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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 22, 2013 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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... good morning. this is al jazeera. i am dale walters. these are some of the stories that we are following. hostage stand-off a day after gunmen killed more than 50 people inside a kenyan mall. they are holding hostages and keeping security forces there at bay. usagi is hammering from hong kong hav hammering the philippines. people on the chinese coast are preparing for a direct hit. >> reaching out to the west, on the eve of his trip to the united states, ready to talk about the nuclear program. >> a deadline to keep the u.s. government running. neither political party showing any signs of backing down.
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they are wounded and waiting for help, a deadly attack inside a popular shopping mall in kenya now entering it's second day in the capital city of nairobi. some of the hostages have been free. but it's still unclean just how many more remain. a little over 24 hours ago, the armed group, al shabaab throwing bombs inside the westgate mall. >> an upscale shopping mall siege has entered the second day with no end in sight. kenyans find themselves at a stand off with members of the somali group, al shabaab. images like these of people running from the shopping center have played throughout the
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crisis but others have not been so lucky. one of those injured gave a first-hand account of the carnage and tactics being used by the group. >> we tried escaping and they threw a grenade and the grenade, the sharp articles entered me into my hand and my leg. there were giovanni many people who were injured. >> kenyan's president who said he lost family members in the attacks made it clear how he would handle the armed group if they don't surrender. >> let me make it clear that we shall hunt down the purpoerpetrs wherever they run to. we shall get them. and we shall punish them for this heinous crime. >> al shabaab is a religious alliance opposed to the transition of the federal government. they have for the foreign forces including kenya. al shabaab says they are in
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revenge from what began two years ago. the result, al shabaab's control in somalia is shrinking. >> we established islamic rule from alaska, japan, to solomon islands and all the way to ice land. be warned. we are coming. >> an unknown number of hostages remain inside the westgate mall which is frequented by kenyans as well as westerners who are among the dead including two canadians and two french citizens. four americans are said to be among the injured and the u.s. and israel have dispatched security specialists to work with kenyan forces against the gunmen who avow to never give up. the group has sentence cannians back with roadside bombs but the attack in nairobi is one of the biggest al shabaab has carried
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out. secretary of state john kerry saying attacks like this can't change who we are but must reaffirm our determination against counter extremism. >> joining me dr. robb and sanders. thanks for being with us this morning. >> thank you for having me this morning. >> now, you were the national security council africa director at the whitehouse when the embassy in kenyan was bombed back in 1998. and president obama, in fact, kenya considers president obama to be its native son so in this instance, is it different, and how should the white house react? >> no. it's not different. i mean it's a horrific event, and my heart goes out to all of the victims and their families. and i think that we need to continue to focus on the stattegic issues of how do we contain groups like al shabaab. >> american officials have been warning nairobi malls were
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vulnerable to attacks. did kenya not heed the warnings from the u.s.? >> i am sure that kenya did. i think that everybody in this day and age, the whole global landscape has changed so drastically that i think that everyone pays particular attention to security risks, but we just had a horrific event here in washington, d.c. last week at the navy yard at a hard, secured area, so i don't think it's a question of the kenyans not heeding, but it's a question of really, a change in tactics on the part of al shabaab. >> the witnesses said the gun men were shouting for muslims to move away. what were the actual targets? >> well, the actual target really is the government of kenya. they want to have kenya pay for its support of somalian government to move them out of mogadishu. kenya has about 682 kilometers of border with somalia. there is about 3.3 million people in nairobi, a big koz
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mott pot tan city. they wanted to hit a target that would have the biggest impact. >> doctor, one of the things that's interesting about this particular bombing or,tac, rather, was you were there in 1998 when the american em antesed were attacked, when they were bombed in kenya. and now they are attacking malls, which some security experts would consider to be soft targets. is this a sign, i guess, that al shabaab is losing strength? >> no. i think it's the contrary. first of all, let me just say i was in washington. i was part of the national security council teamworking on the issue when the bombings took place and 12 americans were killed in that incident. no. it's a soft target because you don't have to go through a security screen to go get into the mall, and i think that that may be something that we all need to look at, not only here in the united states but certainly worldwide because it does make the malls and soft targets like that very, very vulnerable. one of the interesting things i think that needs to be paid attention to in this event was
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when i looked at the strategic issues, one of the things i think that al shabaab did was paid attention to what happened april in the boston marathon bombings. they changed their tactics to be small and agile. they dispersed and one eyewitness account noted they saw one of the gunmen change their cloemths. if you were from april, one of the things that helped us identify the bombers in boston was the fact that their cloths were identified, in this particular instance, some of the attackers, i understand, were able to go out with those fleeing because they had changed their clothes and were harder to -- harder to identify. so we need to be paying attention to how their tactics evolve and make sure that we are four to five steps ahead of them. >> dr. sanders, briefly -- we've got about 20 seconds left. do attacks like this work? the original effort was to terrorize citizens worldwide. nowadays, even if you take boston, it seems like the
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societies are absorbing the blows people put out and moving on with life as usual. >> well, i think that people are more aware of their security environment. i think one of the ways that we can push back against terrorist acts like this is to maintain our norma way of living and to push back on anything that they do that tries to deter us from going about our daily lives, going to malls, enjoying life and really living up to the values of freedom of association that we all hold sol dear. we push back in that way. we don't let them change our lives. we don't let them make us the victims by hovering and making sure that we continue to engage and continue to push back and continue to really find ways to contain their efforts to change our way of life. >> dr. robb and sanders, thank you for being with us this morning. she is the former ambassador to nigeria republic of congo >>. emergency officials say a
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powerful typhoon is heading toward usagi. storm has left two people dead and two others missing when it passed through the philippines in taiwan. rob mcbride joins us live from hong kong. we understand the typhoon is headed for the chinese industrial region. does that mean that fewer people are in its path, and how are businesses there getting ready? >> that's right. they are certainly making its presence felt, usagi. it is virtually closed down what is normally a very bustling metroplist of hong kong and, in fact, much of the south coast of china. as you mentioned there, the philippines, tie with a got it first now it is south china's tu turn. people have been going home early and making preparations around their apartment blocks, securing their homes as the winds here increase. we are expecting to have
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sustained gusts of maybe 100 miles an hour. they are still very strong. of course, severe flooding. huge bands of rain which has been dumping very large amounts of rain. >> it's difficult for you to hear us. usagi was downgraded from a super typhoon. was there a sense from hong kong that people there are take that storm less seriously. >> well, they are. it has caused big changes in people's lifestyles. they are now at home. it's caused major chaos in traffic. hong kong is a transport hub. the airport has seen scores of cancelled flights for the foreseeable future, basically for the next 12 hours or so as this typhoon passes through. it also coincides with very high tides here this is the traditional big autumn festival,
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a moon festival. it's a time when we have full moons. with them come high tides. we are expecting high tides which will coincide with some of the winds being at the strongest. there is a lot of low-lying areas thousands of people have been evacuated from their homes. >> rob mcbride, thank you very much this morning. >> acmedium has been joining the storms. >> we expect the storm to make landfall about 3:00 a.m. local time in china. it's going to make itt its way on land in a town called shanway. then it's going to progress towards the west and push to the north of hong kong. but the impact will still be severe. >> that's due to the wind. take a look here at the graphic behind me. when you look at the winds, when you are sitting on your front porch and the light breeze pushes through, we are not talking about a lot of damage there. small trees may sway but when you are talking about winds anywhere from 72 to 95 miles an
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hour like this storm will contain when it makes its way on landfall, we are talking about countryside being devastated. let's show you where the storm is, about 260 kilometers to the east of shanwi. 3:00 a.m. local time. >> that's within the next couple of hours. as dale mentioned, we have an upgrade in terms of the warning issued. we were at typhoon warning 3. now it's up graded today typhoon number 8. basically, what that means is folks are required to stay at home tomorrow, and they are not supposed to be in the area. we are talking about floodtion down pours and mudslides triggered because of the system and it will post a threat to infrastructure. this is taking the same track that the storm did in 1979. this will be the most devastating storm since tie finance off and on hope. i will tell you about the latest
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cool front pushing into the east coast and bringing quite a bit of rain to new york city right now. back to you, dale. >> a picture is worth a thousand words. a politician once considered to be a rising star in the rule party in china is going to be spending the rest of his life behind bars, at court finding that bo si li. scott hideler has more on the case that has shaken china. >> it was the verdict that all of china was waiting for. >> bo xilai is sentenced to life in prison for bribery crimes. the once rising star of the communist party, he was found guilty of bribery, corruption and abuse of power on sunday. he has been ordered to pay the government $4 million, the figure he was accused of taking. he will lose his seaside villa
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in france. they feel it's due to his did i have for instance in the 5 day trial and because he pled "not guilty" >> reporter: but it's to set an example. the president led by shigiping has made it one of his administration's most important task to tap those chinese angered by corrupt politicians. most admit guilt and quickly fade away serving their time in prison. not bo. his downfall was set in motion by his wife's murder of a british businessman she testified against bo at his trial. he called her a mad woman while professing his innocence. bo did admit to failing his country in how he handled his then police chief after he told bo of his wife's actions. so it's expected in the coming days that bo will appeal sunday's decision. then, a higher court will hear the case, a process that should take a few months. >> that was al jazeera cot heidler report from china.
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with just one week until the governmentruns out of money to pay its bills, the government shutdown seems increasingly likely. friday, the house passing that me measure to fund programs beyond the september 30th deadline but with one exception. president obama's signature healthcare reform law, obamacare. in his weekly address, he blamed republicans for threatening the possibility of bringing economic pain to millions of americans. >> some are actually willing to go plunge america into default if they can't defund the affordable care act. think about that. they would actually plunge this country back into recession, all to deny the basic security of healthcare to millions of americans. >> randall pinkston has been tracking political reaction from washington, d.c. including the response from republicans. >> in the republican response to the president's weekly address, the gop selected nevada governor brian sandoval to give poliresit
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obama some advice on bi-partisan leadership. >> like washington, nevada has a politically divided government. but that hasn't stopped our efforts to grow nevada's economy. good executives like all good leaders must expect opposition when making decisions or when making or enforcing the law. but executives must engage those that disagree with them. they must listen to all ideas, persuade when possible and respectfully and firmly disagree when necessary. >> we should note it is ironic that republicans selected governor sand 0 value to respond to the president. sandoval was one of the first republicans to support the affordable care act. in nevada, he has taken steps to set up healthcare exchanges and expand medicaid coverage, two key provisions of obamacare. randall pinkston, al jazeera, washington. >> still ahead, a pair of suicide bombers target church goers at sunday services.
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the result, dozens are dead as a security situation in pakistan takes yet another blow. and fields that used to be clogged with land mines are now bearing fruit for people in afghanistan, thanks in part to some american farmers.
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>> a bombing a funeral in baghdad has left more than 90 people dead. three explosions going off in sadar city earlier today. according to local police, a car bomb went off and a suicide bomber drove in and detonated his device. as emergency workers arrived on the scene, a third explosion occurred. at least 120 people were ki wounded. a pair of suicide bombers hitting a church in pakistan killing more than 60 people there. those striking as people were coming out of sunday services in the north city of pushawa are: more than 100 people were wounded. many women and children. as many as 600 people were said to be inside the all saints church when that explosion took place. so far, no group has claimed responsibility for the attack. and there is a different story coming out of afghanistan these days.
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their fields were once full of poppies and landmines. now, an american non-profit is planting seeds of hope. jennifer glass reports. >> on the shamali plain, it's almost time to harvest. this year, this is a bummer crop thanks to roots of peace which brought california grapes to afghanistan. >> it's part of what we do is get farmers to grow higher value crops and farmers will double their encloses when they put these in. it's a good deal. >> afghans were growing groups on the ground and dragging them to margaret on burlap sacks. they taught farmers how to build trellises and prune the branches. >> it's good for us. with these trellises, the grapes are safe from the wayne, from the wind and from rotting on the ground. >> before anything could be planted here, the ground had to be cleared of land mines. >> this used to be the taliban front lines. there used to be a bomb crater right here. it took weeks just to demine this area so these vines could
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be planted. >> the project is the brain child of american heidi kuhn >> by removing the land mines and planting the grape vines, we are literally turning swords into plow shares and spears into pruning hooks. >> the project doesn't just help farmers grow fruit. it helps them sill their products. it's built cold storage units and packing facilityings. >> with this market center, our grapes are able to export the grapes from shamali area to karachi area. >> a nearby school was built after kuhnes daughter collected penneys so afghan students wouldn't have to study under a tree. there are 600 students five years later. the organization works with 50,000 farmers in all of afghanistanses 34 provinces, and these people are the lucky once.
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about 1% of afghan farmers have access to cold storage most will be sold locally or rot before it gets to margaret. kuhn wants the seeds of hope they planting here to flourish and spread. jennifer glass, al jazeera, shamali, afghanistan. usaid or the u.s. agency for international development sports the reduce of peace. it says those involved have proved grapes will be coming and bringing in more profit than opium. >> demonstrators will be taking to the streets of miami to try to mesh lawmakers to try to make an amendment to an equal law ordinance. currently it has no language for those who consider themselves to be transgendered. >> ara. lester but she said inside her
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body beats the heart of a woman. the 34-year-old began transitioning to become a woman 15 years ago after years of struggling with depression and repeat suicide attempts. >> i just thought i was an abomination. you know, what's wrong with me? i felt alienated from society, from my family, from everything. >> lester has been unemployed since 2010, and she's been sleeping on her friend's couch for the last year. she says her trans gender identity has cost her countless jobs. thanks to donations, she opened a trans gender drop-in center on south beach but she doesn't draw a salary. lester says trans gender people are regarded as second-class citizens and they need protections against discrimination? >> there are so many things that come up against us in life that prevents us from having the good quality of life that everyone, you know, should be offered. >> lester and members of the lesbian, gay, by sexual and trans gendered community are fighting to make sure that the miami dade commission passes an
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amendment to include trans ye gender people. >> the absence of that makes it permissible to discriminate based upon somebody's trans gender preferences. >> this summer, as county commissioners discuss the amendment, the christian family coalition sprung into action. the group distributed these flyers saying the amendment would force all restrooms in places to open bathrooms to trans sectionuals and discriminate. >> nobody is denying you the right to fant size the section you you have to be. you don't have to demand everybody else in society to play along with your make pretend. >> lester is hoping to speak to county commissioners to educate them more about the trans gender community. >> it's going to let people know on what type of life that we lead and why we need help because we have been disserviced and under serviced for many years. >> she and other advocates believe with their efforts, miami dade county will
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eventually ensure trans gendered people aren't discriminated against when it comes to employment, housing, and public accommodations. natasha gename, f miami dade county. early in the summer, them dismissed adding rights for trans gendered people. a 16-year-old student has made strides at her high school by being crowned it's first trans gender home coming week. cassidy lynn campbell was honored during friday night's game at mayriana hospital breaking down in tears in front of the crowd. she says she hopes her milestone can be a guiding light for others. >> so proud to win this, not just for me but for everyone out there and for every kid, you know, trans gender, gay, bi-sexual, straight, blashing, white, mexican. it doesn't matter. you can be yourself. >> campbell began taking hormone injections this year and has documented her journey in videos
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on youtu bechlt. >> the death toll from an attack in a mall in kenya keeps rising. the gunmen are holding hostages. we will take you live to the scene. >> i ran's new president has been in office for less than two months and already, he is work to go open a new dialogue with the west. he even says iran's nuclear program is on the table for talks. and the hurricane is gone. thousands of people in mexico are still stranded and struggling for help. i am john henry smith highlights of another surprisingly close finish coming up in sports. >> every sunday night al jazeera america presents gripping films, from the worlds top documentary directors >> this is just the beginning of somthing much bigger... >> tonight, the premier of "do the math" >> these companies are a rogue force... >> one environmentalist says
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fossil fuels equal disaster... will his movement add up add up to change? >> we will fight it together... al jazeera america presents - "do the math" premiers tonight, 9 eastern.
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on august 20th, al jazeera america introduced a new voice in journalism. >> good evening everyone, welcome to al jazeera. >> usa today says: >> ...writes the columbia journalism review. and the daily beast says: >> quality journalists once again on the air is a beautiful thing to behold. >> al jazeera america, there's more to it. on inside story, we bring together unexpected voices closest to the story, invite hard-hitting debate and desenting views and always explore issues relevant to you.
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>> welcome back. i am del walters. these are the stories we are following. congress now has 8 days to work out a funding deal or allow the government to shut down. house republicans passing a bill on friday that would fund the government but effectively kill the affordable care act. ty off and on usagi is expected to make landfall in hong kong in a matter of hours. the massive storm has battled a deadly attack in a mall of kenya now in its second day. 59 people are dead. 30 hostages are still inside the upscale westgate mall. kenya's government says there are 175 people who were injured in saturday's attack. the somalian rubble group known as al shabaab. it says the mall killings rig in response to military operations in this somalia. ran's president says his country is ready for talks,
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coming on the eve of the trip to the united states. houhani says the iranian nation something ready for talks with the west including its disputed nuclear program. rouhani is expected to leave monday for the u.n. general assembly which will meet in new york. return now to tohami, a senior fellow for the middle east policy and a former admission to the united nations and the author of the world through arab eyes. thank you for being with us this morning. >> my pleasure. >> the republicanian president says that he is ready to talk about its nuclear program. is he serious, or is this just at ply? >> he has a man date. he was elected on a man date to improve relations with the rest of the world as well as improve the economy. a man date of moderation all that he said since he came to office has been reaching out,
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including interviews with american television station, an op-ed piece in the washington post, very well crafted, intended to reach out. so you have to take it at face value. there is no question in my mind that there is a pressure from the public for them to do something it is the case that the devil is in the detail and that will remain to be seen through the negotiations. >> why should the world believe an entire country can turn on a dime, in this case, mahmoud ahmadinejad was less than friendlies to the united states. why should we belief in this case, iran is changing? >> first of all, no one believes anything until you negotiate. not to negotiate when someone is offering to negotiate and rush into a war which is the worst of all options is unthinkable. no matter who you are or what you want to do, you have to explore every possibility.
7:32 am
i am not sure it's a turn on a dime. the iranians have been saying consistently, they are not building a weapons system. obviously the world doesn't believe them. so for them, if they want to get out of that, they have said they maintain the right to the enrich uranian on their soil. they haven't changed that. yohani as he announced he wants to negotiate, he reiterated this particular position, which is still theirs and, third, obviously they are hurting economically and they would like to get out of there, out of the sanctions regime as quickly as thing. >> mr. rouhani said he would like to meet at the u.n. should president obama agree to meet such a meeting and what precedence will it set?
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>> that's up to the president. my issue is any time you want to talk to another country, you don't turn it down. war is the worst option of all and we know all of the unintended consequences. so it's up to the president, but the president has many calculations here clearly, he wants to read out to him. on the other hand, he has a domestic context in which he doesn't want to look like he's not tough. he doesn't want to look like he's giving away the store. he doesn't want to look like he's rushing to remove the sanctions before he gets something from rouhani. so i think, you know, it's a complicated question for the president. you could see particularly there is a little discomfort in israel in particular, which is obviously got supporters in the u.s. on this question to central part of the american equation it's a delicate balance. i think the president wants to
7:34 am
be responsive to explore this possibility. >> mr. tohami, i think the question to iran boils down to: who is speaking? is rouhani speaking for iran or is the supreme leader calling all of the shots behind the scenes. >> there is no question usual right. range i has been saying, he has the leeway to negotiate on this issue, the man data to negotiate on this issue. we don't know if this is something that came out of a conversation between him and hamini or it's something that he's -- he feels he has by virtue of the man date from the people. we need to explore that the position has been, quote, they are not building nuclear
7:35 am
weapons. they are only building peaceful program. now, if they really want to have verification of that, they don't even have a problem with their own people because their own people essentially believe that iran is not building a nuclear weapon. so if there is an agreement on putting limits on iran's capabilities to prevent the building of nuclear weapons, they don't even have a political problem. >> telhami, thank you for being with us >> my pleasure. >> the university of gnarled college park. thank you very much. joining us by phone is saria leni. she has been engaging reaction to the president's comments. what is the mood on the streets there? >> rannians are cynical but they can't help being optimistic with the comments that rouhani has been making not just since he was elected in june but in recent weeks and days, of
7:36 am
course. the latest speech he gave just this morning here in iran become talking with the west. the message about rannian engaging where wasness to ends the crisis whether it's the united states or any other party. so iranians are optimistic, i will say, about what's going to happen at new york. we have been speaking to analysts here and they say it's a very good likelihood that rouhani will actually meet president obama whether it's a hands sheik or any kind of small gesture, this could be the biggest glomatic breakthrough in almost 35 years. the iranians have been signaling they are meeting with the brett issue because republican and the british suspended relations in november of 2011 catherine who represents the p 5 plus one in
7:37 am
nuclear recess with iran. all positive signs something is about to happen. it's pretty much the view of the people they're in iran, hopeful there will be something positive. >> sarai, why do iranians witness to reach out to the west at this time. at one point, the u.s. was considered to be the great satan. what has changed? and is it the economic section ? sanctions? >> thers not considered anti-american. there is anti-american policy. regarding their views toward the people, american culture, so on and so forth. so, it has been for a very long come that iranians want change. they don't want it to come at a cost of iran's national
7:38 am
interest. rouhani has said we are willing to talk, we are willing to negotiate. this cold war era has to end. there is no zero sum game anymore. it's not going to come at the cost of iran's national interests, but perhaps the most significant thing that's come out of this wasf are those from the supreme leader. the supreme leader, of course, controls and has the final say in iran's foreign policy. he has discussed heroic flexibility and the need for that flexibility now. there are signs from the top. rouhani has demanded a change. perhaps after 35 years, things really are changing could be sanctions with everything going on domestically here and internationally as well. >> soraya lenih thank you very much. we return to our stop story,
7:39 am
that being the tedly attack on that mall in kenya that left 59 people dead. 35 are still to be inside the mall. al shabaab claiming responsibility. al jazeera mohammad adal has been following. he joins us now. mohammed, you were once based in kenya. you know this group well. what more can you tell us about al shabaab? >> well, al shab a. b, is a group that has defied usual characterizations. it came about as an off shoot of islamic union. that took most of somalian at one point in 2006 and afterwards is when they brought -- they came on you in their true colors after the envation.
7:40 am
they for example, declared their ail emergency he knew to al-qaeda and stated who they were and what they wanted. they said they want to establish a kalifate across the globe. at one time in 2009, they told me that they hated us as far as alaska, and iceland. they want to continue. they have always seen somalia as a platform from which they could launch attacks in other parts of the world. so. they have lost territory in the past few months, in the past year, also. they have come out of a very cut throat leadership, they a man who has never been photographed now he is trying to consider that and the attack in kenya is
7:41 am
part of what al shabaab wants to showcase they are a force to recon with these groups say they want to terrorize the world. there is an attack and as you indicated they are killing themselves off. this group inside the mall now says that they are going to stand there and fight until the death. is this not a war of attrition that al shabaab is going to lose? >> yes. that seems to be the way the likelihood of the whole thing these people, usually the missions they cut out, missions of no return. al shabaab says they are not going to negotiate. one of the reasons experts are saying is why they took off theage because this unprecedented where they carry out attacks in public places is
7:42 am
they say it's one way of trying to embar as the kenyan security forces bay by making them bungle it up. from what we are hearing from errors we are hearing and confront at this point, israeli commanders are entered the mall in the past few minutes. we will see what might happen in the coming moments. however, al shabaab has always been fighting this war. many see it as a war of attrition, but for them, they say they are looking for a greater thing which they say is m martyrdom and getting what they say is the grace of god as they call it. >> al jazeera's mohammed adal thank you for joining us. officials are now saying more than 100 people have died in mexico after those two tropical storms slammed that country. worst hit were the mount nance areas around tall cap you wi ac.
7:43 am
the mexican president touring saying he is going to help relocate the survivors and rebuild a safer nation. voting under fwhaifrnlths germany right now for the general elections now. german chancellor angela merkel and her democratic union party are seeking to stay in office for a record third term. opinion polls are showing a tight race despite her overwhelming majority and an economy that is the envy of europe. nick spicer joins us from a polling place in central berlin. nick, why is merkel struggle ling to sekeep her positive whe it seems everything is going her way? >> reporter: because of the german electoral system which requires parties to build coalition it has done so for
7:44 am
half a century thousand. necessary by far the most popular politician. her party, the christian democratic union had a 15 point lead poll in the latest poles for last week. i am not allowed to give you any numbers today. but that's not enough for her to governor alone should she keep up those good numbers. she has needed a junior coalition partner. in the past three years it's been the free democratic party. it night not break a 5% barrier you need to get into pardon me pam wiped out for the free democrats which means angela merkel needs somebody else to governor with and many germans would like her to governor with the party she has been campaigning against the hardest live from germany, life in berlin. thank you. for the second week in a row, a
7:45 am
college football power avoids yet another upset but closely, john henry smith joins us with that story in sports. >> on the college football saturday that saw nearly half of the teams in the top 25 win by at least 24 points, one of the only close games was way too close for michigan's comfort for a second straight week, the largest crowd in 10 years of yukon football was small enough, akron almost did the wolverines in. a disaster, brown recovers, runs back for a score. huskics up 21-7. led 21-14 when whitman threw a bomb that blew up in his face. >> morgan with a good looking intersection. uncle joe slow to the return yukon can't get all the way down to the husky 12. into the end zone from 12 yards out to tie the game. michigan would later take the lead on a field goal. last chance for the husband keys on 4th and 29.
7:46 am
deshan fox, 26. michigan barely survives again, 24-21 your final. >> number 5, stanford hosting number 23 arizona state. anthony willerson, 12 yards for the score. stanfordlet led 27-nothing before half and went for the throat putting a heavy rush and hack manages to kick the ball out of bounds for a safety. stanford rolling. gaffney was playing baseball a year ago. saturday, he was rushing for knife 5 yards. stanford beat up arizona state 42-28. 19th ranked florida gators lost their who broke a bone againstension. he is done for the year. he may have been tipped by his back-up who went 8 to 14 to guide the gators to a 31-17 win. with boyed heads, ucla
7:47 am
remembered a fallen teammate who died when a car struck and killed him. the bruins ran their first place with only 10 men on the field. pasquale's spirit being player number 11. uca beat 59 to 13. >> in the n.f.l., the early games feature green bay at cincinnati, detroit at washington and houston at baltimore. the mark e 4:25 game goes down in san fran situate cisco. colts square off against the 49ers t the sunday night game features 2 and 0 chicago at 0 and 2 pittsburgh. baseball, the topsy turvy race got another shake-up saturday. the pie rates found themselves tied with the reds for the wild card coming into their saturday night affair. pirates led 3-2 when a 2-out to
7:48 am
duke to and pittsburgh with aj burnett on the hill dealing strikes. 12 strike-outs for his 9th win of the year. pie rates take control the top wild card spot with their 4 to 2 win. well a 4 and 14 record in september, texas was out of the wild card looking in as they took on the royals. adrienne belltrade playing elvis andrews gave the rangers a 3-nothing lead. matt garza struck out 5 and allowed only a single run. texas wins 3 to 1. a half game in back of cleveland. golf, sweeden's stenson is on the verge of picking up his largest payday ever. he leads by four strokes after ca carding a 1 understand 69 saturday. if he hangs on today to win, stenson guarantees himself a $10 million prize as the winner of the pga tours' fed ex cup. stenson is mighty fine shape to
7:49 am
gra grab the money and run. $10 million, 1.44 million if he just wins the tour championship. even if he finishes as low as third today, he is in great shape to win the fedex cup. tiger woods, the number 1 seed, a 1 under 69 saturday is the first time he broke par all week. tiger is in a tie 426th place. >> that's your look at morning sports. del? >> john henry smith, thank you very much. if you woke up in the northeast this morning, there is a good chance when you walked out the dpoor, you got the wet. here is our national forecast >> that was the story as i walked out this morning. we had quite a bit of rain but the coldfront has pushed offshore and it's actually the first official day of fall. that cold front ushering in northwesterly winds. we will see a nice day across much of the northeast looking at temperatures in new york city, 73 degrees right where we should be at this time of the years
7:50 am
memphis is certainly 8. from texas all the way into the southeast is the slowly going to make its way off shore. you can see the cold fronted here pushing into jacksonville. lingering showers across new orleans. by the evened of the day, most of that rain will push offshore. as i said, along i-10 from jacksonville all the way back to new orleans, we are going to have to deal with a couple of showers here today. mostly light showers in nature. but whenever you see the yellow popping up, that's where you will see a bit heavier rain. as i said, along i-10, we will see some rain here today. i think in atlanta, we will have partly sunny skies with a high of 78. a bit warmer as we push into monday, tuesday and wednesday. right where we should be at this time of the year. the weather will continue to be quiet beautiful rather thin som falling from bangor as we track toward boston. in new york city for the most part, we are clear. we may see a lingering shower and mostly cloudy skies early in the morning. by the late afternoon, the sun
7:51 am
are will come out to heat to a high of 73. on the back side of the front, winds publicing in out of canada. we will climb to a high of 67 with that sun shining and high pressure building we will reach 73 on tuesday and look at most likely sunny skies and we stay in the mid to low 70s through the rest of the week. quiet across the atlantic base and no areas of interest but toward the south china sea, we have usagi expected to make landfall later tonight, 3:00 a.m. local time in china, and we expect that sternly to push north/northwest where we expect to have a tropical storm force winds greater than 100 miles per hour heavy rain expected and we will continue to monitor the system not now but through the whole course of the day. detail back to you. >> a big storm.
7:52 am
thank you very much. >> rhino poachers can maketentions of thousands of dollars. we will tell you how conservationists are trying to take away the incentives by ruining the one anything that hunters are can looking for. so many money stories sound complicated. but don't worry, i'm here to take the fear out of finance. every night on my show i break down confusing financial speak and make it real. that's all i have an real money. victoria azarenko
7:53 am
my name is jonathan betz. i'm from dallas, texas, and i'm
7:54 am
>> today is the fourth annual world rhi. no day. animal act vicinities ways 2014 could be a record year for poachers who target those animals. they are calling on leaders to make the issue a top priority at the u.n. others aren't waiting for politicians to act. more on a unique method to save south africa's rhinos. >> the rhino is sedated and a hole is drilled into its horn. a pink die is injected. it's normally used to control ticks on animals. >> what we are trying to do is contaminate the animal's horn with a mixture of medicinal compounds made for use on animals and an indelible die is removing the value of the horn and placing it back in the live
7:55 am
an man where it belongs because the status quo is a rhino dead is worth more than a live rhino. we wanted to change that. >> the dye can be detected even when the horn control center ground to a fine powder. >> this is what it looks like and this is what it looks like when it's contaminated. it has a distinction smell and it's toxic. if any of this gets on to my skin, it will make me sick. >> because its dang dangerous to humans anyone who con assume it risks diarrhea but the warden says there is no chance anyone would die from it. almost 400 rhinos were killed in south africa. game wardens say up to 1,000 could die by the end of the year. >> it is a challenge. too much money and it is to buy
7:56 am
time. the idea is if nol horns had been contaminated, if they know they are contaminated, they are less likely. but after four years, the horn will grow out and the dye will disappear. it's hoped that a new and bether method lfb found. 500 have been killed so far this year putting 2013 on track now to break that sad record. at the end of our first hour, here is what we are following this morning. that mall attack in kenya is now a hostage standoff. gunmen killing more than 50 people in the assault. steaming toward hong kong, that storm is going to make landfall there in a matter of hours.
7:57 am
iran's president is reaching out to the west before he heads to the united nations general assembly. rouhani saying his country is willing to discuss its nuclear program. >> i am john henry smith. game day was a sad day at ucla as they honored a fallen teammates. details in sports. >> here, it's going to be a beautiful day across the northeast. but i have the latest on usagi very soon. >> al jazeera continues. we are back in two and a half minutes. track us 24 hours a day on, and that's where we follow that hostage stand off in kenya.
7:58 am
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>> good morning. i am morgan radford. it's sunday, september 22nd. and these are some of the stories we are following this morning: face-off, kenyan security forces are still in a tense stand-off of gunmen who scaled an upscale nairobi mall. hostages still remain. headed for hong kong, this year's most powerful typhoon is just hours from making landfall. >> consoler-in-chief, president obama meets with family members of the victims of a mass shooting. this time, the washington navy yard. rouhani gets ready. he says he is ready to start a


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