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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 19, 2013 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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>> hello, and welcome to al jazeera america. i'm richelle carey live from new york city. here are the stories we're following for you. blunt words from pope francis to the catholic church. find a new balance or fall like a house of cards. the clock is ticking for congress to pass a budget or face a government shutdown p. detroit has their day in court. their fight from bankruptcy and to make it pay. [♪ music ] >> congress has just 11 days to pass a funding bill to avoid a
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partial government shutdown, but congress makes it muddy by adding obama healthcare law. what are congressional leaders saying this time. >> reporter: let me just give some expressions of speech, it's a donny brook of a dogfight. they're saying that president obama can negotiate with putin on russia but he can't negotiate with congress to keep the government operating. of course they want to keep the government running at the end of the fiscal year, september 31st, but they also want to defund the obama healthcare act. listen to what boehner and his counterpart and nancy pelosi had to say just a few moments ago. >> while the president is happy to negotiate with vladimir putin
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he won't negotiate with congress on a plan that deals with the deficits that threaten our economy. a debt increase without reforms to lower our deficit just isn't going to cut it. >> this is playing with fire. legislative arsonists are at work when they start using the debt limit for their own agenda. a countrour country cannot affod another republican manufactured crisis, which this is, it's time for republicans and democrats to join together, put people to work and grow the economy to strength the middle class. >> and house speaker boehner says that on friday, tomorrow, he will, indeed, introduce legislation, continuing resolution, that includes a provision to defund the healthcare act, obamacare, which that is likely to be stripped
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and sent back to the house. at that point the house has a decision to make, house republicans whether they'll pass legislation to keep government running or not. and if they don't, who will get the blame. that's the other part of the political fallout. we haven't even gotten to the debt ceiling. but enough for now. >> i was going to ask about the debt ceiling, but let me put that off to the side. i'm legalling the rhetoric of the two wash over me. this almost certainly will not get through democratically controlled senate. >> but we're having audio difficulty. what is happening for the republicans, of course, is that they're going to get two bites at the apple. if the continuing resolution does get past and they operate until the end of the month, then the next time they'll have an opportunity to try to tie affordable care act to budgetary matters to the middle of
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october. that's when the neglects will reach it's $16.7 trillion debt ceiling limit. if it isn't raised then even the threat of that could threaten the economy into chaos. no one is thinking that will happen, but it is possible. meanwhile we have the senator of texas ted cruz said he's going to do everything possible to make sure the affordable healthcare act is not funded. >> thank you so much. now to mexico where the search is underway for victims after the latest hurricane to hit the country. 58 people are missing after hurricane manuel hit. it's the second hurricane to hit in a week.
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now the mexican country is trying to get food and water to those in need and keep theme out of harm's way. >> reporter: desperate for help. hundreds of people have been stranded for days. many have gone without food and drinking water since severe flooding left them homeless. government brings rations, but people say it's not enough. >> we haven't eaten since the started raining. it has taken away everything. our children are sick. >> look at my house now. the water took everything, the bed, fridge, everything. we're homeless now. >> reporter: more than a million people were affected by two tropical storms, in some areas two months of rain fell in just
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two days. thousands have been forced to seek refuge inial copull co. here people wait for the water to recede and the muds to be cleared. the government has perhaps a more pressing job to take care of first. >> reporter: 40,000 tourists have been trapped in acapulco since the storms hit. they've been waiting in line for more than three days. they're hot, tired, and they've had enough. >> as tensions rise some passengers block the entrance to the military airstrip. >> planes keep arriving and they leave. but the line doesn't move. there are children who have been sleeping here for 72 hours. >> reporter: the government is racing against time trying to get supplies to where they're needed the most. al jazeera mexico.
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>> 6,000 people in the hardest hit parts of colorado have no flood insurance. residents are beginning to clean up, serving through their mud mud-soaked belongings for anything that can be saved. here nicole with so much more happening. >> meteorologist: we're talking about a couple of different flooding situations out there. as you head to colorado, it's a much different story. here the weather has cleared out. so the recovery efforts have some dry conditions. now we head to mexico, which we were also just talking about, and that situation is not over. i placed an x where we had manuel make it's first landfall. now it will make second land landfall, more in the mazetland
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area. and it was at one point with hurricane ingrid as that moved in causing rain over the mountains. now as we look at the hurricane out here you can see that moisture funneling into texas which needs any moisture it can get because of the drought condition but that will be a big problem. then we have another disturbance that could impact the east coast once again. i'll have the full national forecast in just a few minutes. >> pope francis known for his reformist views, now is saying that the catholic church is obsessed with abortion, homose homosexuality and marriage debates. he said that there is more to talk about than those few hot topics. he wants the church to be more inclusive and not limit itself to old doctrine. i'm sure there will be more to talk about regarding that. now in-to-syria with rebel
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groups along the borders of turkey. tell us more about who exactly is fighting. >> reporter: really, richelle, rebels fighting the regime in syria belong to different groups with huge ideological differences. on the one hand you have the al-qaeda-linked fighters. on the other hand you have fighters belonging to the free syrian army, which is believed to be a more moderate group and is backed by the west. now the fighting that we're currently seeing started roughly 24 hours ago between these two sides. we understand that the al-qaeda-linked group wanted a german doctor and aid worker operating to be handed over to the group because they're accusing him of being a spy. now the moderate fight necessary control of that border town refuse to hand him over and we
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saw these clashes. this is interesting because attempt to mediate between the two sides have failed, and now we're seeing more brigades and more reinforcements beginning to fight. this is the largest fighting between rebels in syria, and its taking place i in a particularly strategic border area. >> tell us the ramifications for neighboring turkey, and the ramifications in attempts to broader peace process as it pertains to international partners in this. >> reporter: well, of course, the in-fighting between rebels has been one of the complicated aspects of this syrian conflict. it prevented the international community, western partners from
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supporting because of the fear that syria would fall in the wrong hands. if you cannot trust them how can you trust the aspect of giving them weapons. the more fighting, the more the rebels lose in the international eye. citizens along the border have complained about the dangerous proximity offing a quite, and the link to al-qaeda near their hometowns. they fear that after the fight with syria they'll turn on the people of the turkey. we are seeing people dieing in cross fire and turkey government shoot down a syrian helicopter that mistakenly veered in its air space. so a problematic situation for
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the border. if they win this battle, they could potentially have control of the border crossing from the syrian side. as a result, richelle, we're seeing the turkish government shut down the main border crossing between syria and turkey. so quickly the turkish government reacting to this by shutting down the border. >> all right, thank you so much. saving detroit could destroy their future today retired city workers and other creditors are asking the judge to put a halt to the city's bankrupt case. they believe the chapter 9 proceeding violates the laws regarding healthcare and pension benefits. >> right now the judge is hearing from retired city workers who are terrified that they'll lose part of their pension and healthcare benefits. so many of them depend on this
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income for survival. i did have the opportunity to speak to two former police officers. they shared with me how the bankruptcy would impact them. together, linda and ken serve 59 years on the police force. they dodged bulle bullets, saves and did everything you expect a police officer to do to save the country. when they retired they thought they were set. >> the joke was how many years will you live to enjoy your pension. no one thought we would loss it. >> reporter: drowning in $18 billion in debt, the city's emergency manager kevin orr has made clear if a federal court judge approves the city's bankruptcy retirees healthcare benefits and pensions will likely be cut. >> never once in my entire life did i ever think that the
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opposite end of my career when i retired that someone would take me that they would take my pension or not pay my medical. i never prepared for that, saved to for that. >> reporter: now they have no choice but to prepare for the worse. >> it would change all our life plans. everything would change. >> reporter: and they would be debt a big blow if there are any changes to their health benefits. >> ken takes a $1,000 a drugs a month. you add that on to medical, that's a lot of money out of pocket. it would be devastating. >> reporter: michigan attorney general said the state's constitution protects public employees pensions. whether the city is bankrupt or not it must keep its promise to retirees. >> we have no control over anything. >> reporter: with so much to lose creditors and retirees are.
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bringing their case to the judge who will decide if the city can cut pension and if the city is eligible for bankruptcy. >> reporter: in the meantime, people are left hanging, hoping to avoid becoming casualties of a bankrupt detroit. >> jp morgan chase is admitting wrongdoing in the london tra whe trading loss. jp morgan chase lost more than $6 billion in bad derivatives trade at its london office last year. a week ago russian president vladimir putin made headlines with an op-ed of "new york times" sharply criticizing president obama. now it's john mccain's turn. he slammed the russian
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president. he this is what mccain said: you argues that putin rules by using weaknesses corruption, repression and violence. he rules for himself, not you. no driver, no problem. coming up, the company developing auto pilot, first line of electric cars. plus caroline kennedy talkings about how she's carrying on her father's legacy.
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on techknow, our scientists bring you a sneak-peak of the future, and take you behind the scenes at our evolving world. techknow - ideas, invention, life. >> the washington navy yard opens today just 72 hours after
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the mass shooting that killed 12 people. the gunman who sought medical help last month was supposedly hearing voices. president obama will attend a memorial service for the victims this weekend. the energy department said clean energy production in the u.s. is booming. it says falling costs are fueling the rise. wind power production doubled last year and now it has the electrical power of 16 nuclear reactors. the electric carmaker is looking at an intense effort to create a practical automatic driving system. offering a car that is 90% automated in three years.
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caroline kennedy the nominee for ambassador to japan. she said she wants to carry on her father's legacy, a hallmark of the kennedy administration. >> i'm conscious of my responsibility to uphold the ideals that he represented. a deep commitment to public service, more just america and more peaceful world. as a world war ii veteran he serve in the pacific and hoped to be the first-sitting president to make a trip to japan. i hope to carry his legacy in a small way and unite the bonds that unite our democratic societies. i can think of no country that i would rather serve than jp morgan. >> if confirmed, caroline kennedy will be the first woman to hold the post.
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uncovered, a historically significant toothbrush.
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>> welcome back. the husband said president obamt
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president obama will veto any budget plan that defunds the healthcare law. hurricane manuel slams mexico. it's expected to bring more severe flooding to an area already devastated by hurricane inagreed. jp morgan will pay a settlement and will admit wrongdoing in the $6 billion london whale trading disaster last year. regulators say the bank failed to properly supervisor it's london trade traders. a texas appeal court has overturned the money laundering conviction of house majority leader. convicted of misusing political campaign funds. he was give an eight year prison
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sentence but was allowed to remain free during his appeal. the appeals court said there was not enough evidence to support the conviction. the united nations is holding closed door meet negotiation thailand. testimony will be heard about one woman whose family didn't even know she had been abducted by north korean agent years ago. >> reporter: if she is listening, her brother has a message for her. >> i miss you so much. i miss you every day. i've been waiting so long for her. i'm deaf. i can't hear any more. >> reporter: but if anocha is alive today. she would be 58. for more than a quarter of a century her family had no idea how or why she disappeared while working as a massage they arist in macao in 1978. then came news from a couple who said they knew her well from of
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all places, north korea. >> the reporter came to see us. all the family gathered in the house, we all cried for her. >> reporter: americans deserter charles jenkins showed this picture to the world. he's in the foreground. but behind him a woman who told them her name is anocha and she is from tie lapped. this is the house that they built with the money she used to send back to them in northern thailand. her brother and his son continue to ask the thai government to pressure the north korean government for her release. they deny the story and the government in bangkok isn't inclined to help. >> they don't today pension to this case. i'm really disappointed about it, and i'm very sad. i went to talk to the foreign minister, but he refused to see
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me. >> reporter: their garden blooms this season. the work of a modest farming family with no political influence. >> so these were her favorite toys as she was growing up, when she was just a child, her dolls. she kept them safe with her as she got older. now her brother and her nephew are keeping them safe for her until she comes back to reclaim them. >> reporter: it's as if time has stood still. his or her clothes in fashion 40 years ago still hang in her wardrobe with proof that she was born scratched on these tiny traditional scrolls. and the proof that she is missed etched on the face of her waiting brother. al jazeera thailand. >> the u.n. human rights council pushed into the allegation of north korean human rights abuses.
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stories of abuse have been trickling in as people escape from north carolina. all the contaminated water from the fukushima nuclear has been contained. ordering the plant operators to scrap all the reactors at the site. two of the largest diamonds in the world are on display at the auction house. the record-breaking diamonds include a 118.28 car at egg-sized diamond. the small egg-sized diamond is expected to be sold for as much as $28 million. they'll be auctioned off at sotheby's in hong kong in october. >> i'm meteorologist nicole mitchell with a look at your forecast for this thursday. we have a front that is our major player as we go across the
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country. let's go right to that. as we take a broad look. it's easy to pick out where we have the cold front moving through, the low pressure system. i want to point out as we get to the tail end of this, this is manuel that is bringing moisture into texas. texas is getting the moisture from two directions of needed moisture. i'll get more to that in a second. first let's start with what this is has done. you have parts in nebraska where you have 80s on one side of the state and 50s and 60s on the other side of the state because the front has come through. it's a dramatic contrast. if you're in the warm air today say goodbye to. it for tomorrow. it's reality when you're in the 80s and then drop down to the 50s and 60s, it's a harsh return to reality. we have the system that has moved through, and right now it's in minnesota and wisconsin. we've had stronger thunderstorm
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warnings at times which means that weather is occurring. wind and hail being the primary threat and most recently those stronger storms anywhere from hinckley. now as we get southward on the south end of this. the tail end of the front. the moisture some of that from manuel. we're in drought conditions in most of the state so some places could see as much as of an inch of rain persistently although a few isolated spots will see more than that. but that front is on the move and could ruin some weekend plans. >> in brazil archeologists have found items believed to date back to 17th century. it was found in the extension of acy subway found. found is an ivory toothbrush and toothpaste made for the
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portuguese queen. for more you can always go to the ghosts of men and women fill the wards of government hospitals across india. they stare silently - suspended in limbo between the living and the dead. these patients are the infected - victims of a contagion so lethal it kills almost one and a half million people globally every year, and infects a further nine million. despite an arsenal of drugs,


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