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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 18, 2013 8:00am-8:31am EDT

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good morning, i'm stephaniesy, and these are some of the stories we are following. new insights including where he bout the murder weapon used in the mads shooting and how he managed to bring it into the building undetected. plus, we are learning more about the shooter's trouble history, and how he managed to keep his security clearance, even after admitting to police that he heard voices. and turning a red state blue? why some say texas can be converted to democratic territory in times for the 2016 election.
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debate over gun control is heating up today. the white house, is sending a strong message to congress, saying the mass shooting proves that the country needs bedder mental health screening for gun guyers. the call come as more details shooting. reports say alexis had a history of mental illness, and even complained of hearing voices. on tuesday, president obama met with fbi director and the attorney general eric holder, that's the picture you see here, mr. ottawa ma called for a review of security at all federal agencies. police have identified all of the victims none of them were active duty personnel.
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good morning. this morning officials are making arrangements to allow nonessential personnel to retrieve their vehicles from the washington navy yard, still today only essential personnel at work as investigation continues into the procedures that were used to give a man with a troubled past a security clearance. once inside, he reassembled the weapon in a men's room, eventually opening fire on unsuspected navy yard workers. earlier reports that alexis has an automatic weapon were not true. >> at this time, we believe that mr. alexis entered building 197 at the navy yard with a shotgun. >> write do not have any information at this time that he had an a.r. 15 in his possession.
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we also believe mr. alexis may have gained access to a handgun once inside the facility and after he began shooting. >> the attack and ensuing gun battle lasted more than half an hour, when it was over, 13 people were dead. in response to the massacre, the secretary of the navy is order as review of security screening procedures not just in washington but in installations across the country. >> he is also considering a further deeper more comprehensive review of both physical and personnel security measures across the navy, but he hasn't made a decision in that regard. >> because of the tragedy, president obama is again calling for tougher gun laws reiterates that congress failed to action, that left 26 dead, most of them children. >> this becomes a ritual that we go through every three, four months and yet, we are not willing to take some basic actions.
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because he didn't have able felony convictions he passed a background check at this gun shop. he then bout the bullets and shotgun he would use to murder 12 people. the employer who hired alexis says if they had known that he had had trouble with the law, with weapons violations and mental health issues they never would have hired him. >> randall pinkston lye, thank you. well, the issue of mental health and gun control is back in the forefront after new revelations the navy yard shooter was struggled with serious issues. juan. >> during a run in with rhode island police, just six weeks ago, aaron alexis told officers he had been hearing voices and believed he was being followed. now the incident troubled them so much, they informed the navy about the altercation. >> aaron alexis was in rhode island on business
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in august, when he called police saying he was hearing voices through the walls of his hotel and being followed. alexis also claimed someone was sending vibrations through his body using some sort of microwave machine. police say they told the navy about the incident, and were told it would be checked out. one security expert says mentally ill people not getting the service they need is a recipe for disaster. >> alexis was still given security clearance, and was able to buy a gun days before the shooting which he used in the attack. he also sought out mental health help from the veterans affairs department. navy officials also say they will be reviewing the background of alexis in the wake of this tragedy and the recent revelation of his mental issues. >> we in the navy are al
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taking a look at his time and service, to see if there's anything we missed. >> alexis passed the background check more than five years ago, a clearance which lasts for ten years. another recent background check by his employer back in june, found only minor traffic violations and confirmed his secret level security clearance with the defense department. >> and it is like dr. joke and mr. hyde. who was this guy? the guy that i knew, was so honorable. >> friends of aaron alexis were shocked. his family says he was suffering from ptsd related to post 9/11 stress. he was also arrested twice in the last ten years on gun related charges but they were eventually dropped. the contractor who hires him said the contractor should have made his previous record known, saying if they knew then what they know now, they
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never would have hired him. these type of clearances make him value and sot out. but stephanie as we get a clear picture of who he was, beginning to see how some of the issues he had over the years fell through the cracks. >> joining us now. christian hyme good morning to you. the suspect reportedly bout his gun legally, my question to you, would any of the gun control measures that your organization advocates have prevented this from happening? >> well, i think that it's clear that this man had a history of violence which we need to address in this country that how can someone who has been arrested on two different gun charges can legally pass a background check.
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anywhere in this country, right. burr i think that when we look at gun violence as a whole, and we see how can we affect the 33 individuals that are killed every day in this country, this is a wake up call of a biggerrish shoe that the happening every day. how can we address those deaths those individuals dying every day, and the best way to do that is by closing the private loophole, making sure the background checks are taking place, because you can do anything you want to prevent getting the guns out of the hands of criminals by making a more stringent background check system, but if they are not required to be screened, we are really not doing all we can to get these guns out of thend has of criminals. >> there are a few gun rights advocates that argue that had there been more people, the right people, armed in the navy yards they might have been able to stop the shooter, what is your response to that argument? >> we are talking about a military institution, a building, that is in the
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heart of the nation's capitol. arguably one of the safest places that you could possibly be in in the country. there's military personnel all over the place who are able to carry weapons. to say that more people should be armed in a place like that where you have to be screened to go in, go through haul kinds of checks isn't really i think evaluating the actual problem that took place that day. i think there was oversight in exactly what was wrong with this man, what his his rest was, and really more guns in the military institution isn't going to first the problem, what we have to do is address getting the guns out of the hands of people like alexis. >> if the mass murder of 20 first graders did not lead to gun control legislation, do you think this latest shoot willing? this latest smoothing i think is just an example
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of the cost of enaction. have literally offered these bills that would save american lives and the longer that congress takes the more grid lock we see in washington the more events like yesterday we will see take place. the only way that we can get this going, and get this legislation moved forward is if the american people continue their outcry, and their outreach. i think that this event is going to be consistent with -- well, first of all, consistent with everything we have seen in the past, but it will continue to happen more and more, until congress can do something to address this very serious issue. can only way that can happen, is if the american people let their voices with heard and let our legislatures know that this is an important issue. >> you have a personal stake in this fight, can
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you describe why you are so passionate about gun control? >> yes, certainly. like so many people who fight on this issue and fight on our side of this issue, i was personally brought into it through a violent event myself. aceps less act of violence. i come from thousand oaks california which is consistently rated one of the safest. my parents were returning a boat after a holiday vacation. my dad's best friend had a restraining order and that man came do to do exactly what he thought he would, he turns the gun on my dad's best friend, and because my parents were there he turned it on them. my man ran away, trying to lead him away from my 34078 and steve, and as he ran away he followed him, and he continued to shoot him until he thought he was dead. he came back and neighbors said that he let my mother beg for her life, before he let her run ten steps and shot
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and killed her. he went on to gosh. >> i'm sorry, i have to cut you off. i am deeply sorry for your loss, and i thank you for joining us this morning christian with the coalition to stop the gun violence. you can continue to follow us online at for the very latest on the investigation in the washington navy shooting. president obama is facing more criticism over his position on syria, why his own former defense secretary's don't agree with the way he has handled the situation. texas has long been a republican strong hold, house some people are trying to turn this red state blue. >> just to be able to defend the title for once will be awesome, and i've done so well here the past few times i've played, getting to the semis or finals. it's been really, really exciting.
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i'm happy that i've been able to consistently do well here. >> australian cricket captain michael clarke led his team to victory against england, scoring his first tonne. england were bowled out for 227 in pursuit of australia score of 315/7. >> and now take a look at this young man who has more than a few expectations to live up to. this is argen tendulkar son of sachi, in his father the highest run scorer. the most important money stories of the day might affect yourries savings, your job, or your retirement. whether it's bailouts or bond rates, this stuff gets complicated. but don't worry, i'm here to
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take the fear out of finance. every night on my show i break down confusing financial speak and make it real.
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hear willing get underway in the house of representatives focusing on last year's attack on the u.s. consolate. house republicans have strongly criticized a state department review board, that investigated the attack. three people including ambassador chris stephens were killed. they say senior state department fishes were let off the hook, the key witness at today's hear willing be the under secretary for management patrick kennedy. a top russian official says they have evidence that last months chemical weapons attack was carried out by the rebels. the russian deputy foreign minister says material turned over by the syrian government clears them of any wrongdoing. he says the evidence also proves rebels launched the august 21st attack that kills hundreds of people. the claim just two days after the u.n. release add report confirming chemical weapons were used on civilians. president barack obama's first two defense
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secretaries say he should not have asked congress for permission to strike syria. the two are split on whether they should lamping strikes. well since the recession, the federal reserve has acted at a crush to help keel the ailing economy from falling over. some major decisions could be made at a fed meeting today, and as patricia tells us wall street is watching. >> result think tree trillion dollars and counting that's how much the federal reserve has pumped into the economy since the financial crisis struck in 2008. the fedding buys dead to get mortgage rates down.
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but in june, fed chairman signals the stage bank is looking to take its foot off the gas. >> the incoming data support the view that the economy is able to sustain a reasonable cruising speed. >> wall street didn't like the prospect of an end to cheap credit, be uh the dow tanking more than 200 points on the day of the announcement. the knock on effects were felt on main street too, with mortgage rates jumping more than 1 point since may. and according to boston university mark william, when the fed actually started to reign in its bond buying rates could climb as much as half a percentage point higher. >> yeah, long term this is very significant for the average consumer, because the average consumer is someone who will vance their mortgage, or refinance their mortgage. the question now is how drawn out will this tapers be. >> i see quantitative
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easing, to take years. not months. >> how quickly the fed winds down will depend on how the economy reacts. with increasing numbers of unemployed losing hope the fed will have a tough balancing act ahead. al jazeera, new york. >> vice fed chair is now the front runner for the job. colorado has been slammed by floods nicole mitchell is here now with the latest, what is the forecast look like for rescue crews still going through that area. >> overall things have improved so much, but there is a little rain moving through. at this point, you probably just don't want to see rain ever again. so you can see this, as it moves through. reports of slight rain in places like aspen.
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so green is actually the vegetation along the river, but you can see, if you look at the line, very narrow, the black dots on here, those are lakes and as i'm going to put this into motion, as the flooding was going on, you will see how much the river expands. see how much damagerrer, that area, all the extra water. some of the sizes of the black dots so still a lot of recovery going on in this area. interesting that you can see some of that all the way from space. as we get to the broader view, i mentioned some showers but it is really in the corridor from utah up to montana.
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ahead of all that we have seen the ridge move back in. from billings for example, 64-degrees and we we get into that warm sector at 82 degrees. in the meantime, the northeast, the temperatures have stay add little cooler than they had been, but i have to say this is my ideal weather, 50s overnight, 70's in the day, but new york for example is at 71 degrees as we get through the course of the day that will be on the rise over the next couple of days. >> i agree with you there, nicole. democrats are targeted texas for conversion. why some say the lone star state is really a blue state, deep down. >> baseball took center stage tuesday, we will also taking minds away from tragedy. if only for a few minutes that story and more coming up in sports.
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grass roots campaigners are trying to swing the state from republican red, to democrat blue. the group called battleground texas was founded by veterans of
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president obama previous campaign. heidi joe castro has the story. >> it's been 19 years since texas has had a democratic governor. 37 years since a democratic presidential candidate won the electoral vote. but battleground texas says the crowd is playing to. >> isn't as tough as it seems. >> so we think that texas is not a red state. i know that we wanted to make a difference. >> help odd basic actions ma win ohio in 2012. she says texas has plenty of democrats among them, many hispanics they just don't tin out at the polls. >> if that changes and more texas sans are involved we see more competitive politics.
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>> chose obama over romney by 41 points. and they will be the majority population here by 2020, still, less than 40% of eligible hispanics vote. battleground plans on changing that with 3,000 volunteers statewide who are registering new voters. >> so we feel if we can get more people to vote, we can get a government that is representative of the people of texas. >> democrats hope that may be wendy davis, who energized the party this summer with a dramatic 13 hour filibuster against an antiabortion bill, she lost that battle when republicans, but some thing she won the war,ing withing the brightest hope democrats have had in decades. still, most republicans think she and battleground texas are out of step. >> they are still too liberal to communicate to moderate voters. >> texas has raced almost
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$5 million compared to 1.1 million for battleground texas, but expect those numbers to swell, if and when, davis enters the race for governor. >> you should get a voter card back sometime in the next 30 days. >> great, thank you. >> have a good night. >> al jazeera, fort worth texas. >> if wendy davis does run, she will hope to follow in the footsteps of ann richard whose was the first female governor in texas. well, baseball is doing its part to honor the victims in d.c. yesterday. john herry schmidt is here with the details. >> good morning. baseball certainly a positive force in d.c. game of baseball the game is just a game it is also a pass time, and in times of crisis it can also be
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a nice escape, such is the case of washington, d.c., where the double header was a welcome bit of normalcy, following the tragic shooting test just blocks away from the ballpark. members of the navy were on hand to thank the nationals for opening up their parking lot to the evacuees the team also postponed yesterday's game to keep organization members and fans out of harm's way, before the start of tuesday's games one last gesture. as we pay tribute to yesterday's senseless act of violence. >> a moment of silence for all to remember and reflect. and then these two teams play add thriller in gain one, the natts rallied for three, off ace closer for a six is-5 win, forced the walk off fielding error, then in the 4-0 win in game two, span extended his mlb high hitting streak, and lion zimmermann has his
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big blow with his solo home run. in houston the reds jumped all over the astros scoring four in the first, including two here. later it would be jake bruce's time to shine, with the bases loaded he september 1 over the fence for a grand salami, a 5 rbi day for bruce, reds win 10-0. pirates sending jeff to the mound, trying to lock up the n.l. central. trying to show he is going to be in the bigs the r a long long time, his three run bomb in the third, one of three hits for him, singled to right center, kyle stumbled allowing both men to score, padres still lead 3-2, and ronnie fielding gem later kept bird from more moisture. padres lead 5-2. so here, feast your eyes on the national league wild card standings the washington nationals, their sweep keeping them at least in the conversation for one of the two spots but they are still on the outside looking in behind the
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n.l. central's best, the pirates hold the top spot this the wild card standings although they are only one game behind. if the gnats are catching anybody it is bring going to be cincinnati. it is high swoon for the two leaders. dam pa bay eight and 15 mark, combined with the rangers two and 12 mark, has given four other teams hope of sneaking in, these two met in front of a surprisingly sparse crowd in tampa, ian kinsler surprised jeremy by driving his first pitch out f the park for the first home run, and first lead since september 8th. kinsler drove in three overall, as texas earns its first win, by beating tampa bay 7-1. >> remember when we all thought that the takers miguel cabrera could catch chris davis with an a.l. home run lead, yeah, me neither. davis set a record with his major league leading fifty-first home run. their game was tied at
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two, when baltimores danny valencia, became the fist in the last 38 batters he faced he got a triple and matt weeders sacrificed alexis casilla for the 3-2 run. the indians were tied with a stroke to left field. sure seems like alex gordon could have this one. the score generously gives him a double. ices it with his 6th home run of the year, indians beat the rims 5-3. so here we are in mid september with six teams in the hunt for two wild card spots the rays and rangers have the same record. ner a half game ahead, two games over baltimore and 3 1/2 over the yankees and the royals. and that's your look at morning sports back to you. >> thank you. and that will do it for this edition of al jazeera news. ali valshi is next with real money, and remember we have news at the top of every hour as well as any time of day online,
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