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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 21, 2013 2:00am-2:31am EDT

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>> i am stephanie sy and you are watching al jazerra america. here are some of the stories we are following right now. red alert in asia as a super typhoon barrels towards hong kong with winds up to 163 miles an hour. house republicans vote to fund the government until med december and to cut off funding for the president's health care law. but that bill will be dead on arrival in the senate. now there is just nine days to reach ideal before a government shutdown. syria comes clean on its chemical weapons program and smits a declaration of its arsenal. another bloody day in chicago. three people killed nearly two
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dozen others injured. now residents are calling for peace. ♪ ♪ >> super typhoon is passing between the philippines and taiwan this morning within its sites hong kong. the powerful storm has triggered landslides and power outages in the philippines so far. there are no reports of casualties. it has the potential do great damage in hong kong and that's where craig joins me live. craig what, sorts of preparations are you seeing now in hong kong? >> reporter: well, certainly the u.s. navy's most powerful vessel war ship in this part of the world left 24 hours ahead of schedule. in fact, it left through the port just behind me.
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as you can see, it's a beautiful day here. in fact, there is a high heat warning, 33 degrees. no sign of the typhoon just yet. and also the problem we've got here is that most people are away. this is the mid autumn festival. a long weekend of celebration here where most people head to their families in china and taiwan. so it's kind of like having a category four hurricane threatening new york city during thanksgiving. and the problem is, is that these people are away. they'll be expecting to come back tomorrow night just as the typhoon hits. and of course we are expecting that there will be significance layingsescancellations if not al airlines certainly most transportation during that period. >> that's a very scary picture that you paint. a major urban area getting hit by a category four level storm. i know the typhoon has weakened somewhat. is there still a sense of urgency there?
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>> well not really that we are seeing here. hong kong is used to being hit by strong typhoons. the city here was closed down completely in august when the typhoon at the time which was the most powerful typhoon of its type on the planet and that shutdown transportation. the stock exchange, one of the world's biggest stock exchange closed down as well. people just tend to let these things ride over the top of them. but this is going to be a direct hit. the last time there was a direct hit was last year and that caused not so much -- so many injuries but significant structural damage to the city. at the moments we are seeing boats heading in to the typhoon shelters some. shops are probably at least recording an increase in sales. but at this stage because of the warm weather and the sunny skies, people still don't have that sense of urgency. >> the calm before the storm as they say. craig leeson live for us in hong
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kong, craig thank you. for more on the path and the strength of the typhoon let's go to meteorologist dave warren. >> reporter: i am meteorologist dave warren tracking the typhoon, flooding rains in taiwan but the center of the storm not nearly as defined. maybe not as intense winds over 100 miles an hour and it will continue to track towards china and hong kong. we are looking up at a closeup view. the bands of rains moving through taiwan lead to go flooding and wind speeds gust to go 50 miles an hour the wind speed wilin crease. it's forecast to be a category one with winds less than 100 miles an hour but making impact directly over taiwan sunday morning local team. now we are looking at tropical moisture across the southeast united states, very heavy rain and flooding possible throughout
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saturday and sunday as this area of rain moves from west to east. this is a cold front, so cooler temperatures to the west of it. but still a warm day in the northeast followed by some cooler temperatures there on saturday, sunday and monday. latest radar shows that rain clearing out of chicago. it's dry in the northern planes temperatures 67, 72, 76 and back to 80 we wednesday. heading to the southeast there is that flooding rain moving across louisiana continuing to spread east. new york will see a few showers and thunderstorms late saturday and sunday and then temperatures drop on monday with a high of 68, followed by 72 on tuesday and 74 on wednesday. that's your national forecast. >> and we'll be tracking the path of usagi throughout the day. the number of people who are unaccounted for the colorado flats has dropped to around 80. it's been dropping as people are rescued. communications restored. and duplications on lists are eliminated. seven people are known to have
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died in the flatting. three others are listed as missing and presumed dead. crews are work to go clear debris and restore power, water and sewers, but it could be two to six months before the hard-hit town of lions is livable again. mexican officials tell al jazerra more than 100 people have been killed in the landslide triggered by that country's twin hurricanes. villagers and soldiers have been uses axes to chip away at tons of mud that swept through the remote village. the southern mexican area was hit with the greatest damage during the back to back hurricanes. david herre mercer has more. >> reporter: we are here on the so-called sun highway between mexico city and acapulco. and this is a major transit route in the country of mexico. and for the past -- nearly the past week this road, this critical link has been shutdown because of a tunnel collapse caused by torrential rains. now, they have just opened this
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road, and we have just seen the first cars coming north escaping from acapulco, escaping from the disaster zone heading back towards mexico city or other destinations bench you what we have also been seeing over the past few hours are buses traveling, empty buses traveling south on the other side of the highway traveling south towards acapulco where they will be picking up people who have been stranded there for days and days. and bringing them back north. now, up until now, the government has been trying to move people using both commercial and military flights. but they have been quite restricted in how many people they have been able to move. and there is still a mass of people who need to make it out. and it's causing a lot of tension in acapulco just a few days ago we were there, and we saw -- we saw very high tensions, we saw thousands of people waiting in line trying to get onto those military flights. and those civilian flights. it's really hot, people have
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been waiting there with children, elderly, all sorts of people and people are starting to get frustrated and fed up with the government with not being able to move them fast enough. toes this is going to provide a critical link for the government to move those people out and a big relief valve for the government. >> david mercer reporting. u.s. vice president joe biden will be in mexico city tomorrow on a preplanned trip. he's offered american help in flood recover and i relief efforts. the mexican government will receive questions about why emergency response teams were not in place address of the storms. house of representatives passed a bill gutting funding for the affordable health care act. this is the 42nd time they have held such a vote. friday a temporary spending measure was add today fund the government until december 15th. without it the government will be forced to shutdown on october 1st. mike is in washington with more.
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>> reporter: here in washington party purity is the ideal. compromise is a sign of weakness. the result of all of this, congressional gridlock that threatens to shutdown the entire government. >> thank you. [cheering and applause] >> reporter: after a week of in fighting a show of unity from house republicans. >> we have victory today for the american people. and frankly we also is had a victory for common sense. >> reporter: their cause for celebration a vote to cut off funding for the new health care law. something the house g.o.p. has voted for more than three dozen times before. >> it's time to free americans from the shackles of obama care. >> reporter: but this time they think they have leverage. tying a bill to funds the entire government to the elimination of the president's health plan. after first resisting the idea, g.o.p. leaders faced a revolt from conservative, ultimately they gave in. >> let's defund this law now and pretext the american people from the economic callamity that we know obama care will create.
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>> reporter: the bill passed the house. even as december greats scoffed. >> this place is a mess. let's get our house in order. we are legislators. >> i invite my colleagues on the other side to wake up from this radical ideological wet dream. >> reporter: without a compromise the government will shutdown october 1st. president obama has promised a veto and the senate won't even consider it. appearing at a ford plant in missouri, mr. obama accused republicans of moving in reverse. and now they've gone i don't understand just holding congress hostage they are holding the whole country hostage. >> reporter: the president is willing to talk about spending but the health care law is off the table. >> i am happy to have that debate with them. but you don't have to threaten to blow the whole thing up just because you don't get your way. right? [applause] >> reporter: well on, top of a threat of a government shutdown there is another fight looming it comes at the end of october when the government will exceed
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its legal debt ceiling of $16.7 trillion, congress withville to raise it. republicans say they won't unless they can cut obama care. the president called speaker boehner tonight once he returned from that rally in kansas city and told the speaker there is no way he's negotiating over the full faith and credit over the united states treasury. >> mike reporting from washington. so what happened if the government is shutdown? medicare and medicaid reimbursements as well as social security checks would likely not be affected. the tsa and border patrol would remain in place, but 800,000 federal employees may be furloughed. passport and visa application may go unprocessed. the cdc may halt mon oring of illnesses and outbreaks, military vets may see delays in processes benefits and nationals parks, museums and monuments may close. number a major part of the
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president's health care bill that remember kansases are trying to did he fund. on october 1st. it's not an meet process, october 1st is the beginning of the opener role. period for health care exchange. january 1st the coverage and new mandates take effect. that includes the requirement that everyone who can afford it, get health care insurance or be subject to a fee. march 31st the opener roll. period closes. the white house is presently surprise bide iran's declaration -- that's syria's chemical weapons arsenal. the obama administration is encouraged by words from iran which could lead to a diplomatic meaning between president obama and his iranian counterpart. another bloody day in chicago, three people killed, nearly two dozen others injured and now residents are calling for peace. ♪ ♪
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>> a major step by syria as the government smits an initial inventory of its chemical weapons. administration officials say they are encouraged by the move and it comes ahead of talks between russia and the u.s. next week. at the u.n. al jazerra's kristen has more. >> reporter: with neither side gaining ground in syria's two-year-old war and in fighting among the opposition, the one thing all sides seem to agree on is the need for diplomacy. one of syria's deputy prime minister says stopping foreign intervention should be the first step. >> what does matter now is geneva's schedule. what will geneva do for the
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violence to be halted external intervention should be stopped. therefore the sequence should be like this, preventing external intervention, stopping the violence and launching the internal process. >> reporter: the french president hopes iran can broker ideal. >> we are trying to find a political solution, because only a political solution will bring an end to what is the greatest massacre of the 21st century. >> reporter: but diplomacy moves slowly. syria has handed over an incomplete list of its chemical weapons site to the wash dog. the united states is cautious. >> i don't know to get ahead of it, but we have a document now that we didn't have yesterday. >> reporter: the disclosure was required under the agreement between u.s. secretary of state john kerry and russian foreign minister sergei lavrov as the first stage of eliminating syria's stockpiles. the permanent five members of the security council have been meeting almost daily here at the united nation to his hammer out
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the agreement for dismantling the weapons. but they need the opcw to agree to the plan in principle in first before they can put it to a vote. the opcw postponed a meeting on the plan that had been set for sunday. pushing back a possible security council vote indefinitely. kristen, al jazerra, the united nations. >> meanwhile, iran's president is extending an olive branch to the west calling for constructive vie dialogue and an end to unhealthy rivalries. he's even offered to broker talks between syria's press bashar al-assad and the rebels fighting against him, al jazerra takes a closer look at the leader's latest statements. >> reporter: in an op h op ed ie washington post iran's new president goes to a charm offensive ahead of u.n.'s general assembly in new york. he calls on nation to his consider more than just their own interests. he says a constructive approach to diplomacy doesn't mean relinquishing one's rights it
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means engaging with one's counterparts on the base basis f mutual respect. he says nobody is immune to extremist fueled violence, we must work together he says to end the unhealthy rivalries and interferences that fuel violence and drive us apart. iran watcher says international sanctions are the main reason for the softer line. >> the iranian clearedders have con to this conclusion that iran's economy is in a dire situation. and they cannot survive many years with the current sanctions. with the crippling sank. crippling sanctions. so if they want to compromise iran action nuclear program. >> reporter: however he warns tehran fail to his realize making nice to the u.s. alone is not enough. it has to reach out to israel too. >> israel is one of the main components of problems with iran and the u.s. and try iran cannot solve its
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problems with the u.s. unless they come up with a solution in the relationships with israel. and so far, iran has not shown any sign in that regard. >> reporter: animosity tween the u.s. and iran has been building for years stretching back to the 1950s, when the cia over through a rain vinnie prime minister. to the rise of the ayatollah and his creation of the islamic republic through the anti-israeli comments and promotion of iran's nuclear program. but as he heads to new york for the u.n. general assembly, he end his op ed with a plea to world leaders, i urge my counterparts for make the most of the mandate for prudent engagement that my people have given me. hassan is clearly making a play to be this year's star at the u.n. general assembly. and the apparent thawing of relations between huh ran and washington isn't the only hope. sign on the global sting at the moment, there is the follow follow-up between the geneva
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deal. everybody india and pakistan, meaning next week's u.n. general assembly could be fairly interest, if not news worthy events. at the united nations in new york. >> and when he arrives in the u.s. for the u.n. general assembly he will have with him the only jewish member of try aye ran'iran's parliament consig the last president publicly denied the holocaust. north korea says it is postponing family reunions with family members in south korea. the reunions were supposed to take place late they are month. but in a surprise move the north said it is putting off the event until, quote, a normal atmosphere can be created. the last reunions were held in 2010. chicago residents came together for a vigil friday he can after the latest round of violence left three people dead and 23 injured across the city.
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>> put down the guns. put down the guns. >> the wounded including a three-year-old boy and two teens they were among the 13 people shot in an an apparent gang a take, rahm emanuel called to end the code of silence and catch those behind the violence in the city. police say the gunman as armed with an assault style rifle equipped with high-capacity magazine. 10 others were shot in separate incidents late thursday and early friday. al jazerra look at some of the names behind the numbers. >> reporter: the nation remembers the tragic shooting of her. the 15-year-old chicago sophomore who attended president obama second inauguration. about a week late never her south side neighborhood she was
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fatality shot. she's one of 315 homicide victims documented in chicago this year. every yellow dot on this map represents a life lost. nearly three weeks after her death, chicago mourned the loss of a six-year-old, shot to death in broad daylight while her father was changing her diaper. and no one will forget that fourth of july weekend this year, when 74 people were shot and 12 killed. but not all of chicago's victims made national headlines. like trains graves a 23-year-old man who sold newspapers and fruit every morning, another gun violence victim he left behind his fee an sa fiancé and four-yd difficult. 76 billy sergeant was shot at a bus stop. a place he would have coffee with friends. edwin shot and killed while pickingal passengers on his cab right.
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he was a husband and father. they were not known to be affiliated with gangs, but many of the 315 deaths were we would today gang violence, accord to this department of defense and fbi data, between 2001 and 2012. the number of homicides in chicago out ranked soldier deaths in afghanistan. al jazerra, chicago. >> chicago police have stepped up their response to the violence in recent months, they have deployed hundreds of officers, some on overtime to 20 zones plagued by shootings. the university of alabama says it's working to be a quote, place of inclusion. after allegations of race discrimination in its system. the school's student president says 14 women of minority groups were offered pledges at campus sororities, six accepted, this out of a total of 73 bids at the us ca lose us campus, the mostly white is rories came over fires
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after a newspaper article said they purposely blocked african after american candidates. a huge day for apple as customers around the world lineup to buy the new iphone which is already in short supply but at rival blackberry they are talking about pink slips, mass layoffs suspected after a billion dollars loss. and friendly fire? we are just learning that the u.s. accidentally dropped anatomic bomb on north carolina.
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>> apple looks like it has regained some momentum. iphone fans lines up around the globe on friday to be the first to get their hands on the new iphone 5s. demands has been strong. according to apple's website silver and space gray iphones are available in seven to 10 business days, customers looking to buy gold versions have to wait until october. blackberry, on the other hand, looks like it's in far worse shape than originally thought. struggling smart phone maker is warn big a possible quarterly loss of nearly $1 billion. once a dominant player in the hand held market its sells have been hit by the rise of samsung and apple and blackberry could
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end up being bought by a rival. tom ackerman has more. >> reporter: block barry was once called the leading edge make of smart phones but its newer products have failed to attract customers, 3.7 million units sold this quarter, that's 10% of the volume for apple and only 2% of samsung sales. it's new z10 smart phone got favorable industry reviews, but has sold poorly he i especiallyn its key u.s. market they will be cutting their product line from six to four items aimed at what the ceo calls professional end users. the hope is that drastic move will help cut its operating losses in half by early 2015. but it also means 40% of its global workforce will have to go. particularly hard hit will be blackberry's headquarter waterloo in the province of con duh's tech capital. there was sympathy but no
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prospect of government assistance, saying, quote, our thoughts are with those that have lost their jobs, it is always a cause of concern for our government. the company's board says it is examining what it calls strategic alternatives that's a phrase that goalsters industry expect that'ses that the company is looking for a buyer. the company could be put up for auction with the aim of selling all or parts of it by november. another option is to spin off its messenger service in to a separate business. the company is sending the message it has problems and that's clearly being received by the market. after its announcement, blackberry shares on u.s. and canadian exchange lost one quarter of their value. tom ackerman, al jazerra. >> a small switch. that is all that stood between the u.s. and a major atomic disaster. a declassified government report reveals the u.s. air force nearly detonated an atom bomb over north carolina. the bombs were dropped just three days after president john
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f. kennedy's inaugural address back in 1961 and it was after a jet exploded in midair. and even though the trigger engaged, one little low voltage switch prevent it had from detonating. the blast would have been 200 times more powerful than here me sheema with fallout as far as new york city. option. that will do it for this edition of the al jazerra news. i am stephanie sy. real money is next and news at the top of every hour and you can find us online at thanks for watching.
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>> house republicans angry about obamacare move the government closer to a shut down. not good news for a fragile economy. plus 11 days until obamacare enrollment kicks off. we'll look at some of the rates you have to pay. and striking it rich in america. where one man went from cleaning bar bathrooms, oning it rich. i'm david shuster and this is real money. >> this is real money and you are the most important part of the show.


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