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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 21, 2013 8:00am-8:31am EDT

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>> good morning, i'm stephanie sy, it is sat, september 21st. these are some of the top stories we're following. superstorm usagi is barreling towards hong kong with winds 150 miles per hour. more than 20,000 gallons of spilled oil mixed in with the floodwaters in mexico. residents in chicago are demanding an end to the violence. wasted food, millions of dollars every year.
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supertyphoon usagi ask entering the south china sea with its sights set on hong kong. the eye of the storm is now passing between the philippines and taiwan. it is leaving flooding wind damage and a storm surge. the most powerful cyclone of 2013 has the potential to do a lot of damage in hong kong. more now from yai craig leeson. >> the biggest ships in the u.s. fleet, the u.s.s. bonhom richard, is moving out. this storm formed in the pacific earlier in the week and has tracked west northwest influence
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the luzon strait that separates the philippines and taiwan. in the philippines 100 families were moved from islands as torrential flooding. in taiwan, waves as big as buildings smashed the coastline. flights and per yi ferry service cut. china's residents have been prepared for the worse. 23,000 fishing boats returned to port. hong kong is in its sights. 100 people died and major storm damage to the city. sunday airlines say they will hold all flights in and out of among congress.
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thousands are in the area to celebrate the mid autumn festival. for those who remain the weather observatory has raised the typhoon flag to signal the need to begin preparations and it's told the city to brace itself for what could be the worst storm to hit here in 34 years. craig leeson, al jazeera hong kong. >> for more now on this supertyphoon, let's bring in meteorologist glee jelelah ahme. we could see downed power lines. we do know in manila we have flooded roadways, homes without any kind of power. look how massive this storm is, i told you yesterday the area it was covering thunderstorms are anywhere from boston all the way into raleigh, north carolina.
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where the orange is the boldest, the strongest thunderstorms are, reaching all the way to manila now. this storm has lessened as it crosses the strait of luzon. keep in mind hurricane sandy was not a hurricane whenever it made landfall. it was a superstorm sandy and really did cause billions of dollars worth of damage. this storm is going to push west northwest at 11 miles per hour. we expect it to make landfall by 9:00 sunday morning. we'll see significant structural damage. those wind gusts in excess of 120 miles per hour. later i will tell you more about the storm pushing across the southeast today. are stephanie, back to you.
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>> meteorologist jelelah ah immediate, thanks. villagers have been comipg g away at mud. 4500 square miles of flooding in colorado. tamera banks have pointed out that the dangers of fracking. swallowing up homes and businesses. and now, there's another concern. during the flood, more than 22,000 gallons of oil and gas escaped from wells in colorado. we flew over the flood zone at the invitation of frack-free criminally. it is a group that's fighting oil and gas fracturing.
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the group says the liquids used in the process are toxic. the state and the industry say there were no fracking chemicals in the area during the floods. but members of frack-free colorado are still concerned. >> whatever this toxic fluid coming out is moving into our waterways, moving into our soil and it's going to be affecting us for a long time. >> we saw oil tanks partially submerged. frack free colorado said those tanks should never have been built in a flood plane. >> the fact that we've seen thousands of these wells in our flood plane and there are tons of these things knocked over on their side. i think that we're just seeing the tip of the iceberg right now. >> tishhahha schuler.
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>> we don't have active and ongoing spills. we have limited isolated surface spills. >> she says the 22,000 gallons of oil and gas that did spill went into the water that was flowing at 60,000 gallons a second. >> niece floodwaters are enormous and have gone through several stages of hazard. at one gauge where water is moving through the spill volume represents two seconds of floodwaters out of seven days of continuous flooding. although we want to prevent every incident, within context these oil and gas spills are quite small. >> colorado officials are track 10 oil and gas spills across the
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state, most of which is are minor. >> they've plos tanks and lines and there are some leaks as a result of those floodwaters. >> he's more concerned about the sewage that's flowing into the water. tamera banks, al jazeera broomfell, colorado. authorities need the waters to fully recede until they can tackle that problem. after the latest round of gun violence left three dead and 23 injured across the city. >> put down the gun. >> put down the gun. >> the wounded included a three-year-old boy and two teens. they were among 13 people shot in an apparent gand attack. chicago mayor rahm emanuel called for the code of violence
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to end. late thursday and early friday, this unfortunately is nothing new in chicago at least 350 murders have been reported so far this year. keleny dukart looks at the case. >> the 15-year-old chicago sophomore who attended president obama's second inauguration, she was fatally shot, more than 315 homicide victims documented in chicago this year. every yellow dot represents a life lost. six-year-old jonilla watkins sht to death in broad daylight while her father wa was changing her diaper. not all of chicago's victims
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made national headlines. like terrence graves, a 23-year-old man who sold newspapers and fruit every morning. another gun violence victim graves left behind his fiancee and four-year-old daughter. on a september morning 66-year-old billy sergeant was fatally shot at a bus stop, a place he would often have coffee with his friends. edwin was a father and husband, shot in his taxi route. none of these people were related to gangs. according to the department of defense and fbi data, between 21 and 12, the number of victims outranked gang defendants. chicago has been trying to combat the violence to 20 zones plagued by shootings. police in nie nairobi kenya,
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getting pictures in, dramatic pictures of people running out of the mall. witnesses say several people were trapped inside and have been streaming out over the course of an hour. nairobi's police chief said a group was trying to rob the mall. yesterday the syrian regime submitted a declaration of its chemical weapons stockpile to the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons or opcw. organization leaders say they are encouraged by this move from syria. >> the u.s. says it is ready to conduct talks with iran. the president hassan row rouhadi
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requestediasked for talks.
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on august 20th, al jazeera america introduced a new voice in journalism. >> good evening everyone, welcome to al jazeera.
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>> usa today says: >> ...writes the columbia journalism review. and the daily beast says: >> quality journalists once again on the air is a beautiful thing to behold. >> al jazeera america, there's more to it. >> president obama says congress must act immediately to pass a budget in order to keep the government open. in his weekly address the president said congress also needs to raise the debt ceiling or deal with dire consequences. >> some are actually willing to plunge america into default if they can't defund the affordable care act. think about that.
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they'd actually plunge this country back into recession all to deny the basic security of health care to millions of americans. >> the president is referring to the bill can the republican led house passed yesterday which defunds the president's health care law. that bill is a nonstarter in the democratic controlled senate. and as mike viqueira reports not evenly all republicans agree on a strategy. >> right here party unity, after a week of infighting a show of unity from house republicans. >> we have victory today for the american people and frankly we also had a victory for common sense. >> their cause for celebration? a vote to cut off funding for the new health care law. something the gop has voted for more than three dozen times before. >> it's time to free americans from the shackles of obamacare.
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. >> the elimination of the president's health plan. after first resisting the idea, gop leaders faced a revolt from conservatives. ultimately they gave in. >> let's d de. >> rick: defund this law now. and free the country from obamacare. >> this place ask a mess. let's gt our house in order. we are legislators. >> i invite miscolleagues on the other side to wake up from this radical ideological wre wet dre. >> president obama accused republicans of moving in reverse. >> now they're not just holding
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congress hospital contaminating, they're holding the whole country hostage. >> the president says the health care law is off the table. >> i'm happy to have that debate with them. but you shouldn't threaten to blow the whole thing up just because you don't get your way, right? >> well, on top of the threat of a government shut down there is another deadline looming. the debt ceiling. again, republicans say they're not going to do that unless they can cut obamacare. the president called speaker boehner tonight once he returned from that rally in kansas city, told the speaker there's no way he's going to negotiate over the full faith and credit of the united states treasury. >> mike viqueira in washington. what happens if the government does shut down? medicare medicaid and social security checks are not likely to be affected.
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the border patrol would not be affected, passport and visa applications may go unprocessed. the cds may stop monitoring illnesses and outbreaks. national parks and museums may close. you know those date labels stamped on your carton of milk or boxes of cereal? you think those are expiration dates? you may be wrong. now confusion is causing americans to throw away billions of why tons of food. >> so much food goes to waste every year. we're talking 40%, about 160 billion pounds of good food gets tossed in the trash, costing a family of four more than $2,000 a year. according to a study from harvard university, use dates,
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the study found the labels confuse consumers to think the food is only good up until that date. but most of the time they're a way for businesses to communicate to each other for inventory purposes. aside from baby formula, the federal government does not regulate date labels for food. that's done at a state level. different labels could cause different things. sturl you have eggs with a use-by date of a few days old, would you use them? >> i probably would not. >> the concern for manufactures is, people can be sure their nood is safe. erica pizzi, al jazeera. >> joining me now is emily leave, ms. leave good morning and thanks for joining us. we've always had these
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expiration dates on food labels. i always assumed i would become sick if i ate it after the use-by date. what led you to conduct this study? >> thank you so much for having me this morning. you're not alone in believing you would be sick if you ate food after those dates. we found that more than half of americans believe those dates are are linked to safety and 90% of americans throw food away by the sell-by date. when you look at the rairts of food weafs in america we're wasting about 40% of the food that we produce which goes uneaten. and then ther there's always bea spike in food security and hunger. we are wondering what are the causes of this? one of the main causes of this waste are these expiration dates that actually don't have the meaning that many consumers
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attribute to them. >> what are the dates for? >> they really started with consumers being interested in fresh ns and quality of their products. really the boom of expiration dates was in the '70s. consumers had been off the farm for a couple of decades and buying most of their food at grocery stores and they.wondered are these legally safe. a lot of people think they are related to safety now. >> should we ignore all the expiration dates we see on things such as dairy products? >> for the most part, these dates are manufacturers estimates of the quality of products. i think people need to keep this in mind and also, there have been no instances from food born illness or poisoning that can be tied to ex prays dates passing or shelf life.
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consumers are really outraged when they're reading our report which you can access at that they're throwing away all this food that is not actually bad for them. smell the milk, take a look, taste it. people need to take an extra moment to examine their food. >> you should use your sense of smell and taste, basically? >> right. it's funny people say it seems so common sense and it really is. again, i could understand if people think it's a safety issue not wanting to expose themselves but because it is not a safety issue, it's a taste issue a freshness issue a quality issue. if you don't like the taste don't force yourself to eat it. but the number of people who don't know that and are throws
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their food away, americans are wasting more than 2200 a year of food they waste. we don't know how much of that is due to expiration date, but people can be wasted around $450 a year on this. >> such a revealing study, news i will use today. emily leave, thanks so much for joining us this morning. >> thank you so much. >> friendly fire. revelations that the u.s. accidentally dropped an atomic bomb in the 1960s on north carolina. >> i'm john henry smith, division crown is starting to be claimed in major league baseball, ahead in sports. ç]
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>> a low voltage switch. that is all that stood between the u.s. and a major atomic disaster. a government report that was reported by the guardian revealed that the u.s. nearly detonated an atom bomb days from
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president kennedy's inaugural address, the bomb would have been 200 times more powerful than hiroshima. even though the trigger engaged luckily one small switch prevented it infrom exploding. the american league east crowned a new champion. john henry smith is here. good morning john henry. 24 hours later the sox had a chance to clinch the american league east division title. the red sox decided to put some more where runs on the board. allowing jacky bradley junior to score, two batters later mike cox goes fishing. five runs after seven, all the
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runs they need. koji yuahara, the red sox win the al east for the first time since 2007. august 24th tigers pitcher, one month later sherzer was still stuck on 19 wins. he took the hill against the chicago white sox, sherzer is the second leading strikeout artist. sherzer gave up three runs and six hits, that was effective enough because he had more than enough prun support on combined 8 rbi from the meat of the tigers order, cabrera, fielder hunter and martinez. magic number to clinch their third straight american league crown. down to 3. alex rodriguez is still playing, as he appeals his
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suspension. 24th four bagger of his career, all time major league mark. yankees beat the giants 5-1. college football. cutting after cutting fresno's lead fresno state canned recovery, boise state recovers. take the ball right down the field and score on the short plunge. bioyeah gets the two-point conversion but fresno state accommodation right back down the field and josh quezada, caps it off, that would seem to be plenty of time though for boise state to drive and get the field goal they need to win. but the broncos couldn't get it done. fresno state beats boise state the first time, your friday night final.
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tennessee is at number 19 florida 330, michigan state number 22 notre dame, arizona state at number 5 stanford probably the marquee game of the night. and 8:00 it's cans state at texas. well to golf. tiger woods was having himself a day to remember, until it came a day to forget. through 13 holes, woods was full speed ahead, five underpar looking like nothing could stop him but that was when something did find hit. woods found the woods, he did finish with a 71. henrik stenson finished with only 13 clubs after breaking one, he has the lead going into round 3. >> john henry, thank you. that will do it with this edition of al jazeera news.
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ali velshi is next with real money. have a great morning. >> house republicans angry about obamacare move the government closer to a shut down. not good news for a fragile economy. plus 11 days until obamacare enrollment kicks off. we'll look at some of the rates you have to pay. and striking it rich in america. where one man went from cleaning bar bathrooms, oning it rich. i'm david shuster and this is real money. >> this is real money and you are the most important part of the show.


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