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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 20, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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you next time. >> good evening everyone, welcome to al jazeera. i'm john siegenthaler in new york. >> and now they've gone beyond just holding congress hospital contaminating. they're holding the whole country hospital contaminating. >> lark out against republicans, a resolution that keeps the government running but defunds obamacare. the man behind the call for action. and taking aim at taiwan. a powerful typhoon has millions on the run now millions are under threat.
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a major battle is brewing in congress over health care an the budget. the house of representatives voted today to stop funding the president's health care program and at the same time keep funding the government for three months. it would temporarily prevent a government shut down. this is the 42nd time the house of representatives has tried odefunds so-called obamacare. those previous measures failed. the bill passed the house mostly along are party lines. 230 voted for it, including two democrats, 189 voted against it including one republican. we get the story from mike viqueira. ideal compromise is a signed of weakness. as a result of this congressional gridlock had threat.ed to shut down the whole government. after a day of i inknighting, a
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day of victory. >> a vote for common sense. >> their vote to cut off funding for the health care law, something the house has voted on more than a dozen times. before. >> it's time to free americans from the shackles of obamacare. >> something that ties the entire government to the president obama's health care plan. ultimately they gave in. >> let's defund this law now and protect the plairn people from the economic calamity that we know obamacare will create. the bill passed the house even as democrats scoffed. >> this place is a mess. let's get our house in order. we are legislators. >> i invite my colleagues on the other side to wake up from this radical ideologic wet dream.
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>> without a compromise the government will shut down october 1st. the president has promised a veto. mr. obama has accused the congressmen. >> the health care law is off the table. >> i'm happy to have that debate over them. you don't threaten to blow the whole thing up just because you don't get your way, right? >> well, on top of a threat of a government shut down there is another fight looming, comes at the end of october when the government will exceed its legal debt ceiling. republicans say they're not going to vote to do that unless they can cut obamacare. the president called speaker boehner tonight, told the speaker there's no way he's
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going to negotiate over the full faith and credit of the united states treasury. >> that's mike viqueira reporting tonight. so what happens if the government is shuttle down? medicare and medicaid reimbursements as well as social security checks would not likely be affected, the border patrol would stay in place however awnd,000 federal employees could be furloughed, passports and vee ivisas could be delayed, nationl parks and museums and monuments could close. turning to chicago a community calls for peace tonight following a barrage of gun fire in their south side chicago neighborhood. >> put down the gun! >> put down the guns! >> several mothers were among activists. the gunman was armed with an
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assault rifle,. >> three-year-old boy is shot in the face he's expected to survive but police have yet to make an arrest. diane estabrooke reports. >> many of the people who live in these neighborhoods can't understand why americans are not as upset about the shoot that is took place here as they were about the shootings that took place earlier this week in washington. >> he was kind of laying on his left side, kind of almost in a fetal position. >> three years ago la wanda sterling found her son dead in this alley. >> it is hard to die in an alley like a dog. >> sterling said 16-year-old jeremiah tbhean16-year-oldjair .
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in a place where gun violence is commonplace it's tough to move on. >> it must be hard. >> if i don't then i'll relive it. i can relive the way my son was shot in succession. i hear it in my head all the time. so when i hear a shot i naturallnaturally jump. >> just days after a commission named chicago the are most dangerous city in the nation, this incident, once again called for a ban on assaulted-style weapons. >> illegal guns drive violence and military type weapons like the one we believe do have been used on this shooting belong on a battle field not on a street or a corner or a park. >> in the aftermath of this
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shooting activists rallied. >> put down the gun, put down the gun. >> the coalition of peace makers once again calling for an end to chronic gun violence. >> continuously on a day-to-day basis, to have to see the expression on their mothers, sisters, friends faces is just terrible. >> la wanda sterling is frut traited too, frustrated that the children on her block could become victims too. >> no, that should not be the norm, they're living in war time, they can't be kids. >> kids who far too often die like her son. >> diane estebrook, al jazeera.
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>> typhoon usagi, most intense storm on the planet in decades. 140 miles per hour sustained winds with gusts up to 175. craig gleason is in new orleans. what emergency steps ever official calling for at this hour? >> well, just moments ago the officials here raised the tie foong signal number 1. that means that people with boats start to put in typhoon shelters and people start to prepare. but as you can see behind me acknowledge there's been a heat warning and are humidity at 90% that's expected to change those
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because this typhoon, starts to move towards us. it is the biggest and moth, it will do severe damage if it continues on its current path. >> do you have any sense of how long it will be before it reaches hong kong where you are? >> yes, it's expected to get here within 24 hours. it's moving through luzon straight at the moment. the massive quadrant of that are storm is hitting the area as we speak. making preparation for evacuations and it's also just brushing the philippines where they have evacuated people in very exposed areas on the top of that are island. it's expected to are lay straight that's what's happened of sty foons of this nature.
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>> -- typhoons of this nature. >> typhoon utor which passed in august was the strongest typhoon of the year then and that passed 500 miles to the south of us. that shut down hong kong completely. transportation services were stopped, the stock exchange was stopped and thousands were stranded at the airport. that's the problem this time. it's the mid-autumn festival, many people leave hong kong, go to visit their families in taiwan and in china. if this typhoon continues on its trajectory it's going ocause massive problems on people's travel plans. >> are there going to be big evacuations there? >> if it continues, as it's
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planned to continue, it would be expected that evacuations will take place in the philippines. in fact, 248 people have already been evacuated. taiwan will probably evacuate people if it strengthens there and certainly people are on stand by in southern china, the typhoons that have raced across the provinces, 24,000 boats fishing vessels have been told to stay in port, and there is a high alert in the maritime areas. so this china is in fact just raised its flag i'm told from yellow to orange which is the second highest rating so they're expecting severe damage there when this typhoon makes landfall. >> greg leesome waiting for the typhoon to make landfall. thanks so much, greg.
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and we are certainly tracking this storm closely. the latest numbers that have come in have it down to just a typhoon, the winds 140 miles per hour still a powerful storm. the radar shows clearly the center of the storm the eye passing south of taiwan. greatest problem is immediately taiwan as this storm passes to the south these feeder bands will be going over the same area, so that's causing major flooding significant flooding happening in ty wan now. you can see the eye of the storm weakening just a bit. it's strengthening just a bit, 140 mile per hour storm, moving from the west to northwest, moving 140 where mile an hour wind. pass by 3:00 local time, moving towards hong kong and i.t. looks like the track will take it
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right around hong kong. the timing is between early sunday month morning and sunday at noon. weakening considerably. so we're continuing to watch the latest track and the latest information, until then go back to you john. >> all right, dave, thank you. storms washed out bridges collapsed highways cut off thousands from basic services. the search for missing cofnts tonight as the military sends supplies to hard hit towns. our own dave mercer? reports from mexico city. >> we're on the sun highway from mexico city to acapulco. this is a major transit route. this critical link has been shut down for the past week because of a tunnel collapse caused by torrential rains. they have just opened this road and we have just seen the first
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cars coming north escaping from acapulco, escaping from the disaster zone and heading back towards mexico city or other destinations. but we have also seen over the past few hours are buses traveling, empty buses traveling south on the other side of the highway, traveling south towards ak pul co-where they are going to are -- acapulco where they are going to be picking up people stranded. government using commercial and military flights, they have been restricted by the number of people they have been able to move and there are still massive amounts of people, it's caused tensions in acapulco, we saw thousands of people waiting in line trying to get onto those military flights and those civilian flights. it's really hot, people have been waiting there with children, elderly all sorts of people.
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and people are starting to get frustrated and fed up with the government with not being able to move them fast enough. so this is going to provide a critical link for the government to move those people out and a big relief valve for government. >> that's dave mercer reporting from mexico city. vice president joe biden will be in mexico city on a planned trip. he has offered american help for flood and recovery efforts. warning systems and emergency responses were not in place ahead of the storms. disaster teams in flood ravaged colorado continue their search tonight for 82 people still unaccounted for. nearly 2,000 people have already been rescued. a week and a half after torrential rains began. property loss is estimated at $2 billion have been reported across 17 counties and more than 1800 homes have been destroyed. calling for an open dialogue. coming up the shift in the long standing tension between iran and the united states and the
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chance the two leaders could meet next week. plus two new iphones were released today and hackers are already trying ospeak their new security feature. the first hacker to find a bug gets a big prize. details are ahead.
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>> iran's president hassan rouhani is calling for an open dialogue with the united states. it's an optimistic sign, despite tensions between the two countries. there's even a chance that president obama and president howe reign will meet next week at the time are united nations general assembly meeting planning to engage in
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constructive action around the woferld. rouhani said, we must work together to the, mandate for prudent engagement that my people have given me. president obama will also meet with palestinian authority mahmoud abbas. president obama will talk about the mid east process when he addresses the u.n. assad seems to have made good on his initial promise to disassemble the syrian chemical weapons program. kristin saloumi explains. >> infighting within the
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opposition. the one thing all sides seem to agree on is are diplomacy. >> what does matter now is geneva schedule. what will geneva do? for the violence to be health external evaluation must be stopped. preventing external intervention stopping the violence and launching an international process. >> french president from francois hollande. >> only apolitical solution will bring the end to the greatest massacre of the 21st century. >> syria has held over an incomplete list of his chemical weapons sites. >> i don't want to get ahead of it but we have a document now that we didn't have yesterday. >> the disclosure was required under the are agreement between
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secretary of state john kerry and russian minister sergey lavrov. >> they need the opcw to agree to it first. >> the opcw postponed the meeting that was supposed to occur sunday. kristin saloumi, al jazeera, the united nations. >> looks like apple has regained some momentum. iphone fans lined up around the globe on friday to be the first to get their hands on the new iphone 5s. silver and space gray iphones are available in seven to ten business days but customers
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looking to buy gold versions would have to wait until october. hackers are being offered cash, even alcohol to crack the new iphone's fingerprint security feature. apple says the feature makes the phone more secure. but hackers will need around two weeks to get tashed lock. the first -- get around the lock. blackbury looks like it's -- black bring looks like it's--blackberry says it's in worse shape than it was. once a dominant player in the hand held market its sales have better than lit by the rise of samsung and apple. analysts say blackberry may be bought out by one much its
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rivals. >> to go into parts of north america and europe and asia that it's not in. it's very business focused. >> blackberry dropped neefer 20%. a town -- dropped more than 20%. >> eminent domain to seize homes before the banks do, the is ruling has sparked a battle but its far from over. rob reynolds has a report from richmond, cloof. >> a small town david, the mayor of richmond, california, a town beset by housing foreclosures went to the san francisco headquarters of wells fargo, one of the nation's biggest banks demanding a meeting with the ceo. they were turned away but
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richmond mayor gail mclaughlin has a plan. richmond is a down in its luck working class city of 100,000 people with an unemployment rate of nearly 12%. there were more than 900 foreclosures here last year and half of the mortgages here are under water. meaning the homeowner owes the bank more than the property is worth. >> what we're doing is, offering to purchase underwater mortgages from the banks who own them, at fair market value. and refinance them for our homeowners. if we don't get cooperation, from the servicers and trustees, we have the option of acquiring them by eminent domain. >> eminent domain is a legal move that allows local
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governments to seize properties. usually for things like building roads or airports. till now, no one has thought of using to it stop foreclosures. when the city of rich mond approached the banks with its plan of buying up properties under water, the banks responded by threatening to stay richmond to court. >> they have done the outrageous hostile act of suing the city of richmond. >> you got their attention? >> i think so, yeah yeah. >> often thursday the federal judge threw out the bank's lawsuit. richmond resident juan sandoval brought their home in 2001, for 200,000, where an adjustable are rate mortgage.
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now he owes -- >> 450,000. for me it's the only hope, there is no other hope. >> a last desperate hope for families struggling to keep a place called home. >> rob reynolds, al jazeera, richmond, california. >> now rating service moody's is weighing in on this are program. it could lead to higher mortgage rates in the area that ultimately depress home prices. jessica taff is here in sports. big night in baseball. >> red sox completed their 100, this year cellar dwellers to
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top. alex rodriguez breaks lou gehrig's record to billion all time leader. yankees all time winning pitcher in the postseason, andy pettit announced he's hanging it up retired twice from baseball but this time, it is for good. it is the race for golf's top prize. tiger woods starting today, coming into the final weekend nine strokes off the lead but he managed to claw his way back within four strokes of the lead but then down the stretch just blew up and finished one over par. meanwhile henrik swenson is leader heading into saturday. that's a look at sports at this hour. >> thank you jessica. opening enrollment for the affordable care act is set to
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begin next month. taking a look at how people will be able to shop for their plans online. and he's a nobel prize winner. he's offering a solution to fix america's exr health care system. we speak to mohamed unis coming up.
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>> welcome back to al jazeera. i'm john siegenthaler and here are the top stories. by far the top storm of the year, typhoon usagi, taking aim on southern china. the storm has wanenned a little bit. winds are down to 140 miles per hour. the house bill that threatens to take down the president's funding of the affordable care act. part of the affordable care act is supposed to go into effect, january 1st is the concht date for the new mandate that takes effect, that includes
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the requirement that everyone who can afford it get health care insurance or be subject to a fine on march 31st of next year the open enrollment are official closes. david ariosto reports. >> americans can are shop in virtual shopping malls. policies will come in four varieties, bronze, silver, gold and platinum. the better the metal the more expensive the coverage, doctor coverage hospital stays maternity care. what's important to you? depends on what's most important. you might want to take a look at gold and platinum plans. if monthly cost is more important, bronze and silver plans may be the way to go as long as you don't mind paying the higher deductible.
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if you are a household income of $53,000 a year the average brongz plan with it run -- bronze plan will run about $200 a month. the silver plan is priceyer a month a little over $300, but gold covers 70% and platinum covers 90. that additional coverage may be important, if you plan for piece of mind. now a nobel peace prize winner is turning his attention oamerica's broken health care system. mohamed unis is known as the father of microfinance. his model uses small loans to help low income groups and it started in bangladesh but today it is helping those in the united states.
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i earlier today talked to mohamed unis mr. his program? >> even in the united states there are millions of people who are outside and particularly undocumented people and people who even after obamacare, it's a lot of people who still don't get to the insurance program. so we are addressing those people to see how to bring health care particularly primary health care, and in a way that we have been practicing in bangladesh. not as an individual. you come as an individual to a doctor and these people are afraid to go anyplace, you don't nowhere to go. merge is the only place they can go and they don't know who to see what to do. so what we are trying to do creating an intermediary. between the health care people and the people who need the health care.
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the intermediary is the health coach. >> how does that work? >> we created this in a sustainable way. we will be charging each person a fee, something like 40, $45 per month. so we will be collecting this money -- >> and that will cover cost? >> that will cover all the cost. that's what our challenge is so that you make sure you take care of this health care and at the same time core it within the money they can afford to get. >> you're a nobel apeace prize winner acknowledge you are considered to be the master of microlending. >> we see the other problem, you know, poverty and poor health, synonymous things. if you are poor you are poor in health. so you have to address these issues, you cannot walk away and
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lend the money and then there aren't money to take care of it. we try to bring health insurance for them. health insurance is what we started out was about $3 per family per year. >> wait, go back, how much? >> $3 per family per yore. and we provide all the health care for you. >> how is it able to survive that? >> it is possible, because there are 5,000 people, 5,000 borrowers, if each one is paying $3,000, you have $15,000 coming in. with that 15,000 we can bill a whole system there. >> how do you control cost? because in this country the rising cost of health care is the biggest problem? >> not only rising, it will
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continue to be rising, we need to address the big are issue of health care in this country. >> mohamed unis talking with us tonight. a law that gives the state department the opportunity to grant special immigrant visas, al jazeera's john terrett has more on that. >> there is an unbreakable bond between military man that you don't tend ofind among civilians. this may be why, tim coo coon ad his iraqy driver. >> what do you do to just
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survive? it's an everyday activity yes. >> one of his sons was hurt when their car was blown up in the driveway of their home. >> passing through ball of fire to the house. >> when fallah wanted to bring his family to the united states, tim pulled out all the stops. for an are are immigrant. >> we could not have accomplished the situation without the him of him. >> now time is running out, unless congress acts by the end of the month, the law allowing these siv visas will expire. the state department says, we
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welcome any efforts to extend the siv program, we are working with interested members of congress to extend the policy, to allow for the special issuance of immigrant visas. thousands of them could be soon shut out completely. >> this wouldn't be the potential catastrophe as it is, if the state department and the department of homeland security had administers this policy efficiently and expeditiously, now we're in a position where men and women who served as honor ra bring as the troops are potentially in threat of yets. >> those who risked their lives and that of the government. >> if we request put a man on the moon we can get these guys over here. that's kind of allow i feel. >> at least fallah and his
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family are are safe in the u.s., grateful to the town that made them so welcome. >> i never forgot. something for miskids and my wife. something we couldn't have back there in iraq. >> he just wants his countrymen who also risked their lives for the u.s. to live the dream too. john terrett,. >> the obama administration is asking for tough new rules, carbon pollution limits would affect future natural gation and coal power plants. >> minimize their can bore emissions by taking advantage of available plot earn tng. these technologies offer them a clear pathway forward today and in the long term. >> but critics say new
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technologies are expensive and acquiring them would be big below to the market. >> the domestic coal market, the domestic coal sector is really in probably the worst shape than i could remember in my lifetime. >> critics also say the technology to upgrade the plants is expesk and that mean consumers will pay for more electricity. >> well, there are some new worries that the floodwaters in colorado could be creating environmental damage. that's because the fast-moving floods hit some of the state's oil producing region. tamera banks has the story. >> flood quarters ripped through communities in colorado tearing up bridges and streets. now there's as a concern. during the flood more than 22,000 gallons of polyand gas escaped, in control.
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frack free coal colorado, high pressure liquid into rock. the group excess the liquids used in the process are toxic. the state and the industry say there were no fracking chemicals in the area during floods. but members of frack free colorado is concerned. >> it's moving into our soil and affect us for a long time. >> we flew over oil tanks. we saw them partially submerged. >> frack free caroll say they circulate have not been there in the first place. >> we've seen thousands of them, and tons of these things knocked over on their side. i think we are just seeing the tip of the iceberg right now.
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>> tichr ofor says, in they were completely cleaned up withi 12 s of being identified. we don't have is constant spills but limited spills. >> should iments 60,000 gallons a second. >> these floodwaters are enormous and they have gone through many kinds of the hazardous, are relative to the seven days of flooding we've had, one gaining, the spill volume ytion, seven days of continuous flooding. so although we want to prevent every assistant, the context -- within context these oil and gas spills are quite small.
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>> colorado officials are still tracking ten oil and gas problems. >> this is where they have lost tanks and there's been a result of those tank fail yeshesz. >> water quality, more concerned about the sewage that's flowing into the water. tamerabanks, control rks. >> stephanie stafnton spoke to some of the people who would be hit the hardest. >> each week, just outside downtown los angeles, people line up for food from a local outreach program. crystal and her family are mrs. among them.
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chris tal icrystal. >> at 26 she has one child and another on the way. she's upset about the news that politician he are trying to reduce or cut her benefit. >> i would tell them think about it as if you were in our shoes, would you still do that? >> a potential loss in benefits would affect the people in los angeles who would rely on the $1.7 billion in food stamp benefits. >> democrats and republicans should come down see what the dream center is doing check it out and see the lines and see the need. that might change things. in but volunteers like tammy cole say they have a duty to help the less fortunatel fortuno
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matter what they will be there. >> eight men have been arrested for hacking into a computer device, the men conducted their online heist from a control room in central london. the group is also suspected of attempting to hit another british bank last week. some of the are heading contendedders, deciding who will be the next german chancellor. opinion polls indicate angela merkel most likely to be elected a third term in office. many credit merkel for the german stability. fishing practices in japan could mean the end for this
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sushi stable. a lot going on in the bronx today as one yankee legend calls it a career, and another keeping it on track. jessica taff will have the latest in sports. are
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on august 20th, al jazeera america introduced a new voice in journalism. >> good evening everyone, welcome to al jazeera. >> usa today says:
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>> ...writes the columbia journalism review. and the daily beast says: >> quality journalists once again on the air is a beautiful thing to behold. >> al jazeera america, there's more to it. in an important game for the yankees tonight and jessica taff is here for sports. >> we always have yankees red sox, red sox completed their 180 degree turn around from last year's cellar dwellers for this year al east champs.
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our travel the yankees steal the spotlight on the night as alex rodriguez breaks lou gehrig's record for grang grand slams. andy pettit announcing today he will be retiring for the sell time actually in baseball will hang it up 'after the seen long along with mariano rivera. pettit still holds the record for postseason wins of 20. he wanted to show his gratitude while still in uniform. his start will be the last for at the bronx. the same night the team will honor mo as well. final count down to golf's
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biggest prize. $10 million to the winner, tiger woods he's your fedex cup points leader, didn't have a birdie all day yesterday but he clawed his way back, to within 4. meanwhile stenson, with the lead, henrik stenson is rolling today. he has the lead right now as we head into the weekend. he is leading in that one with four strokes over. everybody else meanwhile we've got the ncaa and they didn't have to investigate, current tail behalf of heufnlt texa hou,
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foster agreed to film because he wants to draw attention to the rules of the ncaa, for amateur athletes he deems they are truly unfair. whether or not the ncaa will open the book on the are tvols time, has yet to be determined. but the texans running back said he didn't feel he did anything wrong. well the first two weeks of the nfl is already in the tobaccos and we get a better picture of teem identities now. we get to look at contenders and pretenders. fortunately for the 0 and 2 buccaneers they look like the latter, our john henry smith talked with sherea williams. who is likely to go first, coach or qb? >> you got to give the coach more than two years, josh freeman is in the last year of
11:52 pm
his contract. he is certainly playing his way out of town. in this last five games, he has four touchdowns and 11 interceptions, 30th rated passer. he is not playing very well. this is his las year in tampa b. so far the question is is this greg schiano's last year in tampa bay? two games two fourth quarter being touch backs. their offense is contributing, they're rated ahead of their defense, so the offense is contributing to the calls, this
11:53 pm
is a team remember went 10 and 6 last season replied the playoffs and fired their head coach. they need to be assured of getting into the playof playoff. >> who is your pick? >> miami dolphins. no question he's the guy he's passed for almost 600 yards. we have to remember this is a guy who made only 19 career starts at a&m in college as a quarterback. he actually made more starts as a wide receiver, played more starts as a wide receiver. he's growing, feels comfortable with mike sherman who is his head coach at a&m, getting better and better. remember this, 63% of the teams make 2 and 0 and the dolphins are well on their way. >> they flay falcons at atlanta, gosh.
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soon when you go for sushi you may not find tuna on the menu. florence louie reports. >> fish market does a brisk trade in the morning. blue fin tuna is being auctioned off. in just 15 minutes it's all over. the fish are packed and loaded, destined to end up in a restaurant. like this one. a typical sushi bar in japan where the food is freshly prepared in front of its customers. >> it is not because i'm japanese. it comes to me naturally as i've been eating it since i was born. >> this dish explains why the japanese school close to 80% of blue fin tuna catch. it's most highly prized and popular. the consumption of tuna has also
11:55 pm
increased as japanese cooking becomes more popular worldwide, its population has now been decimated to 3.6 per. other tuna takes longer to reproduce. now, there's a proposal to cut the catch of young tuna by 15%. goro is a scientist who is working on a method that would help the pacific blue fin. researchers harvest cells from frozen testes of tuna and implact them into praimplant th. >> it's difficult to impose this
11:56 pm
because there are so many parties concerned, like fishe fishermen and traders. >> already some restaurants ban atlantic blue fin from their menu. hope they don't have to resort to that to save the pacific blue fin. florence louie? al jazeera, tokyo. >> dave warren with the weather and i'll be back with the headlines. golden age of hollywood going golden but elsewhere. why l.a.'s mayor has declared a state of emergency for the entertainment industry there. next.
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weeks to get tashed lock. the first -- get around the lock. blackbury looks like it's -- black bring looks like it's--blackberry says it's in worse shape than it was. once a dominant player in the hand held market its sales have better than lit by the rise of samsung and apple. analysts say blackberry may be bought out by one much its rivals. >> i'm meteorologist dave warren. this will be a big change for our weather a line of showers and storms is that air coming down from the fort north. works it way, southeast, big problems here, pulling up some gulf moisture, heavy rain and flooding across the southeast. temperatures will be dropping as that rain moves through. you can see that clearly here, 70 in memphis, 61 in chicago, dropping to 53 in minneapolis. a big cool down is underway, we're getting the rain. a lot of gulf moisture coming in
11:59 pm
from the south here and this is a lot of tropical moisture, combined with that cold front, very heavy rain, texas, louisiana, flash flood watches in effect, rain and moisture with these, even a few warnlingswarnings.the lighter gd warnings. showers and storms will be moving through northeast, really it looks like later tomorrow so it will be dry in the morning and another warm day followed by cooler weather and the rain, with the thunderstorms moving in. temperatures are slowly dropping tonight. clouds do not let those numbers drop. mild start tomorrow morning. rain in new york on sunday. temperatures really drop monday, tuesday, by wednesday warming back up. stay tuned, another look at the headlines is coming up.
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>> welcome to al jazeera, i'm john siegenthaler. here are tonight's stories. some encouraging news about the toddler who was shot in the face during a basketball game in the streets of chicago. the three-year-old is expected to survive. 13 people were shot last night when someone sprayed the crowd with an assault rifle. investigators say the assault was likely gang related, no arrests. the house passed a bill today that would avoid a government shut down but defund the president's health care act or obamacare. the two houses have the end of the month to reach a deal.


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