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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 22, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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>> >> hello, welcome to al jazeera. we are here in new york. here are the headlines - a member of the group claiming responsibility for the attack on a nairobi mall killing dozens says there'll be no surrender or negotiations. a deadline to keep the u.s. government running is fast approaching. neither political party is showing signs of compromise. president obama and the first lady will attend a memorial at the washington dc navy yard this evening.
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>> thanks for being with us. the death toll is rising while the tense standoff continues in kenya. the red cross says at least 68 are dead and 175 others injured, including five americans, after gunmen stormed the westgate mall in the capital city of nairobi. members of al-shabab are inside the mall holding an unknown number of people hostage. president obama called president uhuru kenyetta of kenya to express his condolences and offered u.s. support to bring those responsible to justice. within the last few hours there has been increased activity at the shopping center, including reports of sporadic gun fire, helicopters and one explosion. this is an ongoing situation. we have the latest from nairobi. >> military reinforcements sent in. they say their priority is to
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rescue the civilians inside the mall. the attackers have several hostages. >> president uhuru kenyetta and his political opponents, raila odinga and others called for calm. they asked the international community not to issue travel warnings for kenya, and had their own warning for attackers still in the mall. >> they shall not get away with their despicable and beastly acts like the cowardly perpetrators in the building. we'll punish the master minds swiftly and pain fully. soon after the comments activity at the mall increased. military helicopters hovered in and around the shopping center. this woman escaped from the mall after spending the night there. this was the fourth evacuation on sunday. getting people out safely is a
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slow process. police and the military surrounded the mall where attackers are hiding. others are hiding in other parts of the mall that have not get been secured. it's difficult to tell how many. there seems to be no communication from those inside. journalists have been pushed back about 200m from the wall, which has been sealed off. the interior ministry has been tweeting urging people to keep calm. it's difficult to keep calm in situations like this, especially for families who have families inside the mall. joining us to discuss the situation in nair is david shinn. >> i want to talk about al-shabab. they have acted on relatively small scale.
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why now a larger scale attack? >> i think they are under pressure. the kenyan government, the military has acted for two years, putting pressure on al-shabab to move out of urban areas. the border on the north-eastern edge - the shared border between kenya and somalia. a lot more militants were able to enter the country. president uhuru kenyetta is untested and perhaps his reputation is diminished, given an indictment from the icc that he's facing. >> do you think it's a sign of desperation? >> i think it is as their operating area in somalia is contained. >> how strong are they? >> they are strong, and because they have links with al qaeda makes them strong. now that they are on the run, it
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makes them dangerous, harder to track. has there been effort to disband the group. >> absolutely. america has been operating and there has been coordinations with the kenyan government which has done a strong job in somalia and with help from the you gannedance, "a you gannedan, and other troops. >> what is next? >> they operate in the extreme southern area of somalia. the bigger question is how to resolve this with a political solution. there needs to be a political sentiment. >> it's difficult because we are not only dealing with this situation, the kenyan
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government, but they are dealing with threats from al-shabab, that they'll attack other targets. do you think they'll follow through. >> i do. a couple of years ago the concern was east nairobi. the population of al-shabab can move in and out of different neighbourhoods. the fact in this happens in westgate, the center where the international community resides opens up the fact to how vulnerable the group are. >> the group says no demands and no room for negotiations. david rice, thank you for your time. >> more on this song situation coming up in a moment. >> over to washington. a government shutdown looms large, it hits the republican controlled house, democrats in the senate. house republicans who passed a budget removing funding for the
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affordable care act set up a showdown with the white house , that do lead to a shutdown on 1 october. the democratic controlled senate says the bill is dead on arrival. >> we are running out of time to fix this. we could fix it tomorrow. both houses of congress can vote to pay bills on time and work together to pass a budget. >> the drum beating to bass obamacare took center stage on the sunday news talk shows. >> a vote for closure is a vote for obamacare, and i think senator republicans will stand with speaker boehner, and house republicans listening to the people and stopping the train wreck that is obamacare. >> the last thing that the american people want is people plays political games, putting in poison pill, threatening to shut the government down. >> the government closed its doors, there were six shutdowns
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between 1970 and 1980, the last during the clinton administration, and focused around health care. it lasted 21 days. failure to found the 2014 budget will be felt quickly. social security and medicare to millions of americans will be delayed. military personnel will not get paid. government workers will be forced to take an unpaid vacation. the house version without obamacare is a stop gap that will keep the government open until 15 december. >> the american people don't want the government shut down and they don't want obamacare. >> politics is driving this. expect a high stakes poker game with conservatives in the house taking on moderates in their own party - the senate and the bhwhe
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house. >> a memorial service will begin in an hour. president obama is set to speak and defense secretary chuck hagel, navy secretary and washington mayor vince sent gray. >> randall pinkston joins us from washington. will the washington navy yard shooting prompt the president to propose new legislation for gun control. >> reporter: the president says he has done everything he can do in the way of executive orders and is looking forward to the congress to take up the effort again. there was a strong effort after the newtown conneticut shootings to enhance background checks for gun buyerers, that did not succeed in congress. the president told a group they need to keep trying. the president is on the ground of the marine barracks, that's the location of the memorial service. it's three blocks to the navy
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yard. it's invitation only. 4,000 are expect to attend. the president is meeting with families of the victims. the first lady is accompanying president obama at the afternoon mem yorial service. >> with the latest tragedy, are we hearing anything from the nra. >> the nra's vice president is saying what he says after these events - guns are not the problem. he calls for better background check systems. he says there needs to be a more attention to mental health and making sure that people with mental illness issues are flagged with background checks. he also says that there should be greater enforcement of existing gun laws, but doesn't see a necessity for controls on the sale of weapons to
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law-abiding citizens. >> as we mentioned the memorial seniors will begin in about 15 minutes. can you give us a preview of what you speck? >> we expect the president to speak as he has spoken at other sad occasions. he spoke in boston and conneticut with the victims of the newtown shooting. he'll express hope that something can be done to stem the spate of violent gun occurrences that kill so many, and harm so many families and american lives. >> we will carry that ceremony when it happens live at 5 o'clock eastern. >> the south-east coast of the china is in the grip of typhoon usagi. the storm made landfall 100 miles north-east of hong kong. usagi is a large and powerful storm extending 700 miles in
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width. for the latest we go live to hong kong where craig leeson is standing by. where is the storm right now? >> well, it's managed to make its way past hong kong. it has been downgraded from a severe typhoon to a typhoon, and typhoons in this part of the world are graded by wind speed. it has disrupted transpodisrupt transpore tags. >> it is mid-autumn festival. it would be like if a hurricane hit new york at thanksgiving. many of them are stranded at airports, many flights have been cancelled, flights are likely to be disrupted up until thursday been the backlog is clear.
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a significant storm but did not score the direct hit anticipated by the weather bureau. >> are we seeing damage right now, craig? >> there has been no structural damn, which was expected because of the direct hit. we are seeing a lot of flooding. the mid-autumn festival coincides with a full moon. there's high tides. hong kong is made up of 266 islands - many are experiencing storm surges. not as bad as what they experience in china, as the storm moves into guangzhou. it's slowed down. because of that it's dumping tonnes of rain over the region and they are expecting that to cause further black outs, 171,000 homes disrupted. two people were killed earlier and further damage is expected
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within guangzhou as it spins its way inland. >> to reiterate, we have seen a number of residents moving inland. how long will they be displaced as the storm moves through in. >> as i mentioned it slowed down somewhat. they are expecting a storm to last at least three or four days within this part of china. it's gradually going to disipate as land drag takes its effect on the storm and it's downgraded to a tropical storm, which it is expected to do. there are some 55 million people within this part of southern china. it will affect a lot of people over the next four days. >> craig leeson joining us in hong kong. the the weather system affecting other parts of the world. mexico is cleaning up. more than 100 people were killed
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after tropical storm hit the pacific coast, and ingrid pounded the west coast. the mexican president enrique pena nieto toured some of the damage on saturday and promised to help survivors rebuild at a safer location. >> earlier today noaa satellite looked down from the skies and here's a great picture. this is it earlier, befores it was soggy, this is before it hit landfall. you can see the defined eye in the storm. it was powerful. the last thing china needs is another typhoon. you can see the tracks of all that we have had going into china. they have stated parts of north-east china last month alone were saying that this is the worst flooding they have on record for parts of china from the storm, bringing rain fall
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and causing all the mudslides and towns have been blooded out and rescues going on. as you look at the china radar you see an intensity of rain fall near hong kong. they report 1.97 inches of rainfall. sustained winds 35 miles per hour. gusts 55 to 60. the last one on the observation site was 54 miles per hour. looking at the global satellite, it's not all over. we had the last warning issued for usagi. but there's a new one to watch that will track towards china and taiwan. coming up - i'll tell you about the united states foul-weather storms. >> still ahead - how a group of americans is making a difference in the lives of some afghani farmers. >> amid the middle of a
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diplomatic warning, iran's president is on his way to the united states.
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>> welcome back. the 60th regular session of the u.n. general assembly kicks off tomorrow. the ongoing war in syria will be the top issue addressed. iran's newly elected president hassan rouhani will address the ceremony. with us for more is professor of sociology at the university of san diego who has written about the middle east and is an associate fellow based in amsterdam. good to have you with us, tom.
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>> good to be here. >> a few weeks ago we were at the brink of war with syria. what is behind issues with iran. >> decades ago people wanted peace. the government was one day going to have to get out the way and let them have it. there was a peace resolution in u.s., britain and the iran. >> do you feel a threat of force played a role in this? >> actually, i'm skeptical about that. the threat of force during the bush administration was something that led to the end of the negotiations between the u.s. and iran in relation to the weapons program. telling back from the use of force paved the way for a diplomatic solution.
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we are seeing forceful diplomacy, not military force. >> there are skeptics saying iran can't be trusted. what will the visit for the united states mean for iran? >> it's a matter of verification, not trust. institutions monitor agreements. the iranians can be invited to take a bigger part in ending the tragic civil war in which they are implicated, provide the basis for getting rid of syrian weapons. the iranians experienced during hussain's reign and that could be a way to end the nuclear program and provide the way for a democratics government in iran. >> iran's president hassan rouhani wants to meet with president obama at the united nations general assembly. what is the likelihood this will
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take place? >> it's very clear that the current moment is unpredictable. the fact that it is a possibility is a miracle. anything could happen. i hope it does. this could be the big break that the world needs to provide a basis for the end of internationalised civil war in syria and bring peace to the people's of the middle east, regions and the world. >> who has the final word that it could take place, hassan rouhani? >> it turns out according to hassan rouhani he's been given the go ahead by the sooup reem leader and he says he has flexibility in negotiations. it looks like there has been a change in iran. the supreme leader talks about heroic flexibility. it looks like there's movement for peace on all sides and now is the time to see if it's real and take advantage of the
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opportunity. >> it has to be give and take. if the meeting takes place - what is in it for iran? >> iran is suffering under sanctions tied to the nuclear issue. the only way for iran to move forward and its people who expressed hope for change is for a peaceful resolution to this situation, and that's the way the rainians and all the world's people can embrace the 20th century. thank you tom, we appreciate your time today. . >> thank you. >> it is that time. michael joins us with a look at sports. one ultimate fighter who proved his worth saturday night. >> he did. it was a bloody hard-fought victory, but nonetheless for jon jones as he retains his title with a decision over alexander
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gustafsson. jones got the record 19-1, two of three judges had him ahead by one point. fans are clammering or a rematch. week 3 of nfl saw ed-reid make a return to baltimore it was not a triumphant return as ravens got touchdowns from the offence, defense and special teems and won 30-9. we know what led to the si. game superannuation of bond miller. he tried to manipulate the drug-testing system, and that explains why his suspension was increased from six games to four. that's a look at the sports headlines. i'll be back with more in 20 minutes. >> just a little word can go a
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long way to helping others. that's what americans discovered in afghanistan. >> it is almost time to harvest. this year there's a bumper crop thanks to roots of peace, which bring california grapes to afghanistan. >> that's what we do, get farmers to grow higher value crops. >> when the group came 10 years ago africans grew the grape on the ground and dragged them to market. >> they taught farmers to prune branches. . >> with the trellis the grapes are safe from the rain, wind and rotting on the ground. >> before anything could be planted the ground had to be clear of land mines. >> this used to be the taliban front line. it took weeks to demine this
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area so the vines could be planted. >> this is the brainchild of heidi, whose organization removes land mines. >> we are turning swords into plough shares and spears into pruning hooks. >> this helps farmers grow product, sell and has helped to build cold and packing facilities. >> are grapes and the farmers are able to export to the markets, as well as to india and delhi. >> a nearby school was sent after afghan pennies were saved to the schoolchildren didn't have to study under a tree. the organization work with 50,000 farmers in all of afghanistan's 34 provinses, these are the lucky ones.
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only 1% of farmers have access to coolers. so most will sell locally. they are hoping for the seeds to flourish and spread. >> a bombing at a funeral in baghdad left more than 90 dead. three explosions went off at a shi'ite service saturday. a car bomb went off and a suicide bomber drove in and detonated his bomb. a third explosion occurred. 120 people were wounded. >> a pair of suicide bombers targeted an historic church in pakistan killing 78. the bomber struck as people left a church in peshawar. the death cole could rise. as many as 600 were inside the
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all saints church when the explosion took place. >> a stand off at a shopping center in kenya shows no signs of finishing soon. >> politics of a budget battle and a potential government shut down.
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>> welcome back to al jazeera, here are your headlines. the red cross reports 68 people were killed and 30 hostages are reportedly still inside on day two of a siege on an upscale mall in kenya. 52 have been killed. al-shabab has claimed responsibility and recently a member spoke with al jazeera by phone saying there'll be no surrender or negotiations. >> the victims of a shooting a the the washington navy yard will have a special memorial. chuck hagel, and president barack obama will speak.
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al jazeera will bring that live. friday the house passed a measure to fund government programs beyond the 30 september deadline. without founding for the president's health care reform law. >> joining us to talk about a possible shutdown is a professor of political science, jeannie. >> so many wonder why congress pushes the u.s. to the brink of a shut down. >> we have a weak republican party. they cannot bring their members along and we have a discrepancy, disagreements in terms of the role of the government. we are seeing it play out. americans went to the polls the last few elections and elected people with different visions of what the government should and can do. we see that play out now. >> what do you think of house republicans risking a shut down. >> it's a dangerous strategic
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move for them. they may walk back from it. it's a possibility. as the senate sends it back, we think they will, funding obamacare, they may say, "we'll give you something else you can deal with", like a delay of obamacare. it's a dangerous game, americans are going to blame the republicans. that's what happened in "95/"96. the republicans god blamed, bill clinton came back and won seats in "98. the 42 members don't feel here at risk if the republican as a whole take the white house as a whole. you have people with different viewpoints and things at risk. >> they say they are working together. are we not tired of this legislation, if you will. >> harry called it gotcha
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legislation. the republicans are forgetting, as you look at the 42 and the tart party caucus is that -- tea party caucus is that what americans want is for the government to solve problems. those that oppose obamacare and using the fiscal price as as a means to defund it. people want solutions. the republicans have to be careful they are offering real solutions as opposed to playing gotcha politics, legislation and gain. it's dangerous for all of us, because people have a negative few of government. >> it will be uphill for senate democrats. >> they don't know and are not in agreement on what to do. they disagree with what the republicans are doing and
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haven't agreed what they want to do. >> do you think there'll be a shut down. what do americans need to know. >> if there is a shutdown chances are low. some experts put it as high as 70%. if it happens nonessential employees will be fur lowed, no perks, meeuws eems. if you need a passport updated do it before the 30th. essential versus nonessential services. nonessential will be cut we'll see 800,000 employees furloed, maybe more. >> the pressure is on. >> weld -- we'll get it down. >> let's talk about the kenyan situation. the red cross says the number of deaths is 68. al-shabab claimed responsibility, saying that
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saturday's attack is in response to kenya's military operations in somalia. a spokesperson told al jazeera: >> peter greste is in nairobi and joins us with the latest. there's a bits of a delay. let's talk about the interview from al-shabab. >> yes, it was an interesting interview, wasn't it. the line - no surrender, no negotiation - is something that al-shabab has spoken about for some time. they make it clear that they only have one objection, to force the kenyans to withdraw troops from somalia. that's been their submission since the kenyans sent their troops over the border two years ago. this is really the first time we
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are seeing a significant al-shabab operation inside striking at the kenyan heartland. reports suggest kenyan's security forces launched a major operation. what do you know about that effort? >> we were here for the start of the operation. we saw helicopters circling overhead trying to put pressure on the attackers. we heard a loud explosion, we understand it was an attempt to blow a hole in the wall so some security forces could get inside. we saw movement of armoured personnel carriers along the street. it's been quiet since then, it was a while ago. at the time the government said a military operation was under way. it hasn't been resolved. we haven't seen the activity you would expect and the authorities
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are telling us that they are still in there with the hostages. we don't know what the outcome of the military attack was, it hasn't ended. >> president obama telephoned kenya's president. do we know what they talking about because american forces are helping in this operation. >> that's right. i suspect there was a lot of detail in the conversation that was not made public. what was public is president obama expressing condolences for the kenyans that lost their life and expressed american support to do what they can to bring the attackers to justice. there was a couple of other issues we know probably would have been discussed off the record. one was the kind of support that americans can give the kenyans. fbi agents from the embassy are
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working with the kenyans in an advisory capacity and possibility inside the mall. we know that president uhuru kenyetta has been concerned about an official american government warning against travelling to kenya. after this attack a lot of tourists will decide kenya is unsafe. if the american government warns against travel it has serious implications. insurance companies have a reason not to insure companies who come here, meaning that travellers will be more inclined to take their business elsewhere. tourism in kenya is the second most important foreign currency earner. if tourism is damaged it will cause enormous economic implications. >> al-shabab threatened more attacks. do you see heightened security in the area and around the
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country? >> yes, and it will take a bit more time before we understand what the kind of security operations - security response that the kenyans will take. around town, all the major shopping centres and restaurants are shut down. all of the big hotels that put on extra security. we saw other security in the streets. this is not in relation to just to this attack but the threat of any other ongoing attack. it will be some time before al-shabab launches further operations. it has taken some time to get to this stage. they said this is the first stage of a new phase in the war between al-shabab and kenyan military forces. >> thank you peter greste. >> germans went to the polls, signs pointing to the re-location of german chancellor
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angela merkel. >> nick spicer reports from berlin. >> joy at seeing angie lead her party to victory and likely the chancellor. her party doing better in the polls this time as a result of the eurozone crisis. we showed that the cdu is the people's party. we'll wait for the final results tomorrow but for now we can celebrate. >> there may be a need to wait because merkel's coalition partiers, the free democratic party needs to get five seats. >> there are no major divisive issues. unemployment is at its lowest level in 20 years. all the parties, including the opposition voted in favour of
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bailouts at the eurozone. angela merkel borrowed ideas - such as a u-turn on nuclear energy. >> it's been shown many germans prfr a coalition -- prefer a coalition. >> >> translation: the ball is in angela merkel's circle. >> something that could soften aust erty in europe - but not likely. >> there may be less pressure on austerity. maybe some countries will have more time fulfilling the criteria. the german policy will be what we have seen in the last four years. >> the shape of any coalition and what it means for europe will take weeks to design. merkel and her coalition
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partners will have to work out conditions - a forced marriage. >> mike pal eaves has highlights of nfl's action. and why one of the best lion backers will not be on the field for a while. a colourful way of saving lionos from poachers. that story next.
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>> welcome back. i don't know if you know today is the fourth annual world rhino day. nowhere is that more important than south africa, home to 83% of the rhinos in africa. and 73% of the rhinos worldwide. poachers know it as well.
4:45 pm
the number of poached rhinos has risen steadily over the last six years, as of september 13th there has been 637 in 2013, app drastic situation requiring drastic measures. we explain. >> the rhino is sedated with a tranquilliser and a hole drilled into the horn. a pink dye is injected,normally used to control ticks. >> we are trying to contaminate the animal's horn with a mixture of medicinal products. we are removing the value of the horn and placing it in the live animal where it belongs. the the state of the play at the moment is a dead rhino is worth more than a live rhino. we want to change that. >> the dye can be detected even when the horn is ground to a
4:46 pm
powder. >> this is a contaminated horn. has a distinct smell and is toxic. if any of this gets on to my skin it will make me sick. >> it is dangerous to humans. anyone onkuming it risks -- consuming it risks nausia, diarrhoea. >> over 400 ripos were killed and up to 1,000 could die by the end of the year. >> unfortunately it is a challenge. there's too much money and too much hype about what the horns do and they clearly don't do anything. it's all psychological. dyeing rhino horns is a temporary solution to buy time and save animals. the idea is if poachers know horns in this part of the country are contaminated, they
4:47 pm
are less likely to hun here, because they can't sell them. after four years the dye will grow out. it's hoped by then a better method will be found. >> joining us to discuss world rhino day is dr terry roth, director of the center for endangered wildlife at the cincinnati zoo and botanic garden. >> what do you make of the horn dyeing program? >> it demonstrates the desperation people are feeling, especially? south africa, where they'll do extreme things to sif the rhinos. there are mixed opinions about whether this is the right approach. whether it's the right ethical thing to do. whether it makes sense financially and whether it will be effective. it's in the early stages, and i
4:48 pm
know some folks tr trying it. it's a little experimental. we'll see what the data shows. >> there's a desperation. what steps should be taken to increase the rhino population? >> we need to stop the poaching. for the last two decades rhino numbers have been increasing. it's been an success for the white, black and indian rhino. 2012 may be the last year we see an increase in the populatiopop the trajectory is shifting. >> is breeding rhinos at zoos on answer. . >> we have done it successfully saying it's a back-up population. those of us at zoos want the wild topulations to survive. zoo population is a last resort
4:49 pm
if we have to use them in the future. >> are we seeing strong global response in an effort to save the rhinos. >> there's grey concern with what is going on in the trade, particularly with poaching of rhinos and elfantastic. a lot of zoos band together we have been working in washington, talking to politicians and the state department, pleading with them to do everything they can. >> how can the average person help the rhino? >> there's support needed by organizations like the international rhino organization. people can support through their local zoo. writing letters to the local politicians and asking them to step up to get involved to stop
4:50 pm
the poaching. conservation organizations have done a great job to allow a compaq, but the situation is different and we need help. >> dr roth, thank you, appreciate your time. >> michael joins us with sports. it's sunday. >> talking football. actually the first news is about off the field shennan gans. when nfl suspended denver broncos lion backer miller six games, miller made certain to pond out his suspension was not the result of a positive test, although he never said what he did to lead to the suspension. now we know - miller worked with a urine collector based in miami in an attempt to avoid a failed
4:51 pm
test. a second collector discovered miller was not in the city where the collector was, leading to miller's six games as opposed to four. the nfl will revamp the sample collection process for its drug test. ed-reid par owled the ravon's secondary, he did it well, he earned nine trips to the proball and superball. reid said goodbye to baltimore going to huston to continue as a texan. he faced his former tape. the ravens jumped out early, picking off matt, returning for the touch down. next possession after the texans go 3 and out. down the sideline for 82 yards.
4:52 pm
a touch down, a run by goth. bernard pierce taking it one game out. in charlotte either the panthers tore the giants where going to leave the game 0-3. mike had a 2-yard run and from there became the cam newton show. a 15 yard connection for a score. putting the panthers up 17-6 and then this one from 20 yards out. luke scored a rush and touch down. finishing with 268 yards and four touch downs as the panthers shut out. >> in cincinnati - the home team jumping to the early lead.
4:53 pm
giovani bernard with a tremendous effort to get to the end zone. going all out on the leap. body control to get the ball across the plain. cincinnati built a 14-0 lead. back come the packers after three field goals. jonathan franklin punches in from 2 goals out. aaron rodgers gets in on the act. four minutes left the paksers trying to nurse the lead, running down the clock. franklin coughs up the ball. terence newman doing the honours. 58 yards. the bingles steal one. the owen ii pittsburg steelers taking on the chicago bears. you may have to say the steelers
4:54 pm
record is exciting. the concern is not just the losses, but the way they lost. steelers scoring 19 points. if that opportunity improve their season could be over. it will not sit well with those on the backside of their careers after 11-plus seasons with the steelers. >> i am getting older. honestly, i'm not sure. i will say my knowledge. game is more - my feel for the game is better. who knows. time will tell. >> to the okay taggon - it was a bloody victory, and one in loz for jones , retaining his title
4:55 pm
over alexander gustafsson. the closest marge join of jones' career. three had jones ahead by a single point. fans are asking for a rematch. the usc president would not make a commitment. >> to the pitch. a heated rivalry between manchester united to mi city. dating back to -- manchester city dating back to 1881. the blues dominated both halves on the way to a 4-1 blow out. two of the goals came from sergia aguaro. it equalled city's biggest win in the derby since 2004. a huge victory. >> long history. thank you, michael. we want a quick updating.
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we understand according to reuters that a large portion of the kenyan hostages have been released. kenyan security forces have been able to get to the hostages and a majority have been released. as soon as we get more information we'll brick it live. still ahead - at the top of the hour live cover im of the navy yard shooting memorial. >> it is the first day of fall. we have snow levels falling, temperatures cooling and i have mountain snow to tell you about. i'll show you where it will fall - coming up next.
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>> i'm metrologist rebecca stevenson. here it is, the first day of fall. it feels cool, especially the north-west where we get the first falls. fair bit of rain, west of the kaz cades, and snow levels will drop down 5,000 to 6,000 feet. wet snow above that.
4:59 pm
the weather we are watching is the wind. they'll die off later. we have dust up to 35-40 miles per hour. in portland and seattle we'll have wind gusts potent at we look to the south-west. with all the flood concerns it's good to hear about falling snow levels. when the moisture comes in, it does not fall as rain fall and go down to the rivers and streams, it will be wet snow. we are seeing some rain along the westside of the rockies. it is on the east side that won't get much in the way of rainfall. most will fall in the mountains and we expect it to be chilly in the north. we'll show you temperatures coming up.
5:00 pm
>> welcome to al jazeera news special. good to have you with us. in washington a memorial service for those kid at the navy yard massacre. among those to speak. secretary of defense chuck hag hagel, and president barack obama. >> it has been an honor


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