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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 22, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> hello, and welcome to al jazeera. >> we cannot begin to consoling your loss. >> up evil for calm andthe damal typhoon is leaving behind.
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>> thanks for being with us. president obama addresses the loved ones left behind from navy carter shooting. he along the first lady attended the memorial service. before the service they met privately with families. al jazeera gea jeanne attended e service. >> the president talked about gun control. he said we cannot accept things the way they are. there must be change. the president noted this is the fifth time he has had to console families after a mass shooting, and he said that was five too many times. >> as president i have now grieved with five american communities ripped apart by mass
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violence: fort hood, tucson, aurora, sandy hook, and now the watthewashington navy yard. these mass shootings occur against the backdrop of daily tragedies as an epidemic of gun violence tears across communities of america from the streets of chicago to neighborhoods not far from here. >> the president noted that in other countries notebly the u.k. and australia, when there had been mass shootings, there has been changes made to the law to minimize the chances of it happening again. but that has not happened here he said. he said there was a fear of a sense of resignation that this was a new normal because our politics are frozen.
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there are people with very differing opinions on gun control, among them wayne lapierre, who spoke on the sunday talk shows. he blamed the security and he said it was a weak criminal justice system and weak mental health system which do not flag people with mental problems and keep them off the streets. it's a debate which is sure to grow hotter in the weeks to come. >> certainly, geanne. what is the president calling on the congress t on gun legislati? what hurdles do they need to pass? >> there weren't specifics in this speech. he talked about the need for change in the background check system and mental health system. >> jeanne, thank you.
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today's memorial comes six days after aaron alexis shot and killed 12 people before being killed by police. turning to other news right now, typhoon makes landfall in southern china, veering away from hong kong at the last minute. it hit northeast of hong kong, almost 12 hours ago. it is expected to weaken as it moves north. now typhoon usagi slamming areas with rain and strong winds. >> the streets of hong kong have been desserted for most of the day, getting out of the way of the typhoon that was expected to
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make a direct hit. that has caused chaos in hong kong. transportation has been disrupted. 370 flights have been canceled. and they do not think flights will be normalized until thursday. it is expected that the government agencies will remain closed the stock exchange will remain closed, and it's expected in china it will cause many problems due to the rain. this system is moving very slowly at 15 mph. which means there will be potential for a lot of rainfall, landslides and more damage. >> tomorrow, vice president biden and his wife jill biden head to colorado. colorado is reeling after days of flooding. the long process of rebuilding has started along with the
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search of those missing. it has been two weeks since torrential rainfall led to mass flooding in colorado's front range. >> typhoon usagi continues to move through china. in fact, this is a satellite showing you the approach of the storm moving onshore and dumping rain. in the last hour th the observan check in hong kong measures the rain and that particular observation site has been wiped out there are higher gusts out there. they're reporting that. however, as soon as this particular storm or typhoon moves by they have another one
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lining up, it's a tropical storm at this point. and we're seeing it develop in the pacific and we expect it to track towards china as we get close for tuesday. as we look at our china radar i want to note the rainfall has been coming in around hong kong or to the south, and this is the strongest typhoon so far this year to move onshore. china has been saturated with typhoons. is has had three since the first of june and there has been record flooding in the north of china in the last months. we'll watch this close because they've gone through a lot of destruction due to typhoons. and we've had a lot of destruction in colorado due to flooding. >> thank you. tonight dennan army has launch l
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of most of the westgate shopping mall complex. 30 hostages were still being held inside the upscale mall. the somali group al-shabab claim responsibility for the killing. we are joined by professor david rice, david just returned from nairobi two weeks ago and currently teaches international development in africa. thanks for joining us, david. we appreciate your time. >> no problem. >> al-shabab spoke with al jazeera and said there would be no negotiation no, talks. are you surprised about that? >> not at all. i think they're prepared to do this, and take this engagement to the end which does not speak well for those who are being held.
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>> you were in nairobi. you're familiar with this particular mall complex, why this mall? they've been carrying out attacks for years. why now? >> this mall represents the wealthy elite who live in nairobi, and a number of the businesses are owned by israeli interests, including the art cafe, a very high profile, and very much frequented establishment by expats as well as kenyans. >> al-shabab has been trying to send messages for years. is this an act of desperation. >> it reflects the fact that al-shabab is under strain from somalia, where most of these fighters come from. the kenyan army has done an excellent job forcing them out of smaller areas.
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and bring increasing superior on the kenyan government as they feel pressure. they have seen a tremendous influx of financing and weapons due in part to the success of a lot of piracy off the somali coast. >> have there been any international efforts to dismantle this group, al-shabab. >> absolutely. there has been coordination with international security forces and others force, to root them out. there are reports that israeli advisers are on site at the westgate mall right now in trying to help the kenyan security forces resolve this. >> what can you tell us about the kenyan security forces. as you mentioned they're being aided by american forces and israeli forces as well. >> well, the kenyan forces themselves had been somewhat tested in the past. terrorist events have taken place in parts of nairobi over
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the last couple of years. but it's always been the east side of the city where there is a much more diverse population, but it's primarily local people. this is the first time this kind of an attack has been carried out in a primarily western and expat community part of nairobi. >> al-shabab has warned there will be more attacks, are you fearful of that? >> i'm very fearful of that. i have friends and family in nairobi, i'll return there myself. it has shattered nairobi and i don't know when it will return to the manner that it once was. >> you're familiar with the area. >> i am. any place that is frequented by wernewesterns, where most of the foreign embassies exist, i think all those areas should be afraid and concerned.
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>> are the kenyan forces equipped of handling this. >> i don't think i'm capable of speaking on the adequatcy of those forces myself. but i know the leader has experience in this, and perhaps al-shabab is taking advantage of testing him as a leader, and because of the charge that he's facing at the international court. >> david rice, i appreciate your time. >> my pleasure. >> attending the u.n. general assembly, ira iran president's o ease shut down
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>> every sunday night al jazeera america presents gripping films, from the worlds top documentary directors >> this is just the beginning of somthing much bigger... >> tonight, the premier of "do the math" >> these companies are a rogue force... >> one environmentalist says fossil fuels equal disaster... will his movement add up add up to change? >> we will fight it together...
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al jazeera america presents - "do the math" premiers tonight, 9 eastern. >> welcome back. iran's new president hassan rouhani is set to arrive in new york for the annual u.n. general assembly. he was elected as a moderate advocate for international community. we are at the bring of war wit h syria, you have to wonder what is behind this outbreak of democracy. with me is a professor at rutgers university and president of the american iranian council.
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good to have you with us. >> thank you. >> what is your impression of rouhani's leadership style. >> he's an educated person. he believes what he says. what he believes is that the public has gone a bit too far neural daddism. he thinks both the left and the right have both been in the extreme side, and some how the country has to come to the center. >> he wants to be a different president than ahmadinejad. >> i think he wanted to be a different person from ahmadinejad. he believe both of them were at extremes, his supporters. he hopes to bring them to the center. in iran you have the revolution that is up there.
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and it has its own institutions including the revolutionary board and others. but at the level of the government, i think rouhani can do several things. i believe if he's supported he could deliver significant changes, both domestically and internationally. >> as you know the u.s. relations with iran has been very shaky. why this sudden about face, if you will, the call for diplomacy? >> well, first off, a lot of pressure domestically on the country, on the government that needs to modify its stance both domestically and internationally. the country has been in a revolutionary mode for almost 34 years, and everybody is tired ,
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and it needs to come to some kind of moderation. they want a better life. they have gone through war. they have gone through sanctions. they're tired being seen as the bad guys in the corner. at the same time, i think rouhani and his team do believe in the idea it's thas that theye expressing. they do have ideas and they do have additional support and a willingness on their own part to make changes domestically and internationally. but then at the same time they cannot do anything unless they get support, both at the international level, the u.s. in particularly, and with the general yo public.
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they do have the general public support. >> what do you think they want to do? the meeting between president rouhani and president obama. >> i don't think they want to meet with president rouhani. there is no plan for it. but an accidental sort of meeting is possible. you know, some exchanging quick nice words, it is possible. and at the united nations that would be a big step forward. and i think both sides would benefit. >> what is in it for iran. >> mr. rouhani has to show that what he's trying to do would work. in the past hasa hassan rouhanis
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given a lot of latitude to the u.s. but hatami made a lot of efforts including the work in afghanistan, the support that they gave the u.s. in afghanistan, and became a member of the axis of evil, and even writing letters and sending congratulations to problem when he got re-elected. they got nothing. now rouhani is very skeptical of he does not believe that the u.s. means well. >> a lot of are skeptical. if diplomacy wins out, what does this mean for the middle east? >> i think i if rouhani does not
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achieve what he has set out to do, it would be a disaster. there is either war or peace. the state of no war and no peace the both sides have maintained for some time is gone. increasingly leading to more sanctions, and more isolation and more resistence, the sanctions get increased, so does the subterfuges. and this can go to a very disastrous situation. if i was president obama i would give it a serious thought for president rouhani to succeed, it would be good on both sides particularly what america is all about. >> we'll have to leave it there. thank you very much.
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>> thank you, thank you. >> dozens were killed at a church in pakistan this morning after leaving church services. two suicide-bombers conducted the attack. and an arm of the taliban has claimed responsibility. dominick hane reports. >> this is moments after the explosions. members of the congregation had gathered for a free meal of rice as part of the service. when they went out for their food, bombers detonated the explosions. >> i personally rescued some 70 people and with the help of others put them in the ambulance. >> it suggests that the explosives were packed why ball bearings so those not killed in
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the blast were badly wounded. >> we were in the church when this explosion took place. too many people have lost their lives. it killed women and children. >> christianity with a following of 4% of the population. many christians try to keep a low profile. churches have become targets in the recent past. but this incident is the worst to hit the christian community in many years. some of the survivor versus blamed the security forces for not taking strong enough action to protect them. >> this was a lapse because during prayers they don't even let christians enter. how do suicide-bombers come in so freely. this attack took place after prayers. this attack happened because of the negligence of security officials. >> the bishop announced three days of mourning for the victims. dominick hane.
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al jazeera. >> in washington a government shut down looms large once again. it pits the republican-controlled house, democrats and th in the senate e white house. >> house republicans who passed a budget friday that removes funding for the affordable care act has set up a fiscal showdown with the white house that could lead to a government shutdown on october 1st. the senate said the house bill is dead on arrival. the president warned congress. >> we're running out of time to fix this, but we could fix it tomorrow. both houses of congress can take a simple vote to pay our bills on time, then work together to pass a budget on time. >> the political drum beating to defeat and preserve obamacare as the affordable care act is known took center stage on the sunday news talk shows. >> a vote for closure is a vote for obamacare. i think republicans will stand side by side boehner and listen
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to the people and stop this train recognize. >> threatening to shut the government down and default on our debt. >> the government has closed its doors before. the last was during the clinton administration, and also focused around the issue of healthcare, specifically medicare funding. that showdown lasted 21 days. failure to fund the budget that begins october 1st will felt widely. military personnel won't get paid until government reopens, and government workers will be forced to take an unpaid vacation. it's a stop-gap bill that will keep the government open until november 15th. >> the american people don't want the government shut down and they don't want obamacare.
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>> the president will veto any such bill and democrats in the senate say that won't happen. expect a high stakes poker game with conservativers in the house taking on moderates in their own party, the senate and the white house. ankle. >> time for sports. one ultimate fighter who proved his worth saturday night. >> he most certainly did. it was a bloody hard-fought victory but a victory for john jones as he retained his light heavyweight fight tap jones improved his career record 19-1, and it was the closest margin of his career. two of the three judges only had jones ahead by a single point. fans are clamoring for a rematch, but they refuse to
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commit to a rematch. it was not a triumphant return to reid as they were shut down, baltimore wins it, 30-9. one other nfl note we now know what led to the six-game suspension of vaughn miller. he said he never tested positive for drug tests but what he did not do was--you what you did do was use an urine collected to avoid the drug testing. >> michael, see you later. national elections in germany. the future fate of angela merkel and its effect on the u.s. a group of americans making a difference in the lives of
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afghani farmers.
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>> welcome back to al jazeera. tonight kenya's army has launched an operation to free
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hostages held in a mall in nairobi. a kenyan military spokesman said most of the hostages had been freed and the army controlled most of the shopping mall complex. 30 hostages are still being held in the up scale mall. the somali rebel group al-shabab took responsibility for the killing. typhoon usagi has veered to southern china. it is expected to weaken as it moves north. typhoon usagi is the strongest storm to hit the western pacific this year, slamming taiwan, hong kong and the philippines with rain and strong winds. president obama honored the victims of the navy yard shooting in washington.
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jeanne meserve with more. >> president obama said we cannot accept things as we are. we have to change. the president noted this is the fifth time that he had to console grieving families after a mass shooting, and he said that was five too many times. here's a bit of what he had to say. >> as president i have now grieved with five american communities ripped apart by mass violence: fort hood, tucson, aurora, sandy hook, and now the washington navy yard. these mass shootings occur against a backdrop of daily tragedies an an epidemic of gun violence tears apart communities across america. from the streets of chicago to neighborhoods not far from here. >> the president noted that in
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other countries notebly the u.k. and australia when there have been mass shootings there have then been changes made to the law to minimize of that happening again. but he said that has not happened here. he said he feared this was a resignation that this was the new normal. the president said we can't accept that. we have to change. there were varying opinions on gun control and one of them wayne lawayne la pierre in talkh sunday talk shows, he said it was weak criminal justice system and weak mental health system which don't flag people with problems and keep them off the streets. it's a debate sure to grow hotter in the weeks to come. >> once again that was jeanne meserve in washington. bo xilai found guilty of bribery and corruption.
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thal jazeera has reports from china. >> it was the verdict that all of china was waiting for. bo xilai is sentenced to life imprisonment and seizure of all his personal assets for commi committing bribery crimes. >> the fate sealed for once rising star of the communist party, bo xilai. he was found guilty of bribely, corruption and abuse of power. he has been ordered to pay the government $4 million, the figure accused of taking. he'll lose his seaside villa in france. >> it is also to set an example. the government is cracking down on corruption, and he has made it one of his administration's most important tasks, to support those many chinese angered by
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corrupt politicians. >> many admit guilt and quickly fade away serving their time in prison. not bo. his down fall was set in motion of his wife's murder of a businessman. but he was asked of how he handled the police chief when told of his wife's action. the higher court will hear the process, giving bo yet more time in the spotlight. al jazeera, china. >> just a little work can sometimes go a long way in helping others. that's what a group of americans have discovered in afghanistan. jennifer glass explains. >> on the plains it's almost time to harvest, and this year there is a bumper crop. bringing california grapes to afghanistan. >> this is what we do, get
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farmers to grow higher value crops and they'll double their income. it's a pretty good deal. >> when the group came here ten years ago afghans were growing grapes on the ground and driving them to market in burlap sacks. they taught them how to build trellises. >> the grapes are safe from the rain, the wind and from rotting on the ground. >> before anything could be planted here the ground had to be cleared of landmines. >> there used to be a giant bomb crater right here. it took weeks just to clear this area so the vines could be planted. it's the brainchild of heidi kuhn. >> we're turning swords into plows pruning hooks.
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>> it has built cold storage units and packing facilities. >> today with this market center and with the system, our grapes and farmers will be able to export the grapes to other markets. >> a nearby school was built after kuhn's daughter chec colld 50 million u.s. pennies so they would not have to study under a tree. the organization works with 50,000 farmers and all of afghanistan's 34 provinces, and these people are the lucky ones. one percent of a began farmers have access to cold storage. many of their harvest will be sold at local markets or rot before it gets to market. with what they're planting here they hope will flourish and spread.
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afghanistan. >> in germany angela merkel won a landslide victory in national selections. early polls indicate she had 42% of the vote. this is her the third consecutie victory. >> well, you can see behind me the party of cdu, the headquarters of angela merkel's party is ready to go through the night. there is a big celebration of what they call is absolutely certain even though the votes are being counted is that angela merkel has won victory here. she'll remain in power. she was here earlier and told her faithful tha. what is remain unclear is how
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she will serve. she probably is not going to get the absolute majority, so she may have to turn to her opponent the social democrats on the left for help. that would mean weeks possibly even months of very difficult coalition talks in which the social democrats will call the top cabinet posts from policy to be implemented in order to participate in the government. so that will begin on monday. certainly, germany will remain as the shap shape of the final government takes place. >> what can the rest of the world expect in merkel's third term. >> the rest of the world and the united states could look forward to more of the same. there is very little to think
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that angela merkel will change her step by step leadership style. she is now the undisputed, most powerful competition in europe, the biggest incumbent not to have been shaken from her position as a result of years of sovereign and euro debt crisis. continuity of leadership most probably in terms of policy as well. >> from berlin tonight, jonah, thank you. stopping poaching in south africa. saving endangered rhinos with the use of colorful dyes. and why one of the game's best linebackers won't be on the field for a while. a new voice in journalism. >> good evening everyone, welcome to al jazeera. >> usa today says: >> ...writes the columbia
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journalism review. and the daily beast says: >> quality journalists once again on the air is a beautiful thing to behold. >> al jazeera america, there's more to it.
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>> we want to take you back to kenya where that country's army has launched an operation to free hostages in nairobi. we talk about the operation to end that deadly attack. >> i have to be honest with you. we haven't seen a great deal of movement outside of the building here in the side street, we've seen a couple of personal carriers moving in and out, and it has been quiet from the building with itself. it is difficult to get confirmed information about what's taking place inside. but clearly the headline is that the kenyan military believes they have secured most of the building and released most of the hostages although again i want to stress this is not yet over. there are still clearly hostages in there, and there are still clearly some of the gunmen, some of the attack attackers.
6:43 pm
we don't know the precise number of gunmen. one of the things that the kenyan security services has been criticized for is not adequately debriefing a lot of hostages who came out. almost all of them who came out particularly in the early stages of this crisis were simply allowed to leave. it really took a long time for the shorts to understand what it was that they were dealing with. once they're inside it was always going to be difficult to get a clear picture. this is a big complex shopping center. there is cctv, closed circuit television around there, but it will take authorities time to get access to those cameras. even then it will be difficult to kno count all the attackers. >> a small north dakota town is bracing for big protests. at center is a fight started by
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white supremacists trying to establish protected enclaves. hundreds of protesters are expected to come out against leaders of the movement. this is the headquarters of that neo-nazi organization. members have been buying up property. they plan to take control of the local government and make that town an all-white settlement. leith's mayor has vowed to do whatever necessary to stop the group from succeeding. esucceeding. animal activists say that 2013 could be a top year for poaching of animals. we have reports on an unique method to save rhinos. >> a rhino is tranquil lated and hole is drilled in the animal.
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>> we'll contaminate the honor with a mixture of dye. what they are doing is removing the value from the horn and giving it back to the animal where it belongs. right now a dead rhino is worth more than a live rhino. we want to change that. >> the dye can be detexted into a powder. this is what it looks like when it's been contaminated. it has a distinct smell and is toxic. >> anyone who consumes it risks nausea, stomachache or nausea, but no one will die from it. 400 rhinos were killed in south
6:46 pm
africa. 4,000 could die. >> unfortunately, it really is a challenge. there is just too much money, and too much thought about what these horns do. they clearly don't do anything but it's all psychological. >> dyeing ryan mow horns is only a temporary solution. if poachers horns in this area has been contaminated, they likely will not poach here because they cannot california not sell them but the owne hornl grow out in four years, and poaching will begin again. al jazeera, south africa. >> michael eaves joining us once again for sports. it's the suspensions that are
6:47 pm
making headlines. >> we knew it would go into affect but we didn't know why. four weeks ago when the nfl suspended vaughn miller for six games for violating substance abuse policy. he pointed out that i it was not the result of a positive test, but he never did say what it was the result of? a collector discovered that miller was not in the city where his collection was supposed to have taken place. it was this attempt to corrupt the testing supposed do you that led milit was supposed tooccur. that's why it led to the suspension of six games rather than four games. he earned nine trips to the were bowl and a super bowl ring this season, but reed made his
6:48 pm
way to houston to continue his career as a texan. he faced his former team for the first time and ravens jumped all over them early. they did it with their defense. they returned 37 yards for the touchdown putting baltimore up 10-6. on the next possession, thefielded punt for 82 yards and the score. and from that point forward the ravens put the game away on the ground. bernard pierce takes it from one yard out and baltimore would post the 30-9 victory. in cincinnati the bengals hosting the packers and the home team jumps out early in this one. bernard with the tremendous effort to get into the end zone, let's take another look at this one. the body control and the athleticism to get the ball across the plain cincinnati
6:49 pm
would build a lead. back to the packers, after three field goals, franklin purges it in from two yards out. and packers ahead 23-14, and then they would extend that lead, seven yard pass to james joan, and with four minutes remaining packers trying to run out the clock. franklin coughs it up, bengals kick it around, newman picks it up and takes it to the house. 58-yard touchdown as the bengals stun the packers 34-30. in charlotte either the panthers or the giants were leaving this game 0 and 3, and carolina made it point early that it was not be the panthers. the two-run, two-yard run. and then it become the cam newton show. the connection for the score putting panthers up 17-0.
6:50 pm
then newton again to lafel. this time though it was from 20 yards out. newton would score rushing yards in this game. the panthers would drop the giants 0 and 3 about th 3 with n which does not sit well. >> i thought we were in position today that we would be able to put our best foot forward. but we never gave ourselves competitively to be in the game. we just didn't play well offensively. we didn't give anything to build on. we didn't do a good job of protecting, giving ourselves a chance to be in a position where we could take advantage of some of the weaknesses that they supposedly have. >> now to golf where sweden's henrik stinson started the day just 18 holes away from an is $1 million payday. a win for stinson in the championship would give him his
6:51 pm
first fedex cup title and the $10 million that goes with it. stinson started his final round with the four-stroke lead well within striking distance of steve stricker. stricter made the turn at 2 under and then added another birdie and an eagle on the back as he carded 5 under 65 to finish the tournament at 10 under par. but there was no catching stinson this weekend in atlanta. he was trying to become the first european to win the tour championship since it started way back in 1987, posting three horror birdies giving him 20 birdies of the week. his two under par 68, and his score of 13 under par and a three-stroke victory. with the win the 37-year-old swede clenched the fedex cup and it's $10 million bonus.
6:52 pm
tiger woods struggled all weekend, but did he pick up a $3 million check for finishing second in the final fedex cup standing. you have a bad week. you're tiger woods. and you still get $3 million. >> do you ever wish you had taken golf? >> i never took it seriously. i tried to get on tv and not on the golf course. >> after decades of conflict few people in the democratic republic of congo, very few people see vehicles. but it's common to see agudas. >> it takes concentration and a steady hand to ride this scooter down the hill. it's unique to the hilly areas around congo. it's used to transport goods for
6:53 pm
a fee. >> it has helped many people here. my father died when i was young so we didn't have much money, but it has given me money. >> they're used to carry almost anything. this man is bringing timber from the hills to town. here a set is being delivered. it has several useful features. this bit of rubber provides suspension. these wooden boards are for straps to tie the cargo on the back. and on the back wheel here is a brake operated with your foot. this attracted some attention. i don't think it's normal for people to see a foreigner trying to see this. it's bump by, but it has suspension taking away the bumps. now the brake and i bring it gently to a stop. it's good. very simple. it's very tough. and it needs to be.
6:54 pm
the chakudus can carry nearly half a ton. going uphill is hard work. most people here cannot afford motor bikes or cars. but they say if you own one of these you'll always be able to make a living. now they make chakudus every month. finding a strong enough tree for the wood is crucial, and it takes years to learn how to make them well. >> i used to raise goats, but i saw a nice tree. i cut it and straightened it. it looked so good i knew i could make something nice. i brought it here and i learned how to make chukudu. >> here it has become a symbol of innovation. eastern congo has suffered many conflicts, but the chukudu helps
6:55 pm
to overcome some of the difficulties. >> quite creative. a lot of history could be made at the emmys. "house of cards" is up for best drama, the first online program to compete for the top spot. a win would be a smile phone in online entertainment. and scandals kerry washington could be the first african-american woman to win the best drama. she is only fifth african-american to be nominated since the emmys began 65 years ago. ç]
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>> it's our first day of fall and it's coming in like a lion west of the cascades. a lot of rain, a lot of wind. we've had gusts up to 40 mph, and in fact, 45 in a few spots all along the oregon-washington coast line. we're getting rainfall moving in quickly, and it is tracking into the cascades where slo snow levs overnight tonight. and in some states it will drop
6:58 pm
down close to 5,000 feet in the north. speaking of the north in washington, belling ham has had the strongest wind gusts. we are tracking to the east and watching areas of flooding, colorado, for instance, you'll be getting strong wind gusts as the storm systems move in and bringing in rainfall. strong thunderstorms. there is the potential for these storms to bring 60 mph gusts. but it is the snow level we're excited about. when you have rainfall in the mountains it goes in the rivers and streams. you've already go the flooding and rivers running high. but with snow coming down to 5,000 feet tonight we will have one to three inches of snowfall in the higher elevations, and it comes down as snow and as not a rain in the streams and creeks. so the 24 hour forecast, yes there is rain here for central
6:59 pm
colorado. and then that high mountain snow to the west, and you'll feel it in the temperatures, too. getting high temperatures in the upper 50's to low 60s to the west, but also enjoying the temperatures in the 60s parts of the northeast and around the great lakes. it will be a chili start in the morning as you get going. florida, you're going to continue this week with scattered showers and thunderstorms. you had heavy winds earlier today, but most of our rainfall has been included wind gusts and we're seeing those die out as they push off to the east overnight tonight. there are showers around new orleans gradually tapering, but they'll be back tomorrow. it will be a chilly start, too. we'll get ready with a rather comfortable week ahead.
7:00 pm
>> welcome to al jazeera. here are your top headlines. tonight kenya's army has launched an operation to free hostages held in are a mall in nairobi. most of the hostages have been freed and the army has control of most of the shopping center. al-shabab were responsible for the shootings at the mall and holding many hostage. president obama and first lady obama attended a memoria


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