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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 17, 2013 2:00am-2:31am EDT

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good morning, i'm morgan radford. these are some of the stories we are following at this hour. a former reservist kills 12 at the washington navy yard before being killed in a gun battle with police. authorities are trying to determine his motive for murder. >> the shooter in the worst attack on a military installation since fort hood has a checkered past - including two former shootings. we'll hear from people who knew the shooter. >> rescuers get to hundreds of people in colorado, surrounded by flooding. some residents are
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returning to their homes. >> answers - the united nations releases its findings on the chemical weapons attack that killed hundreds of syrians. >> authorities say the suspected lone gunman in the navy yard shooting had a history of anger problems. there was a question this morning on how he got a job with a washington defense contractor. the fbi says 34-year-old aaron alexis acted alone. eight others at the washington were injured. investigators announced no motive for the gunman's rage. more now from our white house correspondent. >> after a day of chaos and conflicting reports the fbi
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named the suspect. >> we confirm that the deceased shooter has been identified as 34-year-old aaron alexis of fort texas. >> 13 dead, including aaron alexis. as the drama unfolded president obama took time to honour the victims and comfort the family. >> these were men and women going to work, doing their job, protecting all of us. they are patriots. >> the shootings took place in washington navy yard, building 197, headquarters of the sea system command. when shots ran out 3,000 men and women who worked at the navy yard were told to stay in face as an intense mann hunt was conducted. many employees were reluctant to comment when allowed to leave. >> one described a harrowing scene. >> we were hunkered down, on the floor, because we heard the previous gunshots. we heard and
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saw gun fires, and there were two bullet homes in the conference room. >> a dc police officers was injured. he had a request before heading into surgery ril. >> he was most concerned about talking to his mother, wanting to make sure he spoke to her before going into surgery. >> a shaken navy streety may mabus spoke. >> it's heart breaking one thing families do is support each oat. >> an announcement from the navy yard employees - nonessential personnel need pre-sentence report to work tuesday morning. >> many employees of the navy yard were getting to work monday morning when one building in the complex became the center of an attack. here is what some saw, in their own words. >> i heard a woman running down screaming that there's a shooter, get out of the building:am at the same time i -- am at the same time i heard
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multiple gunshots. a colleague of mine - we heard that, went to an office and went by an - there was two women and myself. they went behind a desk and we were there for a little bit and didn't hear anything. i said, "i'm not staying here.". >> there was an individual who came from the building behind us, the maintenance building, talking to me saying, "there's a shooter in your building", i heard two shots, one hit him, he went down in front of me, and i took off. >> the guy you were with? >> the guy i was talking to got shot. >> what was his situation afterwards. >> he was shot in the head and did not look like he made it, so i ran from there. >> i was on my way here, one of my co-worker called me and said this is what is happening and told me, "i don't think you'll make it to work, something is going on." so he called me five minutes later and told me
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that there was a shooting going on and they probably wouldn't let me in. >> people, workers in the cafeteria wanted me to stay. i ran - a few of us ran out the side exit. we saw the security guard and he told us to run to shelter, keep running. she had her gun drawn. >> in the first hours after the shooting there was a lot of confusion and conflicting information. jonathan betts has a closer look at how the day unfolded. >> monday morning, the start of the work week. the day begun at washington's navy yard when at 8:15 report of a gunman inside building 197. the headquarters of the naval sea systems command, where 3,000 people worked. >> we heard shots. as he came around the corner, he aimed his gun and fired two or three shots. >> witnesses reported a man shooting from an upper floor at victims in the atery um. >> we are lucky to be alive. a guy next to me got shot, i
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didn't. >> within seven minutes a team of law enforcement officers converged on the military complex, searching for the shooter. at 8:35 witnesses saw another possible gunman, a man in his 40s wearing a khaki uniform. victims, including a dc police officer arrived at washington hospitals. some had been shot multiple times. >> all are alert and speaking. >> 9:40 planes are grounded at regan international airport. eight schools were put on lockdown. reports that officers cornered a gunman. shortly before noon, more than three hours after the first shots were fired and after hundreds of law enforcement officers ascertain -- searched the complex, the shooter is identified as dead, and identified as aaron alexis. police fear the answeringer has
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not pass -- danger has not passed. >> the big concern is potentially there are two other shooters that have not been located at that point. >> soon after, and not far away president obama addresses the tragedy. >> it's a shooting that targeted our military and civilian personnel. these are men and women going to work, doing their job, protecting all of us. they are patriots, and they know the dangers of serving abroad, but today they face the unimaginable violence that they wouldn't have expected here at home. >> hours later the loss becomes clear. more than one dozen killed, many others wounded. investigators must focus on why. >> al jazeera's jonathan betts reporting. we are learning more this morning about the gunman. >> aaron alexis lived in fort worth texas, and that is where we find heidi joe castro.
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>> friends of aaron alexis describe him as a quiet person, and an admirer of world cultures. he became a member of this fort worth buddhist temple in 2010, where he med tated and ran errands. >> he was quiet. >> the temple is where he met this person who described aaron alexis as his best friend. he owns this thai restaurant down the street from the temple. aaron alexis was a deliveryman. >> unbelievable. this is my customer, they have known aaron for a long time. he's nice person. >> he says aaron alexis lived with him for three years. that was after aaron alexis had been kicked out of his own apartment for having shot a bullet into the unit above him. aaron alexis told police at the time it was an accident. he was never charged. aaron alexis carried a gun with
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him at all times, even while at work. >> if we tried to get something from the top, and the shirt lift up, i can see his gun. i told him, "you have to keep the gun in the car or the house, not here". >> other friends say aaron alexis had an obsession with violent video games. he left the house about five months ago when a job with a military contractor took him to japan. michael says that aaron alexis returned home upset, complaining the contractor was not paying him. >> he felt like they should have paid him when they took him to tokyo. it was - he loved to be able to travel. but when he came back he talked about how they didn't give him the money they said. >> it was one of the last conversations michael had with aaron alexis. monday morning he saw the news and has been in disbelief since.
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>> questions are swirling now about security at military facilities across the country. monday night-washington dc representative eleanor holmes norton spoke out about safety concerns. most of the questions are outstanding. for many of us in this city who have been plagued by gun violence, among them is how someone whatever his badge, managed to get a high-powered gun into one of the most secure facilities in the district of columbia. >> just hours after the navy yard shooting, a scare at the white house. secret service officers tackled a man outside the north lawn after he tossed firecrackers over the fence. the man has since been charged. >> continue to follow us online
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for the latest on the investigation in the washington navy shooting. >> floodwaters are finally receding in colorado. problems are piling up. residen residents return home to survey the damage. >> the united nations reveal its findings on chemical weapons in syria. coming up - why some say the report points to president bashar al-assad. >> live - you are watching what happened after it took 19 hours to lift up the wrecked "costa cordia." what is next for the 114,000 tonne cruiser?
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pressure is mounting on syria to give up its chemical
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weapons. an eagerly anticipated united nations weapons report concluded that sarin gas was used in an attack that killed hundreds of people.. the report stopped short of placing blame but suggested that the bashar al-assad regime was behind the attack. >> the u.n. secretary-general spoke to reporters after presenting the security council with what he said was evidence of a war crime. he was planked by the head of his weapons' inspection team professor arkis, who wrote the report, 38 pages of scientific and forensic details. >> the report makes for chilling reading. the team gathered testimony from survivors, medical personnel and first responders. the findings are beyond doubt and behind the pale.
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this is a war crime, grave violation aft 1925 protocol and other rules of international law. >> what is the reaction of the security council? as ever it's divided. some saying the detail in the report is a clear indication of who carried out the attack. >> we associated one type of munition, a 122mm rockets with previous regime attacks. we have reviewed thousands of open-source videos relating to the current conflict in syria and have not observed the opposition manufacturing or using this style of rocket. >> i think statements to the effect that the opposition could not have done certain things - i think they are not really as scientific and grounded on reality as the actual situation could be. >> in the coming days, attention around the security council table will turn to drafting, and
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then voting on a resolution to set up a mission to go into syria with the aim of dismantling assad's chemical arsenal. that u.s.-russian deal at geneva is in place, there's rangling over the wording of the u.n. security council resolution. diplomats tell me they hope something will be in place by the end of this week. next week world leaders gather in report for the ungeneral assembly. >> the turkish military shot down a syrian helicopter. turkey's deputy prime minister says its fighter plane fired on the chopper after it entered turkish air space. the helicopter crashed in syria, and the pilot was seen par chuting from the plane. it is said to escalate tensions between the two countries.
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>> in north carolina, outrage in the former shooting of a former college football player. jonathan farrell was killed on saturday. police now say he was shot 10 times by charlotte police officer randall kenned rick. he has been charged with voluntary manslaughter , and farrell was seeking help after crashing his car, when thin the shooting took place. the family talked about their loss. >> my sons was a great guy. he was going to be a successful man. his goal was to work and become a businessman so i would never have to work. >> it's crazy, because when my father passed, i was sitting up on christmas eve when my father pass the. jonathon told me he would be there to protect me through
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life, and he always protected me the entire time he was here. >> as you can see the family getting emotional describing how ferrell wanted to go back to school to become an automotive engineer. >> the rain stopped along colorado's front range, allowing rescue efforts to resume after massive flooding. 1800 have been rescued from areas cut off by washed out roads. some residents have begun making their way back to their flood-damaged home. we caught up with some of those families who found their neighbourhoods completely in ruins. >> relentless and powerful the water flowed down, paying no heed to the fragile works of mankind - roads, house, possession, lives. >> the water moved. and hayden court was in its way. jennifer moved into her new house on hayden court six weeks ago. down in her basement there's a
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thick layer of mud and a foul river smell. irreplaceable tokens were ruined in the muck >> it's all gone. yes, it's just gone. >> she has no flood insurance, but with all the damage she sees redemion. >> i'm safe, alison my sister is safe, my dog is safe and the people in the neighbourhood is safe - what is important - it's not this stuff. >> up and down hayden court - wrecked cars, huge chunks of asphalt and toppled land posts testified to the power of the flood. people are taking stock and figuring out what to do next. emergency workers cleared bay
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bri. >> rowan helped his parents. nina was home with her 13-year-old son and a friend went the water started swirling up fast. she saw her car swept away. >> it was a time span of 2-3 minutes before the water hit the bottom of the tyres on the dorringo. it went all the way up and we watched it go over the dorringo and take it down the road. >> larsson and the two boys were trapped for two hours. her husband swam across heavy fields, battling the current to get to his family. >> you don't feel proud of yourself - you just have to get to your family. that's it. >> emergency workers say they'll have the power back on in a day or two. the repair work and the clean-up will take longer than that.
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none of the families who live here on hayden court will ever forget the day the waters rose. >> and in mexico they are recovering from two powerful storms that killed 41 people and forced mass evacuations. government officials say the twin storms, ingrid and manual affected two-thirds of the country, the tropical resort of acapulco was hardest hit. 21 died because of landslides. >> i'm metrologist rebecca stevenson. still getting a few light rain showers and thunder storms in the parts of the south-west. not nearly as much rain fall as we had last week in parts of colorado. new mexico had heavy storms. we
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are adding on the rain totals. when we look at the high-river flows, they are in the 99th percentile in stream flows in colorado and new mexico, when comparing to historical high stream flows. there's a lot of water out there rushing down. a lot of the rivers hitting their crest. the flood crest is travelling down stream. we have record flooding continuing in parts of north-east colorado, approaching parts of nebraska. incidentally boulder, colorado, with all the rain in the last week, it is the wettest year on record - 2013. that's in seven days you had about 14 inches, close to 15 inches of rainfall in boulder. well, so far over 30 inches of rain is what's been totalled. and a big help in getting the moisture up to you is the tropical storms moving through mexico. we had a straight shot of that tropical moisture going right up
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into new mexico and colorado. it's changing and drier air is coming in from the west. when we compare the rain fallfrom hurricane ingrid dumping rain in mexico. some places got 10 inches of rain. from thunder storms we got more rain than a hurricane can bring. it's impressive when you see how much moisture comes up from the south. what will feel cool is temperatures to the north. drier air for the west. less rain. we have the forecast for showers coming through texas, and into the eastern portions of the state of new mexico and into nebraska. >> a massive effort to free a grounded cruiseship. we are live in italy to show you how they managed to get the crippled "costa cordia" back upright again.
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you're looking at live images of the "costa cordia" cruiseship finally upright again. nearly two years ago the ship struck a reef and ran off the coast of the italy, killing dozens of people. crews will try to find the bodies of two victims who are still missing.
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>> charlie angela reports from giglio. >> after 20 months of lying in the waters off giglio island, the "costa cordia" is slowly coming upright. there were no guarantees of success, but the line of rust and scum emerging from the sea proves the most ambitious salvage operation in marine history is on course. >> they pulled the ship off the rocks and will rest the 114,000 tonne liner on an underwater platform. slowly spilling out thousands of the litres of filthy water. before it capsized, the floating city was ready to entertain, feed and house more than 4,000 people. engineers say they are well prepared. >> translation: at the moment i don't see anything to worry us - at the moment. naturally we are keeping a close
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eye on the situation. we are ready in case anything happens. at the moment there's no points of concern. >> whilst there is an impressive feat of engineering it's the site of a tragic accident. 32 died, and two victims have not been found. an indian later, one of them, gave his life jacket to another passenger. salvage experts say the bodies could be pinned under the ship. finding them will be a priority. for the people of giglio who lived in the wreck's shadow, the operation is a relief. >> translation: it is like giving birth to a child. it is an immense happiness - a moment when you feel a moment of responsibility. >> they will not be rid of the "costa cordia" yet. towing it during winter is risky. instead, it will be stablilized and partially refloated before
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break-up next summer. >> turning to business news - wall street reacted to word that lawrence summers is out of the race to lead the federal reserve. the do you jumped nearly 120 points on monday, with the chair's vice chair janet yellen front runner for the job. >> she's the tiny one on the right. don't let size fool you. janet yellen is poised to land the most powerful job of them all. the least contender to have the u.s. federal reserve, building a career in academicia and policy, including a long standing relationship with the university of berkley and chair of the economic advisors. perhaps her best qualification to take over from ben bernanke is her 36 year history with the federal reserve system, including a turn as president of the san francisco federal reserve bank and her counter role, vice chair of the
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fed board in washington dc. along the way she has gained high profile endorsers, including sheila bear. >> she's qualified with a great public image. i want someone that main streets that. >> when lawrence summers withdrew his name marcus reacted positively, believing he would have tightened the rain on the fed's stimulus policy more aggressive than janet yellen. >> some question whether janet yellen would be as daring if tested by crisis. >> given her background and history with the fed, she'd be less bold. at the end of the day i'm not sure it would be a bad thing. having a boring fed for a while would be good for the american public and the economy. >> janet yellen does not have a close relationship with president obama. some believe it could hurt her
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nomination chances. no one doubts her ability to build concensus at this juncture in the economy. >> tent towns are popping up - at what cost. we go to a west virginia city taking drastic measures to pay its pensions. what is it like living in the middle of distress in detroit. i'm very well , this is real-- money. >> welcome to real money, you are the most important part of our show. tell me what you think by tweeting me at:


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