is not amoney in the city next door.
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city kwupbs known as the paris of the middle east are bracing himself for what might come next. al jazeera, beirut. >> voters in moscow went to the polls today to cast votes far highly race for mayor. he's facing a tough challenge for the russian election leader. right now he's doing well in exit polls although he remains slightly behind the kremlin. political analyst say it's a first major election in russia that features u.s.-style campaigning. we get the story from peter sharp in moscow. >> reporter: it has opinion described as the man president putin fierce most. charismatic lawyer turns campaign act is the first-ever candidate to run a western-style political campaign here. his slogan, "change russia, start with moscow" has become his mainly young middle class supporters. >> i really like him because he
11:43 pm
is the only one who try to change everything in our country. >> reporter: his campaign video up throeuploaded to you tube bea sensation it was only two months a go that he was sentenced to five years in a labor camp for embezzlelement. political charges he says concocted for political reasons. in a surprise decision he was released on appeal la allowing m to stand in the mayorial election. >> translator: the kremlin needed him to to run for moscow mayor to make his opponents oppn legally. you cannot choose the mayor of the biggest rush trurb city. a guy that cannot be support bid the majority. >> reporter: he is running against an old school poll teurbgs allie oh of vladimir
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putin and member of the russia party and current mayor of phos skoofmoscow. a huge party machine and a worthy but dull reputation for sorting moscow's problems. all the polls say he'll win in a landslide. >> reporter: but he'll be happy over 20% of the vote. that will send a clear message the to kremlin that it can no longer ignore the opposition. it may mark the day that protest politics came of age in russia. peter sharp, al jazeera in moscow. in stadiums across the united states and sitting in front of their television set. millions of americans are celebrating the first nfl season. we have scores and highlights coming up next.
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sachin asked the indian media not to put too much pleasure pressure on the teenager. >> my son started his career. it's a humble request if he can live his life like a normal 14-year-old without thinking of anything other than falling in love with the sport. (applause) >> some footsteps to follow in. more on the website. check it out.
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all the details. get in touch with us on twitter and facebook. plenty more from me later, but that is the sport for now. >> thank you. stay with us on al jazeera. another full bulletin of news is ahead with julie mcdonald, who will be in london for us. for now, goodbye. [[voiceover]] every day, events sweep across our country. and with them, a storm of views. how can you fully understand the impact unless you've heard angles you hadn't considered? antonio mora brings you smart conversation that challenges the status quo with unexpected opinions and a fresh outlook. including yours.
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news out of china. one person is dead after an explosion next to a school. local media said a motorcycle caught fire and then exploded. no word on how many people were taken to the hospital. al jazeera is following this developing story. the science of mal small ths have become a very big business. we put nano technology under the microscope. >> reporter: these scientist may look ready to walk on the moon but they are exploring another frontier at the atomic level. the university of the college of nano scale science and edge nearing is at the forefront of nano tech tphoelg, research and
11:48 pm
development. a science that's not just about exploring nature but also changing it. >> once you make it small enough it changes properties and we can explore what they do and new rop disappearance. >> reporter: here are the-year-olds top semiconductor makers are tkpwing smallle to develop faster and more energy efficient computers. run of the unique things about this facility is you have leading companies in the computer chip industry fierce competitors in th the global marketplace side by side. they are also sharing ideas. the practical uses are endless. students at the college are studying pharmaceutical applications from treating galcoma to preventing tooth decay. smaller panels are also in works here. >> you can imagine these on the roof of your car. these things become smaller and
11:49 pm
smaller and they become more flexible. they become lighter but the performances is better than what you get from the the old fashion big glass panels. >> reporter: design firms eyp is one of the college's more than 300 corporate partners. they are already incorporateing nano technology in to their buildings. >> we don't know what's going to be on the market in the three years. we might not be designing the building to accommodate that. so, for us to be here we might understand what might be coming two, three, four years from now and anticipate those thins as we design our buildings. >> new york state officials have referred to the center as a model for economic development. a big boast as it pushes the boundary of the world's tinyest technology. kristin, al jazeera, albany, new york.
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everyone is happy now that it's finally here. the san francisco 49ers are the biggest stories of the 2012 season largely due to their quarterback collin k ka collin. he was far -- he through for 427-yards and four touchdowns. do going to vernon davis. he wasn't expected by late hit by clay matthews who leads his feet to close kaepernick after he was already out of bounds. it was also a big day far new 49ers who caught 13 passes for 208-yards and the touchdown.
11:51 pm
san francisco posts the 34-28 win. the team that the 49ers beat in the title game the atlanta falcon tons road to taken to saints. matt ryan through for 307-yards including a touchdown to tony gonzalez. he throws one to marcus who set a new franchise mark with 533 career catches. the saints win it 23-17. in buffalo, the bills hosting tom brady and the patriots who won nine season oerps and now it's ten straight. the bills certainly made the patriots work for it. ej manual let the bills to a 21-17 late only to see tom brady dodge the patriots to two field tkpoels including the game winner with five seconds remaining. patriots win. it was brady's victory in which the patriots were tied or trailed in the fourth quarter.
11:52 pm
the jets who also started a rookie quarterback gino smith hosting the tampa buccaneers. trailing 17-15 with time running out. he was out of bounds by la von te david. they were setting up nick for game-winning field goal at-plt from 48 this yards out. and it was good. yes. win it. 18-17. >> well gino smith entered the training camp in a bat with the mark sanchez with the quarterback stop and didn't win the job as much as it fell on his lap when sanchez was with a shoulder injury in a final preseason game. as we report from metlife stadium, smith did enough to get the job done today while the job is still his from the >> reporter: the quarterback gino smith produced a mix bag of
11:53 pm
results. he fumbled, intercepted and also through a touchdown pass. when it mattered the most down the stretch, he was under pressure. he had a pass that resulted in a late game field goal and at the time -- >> it's great to come home with the victory. he did a phenomenal job out there on those guys. and gave us a chance twin the game late. receivers ran open all night it' great to have teammates who support me who have my back and who will go out there and compete with me for the final whistle. >> i thought geno did a nice job. i tell you when he really helped us, he ran. he made some big plays running. they did a good job coverage wise back there. obviously there's a lot of tre tremendous players.
11:54 pm
he had to make some plays and they totally helped us win the game. smith and the jets were only winners because of a personal foul penalty that led to the game-winning field goal. as a team t the bucs committed 13 penalties. >> it has not been an issue of ours. i don't anticipate that it will be an issue of ours. we're trying a little too hard is the best way to put it. defensively. a couple holds. it was too many third down defensive personalties that got guys off the field. we would have been off the field and then we went back on to one of them ended up in a touchdown and one of them ended up in a field goal. such ten points there that maybe they would have scoreed in another way but wouldn't have been those drives. smith had a chance in their last second win in the stadium. on thursday they travel to fox
11:55 pm
bureau to face the patriots. now to tennis, the first round exit at the 2012 french open, serena williams posted a 97-5 record with 13 titles includeing wins in the last five grand slam tournaments. to do it, she would have to get a same person she beat in last year's u.s. open final. this match was by far the the toughest for serena in the tournament as they split the first two sets setting up a dividing third set. she took over winning. show pested with one of them topping out at 126 miles per hour. serena's title improved her 2013 record with a career best nine-tournament victories. >> yes, i definitely felt the love so thank you all so much for the support it' an honor to play in new york.
11:56 pm
i give all the glory and all the thanks to jehovah god to let me have this. victoria you played ton believeable. what an honor to play against you so thank you very much and thank you to everyone in that box there. i love you can all. thank you, thank you, thank you. >> yesterday's announcements that the olympics will be held in tokyo in 2020 the other big news was the return of west wing to the list of sports for the summer games. 7 months a go wrestling was cut from the olympics which led to a frantic fro from officials to gt in the olympic games. one other nfl score to pass along just completed in dallas, the cowboys beat the giants 36-31. a lot of people rooting for the cowboys. stay with us, the monday forecast is coming up next.
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there's more to financial news
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hello again.
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the picture behind me is from the picture in vermont. things in this region will change quickly. you see a lot of green here but because it's getting cold and the nights are getting longer that is going to become one orange and yellow scene. what's happening now is some cold air is coming up behind. look at the current temperatures now. wear looking at albany at 53-degrees. even hudson new york is seeing 66 degrees there. we zoo dwe do have frost advisos going on with that air coming in from canada and tomorrow things are going to be quite cool in new york. compared to what they have been. 73 degrees on monday and for the rest of the week those temperatures are going to be going back up. 88 degrees as well as we expect to see as we go towards wednesday. that's a look at your national weather. we will be with you with your headlines in just one moment.
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