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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 19, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> hello and welcome to al jazeera america. i'm richelle carey. some headlines. voig a shut down, to could cost president obama his health care. detroit fighting for bankruptcy and make it pay. 11 days that's how long congress has to pass a funding bill to avert a partial government shut
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down. but that debate could be complicated by republican push to derail president obama's health care law. randall pinkston joins us from washington. what are they saying about the budget fight? >> house speaker john boehner said the same thing he said at least 40 times before. legislation that never made it through congress because the senate wouldn't take it they're going to try again tomorrow. they're going to try to pass a continuing resolution to keep the money flowing for the government to stay in operation past the fiscal year, september 30th. but they also want to defund the affordable care act. meanwhile, democrats are saying that it will never work. even if it passes the senate. somehow. they are saying that the american public will have a very, very serious response when they realize the consequences of trying to shut down the
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government. this is congressman charlie wrangle. >> closing down the government doesn't mean that a whole lot of federal civil servants are going to be in the street alone. it means that people that are going for dialysis, it means that people that are on life suspension, it means people that are on the brink of getting a job, it means an economic disaster! >> so congressman charles wrangle of new york, chairman of the house ways and means committee, still very knowledgeable about what goss on here. he says the republicans have backed themselves into a corner, even if they pass that continuing resolution and send it to senate the senate will not approve anything that will defund the obamacare. we have this standoff and we'll see how it all shakes out
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richelle. >> randall as you just said it will certainly not make it out of the senate but even if it did and got to the president's desk president would veto it. do the republicans have any other options, any other backup plans? >> i don't think they have it. if they have one they haven't announced it. what would likely happen is if it comes back to the congress, and they see a government shut down, within days, there will be an outcry from people who are not getting paid from people who are applying for social security and they can't get it. from some of these people that congressman wrangle talked about that can't get their kidney dialysis. rushing back to the floor to try to do something to fix it. no matter how much they despise and hate obamacare there's something else they fear even more rath of the voters.
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that's what happened in mid '90s when former house speaker newt gingrich did this. >> thank you so much, randall. now to mexico, where the search is underway, at least 58 people are missing after hurricane manuel dumped if 50 inches of rain. leaving at least 80 people dead. now the mexican government is struggling to get food and water to those in need and to evacuate those in harms way. randall mercer has more. >> desperate from help, hundreds of people from the village have been strapped for days. many have gone without food or drinking water since severe flooding left them homeless. government provided ration he are a life line but people say it's not enough. >> we haven't eaten since it
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started raining. the water took away everything. the children are sick. >> fisherman jose lopez says he was lucky to have gotten his disabled daughter out of their house in time. >> look at my house now. the water took everything. the bed, fridge, everything, we're homeless now. >> more than a million people were affected by two tropical storms that slammed into mexico last weekend. worst hit was the pacific state of guerrero where more than 40 people have died. in some areas two months of rain fell in just two days. thousands have been forced to seek refuge in acapulco, here people wait for the water to recede and the mudslides to be cleared. wondering what awaits them when they return home. but the government has a perhaps more pressing job to take care of first. 40,000 tourists have been trapped in acapulco since the stomps hit. they have been waiting in line
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for a flight for more than three days. they're holt, tired and they've had enough. as tensions rise some passengers have started blocking the entrance to the airstrip. >> planes leave and arrive, but the lines don't move. people have been waiting here for 72 hours. >> with more storms on the way the government is now racing against time trying to get supplies to where they're needed the most. david mercer al jazeera, acapulco, mexico. >> fewer than 6,000 people in the hardest hit colorado counties of larimer and boulder have fled. more than 7200 business he have been damaged or destroyed. residents have cleaned up searching for their mud soaked belong is to see if anything can be saved. meteorologist nicole mitchell.
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>> what we're seeing in acapulco has caused problems all the way along the mexican coast. this x is where it originally made landfall so that was kind of the time frame when it was causing the problems in acapulco. similar time frame we had another storm moving in from the east coast and that was that squeeze play that caused all the flooding in the mountainous terrain you remember us talking about earlier in the week. manuel has continued up the coastline by mazatlan, it is stationary and will dump rain. it is a hurricane over land and lose some of that intensity and diminish. moisture plume into texas anything will be beneficial because of the drought conditions there. but while we're watching all of this we also have another little disturbance. you can see this in the bay of campece. if it does bring any moisture to
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those flooded areas it would cause kind of a reexacerbation of that situation so not good news there. i'll have that frul national forecast in just a few minutes. richelle. >> look forward to it. this morning a judge began hearing from creditors who were owed money and wanted to stop the chapter 9 proceedings. retirees are supposed to presently arguments aimed at saving pensions and health care benefits. b. c. >> most certainly racial. retired city workser at this point are slum terrified that they will lose part of their pension and health benefits. a lot of these retired workers depend on this income and any cult back would be absolutely devastating. i did have the opportunity to silt down with two retirees and they told me how this bankruptcy
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could impact them. together linda and her husband ken served 52 years on the detroit police force. they've done all the things you would expect of police officers in the second most dangerous city in the country. they thought when they retired they were set. >> the joke always was, how many years can you get your pension? nobody thought of losing it. >> that all changed in july when detroit became the largest city in u.s. history to declare bankruptcy. drowning in debt, the emergency manager kevin orr made it clear if the judge problem approves te bankruptcy, the pensioners benefits would be cut.
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>> i never prepared for that, saved for that. >> now they have no choice but to prepare for the worst. >> it would change all our life plans. everything would change. >> and they'll be dealt a big blow if there are any changes to their health benefits. >> ken takes a thousand dollars worth of drugs a month. if you add that on to medical, that would be a lot of money. talking two, $3,000 out of pocket and it would be devastating. >> michigan's attorney general says whether the city is bankrupt or not it must keep its promises to retirees. >> just waiting to find out you know, we have no control over anything. >> with so much to lose creditors and retirees alike are pleading their cases in bankruptcy court before justice steven rhodes who will decide whether detroit can
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constitutionally cutting pensions. >> retired workers like the peltiers are left hang, hoping not to become casualties of a bankrupt detroit. and a little over 100 people are slated to take part in today's hearing, each will be given three minutes to make their case and so far it has been emotional. back to you. >> i can't imagine what they are feeling. bisi have you spoken to pension recipients who are hopeful they can get relief in quort? >> i can tell you it's tension filled. right now they feel like the carpet was pulled from underneath them. so whit comes to any hope i did speak to one retiree and he said that he takes comfort in knowing that today at least his voice was heard. >> at least you'll have some sort of say.
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bis i thank you so much. j.p. morgan is admitting it, billion dollars in fines to settle with regulators in the u.s. and also britain. this all stems from the trade l debacle that cost the bank more than $6 billion. regulators said jch morgan failed to provide adequately oversight of the trade. in syria rebel fighting with the rebel groups near turkey. joining us in takkya turkey. now they're fighting each other, the rebel groups. >> indeed, richelle, rebels fighting inside syria belong to various groups, divide he groups, with huge ideologic differences. on the one hand you have the al qaeda linked fighters. on the other hand, you have
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fighters belong to the free syrian army, the largest group of fighters backed by the west and largely perceived to be a more moderate group. what we saw today is essentially in fightings that started 24 hours ago when fighters belonging to al qaeda demanded that the moderates from the free syrian army hand over a german doctor operating near the turkish border. they accused that german doctor to be a spy. the more moderates refused to hand him over. infighting, and al qaeda took control of that crucial town. this is particularly interesting richelle because infighting has been one of the most problematic issues. prevented western countries from wholeheartedly supporting the
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rebel groups fearing weapons would fall into the wrong hands. the infighting is taking place in a very strategic border area. >> let's talk more about where it's happening. what are the ramifications for neighboring turkey? let's talk about the location. >> yes, this is hugely problematic for turkey for multiple reasons. i've spent the past few weeks here in the various towns along the turkey syria border and i can tell you that the primary concern that turkish citizens have relayed to me they are concerned about these al qaed aa fighters operating so close to their town. they are concerned about the violence spill over to their towns. we have seen towns pock marked with stray bullets, shooting
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down a syrian helicopter that mistakenly veered into its air space a few days ago. a very problematic border area. but particularly this renewed violence is problematic because if al qaeda wins this battle we're seeing them operating essentially three miles away from turkish territory. so of course if they take control it would be problematic because they would be in charge of the crossing point from the syrian side. and already we've seen the turkish government shut down the main border crossing as a result of this fighting. >> brya, thank you very much. a week ago russian president vladimir putin made waves in an op ed. now john mccain says, peup putis
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an enemy to the oppressed. mccain argues that he uses corruption repression and violence, he rules for himself not you. pope francis setting a new tone for roman catholic church. his views on gay marriage and more. caroline kennedy how she is carrying on her father's leg 60. legacy.
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>> pope frances offering a blunt criticism of the roman catholic church. known for his views, he spoke
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with a exclusive interview with the catholic journal, published today, there is more to talk about than those hot topics. the church needs to find, this is a quote, new balance. the housing market is showing healthy groatd but it may not last. august sales reflect contracts signed in june and july as buyers rush to beat those rising mortgage rates. the realtors group says retire traffic dropped off significantly in august meaning sales could slow down in the months ahead. tesla is going on auto pilot, elon musk says the company is looking for a automated car in three years. senate hearings have begun
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for caroline kennedy, president obama's nominee for the necessary ambassador to japan. she wants to carry on her father always legacy of public service. >> this appointment has a special significance as we commemorate the 50th anniversary of my freart's presidency. i'm are conscious to uphold the older that he committed. a more peaceful world. as a world war ii veterans who served in the pacific he had hoped to be the first sitting president to make a state visit to japan. if confirmed as ambassador i would be humbled to carry forward his legacy in a small way and represent the powerful bonds that unite our two democratic societies. i can think of no other country that i would like to serve than japan. >> caroline kennedy would be the first woman to hold that post if
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confirmed. a big archaeological find, a historically significant toothbrush. >> every sunday night
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>> white house says president obama will veto any budget bill
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that removes funding for his health care reform law. house republicans plan to use the bill to try and defund the law. j.p. morgan chase will pay $9 million in fines, and admit wrongdoing in a $6 billion whale why trade, and cover up losses. nearly 60 people are missing after hurricane manuel slammed the northwest coast of mexico. the storm caused a mudslide wednesday. the national hurricane center says manuel is expected to bring more rain to areas already devastated by hurricane ingrid. >> i'm meteorologist nicole mitchell, getting out the door on this thursday. we actually had some of those impacts of manuel impacting the united states.
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let's take a look at that. frontal boundary throughout the mid western section of the country. you can clearly see where that hurricane is in mexico, funneling needed rain into texas. i'll touch more on that in a second. this is also a storm system. not only does it have some cooler air in store for parts of the midsection of the country, it definitely has the stormy weather along with it. you can see, we have a thunderstorm watch box up. parts of minnesota and wisconsin, that goes until 4:00 central time that means the potential for severe weather and actually within this where you can see some of the stronger storms around hinkley, winds and hail being the possible threats up to 60 miles an hour and pea sized hail being reported. definitely contrast, ahead of this, 80s, kansas city at 86, behind the system much cooler. bismarck is at 57. usually a little contrast north to south but not quite like we've seen, this brings
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temperatures back to average, you're going to see snap back to reality, kind of feeling brisk. south side of this, combination of the front and the tropical system means, rain for texas. most of texas is in some sort of a drought condition so this is actually very beneficial rain for a lot of the state and you can see, between the two impacts, over the next 24 hours a lot of the state is going to benefit from some of this and some decent rainfall at that. the next place that is in store for some rainfall is going to be -- that last system i was talking about more ohio river valley tomorrow possibly east coast into saturday. this is the next player into saturday. you can see clouds moving into parts of washington state, california northward could get rain with the next system off into the pacific. that is needed moisture in this part of the country because we do still have a couple of fires through this area. that will being beneficial rain
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richelle. >> absolutely they can use it. nicole thank you very much. archaeologists have found things being dated back to the 17th century. found in rio, ivory toothbrush thought to have belonged to brazil's emperor pedro ii. former house majority leader tom delay, in november 2010 the texas are legislator was found guilty of are obtaining campaign funds, was allowed to be free during the appeal. the appeal court said there wasn't enough toafd support the conviction. the united nations is holding closed door meetings in thailand this week. testimony will be given for one
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woman, veronica pedrosa reports from thailand. >> if anocha is listening, her brother has a message for her. >> i miss you so much, i miss you every day, i've been waiting so long for her. i'm deaf, i can't hear any more. >> if anocha was alive today she would be 58. for a quarter century her family had no idea how or why she disappeared, then came word from a couple who said they knew her well from of all places north korea. >> the reporter came to see us cull, all of our family gathered in house and we all cried for her. >> charles jenkins showed this picture to the world. he's behind him and his japanese
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abductee wife caught unaware was anocha, this is the house they built with money she sent back to them in northern thailand. her brother has continued to pressure the northern thai government for her release. the current government in bangkok isn't inclined to help. >> the thai government doesn't pay attention othis case. i'm really disappointed about it and really sad. i website to talk to the foreign minister but he failed to see me. >> their garden blooms this season. the work of a modest farnlg family with no political influence. >> so this was anocha's faifort toys. she kept them safe now her
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brother and her nephew are keeping them safe until she comes back to reclaim them. it is as if time has stood still in anocha's small bedroom, clothes still hang in her bedroom with proof that she was born scratched on these tiny scrolls. and the proof that she is missed etched on the face of her waiting brother. >> the u.n. human rights council pushed for investigation into north korea human rights abuses as an attempt to bring attention to allegation he of horrifying abuses. stories have been trick lidges out for years as -- trickling out. thanks for watching al jazeera. remember you can catch all the latest news on our website, inside story is next. keep it here, thanks for your time.
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>> florida authorities consider bringing charges after a 12-year-old girl who endured months of online bullied committed suicide. we'll how schools are dealing with cyber-bullying. >> hello, i'm libby casey. for nearly a year absolutely terrorized . she would receive messages that she should die. she jumped to her death. friends and families wore t-shirts with anti-bullying slogans and a sign that read every day more and more kids kill themselves because of bullying. how many lives have to be lost until people realize that words do matter. what was once a schoolyard problem in the last ten years spread into cyberspace and become more powerful. bullies tweet instagram or post on facebook abusive words hiding behind a screen and doing harm in just a click. there has been a steady but modest increase of cyberbullying in the last decade. 24% of high schoolers said they have been bullied. 85% of the time victims knows the bully. >> here with us for more insight is debra a bullying prevention manager for justice and human rights. from connecticut we're joined by emily, author of "sticks and stone." and back here in the studio, jennifer, the legal and policy director for the online safety institute. us. plain and simple. >> when we're looking at cyberbullying, we're looking at online behavior that is hostile, harassment, it's over a period of time. it's not just one comment that is mean but hostile behavior over a period of time pep we often see a power imbalance. someone who has a higher social status in school harassing someone who does not have as much popularity. >> there is a big problem with bullying in school. cyberbullying, we're seeing more as technology gets into kids hands.


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