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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 10, 2013 8:00am-8:31am EDT

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>> good morning. i'm morgan radford and these are some of the stories we're following now. a major surprise from syria, the foreign minister agrees to allow the international community to come in and take control of its chemical weapons as president obama prepares to address the nation. >> in india, a guilty verdict in a case that has consumed the country. four men accused of vitally attacking a woman on a bus now facing the death penalty for their crimes. >> george zimmerman in trouble with the law again, what the man acquitted of killing trayvon martin did with a gun this time that forced cops to haul him on in.
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♪ theme >> the situation in syria is changing rapidly this morning. what started out as a russian idea to have the international3ñ community come in and take control of syria's chemical stockpile has actually been accepted by the sirens. this as president obama prepares to address the nation tonight with a very different speech originally intended. >> how did this development affect the president's call for a strike on syria? >> well, the president has already indicated that it would be a welcome alternative to military force, but is skeptical about it. he doesn't know at this point exactly what the details will be. syria's acceptance of russian's proposal obviously leads to a lot of questions, for example,
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how will the chemical weapons be taken control of, who will be overseeing the process, how will the u.s. know for sure that these weapons cannot be used by assad's forces in the future. i think it would be safe to say that the u.s. continues to prepare for a military strike, as the president continues to try to convince members of congress as well as the american public in its speech tonight that it is necessary. >> can we really trust russia to take control of syria's weapons and if so, how soon could that happen? >> that its the key question with respect to this latest gambit. many legislators in america and possibly around the world see this as a delaying tactic, that is syria's way of getting out of the target of the possible use of military force, buying them for time. here in america, we are seeing very strong poll results from the american public, opposing
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the use of military force and as the american public opposition to the use of military force increases, the number of votes that the president can expect to get in the senate and house has been decreasing. we have seen new senators come off the undecided fence on to no votes in the past few days. senate majority leader harry reid has put off a vote on a resolution for right now, because he knows that at this point, he can't get it passed. >> now you mentioned this vote, but president obama is making a pretty rare visit to capitol hill today. he'll meet with the democratic0 caucus. what's the mood on capitol hill right now? >> skepticism at this point about whether a military strike is absolutely necessary, and outright criticism on the part of people who normally don't support the president anyway about his approach. there's the start and stop some
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people say dithering on the president's part. president obama has insisted what he would like to do is to get the support of america's legislatures, as well as the public behind him. in the end, the decision is his, as commander-in-chief. >> thank you so much. >> the russian proposal and the syrian's acceptance of it will likely change president obama's address to the american people. phillip hughes is the former executive secretary of the white house's national secretary security council during the george h.w. bush administration. thank you for being with us this morning. now mr. hughes. >> it's a pleasure, thanks for having me. >> 12 hours ago, obama's speech was likely going to focus on a military strike. with this new diplomatic solution offered by russia and
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accepted by the syrians, it is out with the old and in with the new? >> well, i don't think it can be out with the old and in with with the knew. it seems to me that president obama has to actually make these two things reinforce one another. without the threat of military action, which would be enabled by a congressional approval resolution, it seems to me that the russian offer of international supervision and control of syria's chemical weapons could simply become, as has been mentioned already, a delaying tactic and a ruse. president obama should use, in my view, his speech to make what has been up to now kind of the key stone cops diplomacy of the obama administration, leading up to an authorization for military action, look instead like a brilliant stroke, like the
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diplomacy has the threat, i should say, of military force, and the organization station leading up to it has made possible this diplomatic break through, or what might be a diplomatic break through, but the threat of force remains necessary in order to make diplomatic possibility pay off. >> you mentioned this brilliant stroke, but the president's for the purpose policy approval rating is the lowest it's ever been. what must the president say tonight in order to get the american people on his side. >> i think the president has to make this all leukohearn. it hasn't looked coherent up to now, including his remarks last week denying that he set a red
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line. he's got to make these inconsistencies sound coherent and he needs to sound leaderly. he needs to make this all look like it was part of a strategy to lead to the moment where john kerry drops the suggestion,qí tt if assad gave up his chemical weapons, that would be a major break through, putin jumps on it, the sirens accept it and a new possibility for a resolution seems to be open. >> despite the inconsistencies that you just mentioned, obama still widely considered a gifted orator, but are the stakes too high now. how will they decide on a tone for tonight's speech? >> i've suggested that the speech has to be calculated, the bo in tone, and substance.
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mere rhetoric, which obama's not actually that strong at won't carry him very far at this point. you mentioned poll results that show that despite the president's heroic efforts tozk rally support on an unprecedented six network interviews yesterday, that the polls seem to be moving in the opposite direction, but polls can be contradictory. i looked at one in the washington post this morning that indicated that a majority of those polled would support the president going ahead with the strike, even if congress didn't authorize it, but a majority opposed the president going ahead with the strike if congress did authorize it. that's a contradictory result. to me, it makes my faith a little bit in these polls. >> thank you very much. >> aljazeera america will carry the president's address to the nice tonight beginning at 9:00 p.m. eastern. following that speech, aljazeera
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will have a live town hall meeting hosted by joie chen. >> meteorologist nicole mitchell has the details of hurricane season. >> let's get right to the tropics with tropical storm humberto. this is off the coast of africa right now. this is referred to as a fish storm. it's expected to turn out to the atlantic, and basically only bother the fish. it's not going to be a land impact at this point. this could later today become a hurricane and if it does that, the record for the latest hurricane to form in the season is september 11. today is september 10th, also the chronological peak of the hurricane season. if we had this develop into a hurricane today, which looks like it could be likely, we will not match or beat that record of the latest forming hurricane. it has been a quiet season. i just got back from my duties
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flying into storms like gabrielle. looks like it is going to be passing near or over bermuda, would only be a tropical storm at that point, not looking for a lot of damage there. they have fabulous building codes for tropical storms and hurricanes, which i wish the united states would have more of. we're watching cuba and parts of central america. that could develop in a few days, right now, it's just a disturbance. >> the frontal boundary moving its way through bringing rain and cooler temperatures. that's going to be key in the midwest. we've been well above average. watch the northern edge, as this moves into the great lakes and parts of new england. that could be a chance of stronger storms today. northern new york, vermont and parts of new hampshire, that would be the chance for wind or
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hail. i mentioned temperatures in the midwest, we're looking at citis like kansas city or chicago. in the mid 90's again today. where the front has passed through, this at 81, still above average, but much more comfortable as temperatures 10-15 or 20 above average as we've seen. chicago, one more day of the heat, still a chance for showers or storms tomorrow, we cool getting into the weekend and after an oppressive august and starting september that way, that will be definitely a nice change out there. >> it was a case that sparked international outrage. today, four men in india were convicted of raping a young woman on a bus and still to be determined, their punishment. >> george zimmerman in more hot water, and once again, it appears a gun was involved. the 911 call from his estranged wife that got him in trouble. >> i'm jessica taft.
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if week one of the nfl is foreshadowing of what's coming up, buckle up. a fantastic if she from last night, later on in sports.
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>> four men convicted of a gang rape that sparked outrage in india face a sentencing of hanging. we have more from new]q delhi. >> nine months after the brutal gang rape of a 23-year-old student in new delhi, a special fast-tracked court announced that the four remaining accused in the case are convicted of the
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crime. they haven't pronounce sentencing, and may later this week, but there's tremendous public pressure for the maximum, death penalty. there's been intense public interest in the case in india and over seas. under this pressure, the government has changed several laws relating to sex crimes in india, stalking, voyeurism and sexual harassment have been criminalized for the first time. they have increased punishment for convicted rapists, but many activists say these changes don't go far enough. they say that marital rape in india is still not considered a crime and they're asking the courts and the politicians to do more to make india safer for women. >> meanwhile, a troubling new study from the united nations finds that sexual assault is rampant across asia. nearly one of our four men there admit raping a woman or girl.
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nearly one in two men in asia use violence against their partners. men report sexual in titlement as a reason for the rape. >> a stand off between government soldiers and islamic rebels have forced officials to close down an airport. >> on monday, a dissident faction of the liberation front attacked the city, attacking hostages, dozens still held captive. eight have been killed. the group is attempting to derail peace talks between the government and rebels. >> the war crimes trial is underway at the international criminal court, the hague for william hudo, accused of orchestrating the deadly violence after a disputed election. kenyan leaders will stand trial separately for crimes against
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humanity. >> a michigan state trooper was shot dead during a routine traffic stop. the trooper managed to phone in information about the two suspects before he was shot. his fellow officers tracked them down, wounded one in a shootout and took both into custody. >> an ohio men who confessed in an on line video to killing a man while driving drunk is now officially charged with the crime. >> my name is matthew, on june 22, 2013, i hit and killed vincent canzoni. >> he was he dated and will be arraigned in court fade, the charges, aggravated vehicular homicide and operating a vehicle under the influence. the 22 admits he was drunk when he drove his car the wrong way down a highway. he said his lawyer advised him against posting the confession. he faces eight and a half years in prison.
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>> george zimmerman is in hot water again following an apparent domestic dispute. florida police released a 911 call made by his estranged wife. >> he's in his car and continually has his hand on his gun and saying step closer, and is threatening all of us with his firearm. >> step closer and what. >> and he's going to shoot us. >> ok. >> he punched my dad in the nose. >> police took zimmerman into custody, later released him when his wife refused to press charges. the calm plan to officially file for divorce. >> the sufficient open men's final featured the top two players in the world. jessica taft is here now with your highlight. >> in june, the tennis world was
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stunned when wave yell nadal was bounced in the first round. he is having his best year ever, taking on djokovic in the finals for the u.s. open for the third time in four years. he said he knew he was going to have to be perfect to win and he nearly was. in an epic match, nadal knocked off the defending u.s. open champ, djokovic. >> i just was happy to be back on tour, but i'm so very competitive, but never thought about competing for all what i competed this year. probably just more bad dream for
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me and i'm very happy for things, feel very lucky about what happened since i came back. you need lots to be where i am today. >> so used to winning, he is. so used to winning. >> last season, robert griffin, iii look the world by storm. the redskins faced an eagles team with a new head coach. chip kelly's mission 33-year-old michael vick leading the attack. the eagles ran 53 plays in the first 30 minute half and had a
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26 point lead in the third. rumbling for 184 yards, and a score, rg3 led a late rally surge in the fourth, but the damage was done. chip kelly gets his first nfl coaching win, 33-27. >> philip rivers and company looking to get a win for their new coach.hv this touchdown pass one of four for rivers as he picked apart houston's defense. chargers never trailed until the last play of the game. just one kick of the foot and the texans get a huge come-from-behind win on the road. they go on to beat the chargers 31-28. meanwhile, the last time the pirates had a winning season, boys to men was at the top of the charts with end of the road and it was a fitting song.
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it's been over two decades since pirate fans got to jump around. that was another house of pain gem from 1992. win number 82, garrett did his part on the hill. the pirates hurler tossing seven innings of great baseball. scoreless innings there, striking out nine and holding the rangers to three hits. pedro alvarez had a two-out r.b.i. double and pittsburgh clinched its first winning season in 21 years. >> tomorrow marks 12 years since the september 11 attacks. we'll tell you about the big steps taken in pennsylvania today to honor the victims of flight 93. >> gay marriage is already legal in 13 states, another state now looking to follow suit. ç]
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>> the flight 93 national memorial visitors center is breaking ground before tomorrow's september 11 anniversary. 12 years after the attacks, the center is finally being build in pennsylvania and will honor the
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40 passengers who died on the highjacked flight that may have been headed to the nation's capitol. aljazeera will have special coverage of the september 11 anniversary beginning tomorrow at 7:00 eastern time. >> a recall election in colorado on tuesday, voters will decide if two legislature should be removed. both took a hard line on guns after the smoothing massacre in newtown and aurora. mothers helped pass new state regulations that impose universal background checks and limited the size of magazine clips. that upset voters who are against added restrictions on gun rights. >> after some nasty campaigning and mud slinging, democratic and republican candidates for mayor of new york city will faceoff today in a primary, looking to take over the job from billionaire michael bloomberg, who's been mayor for the past 12 years.
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new york politics is not for the feint of heart. >> it's election season where democratic voters out number republicans 6-1. the front runner in the polls is bill deblasio, his campaign built around criticism of mayor bloomberg. he has been criticized for a campaign add featuring his mixed race son. >> no matter where they live or what theygh look like. >> the spotlight on his campaign hasn't helped city council member christine klin. >> i'm about getting things done. >> quinn would be the city's first openly gay mayor, but has fallen to third place in recent polls, moving thomson into
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second place. he lost the last election to bloomberg. he plays up his strong tie to say union. >> it's time to stop blaming and start changing. >> trailing badly are current city com patroller john lew, who had two campaign workers convicted in an illegal fundraising scheme and antany wiener. wiener's campaign has been overshadowed by fights with constituents instead of candidates. >> you're fine, you worked out your problems, but stay out of the public eye. >> that's not for you to judge, my friend. i don't take my judgment for you. >> you're a bad example for the people. >> on the republican side, joe loda who used to run the bus and subway system backed giuliani. that endorsement has been used against him.
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>> $15 to cross a bridge? what was joe lhota thinking. >> it's the most competitive race in years. during bloomberg's three terms in office.> in city+] hall, nek has changed. >> it has become increasingly diverse in the last mayoral elections. now we're seeing a new slate of issues and slate of stake holders that we haven't seen as much voting power in the past. >> all this has failed to energize voters. turnout is expected to be light. only half of residents are registered to vote. each candidate hopes to get 40% of the vote. >> new york magazine published and interview with mayor bloomberg in which he threw his support behind christine quinn. >> in hawaii, the governor wants
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lawmakers to move quickly on a bill legalizing gay marriage. the governor called a special session for the end of october to vote on the bill. the state already allows same sex civil unions and hawaii would join 13 other states and washington, d.c. to pass a gay marriage bill. >> finally this morning, apple is expected to unveil the latest version of its iphone. that has wall street and tech jumpies chomping at the bit. one of the most anticipated features, the use of fingerprint technology to log into the device. it's what apple c.e.o. said about china's plans that grabbed the attention of wall street. a company may unveil a cheaper version of the iphone five into china's lucrative market. >> the stream is up next, news at the top of every single hour.
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