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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 12, 2013 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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hello this is al jazeera, america, i'm richelle carey, these are some of the stories, we' we're following. >> assad puts conditions on giving up his country's chemical weapons. >> we anticipate that as the day goes on, that we may find that we have lost others. >> severe flooding hits colorado, at least three people have lost their lives. ♪
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there's new information coming out of syria. the unite nationed has received documents from syria that would ahow it to join the chemical weapons convention. it brings the international community closer to taking over the regimes stockpile. but assad also said earlier that damascus will not fulfill any agreement unless the united states stops threatening to bomb his country. phil is live in geneva where secretary kerry has been having meetings. phil, the russians and americans seem to have very different ideas on how to handle the situation in syria, nevertheless there is an important meeting happening in geneva. what do we know about the
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progress that has been made? >> well, richelle, actually those talks are bound to start any minute now. actually we're hearing there will be an opening statement by both foreign minister lavrov, and secretary of state kerry, and then they'll go into those talks. there is a lot on the table, not only whether or not there will be a joint un resolution put forward by the russians and the west, but also how this would be done, and we do know that there are large teams of scientific, logistical, and military experts that have come with both sides, the russians and the americans to discuss just how this would be done, presuming that they come to some sort of agreement on a un resolution. so a lot on the table.
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richelle. >> and with further complications happening with these new conditions that are coming out of syria from president bah shard al-assad, i think it has made the task more difficult and they haven't even started. >> yeah, they haven't even started talking, and now we're hearing all of these things coming out of damascus on this interview that he conducted with the russian team. no doubt there will be consternation on the western side of things that basharal assad has said. there will be frustration with some of the things he has said, and frustration that he's saying that the u.s. has got to stop
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threatening strikes before he signs anything. that's -- that's not going to work for the west. we have heard that time and time again from all of the major leaders here on the content of europe that bashar al-assad has to do this or else. richelle. >> all right. phil keep us posted and we'll try to fill you in on the opening remarks that secretary ke kerry makes. randall pinkston joins us live now from washington. every time the president makes a public appearance, randall people are going to expect him to address what is going on in syria. >> absolutely. and he did address what was going on in syria today. but of course with secretary kerry meeting with the russian official in geneva with the congress still considering those
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resolutions authorizing use of force, syria is front and center for the station and for president obama. >> i am hopeful that the discussions that secretary kerry has with foreign minister lavrov as well as some of the other players in this can yield a concrete result, and i know that he is going to be working very hard over the next several days to see what the possibilities are there. >> we heard president obama refer to working hard over the next several days, suggesting, obviously, that the window of opportunity is somewhat flexible. yesterday the white house press secretary, jay carney, refused to set a deadline on the time it would take for some outcome of these diplomatic efforts to resolve the syrian chemical weapons issues.
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meanwhile the president points out that there are other very important questions facing the nation, facing the congress and the american people. >> we're going to focus on some specific issues, including managing some of the budget debates, the roll out of the affordable care act, where we have seen some tremendous progress over the last several months and are confident that starting at the beginning of next month, people are going to be able to start signing up for health care in many cases for the first time, and we're going to spend some time talking about issues like comprehensive immigration reform, that are still of enormous importance. >> so a lot of issues on his plate in addition to syria, meanwhile with respect to the affordable care act, house
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speaker john boehner said congress is taking steps to slow it down with the goal of trying to defund it totally. boehner saying that they already moved to slow the hiring of workers, which will make it more difficult for people to sign up for health care. and of course there is that question of keeping the government running. money is running out, and they need a continuing resolution from congress to make it happen. richel. >> randall thank you so much. egypt is extending its nationwide state of emergency for two more months. the government announced the extension today. the state of merge started in august, and was only supposed to last a month. it happened when hundreds of people were killed in clashes. north korea may have restarted a nuclear reactor
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capable of producing plutonium. >> reporter: in 2008 a cooling tower was destroyed by the government to come -- comply with a disaroundment deal. now satellite pictures show steam rising from the turbine. >> they are building up their nuclear cape -- capabilities. part of that means trying to perfect their means of delivery through construction projects at this main site that are probably in preparation for future tests. >> reporter: the news agency says a diplomatic source describes the react for as being
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in a nightmarish state, and it's obvious that some works are being conducted. it produces plutonium which can be used in nuclear weapons. >> translator: when north korea's 5 megawatt nuclear reactor is restarted plutonium will be able to be produced continuously. i think north korea should stop the running of the five megawatt nuclear reactor. >> reporter: the u.s. special representative has arrived in tokyo on a regional tour to discuss the nuclear reactor. negotiations have been stalled since 2009. bernard smith, al jazeera. you're watching al jazeera. much more to come.
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♪ welcome back at least three people were killed torrential rains caused flooding in colorado. this man's vehicle flipped and fell off of a washed-out overpass and two other cars followed. we're going to boulder, colorado. i understand you have new information coming in from the governor, tamara? >> reporter: i do, richelle, the governor says this storm is turning into epic proportions, and so he is asking fema for assistance in the rescue efforts here in boulder county, and out there colorado. this storm is not just hitting
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boulder county, but as far north as larimer county, and as far south as colorado springs. you can see some of the kids trying to keep the flood waters from coming into their apartments. earlier this morning we shot some amazing video of a rescue in which three cars were passing over a roadway, and that roadway collapsed on them. all three cars submerged and fell into the water. now again, this is the toughest, hardest hit of this storm here in boulder county. one little town up in the mountains called lions is isolated by the flooding waters, and the sheriff talks to us about that earlier. >> okay.
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and that was tamara banks. missouri state lawmakers were just one vote shy offen acting a bill making federal gun laws illegal in the state. the governor vetoed the legislation. the vote last night was to override the veto. had it passed it would have made it illegal for federal agents to make arrests for gun charges in missouri. for some hone -- owning a home has become more difficult in recent years. >> reporter: this home buyer wanted a piece of the american dream but couldn't afford it. >> i used to rent like just about everybody else, and then as my family was growing, i needed a bigger place to live. >> reporter: he imma grated to the united states in the early 1990s. and earlier this summer he and
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his wife finally bought a two-bedroom home. the path to homeownership has become increasingly complex. without a significant down payment, good credit, and steady income, some immigrants have had a difficult time securing a mortgage. victor found help from a chicago based non-profit that assists immigrants to become homeowners. >> we're creating a demand for housing in communities where previously, because of the foreclosure crisis, were on a decline. >> reporter: according to a newly released study, immigrant homeownership has been sustaining communities across the nation. >> the impact of immigration in the past ten years alone has added up to 10s of thousands of dollars to the value of the home owned by americans in some studies. >> reporter: the study says that immigrant homeownership has
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pumped some $3.7 trillion into the housing market. in the chicago area since 1970, while 900,000 residents moved out, 600,000 immigrants moved in. >> try to imagine chicago with 600,000 of its his dents gone. the city would have a lot more problems experiencing more of the sort of urban decay that you would associate with a city like detroit. >> reporter: an increase in home prices means less affordable housing options. for victor, finding a house that fit his budget was key to creating a better life for his family. >> this is a dream come true. owning a home is part of the american dream, and i'm glad that now i have a home. >> reporter: a foundation for his family and a life well lived. there's a new health
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campaign from the first lady, and this time it's about drinking water. lots of it. michelle obama's drink up initiative encourages americans to drink at least one more glass of water today. it's another way to discourage people from consuming sugary beverages. experts recommend about 8 glasses a day. so drink up. >> one of the most recent additions to the tech wars now set to surpass its pedestri -- predecessor.
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♪ recapping our tap stories, president obama talks about syria. he said he is hopeful talks between the u.s. and russia will lead to a diplomatic solution. and secretary of state john kerry and his russian counterpoint are expected to meet to discussion syria giving up its chemical weapons to the
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international community. more than 2 million refugees have fled syria and making refuge in other countries. the largest number of syrian refugees fled to lebanon, more than 730,000. and for lebanon that means one person in seven is a syrian refugee. robert ray looks at the polite of those who have fled. >> reporter: a few miles from syria, this is in a beautiful part of the lebanon valley. >> translator: the sadness is so deep, i just pray to god. we are fed up. >> reporter: he was a taxi driver in damascus. he says the syrian regime had him arrested twice and threatened his wife and five children. seven months ago they left.
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today they live in this make-shift tent city along with dozens of other families. there is no electricity here. food, water, and clothing is scarce. health services virtually non-exist important. and they are not alone. these small children with from the suburbs of damascus, here because of the war. deplorable conditions here. this was a hole that was dug so that all of the people here can have a toilet to go in. after months of heavy bombing and fire fights this woman and her husband left the suburbs of damascus, she says the children were so scared all they did was cry all day long. >> translator: i never imagined i would be in this situation. we were in a very knew beautiful house, and we had to leave and come.
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i don't know what will happen to us. >> reporter: these lebanese relief workers are trying to help the refugees by distributing sup place and donations, but she worries without more help from the international community there is little hope for these families to survive in these conditions. >> when people come they have nothing to wear, no place to go, no money to spend, nothing to eat. they have some -- some people come with very sick children, others come with other biological cases. it's very bad. it's a war. i mean it's as bad as a war can get. >> reporter: the european union announced the immediate release of regee aid. but nor money will be needed to feed and care for the people and lebanon is hoping for more international assistance, with hundreds of thousands of more
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refugees expected here in the coming months, lebanon's government knows it cannot keep pace with the number of people, and there are growing worries that the demand will soon effect the stability of the country itself. and what you are seeing there, we are expecting sat any moment to hear comments from secretary of state john kerry and russian foreign minister sergey lavrov, they are meeting to see if there is any life to this proposal that russia has put forward. we'll bring those discusses to you as soon as they begin. california still needs approval from three federal judges who ordered the state to cut 10,000 inmates by the end of the year. the governor wants to spend more than $300 million to lease
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prisons in country jails, but part of that money would be used to pay for rehabilitation programs instead. the brazilian government wants answers about accused nsa spying on its country. brazil says documents from edward snowden show the u.s. intercepted president's emails and also hawked into the computers of their oil company. the white house says the report destorts nsa's activities, but will act on its concerns. controversial florida pastor, terry jones is under arrest. they were planning to burn thousands of core rans. he says he was going to burn one book for each of the victims of the september 11th attacks. in 2010 he threatened to burn a quran on the 9/11 anniversary in
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new york city. ♪ some positive news about the recovery in the housing market. foreclosure activity is at an almost eight-year low. realty track says only 56,000 homes entered the foreclosure process last month. that's a decline from 44%. executives are meeting today to discuss how to protect the stock markets from technical glitches. the meeting was called after the flash freeze on august 22nd, when it caused a three-hour trading halt on the nasdaq. they want to know how the exchanges are increasing the amount of high-speed stock trading done by computers. a research group says the woerpd wide demand for tablets will pass the sales of traditional pcs.
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after a bitter fight with investor karl ikan, michael del is taking back the company the founded. there will be a $25 billion purchase by del and his partners. ikan said the company is more than the 13.88 a share buyout price. washington, d.c.'s mayor says no to the so-called living wage bill. the plan that would force wal-mart and other employers to pay employees a minimum of $12.50 an hour. wal-mart threatened to close stores in the city if the bill became law. ♪ i'm david warren, we are starting nauf colorado. this is the weather situation there.
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a lot of rain over the same area and it's not changing much. this is the weather pattern, bringing all of this moisture from the southeast. it hilts a stationery front and then turns west. any front rage of the rockies joshgs a lot of moisture gets squeezed out, so that is what is causing all of the rain there. the rain does not move on the radar, but the wind continues to bring in a lot of moist air. not much change in the weather pattern, so more flooding is expected there. flash flood watches and warnings all across the front range. that's what is predicted by the forecast, doesn't go up much farther north than colorado, but here is a lot of the rain focused over the area that got it. the last few hours on the national view shows a line of showers and storms. this is moving.
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this is cooler air that is moving south. hot yesterday across many of the southeastern states and the mid-atlantic, including new england. that will not be the case starting tomorrow. there is the cooler air moving south along with that rain. a few showers and storms are possible ahead of the line, but then it changes by this weekend. you can see the lines push south of chicago, and there's cooler driver -- drier air coming in from the north. dry comfortable conditions in indianapolis continuing through the next few days. northeast showers and strong storms developing including a few around new york and the great lakes. it's a stormy day today, the new england states cooling off quite a bit, and feeling a bit more comfortable. sunday and monday still pretty
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come forable, but getting a little warmer. but it's a situation there in the southwest that is the big concern. this area of low-pressure continues and all of the rain coming over the same area, so more flooding is certainly possible north of denver up towards boulder, and the entire southwest could say flooding. this is a drought situation because of the heat there, across the west not too much rain too quickly, but some of the moisture is welcome because it is so dry in the west rp united states. richelle. dave thank you so much. low testosterone may not be the only problem for men going through so-called male men pause. they may also need more estrogen. that will do it for this edition of al jazeera, i'm richelle carey. up next, 101 east, ruby minors.
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