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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 21, 2013 11:00am-11:31am EDT

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i'm riblg in ne riblg richelle n new york and these are some of the stories we're following. the kenyan government says it may be an attack by terrorists. the are group known as al shebab, talk about who they are.
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gunmen have stormed a nairobi shopping mall, killing around 20 people so far. according to the kenyan police. scrambled into stores, a cinema, out onto the street just to get away from the shooting. witnesses say they saw five armed men run into this upscale shopping center and they also heard grenade blasts. this is a quote, an attack by terrorist. no group ha has being claimed expobility buresponsibility butf al shabaaab is thought to be the
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responsible party. >> they saw men with ak 47 machine guns open fire. some of the shoppers were able to escape and about 20 people were rescued by the police. but dozens of people are still thought to be trapped inside. the police were able to enter the building about an hour after the attack started. >> were hold up on the second floor. at the cinema. they have been isolated by the police and the police actually combing room by room, floor by floor. are as the issue -- as the situation developed. >> there is a security process to get into the shopping mall but as seen here there's a restaurant on the ground floor that is protected by the road only by a balcony and from the street just outside, sporadic gun fire can still be heard. caroline malone al jazeera. >> joining us with more on the attack is aya johnson, thank you
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so much for helping us break through this breaking news. who do you think is responsible for this attack? >> well the signs on the wall showing it might be the al shabaab, they have already threatened kenya to attack them. threatened many buildings in the past so yes they vow vowed in 21 that they would attack kenny. this is one of the most uglier threats that have truly come to pass today. >> can you talk about the history between those two countries? >> well, the somalia as we know has not had a functioning government for many, many years. of course more recently they have had such a government. during that void period we have many war lords and the al shabaab movement has come out of
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that branded by the united states government as aterrorist group. the kenyan government took the fight to them and of course they have not gone, they've not been flushed out completely and they're continually posing a serious threat to kenyan civil society. >> since kevin yah doe -- kenyas live with the threats talk about the security measures in kenya. >> well, the security measures in kenya are very robust. i was in kenya only last year and i can tell you if you live in a hotel for example you will have a security force there with armed personnel and there will be bomb detectors to make sure people and their goods are free from terrorism. and of course this is most definitely a lapse if that security, no doubt about that. also a failure in intelligence to galvanize, when it does fail
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like this, the security forces have to step up and what we're seeing is the security forces trying otake the fight and hold the terrorists as well. >> mr. johnson when you see this continuing to develop as we speak, what other incidents come to mind? >> well, the mombai attacks are the only ones that are this daring that the terrorists took hospital contamination and of course the use of grenades not to mention ak 47s very, very similar, the style, aggression of it. what's more difficult at this time is that kenya was not expecting this. they've clearly been taken by surprise and this is taking place in a very highly influential area of the country where the middle class citizens live, and many were enjoying them ithemselves in the mall ths afternoon, many are still there
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scared and the future is very, very bleak right now for many of them. >> you're so right mr. johnson when you talk about how scared these people must be going through this. let's go ahead and listen to a witness right now. >> i was just looking for a parking. and we had this heavy like a bombardment, you know, somebody trained with grenades and all that. wife terms me -- tells me let's just get out. i came back exited at the same point. as soon as i exited onto the ramp there was a traffic jam, couldn't move. we got out of the car, hid on the left side of the car. it is a big car, four wheel drive. one of them saw us, threw a grenade on the left side of the car. the engine oil everything, we
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had oil everywhere, i got hit here, bad hit as well. god is great, we are okay. >> mr. johnson they're describing a terrifying scene both inside and outside of the mall as well. what does that tell you? >> well, it shows that it is in a position of panic. a lot of people feel traumatized. many people would not feel safe as all. and the expression that has been expressed by that gentleman there is one of panic one of chaos, and it shows that the security forces are not on top of it. but they have got to show leadership now. they have got to show that they can protect the citizens. they've got to show that they can come on top of this situation. what's worrying for me is these militants, these terrorists are clearly on a suicide mission. there's no doubt about that. they don't intend to leave there alive, they would like to take as many people in terms of loss
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of life. as the hours go by more likely the death toll would increase which is very, very sad. >> yes indeed. is there a significance in what happens happening in actually world peace day and actually a few days before the world general assembly meets? >> absolutely, world peace day meant to be a reflection on wars around the world or issues around governance and people to live in peace. but what we're witnessing today is nothing but peaceful. and of course it is significant because the general assembly is meeting in a few days' time and many of the world's leaders are going to be there. i think the timing of this is very significant and i think the al shebab movement wants to send a message, willing to pose a threat at the moment's notice which it clearly has done now. >> speak clearly and remind viewers that no one has actually
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claimed responsibility but we don't know. your opinion is it clearly mass the earmark of alshabab, mr. johnson, director of viewpoint africa. we'll be calling on you as the day goes on. thank you so much. pakistan has released its highest ranking afghan taliban commander as a move to promote peace talks. abdul ghani baradar, is one of four men who founded the taliban movement in afghanistan in 1994. the most powerful typhoon of the year, severe typhoon usagi is headed to taiwan. expected to be dedicated to a category 1 hurricane. the winds are incredibly strong at 110 miles per hour. al jazeera's graial jazeera's cs
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live. >> u.s.s. bonhommi richard pulled out ahead of the typhoon, this storm said to be the most powerful on the planet this year. six miles wide and winds gusting to 180 miles per hour. it formed in the pacific earlier in the week and tracked west northwest through luzon strait that separates the philippines and taiwan. 100 people were moved from shoreline areas. waves as big as buildings smashed the coastline. flights and ferry services were cancelled, forcing thousands of people to leave their home. china's southern coast is being prepared for worst, 23,000 fishing boats returned to port.
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but the storm has hong kong a major asian financial center in its sights. 1979 is the last time a storm of this size scored a direct hit. storm surge caused major ghaj to thdamageto the city. thousands of hong kong people are away this holiday long weekend to celebrate the mid autumn festival and the storm could cause massive delays for those who try to return. the typhoon flag is signaled the need for preparations and told the city to brace itself for what could be the worst storm to hit here in 34 years. craig gleason al jazeera, hong kong. >> meteorologist jelelah ahmed is here.
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jelelah. >> the storm did barely through the luzon strait, it's now going to make its way through to hong kong, a couple of hours local time from now in hong kong. going to bring flooding downpours, torrential rain that could pose a threat, mudslides and continue to monitor that throws the day, richelle back to you. >> more than 100 people died in the landslide triggered by the country's twin hurricanes. villagers and soldiers have been using axes to chip away mud. hurricane manuel and ingrid have caused widespread damage across the country. outside acapulco relief troops are coordinating missions because so many people need help. dave, tell me what's happening.
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>> that's right. this is where the mission is being run from here. and you can see behind me there's dozens of helicopters, we just saw a few take off a few moments ago. it is in these mountains that are off to my left-hand side. this is where they're still trying to locate villagers that have been trapped. although the rain started here last saturday, one week ago, they are still finding people who have been affected who haven't had any assistance brought to them yet. i was talking to the general in charge of the mission just shortly a few minutes ago, and he said that there are as many as 50 villages that still have not had any assistance. and what they're trying to do now is make these flights over top sort of reconnaissance flights trying to determine exactly where these areas are. and the best way that they can get any kind of food aid.
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and also how desperate the situation is and how many people need to be extracted and brought back here to hospitals in acapulco. as you said, the death toll has reached over 100. there is a village short way from here in which the storm damaged the town and buried up to 68 people, still missing. and the rescue continues there. but it's very difficult to get into these areas. there's lots of difficult weather, a helicopter, federal police helicopter went down just a few days ago and they're still searching for the record, they are searching -- i shouldn't say the wreckage, the helicopter to see if there are any survivors in that. it is a very difficult mission underway here in southwestern mexico. >> do they have a timetable when they think they will get to some people? they are literally talking weeks
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or days before some people get hem. >> well, it's really hard to say. it's very difficult to say. they are still locating these small small small villages. so it could be as many as 20 families, 30 families. what's happened is, in this part of the country the storm wiped out a lot of infrastructure so there's bridges that have been completely wiped out, roads that have been wiped out. this is a very mountainous part of mexico so trying to get into these areas are incredibly challenging. that's why these helicopters are key. we'll have to see how long it takes to get aid to people who need it. >> dave mercer, thank you so much. we're continuing to follow a breaking story out of nairobi kenya. afternoon armed group has attacked a mall there and we'll
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continue to bring you the story as this story develops.
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nairobi,. >> with a possible groft shut down nine days away, there's no sign of compromise in washington. friday the house passed a measure that would fund the government while defunding the affordable care act. today president obama said that's a nonstarter. randall pinkston is in washington with more. are they whispering to each other writing notes or something? >> we can hope they are at least whispering to each other but no public signs. the president appeared to be visibly ticked off by this plan of the gop house of
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representatives in exchange for defunding the affordable care act. he's also concerned the president is about another line in the sand that the republicans are drawing next month when the nation hits the debt limit and the threat by some republicans of throwing the nation into default on its financial obligations. >> the united states of america is not a dead beat nation. we are a compassionate nation. we are the world's bedrock investment and doing anything that threatens that is the height of irresponsibility. that is why i will not negotiate over the full faith and credit of the united states. i will not allow anyone to harm this country's reputation or threaten to impact pain on any individual just to make a political point. he called the speaker to say he would not negotiate on a plan that has been rumored that the republicans would indeed raise the debt limit in exchange of
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repealing the affordable care act nor a year. in exchange the republicans called on nevada governor brian sandoval to talk about leadership. >> like washington nevada has a politically divide government. but that hasn't stopped our efforts to grow nevada's economy. good executives like all good leaders must expect opposition when make decisions or when making or enforcing the law. but executives must engage those that disagree with them. they must listen to all ideas. persuade when possible. and respectfully and firmly disagree when necessary. >> and to paraphrase what we've heard from the white house before, all of that was supposed to have been settled in the last presidential election. richelle. >> clearly it was not, many randall pinkston, we'll be
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checking throughout the day. thank you. if congress does not reach agreement in the 97 couple of days to avoid shut down only certainly agencies will be affected. among the agencies that will not be hit, social security will go out on time, all branches of the service will remain on duty, the coafghtcoast guard will still de duty, the postoffice still deliver the mail. here is what will be affected. 800,000 federal employees may are furloughed, national parks and monument will close. >> and we will be checking in with weather in just a moment.
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jelelah ahmed here with weather. >> thanks rax. we are tracking our latest cold front tracking across the country. beneficial rain dealing with exceptional levels of drought in the last several weeks. the rain coming down right now around the louisiana pushing into alabama and mississippi, towards the i-95 corridor as we track along the next several days. as we continue to travel into the i-95 territories, we're going osee that rain fil into virginias. cloudy skies across much of new york state. new york city, by monday we're talking clear skies with a daytime high of 68 and it's looking nice and sunny. take aa look across the north
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central plains. the cold front pushed through yesterday so we do see a difference in temperatures with the winds pushing in north northwest. fargo, 12 degree difference from yesterday, tulsa 14 degree difference. we will continue to bring you the latest on the tropical system brewing in the pacific. usagi making its way to hong kong, heavy torrential rain. back to you richelle. >> thank you jelelah. fall harvest in the gulf fails to reap the usually result. why the lack of scrimp and crab may cost consumers more.
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[[voiceover]] no doubt about it,
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>> we have been following the breaking news of the morning. gunmen stormed a nairobi shopping mall. police have moved into the mall to try to flush out the attackers. out into the streets to get away from the shooting. the kenyan ministry of the interior said the are attack could be from the terrorists,.
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for the fall harvest the gulf of mexico, looking for solution he. robert ray traveled to the gulf in louisiana and has this report. >> on the gulf coast shrimping boats and crab baskets are a common sight. inside the bustling fish markets these are a tasty demand. in louisiana alone, the crab and shrimp industry has a $1.5 billion a year economic impact. >> we have regular customers that come most every day now they're coming twice a week, three times a week. >> because there's a shimple and crab shortage, hundreds of millions of dollars are at stake. >> all this marsh along here this was like trees. >> commercial fisher mantim
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garrica says this has been caught in a perfect storm. >> you got the oil in there you had people trampling through all this grass. >> three years have passed since the gulf oil spill and many fishermen like garrica are seeing remnants of oil, passing through the grassy marshes. >> if something turns it it's going to bubble up. >> according to the national oceanographic administration, among other environmental factors that is hurting the system. >> one of the reasons for these empty crab trabs scientists say is the citizen -- traps scientists say is the dead zone, caused by the amount of
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fertilizer coming down the mississippi river and flowing into the gulf. the price will go up and it has. >> those are $5.99 each, they are usually 3.99 each. >> noaa is expecting, bracing and hoping at a a major hurricane does not occur. that would make the already fragile system even worse. robert ray, al jazeera slideell, louisiana. >> foreign subsidies, shrimpers say fuel costs make it hard to compete, asian producers receive government support. related to the 2010 deep water horizon oil spill. we continue to follow the breaking news of the day.
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gunmen stormed a shopping mall in nairobi, we are told as many as 50 are injured that number may continue to rise because the situation is far from over. kenyan soldiers and police have moved into this mall to try ostop the astackers, to flush -- attackers, as this was happening. shoppers ran for cover every place they could, stories, movie theater, out into the streets to try to get away from the shooting. the kenyan minister of the interior says this may be the work of terrorists. no group has claimed responsibility but we do know the group al shabaab has threatened to attack this mall. no claim of responsibility. this situation continues to play out throughout the day. keep it here throughout the day. you can always check our website as well, i'm richelle carey. thank you so much for your time.
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up next, people in power, justice for the death squads. it's been over 20 years since the end of el salvador's butal cival war. but it's legacy of pain an misery still lingers. until now, amnesty has shielded from prosecution those suspected of atrocities. but the discovery of a secret directory of death squad targets has given campaigners hope that the guilty can now at last be held accountable.


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