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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 10, 2013 2:00am-2:31am EDT

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>> good mornings i am morgan radford and these are some of the stories we are fooling right now. >> i think it's certainly a positive development when the russians and the syrians both make gestures towards dealing with these chemical weapons. >> on the eve of his address to the nation, president obama respondpresident obamarespond ta solution to the syrian crisis. >> syrian president bashar al-assad remains defiant. and a rebel group launch as tacks in the fill fin philippins secure if i forces work to
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secure the release of dozen of hospital six. ♪ hostages. ♪ ♪ >> personal is society to address the american people tonight. originally he was expected to push for strikes on syria, but a possible diplomatic solution has surfaced from a very unlikely source. the russians. they are calling on syria to hand overall of its chemical weapons. and just a few minutes ago, an iranian foreign ministry spokeswomen said the country supports the russian offer. president obama says the proposal could be a potential breakthrough but that he also remain skeptical. our white house correspondent has more. >> i don't think that -- >> reporter: this was supposed to be president barack obama's chance to convince the american people that it the u.s. military needed to launch strikes in syria. but instead during interviews with six domestic networks the president announced he would give diplomacy a chance. >> i have instructed john kerry to talk directly to the
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russians, and run this to ground. and if we can exhaust these diplomatic efforts and come up with a formula that gives the international community a verifiable, enforceable you can mechanism to deal with these chemical weapons in syria, then i am all for it. >> reporter: he's crediting the russians with the idea that syria turnover their chemical stockpiles to the international community to be destroyed. but it wasn't the russian's idea. it came from a seem big off the cuff remark from his own secretary the state john kerry and he did u dismissed it it asa possibility. >> he can turnover every single one of his chemical weapons to the interim national community. all of it. without delay and allow a full and total accounting for that. but he isn't about to do any of that. >> reporter: the president's comments seem to distric contrat we were hearing from his own staff from the white house, state department. they spent most of monday trying
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to distance themselves from secretary kerry's comments saying it wasn't an official you want mate immaterial and tryingi woulultimatum take it was russis idea. >> it's highly unlikely. >> it's important to know that syria has one of the largest stockpiles of chemical weapons in the world, spread across the country it would take time, resources and probably a peaceful environment to deal with it. >> reporter: but president obama didn't express any of those doubts just a few hours later. he did admit the american people are overwhelmingly against intervening in syria. he doesn't have the votes in congress, so now the vote won't happen as expected on wednesday. >> i think what we need to do is make sure that the president has opportunity to speak to all 100 senators. and all 300 million american people before we do this.
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>> reporter: the president will speak to the senate and the american people on tuesday. trying again to make the case for strikes in syria. polls show his arguments have so far been unconvincing, and if not, confusing to the majority of americans. patty, al jazerra, washington. in a television interview that air odd pbs monday evening syrian president bashar al-assad said congress has a very important decision to make. >> dong kong is going to vote in a few days and i think the congress is directed by the people, it represents the people and works for their interest. there is a question that they should ask themselves. what do wars give america? [inaudible] nothing. no political gain. no economy gain. no good reputation. the united states is at an at an time low with their credibility. so this war is begins the
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interests of the united states. why? because this war going to support al-qauda and the same people that kill americans in the 11 of september. the second thing that we all want to say to the congress, is that they should ask that's what we expect, we expect them to ask this administration about the evidence that they have regarding the chemical story and the allegations that they presented. >> reporter: accord to this latest research poll now even more americans say they don't want the united states military involved in syria. just 28% of americans say they support a military strike and that's down 1% from just last week. and nearly two-thirds, that's 63%, oppose a strike and that's up for 48% a week ago. 9% just weren't sure, that's down from 23%. as president obama tries to convince the rest of washington to act on syria, his foreign
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policy rating is at an all-time low. just 33% of americans polled by the research center say they approve of the president's handling of foreign affairs. 57% said they disapprove. this is a pretty draw the natural i can shift for president obama's foreign policy rating a year ago when it was about evenly split. and joining us now to discuss the latest on syria a lecture you are at stanford university and for neverly an official for the state department. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> president obama called russia's proposal a potentially positive development. could this be an out for mr. obama who hasn't a lot of support from congress or even the public for strikes on syria? >> i think if it's an out for president obama, it's, a it's a potentially problematic one. i think efforts right to be cautiously optimistic. i just heard that the iranians as well as the russians have now support third degree proposal. if this does, indeed, result in
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assad's chemical weapons being stored safely or destroyed, that would, of course, be a positive. but that alone may get both president a sad and president obama out of their current bind, but it doesn't solve the problem in syria. you still have a massive humanitarian crisis over 100,000 people killed there. and you even more importantly, you are destabilizing the entire middle east, which is spliting in to sunni alliance, you mens third degree cautious optimism but there isn't a lot of court spo* inter congress for the use of spores, could the president still go at it along if congress fails to back him up. >> i -- i can only speculate on what president obama would do, but i think it would be very difficult for him to do that. there was no requirement, legal requirement for him to go to congress over this. but having taken that step, i think it would be very hard to
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do military strikes in syria without congressional backing. and seeing that the polls as you just reported are so one sided against military intervention. >> given those one-sided polls, tonight's prime time address could be the president's last chance to sway public opinion on syria. what does he need to say in order to change public perception? >> that's a good question. and i hope president obama is an slant public speaker, will be able to make the larger point, why this is important, and it's about chemical weapons, which violates one of the fundamental international norms, it's also about the massive hugh maughan n terrien disaster unfoiledding there. 2 million refugees, 100,000 dead because of the civil war you are seeing a resurgence of al qaeda, a sunni extremist groups are
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coming back. you are seeing hezbollah involved on the shiia side. it is massively did he stabling the entire region. i hope that he will be able to make those arguments to the american people. >> now, speak of those arguments to the american people, the iranians just spoke out on the russia plan for intoer request chemical weapons, saying they support it. what's your reaction? >> i just heard that news as well. i think as president obama said earlier, you have to be cautiously optimistic. the administration must be scrambling right now to get details on the russian proposal. to have intensive diplomacy with their alis and with russia, syria, iran over what exactly, what form this proposal will take. and assure it's not a delaying tactic by a sad. >> thank you so much anja from stanford university. al jazerra america will carrot
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president's address to the nation live tomorrow night beginning at 9:00 p.m. eastern and following the speech we will have a live town hall meeting from washington, d.c. hosted by joey chen. as the president and congress discuss whether the u.s. should care out a mill tire i strike. protesters are showing what they think. the group brought somewhat hundred thousand pa tigs to his house minority leader nancy please a urging her to vote against a military strike. later antiwar protesters rallied in front federal building right near pelosi's office. in other news, fire fighters in california are facing yet another growing wildfire. the morgan fire was first reported on sunday afternoon. and that's just 40 miles northeast of san francisco. four minute acres have already been destroyed. ♪ ♪
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>> well, we have an area of high pressure that is dominating the central part of the united states. you can actually easily see it because what is happening is all of the rain and the clouds are going up and around so right here in the center that is the high pressure, keeping most places dry, but the temperatures are well above average. for omaha, expect to see 100 degrees tomorrow. that is 80 degrees above average. now, across the northeast, much different scenario, we are looking at cooler air coming out of canada and clouds not much in terms of rain. that is coming in to parts of pennsylvania. for us in new york, not looking too bad. we'll see most of the rain up towards the north, when it does arrive over the next 24 hours. we are talking about northern new york, vermont as well as up towards the st. lawrence sea way, temperatures wise looks like this today. we will be seeing 85 agrees in new york, much cooler up towards the north. portland will see about 75. and temperatures here in new york look like this. it is going to be quite warm.
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wednesday 91 degrees. dropping down on friday to about 73, so that's going to be quite a nice difference by the time we get to the weekend. well, down towards the southeast we are looking at showers here in alabama. the florida panhandle as well as georgia. we think those are going to stay, but not going to be too heavy so accumulation will be quite light. temperatures up there in atlanta about 87 degrees, down towards the south, new orleans 90, houston 93. and as we go towards the weekend for atlanta, your temperatures will drop down all the way to 83. down towards texas most of the heavy rain will be along the coastal regions as well as over here towards the west. and because of those clouds and rain, we are going to be seeing those temperatures a little cooler. el paso will be seeing about 82 degrees, dallas about 96. and your 5-day forecast, well, thing don't really change, no rain not forecast and temperatures dropping down to about a low of 74. >> in the philippines a stand off between government soldiers and islamic rebels has forced official to his completely
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shutdown an airport. on monday a disdent faction of the lip raise front attack the city. they took hostage, dozens are still held captive. at least eight about been killed they are attempt tick to derail peace talks. a rape case that caused outrage around india there should be a verdict any moment for the men on trial. plus george zimmerman in troubling with the law again. what the man acquitted of killing treyvon martin did with a gun this time that forced cops to haul him n the race to are he place new york city's mayor after months of mud slinging and dirty poll tips, new yorkers head to the polls for primary day. we'll give you a preview. ♪ ♪
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>> a court in india is set to deliver a verdict against a group of mena used of savagely attacking a woman on a bus in new deli. the four suspects have been charged with raping and kidnapping a 23-year-old medical student who later died from her injuries. the incident last december sparked massive protest as cross india and we have a report from new dehli. >> reporter: a call to arms to protect the rights of women. actors from the theater group in new dehli traumatized the daily struggles women face from harassment to acid attacks. it's a message told mostly by men for other men. >> we are trying our level best to make it safe for ourselves, our children, for our girls, everybody and also our -- for all of our friends who are seeing this and all over the world. >> reporter: the horrific gang rape i've 23-year-old student in
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new dehli last december focused the world's attention on the country's prejudices against women. thousands protested on the streets of india. and the media increased its coverage of sexual assaults. while many have welcomed the debate on women's rights, they are worried about the stereotyping of all indian men as sexual predators. i have been interacting with many people who are now scared to, you know, say that they are scared to come to india or people who want to in fact, my great out of india because they are seeing that, you know, and people who are, you know, scared of being alone with indian men. >> reporter: men's product companies are tapping in to this public anxiety. this commercial for gillett razors calls on men to join the fight against gender violence. >> women's activists say high levels of domestic abuse and the
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cultural preference for boys contributes to assaults on men. >> what men are experiencing when the they grow up up is a se thing is that violence is normal. men understand from a very early age in some indian family systems, that they will get away with it. >> reporter: but there are men who are fighting these attitudes. the theater group has performed this play more than 5,000 times across india. raising awareness about women's rights and disproving the myths that all indian men are against them. al jazerra, new dehli. >> george zimmerman who was acquitted of killing treyvon martin is in hot water following an apparent domestic dispute. florida police released a 911 called made by his h estranged wife. >> he's in his car and he continually has his hand on his gun and he keeps saying, step closer, he's just threatening all of us. >> step closer and what? >> with his firearm.
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and he's going shoot us. >> now, police did take zimmerman in to custody. but later released him when his wife refused practice press charges, zimmerman when his wife separated shortly after the murder trial and have plan to his officially file for divorce. a recall election in colorado on tuesday voters will decide if two legislators should be removed. both took a hard line on guns after the shooting massacres in new town and arora, one state senate president john morse has been going door to door trying to win support from voters to keep him in offers. morse helped bass new state regulations that imposed universal background checks and limited the size of magazine clips. that upset voters who are against added restrictions on gun rights. >> for my whole political career, i have worried much more about being as good a leader as i can be and not focused at all on being a good politician. that will get new to a recall. and i am okay with that.
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>> state senator angela, another supporter of tougher gun laws is also facing a recall k it's the first time in colorado state history that elected lawmakers are facing a recall. billionaire businessman michael bloomberg has been the mayor of new york city for the past 12 years after some nasty campaign and plenty of mud slinging democratic and remember kansas datremember kansasdatzrepublicr. >> reporter: it's election season in new york where democratic voters out number republicans 6-1. the front runner in the polls among democrats is bill, an old-fashioned liberal who has built his campaign around criticism of new york's current mayor michael bloomberg. in the last few days he has been criticize today for a campaign add featuring his mixed race son. >> bill will be a mayor for every new yorker no matter where they live or what they look like. and i sa would say that if evene
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weren't my dad. >> reporter: the spotlight on his campaign hasn't helped christine quinn. >> i am not about talking and finger pointing and complaining. i am about getting things done. >> reporter: an early favorite and a key ali quinn would be the first openly gay mayor but has fallen to third place in recent polls. quinn's fall moved former city comptroller bill thompson in to seconds place, he was the democratic nominee four years ago but lost to bloomberg. this year he has worked to win votes in the city's black and his tan i can communities and plays up his strong ties to unions. >> it's time to stop blaming and start changing. >> reporter: trailing badly are current city comp troller john lu who had two campaign workers convicted in an illegal fundraising scheme and former congressman anthony weiner who left capitol hill after a sexting scandal. each could play the role the spoiler. wean's captain has been about
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punctuated by fights with the public not. >> i don't take my judgment to you jo judge you. >> you are a bad example. >> reporter: joe who used to run the city's buzz and subway system boasts of his backing from former mayor rudolph june i ajulianne a. giuliani. >> fifteen dollars to cross a bridge? what was joe thinking? >> reporter: the most open and most competitive race new york has seen in years. and during bloomberg's three terms in offers at city hall, new york has changed. >> new york has become increasingly diverse. since the last several mayoral elects that we have seen and now we are seeing a new slate of issues and a slate of sort of stakeholders that we haven't seen in -- we haven't seen maintain as much voting power in the past. >> reporter: all of this seems to have failed to energize
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voters. turn out tuesday is expected to be light. of the city's 8 million residents, only half are registered to vote in the primary. each of the candidates hope to his get at least 40% of the vote. enough to avoid a run-off election in october. barely moments ahead of november's general election. al jazerra, new york. >> on tuesday, apple is expected to release its latest iphone and that has wall street and tech junkies chomping at the bit. everybody is talking about new possible fingerprint technology, but more, important, however may be what ceo tim cook says about happeapple's china plant of thes theres a lot speculation that they will unveil a cheaper version of iphone five aimed at china's lucrative market. a historic feat calls called to questions why some are skeptical about the swim and when what she's doing to change mayor minds, how robots are learn to go help the elderly and disabled
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from grabbing cereal for folding laundry. and discovery a masterpiece. after being hidden way in an attic for decades. ♪ ♪
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>> welcome back to al jazerra. i am morgan radford and here say quick recap of some of our top stories. russia is offering an alternative solution to the syrian crisis. it wants syria's chemical weapons to be placed under international control and then destroyed. syria's foreign minister says his country approves of the idea. >> it's possible if it's real. and, you know, i think it's certainly a positive development when the russians and the syrians both make gestures towards dealing with these chemical weapons. >> president obama is calling the russian proposal a potential breakthrough. but during interviews with u.s. television networks the president said, he remains skeptical and he's in the on confident that congress will authorize a military strike if there isn't a deposit matic solution. >> diana will be meeting with those who are spectacle of our
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swim. some expect the 6040 year old received help during last week's 110-mile swim. they say she broke the so-called english channel rules bayousing a specific mask and suit to protect her from jelly fish. she never said that she would follow those rules she also said that she was helped by a swift curb not a support boat. people in the united states are living longer than ever before. and researchers are work to go make life better for older americans. as mark schneider reports, part of the solution may be robots. >> reporter: this lab in fort worth, texas looks like a small amount. it's resident, a 400,000-dollar robot. >> our goal is los angeles. toy get these robots out of the laboratory and in to homes. and you know, it's a slow process. >> reporter: tons of folks who have lost some of their independence through disabilities or old age, scientists at the university of texas at arlington research institute spend their days trying to get this robot to, among other things, become a
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better kitchen table companion, it can grab a box of cheerios, but not yet able to open it and pour it in to a bowl. take sample mundane task like fold think laundry, something impossible if you can't use your arms. well, this is one of the tasks they are programming the personal robot to do. graduate research assistant ben cramer uses video type controls and a 3d map of the room to keep the robot on task. >> we can avoid collisions, we can recognize objects and we can also navigate the room. >> reporter: but once the robot can do all the things researchers say it will do, who can afford it? remember, $400,000. the executive director says robotic ability and affordability go hand in hand. >> we can solve all of the world's problems, but if nobody can afford it, we just wasted all of our time and effort. so we focus on those things that can be produced and be
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affordable in the home. >> reporter: general rick lance pictures a day robots on a smaller scale than the pr2 here will be mass produced and cost as much as a new car. 22 grand or so. >> if you look for rosy the robot like we saw on the jettisons when we were growing upping, that's not going to happen any time soon. but gradually. >> reporter: but researchers say in-home robots that can do singular tasks like picking up objects or dumping out of the trash, could be on the market in less than a year. mark tha schneider, al jazerra,t worth texas. >> a never before seen painting by vincent van gogh has surfaced. the van gogh museum unveiled the painting kept in the attic of a european home for years because the owner thought someone else had painted it. they say at an auction it would be worth 10s of millions of dollars, and that will do it for this edition of al jazerra news, i am morgan radford. thank you for watching and of course you can follow us any
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time at and join the conversation because there is always more to it. i look forward to seeing you at 4:00 a.m.


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