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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 20, 2013 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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♪ this is al jazeera. i'm richelle carey. these are some of the stories we are following. [ cheers and applause ] >> gop lawmakers celebrate after the house passing a spending bill that defunds the participate's health care law. devastation in mexico after back-to-back storms. today the death toll rises and the search for the missing goes on. iran's charm offensive talks of new relations and a new start. ♪ congress takes step towards a government shutdown as the
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battle over the budget moves to the senate. a short time ago, the house passed a budget bill that would fund the government through mid-december but strip all funding from the affordable care act. randall is live in washington with the latest. so what is the next step, randall? >> reporter: well the next step is it goes to the senate. this morning it was a brief but passionate debate, voting on joint resolution 59 to keep the government running. here was the final tally. mostly along party lines. respects voting in measure by 228 votes with two democrats joining them. democrats voting against it 189 with one republican opposing. house speaker john boehner called it a victory for the
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american people. >> while we had a victory today for the american people and frankly we also had a victory for common sense. >> yeah! >> senator bacha said it right several months ago when he said this law is a train wreck. and it is a train wreck, and the president said, you know, if we pass this law, health care costs will go down. now we fine out that health care costs are going up for most americans. the president said if you like the health insurance policy that you have, you can keep it. we found out that is not quite accurate either, and in the coming months millions of americans are going to find out it is just not quite true. >> reporter: democrats argue while health care costs continue to go up, they are going up at a much slower rate in part because the affordable care act is beginning to kick in. nancy pelosi did not agree with boehner's characterization.
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>> what is brought to the floor today is without a doubt, without a doubt a measured designed to shut down government. it could have no other intent. it's purpose is clear. >> reporter: so far no reaction from president obama who has arrived in kansas to make a speech about his economic policies. we expect him to have something to say later today. meanwhile the only fishlt word from democratic laters coming from harry reid who in essence is saying the measure they are going to get from the house is dead on arrival, because there is no way the senate is going to approve legislation that defunds the affordable care act. next move? in the senate. >> so no official word from the president since this happened,
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but in the past few days the word coming from the white house was go ahead and do this, but should it never make it to my desk, it is going to stop at my desk. >> reporter: precisely. what is more likely, however -- in order for this particular measure to get to his desk would require the senate to approve what the house approved today, and harry reid is saying that is not going to happen. so reid and the democrats are likely to strip that part of the bill, and then it would be up to house speaker boehner who bring it up, which would allow them to pass it or to stall, which means that the government would stop funding programs at the end of the month, and we would have a shutdown. >> okay. take this one day at a time. randall pinkston live in dc. thank you so much. hurricane manuel has
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weakened significantly, but the storm had a devastating impact when it slammed into mexico. the acapulco area is still dealing with the mud slides and bracing for more storms. >> reporter: this is the result of tase of torrential rains, dozens of bridges and roads laid to waste. people wait for emergency rations flown in by the military. many are desperate for help. >> translator: we just want medicine and support, something to eat. >> reporter: more than one million people have been affected by two tropical storms that slammed into mexico last weekend. rescue teams are minding more bodice as they each isolated areas. survivors say the mud slides
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came out of nowhere. >> i was walking down the street near a store when i heard a loud noise, and i just stood there. i saw how the dirt and dust began to billow up. when i saw that it was coming down to the field, i started running. >> reporter: the government is appealing to mexicans to help out. food banks have been set up across the country. he ear here at a collection center in the heart of mexico city, and more than 30 tons of food and other items have been collected, and volunteers are sorting these things to they can go out on air lifts where they are really needed. >> translator: the queue is kilometers long. there are no tents. there are elderly people,
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pregnant women, significant children. >> reporter: but the government's work here is far from over. a super typhoon is barrelling down on the philippines, taiwan and hong kong. it is packing 127-mile-per-hour winds and torrential rains, it is 680 miles wide, and has already caused major flooding in northern japan. >> in the philippines they are already making sure their villages are stocking up on provisions and getting out of the most exposed areas. last year a fie typhoon hit the philippines and kills about 1100 people. they are very much used to dealing with typhoons. the philippines will be first hit, and then as it moves, the southern part of taiwan will be hit, and at this stage it is on track to slam straight into hong
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kong where we are at the moment on sunday, and if that happens then it will cause a lot more damage in the southern parts of china in an area that has already been severely damaged by tropical storms this year. >> it is expected to weaken by sunday with wind speeds then of only 110 miles an hour. >> when you think about 680 miles, you are talk about the northeast, mid-atlantic and parts of the southeast. we're talking about an area as big as boston down to raleigh north carolina. these are the philippine islands. this storm is going to rake across the straight and barrel its way towards hong kong a city filled with millions of people. as we track towards sunday, damaging winds, flooding downpours, and those downpours will trigger mud slides.
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evacuations are certainly underway across portions of southern china. we'll deal with the system the next several days after sunday so the rain will spread across china, and mud slides will be the major threat. thirteen people were injured when someone opened fire in a park in chicago. the most seriously injured, a three year old boy. he was shot in the cheek. he was at the park with his mother. this happened about 10:15 last night at cornell square park. investigators say this may have been bang related. at least 38 soldiers are dead in yemen. a car bomb reportedly exploded at a camp in the province, killing 20 soldiers and wounding many others. gunmen also shot ten solders in
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a town, a officer said another attack happened. the government says the assaults were care rid out by al qaeda members. another overture by iran's president. he has written an op-ed in the "washington post" where he tells readers that the people of iran seek construction engagement with the west. this is a quote. james bays is at the un. >> this is clearly part of an iranian charm offensive. the president of iran is specifically mentioning the key sticking points that his country has with the international
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community, talking about the situation in syria, talking about his nuclear program and iran's relations with the u.s., making it quite clear sthat time to talk. already his foreign minister is here in new york doing the rounds. we believe he will be sitting down with the european union and the british foreign minister. we don't know, though, whether there will be any meetings with any u.s. officials. i think it's worth making the point when all of the world leaders gather here as they do every year at the general assembly, it is just possible that people can bump into other leaders that they didn't expect to meet. the obama administration is calling for tough new rules to cut greenhouse gas emissions. for the first time they are proposing carbon pollution limits. to meet the new standards coal
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plants would have to add expensive technology. the lapd could soon give 007 a run for his money. ahead how the technology is expected to help police and the public.
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faultlines investigates why so many babies are dying in america's inner cities. >> lot a times programs and stuff all they care about is numbers. they don't care about people. >> faultlines: america's infant mortality crisis. ♪ iraqis who work with the american military after the invasion in 2003 could now be shut out of the u.s. permanently. a law that grants special immigrant visas runs out at the end of the month and that means thousands of iraqis who served as interpreters could be stranded.
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>> reporter: there is an unbreakable bond among military men that you tend not to find among civilians. and this may be why. what do you do after you have been blown up and surpoovivesur? >> it happened every day. >> reporter: working with the army was okay at first, but one of his sons was hurt when their car was blown up in the driveway of their home. >> he got burned on his arm and leg. >> reporter: so when falah wants to come live in america, tim pulled out all of the stops. >> we could not, and i would like to emphasize not, could not
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have accomplished our mission without him or his fellow interpreters. >> reporter: five years ago congress authorized 25,000 visas, but the state department has issued only 25% of them, and now time is running out unless congress actings by the end of the month, the law allowing these visas will expire. the state department says . . . lawyers working on behalf of iraqis who worked with the u.s. military and are still seeking vie saas say thousands could be shut oun completely. >> this wouldn't be the catastrophe it is if they would
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have issueded the visas like they should have. >> darn it, if we can put a man on the moon we can get these i goes over here. >> at least falah and his family are in the u.s. >> i never forgot, you know, something is imprinted in my mooind mind and my kids and my wife. >> reporter: he just wants his countrymen to live the dream too. is the devastating floods in
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colorado are causing havoc on the state's farmers. rose and rows of crops are underwater. farmers say if the water doesn't drain before the next harvest season in october they could suffer hundreds of millions of dollars in losses. making their mortgage payments is becoming more of a priority of financially strapped homeowners. those who are having trouble paying their bills are choosing to pay their mortgage over their credit card debt. a key component of president obama's health care law rolls out in less than two weeks, but a software glitch may leave people shopping for insurance in the lurch. people may not be able to determine how much they have to pay for coverage. we'll have much more about that story tonight on "real
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money with ali velshi," 7:00 pm eastern right here on al jazeera. united air lines have bringing back the tag fly the friendly skies again. thousands of los angeles police department officers may soon have cameras tracking their every move. the commission has raised half a million dollars in hopes of outfitting his officers. >> 5 william victor mora. >> reporter: the sergeant pat roles the streets in california with his badge, his gun, and at little something extra. a small camera clipped to his uniform. >> it sort of acts as an independent witness. >> reporter: they have been using body cameras for the past year. >> douglas step out.
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>> reporter: the department says it has seen a huge drop in the number of complaints against officers, and the number of times officers use physical force on suspects. >> we had an 88% reduction in officer complaint, and 60% reduction in use of force. >> reporter: the police commission president is working to bring the technology to los angeles. he says lapel cams will result in more transparency within the force. >> the taping of those, as long as it is done correctly and not intrusively or against any of the rules, it saves man hours for the police officers, it helps the general public feel like there's some sort of additional accountability, and it saves time, money, lives. >> reporter: and the lapd is getting helping from some deep pockets. hundreds of thousands of dollars
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have been pledged to purchase equipment. the american civil liberty's union also supports the use of body cameras. >> the video should be reviewed only when there's reason to believe there's officer misconduct or some kind of criminal act that is going to be documented. >> reporter: officers won't be able to turn the cameras on or off themselves. they might turn on automatically when a patrol car's lights or sirens are activated. >> it's a slow process, it needs to be incremental and you need to do it right. >> reporter: the lapd will begin testing the cameras within the next few weeks. if all goes well, officials hope that each and every officer will be using one within the year. since coming under fire for the 1991 beating of rodney king,
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the lapd has tried to put dash cams in every patrol car, but only 300 actually have one. steven hawking is showing the world how he can balance both in a movie. that's coming up.
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>> every sunday night al jazeera america presents
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♪ welcome back the house voted a short time ago to approve a bill that would keep the federal government open until december 15th but takes away money to implement president obama's health care law. the measure isn't expected to go anywhere in the senate. hurricane manuel and hurricane ingrid are to blame for nearly a hundred deaths in mexico. the iranian president says it wants to have communications with the west. ♪ it's a sunny beautiful day
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in the northeast. we do see a bit of cloud cover pushing in, and that's complementary of our latest frontal boundary. actually providing quite a bit of rain across portions of texas. take a look at the radar here. you're not going to see much. we are seeing the beginning of the boundary, and we should see storms from detroit to st. louis. clear skies and a beautiful day here however. by sunday that frontal boundary will push on there, and i think new york city will have a shower or thunderstorm. on monday our skies will clear out quite a bit. not the same story across the central part of the country. the rain is falling quite a bit in portions of texas. we need the rain in texas,
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however. we'll deal with the heavy rain from houston down towards dallas and we could see showers or thunderstorms popping up in brownsville and corpus christi. if you are out there on the roadways just take it easy for me. take a look. we have flash flood warnings in effect, and we're going to continue to deal with that through the night as those storms continue to be fuelled by the heating of the day. yesterday we had multiple reports of damaging winds and hail with this frontal boundary, and as i said earlier, i think we could see potentially dangerous storms around the detroit area down towards st. louis today as that front continues to make its way further into the east. the biggest storm we have in the world right now is make its way towards hong kong and expected to make landfall on sunday. this is a supertie phone in the
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united states this would be considered a category 5 hurricane. as it makes its way towards hong kong by sunday, and we are talking about flooding, blinding downpours, this is a very dangerous storm. we're going to monitor it today tomorrow and into sunday as we continue to really sen our thoughts and prayers out to the folks there. richelle back to you. thank you. steven hawking a brilliant profess professor scientist and author. he is the subject of a documentary. >> reporter: think of cambridge, think art, think science, think history, but movie premiers? think again. yet this is no ordinary film. this is no ordinary man. >> there's nothing like the
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movement of discovering something that no one knew before. >> reporter: the subject is professor stephen hawking, one of if not the most famous scientist of his again ration. and this is his story. full, uncensored, reality tv. the life of a scientist through a microscope. >> i have lived over two t-thir of my life with the threat of death hanging over me. >> i think he was -- he was -- he was very accepting of it. >> stephen hawking is adored, loved even, not just here at the university of cambridge but in many parts of the world, but and it's his research and theorys that have made him a household name, but it is also the fact he has achieved so much, while also
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suffering so much. and that means he is no longer just a scientist. by his own admission he is now also a celebrity. this is after all a man who took center stage during thoeping of the 2012 paralympics. he has been on chat shows, even star trek. for a man obsessed with space, honors do not get much bigger. >> you are bluffing. >> wrong again, albert. i think my celebrity has a lot to do with my condition. the wheelchair makes me instantly recognizable. i fit a stereo type of a disabled genius. >> reporter: when he was diagnosed with his degree he was given just three years to live. that was 50 years ago. his book became one of science's best-ever sellers.
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>> i'm richelle carey "people in power" is next. ♪ it's been over 20 years since the end of el salvador's butal cival war. but it's legacy of pain an misery still lingers. until now, amnesty has shielded from prosecution those suspected of atrocities. but the discovery of a secret directory of death squad targets has given campaigners hope that the guilty can now at last be held accountable.


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