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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 21, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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>> hello and welcome to al jazeera. [ dozens are dead after an attack at an upscale shopping mall in nairobi. the largest storm on the planet this year takes aim at hong kong. >> i will not allow anyone to damage american reputation or take on its people just to make an ideological point. >> reporter: republicans lash out against the you budget stand
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off. >> reporter: an attack taking place kenya's capital city of nairobi. at least 39 people are dead and at least 150 are injured. some americans are among the wounded. al jazeera's an ders simmons has the latest. >> this was the softest of targets. nairobi's prestigious shopping mall packed with children and families. shooting at random. people hid where they could. trying to give those inside a chance to escape.
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but the mall is a huge complex with dozens of shops and stores. >> they came to the mall. [ sirens ] >> outs people escaped rushing out wherever they could find an opening. kenyan security forces evacuated others. al shabab takes responsibility for the attack in retribution on the mall. the security told the nation
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they are still loose. >> we are secure the maul. it's a very delicate operation. our pop detroit is the safeguard of lives of innocent people held newspaper this unfortunate incident. but let me make it clear that we shall how about down the perpetrators wherever they run to. we shall get them. we shall punish them for this heinous crime. >> the local hospitals were overwhelmed with casualties over 50 with gun and glass wounds. the hospitals appealed for blood donors to help for the victims. >> the kenyan military has shown that it is capable of taking on the group inside somalia, but this raid inside the mall has shown how difficult it is to protect kenya's towns and
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cities. >> reporter: the siege still under way with israeli specialists now working the kenyan forces to free the hostages and the crisis. >> reacting to the attack the secretary of state john kerry released this statement, quote, attacks like this can't change who we are. but rather must reaffirm our determination to counter extremism and promote tolerance everywhere. earlier today we spoke with director of new point africa about the motivations behind the al-shabab attack. >> they have taken the fight to kenya. they've made it clear that they will attack anything that is kenyan. that means the entire population. what they have made clear is that they would spare those who are muslims, and they made it clear that they actually singled out christians who are put in one particular line and muslims
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in another. they're trying to drive a wedge between the communities, between the societies. so i think kenyans would have to make sure that this doesn't happen in terms of the larger picture. they have to look at himself and how they can address their own problems internally and not allow al-shabab to drive that wedge. turn to go asia the most powerful typhoon of the year straight threw the lausanne strits. by the time it makes landfall monday morning it is expected to weaken to the equivalent of a category one hurricane. >> the biggest ship in the u.s.
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navy pacific fleet pulled out of hong kong's port a day ahead of schedule. it was an ominous sign of the the signal of typhoon usagi. this storm is set to be the most powerful on the amount this year with winds at 176 of mph. and i in the philippines 100 families were moved, crops were destroyed. electricity cut, village houses damaged. in taiwan waves as big as buildings smash the coast line, ferries were canceled and flooding and landslides have force of thousands to leave their home. 4,000 people have already left heed of storm and 23,000 fishing
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boats returned to ports. but the storm has hong kong, it's major financial centers in its site. today, airlines warned against traveling on sunday, and said they would hold full fights in and out of hong kong. thousands of people are away this holiday weekend to celebrate the mid amen festival, and this storm could cause massive storm delays for those tries to return. for those who remain, they have raised the typhoon flag to signal the need for preparation, and it could be the worst storm to hit here in 34 years. al jazeera, hong kong. >> to the latest on usagi's track i want to bring in meteorologist dave warren. where does it constant right now. >> meteorologist: we've kept a close eye on the rate here.
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with all these rain bands moving in depending on how the storm was oriented we have bands over the same area. flooding a big problem, but that rate just seeing the last of the center of the storm moving away. now the slightlies is what we watch to see how the storm is moving and developing. notice you cannot clearly make out the eye here, not like how it was out in the specific. the storm intensity is down and the powerful storm with wind and 115 mph. that's the latest observation. numbers coming every six hours. this storm will be in the category 3 over hong kong. and as this weakness it makes landfall, it will be a category one at local time, so we're watching that closely, but it
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will weaken. we're talking about typhoons and hurricanes. >> dave, thank you. with just nine days until the government runs out of funding to pay its bills. a government shutdown seems increasing likely. a measure to fund the government past the deadline with one exception, president obama's healthcare reform law. president obama blamed republicans for, quote, economic pain on millions of americans. >> sum are actually willing to plunge america into default if it can't defund the affordable care act. think about that. they would plunge this country back into recession all to deny the basic security of healthcare to millions of americans. >> randall pinkston has been tracking the day's political reaction in government including a response from the g.o.p.
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>> the republican response to the president's weakly address, governor brian sandoval to, give president obama on advice on bipartisan leadership. >> like washington, nevada has a divided government. good executives like all good leaders must expect opposition when making decisions or make organize enforcing the law. executives must engage those who disagree with them. they must listen to all ideas, persuade when possible, and firmly disagree when necessary. >> it is ironic that governor sandoval was selected to respond to the president. san valley was one of the first governors to support the healthcare medical act.
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he expanded two key provisions of obamacare. >> after the possible government shutdown are sorted out, congress will then debate racing the debt ceiling. one of the items, the keystone oil pipeline. >> the keystone oil pipeline is still a line on the map but it has fueled dozens of rallies and protests where hundreds of people have been arrested and it has been discussed in congress for more hours than anyone wants to count. strands canada, the canadian giant behind the project, first submitted application to the u.s. government. the keystone pipeline would carry crude oil from canada's tar sands to refineries on the gulf coast of mexico. it will run right through the
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middle of the country. the approval process has been as long as the pipeline itself. right now the state department is working on an environmental review that runs more than 2,000 pages. that has generated more than a million public comments. this summer president obama would approve keystone if and only if it won't increase greenhouse gas emissions. >> our national interest will be served only if this project does not exacerbate the problem of carbon pollution. the effects of pipeline impacts on our environment will be critical to determining whether this project is allowed to go forward. >> keystone's opponent said it would be an environmental disaster. now tar sands oil is not anything like oil pumped from wells. it is thick, sticky stuff like tar. and it has to be heated up before it can be pumped out. that takes a ton of energy. in fact, canada is considering
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building a nuclear reactor just to heat the water to get the oil out of the ground. then that oil would be burned in cars and power plants and create more carbon emissions. some environmentalists say if keystone is approved it is game over for the planet. keystone would pass over a massive underwater water source. an oil spill there could be a nightmare for farmers. but supporters, and there are republicans and democrats who back it, say that keystone is critical for america future and would poor millions of dollars in the u.s. economy. and said this oil was going to markets one way or another. the argument is that the u.s. should build the pipeline and benefit from it. the state department review will not be done until december at the earliest and is likely to slide into the new year. you're likely to hear about
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county attorney stone for some time to come. >> once again on the keystone pipeline. in 11 days the healthcare act goes online. how much will insurance be for people who don't have coverage on their jobs. >> doctor visits, prescription drugs and trips to the hospital. no matter where you live these are the reasons to buy health insurance. but under obamacare how much you pay for coverage will largely depend on where you call home. a 40-year-old will pay $194 a month in oregon and $395 a for the same plan in vermont. zero competitors can mean higher prices. but there are other factors that will affect what you pay and who your neighbors are. in florida insurance companies price the plans higher because of the state's large elderly population. if you're in a state like new york or california, where
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rates have been among the most expensive gauze of guaranteed coverage like maternity care, prices could drop and more people get sured. >> in california we already had maternity coverage and pre-hinted gender based pricing but we'll have maternity coverage and the policy. >> but the new healthcare law makes it mandatory everywhere, and that drives premiums higher in mississippi and texas. >> they'll go up exponentially than what they were before. >> prices will vary depending on who is doing the negotiating with the insurance companies. prices will be in more ways than one, all over the map. >> once again that was al jazeera's real money. syria has agreed to get rid of
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its chemical weapons. still to come, the challenges the internally community faces to make sure that bashar al-assad follows through on his promise. one of the world's most powerful women faces a test at the polls. when we come back german chancellor angela merkel's battle for third term. al jazeera america - a new voice in american journalism - >>introduces america tonight. >>in egypt, police fired teargas at supporters of the ... >>a fresh take on the stories that connect to you. [[voiceover]] they risk never returning to the united states. >>grounded. >>real. >>unconventional. [[voiceover]] we spent time with some members of the gangster disciples. >>an escape from the expected. >>i'm a cancer survivor. not only cancer, but brain cancer.
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>> every sunday night al jazeera america presents gripping films, from the
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worlds top documentary directors >> this is just the beginning of somthing much bigger... >> tomorrow, the premier of "do the math" >> these companies are a rogue force... >> one environmentalist says fossil fuels equal disaster... will his movement add up add up to change? >> we will fight it together... al jazeera america presents - "do the math" premiers tomorrow night, 9 eastern. >> a bombing at a funeral in baghdad has left 65 people dead. three explosions went off at a shiite funeral service earlier today. according to local police a car bomb went off. the suicide-bomber drove in and detonated it. as emergency workers arrived on
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the scene 30 explosions cured and 20 people were wounded. internationa >> in the capital, more government shelling as part of the recent push to recapture rebel positions. meanwhile, here at the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons, syria's chemical weapons program may not longer be a state secret. the agency is reviewing a list detailing bashar al-assad's stock pile. this is a crucial step in a deal brokered by the u.s. and russia to scrap syria's chemical program. western intelligence agencies estimate syria has about
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1,000 tons of chemical agents. brigadier general was in charge of the chemical weapons unit before joining the opposition. he said the world may never know the whole truth about assad's chemical arsenal. >> as a chemical weapons expert i can say that we have more than 2,500 tons of chemical agent. two third of that amount has been placed in secret locations in areas controlled by hezbollah in lebanon, or transferred to iraq and iran. and it's in remote villages under heavy protection. >> declaration of all chemical weapons is just beginning. international monitors will inspect all the declared sites. the interarsenal must be eliminated by mid next year. the u.s. and russia have yet to agree to procedures to make sure
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syria won't hide any of its weapons. but this is the core issue of the syrian crisis. >> this whole issue of chemical weapons is a diversion of what is happening in syria. the objective is not to get rid of the chemical weapons only. the objective is to resolve the crisis in syria in such a way that there would be a transition with assad stepping down. >> these are the videos that sparked an international outcry. victories of last month's chemical attacks gasping for air. the faces of dead children and their families moments after the attack. the syrian government and its allies russia and iran, blame the rebels for the attack. the u.s. retur and france blamed
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of gassing his own people. as this continues, so does the fighting on the ground and deaths by conventional weapons. >> three n.a.t.o. soldiers all troops shot dead in afghanistan. the afghan defense ministry said it happened in eastern afghanistan. an afghan soldier open fired on u.s. soldiers killing two on the spot. a third died later of his wounds. the attack occurred when americans and afghan soldiers returned fire. we'll take to you germany where voters head to the polls in a national election tomorrow. polls for anglega merkel's party in the lead but the opposition is hoping to take down her coalition. as head europe's largest economy merkel calls the shot on many debt crisis and that gives her
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sway on many markets around the globe. >> eight years after becoming chancellor angela merkel is still one of the most popular politicians in germany. she is the most powerful leader in a government run mostly by men. she has outlasted her male counter parts in italy, fans, and u.k. her training is in physics, but her supporters see her as the supporter of the economy. five years after the financial crisis germany is going strong with unemployment at 5.3% unlike greece and spain whose depressed economies has pushed the euro past 12%. >> germany happened to be in a good economic situation right
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now so many believe she has done something right. >> the decision german voters make this weekend could have an affect on the global economy. >> i think we can say looking at our neighbors in europe that we germans have had a good four years. >> but it was gerhard schroder who reformed german's labor market and many credit him for making the country more competitive. her opponent this time, peer steinbrück would like to criticize on that. but he was criticized for the size of his speaking fees. he complained that chancellor is not paid enough and most recently appeared on the cover of a national magazine with bees using an obscene gesture.
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>> if we want be easy going then i'm not interested in that kind of campaign. >> merkel's insist tense that troubled nations slash prices and raise taxes have made her deeply unpopular in though countries. >> several factors play into this resentment. one is clearly the fact that there are historical memories especially in greece of nazi, germany. and some of the stereotypes that came out in the protests were clearly framed to make reference to the nazi past. >> but merkel's handling of the euro crisis has won her admirers at home and could win her a third term at chancellor. al jazeera. >> as colorado continues to recoop from the aftermath of torrential rain communities north of denver now face a new burden. 22,000 gallons of oil in their
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backyard. >> colorado's nightmare gets worse. seven people have died, and 80 are still unaccounted for. beyond the human toll, flooded oil field, leaking thousands of gallons of oil that run through the major rivers that run through the midwest to the southwest. aerial surveys will document the environmental disaster. to make things worse clean up crews won't be able to reach the village until water reseeds. recedes. more than 200 highways and 50 bridges have been damaged or destroyed. the state is working quickly to repair some of its mountain
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highway mis. roads that are necessary to get in and out of isolated towns. governor hickenlooper has approved $126 million in state funds to help with the clean up and recovery effort. >> we will a very have a look at sports. the nfl facing another lawsuit? >> reporter: yes, chicago bears great gail sawyers is the latest to sue the nfl for head injuries quote, sustaining con cusssiv ce injuries and playing causing brain damage. driskel broken a bone in the
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first game of ten pe tennessee. it will end driskel's season. in golf, sweden's henrik stinson is go "b about to pick e largest paycheck. he's about to win a $10 million as winner of the pga tour's fedex cup. i'll be back with more sports and news coming up at al jazeera.
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>> not directly as far as we know. i'm not really sure when they've been able to establish communications, but the organization, the group that takes responsibility is called al-shabab. through their twitter feed they said they will not negotiate. it is a somali organization, a somali movement that says that it carried out the attack, and in retaliation for the kenyon military role inside somali.
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the kenyans have been there over the past couple of years, and al shabab said that this is in retaliation of that. they have no specific set of demands other than they want the kenyons to withdraw from somali. this is not the environment where there is going to be any drawn out negotiations. it's very hard to see how this is going to end in any other way other than a shootout. >> al-shabab are threatening more targets. do we have any specifics on those threats. >> no specifics except they're moving the battlefield from somali to kenya itself. this is a pretty big country but most of the obvious target they would be looking for here in nairobi or the capital and the second city along the coast. either way it's very difficult place for the security services to control because kenya shares a long border with somali and
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it's easy for them to move across that border because there is a well-established somali community who have been living here for many years as well as refugees. we know there are somalis and people inside kenya who are sympathetic to it al-shabab. cracking down on them will be incredibly difficult for the authorities. >> peter, thank you. coming up on al jazeera, some college football players are using their national visibility to seek nb ncaa refo.
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>> welcome back. in asia two people are dead after the most powerful typhoon of the year hit parts of taiwan in the philippines. typhoon usagi hit with heavy rain and winds. it's expected to weaken to the equivalent of a category one hurricane. this week we've been following storms across the world from hurricanes to typhoons. those storms may sound very different, but dave warren, they're not. >> meteorologist: they sound different but they're pretty much the same thing. you take one storm from area and move it to another, it's the same but called something completely different. well, typhoon usagi, bringing wind and floods to any land they encounter. both storms bring torrential
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rain and wind. but they're called two different things. hurricane manuel and typhoon usagi. hurricanes develop over the warm waters of the atlantic, caribbean and gulf of mexico. plus the eastern pacific ocean. once you cross the international date line in the pacific a similar storm would be called a typhoon. the hurricane becomes aor hurricane when wind speeds reach 111 mph. while 150 mph what we call a category 4 hurricane in the atlantic is the wind speed needed to call a typhoon a super typhoon. they had hurricanes and typhoons, the same thing and cyclones spin around the indian ocean and australia. >> encouraging news it's weakening, but category one. >> it's still a hurricane.
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it's not nearly as strong, but a hurricane. >> it's not for the faint of heart. a swedish aerial acrobattists featuring 200 air performance teams from more than 20 countries including france, britain, and the u.s. students at the milwaukee school of engineering put their skills and love for the greenbay packers to the test. they used more than 130,000 lego blocks to create a replica of lambeau field. it took six months to complete. it was on display until friday when it was moved to a nearby hospital. >> that takes some dedication right there. michael eaves joining us with a look at sports. >> reporter: yes, big news in college football as it relates
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to players coming out of the ncaa. one of the most discussed topic of this college football season is whether players should be receiving a cut of the billions of dollars generated by their sport each year. it's a polarizing suspect that makes fansuspect--subject that s and players making statements. some of the players wrote apu standing for all players united, a group advocating for ncaa reform. the ncaa president said players plant to use their visibility on nationally televised games regarding the treatment of athletes on issues from concussions to compensation. teddy bridge water threw for
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four touchdowns including to devonte parker. the cardinals post the blowout win 72-0, the defense, a lot of school record 30 total yards on the day. down in athens, georgia, the ninth rank bulldogs against georgia tech. this touchdown between murray and davis, setting the new record for longest touchdown pass. but the mean green stayed in this game with their special teams to go up 21-7. the bulldogs kicked off to chancellor and he took it back 99 yards for the touchdown. and then after forcing georgia out of the second half, the north texas defense breaks through to block the punt. zach whitfield ties the game at
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21-21, then georgia with unanswered points to the win. murray finished with 408 yards and three touchdowns. week three of the nfl schedule continues tomorrow with eight teams starting the seasoner. including the tampa bay buccaneers. al jazeera's john henry smith ask williams from the fort worth telegram who is likely to go first in tampa. >> well, i think they both have short leashes. you have to give a coach more than two years. josh free man is in the last year of his rookie contract. there was that story that he would ask for a trade before the trade deadline next month. whether that is true, he's certainly playing his way out of town. in the last five games he has had four touchdown and 11 receptions. he is not playing very well. this is no question that this is
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his last season in tampa bay. there is a resist between the two of them. the only question between them is this greg chiano's last season in tampa bay. >> two gutty wins for the bears. are they that good or are they lucky to be 2 and 0. >> there is luck but they're getting an identity a little bit. two games, two four-quarter come backs. they believe in jay cutler and that's the difference for the bears this year. their offense is contributing and they're rated ahead of their defense. they're 14th. their defense is 17th. this is a team, remember, they went 10 and 6 last season, missed the season and fired their head coach. they need to win more than ten games this season to assure getting in the playoffs. >> who is your biggest surprise? >> oh, it's got to be the miami dolphins. mike sherman said that ryan would be the quarterback that would take the biggest jump in
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the second season. no question he's the guy who passed for 600 yards. we have to remember this is a guy who made only 19 career starts at a&m in college as a quarter. he made more starts as a wide receiver at a&m. he's growing. he's learning. he's looking very comfortable in that offense with mike sherman, who is his head coach at a&m. he's just getting better and better. remember this. 63% of the teams that start 2 and 0 make the playoffs. dolphins are well on their way. >> monday night it's denver versus oakland. how giddy is bronco nation. the manning boys look good. >> they've got to be expected with what they see. what is interesting about the broncos is the first half of games against baltimore they trailed and then against the giants they were up 10-9 and then exploded in the second half. i think you have to talk about the adjustments they made at halftime with peyton manning, and fox and the things they've done to flip the switch and turn
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it on in the second half and runaway from both of those teams. i talked to wes welcker and he said he's not completely comfortable in the offense and wait until he's comfortable in there with peyton manning. they'll be good from start to finish. >> now to baseball we're less than 11 hours after completing an 18 heading game. the rays and the orioles both teams playing for their playoff futures. jennings drove in four runs more than enough for alex cobb who struck out 12 against two walks and took a three-game shutout into the ninth before being pulled. just a week remaining in the regular season for major league baseball. >> baseball playoffs here we go. michael, thank you.
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coming up next, dave warren will be back with the weekend forecast. stay with us.
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>> well, it's a tail of two storms across the country each impacting our weather on the east coast. first, a look at the rain out west. another storm is approaching, and it extends from the mid-atlantic all the way down to the gulf coast where it's flooding there. this is impacting our temperatures. there is that cooler air not a large area of cool air. dropped to 59 in chicago before warming back up. 76 in denver and 84 in billings. a little dip in temperatures from sunday to monday down in the 60s for chicago and 70s and 80s quickly warming up this week tuesday, wednesday and thursday, dry for the five days there. now here's this rain, this is a front which is that cool air moving in, but it oh slows down and stalls along the gulf coast
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states there. flash flood watches in affect. there is not a large area of flooding anticipated but you can't rule out flooding along the gulf coast states. now, it is still heavy across new england. this is a 24 hour forecast. look how quickly it drops off. if you're in pennsylvania, new york, new england, you'll see rain but it will not stick around for a while. just one day and it's followed by cooler air. you see that rain is tomorrow, 72, maybe an isolated thunderstorms thunderstorm 76 degrees, 70, and then mid to upper 70s tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. briefly cooling down. then it warms right back up on tuesday and wednesday of this coming week. the rain is not around for long and more rain is coming back. a look at the headlines coming
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up next. >> welcome to aljazeera. here are tonight's stop stairs. >> and attack on the mall in nairobi, at this hour, the siege continues at security forces search for armed gunmen. five hostages have been released but it's unclear how many remain. american citizens are among the wounded. >> the most powerful tie phone of the year swept through the luzanne strait. two of dead and two missing in the rain soaked region. by the time it makes landfall in hong kong monday morning, it is expected t


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