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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 22, 2013 8:00am-8:31am EDT

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>> good morning. i am morgan radford. it's sunday, september 22nd. and these are some of the stories we are following this morning: face-off, kenyan security forces are still in a tense stand-off of gunmen who scaled an upscale nairobi mall. hostages still remain. headed for hong kong, this year's most powerful typhoon is just hours from making landfall. >> consoler-in-chief, president obama meets with family members of the victims of a mass shooting. this time, the washington navy yard. rouhani gets ready. he says he is ready to start a new round of nuclear n
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negotiations as he heads to the united nations and a possible meeting with president obama. kenyan security forces remain in a tension stand-off with members of the armed group, al shabaab. the gunmen entered a shopping mall saturday firing machine guns and toting grenades. the death toll is 50. some hostages have been freed. it's unclear how many more remain. more from ardel walters. >> the siege by armed gunmen at an upscale shopping mile in nairobi kenya has entered the second day with no end in sight. kenyan security forces find themselves at a stand-off with members of al shabaab, which has
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claimed responsibility in attacks that killed more than 50 people and injured dozens of others. images like these have played throughout the crisis. others have not been so lucky. one of those injured gave a first-hand account of the carnage and tactics being used by the group. >> we tried escaping and they threw a grenade and the grenade, the sharp articles enter me into my hand and my leg. there were very many people who were injured. >> kenyan's president who said he lost family members in the attacks made it clear how he would handle the armed group if they don't surrender. >> let me make it clear that we shall hunt down the perpetrators wherever they run to. we shall get them. and we shall punish them for this mean yows crime. >> al shabaab formed in 2006 as an off shoot of the islamic courts union, a religious alliance opposed to the
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traitional government. they have for the kenya. al shabaab says the attacks are until revenge which began nearly two years ago. that time, kenya sent groups. al shabaab's control is shrinking. >> we established islamic rule from alaska and chile so south africa, russia and all the way to iceland. be warned. we are coming. >> an unknown number of hostages remain inside the westgate mall, which is frequented by canians and two canadians and french citizens. four americans are said to be among the injured. the u.s. and israel has dispatched security forces to work against the gunmen who avow to never give up. they have sent kenya troops with
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car bombs and roadside bombs. the attack in nairobi is one of the biggest al shabaab as carried out outside somalia. secretary of state denouncing the attacks saying attacks like this can't change who we are but must reaffirm opposition to extremism and promote tolerance. >> what is al shabaab. it all started in 2006 as an off shoot of the islamic course union, a religious alliance opposed to somalia's federal government. they have for the a succession of foreign forces, allied to the somali government, including ethiopia, kenya and uganda, with troops as part of an african peacekeeping force. they paid a price for involvement in somalia. more than 70 people were killed when al shabaab planted bombs.
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the group seemed to be on the dvnsive when kenyan troops moved in to somalia. it was driven out of the key port city and then chased out of mogadishu, itself. their campaign has not yet ended. in june of this year, they launched a bold attack on the u.n. compound in the capitol. there have been several bomb attacks targeting senior somali government officials. this is one of the biggest carried out outside of somali. the territory al shabaab controls is shrinking. the group has just emerged from a leadership struggle. their shadowy leader who goes by the title emir managed to realign the group's leadership and consol date his power by killing some of his main opponents. al shabaab first emerged as a violent offshoot as a union of islamic courts which took
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control of mogadis huchlt. in 2006. city ends, they unsuccessfully fought european troops who had invaded to back the weak government. the group went underground and led a bloody insurgency. it's during these times that the groups swore allegiance to al-qaeda and stated its aim, the establishment of an islamic califate across the globe. >> we establish rule from chile to south africa, russia and all the way to iceland. be warned. we are coming. >> al shabaab implemented a strict form of sharia or islamic law in areas under its control. in 2009, al jazeera filmed the first evidence of the existence of the foreign fighters.
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in 2011 kenya sent its troops to somal i can't to fight al shabaab. it was the first time kenyan troops went to war. a year later facing thousands of troops and the occasional suspected drone strike they fled the port city, the biggest source of revenue. they have hit back with unconventional attacks such as car bombs, suicide attacks and roadside bombs today, thousands of kenyan troops remain entrenched in large areas of southern somalia where al shabaab once held sway. the kenyan leadership say there will be no let-up in the fight against al shabaab inside and outside its borders. aj. >> more than 60 people are dead a bomb struck in pashawa are.
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more than 100 people were wounded. many, women and children. as many as 600 people were inside the all saints children when the bob went off. so far, no group has claimed responsibility for the attack. the warning level of the powerful typhoon, usagi bearing down on the chinese city expected to make landfall in a matter of hours. already two are dead and others missing when it passed through the philippines and tie with a. rob mc brian has more than. >> basing for the arrival of usagi. people rushing to take the last ferries home. also, as we know, major disruption to flight services out of hong kong international airport with hundreds of people liable to be stranded.
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we know about huge amounts of rainfall. people are expecting flooding in low-lying areas but further down the coast, thousands of people being evacuated. the worst of the storm will come in the nighttime hours where we will also coincide with the high tide people are expecting to see storm surges as hong kong braces itself for a long and blustery night. >> rock mcbride reporting from hong kong. we will track the course of usagi throughout the day. for more on the path of this typhoon, let's bring in meteorologist, jalelah. >> across hong kong, they are in for bluster. the pait has changed. moving more north/northwest.
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it will make landfall in a town called shanwi about 85 miles to the east of hong kong. when it does push north of hong kong, it's going to certainly bring in some damaging winds in addition to damaging winds, storm surge is a major impact as well that we are looking to really have to deal with here in addition to that gusty wind a dangerous, life-threatening storm. hong kong observatory has actually really made -- excuse me -- they rose the warning level. it's a typhoon category 8. that means folks will stay home aez they wait out this storm. the last time hong kong had to deal with a storm of this magnitude was in 1979, called typhoon hope. it crossed the pacific, the strait, made a direct i mpact o hong kong and killed 12 people and causeds bills ions of
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dollars worth of damage. i will monitor this storm all through the course of the day and bring you the latest. back to you, morgan. >> thanks so much, jalelah. consoling family members of shooting victims and today, he is remembering the navy yard victims. plus a new start for negotiations. iran's president signals he is ready to start talking about nuclear weapons.
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the most important money stories of the day might affect yourries savings, your job, or your retirement. whether it's bailouts or bond rates, this stuff gets complicated. but don't worry, i'm here to take the fear out of finance. every night on my show i break down confusing financial speak and make it real. >> president obama and the first lady will be meeting today with families who lost loved ones in the washington navy yard shootings. 12 people were killed when a former navy reservist went on a shooting rampage at a secure
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military facility less than a week ago. the president will also attend a memorial service for the victims. al jazeera randall pinkston joins us from washington, d.c. randall, today's sense will be yet another moment the president will have to serve as consoler-in-chief. are we expecting him to say anything different than what he said in the past after mass shootings. >> other than mentioning victims, i can't imagine the president will say anything different. he has made a series of speeches talking about the need for better gun control laws, talking about the need for congressional action. we know, however, this is a topic that is on his mind. last night, he addressed the congressional black caucus here in washington, d.c. and he talked about the latest victims at the washington navy yard. >> i will be meet and mourning with families in this city who now know the same unspeakable grief of families in newtown and aurora and to yucson and chicag
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and new orleans and all across the country, people whose loved ones were torn from them without headlines sometimes or public outcry, but it's happening everything single day. >> randall, president obama has taken a different approach after just one of the shootings he just mentioned, tucson and colorado and newtown. do we expect any new gun control room proposals to come out of the shootings from this week? >> is in the immediate aftermath of the washington navy yard shooting, he was asked that very question, whether it will be a new initiative and his responses was he had done everything he could by way of executive order. and now, he can't do anything that he hasn't done before. we recall that there seemed to be a movement afoot after newtown to pass some kind of new gun control legislation, if only
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to require tightened background checks. there were a few steps toward that and in the end, it went down to defeat in congress. so the president can't sign a bill if congress doesn't pass it. >> thanks so much, al jazeera rafts pinkston reporting live from washington, d.c. thank you for the joining us this morning, randall. iran's president says his country is ready for talks. comments coming on the eve of his trip to the united states. speaki speaking today, rouhani says the iranian nation is ready for negotiation and talks with the west on its disputed nuclear program. rouhani is scheduled to leave for the monday u.n. general assembly meeting in new york. add miracled donald lauren, thank you for being with us this morning, admiral. >> thank you very much for having me, morgan. it's a pleasure. >> thank you. and today, the iranian president said that he is ready for talks on the current tree's nuclear weapons. in the past, president obama has
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refused to meet with iran. but will he now? >> well, i think the opportunity exists for the president to take the offer seriously. any time a world leader makes an offer to sit down and have discussions, i think, it has to be processed appropriately back here in the united states. of course, the u.n. general assembly meeting is a good venue to be able to do that so it's an offer that should be taken seriously. >> let's talk about timing. what does this mean for syria and its allies? >> we have a related situation in syria, but a regional problem and any time that the united can sit down and have serious and meaningful discussion to address regional problems, i think, we should probably take advantage, not necessarily make assumptions that things have changed overnight but the path leading to xlom attix solutions toss regional problems is one we should consider seriously. so syria is a related issue.
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iran certainly is a player in the syrian issue, and it's one that we should also be willing to sit down and listen to see what the president rouhani has to say. >> admiral, you mentioned listening. president rouhani listened as the u.s. backed down from a military strike against syria and backed into a diplomatic solution. so does rouhani think that if he has these talks, he, too, will avoid a military strike or an equally severe military action? >> certainly, that's a possibility. we can't get inside his head or supreme leader komini's head but we can listen to what they have to say. we have to understand the context in which they make the decisions whether observation of the world's reaction to syria, whether it be the election much president rouhani, the effects of sanctions in iran. whatever it is, there are many facets to this problem that have
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to be considered. we have to play the chess game and try to understand all of these various elements of the problem, but the important thing is to sit, to listen, and to dialogue. >> admiral, you mentioned the notion of context. if president obama does sit down with iran, speaking of context, how would is real react to this? could it shift the balance of power in the middle east >> i am hesitant to say these types of talks would shift the balance of power. certainly the united states is a key player and iran is a key player but there are many other key players when it comes to the balance of power in the middle east. i would be interested in seeing where these type of diplomatic discussions lead and, hopefully, that they are come concomitant discussions withes saudi arabia, the gulf council, other western allies as well because all of these players on the world stage are involved in the potential diplomatic and political solution in the region. so, shifting the balances of
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power simply by talks between president obama and president rouhani, perhaps, is not the right context, but it will lead to discussions that perhaps can affect the balance of power. >> thank you for joining us this morning. admiral donald loren, former secretary of defense. >> thank you so. >> a politician once considered to be a risetion star of the ruling party in china will now spend the rest of his life behind bars. the court found bo xilai guilty of bribery, embezzlement and abuse of power. he denies the charges and does have the right to appeal. he was removed from office last year during a scandal in which his wife was convicted of murdering a british businessman. food recycling, a follow-up on a story we told you about yesterday and why a former supermarket president believes he has the answer on wasted food. i am john henry smooth, fans
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in ann harbor want to know what's wrong with the wolverines. a lot surprisingly close finish coming up in sports.
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>> heavy rains have caused flash
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flooding in houston this weekend. about six inches of rain fell and two teenagers are reported missing after their truck was reportedly completely swept off of the road there are reports of damage including these cars that you see right here . a follow-up to the story of the billions of pounds of food being thrown away every year because of food lunules. confusion of those la bles is causing americans to toss out perfectly good food. now, a new approach to stop the waste. gustavo serrano has more. >> one-third goes to waste. in the united states, about 40%. a new study, a key cause date and expiration labels, the one that read use by or sell by stamped on food products like a milk or eg carton. the study found the labels confused consumers to think the
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food is only good up until the date and the result, about 160 billion pounds of good food getting tossed in the trash, costing a family of four more than $2,000 a year. now, someone is doing something about saving those foods from being tossed away and, instead, reaching those who need it. doug rauch, the former president of trader joes is determined to repurpose the perfectly he hadible food. he is opening a market called "the daily table." it's goal is to take those foods with expired labels in, cook it and sell it at deeply discounted prices to those who can't easily access major grocery stores like trader joe's. he calls it a hybrid between a grocery store and a restaurant. the project will serve as a way of removing some of the misinformation with date la bles. the messages: if it looks good and smells good, don't toss it. gustavo serrano, al jazeera. >> it may seem like common sense. experts say refrigeration and temperature is the real key to
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determining food's freshness. for the second week in a row, a college football avoids another upset. john henry smith is here with that story in sports. >> thank you very much, morgan. on a college football saturday that saw nearly half of the teams win by at least 24 points, one. only close games is way too close for michigan's comfort for a second straight week. the largest crowd in 10 years of yukon's football was smelling upset. gardner, one-third quarter sneak ends in disaster. he fumbles. brown runs it back to put the huskies up 21-7. they had led in the fourth when whitman threw a bomb that blew up in his face. morgan with a good-looking interception, moving slow on the return. yukon can't catch him. michigan took one play to make yukon pay. strolling into the end zone. michigan would later take the lead on a field goal.
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last chance for the huskies on fourth and 29, fox only gets 26. 19th ranked florida lost their starting quarterback. driscoll broke a bone in his right ankle in the first quarter against tennessee. he is done for the year. and he may have been wally tipped by his back-up, tyler murphy, 8 for 14, 134 yards to guide the gators to a 31-17. >> the bruins ran their first play with only 10 men on the field. pasquale being player number 11. >> to the proceeds, here is a sampling of some of the angels on tap in the envelope n.f.l. -- n.f.l. the mark e 4:25 game goes
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down in san francisco where colts square off against the 49ers and luck's jim hawaii har because. 2 and 0 chicago at 0 and 2 pittsburgh. to baseball, the topsy turvy race got another shake-up saturday. the pie rates found themselves tied with the reds for the wild card coming into the saturday night affair. pirates let 3-2 when alvarez popped a 2-out base hit to pay justin morneau. >> that's all they needed with aj burnett on the hill and dealing. burnett, 12 strike-outs for his 9th win of the year. pie rates take control the top spot by winning their game 4 to 2 with cincinnati. now, with a 4 and 14 record in september, texas was suddenly out of the wild card looking in as they took on the royals. bell trade's rbi single, part of
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a 2-1 inning. garza said i've got this. he struck out 5 and only allowed a single run over eight innings of work. texas, 3 to 1 to stay a half game in back of cleveland for a wild card birth. >> stenson is on the verge of picking up his largest payday ever. stenson leads the championship by four strokes after targeting a 1 under 69 saturday. if he hangs on today to win, stenson guarantees himself a $10 million prize as the winner of the pga tour's fed ex cup. john jones returned championship with a nam decision overall ex ander gustafson. >> that's your look at morning sports. >> $10 million, john henry smith. >> that's a lot of money. >> hooray for his accountant. >> thank you. a 16-year-old high school student in southern california is making history by being crowned its first trans gender
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home coming queen. cathy campbell was honored at maria high. she broke down in tears as you can see there, right there in front of the crowd saying she hoped her milestone can be a guiding light for others. >> so proud to win this, not just for me but for everyone out there and for every kid, you know, trans gender, gay, bi-sexual, straight, black, white, mexican, asian. it doesn't matter. you can be yourself. >> campbell began taking hormone injections this year and documented her journey on youtube. >> taiwan's panda can you be is getting ready. she gained nearly 11 pounds and started to gain her hearing as well. she was born more than two months ago at the taipei zoo where the staff shows she has been biting things which says her teeth are coming out. she will be cared for until she is ready to meet the public.
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that does it. thanks so much. i am morgan radford. >> why obamacare may mean hire out of pocket costs. why one man acts out the student loan debt drama. lending money to families could trigger a feud. we will show you how to do it and keep the peace. in for ali velshi. this is real money. >> welcome to real money. you are the most important part of our show. so tell us what you think by


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