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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 22, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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>> hello welcome to al jazeera. i'm jonathan betz, live in new york. the kenyan army is carrying off to, the militants in a shopping mall. >> we cannot begin to comprehend your loss. >> president obama addresses victims of the navy yard shooting saying we cannotting and whecannottingwithstand this. and a typhoon hitsing hong kong. tonight, kenya's army says
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it's rescued most of the hostages at the westgate shopping mall in nairobi. a two day standoff that killed more than 68 and wounded more than 150. the initial attack happened saturday. the somali militant group al shabaab has claimed responsibility. >> i have to be honest with you, we haven't seen a great deal of movement within the building or on the side streets. personnel carriers moving in and out and it has been very, very quiet from the building itself. it's very difficult to get any kind of confirmed information about what's taking place inside. but clearly the headline is the kenyan military believes that they have secured most of the building and released most of the hostages although again i really want to stress that this is not yet over.
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there are still clearly hostages in there, and there are still clearly some of the governments, some of the attackers. it is surprising i think that we don't know precise number of the government. -- gunmen. and one of the things the kenyan security services have been criticized for, is not debriefing the victims, some were simply allowed to leave so it really took a long time for authorities to understand what it was that they were dealing with. but once they're inside it was always going to be very difficult to get a clear picture. this is, i mean, a big complex shopping center. there is cctv, closed circuit television around there but it took authorities quite some time to get access to those cameras and even then it would have been very difficult to know just how many in order to count exactly all of the attackers.
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>> so joining us now to discuss this group, claiming responsibility for the attack at westgate is dr. peter pham, director of the council, thank you for being with us. >> thank you jonathan. >> what does this say about the power and sophistication of this group al shabaab? >> it says all the people that counted al shabaab out as a defeated organization were clearly wrong. what happened was al shabaab lost territory in somalia but it transformed itself from being an insurgent group, into a pure transnational terrorist group and this is its calling card and this is announcement that it has completed this transformation and is now posing a threat to not only somalia but indeed the east africa region. >> how does this compare to other groups launched within
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somalia? >> well, in somalia it's launched a number of suicide attacks, road side bombings relatively low tech endeavors. it's mrs. over the years fought a number of -- it's also over the years fought a number of african american peace keepers. but this operation's different. it required a lot of tactical planning to scope out the westgate center and to carry out the action we have seen to such deadly attack. clearly the group that is been being increased since a year ago. >> why target a mall and not a military installation? >> i think the group wanted to do two things. one, last year in february, al shabaab leadership form formally
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joined al qaeda and pledged allegiance. now this is a demonstration that it is if you will a contributing member of that coalition of extremist terrorist organizations. it's also, because it occurred in such a shocking manner in a place that attracted targets from around the world, members of the kenyan elite as well as westerners, this brought the type of attention that shabaab has been craving, so that attention is going to translate into recruits and at least they're hoping financing from al qaeda extremists and other individuals. >> the united states has warned about al shabaab's ability to attract westerners for a while. how strong is its recruitment and how big of a concern should that be for us? >> it should be a significant
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concern. although other al qaeda entities have targeted western interests, al qaeda in the asian peninsula has tried to carry out attacks against u.s. home land, isolated individuals in america who have self-radicalized and proclaimed adherence to al qaeda or tried ocontact it, but al shabaab has indeed recrueltied recruit from -- recruited recruits from united states, a young man recruited by al shabaab and carried out an attack several years ago in the northern region of somaliland. al shabaab has also recruited individuals in the individualsing, in the united states, has its reach from
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somali diaspora and into the united states. one of its more articulate spokesman was omar homami, omar the american, the public face on youtube of al shabaab. >> we've yet to see exactly who is behind this attack, whether americans were or were not involved. thank you dr. pham. >> thank you. >> inging president obama joined military brass and victims family members for a memorial service for the victims in the navy shooting. >> now lord god speak to us. >> a somber tribute to lives lost in the navy yard shooting. president obama and first lady met with victims' families and president obama offered words of comfort. >> we come together as a
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grateful nation to honor your loved ones. to grieve with you and to offer as best we can some solace. >> all 12 victims were civilians working at the navy yard. when 34 yeerd aaron ---year-old aaron many laffey walked in and opened fire. >> these members of our navy family were killed in the line of dood. they died i -- duties. they died in the line of service to our navy. in service they were just as committed to as any of us in uniform. >> residents of our city lost friends and neighbors. mothers and fathers. colleagues and fellow church members. >> secretary of defense chuck hagel commended the work these men and women did for the military and the days that lie
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ahead for their loved ones. >> today we come together at this historic post to begin a road of healing and recovery, it is a path we walk together. >> bringing gun violence back in the spotlight. >> fence a backdrop of daily tragedies. as an epidemic of tragedies across america. >> but today the focus was not on politics and the political divide. instead it was a moment to take together to honor the men and women who died. juan carlos molina, al jazeera. >> typhoon usagi is now a tropical storm, the typhoon hit early sun morning in quandong province in china. this typhoon was the strongest
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storm to hit the western pacific this year, rain and strong winds. craig gleason has more. >> the streets of hong kong have been pretty much desserted for - deserted most of the day. the typhoon moved around the outskirts of hong kong some 50 miles away but nonetheless have brought torrential rain and wind speeds of 100 miles an hour. that has caused chaos in hong kong. 350 flights were cancelled. cathay pacific being says it will remain closed, stock exchange is closed until it moves further into china where it is expected there it will cause many problems. due mainly because of the rain. this storm is moving 15 miles an
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hour, which means potential for landslides and areas within the quanchou province. >> and with more on weather around the world, let's go to rebecca stevenson. >> that rain is circling around it. china has had more than its share of rainfall this year. in fact we were looking at potential flooding in northeast china. when we look at the total storms this year we have had 20 this year and three of them have been typhoons. they have brought in an excessive amount of rainfall. moving across china. this particular storm is going to continue its track right across that southern portion of china. when we look at rainfall totals we had amounts coming up to
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about two inches at our observation stations. some of those observation stations could very well have just been blown over and giving us poor reports. ing -- look looking at the satellite picture that noaa gave us, the storm well inland and still maintaining a circulation of moderate to heavy rainfall. we do expect some heavy flooding and landslides too in the southern portion of china. that's typhoons will continue. we already watch another tropical storm developing, brushing past taiwan. here in the u.s. we are talking about a little bit of snow. i'll show you where that's happening, coming up. jonathan. >> thanks rebecca. in wash, a shut down looms large again.
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raylynn johnson has more. >> house republicans who passed a budget friday that removes funding for the affordable care act have set up a fiscal showdown with the white house that could lead to a government showdown on october 1st. the democratic controlled senate says the house bill is dead on arrival. the president warned congress. >> we are running out of time fix it but we could fix it tomorrow. both houses of congress could make a simple vote to pas pay or bills on time and pass a budget on time. >> as the affordable care act is known, took stage on the sunday talk shows. >> a vote for cloture, listening to the people and stopping this train wreck that is obamacare. >> the last thing that the american people want right now is people playing political
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games, putting in poison pills and threatening to shut the government down or default on our debt. >> the government has closed its doors before. there were six shut downs between 1977 and 1980, the last was in the clinton administration, and that one lasted 21 days. failing to fund the budget that begins on october 1st will be felt quickly. social payments to individuals will be delayed, government workers will be forced to take an unpaid vacation. the house bill without obamacare is a stopgap bill that will keep the governmental open until december 15th. >> american people don't want obamacare. >> politics is driving this battle. the president will veto any such bill and democrats in the senate say they won't let that happen. so expect an a hike stakes poker
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game. raylynn johnson al jazeera. >> a pair of suicide bombers hit an historic church in pakistan. still ahead, the group taking credit for the violence and who survivors are blaming letting it happen. plus a group of americans making a difference in the lives of some afghan farmers. on inside story, we bring together unexpected voices closest to the story, invite hard-hitting debate and desenting views and always explore issues relevant to you.
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request >> president obama will travel to new york tomorrow for a series of meetings ahead of the u.n. general assembly debates. hassan rouhani will also speak.
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break through in negotiations over iran's nuclear program. it's been 68 years since the united nations was founded. its creation was attempt to prevent war between nations. it's up to 193 and many of those new members say the system is broken and needs to be reformed. from the united nations, james bays reports. >> for 60 years this is where world leaders made their speeches. the words of figures like kennedy, crew kruschev, ghadafi. when the united nations was first set up in the immediate aftermath of world war ii, the
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main decisive power was given to the u.n. security council. it has 15 members and only five are permanent. only five have the veto. those five were the countries that were on the winning side of world war ii. >> the world should be dynamic. it should rise to that occasion the system that was developed at the time was a good one but over if years things have changed and those realities should be incorporated. >> the u.n. system works when the five major powers are in agreement. but when they disagree, there is deadlock. for two and a half years there's been no progress at all on syria while over 100,000 people have died. observers say it shows all the flaws that exist in the system. one of those voices is a former u.k. diplomat who now advises the syrian opposition. >> one thing that i experienced when i was on the council was the one group of people you would guarantee would not be consulted on what was being
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discussed in the security council were the people most affected. so you know whether it is iraqis coairaqiskosovo, syrians would e a say on what they thought the world should do. >> world leaders have been arriving here in new york. there will be much talk over the next week about reform of the whole u.n. system but there's little chance of concrete progress on what so many people say are much needed changes. james bays al jazeera, united nations. >> dozens of people were killed at a church in pakistan after leaving morning service. , an arm of the taliban have claimed responsibility. dominic kane reports. >> this is the all saints church in peshower moments after the
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service. member of the congregation had gathered for free rice as part of the service. when members went outside, the bombers debt maded. >> two of the victims were lying on this side. i permly rescued some 70 victims and with the help of others, put them in the ambulance. >> initial evidence suggests the bombs were killed with ball-bearings, so that those that weren't killed in the blast were badly wounded. >> we were praying in church and in the middle this blast took place. it killed mostly women and children. >> a following of around 4% of the population. in mainly muslim country many christians try okeep a low profile. churches have become targets in the recent past. but this incident is the worst to hit the christian community
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in many years. some of the survivors have blamed the security forces for not taking strong enough action to protect them. >> this was a lapse because during prayers they don't even let christians enter. how did the suicide bombers come in so freely? this attack took place after prayers. this attack happened because of the negligence of security officials. >> the bishop of peshower has announced three days of mourning for the victims. dominic kane, al jazeera. >> activates say 2013 could be a target year for poachers who target resig rhinos. >> the rhino is is h sedated.
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,. >> what we are trying odo is contaminate the animal's horn with a mixture of medicinal hormone used on animals. we're removing the value of the horn and placing it back on the animal where it belongs. unfortunately, the dead rhino is worth more than a dead rhino, we want to change that. >> the dye can be detected even when the horn is ground. >> if any of this gets onto my skin it will make me very sick. that's because it's dangerous to humans. anyone who consumes it risks facing nausea stomachache and diarrhea. the warden says there is no chance anyone would die from it. almost 400 rhinos were killed in
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south africa. more could die before the end of the year. >> unfortunately it really is a change. this is too much money, and too much hype about what these horns do. and they clearly don't do anything but it's all a psychological thing. >> dyeing rhino horns is only a temporary solution to buy sometime and hopefully save some animals. the idea of it is if poachers in this part of the country have been contaminated they will most likely not poach here, but the horn will grow out. it's hoped that a better method will be found. al jazeera,ing game refuge south africa. >> all right, time now for a quick look at sports, meafs micl
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eaves joins us. >> john jones says it's his most difficult fight of the year, a unanimousing victory over andrew gustavson. two of the just only had jones ahead by a single point. fans already clamoring for a rematch but refused to make a commitment last night. in baseball, mariano rivera, new york retiring rivera's number, a first active member to be given a place in yankees parked. retired from the league in 1997. and one other note to pass along, from the nfl. we now know what led to the suspension of vaughn miller, he
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never tested positive for a test. but he did try to use a urine collector. his suspension was increased to six games from the usual four games. we'll have more news and sports highlights coming up later. >> look forward to it, thanks michael. the agriculturing system is better known for poppies then wine. but trying to change that. >> on the somali plane, roots of peace brought california grapes to afghanistan. >> part of what we do is get farmers to grow higher value crops and farmers will double their income to put these in, pretty good deal. >> when the group came here ten years ago, afghans were growing grains on the ground. they taught farmers how to build
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trellises. >> it's good for us. these trellises are safe from the rain, and rotting on the ground. >> the land had to be cleared of land mines. >> there used to be a giant bomb crater right here. it took weeks to demine this area so these vines could be planted. >> the brain child of i've had ddi-- hydey coon. >> we are turning swords into plowshares and aring spears into pruning looks. >> today with this market center and with a refrigerated containers our grapes and the farmers are able to export the grapes to karachi market.
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>> after coon's dollar collected 50 million u.s. pennys so afghan children didn't have to study under a tree. all of afghanistan's 34 provinces these people are the lucky ones. only about 1% of afghan farmers have access to cold storage. so much of their crop will be sold locally at low prices or rot before it gets to market. coon and 34 workers who work with her want the seeds to flourish and spread. jennifer glass, somali afghanistan. >> the most high profile communist member in that country. plus, the future of angela merkel in germany and the impact the elections will have on her
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and the relations with the united states. isç]
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>> and welcome back to al jazeera. i'm jonathan betz. here are the top stories
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tonight. kenyan army may have broken the standoff. rescued most of the hostages and taken hold of most of the mall. president obama appeared in the memorial service for the 12 people victims of the navy depot. tropical storm usagi, hit northeast of hong kong early sunday. expected to weaken as it moves north. this week started with another mass shooting in the you know, navy yard in washington, d.c. somali militants attack a mall in kenya. bill o'reilly and tara dowdell. thanks for joining us. lot to talk about. first off let's talk about the
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shooting at the navy yard. the president spoke at a memorial service later today and one of his quotes which i found was kind of interesting, was sometimes i fear that this is a creeping resignation that somehow this is the new normal, meaning the mass shootings. do you think he is, giving up on gun control? >> it's very effective on mental health issues, where do you determine if somebody is mentally ill and has a gun, you want to not dissuade them from getting help. >> it has been successful in some states, so why isn't it successful federally? >> it is successful in some states but some areas have made guns looser, and the problem is nra, i worked for the government and congressmen and the n ra is
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aggressive consistent and persistent. they push back so severely against any minor change in the system, their squeaky wheel gets the oil and they are very much a squeaky wheel. >> stand in support of gun legislation that is true. the next topic is congress, it's going to be a big week in washington. talk of a possible government shut down as early as next week. what needs to happen to avoid this? >> if you're taking your family onto a train and as you're heading down the tracks and you know there's a catastrophe ahead you should do something about it. the democrats are saying we've already got the tickets, we've already got the itinerary, but the democrats are saying, stop the train. the obama administration ising a accident waiting to happen. you're supposed to take money off the debt, it is a $6.2
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trillion addition to the debt. >> democrats are going oask, why are republicans using the budget and the debt ceiling as leverage with obamacare, aren't they two separate issues? >> it's really all you can do. republicans want to be talking about debt, and obamacare because those are two issues they care very much about. obamacare is who is part of the debt. you have businesses cutting health care, every day you hear another business cutting health care. there are real problems here and i think ultimately what the republicans in conk are looking -- congress are looking to do is to get a delay for a year. i think that's the ultimate machination for these chess matches. >> put it off for a year? >> for a year. you talk about sausage making? it used to happen in the kitchen
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but now live on twitter. >> you're here shaking your head about this. >> jonathan as you probably can imagine, i disagree. i think the republicans as you stated earlier tying this to the debt limit is ridiculous. first of all the law has been upheld by the supreme court of the united states. if the tea party is all about the constitution, the ultimate arbiter is the united states supreme court. the president ran on the affordable care act and the voters elected him. they are very much aware that this is his signature legislation. you made a point bill about businesses laying people off. a lot of those businesses are laying people off because of what's left over from the recession. a lot of them are using health care reform as an excuse or cover for something they were already going to do. as we saw over the last decade, many businesses have reduced health care coverage that they have been affording to their
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actual glows. so that's a dynamic that was ongoing. what was their excuse last year or the year before that or the year before that? i think the bigger issue is we have tob responsible and tying -- to be responsible and tying this legislation to where you know the president is going to veto in your bill and the senate is not going to adhere to it, if this is about fiscal stewardship, why waste money, it was40 million for those votes. >> i'm glad you used the word responsible. the responsible thing is to delay obamacare. it's been done for unions and government workers. the responsible thing for to you do is stop the train going off the tracks and that's what they're trying to do now. >> i want to change to overseas. obviously the president is going to be here addressing the u.n.
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general assembly for the first time in his administration. >> i think iran has very good negotiators, they are masters at the delay tactic. they had a very sharp person with ahmadinejad. they have a leader with a smile now. meanwhile in the background they are working the centrifuges and going for the nuclear plan. they haven't seen the iranians in action. >> i'm a glass half full type of gal. i do think president rouhani has seen some positive side. the united states should go into potential negotiations with eyes wide open. i don't think we should close the door to a diplomatic solution. i think we are way to quick in this country to want to resolve
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everything with military action and congregation. where has it gotten? it has gotten us to places where we are resented. if we should resolve something diplomatically, we should do so. not knowing who the players are and what the background is and what the carrots and sticks are. >> let's talk about kenya really quickly before we leave tonight. obviously a horrible shooting in that mall tonight. do you think this is going to change the american conversation when it comes to the war on terror? >> for about 24 hours. i think americans have a short attention span. for 24 hours americans will say that's so easy we could do that in our malls. but i think the new cycle moves on. there's just a lot of things to cover now and sadly that's going to get lost behind. >> do you think this needs to be a focus for president obama now? >> i think we need to revisit our strategy as it relates to
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the war on terror. we are spending a lot of money prosecuting this war on terror and we need oget a return on investment that it is really keeping us safer. i'm concerned about what's happening in chicago, we have a lot of violence in this country. and to me whether someone is killed by a terrorist or a gang member, somebody still died. i think we need talk about this much differently than we have as a nation. >> thank you tara and bill, for coming in. we appreciate it. chancellor angela merkel has won a landslide victory in germany. >> what we know for sure is that angela merkel will continue in power. she addressed the headquarters earlier in the evening and said she will serve a four year term and since then the party has been going on here as it were late into the night. she told them tonight was the
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celebration, tomorrow was for going back to work. and she will lay out her plan, her approach in a press conference monday morning after she's looked at the final numbers of course, most likely she'll talk about coalition talks with her center left opponents in this campaign to try and come up with a grand governing coalition. difficult talks of course they will be. the spd, the social democrats have been here before with angela merkel. they came off rather the worse for wear in that coalition. now, this time, they will demand the minimum wage, the talks could go on for weeks. last sometime they went on for two months. likely they'll continue in germany over the makeup of a government not necessarily who will need that government. angela merkel will remain chancellor merkel.
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>> serving flood damage in colorado. the politician who wants to see the damage in person. sweden's top of golfer has done something no other european player has ever done. michael eaves joins us next with sports.
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>> every sunday night al jazeera america presents gripping films, from the worlds top documentary directors
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>> this is just the beginning of somthing much bigger... >> coming up next, the premier of... "do the math" >> these companies are a rogue force... >> one environmentalist says fossil fuels equal disaster... will his movement add up add up to change? >> we will fight it together... al jazeera america presents... "do the math" premiers next, >> and welcome back to al jazeera. i'm jonathan betz in new york. it is life in prison for disgraced chinese politician bo chi lai. the sentencing is the combination of a high chinese
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official. he was a member of the party's top leadership. tomorrow vice president biden and his wife dr. jill biden head to colorado. north central colorado is still reeling after days of flooding. biden plans to survey the situation. about 60 people are still unaccounted for. officials estimate it will cost more than $100 million to repair all the damage. it has been two weeks since torrential rain led to flash flooding in colorado's front range. while the debate in what course to take in syria has died down, there is still questions about u.s.'s military action. libby casey sits down with a retired general. >> syria says we have a limited objective,. >> there are a lot of people who want to use --
8:45 pm
>> regime changes even. >> sure. and there's a lot of people who want him to use the chemical weapons weapon as a handle to unseat bashar al-assad. that doesn't work at this point. what does work is the threat of force to get diplomacy working in the region. and address the chemical weapons issue. that's the issue. for the other issue, i feel really badly for the people of syria because there doesn't seem to be an end to this. but there's no real political alternative to bashir assad right now. there's a lot of work done a lot of money going into the region. but who is the leader who can assure the people of syria that if he takes the place of bashar assad that he will protect sunni, shia, aloite, kurds,
8:46 pm
everyone in the region, and does that leader command the forces that are fighting? and the answer is no. and this makes syria a very, very difficult place niche to find an alternative to bashar assad. >> it's an interesting situation. you can see her complete conversation at 10:30 eastern, 7:30 pacific on talk to al jazeera. all right, michael eaves joins us on a look at sports. there was a reunion of sort. >> both in the nfl. when coach jim harbaugh, not only turn stanford into a national contendedder on the national level, but in the nfl.
8:47 pm
coach and player were reunited again. one yard out to give the colts aa 7-0 lead. kendall hunter right up the middle from 13 yards out, 7-7 ballgame. we're going ojump tall way to the fourth quarter, just four minutes left in the game and it's luck. on the bootleg to steal his victory over the niners, 20-7. jetstream hosting the bil b, e.j. manuel, finds steven hill, smith threw him for 331 yards in this game. score 20-2012, when manuel takes advantage of the new york blitz and finds for the touchdown
8:48 pm
pass, make it 20-all. on the next possession, smith delivering a beautiful pa pass to santonio homes. 27-20. the surprising dolphins hosting the atlanta falcons. the five yard touchdown run. matt ryan finds lavine toylolo. the dolphins prove that their start is no fluke. ryan tannehill, 43 seconds remaining dion sims hauls in the one yard pass from tannehill with a 27-20 victory.
8:49 pm
for seven years ed reed wreaked havoc on offenses, and he led the charge to the super bowl. he continued his career as a texan. the ravens jumped out early behind their defense. darryl smith picking up matt schaub. put baltimore up 10-6, houston's offense, knives his way down the sideline. 82 yards later he would reach the end zone for score and then the ravens would put the game away on the ground. bernard pierce takes it out on the ground and 39-9 win. home town team jumps out early, giovanni bernard,
8:50 pm
cincinnati would build a 14-0 lead but back came the pack. after three field goals and a fumble returned for a score, packers lead it, 23-14. and then aaron rogers gets in on the action with a seven yard pass to james jones making it 30-14 green bay. four minutes remaining, packers trying run down the clock, going forward fourth and inches, cawfs up the ball, before -- coughs up the ball, been gals stun the packers, 34-30. in charlotte, either the panthers or the giants were going away 0 and two. early 7-0 lead with touchdown run.
8:51 pm
then it became the cam newton show, first he connects from 17 yards out, then newton finding la fell again, from 20 yards out. rushing touchdown, as the panthers shut out the giants 38-0. leaving the giants 0-3 to start the season something that obviously doesn't set well with head coach tom caughlin. >> i thought we were in a position today to put power best foot forward. but we never gave ourselves competitively a chance to be in the game. we didn't give ourselves anything to build on. we didn't do a good job of protecting and giving owshz to be in a -- ourselves in a position to take advantage of the weaknesses that they supposedly had. now to golf where sweden's
8:52 pm
henrik stenson, giving him the first fedex cup title of the career and the $10 million that goes with it. stenson starting with a four stroke lead. that's well within striking distance of steve stricker. stricker made the turn 2 under, then added an eagle on the back as he carted a 5 under, finishing at 10 under par for the tournament. stenson, tried to be the first european to win the tournament since it began. his two under par 68 was his fourth straight round in the 60s on his way to a final tournament score of 13 under par and a three-stroke victory. with the win, the 37-year-old swee37-year-oldswede clinched t.
8:53 pm
tiger woods struggled all weekend, but still cinched a $3 million paycheck by coming in second. >> unreal. thanks michael. it's been three years this month that occupying wall street was born. the uprising has now fizzled out. it's struggling to connect with its grass roots. cath turner reports. >> from this to this. in two years the occupy wall street movement has gone from a global phenomenon to a few hundred people in a park trying to regain the magic. the music made a come back and so did the familiar catch phrases. >> we're here to talk about occupy truly reconnecting with
8:54 pm
the 99%. >> what was missing was the numbers. there were far more media and nypd officers on sight than protestors. organizers put on a brave face. they said it takes a while to have a meaningful aspect. >> the press talks to the politicians and nobody -- it's not funneling up. we need to kind of shift the tone of the conversation. >> but as the occupy movement proved, such conversations will only be heard if they involve many more places. zacany park was the perfect place for such a movement. it's right in the middle of the movement, and a place for people to share their ideas and their frustration. but after they lost the park it changed everything. the new york police department moved in and evicted all of them. it left occupy without a home
8:55 pm
without domestic and international attention and without momentum. one of the original occupiers said many of them have dispersed, fast food industry against low wages and the keystone pipeline. >> they saw their friends beaten up over and over and the frustration that that caused often resulted in them taking it out on each other and so the community has really been torn apart and that's why people have spread out into different projects. >> occupy wall street captured the nation' nation's attention,t without a workable structure or cohesive agenda, many in their organization wonder what could have been. cath turn he, al jazeera.
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a win would be a milestone in online entertainment and another possible first. carrie washington star of scandal could be the first african american woman to win as best actor in a drama. stay with us.
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my name is jonathan betz.
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>> tuolomne meadows, over 8500 feet high. snow is mostly going to coming down overnight tonight but this is a precursor of the fall. today was the first day. snow in the mountains and also frost and freeze warning and advisories, as you look into the southwest, nevada, higher elevations in nevada you are going to have temperatures in some places right at freezing but in others at 33, 36° so tender plants and pansies, you will want to bring them in overnight. bulk of the rainfall heading to the rockies and the central
8:59 pm
rockies where we've had the concerns of flooding around boulder, that's going to come down right around 9,000 feet. good news is the wet snow will come down in the higher elevations instead of the rain. very cold air coming in because when you look out over the pacific a lot of times it looks like popcorn, cumulus clouds. bus also the jetstream is pushing it right in. and as that happens, temperatures will drop quickly overnight. we did have reports of wind gusts over 60 miles per hour on the washington coast and then we saw these gusts coming up 35 to 40 even in the southwest. well, those winds are going to ease off and allow those temperatures to plummet tonight. now, the low lands near the valley floor it will be ton milder side but it will be chilly higher up.
9:00 pm
>> hello and welcome to al jazeera. i'm jonathan betz if new york. kenya's military says it's rescued most of the hostages at the westgate shopping mall in nairobi but some are still indecide, 68 dead and more than 150 wounded.the initial attack happened saturday. the somali group al shabaab has claimed responsibility. for the military actions in somalia. the skate assembly of the general assembly of the united nations begins monday.


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