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tv   Consider This  Al Jazeera  September 21, 2013 10:00am-11:01am EDT

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yet the overall, still not out of the danger zone. the time of ice free summers in the arctic should be just decades away. jerald tan, al jazeera. >> do stay with us here on al jazeera. coming up very shortly we'll have. as terrorist. do stay with us live from nairobi coming up very shortly.
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f you can continue to get your news at >> howt republicans wage a --
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house republicans wage a war, the president says he will veto any bill aimed to kill the affordable care act law. consider this, before the affordable care act becomes reality what are the real challenges outside congress? iran's new are president, hassan rouhani, a case of meet the new boss same as the old boss? plus can coca-cola really dissolve nails? we'll about go inside the make of urban legends. hello i'm antonio mora. the date in which the government could shut down if congress and the white house don't reach a deal. also it's the first day of enrollment of the affordable
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care act, better known as obamacare. courtney keely reports, defunding obamacare. the bill faces certain defeat in the senate has republicans swinging at each other and leaves little compromise for raising the debt ceiling. >> we have victory for today, for the american people. >> that was house speaker joan boehner, shortly after the vote to keep america afloat but defund being obamacare. house leader eric cantor has been fighting to to be the affordable care act from the start. >> this resolution will also protect the working middle class from the devastating effects of obamacare. >> but the celebratory mood belies the are problem between the tea
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party and hard line republican party. moderates and conservatives are slamming tea party favorites. don't agree on execution. late friday, president obama called be boehner and reiterated that there would be no negotiation on debt limit. boehner's office responded that while he is disappointed, congress will chart the path ahead. top are congress people like harry reed: >> the speaker has to do everything he can to try to mold a piece of legislation that will meet the needs of the tea party. the anarchists. >> meanwhile serious concerns remain on obamacare including how many healthy people will enroll if the software enrollment will be ready and what the impact on businesses and workers will be. president obama has already
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announced a one year postponement and the requirement for businesses to provide coverage to their employees. but open enrollment gidges in less than two weeks. courtney keely new york. >> joining me are jonathan cohn and at our an arbor michigan studio and thank you both for joining us tonight. president obama responded to today's vot in the house accusing consciousal republicans of trying to mess with me and threatening a shut down of the government come october 1st. >> unfortunately, right now the debate that's going on in congress is not meeting the test of helping middle class families. it's just, they're not focused on you. they're focused on politics. they're focused on trying to
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mess with me . they're not focused on you. >> house republicans of course jennifer say they are focused on americans because they think powmg wil obamacare will be a train wreck. is this just about mollifying the republican base? >> the president said republicans are trying to mess with him but they're really messing with each other. we'll see this next week whether they take a volt on the continuing resolution. it pits the republicans ted cruise against the more hard line republicans who don't want to fight the battle on this issue. yes we're going to see where that line is drawn and how they respond in their vote on the continuing resolution next week. >> we'll see how it works out politically. but i really want to focus on things outside washington because the fight against obamacare is really going on
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around the country just as obamacare enrollment gets closer. we're seeing tv ads like this one. >> swing on over scoot on down and try to make yourself comfortable. okay let's have a look. this has gone viral, this creepy uncle sam. they also have a male version of it. it is aimed directly as young, healthy americans like that poor young woman. and jonathan they are essential to the second of obamacare. what do you think of this as a strategy and how much of an
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impact will it have? >> there is an understanding, that for an insurance are system to work you need healthy people and sick people, that is nature of insurance. the opponents of obamacare figured out if they could persuade young people not to sign up, then that's going to cause a problem because the markets would disproportionate ly attract sick people. i'll be honest, i don't think ads like this do enough to discourage people. they are kind of creepy. at the end of the day, what is going to drive enrollment in the system is not going to -- be what people see on television. it's when they sign up is it good insurance, does it cost a lot or does it cost a little? do i want insurance? those are factors that are going to determine that. i think these
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ads probably are more of a side show. >> let's go to hermella aregawi. >> thank you antonio. my rates will increase, why is that happening? weren't they supposed to decrease? >> this is a good question. the first thing i would say to this viewer is, you should actually check the rates and make sure that they are going to increase. you know there's a lot of information out there about whose rates are going up and whose rates are going down. and a lot of it is misinformation. in general what is going to happen is that we're trying to set up a system where sick people don't have to pay more. but that means that some healthy people will have to pay less. but that's only one part of the story. in addition to that there's a system of tax credits or subsidies that basically act like a discount for almost everybody who's making less than four times poverty line which is about $45,000 a year for an individual. so i don't know whether in fact this viewer is going to be paying high rates.
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he might. it's possible if he's paying very little right now. but i would say two things to keep in mind if you are paying very low rates right now, you have benefited from the same system that penalizes the sick. you basically are not going to get that benefit anymore. but the flip side is you're going to have a guarantee of insurance you never have to worry you can't get it because you're sick. insurance will probably be more comprehensive and the price of the insurance won't be outrageous. it will basically be comparable to what the cost of the insurance policy from a large employer. and like i said if your income is lower than four times poverty line you're probably going to be eligible for a discount. the discounts could be really big. i mean there are going to be year. >> there is going to be a lot of variation between one state and the other and some people with the same income are going to be paying much more in one state than another. going back to those viral ads that everybody is seeing now
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because not only do they see them on the internet they're seeing them on tv on news reports. it's likely that at some point more people will have seen those ads that understand that the enrollment options in obamacare what those enrollment options are. a kaiser poll found that 45% of americans didn't know that obamacare was a law. all this confusion jennifer is it going to be a big deal in the next couple of weeks? >> absolutely. this law is very complicated, a lot of people don't understand what's in it or how it's going to impact them personally. there's a reason why this creepy ad is getting all this attention. you guys played it on your air. i'm sure the people who wrote it are very grateful to that. people are able to get their message out in very water coolery way, even if it creeps people out.
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it cuts to the core of what the messaging problem is with the white house. they do need young people to support it. we aren't playing ads in support of the law, because nobody has created a catchy easy way to encourage people to sign up. maybe the white house has tricks up their sleeve come october 1st but so far we haven't seen anything that's nearly as effective. >> jonathan there are problems with the software to varying degrees in different states and there are some glitches. this is kind of spoapped t supposed to be like going on expedia or orbitz. you might be able to click on various plans and this may not be in effect on october 1st. >> we have known for a while people work on the affordable
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care act, in some states the federal government is going to be running the market. in some states like california, maryland, the state government is running it. we have known for a while people have talked about the fact that this is a really complicated system to build. we want to make sure people can choose their insurance, we have to figure out how much financial assistance is available. people have been using the phrase, a soft launch, i think jennifer had a story about a week ago on this. i think what you'll see on october 1st is most of the websites will be on, you will be able to go see them. they may not be ready for people to enroll but that's not such a big deal, there is six months for people the enroll. >> you didn't think it would be much of a deal as long as the glitches and the problems didn't last too long. again, that leads us to at least the first day, the enrollment period begins on october 1st. does it end on march 31st,
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2014, but if you want coverage before march 31st you need to get going before the end of the year. what do we need to know jennifer? >> if you want coverage january 1st you have to sign up probably mid december. there isn't an actual cutoff date but that's about it. like jonathan sced we know there's going to be glitches on october 1st and maybe for the first few weeks there's going to be problems but the white house there's so much at stake for them they're going to make sure this is up and running effectively within a couple of weeks after october 1st. so then consumers can start their coverage on january 1 or they can wait until the end of march. that's the cutoff date for open enrollment. but if most americans don't have coverage in 2014 they will face a fine on their taxes next year. that's that individual mandate, the requirement that everybody gets in the pool. >> jonathan, what about these bigger
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issues with obamacare, that may -- and how serious will they be? we've got the unions last week coming out and upset about the multiemployer plans and lack of subsidies and really had some pretty hamp words -- harsh words about obamacare but then they said we've got to talk about this behind closed doors. but then we've got the cleveland clinic announcing millions of dollars of cutbacks, home depose, walgreen's, other companies, trader joe's all these companies making major changes many of whom are saying they're not going ohave the employees work the 30 hours in order to be given health insurance. there is this sort of growing are problems i guess around the country, aren't there? good so there are certainly a lot of stories about these problems.
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and i riemed people to keep a few things in -- remind people to keep a few things in mind. a lot of these are exaggerated. you hear it across the board and it actually affects about 20 or 30 workers. you heard where it might have been ibm moving their employees or retirees to a retirement exchange, had to do with obamacare, but it turned out to be something they were doing privately. a lot of the stories don't have to do with the health care law or they are exaggerated. this is a complicated law, if you are trying to fix the most complicated health care system in the world -- >> some might argue i.t. the best health care system in the
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world. >> but some people would actually dispute that, put that aside, the architecture is so complicated. if you are going to try ofix it, if you are going to try fix the problems i think everybody agrees there is going to be disruption, and you are getting 20 to 30 million peoples who are going to have health insurance. you have people who don't have health insurance new consumer protections, you are going to start to change the health care system so it becomes more efficient and less costly. we are starting to see signs that that is maybe in effect already. make sure the story is real and think about the tradeoffs. if it is a bad news story what's the good news you're getting from it and which is more important? >> let's hope if the good news is more than if bad.
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we'll stay with this story and have elements of obamacare alt the way to october 1st. jonathan and jennifer thank you for coming and hope to have you back. what do you think? join the conversation on twitter at ç]
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>> guy, i wanted to bring up something israeli president netanyahu brought up this week.
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that's all i have an real money.
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>> every sunday night al jazeera america presents gripping films, from the worlds top documentary directors >> this is just the beginning of somthing much bigger... >> tomorrow, the premier of "do the math" >> these companies are a rogue force... >> one environmentalist says fossil fuels equal disaster... will his movement add up add up to change? >> we will fight it together... al jazeera america presents - "do the math" premiers tomorrow night, 9 eastern.
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>> the iphones 5c and 5s wepton. today's data dive piles up the painful cost of smartphones and we're not talking about money. remember this woman who fell into a fountain for walking while texting. there is something more painful on the phone than a breakup call. every year, countless distracted wexters, people who walk while texting, smash into traffic walking into
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manholes, or falling often of train tracks. a man in california nearly walked into a bear. is the call or the texting really that important? a recent survey from ohio state university, said the number of people who went to the emergency room for injuries sustained while talking or texting on their phones have nearly doubled every year since 2005. fort lee new jersey began issuing $85 fines for walk while texting, some of those people died. washington university sent a un uni cycle driving clown through the crowd.
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drivers using cell phones and texting that's one every 30 section. but to finish up with wexting, you heard of brit annal calling? city began a small test of padding the post about five years ago. common sense prevailed and it didn't seem to have lasted. so we know you might love your new iphone 5 s or 5c you might want to put it away once in a while especially while you are in motion. coming up, a new film talks
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>> this is al jazeera.
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i'm riblg in ne riblg richelle n new york and these are some of the stories we're following. the kenyan government says it may be an attack by terrorists. the are group known as al shebab, talk about who they are.


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