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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 17, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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>> hello and welcome to al jazeera. i'm tony harris. in new york our top stories. >> we believe at this time that the deceased shooter aaron alexis acted alone. >> investigators revealing more about what happened at the washington navy yard, but plenty of questions remain unanswered. arrested for gun hey related offenses and discharged from the navy in 2011 we're learning more from the navy yard shooter, aaron alexis. and in colorado rescue efforts resume and residents make it back to flood-damaged homes. and the role sand and sea played in the fire that
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destroyed dozens of businesses in new jersey. >> the fbi says they are running down every lead looking for any information on aaron alexis, the gunman who open fired on the washington navy yard. the focus today was tracking his final steps and tracking the weapons he used to kill 12 people. >> at this time we believe that mr. alexis entered building 1 7 at the navy yard with a shotgun. we do not have any information as this time that he had an ar-15 in his possession. we also believe mr. alexis may have gained access to a handgun once inside the facility, and after he began shooting. >> alexis had been employed as a
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contractor for the navy. we're learning more about the initial response once shots from fired. mike viqueira, from the washington navy yard. mike, tell us what you're learning today. >> reporter: tony, you're right, the fact that the second person of interest, the potential suspect they talked to yesterday, the individual, african-american male 50 years of age, that interest has gone away. aaron alexis, the sole suspect as described there. 13 people including alexis dead here. the epicenter was building 1 7, the headquarters of the sea systems command. as you recall alexis had access
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here. kathy lanier, the chief of the metropolitan police department here, we heard a lot from her it yesterday. they describes this harrowing scene, this shoot out that evidently went on for quite some time. >> i don't have the exact time before the final engagement, that will come much later after the for rennics are done but there was multiple engagements of the suspect with multiple different agencies before the final shots were fired. i'm saying that there is a pretty good period of time, so i can't give you the exact time. >> we know that aaron alexis is from th the washington area jusa short period of time. >> mike, do we know anything more about the weapons that aaron alexis had with him at the time of this attack? >> well, you heard, yes, you
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heard the fbi agent talk about the shotgun that he had, which was evidently legal, legitimately purchased at a gun shop in virginia about 25 miles south of where we're standing here. once inside the fbi also revealed today that he may have had access to a handgun, and reports have it that that was a handgun that he removed from a security officer or a police officer as a result of the shootout. aaron alexis shooting that offeshooting thatofficer, takind returning to a perch atrium in building 197 and firing down into the cafeteria. there is an entire alphabet soup of agencies pledging to look into this whole aspect of contractor access to sensitive military and intelligence post. obviously echos of the edward snowden affair without the
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lethal, tragic consequences that we've had so far. we had the white house announce that the omb, office of management and budget is going to be looking into this, security clearances, the department of defense also pledging to look into the access and credentialally issues. just who is allowed on the bases. just one of the issues after the fallout yesterday. >> i'm thinking behind you, and it looks as though there is an attempt at least to get life and activity back to normal there in that area around the navy yard. >> yes, whereas we were standing in the middle of a busy thoroughfare that had been closed down in southeast washington here. we're now off to the side. there was a little bit of a controversial locally when metropolitan police told residents in this area to
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shelter through the course of the entire day. that was the result of the fact that there was another person of interest that they thought to be at large or investigating that possibility. >> all right, mike viqueira for us in washington, d.c. we are learning more about gunmen aaron alexis, law enforcement officials say that he had been receiving treatment for serious mental illness. meantime friends in fort worth said he was just about broke. we have more from them. >> we spoke with former fort worth roommate and friend of aaron alexis. she showed me the picture of the former navy, with a wide smile. but before he moved out she said he was you had se upset becauset being paid on time. >> anyone would get frustrated, but not to this point. i don't know what this is about.
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i still can't imagine that he did this. i can't imagine that he's gone and he took 12 people with him. >> reporter: friends say alexis struggled. he was behind on his bills and worked at a restaurant and lived rent free with the people who owned it. but none of the friends i spoke to suggested any major issues that suggested mental illness. >> i never saw anything to be alarmed about or any red flags. he was very peaceful, very willing to help. >> reporter: one day after the rampage friends are still stunned. >> it hit me early yes today. i lost it a bit because he was more like a brother to me. i don't understand why he would do it. we used to joke he being my brother from another mother. >> reporter: he said that he misses his friend, but he is mad at him for what he did. he can't help but wonder what he might have been able to do to
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stop this had he known what alexis was planning, tony? >> any idea of a possible motive? someone you interviewed suggested had a possible motive that he was upset at his rate of pay, not being paid at the rate he felt deserved, and wasn't being paid on time. >> not only the pay rate but what they said was it was slow pay. he wasn't getting his checks when he thought he was. he got hyped on his own personal finances, and he blamed the government a little bit. but he's not the type of guy they felt would do something like this, and they had no idea what would have a caused him to go on that rampage. >> mark snyder in fort worth, texas. thank you. all 12 victims have been identified about the police will release throughout the day. those days include michael
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arnold. sylvia fraser, kathy gaarde. john roger johnson, frank kohler, kenneth bernard proctor. vishnu pandit. eight individuals were injured. three are in hospital including a washington police officer who was shot in the leg while responding to the shooting. the two others in the hospital are also recovering from the gunshot wounds. joining us now live from washington hospital center is chief medical officer dr. jaunt orlowski. doctor, it's great to get a moment to talk to you. the victims transported to your hospital. there was a police officer and two women who were admitted to your hospital. what is the latest on their
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concern? >> sure, i would be happy to share with you. two of the individuals, the police officer and one of the women had surgery yesterday. they're recovering today i would tell that they had very good results. they're in good spirits, and we're expecting them to have a full recovery. the one woman who actually was grazed in the head who did not need to have surgery, we actually anticipate releasing her. so thankfully the three we were able to treat they're doing better today, and recovering from the physical illness, and i think it's going to take some time for them to recover from some of the mental trauma that they have experienced in the last day. >> doctor, i want to explore, first of all, i want to commend you on the way that you handled the news conference yesterday under extraordinary pressure and circumstances. at the end of the news
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conference you have to know now that you made some comments that have played yo placed you, whetu meant to place yourself in the center of the gun control debate or not, that's where you are today. i want to give you an opportunity to expand on some of the comments you made yesterday if you wouldn't mind. near the conference in the end you said there was something evil in our society that we as americans have to work to try to irradicate. can i have you expand on that and request you what you meant by that comment? >> well, sure, as you know, i've done several pre press conferens and briefings yesterday. the one in the afternoon a woman reporter asked me how is your team doing? how do they feel? how do they react to these
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gunshot victims that you're taking care of versus other gunshot victims that you take care of on a routine basis. initially i was taken back by the question because although this is a tragedy and multiple people are involved we hold everyone to be precious. we work with everyone as best as we can. i'm quite frankly shocked at the senseless trauma and horrific injuries that we see. my response to her was along those lines. you know, just sort of despair, concern, anger at the fact that this is what we're doing. we're responding to people doing terribly violent things to other people. i think you got a real emotion from me as far as a reaction. certainly never meant to get myself in any kind of central
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debate. but i do believe sincerely that we as americans have to look at this problem. we have to look at the senseless tragic gun shot victims, these mass killings that we see, and we have to do something about it, i believe that heart and soul. >> what percentage of the work done in your trauma center is caring for victims of gunshot wounds? >> oh, i don't know that i can tell you that exactly. i know there are several hundred victims who we see with gun violence and knife violence, so i'm not sure that i can tell a percentage. but it's a large amount. we're a large metropolitan city, and unfortunately, we see more than our fair share. >> well, i ask you that question to get to this next question because clearly you thought about this. also in your statement yesterday
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you said let's get rid of this. this is not america. what did you mean by that? >> right, i think we're better than that. i think that as we take a look at this issue i think that it's not just the issue of gun violence but how we deal with people who have mental health issues. i look at violence as a healthcare issue. it's something that we need to address. as the chief trauma officer in the nation's capitol, i didn't mean to walk into this, but you know what, if i don't speak out about this, who is going to? if its dealing with mental health, those who deal on the fringe of society, health issues, economic issues, we have to deal with that.
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i didn't mean to say that yesterday, but i feel strongly about this, and what i see in our trauma center is 20-year-old who is are dead. that's what i see. i see young-on-young violence. we as a country have higher values, higher standards, higher dreams than to allow our youth to be killed in this random and horrific way. i think america is better than this. i reach out to everyone in the city, and everyone in america and say what are we going to do about this? let's work together? let's think about the issues that we need to address in order to stop these killings. >> again, it's clear you thought about this. so what's your remedy? i'm going to give you the chief executive pen and you can sign the executive order. where would you start? >> well, i'll start with a couple of things. i think we need to have broader
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and more readily available mental health. i think that we need that throughout our society. i also think that young men and easily available guns is a problem. when young men are desperate and have dark moments in their lives, they should not be able to readily get a gun. that's a problem, and we've got to take care of that issue. you know, if i get to sign my name to a bill, those are the two issues i would start with. i think there are many other issues associated with the violence that we see, but those are the top issues. if we can start to address this as a healthcare issue, if we can start to address this as a societal issue, i think we're going to make some steps forwards. >> dr. orlowski, before i let you go, i understand you're
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moving on to a new challenge. you offered your resignation yesterday before these events unfolded, is that correct? >> that's correct. that is correct. i have to tell you that i love my job. i love the washington hospital center. i've just been very happy here for ten years. i've had incredible opportunity, and because of it i have a new opportunity in healthcare policy, and i feel that i have an opportunity to contribute in a new way. >> well, con grad disapplication with i'll take this opportunity, thank you. thank you. >> congratulations. you were terrific on your post yesterday and many were happy that you were there. the best of luck to your new assignment. >> thank you very much. >> our pleasure. hundreds are trapped by the
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colorado floodwaters. at least eight people are confirmed dead. fema crews are still working to find those still missing, and tamara, i'm wondering if the rescue teams have managed to find any more survivors today? >> well, tony, they have. as a matter of fact, emergency management officials are pleased with the pace of their operations. here at boulder county airport. yesterday this place was abuzz with activity. but behind me you can see four helicopters. they're not going anywhere today. they are not flying. that is because most of the people who needed to be evacuated villa air in boulder county were taken out in the last couple of days. today in boulderer only four people were flown out of boulder county. now a different kind of rescue
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today. that was the bag long tha tag fema. specialized dive teams. 15 people and one dog, these folks came together and formed fema, paramedics firefighters, engineers, they went in the icy cold waters today with two missions. number one, to look for people who are injured, stuck, stranded or even fatalities. they did not find any of that today. that's good news. the second mission was to look for damage. they found a lot of damage today. they're definitely going to be busy for the next few days. >> let's leave it there. appreciate it. thank you. success raising the costa concordia cruise ship. how they got it up right after sitting on its side after two years.
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a statistical record drivers are not happy about. paying more at the pump. on techknow, our scientists bring you a sneak-peak of the future, and take you behind the scenes at our evolving world. techknow - ideas, invention, life. >> just to be able to defend the title for once will be awesome, and i've done so well here the past few times i've played, getting to the semis or finals. it's been really, really exciting. i'm happy that i've been able to consistently do well here. >> australian cricket captain
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michael clarke led his team to victory against england, scoring his first tonne. england were bowled out for 227 in pursuit of australia score of 315/7. >> and now take a look at this young man who has more than a few expectations to live up to. this is argen tendulkar son of sachi, in his father the highest run scorer. >> every sunday night al jazeera america presents gripping films, from the worlds top documentary directors >> this is just the beginning of somthing much bigger... >> this sunday...the premier of "do the math" >> these companies are a rogue force... >> one environmentalist says fossil fuels equal disaster...
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will his movement add up add up to change? >> we will fight it together... al jazeera america presents... "do the math" premiers this sunday 9 eastern. >> well investigate verse figured out the cause of last week's fire at seaside boardwalk in new jersey. >> confident and complete consensus that the failure of the energized electrical equipment underneath the boardwalk and originating structures compromised by sandy floodwaters contributed to the fire. >> police chief estimates the fire damage to be around $5 million to $10 million.
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a judge sai orderer a new t. after 20 months on its side, the costa concordia is now up right. now divers will search for two that died last year. it took all of the day and most of the night but after a tense 19 hours the costa concordia is back up right. the cruise ship is wrestled of f the rock, now ex-o exposing the, tent. it now looks like housing hitly
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an earthquake. >> the weighs modeled it around the rock. we expected it to be harder to tear it off, but it came off quite nicely. >> reporter: the residents gave a hero's welcome. they've lived in the shadow of this wreck for over 20 months. >> i was overjoyed, it's unbelievable the amount of work employed in such an extraordinary operation. i'm happy they pulled it up right. i'll be happier once they move it out of here. >> reporter: this phase is over but the search for the two victims never found begins. diverrers will be able to explore parts of the ship that were previously impossible. then the 1,500 cabins will be searched and the passengers belonging to what's left of them recovered. so far the rescue has cos cost,d
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the insurance will not cover all of the cost. >> it will take some time. what we have to do is to put a number of o and float the vesseh help. >> so this floating cityin cityl sit for another eight months. >> chairman ben bernanke and reserve officials are holding maybe one of its most important meet negotiation year. policymakers may announce tomorrow when they may begin to
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pull back on their bond buying program ending the fed's easy money policy that will likely drive interest rates higher. we'll discuss what the decision could mean for you. a new warning for red ink, the federal debt is on an unsuccess takeunsustainable pat. the cbo is calling on lawmakers make significant changes to tax and spending policies in order to reduce u.s. debt. it is a dubious anniversary for drivers. triple-a said today marks the 1,000 consecutive degases leans price versus averaged more than $3 a gallon. this streak began on november 23, 2010, and triple-a adds the days of gas below $3 a
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gallon may be a thing of the past. >> well, tragedy in dc happening early on. an emotional day on the diamond in our nation's capitol. members of the navy visiting the clubhouse before the game against the braves and sinking the team for yesterday's game after the tragic shooting that we talked about in washington, d.c. yesterday. braves will take the first game of the doubleheader. last night of the bengals jiovanni earned his stripes against the steelers. he had two touchdowns against one of the best defenses in the league. as the bengals beat the steelers 20-10. that's giovanni bernard. and then the bengals one of their best defensive leaders may
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be a surprise. not drafted but team's leading tackle as a rookie, and his story is coming up later on in sports. >> all right, appreciate it. more details coming right now on the alleged navy base gunman aaron alexis, and an in-depth look into what goes into a mass shooting coming up. a push to free a philippine city official held hostage by rebels.
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on inside story, we bring
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>> welcome back to al jazeera. here is a look at the top headlines. honoring the victims of monday's deadliest shooting, at washington's naval yard. secretary of defense chuck hagel laying a wreath in their honor. president obama has honore ordel flags to be half-staff until september 20th. the alleged gunman aaron alexis was a subcontract by lou hit packardhewlett-packard.
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in colorado residents have begun to make their way back to their flood-damage homes. the fbi is conducting an exhaustive investigation into aaron alexis. he entered the facility with a shotgun and picked up another weapon after he started shooting. the fbi said alexis had a valid pass to enter the navy yard, and they're starting to figure out his whereabouts before the shooting. >> we can say that we have determined mr. alexis arrived in the washington, d.c. area on or about august 25th , and he stayd at local hotels in the area since that time. most recently it was know in washington, d.c. starting
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september 11th. just what motivates a mass murderer to kill is a question on many minds. for more insight on this is james mcnamara, behavioral expert. what do investigators want to know at this point? >> what investigators are looking for right now are patterns of behavior with the offender. >> and a lot of time something like this happens, oftentimes, and people are quick to say that the suspect just snapped. now you told me earlier that there is no such thing as someone just snapping. explain this. >> that's a popular
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misconception. when you go back into the offenders background and behavior, there will be events, financial problems, relationship problems, employment problem, interactions with neighbors, and even the police. >> as your work as a profiler you look at a guy like aaron alexis, and what boxes have been checked based on what we know about aaron alexis' background so far? >> well, we know there was a misconduct pattern in the u.s. navy. they gave him a discharge because of that. he has som substance abuse, drig problems, financial problems. he was telling friends that he was not getting paid in a timely manner, he was not getting paid the right amount. and then three run three run-inh
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three different state police department determines and had problems with his anger. >> you said it was difficult for coworkers to pick up on possible signs of problems. >> sure, because he was doing temporary duty assignments in japan, up and down the eastern seaboard, i think it was hard for coworkers to develop the kind of feeling he was. unless his employer, the contractor was keeping track of anker renaberent behavior. >> who was responsible for doing the contract work. the contractor who hired him in this case, or was it the military that was responsible? >> what the federal government went to post 9/11 was a big
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increase of contractors working for the department of defense, department of justice, we have upwards of $4 million people with security clearances and hundreds of thousands of contractors. it's contractors now that do the actual background investigations i haven't seen anything definitive yesterday whether it's dod, department of navy or the contractors themselves who employed and hired the contractor. >> james mcnamara, thank you. house lawmakers will hold a moment of silence in honor of the victims when they resume work later today. tributes were held around the nation's capitol. harry reid saying monday's shooting serves as a reminder that life is tender.
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we report now from zapboanga city. >> reunited with their loved ones after nine days of uncertainty. more than a hundred hostages have been rescued by the military. three soldiers were killed after fighting. >> we were caught up in the middle of the fighting. the military was in the front while the mnlf was behind us. they used us as human shields. >> more national liberation front fighters have been holding hostages in villages in
4:37 pm
zawboanga city. the commander who is holding the siege in zawboanga. >> we can't leave what we fought for for 40 years. even if we're finished here the mnlf problem won't b won't be s. there won't be an end to us. only death will stop us. >> demanding the implementation of a peace pack the group signed with the government. it imposes government peace talks with other separatist groups. >> no one needs to die. no one needs to die. they can fight through other means, legal means, not like this. >> reporter: but the mnlf fighters say they have reached
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the point of no surrender. >> 24 people are dead in iraq following and a string of explosions. five car bombs were detonated in baghdad. the attacks mark the latest search of unrest that left more than 4200 people dead this year. a blast on the syria-turkey border, several people hurt but so far no word on any facilities. a car bomb exploded in the crossing point. and in egyptian court upheld to freeze the assets of some of the top leaders of the maundies lambic group. now in jail is the target of the court order. he is in jail for inciting the protests. bikers are on the road, but
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not where you might expect. we'll introduce you to the harley-loving men in baghdad and grands clearance to contractors. a new voice in journalism. >> good evening everyone, welcome to al jazeera. >> usa today says: >> ...writes the columbia journalism review. and the daily beast says: >> quality journalists once again on the air is a beautiful thing to behold. >> al jazeera america, there's more to it. sachin asked the indian media not to put too much pleasure pressure on the teenager. >> my son started his career. it's a humble request if he can live his life like a normal 14-year-old without thinking of
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anything other than falling in love with the sport. (applause) >> some footsteps to follow in. more on the website. check it out. all the details. get in touch with us on twitter and facebook. plenty more from me later, but that is the sport for now. >> thank you. stay with us on al jazeera. another full bulletin of news is ahead with julie mcdonald, who will be in london for us. for now, goodbye. on inside story, we bring together unexpected voices closest to the story, invite hard-hitting debate and desenting views and always explore issues relevant to you.
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>> members of the security council met to discuss jaar's chemical weapons program. they talk about their draft resolution based on the negotiation agreement between washington and moscow. both governments agree to eliminate syri syria governments chemical arsenal. let's get you caught up on the day in sports. >> reporter: that's right, in the wake of yesterday's events
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we have baseball actually being played today when strategy strikes there are different ways one can try to heal. some turn to sports to try to escape. meanwhile today that's what those attending the braves national games in our nation's capitol were hoping for. and those who visited the clubhouse before the game of the doubleheader and thanked the team i for their aid, and the outcome just overshadowing the events. the team observed a moment of silence to remember those lost in the shooting just blocks away. there is a changing of the guard in the afc north. orange is the new black. i'm not talking about the new show on netflix. i'm talking about the new pittsburgh stealers. mike tomlin has never lost in
4:43 pm
the first game of the season in his career. the bengals took an early 7-3 lead. and these roethlisberger getting something going. that was 6'5", he snagged that to tithings up. giovanni off to the races. the kid shaken and bacon. bakein'. big ben trying to lead the come back. not happening. reg nelson, bengals win 20-10. and adding james harrison to the mix but someone else with big expectation is burrfect. i sat down with the player who
4:44 pm
says you never get a second chance to make a first impression. burfect racking up 127 and get this, he wasn't even a starter until week three. making the feat even more impressive it marked the best season ever of a rookie free agent. now expectations are hard to beat. >> we have browns, steelers and raiders, they're nothing easy. for us its just doing the little things right. >> what a difference a year makes. burfect sounds like a veteran now, but to understand his way to rookie season. >> he was a projected first round draft pick.
4:45 pm
but then they painted a picture of a player who was not focused, troubled. >> when i was thinking, it was a lesson learned. it made me humble. >> why did the bengals take a chance on you, do you think? >> i don't know, i don't know. the question is why didn't all those other teams take a chance on me. i think he saw something special in me on film. he is seeing some resemblance, and i think that's why he's hard on me. he wants me to go better. >> the gamble on and off the field. >> you have a great relationship with your head coach, but what role does marvin lewis play in your life? >> i never had a father in my
4:46 pm
life. so i come in every day and i tell him good morning. >> reporter: burfect is not the same kid who came into training camp last season mentally or physically. the guy dubbed out of shape at the nfl combine had only taken ten days off in the offseason. he's humble and hungry for success. he wants to make good on a promise to his mother. >> i wouldn't say that we were a poor family when i was younger, but we didn't have everything. we had just my mother, and she worked three jobs a day. i told her if i make it to the nfl i don't want you to work no more. and i have two younger sisters that i gladly take care of because i told my mom she doesn't have to work. it's a lot on my plate. >> at what point did you sit back and recognize what you had just accomplished? >> i broke down crying because i wasn't drafted. i came in and started and led the team in tackles, it's motivation for me.
4:47 pm
every day i wake up and it's something that i work hard for. i never thought i would be in the nfl but here i am today. >> to recap the top stories, the nationals and braves play in that first game after the shooting yesterday, and the nationals came back to beat the braves, certainly inspired baseball. >> are you looking ahead to the cup in atlanta? >> yes, it is. they had four tournaments and i'm not sure what i think about the whole playoff scenario, but it's a way for the players, they like it. they get $10 million whoever wins the big prize in the end. tiger, even though he finished tied for 11th yesterday with that rain delayed the bmw championship, tied for 11th but still has enough points, so he leads. he moves past and he's the leader. then exac zach johnson. everyone has a shot. this is what zach johnson said
4:48 pm
yesterday. he said you don't have to win them all. you just have to win the right time. that's exactly what happened. $10 million purse. tiger has won it twice since they've had the inception in 2007. >> all right. more on that later on in the week. that's fun to watch. >> absolutely. >> there is a new concern about a deadly germ that has become resistant to antibiotics. the superbug kills 23,000 people a year. it is called sudificil. the superbug is fighting back by developing an immunity. if the problem is not solved soon antibiotics could become usless against most illnesses. there are more than one million fewer deaths from cancer since 1990 and 91. the number of cancer survivors
4:49 pm
almost 14 million and continues to grow adding that those living with cancer are leading fuller lives and living longer. nearly half of south africans live in rural areas but only 12% of the all the doctors practice there. now serving the under served in south africa. >> these doctors are on a fact finding mission to find services available to the rural in south africa. >> she has suffered from hypertension for years, she's pleased someone is listening. >> for me the clinic never had the equipment to check my blood sugar. so when i feel sick i don't know if it's just in my head or if i need to inject myself with
4:50 pm
insulin. >> there is only one general practitioner in the rural areas. so instead of training in the big city hospital these students are taking part of an initiative in rural life. >> i learned so much more. >> but it can also be tough. >> now you have to go work in a little one-horse town. basically it will be you, the doctor alone. so you're not going to be able to do special blood tests and special imaging. >> professor believes it's the lack of resources and support that keeps the majority of doctors away. only 12% work in places like this. but he's hopeful the initiative will succeed. this project is based on something similar in canada and
4:51 pm
australia, which has had great success. soon these students will sit in their final exams. then they'll have to decide to work where the need is greatest. >> as the nation focuses on the latest mass shooting focus is also given to how aaron alexis gained access to navy grounds. we know he had clearance to the dod, but what goes into granting that access. giving us insight into vetting aaron alexis may have gone through, ceo of freelance risks, the company that vets hires for military contractors. >> good afternoon. >> this organization that i'm reading may have had a hand in the vetting is called defense security service. are you familiar with that organization? and is that an organization that is a part of the process in
4:52 pm
vetting someone like aaron alexis? >> it is. it just depends on the organization that you're going to be working for. take for example you're going to be working for the department of defense with. you'll go through that agency and they'll basically do the vetting, the background check and run all the information required to make sure that that person is cleared to be able to do what job function they're hired to perform. >> what kind of vetting does someone like aaron alexis go through? >> he probably--well, he probably filled out what they call a fs 8 86 form, a standard security clearance form that the government hands out. and that entails a large range of questionnaires. it goes over a large background as far as your relatives, who you come in contact with, people you come in contact here in the
4:53 pm
u.s. but also people you come in contact overseas. and questions whether or not you have been charged with any type of misdemeanors, felonies, anything that should raise an eyebrow. >> how far of an extensive background is there? the company that hired him, hewlett-packard, should they have performed a more detailed background check in your estimation? >> it's hard to say because i don't know what the investigation entailed. i really can't say yes or no to that answer. >> based on wha what has been
4:54 pm
reported on the case. >> i think it's something that agencies have to do is making secondary protocols, secondary type measures to be put in place when something does happen to someone who has been vetted. you can go through all the different paperwork. you can screen the people who interact and come in those people's lives. but if something happens to that person one day whether it's a chemical imbalance or someone came to them, made them frustrated where they want to act out in violence, there is not necessarily so much that you can do about that to defeat that, and all the different vetting processes. >> thank you for your time. thor mohar, ceo of risk llc. authorities are selling
4:55 pm
items to pay off part of the $750,000 judgment against jackson. items to be auctioned include michael jackson and bruce lee memorabilia. jackson pleaded guilty in february to using his campaign funds for personal use. deadly floods in both coas coasts. in mexico. victoria azarenko ç]
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
>> meteorologist: well, folks on the east coast are enjoying a beautiful fall-like sunny day in the northeast. if you stepped out early this morning it was very chilly out there. take a look at the map hyped m d me. high pressure is in control. it is a comfortable day. it's a beautiful day, you're not looking at many clouds out there on radar in the northeast. as we track through tonight it will be quite chilly out there. not a lot of cloud cover that we accrue during the course of the day. 66 degrees.
4:58 pm
i think that's as warm as it's going to get today. central portions of pennsylvania close to the great lakes we do have areas dealing with the freeze warning and afro and a ft advisory. friday, saturday and sunday and later on in the weekend we're going to get a lot warmer as we track further into the south we have fiery thunderstorms pushing across portions of florida. we have high pressure in control of the northeast. that's bringing winds in out of the east and we're getting a lot of moisture out of the south. meanwhile, across georgia back into alabama and mississippi, it's quite comfortable. now there is a ton of moisture in the atmosphere. a lot of instability. we could see the continuation of
4:59 pm
showers and thunderstorms across portions of southern texas as we track into later on the day. certainly across san antonio. we could see a pop-up shower and san antonio to corpus christi all that moisture from tropical storm ingrid, it pushed onshore earlier this week tanned provided rain across portions of mexico. as i said in san antonio we could see a pop-up shower and thunderstorms. we could see a portion in idaho extending down in utah and colorado, strong thunderstorms producing damaging winds, hail and isolated tornadoes until 9:00 tonight. we want folks to use precaution. even though we expect those storms to stay east of denver.
5:00 pm
welcome to al jazeera, i'm tony harris. here are tonight's top stories. the fbi is running down every lead looking for any information on aaron alexis, the gunman who opened fire at the washington navy yard. a large-scale operation is underway. there was a wreath-laying ceremony today honoring the victims of the navy yard shooting. chuck hagel attended the ceremony. president obama has ordered all flags to be at half staff until


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