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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 16, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

11:00 pm this. we'll see you next time. good evening everyone welcome to al jazeera i'm john siegenthaler in new york. >> from about 8:30 on just shock all day long. >> our family is happy tonight but there are some that is facing the world's worst. >> naval base? >> the 12 victims of the navy yard shooting are remembered as americans to try omake sense of what happened. >> the fbi identifies the man responsible but the mystery of his motive remains. and while the shooter is dead eight survivors remain in the hospital tonight.
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tonight, authorities in washington say they believe there was only one gunman in the navy yard shootings. the victims' families are being notified tonight. those killed were between the ages of 46 and 73 years old. eight more are injured. navy yard workers and witnesses are helping officials piece the day together. correspondent mike viqueira reports. >> after a day of chaos and conflicting reports the fbi named the shooting suspect. >> we can confirm that the deceased shooter from this morning has been identified as 34-year-old aaron alexis of fort worth text. >> 13 dead including alexis. at least a dozen wounded in another unthinkable attack, in the nation's capital. president obama took time on the event of the economy to honor the victims and comfort the families. >> these were men and women going to work doing their job protecting all of us.
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they're patriots. >> the shootings took place in washington's navy yard, building 1 navy, headquarters of the c systems command. when shotsd rang out about 8:15 this morning workers were told to stay in place. are an intense man hunt. >> a potential shooter involved black male approximately 50 years of age who may have been in possession of a long gun. that person is wear an olive drab colored possible military style uniform. >> once allowed to lead, many were reluctant to comment. one man described, a harrowing morning meeting. >> we heard gun fire we looked up and there were two bullet holes in the top of the wall of the conference room. >> among the injured a d.c.
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police officer before heading into injury at a local hospital he had a request. >> when he came in he was most concerned about being able to talk to his mother and wanted to make sure that he was able to speak to her before he went into surgery. >> a clearly shaken navy secretary ray mavis. >> one thing families do, we support each other. >> the navy yard employees only nonessential personnel need to report to work on tuesday morning. mike viqueira, al jazeera washington. >> one building came the center of a horrible attack. here is what people saw and heard. >> i heard a woman running down screaming there's a shooter get out of the building. almost at the same time i heard multiple gun shots and there was a colleague of mine, we once we heard that we went straight for
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an office and then we went by a -- two -- there was actually two women and myself and they went behind the desk and then we were there for a little bit and then i didn't hear anything and i said i'm not going to -- i'm not staying here. >> there was an individual who came up from the building behind us talking to me saying hey there's a shooter in your building and i heard two more shots, one of them hit him and he went down in front of me and i took off from there. >> the guy you were with? >> the guy i was talking to. >> he got shot? >> correct. >> what happened? >> he was shot in the head didn't look like he made it so i went from there. >> i was on my way here, one of my co-workers called me and told me what was happening. he said i don't think you are able to get it to work, something is going on, he called me five minutes later told me there was a shooting going on,
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they probably wouldn't let me in. >> the workers in the cafeteria, a few of us just ran out the side exit. there we saw the security guard. he told us to run to shelter, keep running because he had a gun drawn. >> we are also learning more about the gunman tonight. he recently lived if fort worth text. that is where our heidi zhou-castro joins us tonight. what have you learned about aaron alexis? >> we are getting very conflicting picture of aaron alexis, there is the shooter and then there is the 34-year-old who had very close ties to this restaurant behind me. not only was alexis a delivery person here but he lived with the owner for three years. that owner named neptasik was questioned by men who identified themselves as fbi this afternoon but earlier he told us that he
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saw alexis as his best friend. he said that the two met at a buddhist meditation center not far from here and listen how he describe the friendship develop. >> i kind of open up the restaurant and he said i can help you, i don't have anything to do right now. and then okay if you want to help me. yeah. that's why we become close friend and we stay no. same house for almost three years you know so you know we become friends. i don't since then. >> now there's a tight knit community around this restaurant. another friend of alexis's michael, told us that he knew alexis very well, that the two of them shared in deep conversations oftentimes debates between christianity and buddhism, and he said that alexis was a pretty average guy with one exception.
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take a listen. >> aaron seemed like a pretty flies guy, except he played video games, the shooting confined. i said you're 34 years old you play video games all the time online. we would joke about it but that's what he would like to do, that's what aaron liked to do. >> he said the last conversation with alexis, who left town about five months ago, alexis was complaining that the military contractor he was working for wasn't paying him and he expressed great frustration at that. that job led him to washed and the terrible -- washington, d.c. and the terrible events of today. >> heidi, he had other trouble with the law right? >> in 2010 alexis was arrested but not charged for firing a
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bullet through the ceiling of his unit and into the unit of the woman who lived above him. he said that was accidental. we looked deeper into his past, he was arrested in 2004, that time in seattle and according to that police report alexis had fired into the tire of another man, that man being a construction worker who according to the police report had mocked alexis. now, police at the time question alexis's father who calls new york home and that father said that his son had anger management problems associated with ptsd. so john obviously too early now to determine motives or what might have led to this evening but obviously one of the many avenues that investigators will explore. >> heidi zhou-castro in fort worth. thank you very much. a short time ago representative eleanor holmes
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norton spoke out about safety concerns. >> there are many outstanding questions, i would say most of the questions are outstanding. for many of us in this city who have been plagued by gun violence, among them is how someone, whatever his badge, managed to get a high powered gun into one of the most secure facilities in the district of columbia. >> now with more on the fbi's investigation into the navy shooting, let's bring in retired navy james wettig. now it appears there's only one gunman. how do these investigations unfold over time? >> good evening, john and my condolences to the families and the victims.
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you know, this is a complicated question. but i think when it's all said and done the next couple of days we're going ofind out that authorities may not have closely examined his background. and he might have been afforded access to the secure building without the proper checks. and maybe even an airport investigation i -- an errantinv. >> investigations many times they don't turn out to be the way they are in the end. that's the way these events unfold right? >> that's almost always the case. that's why on some occasions as an example the fort hood instance when authorities were quick to say that it wasn't terrorist related. quite frankly we usually don't know for at least 48 and days after an incident like this. >> how would you compare this to the fort hood shooting? >> well, it's pretty horrific.
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it's similar in that we have a lone gunman it looks like. both were given access to a government facility. in this particular incidence, i think the problem is that his background check wasn't done, which is something security officials have long complained about. because, you know, it's not unusual for someone to be given access, and for his browntd not to be done -- background not to have been done before -- until after he is granted access. in look at different reports they found at least 90% of the reports, now that's 90% of the reports that they looked at were missing some kind of proper identification or the investigators didn't conduct and adequate review of an incident. and what do we have here? we have at least three instances. we have an initial gun incident
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in the last year there in texas. where the gun misfired or went off in his apartment. and then we have the snernt in n seattle in 2004 where he purposefully used his weapon. then we come to find out that he was let go by the military because of some pattern of misconduct. all three of those instances should have been examined thoroughly for an individual given access to a secure location as the brooklyn -- not the brooklyn but the washington navy yard. >> if that had happened, if they had discovered those things what would have happened to his security clearance? >> well, one, he wouldn't have been given it. investigators would have been -- security foicialghts would have looked at that report his application and background and said look we need questions
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answers about these instances. have leads sent out to these offices, ask them to conduct a proper inquiry about what these events meant. i believe if he would have -- they would have come back with these factors he wouldn't have been hired. >> james wettick, thank you very much, appreciate it. more information on our website at but the other big story is the pressure that is on syria tonight to move its chemical weapons stockpile after a united nations report concluded serin gation is used. the u.s. says the information is clear and convincing. james bays reports. >> the u.n. secretary-general came to speak to reporters after presenting the security council what he calls evidence of a war crime. head of his inspection tame
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professor arkus sellstrom 48 pages of scientific detail. >> the report makes for chilling reading. the team gathered information from survivors medical personnel and first responders, the are findings are without doubt beyond the appeal. this is a war crime and a violation of the 1925 protocol and other rules of international law. >> what's the reaction of the security council? as ever, it is divided. some ambassadors claiming the detail in the report is a clear indication of who carried out the attack. >> we have associated one type of mu anything cited in the u.n -- mu anything cited in the u.n. report with 120 millimeter rockets with other are attacks. have not observed the opposition
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manufacturing or using this style of rocket. >> i think statements to the effect that the opposition could not have done certain things, i think they are not really as scientific, and as grounded on reality as the actual situation could be. >> in the coming days, the tension around the security council table will turn to drafting and then voting on a resolution to set up a mission to go into syria with the aim of dismantlindismantling assad's cl arsenal. there still seems to be wrangling over the wording of the u.n. security resolution. something to be in place by the end of this week. next week world leaders gather here in new york for the u.n. general assembly. james bays, united nations, new
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york. >> part of the inspection of the chemical weapons in the 1990s. >> hello john, good to be here. i think report today from the united nations was most welcome. waited for -- we've waited for it, for a couple of weeks. referred to the investigations that went on there under the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons inspectors back in the late part of august. and i think the results were not surprising. i mean it showed that serin was definitely used. serin nerve agent and it also indirectly pointed the finger at assad's syrian army force he. even though it didn't lay blame on either side. it seems to me clear that the rockets that he used could have only come from the government military forces.
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so in that way i think it finally puts to rest who's been using the chemical warfare agents and the fact that on august 21st there was heavy attack in the east damascus neighborhood with chemical agents. >> so does it make it easier to get a resolution through the u.n. security council? >> i think it does. depends on the wording of the resolution, the russian he will totally oppose i think any sort of threat of force still at this point in time. but i think it was clear that nerve agent was used. it is a crime against museumity as secretary ban ki-moon said. and enforced. >> how is this going to work? syria is going going to open up its doors and say here come look at our chemical weapons stockpile in the middle of a civil war and many nations
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including the united states are going to help move them and destroy them? >> right. the first step has been taken. bashar al-assad has joined the chemical weapons convention, he has got a week to declare his whole chemical weapons program not just the stockpile but of course the production facilities laboratories -- >> what if he lies? >> what? >> what if he lies? >> you know he could -- he could lie. he could cheat. just as moammar gadhafi did when he joined the convention in 1964. if he does lie they will be able to find them. and the political pressure on him is so great that it would be a big mistake, it would be very steupped for bashastupid for blo lie because if he does lie he will have to pay the ultimate
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price. >> how do you keep these weapons safe until they're destroyed? >> we assume the weapons are under his control fully. there's no proof that weapons have leaked to the oips side or to al qaeda or anything else. if he's got full control now he should be able to maintain full control. his forces should maintain that security. it may be that united nations peace keeping forces are also needed but clearly full safety is needed, as o pc wemplet inspectors go in and document everything, verify, inventory the stock piles and then you have to move forward and destroy them. that is the big question. >> paul walker, we appreciate your insight and thank you for staying up late with us tonight. misunderstand still missing in colorado's flash flood, just ahead, the impact having on the economy, especially the farmers.
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the problems the parts of mexico are facing after two tropical storms slammed into the country. before we leave go to break we leave you with more images of the terrible shooting at washington's naval yard.
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al jazeera america - a new voice in american journalism - >>introduces america tonight.
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>>in egypt, police fired teargas at supporters of the ... >>a fresh take on the stories that connect to you. [[voiceover]] they risk never returning to the united states. >>grounded. >>real. >>unconventional. [[voiceover]] we spent time with some members of the gangster disciples. >>an escape from the expected. >>i'm a cancer survivor. not only cancer, but brain cancer. >> welcome back to al jazeera. i'm john siegenthaler. the rain has finally stopped in north central colorado where flooding has ravaged the area. eight people are dead hundreds are missing and thousands of homes are damaged. jim hooley reports. >> we have a break in the weather but another concern that is for the farmers in the
11:23 pm
eastern part of the state. it has been warmer and drier but look at all this water flushed down, all of this flooding their farm lands. they should be in here harvesting corn alfalfa, beets, around things like that but it's too wet and muddy. we have new numbers from the office of emergency management. 1900 homes have been damaged some 1500 of those destroyed. 21 helicopters and planes up in the air today and those rescue crews still trying to find some of the people trapped in foothills. they are asking those people to come outside, wave blankets, wave sheets. they need all the help they can to find some of the trapped people right now. the forecast is a plus, it calls for warmer and drier weather and that of course will be a real benefit for those rescue crews still working up in the air and
11:24 pm
on the ground and the farmers concerned about all their valuable land. >> there are several reasons why they've got so much rainfall in colorado. one reasonment
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that's all i have an real money. victoria azarenko [[voiceover]] every day, events
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>> and welcome back to al jazeera. i'm john siegenthaler. here are the top stories. police in washington, d.c. say they believe the man who shot and killed a dozen people at the
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washington navy yard acted alone. eight people remain in the hospital tonight police have no motive for the killing. 35-year-old aaron alexis, a civilian military contractor, from fort are miller texas. had a valued pass to enter the navy yard. the u.n. has clear and convincing evidence that chemical weapons were used in syria but did not place any blame for the use of gas nearly one month ago. no motive for the shooting at the washington navy yard but all indications are that aaron laim acted alone. authorities are notifying the relatives of those killed. there was confusion and a lot of conflicting information the first howrt hours of that
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situation. jonathan betz has more. >> at 8:15 in the morning, reports of a gun inside the building, where 3,000 people work. >> as he came around the corner he aimed his gun at us and fired two or three shots. >> a man shooting at victims in the atrium,. >> the guy flex to me got shot, i didn't. >> within seven minutes a huge team of law enforcement officers emerge and begin shooting for the shooter. at 8:45 witnesses see another possible gunman, five victims including a d.c. officer, start arriving, all of them shot
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multiple times. 9:40, planes are grounded, schools are put on lock down. and it is reported that officers have cornered a gunman inside the building. shortly before noon, three hours after the first shots were fired, reports surfacinged indicating the shooter is dead. 34-year-old aaron alexis from texas but police fear the danger has not yet passed. >> the big concern for us right now is, is that we potentially have two other shooters that we have not located at this point. >> soon after and not far away, president obama addresses the tragedy. >> it's a shooting that targeted our military and civilian personnel. these are men and women who were going to work, doing their job, protecting all of us. they're patriots and they know the dangers of serving abroad.
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but today, they face the unimaginable violence that they wouldn't have expected here at home. >> hours later the loss becomes clear. more than a dozen people killed many others wounded, investigators must now focus on why. >> that's jonathan betz reporting. alexis was a former navy employee, he had a valid pass and clearance to work at the navy yard. >> mr. alexis had legitimate access to the navy yard, as a result of his work as a navy contractor and used his valid pass to gain entry to the navy yard. >> among the 13 dead is the shooter who was a member of the naval reserve from 2007 to 2011.
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>> i asked jmpletsd. gordon about the security at the military yard. >> if you have a military i.d. you get waved right through. there is no inspection for your card. >> do you ever worry about that? >> sometimes, but not too much. i worried about the fort hood shooting with major hasan that nobody inspected his are are car. when i was the naval spokesman in are italy, there were random searches of everybody's car, didn't matter if you were military or civilian. you don't know who could be radicalized or terrorist or someone who's deranged. it's not business as usual. there are a lot of gubs out there, a lot of de-- guns out there, a lot of deranged people. they need to do a better job not only with security at the gate
11:34 pm
but mental health screening. >> we're not certain how he got in are we? >> yes, he got in the regular way. he was a civilian yoor who was authorized -- contractor who wassing authorized to be there. he didn't sneak in, didn't get in by false pretense, he showed his i.d. got in through gate and look what he did. >> why wouldn't there have been some major changes after fort hood? >> well i think the government first denied that it was a terrorist attack, they called it workplace violence. i'm not sure what it is today, what it is or isn't, we don't know. i think the military thought it was a one-off wouldn't happen again but now it's happened. all hits so far seems to point to the fact he was a deranged disgruntled guy who was upset with his co-workers, that's what it looks so far.
11:35 pm
>> now to the point of syria. the united nations are released its report. it is the worse chemical weapons attack since saddam hussein gassed his singles in -- civilians in 1988. >> a majority of the rockets or rockets fragments recovered were found to be carrying serin. the findings are beyond doubt and beyond the pale. this is a war crime, and grave violation of the 1925 protocol and other rules of international law. >> now, a little earlier tonight i spoke with former national security advisory stephen hadley. he said the u.n. report does not
11:36 pm
go far enough in holdining assad responsible. >> one of the concerns many people have about this arrangement is that it's actually an effort by russia to preserve their ally, assad. and to see if they can preserve his rule in syria. and i think if they succeed in that it would be a real crime. and something that would send a message to the region that if you make war on your own people, and kill hundreds of thousands, you can still hang on to power. and that would be a terrible lesson to teach in the middle east. >> welcome back everyone. in business wall street reacted to the news that former treasury secretary larry summers is out of the race to lead the federal reserve. the dow is up nearly 120 points
11:37 pm
with the fed's vice chair janet yellin looking like the prime candidate for that. >> she's the tiny one on the right. but don't let size fool you. janet yellin is poised to take the most powerful job of them all. chair of the council of economic advisors. >> the economy is the strongest it's been in a generation. >> but perhaps her best qualification is her 36 year history with the federal reserve system including a alternatively as president of federal reserve bank and her current role vice chair of the fed board in washington, d.c. along the way, she has gain the support of many high profile
11:38 pm
financial beingless, includining jane bair. $85 billion a month stimulus policy more aggressively than yellen. a more aggressive leadership, some question whether yellen would be as daring when tested by crisis. >> i think given her background she would be a lot less bold but at the end of the day, i'm not sure that would be a bad thing because having a more boring fed now would be a good thing for the american public and for our economy. >> yellen doesn't have a strong relationship with president obama, but as a long time fed player no one doubts her ability to build consensus at this critical part of the economy. >> settle investigations into
11:39 pm
its so-called london whale trade losses according to reports. and the bank is also expected to admit guilt as part of a deal with regulators. j.p. morgan has been under severe scrutiny since it lost 6.4 billion last year. traders are under indictment for their role in the scandal. president obama is praising his administration's response to the crisis of five years ago, and he's also issuing a strong warning to republicans in the congress with a threat against spending or raising the debt ceiling unless obamacare is rolled back. >> are some of these folks so beholden to one wing of their party that they're willing to tank the economy just because they can't get their way on this issue? are they really willing to hurt people just to score political points? i cannot remember a time when
11:40 pm
one faction of one party promises economic chaos if it can't get 100% of what it wants. >> the president is urging congress to pass a new federal budget without drama and he again said he will not negotiate with lawmakers over raising the country's debt ceiling. now to another term sex trafficking is usually associated with far-away countries but child sex trafficking here in this country is one of the topics being discussed at a justice department child safety summit in mac this week. as john hendren reports thousands of children are at risk. >> she grew up fast. >> my mother gave me up add age 2 was a heroin addict. >> leads to a life of worthlessness and drugs and
11:41 pm
prostitution. >> the only thing i could think of was to save as much money as i could have from what i was doing to stop doing it. it boggles my mind that this could happen to them at such a young age. >> child sex trafficking, the united states justice department says about 300,000 children are being prostituted, their age 13 to 14. an fbi sting netted children into sex trafficking. >> this is definitely a problem that's occurring right now in the united states with american children. >> many sold at strip clubs motels and massage parlors by boyfriends, gangs, even husbands don't fully realize they're being trafficked. >> i have seen women who have
11:42 pm
come in who have been pimped out by their father at the age of 16. i've seen ten year olds that have been recruited by pimps because you can resell a child over and over and over again, but you sell a drug once and it's gone. >> 1 to 200,000 a year per child, the average pimp has four to six prostitutes. emma escaped to the dream center where she tells her story to youngsters. >> you think what is happening to me, what did i do? >> there is hope and life after prostitution, emma says, she's studying to become a hairstylist but it's a story she tells far too often. john hendren, al jazeera, chicago. >> success in the sea.
11:43 pm
finally, the wrecked costa concordia, one of the most expensive are recovery efforts ever. jim furyk was not the one who would drive away a winner. sachin asked the indian media not to put too much pleasure pressure on the teenager. >> my son started his
11:44 pm
career. it's a humble request if he can live his life like a normal 14-year-old without thinking of anything other than falling in love with the sport. (applause) >> some footsteps to follow in. more on the website. check it out. all the details. get in touch with us on twitter and facebook. plenty more from me later, but that is the sport for now. >> thank you. stay with us on al jazeera. another full bulletin of news is ahead with julie mcdonald, who will be in london for us. for now, goodbye.
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>> well, you're looking at live pictures of the huge cruise ship the costa concordia. which is finally upright tonight nearly two years after capsizing off the coast of italy. here is the time lapse photography, which took 19 hours. it was a remarkable feat of trying to salvage the ship.
11:46 pm
it's one of the most expensive or the most expensive in history. well jessica taff is here to speak about sports. the shootings had a big effect on the sports down there. >> nonetheless we do pass along that the washington nationals and braves did not play tonight. the safety of all involved look at the time proximity of the washington stadium a few blocks away from where that massive shooting occurred. the stadium holds nearly 42,000 people. the nationals released a statement, all of us in the nationals organization are deeply saddened to hear about
11:47 pm
the event. the safety of our residents are of the utmost priority. the nats and braves will play a day-night doubling headers at the nationals park. you drive for show you putt for dough. zack johnson got closer to the $10 million playoff prize. two weeks ago he hit a birdie putt to grab the last place on the presidents cup. unfortunately for tiger woods his putter went ice cold. woods lips out on 9 and closer on 11 that didn't work either. tied for 11th meanwhile, johnson put on a clinic. atap taparoo close over a two
11:48 pm
shot victory over nick watney. the four tourney playoff concludes this weekend at atlanta at the tour championship. while the 0 and 2 giants trying to figure out how to hang onto the football, andy reed, 2 and 0 into the season, andy takes that into his stomping grounds this weekend. ross shimabuku last the week number 3 of the nfl with the turnover prone eli manning. >> you have ten turnovers so far and eli manning with seven interceptions. peyton is 3-0 up on eli. the giants are on other issues, all four teams lost on sunday but still, you've got to keep pace with the redskins the
11:49 pm
eagles the dallas cowboys. they need to turn this around. it's more than just fumbling issue we saw, he needs to get i.t. straight. >> the afc they are 2 and 0 from all of last season. what has andy done to turn that program around? >> i think it's the kansas city chiefs program. bringing in roman reed and he got himself a quarterback in alex smith so efficient, smart quarterback, he's not going to woo you, he's not the colin kaepernick and the russell wilsons. in two weeks in the kansas city chiefs he plays smart heads-up football. look forward to thursday night. this is going to be a great matchup. andy reed, taking on michael
11:50 pm
vick, le shawn jackson, mccoy, that new style of offense that they're running with chip cancel, i cannot wait, thursday night can not get here soon enough. >> thank you very much. the nfl is a billion dollar business so no surprise that when forbes revealed its list of richest americans, the richest of the bunch is st. louis rams owner stan krensky whose net worth is $5.3 billion. a lot of green with the dolphins and bucks owners second and third. cowboys owner comes in fifth among his colleagues at $3 billion. the baseball season is winding down and it is a mad dash to the finish. the rays handing the texas rangers their seventh straight loss by a score of 6-2.
11:51 pm
five teams now are within two and a half games of a wild card better iberth in the american l. the shooting in washington provided a lock down to the washington nationals game. one thing i like about sports is it brings out things in people and it's just a game and there are bigger things going on. returning to the top stories, flooding in colorado. some people making their way back to flood damaged homes. and rob reynolds, with families who found their homes in ruins. >> relentless and powerful the water flowed down, paying no heed to the work of man kind. road possessions, lies, the
11:52 pm
award moved and hayden court was just in its way. jennifer perrault moved into her house just six weeks ago. down in the basement there is a thick river of a mud and a foul smell. irreplaceable keepsakes lie ruined in the muck. [ crying ] that's all gone. oh yeah, it's just gone. >> perrault has no flood insurance but even with all the damage she sees redemption. >> i'm safe you know, allison are safe, my dog is safe and the people in this neighborhood are safe what's really important it's not this stuff. >> up and down hayden court wrecked cars huge chunks of asphalt and lamp posts testify
11:53 pm
to the power of this week's flood. people taking stock and figuring out what to do next. roland roberts helped his parents scoop up from their garage. nina roberts was at home with her 13-year-old son and one of his friends when the water santa started swirling up fast. she saw her car swept away. >> it was a time span of two or three minutes when the water hit the tires of the durango and take it down the road. >> in the meantime her husband jeff swam across flooded fields battling the heavy currents to get to his family. >> you kind of lose all thought of yourself, you know, you just have to get to your system.
11:54 pm
that's it. >> emergency workers say they'll have the power back on in a day or two. but the repair work and the cleanup will take a lot longer than that. and none of the families who live here on hayden court will ever forget the day the waters rose. rob reynolds, al jazeera longmont, colorado. mexico is having its own flooding problems as two powerful storms slammed into that country. more than 30 lost their lives and tens of thousands have been evacuated. david mers reports. >> while there have been scenes of devastation across mexico, as much as two inches of rain have fallen on the pacific and atlantic gulf coast, there have been massive massive flooding, two inches of water in some areas, there have been
11:55 pm
mudslides, one bus was covered by a mudslide leaving 12 people dead. they said over two-thirds of the country have been affected by these storms, by these torrential rains. a state of emergency has been declared on one of the states along the pacific coast. there are still people who are trapped in small villages in the mountainous areas of the pacific coast. they are waiting for help to reach them but more than a dozen roads or bridges being damaged or completely washed out, the emergency services are having great difficulty reach these people, as water and food start to run out. so there are a lot of hurdles for these emergency services trying to reach these communities and with a couple of more days of rain in the forecast it's likely to get worse before getting better.
11:56 pm
>> stay close to us with the forecast with rebecca stevenson and i'll have the headlines.
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>> nowhere on record have two storms hammered mexico at the exact same time. one in the pacific and one on the east side in the atlantic. now the problem is, landslides, flooding, intense amounts of rainfall. in fact acapulco has had so many landslides they were trying to get tourists out by rolling them away from local resorts. now we talk about rainfall as brought to us from a tropical storm or hurricane can bring significant amounts of rain. when you talk about the thunderstorms we had in colorado and the amount of time we accumulated close to ten to 15 inches of rain it's interesting that the same amount of rain from almost the same amount of time came from a hurricane and also came from thunderstorms. as we look at ingrid now a tropical depression it's causing problems in mexico and southern
11:59 pm
parts of texas, that's slowly diminishing. flash flood warnings are up through texas and new mexico, albuquerque reporting four inches of rainfall in addition to what's happening in colorado. we'll continue to see the potential or high probability of rainfall in the central west portion moving towards nebraska. it will be slowly drying for colorado, showers in the mountains but the moisture will not be extremely heavy because drier air is coming in from colorado even though we have that tropical moisture to the south. we've got a pattern change happening and the good news is by thursday into friday we will have some dry time to see rivers recede, record forming, and slowly dry for texas, few showers tonight.
12:00 am
>> welcome to al jazeera i'm john siegenthaler. here are the headlines. authorities say they have found no motivate motive for the shooting at the washington navy yard. it is indicated that aaron alexis acted alobe. eight people were injured three shot but in stable condition. live pictures of the costa concordia is now upride. the salvage operation began and took 19 hours. 32 people were killed when the cruise ship ran aground off the coast of italy last year. two of the victims were never found. the massive ship capsized after a


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