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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 16, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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♪ good evening, everyone. welcome to al jazeera, i'm john siegenthaler in new york. >> i feel very lucky to be alive, another guy next to me got shot, i didn't. >> mass shooting in washington. 12 victims are dead, more wounded. tonight reactions from those who saw it, and the clues investigators have that may have triggered it. plus what the fbi knows by aaron alexis. plus the report is in, chemical weapons were used in syria, and the un is not pointing the finger of blame. ♪
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disbelief and horror in washington and across "the nation" after a gunman hopes fire on a u.s. naval station. victims are still being identified. 12 are dead, at least a dozen more are injured. initially two people were thought to be helping the gunman. now authorities are reassessing its investigation. the gunman was a navy contractor, aaron alexis, 34 years old, who worked in fort worth, texas. the shooting took place in the navy yard less than two miles from the white house. let's bring in mike viqueira with more. mike? >> john in the heart of the nation's capitol, almost
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unthinkable what has transfired almost 12 hours ago. the police are informing us that they are going to reopen m street in southeast washington, the main artery through this part of town. they want all of the press to get up and out. massive response from law enforcement across the metropolitan area, both air and on the ground as emergency vehicles poured in. sirens blaring through the navy yard, and park police service helicopters flying above. they were told to shelter in place, the employees, the e epicenter of the attack, building 197. confusion and chaos at the end, 13 were dead, and the fbi was ready to name a suspect. >> we can confirm that the deceased sheeter from this morning has been identified as 34-year-old aaron alexis of fort worth, texas. we have posted photographs of
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mr. alexis on our website,, and we ask anyone with information about him to contact us at 1-800-call-fbi. no piece of information is too small. we are looking to everything we can about his recent movements, contacts, and associates. >> there has been a stream of public metro buses coming down from the direction of navy yard laden with employees there. many of them gazing at us, gawking after an extremely long day. many files past us, and they were told not to speak to us. there was onoff navy captain who had a chilling description of what happened. >> we were hunkered down, we were on the floor, because we heard the previous gunshot, and
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then we heard gunfire, and we looked up, and there were two bullet holes in the top of the wall of the conference wall, maybe an inch or two down from where the ceiling meets the wall. >> now among the dozen or so wounded -- we don't have an exact number at this point, it really has been a chaotic day of misinformation and mistaken information, john, but we do know among the wounded was a washington, d.c. metropolitan police officer. he was brought into surgery with series injuries to his legs. but before going into surgery, he had one request for hospital personnel. >> all three of the victims came in talking. they came in. they were speaking from the get-go. i actually have personally talked to all three of them. i will tell you that the police officer when he came in, he was most concerned about being able to talk to his mother, and
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wanted to make sure that he was able to speak to her before he went into surgery. >> and john, the navy has let it be known late today that only nonessential personnel need to report to work tomorrow morning, john. >> mike viqueira in washington. mike, thank you. it has been a fast-moving day with authorities with a lot of conflicting information. jonathan betz has a closer look at the events. >> reporter: monday morning the start of the workweek. the day has just begin when at 8:15 in the morning, reports of a gunman inside building 197, where 3,000 people work. >> we heard shots and as he came around the corner he aimed his gun at us and fired at least two or three shots. >> reporter: witnesses reported a man shooting down from an upper floor at victims in the atrium. >> i feel very lucky to be alive. >> reporter: within seven
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minutes a huge team of law enforcement officers converge on the gated military complex and begin searching for the shooter. at 8:45, witnesses report seeing another possible gunman. five minutes later, victims including a d.c. police officer started arriving at washington hospitals. >> all of them are alert and speaking at this time. >> reporter: 9:40 am, planes are soon grounded at reagan international airport. ought public schools are put on lockdown, and it is reported that officers have cornered a gunman inside the building, but shortly before noon more than three hours after the first shots were fired and after hundreds of law enforcement officers searched the complex, that reports surface that the shooter is dead. the police fear the danger has not yet passed. >> the big concern for us right now is, is that we potentially
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have two other shooters that we have not located at this point. >> soon after, and not far away, president obama addresses the tragedy. >> it's a shooting that targeted our military and civilian personnel. these are men and women who were going to work, doing their job, protecting all of us. they are patriots, and they know the dangers of serving abroad, but today they face the unimaginable violence that they wouldn't have expected here at home. >> reporter: hours later the loss becomes clear, more than a dozen people killed, many others wounded. investigators must now focus on why. jonathan betz, al jazeera. and thousands of people began the day at this navy yard like any other day, and many were just getting into the office when their building suddenly became a war zone. here is their account.
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>> i heard a woman running down that there's a shooter, get out of the building, and almost at the same time, i heard multiple gunshots, and there was a colleague of mine, and we -- we -- once we heard that, we went straight for an office, and then we went by an -- the two -- there was actually two women and myself, and they went behind the desk, and were there for a little bit, and then i didn't hear anything, so i said i'm not staying here. >> there was an individual that came from the building behind us, basically saying, hey, there is a shooter in your building. and i heard two more shots, one of them hit him, and i took off from there. >> the guy you were with? >> the guy i was talking to. >> got shot? >> correct. >> and what was his situation? >> he was shot in the head, and did not like look he made it, so i ran. >> one of my coworkers called me
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and told me what was happening. and said i don't think you will be able to make it to work together. so he called me like five minutes later and told me there was a shooting going on. >> the workers in the cafeteria wanted us to stay inside, but i just ran. a few of us ran out the side exit, there we saw a security guard, and she told us to keep running. and she had a gun drawn. >> there's a live press conference going on in washington, d.c. about the shooting. let's listen in. >> 1-800-222-0364, again that's counseling available free of charge for all personnel impacted by today's represents, uniform personal, civilian personnel, as well as their dependants. the secretary of the that i have
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has provide a special designee status for all personnel impacted by gunshot wounds today to avail themselves at services at walter reid medical center at bethesda for . . . i guess we would also like to make point of thanking the community. the outpouring of support from the red cross from the nationals who made food and water available to folks who had been locked down on the base since 8:00 this morning, and who will very likely have several hours to go. the metro police, you see these buses continue to ferry personnel back and forth. what am i missing? [ inaudible ] >> if the admiral and i could
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provide further detail we will be happy to. >> reporter: what was your name. >> juan garcia. >> bill french. >> reporter: [ inaudible ]? >> we -- we are continuing to go through that process right now as far as evacuation goes with -- or leaving the base with federal bureau of investigations, so we -- we think about half of those folks that were on the base have been transferred up either to meet their families to be picked up or out to metro to get to their homes. >> reporter: [ inaudible ]? >> we have a rough estimate. so it's a couple thousand we think that are left that we're continuing to process. again, we have got great support from the d.c. metro organization providing us more and more buses as we speak. so we continue to process those
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folks and get them primarily up to the metro station to go from there. >> reporter: how long do you think it will take to get everyone out? >> we think probably for another couple three hours before we get everybody off of the base. >> reporter: is there still suspicion of another shooter involved? >> i don't have any specific data on that. we're leaving that to the folks at the fbi. and others. >> reporter: admiral this is a very hard target as the phrase goes -- >> you have been listening to bill french and juan garcia, giving more details on the aftermath of the shooting at the navy yard in washington today, and more on this story as well from fort worth, texas where 34-year-old aaron alexis reportedly had a passion for guns and video games. he recently lived in fort worth,
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and heidi joe castro is standing by with that part of the story. >> i'm in front of this restaurant that aaron alexis was very closely associated with. not only was he a waiter here, but he lived with the owner for three years. four men, one of whom identified himself as fbi are questioning that restaurant owner right now. earlier in the day he told us that aaron alexis was his best friend. he described alexis as a gentle and nice person, and he was stunned to find out that his friend could possibly be behind this atrocity. here is more of what he had to say. >> i kind of opened up the restaurant and he asked me, hey, i can help you. i don't have anything to do right now. and i'm like. yeah, if you want to help.
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that's why we become close friends and stayed in the same house for almost like three years, so, you know, we become friends since then. >> now we also spoke with another friend here of aaron alexis, his name is michael. he is a handyman at this restaurant. and he described his friend aaron alexis in similar terms as a person he never could have imagined turning violent. but he said say there was one indication of something that in his eyes were strange, he said it was weird that a 34-year-old man would be so obsessed be violent video games. >> aaron seemed like a really nice guy. the only negative thing i can say is the played video games all the time, the shooting kind. and i used to joke with him about that, man, you are 34 years old, and you play video
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games all the time online. but that's what he liked to do. >> that friend also said one of the last conversations he had with aaron alexis was when aaron alexis expressed frustrations at his military contractor that was his employer, that he wasn't getting his full salary. and a little bit more, we found a police report from see at in 2004 that said aaron alexis was arrested for shooting out the tires of the car of another man because he told police he was in an angered fuel blackout after having been mocked by some construction workers on that site. we were also told when police questioned alexis's father at the time of the arrest, the father told police that alexis had a problem with anger management that stemmed from problems with posttraumatic
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stress disorder, john. >> heidi thank you very much. today's shooting is raising concerns about the security on military bases in this country. the shooter who was a remember of the naval reserve from 2007, to 2011 -- i asked about the security at the washington naval yard. >> if you are a member or have the military id, you just get waved right there. >> do you ever worry about that? >> sometimes. but not too much. i worried a little bit after the fort hood shooting that nobody inspected his car, and i thought maybe we should have random inspections. in the late '90s, i was stationed in naples italy, and when we went to war with serbia, there were random searches of
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everybody's car. i think we need to start doing that across the united states, because you never know. i think the military needs to realize it is not business as usual. there are a lot of guns out there, there are a lot of deranged people. >> we're still not sure exactly how he got on, are we? >> yeah, he got in via the regular way. he was a security -- rather he was a contractor, a civilian contractor who was authorized to be at the base. so he was authorized to be there. he showed his id, went through the gate, and look what he did. >> i was wondering after fort hood why wouldn't there have been some major changes? >> i think the government first denied it was a terrorist attack. they called it workplace
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violen violence. i think the military thought it was just a one off and would never happen again. well, something like this has happened again. all hits so far seem to point that he was just a reranged, disgruntled guy who was upset with his colleagues. that's what it looks like so far. >> all right. thank you for talking to us. the pressure on syria is building for them to remove chemical weapons stockpiles, and now that a united nations record has confirmed the use of sarin gassing, the un calls the evidence clear and convincing. john what did un inspectors find in syria, and what are the headlines out of this report? >> the headline, john, is the 20 inspectors in syria finally got to produce their evidence for the world today. and then there was a two and a
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half hour meeting at the security council in the building behind me attended by ban ki-moon. afterwards he came out and addressed the media and called the report chilling reading. here is what else he had to say. >> 85% of the blood samples tested positive for sarin. the majority of environmental samples confirmed the use of sarin. a majority of the rockets or rocket fragments recovered were found to be carrying sarin. the findings are beyond doubt, and beyond appeal. this is a war crime, and grave violation of the 1925 protocol, and other rules of international law. >> so the report says that sarin was used on august 21st
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august 21august 21st -- in damascus. the un talks about the delivery system. they say that a surface to surface missile was used. and when they checked the records of the surface to surface missile, they found traces within. so without actually saying so, the finger is pointing squarely in the direction of the damascus government. >> so any timing -- what are the timing issues here? >> the timing issues are you have to go back to last saturday the agreement between russia and america in geneva. that has to be turned into a legal document. and there is talk of having a resolution on the table within the next two weeks, but al jazeera understands they are
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going to try to push for that far, far sooner, because looming next week is the meeting of the general assembly of the united nations. all of the countries will be here, and the russians are putting up a red flag. the brits and americans and french want the use of force put in there, and that has upset the russians. >> does this have some impact on the obama administration's plans? what happens now? >> it's a great question, and i'm afraid the answer is too early to say. we just don't know. once again the syrians hold all of the cards. if it turns out the syrians and russians have just been using this for politicking, and they are not serious, clearly president obama will look like he has been played. on the other hand, a lot of
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other countries are now likely to back president obama. which is why the american administration, the brits and the french, their two key allies are very keen to see wording in any resolution that refers to use the force, because they believe we're only at this relatively optimistic point because of the threat of the use of force. >> john, thank you. let's bring in steven hadly, he served as national security advisor for the bush administration. mr. hadly, welcome. >> nice to be here, john. thank you. >> what do you make of this report from the un inspectors today? >> well, it confirms what the administration had been saying, that sarin gas was used. we know -- it confirms a lot of what we know about hot it was delivered, and -- and the like, and i think as the report we just heard said in a pretty
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clever and back handed way, they made it pretty clear that it was the syrian regime that was responsible. i think it is also interesting that they called it a war crime, and one of the issues for the administration is while it will be a good thing if in fact chemical weapons are taken out of syria, there is a question of whether assad should be held responsible for having committed a war crime against his own people. so there is an accountability issue. >> and you think he should, right? >> well, i think it's a question for the administration and the whole international community to grapple with. this guy has for over two years been making war on his own people, over 200,000 killed, 4 to 6 million displaced, and now of course war crime of using chemical weapons against his own people, and i think one of the
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concerns many people have about this arrangement that it is an effort by russia to preserve their ally assad, and to see if they can preserve his rule in syria, and if they succeed in that, it would be a -- a -- a real crime, and something that would send a message to the region that if you -- if you make war on your own people and kill hundreds of thousands, you can still hang on to power, and that would be a terrible lesson -- >> but you don't want boots on the ground. explain to me, though, how far you are willing to go? >> john, i have really felt for 18 months that the course for the united states was not boots on the ground, not using u.s. military power directly at all, but arm elements of the opposition that we vet, that we know are democratic in their leaning -- >> not al qaeda.
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>> -- not al qaeda and to arm those groups so they can provide a balance, if you will, to the al qaeda, and can also tip the balance on the ground so that assad knows he is not going to be able to stay, and the hope is at that point his regime would fracture and some elements of the army and the government could join these elements and form a government that would begin to wind down this war -- >> but it didn't happen, so what do we do now? >> it didn't happen. but the question now is can it happen now? there are a lot of people who believe if this chemical weapons effort goes well, it can lead to a negotiation, which the united states and russia might sponsor. i would say to you, it's not just getting to a negotiation, it's getting to a negotiation that succeeds, and i think it will not succeed as to how things now stand, because assad
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believes he is winning and will win, and the opposition has made clear they feel very weak and won't negotiate from a position of weakness. so i think what we have to do out there arming these democratic opposition is level the playing field on the ground and increasing the notion that assad is not the future of syria. i think that's the only way you are going to get parties to the negotiating table and might get an agreement that holds. >> steven hadley, thanks very much. >> nice to be with you, john. seven people are dead, hundreds missing, and thousands of homes are damaged and destroy tonight in colorado. colorado has been ravaged by rain for the past week. nearly 1800 people have been rescued from areas that were cut off by washed out roads.
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15 counties along colorado's front range have been flooded. the flood zone covers an area nearly the side of delaware. and jim hooley is in rural weld county, one of the hardest areas hit. jim? >> john, now we have another concern down here. take a look at this. this would be some of the farmlands out here on the eastern side of colorado right now. many of them just washed out like this field right here. and that is not good news for the farmers in colorado because this is harvest time. they are not able to harvest because there is too much water and mud. the rescue efforts continued all day today. we have had temperatures roughly in the 80s, things drying out. so that had helicopters up over
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the areas where people are still trapped. the rescue crews are asking people to come out with colored blankets mirrors, whatever, and wave those up into the sky so they can be scene. again, a break in the weather, the for cast calling for drier and warmer weather even still. and that will be a real plus for the rescue teams and hopefully the farmers too. all right. jim thank you. still ahead the fact authorities are collecting right now in washington. and al jazeera takes a look at the procedures in place for get going the neighborhood. plus getting control of federal spending, the challenges the president faces along with republicans to avoid a government shutdown. real money.
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victoria azarenko ç]
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welcome back to al jazeera. i'm john siegenthaler. 13 people are dead after mass shooting at a d.c. naval here.
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the shooter has been identified as 34-year-old aaron alexis. police are asking for anyone with information on the shooter to call them with details. we go now to mike viqueira with more. >> reporter: after a day of chaos and conflicting report, the fbi named the suspect. >> the deceased shooter has been identified at 34-year-old aaron alexis of fort worth, texas. >> thirty teen dead including alexis. as the drama unfolded. president obama took time to comment on the tragedy. >> these were men and woman going to work protecting all of us. >> reporter: the shootings took place in washington's naval yard, building 197. when shots rang out 589:15 this
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morning, the roughly 3,000 men and women who work at the navy yard were told to stay in place. >> we are also on the lookout for another possible shooter. that person was wearing an olive drab possible military style uniform. >> reporter: one man described a harrowing scene. >> we were hunkered down on the floor because we heard the previous gunshots. and then we looked up and there were two bullet holes in the wall. >> when the police officer came in he was most concerned about being able to talk to his mother, and wanted to make sure
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he could speak to her before he went into surgery. >> it's heart breaking, but the one thing that families do is we support each other. >> reporter: an announcement this evening from the navy. the navy yard employees only nonessential personnel need report for work on tuesday morning. mike viqueira, al jazeera, washington. >> joining us now is j.j. green. j.j. we talked earlier, and you described one of the problems that you see in security at the navy yard, and maybe other military bases. explain. >> one of the issues is that there are a lot of people that are coming in there, and they are coming in at the same time, and you have these situations where people have badges. they have to basically show this badge to get in, and this badge essentially in some cases is a situation where people take a quick look at it, and let these
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people through, because there's usually two levels of this, one where a live person has to get eyes on this badge and then this person has to swipe it through. sometimes both work, sometimes there are some glitches. there may be a person who has had action taken with reference with their employment that may not be reflected in their security profile. but this is something that authorities are taking a very close look at, making sure their security file reflects everything going on in the background, so they can be as up to date as possible so someone who may be involved in employee action can be prevented from entering a base if they have malicious intent on their minds, john. >> so people just show their badges and then they are just
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rushed through? >> sometimes it may seem that way. but the folks that work these security gates at the military bases and most of the bases around here are very good at getting eyes on and making sure that the people that get through are the ones that should get through, and those that shouldn't don't get through, and they are not the only ones. there's more than one set of eyes checking the situation at most of these bases like at the joint base, bowling or andrews, or even at the washington navy yard. there is usually more than one set of eyes, and usually there are electronic eyes as well. but there are always situations where there might be the right kind of alignment for someone to sneak through. >> it strikes me how you would check, let's say a thousand cars coming in even if they have security badges? >> yeah, well, a part of this
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is, you know, some of these people have to know that if they don't have the right badge, or the right permit to get on base, that they won't get on base, and they don't try it, but there are people like this particular situation that i was told a bit earlier today that possibly another badge that belonged to someone else was involved in this situation, but the folks that typically try to access these bases, they are fine, upstanding, and well, intentioned individuals, but there are people out there all the time that are looking for ways to circumvent the system, looking for ways to sneak in, and fortunately it doesn't have very often, but unfortunately today this was one of those situations where the person that was looking to do some ill got through. >> and as we have known since 9/11 security has changed all around the world, and it may change again after this event. j.j. thank you.
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it's good to talk with you. hours after the shooting, some scary moments at the white house. officers tackled a man outside of the north lawn after he tossed fire crackers over the fence. officers ordered visitors away from the house shortly after the incident. the man was arrested. "america tonight" joie chen is standing by with more of what is coming up at the top of the hour. hi, joie. >> good evening, john. we're going to have special coverage tonight looking deeper into the events of this day in washington, d.c., of course you are covering some of those events right now, but we're going to step a little further and look into the minds of these people, particularly experts who know about shooters in military environments. one of our experts that we'll talk to tonight was involved in
8:38 pm
lessons learned from the fort hood shooting. some interesting parallels there. we'll get a live report on the scene tonight, and we'll get you the very latest on the washington navy yard shooting. john? >> joie, thanks very much. ♪ it was exactly five years ago this week that the u.s. economy began to implode. president obama marked the an vaersry today with a speech in washington, and he was looking ahead to some upcoming political battling with congress. david shuster is following the story. >> john, president obama is facing two top debates with republicans in the next several weeks, first a battle over the budget, and the second battle coming next month involves raising the debt ceiling. today the president began to try
8:39 pm
to shape the contours of this fight by remaining the public that his administration cleaned up the economic mess left by the bush administration, and it was stimulus spending, new infrastructure spending, and tack breaks for the middle class. >> if you add it all up, over the last three and a half years, our businesses have added 7.5 million new jobs. the unemployment rate has come down. our housing market is healing. our financial system is safer. we sell more goods made in america to the rest of the world than ever before. >> reporter: the president said congress needs to pass a budget and raise the debt ceiling doubt drama. but republicans are beginning to dig in. convinced they can use both issues to force spending cuts and possibly repeal health care reform. so the president used aggressive language to paint the republican party as extreme. he repeated that the gop is
8:40 pm
threatening to crash the economy and erase the progress that has been made. >> are some of these folks really so beholden to one extreme wing of their party that they are willing to tank the entire economy just because they can't get their way on this issue? are they really willing to hurt people just to score political points? i cannot remember a time when one faction of one party promises economic chaos if it can't get 100% of what it wants. the last time this same crew threatened this course of action back in 2011, even the mere suggestion of default slowed our economic growth. >> reporter: republicans reabouted harshly saying the budget is out of control, and the president's unwillingness to make cuts to entitlement programs was created to the dead
8:41 pm
lock. the battle between the white house and republicans in congress appears likely to intensify over the next few weeks. meanwhile the financial markets and investors around the world are all keeping an eye on this. everybody is used to a certain amount of washington dysfunction, but the white house is deeply concerned about just how far the republican leadership in congress is going to push this. john? >> david shuster in our news room. david thank you. and moving a shipwreck. still ahead raising the cruise ship concordia off of the coastline. the science behind the project and how much it will end up costing. and the world of spots has been effected by the shootings in washington, d.c. jessica taft will have more on that.
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sachin asked the indian media
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♪ one of the most ambitious ship salvage operations in history is underway right now in italy. these are live pictures. and 32 people died last year when the cruise ship ran aground. al jazeera's charlie angela has more on this complicated salvage project. >> reporter: after 20 months of lying off the coast, the concordia is slowly coming up right. the line of trust and scrum
8:45 pm
rising in the sea proved that the operation is on course. from inside the control room, they operate a system of wenches, pulleys, and cables that are wrapped around the wreck. they will eventually rest the liner on an underground platform. slowly filling out thousands of liters of filthy water. engineers said they are well prepared. >> translator: at the moment i honestly don't see anything to worry us. at the moment. naturally we're keeping a close eye on the situation, we're ready in case anything happens. >> reporter: while this is an impressive feet of engineering, it is also the site of a tragic
8:46 pm
accident. 32 people died, and two victims still have not been found. one of them an indian waiter was last seen giving his life jacket to another passenger. for the people who have lived in the wreck's shadow for so long, the operation is a relief. >> translator: it's just like giving birth to a child. it's an immense happiness, but also a moment when you feel a great sense of responsibility. >> reporter: toeing it away during winter is considered too risky, instead it will be stabilize and partially taken away before final break up next summer. ♪ no doubt the baseball world and one of the last things on their minds of those in the d.c. area right now is the baseball
8:47 pm
game. the washington nationals postponing their game tonight with the braves, and just take a look at the proximity of the national's stadium. the stadium holds nearly 42,000 people. today the team released a statement, saying, quote . . . the national security personnel will continue to work closely with all levels of law enforcement. meanwhile, the nats and braves will play a day/night double header tomorrow. meanwhile they played the star spangled banner before tonight's monday night football game, players will fly their
8:48 pm
flag at half mast to honor the victims of washington, d.c. but they have something else stacked against them. their defensive guy who lead the team a year ago, now a bengal. >> he was the identity of what pittsburgh is, and is about. what the pittsburgh defense is about. he had a very blue collar to football. he was one of the hardest workers i have ever been around. obviously he was the intimida intimidator, he was the steel curtain. he was one of those style of players, so we lose that for sure. but we also have a guy that -- that have carry that on. ryan is a very physical player. we got jarvis jones who is
8:49 pm
extremely talented. he's not a james harris, but james harris was ant joey porter either, and joey porter wasn't a jason gill, but thank god we have had a line of people that were very successful. and their games may not be similar but their production may be. we have all gone through personal and professional issues with, and adversities with him. obviously we're closer than just teammates. so it's -- yeah, it will be tough -- it will be a different experience for us, but that's all part of football, you kind of face these types of things. you face former college teammates, but i have been playing with james for almost ten years, so we'll definitely miss him. weather delayed the final round of the bmw championship. tiger woods tried to claw his
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way back into the mix, but his putter failed him today. woods finished even par. zach johnson was the mover and shaker of the day. he had the hot putter too at conway farms. this was for birdie. he would do the same on 17. his final hole the easiest put of the way. that closed the deal. tiger finished 11th, but still earned enough points to pass hendrix stenson for the top spot in the standings. $10 million is at steak for that one, john. that's a nice chunk of change. >> so they work for this all year, and finally get the payoff. >> yep. thank you very much, jessica. wall street is jumping on the news that summer is out of
8:51 pm
the race to lead the federal reserve. the fed's vice chair is looking like the new candidate for the job. >> reporter: in the class photo of the g-7 financial leaders summit in may, she is the tiny one on the right, but don't let size fool you, she is poised to win the most powerful job of all. she built a career spanning both academia and policy. >> the economy is the strongest it has been in a generation. >> reporter: but perhaps her best qualification to take over for ben bernanke is her 36 year history with the federal administration. she has gained a number of high-profile endorsers.
8:52 pm
>> she is supremely qualified and has a great public image. i want somebody who main street trusts and respects. >> reporter: for now wall street likes her too. when larry summers withdrew his name from contention, reacted favorly. some question whether yellen would be as dare if bested by crisis. >> i think given her background, she would be a lot less bold, but i think having a more boring fed for a while would be a good thing for us. >> reporter: she does not have a close relationship with president obama, but as a long time fed player, no one doubts her ability to build consensus at this critical juncture in the nation's economy. two powerful storms
8:53 pm
pummelled mexico as they converged on opposite coasts of that country. at least 30 people are dead. tens of thousands are being forcefully evacuated. david murcer is in mexico city with the latest. >> reporter: there have been scenes of devastation across mexico. two months of rain have fallen in some areas. on the pacific and atlantic gulf coast, there has been massive, massive disasters, flooding up to two meters in the streets in certain areas. mud slides. one bus was covered with a mud slide leaving 12 people dead. up to two-thirds of the country have been effected by these rains. there are still people who were
8:54 pm
trapped in small villages in the mountainous areas of the coast. but the emergency services are having great difficulty reaching some of these people, and this is as their supplies start to run out. so there are a lot of hurdles in front of the emergency services trying to reach these affected communities, and with a few more days of rain in the forecast it is likely that things will get worse before they get better. >> stay with us, weather is next with rebecca stephens.
8:55 pm
8:56 pm
the storm known as ingrid, now down to only a tropical depression, but that's after dumping a significant amount of rainfall into the southwest gulf of mexico into mexico itself. now of course, brownsville did not get the same amount of rainfall that mexico has, but
8:57 pm
it's a double hit for mexico, because just yesterday we were tracking manual, which was also a tropical depression on the pacific side. that brought manzanio about 10 inches of rainfall. ingrid has brought anywhere from 3 inches to three days tote alg up to 15 inches in some places in mexico. so it's interesting when we compare a mountain range that gets a lot of rain, i just wanted to show how you can have a hurricane bring in up to 10 inches of rain, and compare that to boulder, colorado. just with thunderstorms we had more than that amount in almost the same amount of time. almost 15 inches of rain fell in boulder, we had 15 -- 14 to 15 inches in places like
8:58 pm
albuquerque too. the systems sending all of that moisture up to the southwest, we're starting to see dry air move in. that is a good thing. so even though we get a few showers out there, they will not be nearly as wet or hold as much rainfall as we had last week. colorado you still have a few showers in your forecast all the way through thursday, the probabilities are highest as you get into the eastern portion of texas -- or the western part of texas, sorry -- as you get into nebraska and kansas, where we have flooding rivers also the crests moving towards nebraska. looking at texas we have had a series of showers and thunderstorms. just south of corpus christi, houston even getting a few showers and thunderstorms. most of our flood warnings are in new mexico but we also have
8:59 pm
coastal flood advisory issued for parts of texas. here are the probabilities of rain. the other part of our story, cool weather. boy, it was a cool day across much of the northern plains. boston, maine, quite a cool day. overnight tonight the temperatures will drop down into the 30s and 40s to the north. as we get the day going for new york, you'll be 50. a cool 57 for billings. but lots of low clouds and scattered showers for parts of the pacific northwest. highs staying in the mid-to upper 60s, and even 60s over to the east, but staying warm for phoenix, arizona, but cooling off and that drier air moving in, which is good news, for boulder. ♪
9:00 pm
>> welcome to al jazeera. i'm john siegenthaler. here are the headlines. this morning's shooting in washington, d.c. left 13 dead including the shooter. the gunman was a navy contractor, aaron alexis, 31 years old. the d.c. police have not ruled out if anyone else was involved. initially it was thought that two people were helping the gunman. now there is a further assessment. the united nations says it has concluded chemical weapons were used in syria. the u.n.


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