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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 23, 2013 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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>> good morning. this is aljazeera. i'm del walters and these are stories that we are following. in kenya, a standoff added a shopping mall. this is a live look at what is going on now. thick smoke seen billowing from the top of the mall and explosions can be heard coming from inside. military officials going in early to take back control from al shabab fighters who killed dozens and took dozens hostage. world leaders gathering in new york for the sufficient general assembly topping the agenda getting chemical weapons out of syria. key democrats and republicans expect a bitterly divided
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congress to avoid a government shutdown, but how they're going to do it remains very unclear. >> forced into slavery and brutally abused, child performers find new life by starting a circus. >> kenyon military officials have now taken control of most of that nairobi mall that had been under siege by a group linked to al-qaeda. security forces say they have rescued more than a thousand hostages held inside that mall since saturday. officials believe there are now no more than 10 hostages left inside. images from this dramatic cell phone video show people inside the mall running for cover during the attack, even as the shots are being fired. the group claiming responsibility, al shabab said they staged that attack in
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retaliation for kenya's military presence in somalia. just about 30 minutes ago, there was what sounded like an explosion and black smoke can now be seen billowing from the top of the mal. there was movement by the military troops on the ground. at this hour, at least 68 people have been killed. more now from kenya. >> from the moment the government launched their raid on the mall, shocking images of the attack of filtered out. this footage merged of shoppers in the super market, trying to find cover among the aisles. panic families called out to one another at shots echoed through the halls. >> george! >> they dashed to the exits as gunfire grew louder and more frequent. elsewhere, a mother and her children lion the floor, pretending to be dead, unsure
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what the man on the other side of the screen wants to kill them or rescue them. he convinces them he is a police officer and guides them to safety. in another part of the mall, police move from shop to shop, searching for others in hiding, constantly watching for attackers. they guide others out, swiftly checking to see they are not fighters looking to escape. the kenya president stood with the former prime minister senior and told the nation that justice would be done. >> they shall not get away with their despicable and beastly acts. the cowardly perpetrators now cornered in the building. we will punish the master minds swiftly and indeed very painfully. >> soon after the appearance, activity in the mall increased. military helicopters circled the
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building and reinforcements moved into place. it is all part of what the kenyan military described as a major operation. >> most of the hostages have been rescued and taken to safety. security forces have taken control of most parts of the building. >> the somali groupal is that bob said it carried out the attack in retaliation for the kenyan military occupation in parts of southern somalia. >> outside the security cordon surrounded the mall, a desperate man tries to break through to go inside and find his wife and
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child before the police drag him back. this crisis may still have a long time to go before it can truly be declared over. even once the kenyan military has caught all of the attackers and freed survivors, it will take time to clear the building and confirm that it is indeed over. >> only then will kenya face hard questions about the preparation for an attack al shabab has long warned them to expect. >> we have the former ambassador to ethiopia and former state coordinator for somalia. ambassador, welcome. >> thank you very much. >> groups like al shabab carry out these acts to bring worldwide attention to their cause. did they succeed? >> i think you're correct. their goal is to in form the world that they still are an organization to be dealt with in
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somalia. i think this is a most unfortunate way to carry that act out, but that's their goal, and not much has been heard from al shabab in the last six to 10 months. now they've been on the front pages of the world press for the last couple of days. >> what does this say about the strength of al shabab in that region? >> it shows that they certainly have organizational skills, planning skills and have people who are willing to die for their cause. i assume that all of the persons involved in this attack will either be killed for captured by the time this is over. it tells me something even more important than that, and that is that al shabab is quite capable at doing suicide bombing attacks, ca com cozy attacks on
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civilians, but are not able to go toe-to-toe against a professional military force in somalia. other than an occasional guerilla type attack, they have avoided contact with the african union military force inside somalia, including the kenyan force and even the so somalia forces. that shows a weakness. >> they did attack a soft target, in this case, a shopping mall where people go to buy things. what did this accomplish for al shabab? >> it's very hard to judge what it does in terms of the psyche of the people who are directly impacted. what al shabab has to do to succeed in somalia, and that is
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its ultimate goal, is to convince the majority of average somalis that they represent something good, something positive. i frankly do not understand how the average somali will conclude that this is good or positive, or that it is an alternative to the new somali government. in that sense, i fail to understand how it really advances their cause. >> ambassador, thank you very much this morning. >> congressman peter king sent up a warning about al shabab, saying the group has strong ties with people in the u.s. he says the group that shown the ability to attack outside its borders and recruit here in the sufficient. >> in pakistan, a pair of suicide bombers has attacked an historic church there, killing
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at least 78 people, that church being a christian facility. the attack was near pakistan's tribal regions, as many were leaving sunday mass. more than 100 were injured in those bomb blasts. christians make up about 4% of pakistan's population. a group affiliated with the taliban is claiming responsibility for the attacks. we have more from pakistan. >> across pakistan, there is considerable anger as the attack on a christian church in the city of peshawra. they say the government was unable to give them the required security. the attack comes when the government was to initiate a peace dialogue. that may be jeopardized because of the incident there. the christian community comprises about 4% of the
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countries total population. across the country, today you will find the christians protesting in the streets of all major cities in pakistan. >> that was coming to us from pakistan. the church bomb is is one of the deadliest attacks every on the christian community in that country. ♪ ♪ >> president obama and the first lady attending a memorial service for the victims of the navy yard the shoeing. one week ago, aaron alexis opened fire, killing 12 people before being killed by police. since that mass shooting, the president has renewed his call for congress to take action on gun control legislation. >> i cannot accept that we can't
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find a common sense way to preserve our traditions, including our second amendment freedoms and rights of law-abiding gun owners. >> there does not appear to be much of an appetite in washington for any new gun control legislation. >> president obama will be in new york today for meetings ahead of the united nations general assembly. iran's newly elected president is also going to be speaking. his visit comes as hopes of a possible break threw in negotiations over iran's nuclear program. the u.n. was founded to spread peace. it has grown to 193 countries today. many of those members say the system isn't working. james bays has more on calls for reform. coming up in the next hour, we take an in-depth look at the
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possible diplomatic opening with iran. we hope to have james bays' package shortly thereafter. >> havoc he was wreaked in the pacific by the powerful storm that slammed into the philippines. it weakened sunday as it missed hong kong and headed west to mainland china, just before being downgraded, it became the strongest storm to hit the western pacific, killing more than 30 people in asia. we are live in honk con. craig, what is the latest on usagi? obviously having technical difficulties reaching craig leeson in hong kong. we are going to be taking a look at weather when we come back.
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before that, we want to talk about the congress shutdown, that big battle that is looming in washington. we'll tell you what services you might be able to rely on that you might not be able to rely on if the shutdown occurs. >> a new report on global warming. we'll tell you what's expected on the state of the environment. ]
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>> some of the world's leading scientists are meeting this week to put the finishing touches on a u.n. report on climate change. the last time a report like this was published was in, seven, finding that the evidence of global warming was undeniable and caused by humans. we have more. >> from the sun's rays to the polar ice caps, from the deepest oceans to the vast tropical forettes, this climbs is a complex and dynamic system. that's why measures changes to it and understanding what's driving them is important and challenge be, which is why every six years, the united nations brings together hundreds of climate scientists.
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>> this is the most comprehensive international review of the climate science and what these reports have done is provide increasingly compelling evidence about the scale of the changes that human activities, such as burning fossil fuels and deforestation is having on the world climate. >> the report is considered a mass of scientific research relating to climb change. 450 experts have been working on its 14 chapters. the document comes in at more than 2,000 pages. the last revision received more than 30,000 comments from contributors. focusing ons atmosphere abclouds, oceans and sea levels, they also looked at climate models and considered projections for long and near term change. >> the last report from the international panel on climate change in 2007 included the climate change is occurring and that human activity, in particular, the emission of greenhouse gases was very likely
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to be the cause. a small number of errors were used to cast doubt on the report. they said that it overplayed warming predictions, sea level rise and the role played by greenhouse gases. the last u.n. report pointed out significant risks to human and natural systems. this report is expected to build on that, taking in more scientific data to give the world's governments businesses and citizens the best possible idea of what's happening to the earth and what's likely to happen in the years ahead. aljazeera. >> every day this week, aljazeera will focus on climate change and the way the different countries are dealing with the issue. tomorrow, we look at costa rica and it's goals.
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>> the summit starting tomorrowing new york brings together world and corporate leaders to find solutions. backsaying the new theme this year will be to invest in women and girls to narrow the gender gap. he said the goal is to make sure females around the globe are in school and given access to the world labor markets. programs are expected to be unveiled this week,ed including projects to combat aids, tuberculosis, malaria and access to clean water in poor countries. >> hillary clinton told new york magazine she is in no decision to make any decision about running or president. >> 68 years ago, the united
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nations was founded to spread peace, growing from 51 members to 193 today. many of those members say the system isn't working. james bays explains from the u.n. >> for 60 years, this is where world leaders made their speeches. the words of figures like kennedy, reagan,ar are a fat, and mandela were all heard in this room. now it's closed foreign vowing. this is the temporary building where this year's meeting will take place. once again, there are likely to be calls not just for the modernization of the buildings, but the whole system. what the united nations was first set up in the immediate aftermath of world war ii, the main decisive power was given to the u.n. security council. it has 15 members, but only five are permanent, only five have the veto.
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those five are the countries that were on the winning side when the war end the. >> things have changed and they should rise to the occasion. the system that was there at the time was a good one, but over the years, things have changed and those receipts should be recognized. >> the u.n. system works when the five major powers are in agreement, but when they disagree, there is deadlock. for two and a half years, there has been no progress on syria while over 100,000 people have died. it shows all of the flaws in the system, one voice is a former u.k. diplomat who know advices a syrian opposition. >> one thing i experienced when i was on the council is that the one group of people were not consulted on what was being discussed on the security council were the people most affected. whether it's the sudanese or
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syrians, their representatives never got a chance to say on what they thought the world should do. >> word leaders have been arriving here in new york. they'll be much talk over the next week about reform of the whole u.n. system, but there's little chance of concrete progress on what so many people say are much-needed changes. james bays, aljazeera, at the united nations. >> let's check back in right now on typhoon usagi. we are live in hong kong. what's the latest on usagi, craig? >> well, hong kong was blessed by this typhoon. it was predicted we would score a direct hit. that didn't happen. we were brushed by the typhoon, said by the weather observe atory that be the strongest in 34 years.
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transportation was disrupted, but everything came back on line, well most things,s reroped early this morning. transportation, local at least, buses came back on line. the stock exchange didn't begin trading until after the lunch in the second session and was down by .6%, but stocks across asia were still up on a four month high. hong kong very lucky with this particular typhoon, but not so lucky in china. >> craig, do we have any idea what kind of damage the storm caused since its hit over the weekend? >> several people were injured here, but structurally we got away scot-free. not so in china, where it hit. two people were killed almost instantly when it made landfall
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there, killed by falling trees. things got progressively worse as it went inland. so far, 25 people are said to have been killed and another five to eight people missing. it's since been downgraded to a severe tropical storm, so not expected to do too much more damage other than flooding. that still remains a big problem in china. >> craig, thank you very much. >> we have been following the typhoon's path. it was a massive storm. >> massive storm. massive storm, actually last week, we were comparing the distance from portions of boston all the way down to raleigh, north carolina. the storm was considered a super typhoon. it made its way from the pacific ocean across the luzanne strait, then into the south china sea and slammed into a town just
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100 miles to the east of hong kong. hong kong was spared, but we do have reports that 33 people have lost their lives. honk cock, a city of 7.1 million people, but because of their economic development, because of the infrastructure there, it's very sound structurally. i'm not anticipating a lot of structural damage, but in the rural areas, we're looking at the most damage, the flooding downpours and mud slides. we'll continue to monitor what comes out of mainland china later in the day and continue to bring you all the latest on this devastating major super typhoon. >> this next story stinks. it really does. in a small alabama community, people have been complaining that a foul odor has been making them sick for some three years now. the state blames the leak of a natural combat plant for the smell but doesn't link the stink with the sickness. aljazeera has more. >> come on, guys, you all get off. >> every day, jennifer clark
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waits for her kids at the bus stop. clark thought that indian springs elementary school was a perfect fit for her children. >> it's all about the kids there. that's what i like about the school. >> now, she said her kids come home sick. >> my son said coming home and complaining of his headaches, and he's got stomach aches, a sore throat. >> a strange smell around the school in the community and you would eight-mile concerned her. >> when you smell it, you want to throw up. >> it smells like throw up. >> do they talk about that smell at school? >> the alabama department of environmental management began testing complaints about the odor in 2010. their testing led them to this facility of mobile gas service corporation, which injects the chemical into natural gas, so you can smell it. >> we focused in on a beaver pond back in a wooded area, and collected some water samples from that beaver pond and
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identified the compounds in that water body. >> mobile goes regarded a lightning strike to a tank in 2008 that leaked it into the soil and ground water. the company wrote: >> today, mobile gas officials say they can't comment further because of a lawsuit filed by eight-mile residents. there have been no long term studies about exposure to the chemical. also, the e.p.a. has not set a standard about what is a healthy and unhealthy exposure. >> studies done on animals show it targets the organs. >> i mean the organs that it affects the most is the kidney, live, it can produce a coma, and it can affect the adrenals. >> it is demanded that mobile gas clean it up.
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removing it may take quite some time. >> it is not bio degradable. that's bad, because it's just going to persist. >> it's just a waiting game. >> i'm not out for no money or anything else. i just want healthy children. >> while they wait, they are stuck with the smell and the sickness. aljazeera, eight-mile, alabama. >> u.s. government is on the verge of shutting down, we'll tell you which services will continue and which could be cut if congress can't reach that budget deal by october 1. >> a circus is becoming a safe haven for once abused child performers. how they are now using their talents to heal old wounds. >> it may be early, but the nfl week three looks like a make or break week. we'll have more coming up.
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>> black smoke has been pouring out of the mall in nairobi, kenya where more than 60 were killed by armed rebels over the weekend. the smoke that you're seeing is blamed on sal shabab fighters burning mattresses. forces went in to free any remaining hostages and take the mall back. explosions have been heard coming from the mall for the last hour. >> president obama is traveling for meetings ahead of the u.n.
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general assembly. iran's president is expected to make an appearance. there is hope the two countries may find a diplomatic solution to end iran's nuclear program. >> once again, the government shutdown is looming large in washington. congress has until october 1 a reach a deal to avoid it. medicaid, medicare and social security would likely be affected and t.s.a. and border patrol remain in place. 800,000 federal workers could face the possibility of being furloughed. passport and visa applications could be delayed. national parks and museums would closed. we have much more. >> house republicans who passed a budget friday that removes funding for the affordable care act have set up a fiscal
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showdown with the white house. the democratic controlled senate said the house bill is dead on arrival. the approximate president warned congress. >> we're running out of time to fix this, but we could fix it tomorrow, both houses of congress can take a simple vote to pay our bills on time, then work together to pass a budget on time. >> the political drum beating to defeat and preserve obamacare as the affordable care act is known took center stage on the sunday news talk shows. >> a vote for closure is a vote for obamacare. republicans are going to stand side by side with speaker boehner and house republicans approximate, listening to the people and stop this train wreck that is obamacare. >> the last thing the american people want is political games, poison pills and threatening to shut the government down. >> the government has closed its doors before. this were six shutdowns between 1977 and in that 80. the last was during the clinton administration and also focused
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around the issue of health care, specifically medicare funding. that showdown lasted 21 days. failure to fund the 2014 budget will be kept quickly. social security and medicate payments to millions of americans would be delayed. military personnel won't get paid until the government reopens and government workers will be forced to take an unpaid vacation. the house version without obamacare is a stop gap bill that will keep the government open until december 15. >> the american people don't want the government shutdown and they don't want obamacare. >> politics is driving this battle. the president will veto any such bill and democrats in the senate say they won't let that happen. expect a high stakes poker game. aljazeera. >> for a closer look at what we might expect on capitol hill, we
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are joined by jake sherman from washington. good morning, jake. >> good morning approximate i guess the question has to be asked, what's worst for the republicans, not dealing with obamacare right now or having to answer to the electorate in 2014? >> i think the issue here is pretty simple, house republicans have been trying to defund this health care law for years. they're frustrated they haven't been able to do it so are trying to attach it to a must-pass piece of legislation. elder folks in the party realize the political impacts. speaker boehner behind closed doors has said that a government shutdown would be the only path to the minority for house republicans. the political impacts here are very stiff, and really at this point, we don't see a way out. we don't know how movie that we've seen before is going to end. >> a lot of people are asking me if there is a fear among house republicans that if obamacare, as they call it, goes into effect, the american people
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actually might like it. >> i'm not sure that that's what they think. that's certainly not what's driving them. i've spoken to a lot of house republicans to spent august in their districts across the country and have had constituents tell them this is a train wreck, a disaster. i think that's the driving force behind it. there is a thought among some republicans that the rollout is going so poorly for the obama administration that it might be politically savvy to keep the program in place, so there's a lot of different political calculations going on. what you're seeing is kind of a couple years of built up angst taken out on this funding resolution which needs to be passed by next sunday night or monday. >> how concerned is congress that they could appear like the little boy that cried wolf with all this talk of the government shutting down only to reach the brink and get what, things keep
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going? >> i think that's pretty close to true. it's amazing that this house republican majority hasn't shut down the government yet because of all the battles that congress has been through over the past couple years. we've been up to the brink several times and never actually have did you it. i think this tile, it seems more likely than ever before, but we always say that and end up getting a deal at the last minute. >> thanks for being with us this morning. >> germany's cans lower has led her party to an historic third term in the national elections there. she is set to become's europe's longest serving female leader of, her party earning more than 7% of the vote approximate we have more from berlin. >> joy at seeing the woman they call angie lead her party to victory and a third term. she propelled her christian democratic union to its best
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result since reunification. >> we have shown that it is a people's party and we will do everything to be successful in the next four years. we will wait for the final results tomorrow, but for now, we can celebrate. >> as the votes were counted, it became clear that her favored coalition partners, the free democrats, would not make it into parliament. mrs. merkel would have to turn to her opponents, the social democratics for help. >> a so called grand coalition has worked before during her first term. germany isn't as politically polarized with many countries, and with its lowest level of unemployment, there aren't many major issues to divide the big center leaning parties. >> many germans would prefer a center left, center right
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coalition anyway. >> the ball is in her court. she has to find a majority. >> the influence of the center left on the chancellor's policies could soften's germany's stance on austerity, but only a little. >> you might see a little bit less pressure on austerity and maybe some countries will get more time in fulfilling the criterias, but i think pretty much the german policy after the elections on the european affairs will be what we've seen in the last four years. >> the shape of any governing coalition and precisely what it means for europe and the world could take weeks to decide, but for germany, she offers the hope of another four years of stability. >> in the philippines, 17 students and teachers held host only. is policemannic freedom fighters have stormed a town, opposed to peace talks with the fill teen
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government. at the same time, the troops are attacking another southern city where rebels have been holding hostages since the beginning of the month. >> the captain of the costa concordia cruise liner is back in court today, charged with causedding the ship wreck that killed 32 people. prosecutors say the captain steered the luxury liner into the rocky coast, then abandoned ship with thousands still onboard. he denies those charges, but if convicted, faces up to 20 years in prison. >> a pretrial hearing will be held today in the boston marathon bombing case. a judge will hear whether or not prosecutors will seek the death penalty for the 20-year-old. he is not expected to appear in court. bostons police commissioner is
7:40 am
stepping down. after seven years on the job, he said he plans to teach at harvard. he managed the fallout of the boston marathon bombings and manhunt that followed. >> the nfl was in full swing on sunday and none of my teams won again. jessica taft is here with the latest on the walters curse. >> i know your disappointed about the redskins, at least they scored. at least they scored. if you thought things could get worse for the new york giants, you were wrong. when asked what went wrong for his former team after the giants first game, his response was simply what went right? making matters worse, another 0-2 team they are playing against, they completely dismantled the giants. a two-yard score, and then the panthers neve took their foot off the gas. cam newton took the reigns.
7:41 am
another touchdown, and then newton would toss three touchdowns on the day, also run for a touchdown to finish with 268 total yards of offense. the giants managed just 60 yards rushing, never got into the end zone. tough on eli manning, six sacks on the day. tom coughlin is not happy with that 0-3 start to the season. >> i thought that we were in a position today that we would put our best foot forward. we didn't play well offensively. we didn't give ourselves anything to build on. we didn't do a good job protecting and giving ourselves to be in a position to take advantage of the weaknesses that they supposedly had.
7:42 am
>> the giants aren't the only team looking for their first w. the steelers are just as desperate but have the task of facing the unbeaten bears. the two teams are heading in two different directions. after the steelers turned the ball over, the bears take advantage of the short field on first and goal, matt forte running it in to make it 10-0. steelers woes continue as big ben throws over the middle and this pass is picked off by major wright, who takes it all the way to the house, 38 yards for the return, 24-3 bears. big ben later on comes back and he's going to find antonio brown, right here, it's a nice long bomb, great grab, too, by brown. that cuts the bears lead to just seven, by chicago would answer and pile it on. here comes cutler and company, cutler connecting with earl
7:43 am
bennett in this one. upon further review, it's both feet in, it's a touchdown. bears roll 40-23 to go 3-0 on the season while the steelers are still winless in 2013. >> obviously you are not going to win football games when you're turning the ball over in a manner which we did. it produced direct points, it produced other point opportunities. you're not going to be anybody in the nfl playing like that. we've got to get better. we know it. we understand it. it doesn't make it any less painful, but that's just the reality where we are. not enough tonight. not enough to overcome that. i don't know if it will ever be enough to overcome that kind of turnover deficit. we acknowledge that those guys are one of the best in the world at getting it. we talked about it all week, but it didn't change the outcome of this football game. for that, you know, we were below the line. >> when coach jim harbaugh and quarterback and drew luck joined forces five years ago at
7:44 am
stanford, little did they know at the time that they would not only turn stanford into a national contender but make themselves two of the nfl's hottest commodities. they were reunited on opposite sides of the field. harbaughs niners hosting luck's coats. the other big story line, trent richardson at his first game for indy. got the one yard score there. colts with the early lead, here they come again, niners getting into the end zone, taking it in from 13 yards out. the fourth, four minutes remaining, luck on the boot leg to steal the victory over his former mentor and the niners fall to the colts 20-7, so it is the mentee, the student beating the teacher. i know whoever had you are
7:45 am
rooting for loses. i learned that. >> in colorado, the struggle is far from over. the cleanup is going to be costly. damage from the flooding cost could an estimated $2 billion. 18,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed, 50 bridges washed away completely. hundreds of miles of highway now cracked and buckling. vice president biden and his wife jill biden headed to look at the damage. the floodwaters destroyed oil tanks, causing thousands of gallons to spill. potentially ecoally has been found in the water supply. search teams still looking for stranded victims. sixty people are still missing. >> colorado, dealing with that massive cleanup and more rain could be on the way. >> it's range right now. we're going to continue to deal with the rain. if you look at the flashes of pink, we have know falling in the mountains right across the
7:46 am
rockies here in colorado. i'll give you a closer look, the rain falling across much of denver now. we'll going to have to continue with that today and into tonight, a really good day for the vice president to be out there assessing, given the fact that we are probably going to have to deal with more flooding due to the rain falling, because of a frontal boundary that's also ushering in much cooler air. 68 degrees in denver. not going to see much sunshine today, given the fact that it will be range. by tomorrow, the sun will begin to shine just a bit. it is the first full week of fall. if you step out in the northeast, it's a little chillier. i'll tell you why the winds are pushing in out of the northwest. high pressure will be in control and you won't find a single cloud in the sky, new york city expected to climb to a high have 66 today, albany at 62. our nation's capitol slightly warmer at 72 degrees. that's the story not just today
7:47 am
but through the remainder of the week, because high pressure is not going anywhere. each day we'll see a great deal of sunshine. down into the south, the frontal boundaries that brought the rain is stalling out really across the gulf coast here. i think we'll see a few lingering showers across the north and central portion of florida. north of the frontal boundary, however, it's going to be a beautiful fall-like day, comfortable in atlanta with the high coming in at 80. 83 in new orleans back into houston, while the heat is still on with a high of 87. high pressure's in control from portions of minnesota and illinois down into northern texas, but again, we'll have to continue to deal with that rain as the latest frontal boundary pushes across colorado and flooding a problem along the river. >> we want to take you live back to kenya right now. about an hour ago, thick black smoke was seen coming from the roof of the mall. this is the images that we are seeing.
7:48 am
also, there were explosions heard from inside. we are joined live from nairobi. what is the latest. >> well, smoke continues to billow out of the building. very, very thick clouds of smoke coming up for about an hour now. we just had a briefing with the kenyan military. they say the smoke is caused by the terrorists setting fire to mattresses. they also gave us an update on casualties, claiming 62 people have been killed. that's the number we're getting from the kenya red cross. the figures that are there... >> do we still believe that as many as 10 people are sometime held inside the mall? >> well, again, the government insisted there were very few hostages still inside the mall.
7:49 am
they also told us that of the 10-15 estimated terrorist attackers, two of them have been killed and positively identified. they insist that they have totally control of the building and add that the terrorists are still running around and hiding in various places, so the operation very much still underway. >> tristan, these fighters inside the mal, these members of al shabab have vowed not to come out alive. with that being said, why are they still inside the mall if authorities have stormed this? are they barricaded? what is the situation that you're being told? >> >> they are doing their very best to prolong this siege to make sure that their cause is heard worldwide. they are not making it easy for
7:50 am
the kenyon military and security forces. this siege has been underway now for over 48 hours. we don't know how many civilian hostages are still held inside. >> tristan, thank you very much and keep us updated. >> when we come back, a deadly police chase is caught on camera. we'll tell you why the family of the victim wants you to see this horrifying video. >> plus that new iphone hacked already. the fingerprint system may have been compromised just days after it hit the market. >> one pretty performance, circus performers overcoming the odds. how children beaten and abused are now rewriting their own history.
7:51 am
millions who need assistance now. we appreciate you spending time with us tonight. up next is the golden age of hollywood going golden but elsewhere. why l.a.'s mayor has declared a state of emergency for the entertainment industry there. next. ç]
7:52 am
>> the family of a florida man has released a shocking police dash cam video. it shows him being run down and killed during a wild chase. in the video, marlin brown can be seen running in a field last may when a police car driven by a rookie ran him over.
7:53 am
the officer has been filed. brown's family is now calling for an independent investigation, saying on the video, you can see brown holding his hands up as if he was trying to sundayer. he was reportedly running from police after being pulled over for not wearing a seatbelt. >> hackers claim they did it, cracked the new iphone fingerprint scanner. a german based hacker group posted a video showing someone by passing the feature. they photographed a user's fingerprint and used it to mold a fake finger. >> in nepal, hundreds of poor children are forced to work in the circus. many are beaten and abused. a lucky few found a new hope and stage i. we have their story. >> this is a daily practice for
7:54 am
the circus, these youngsters have performed in numerous shows since the troop started around two years ago. >> many team say that the circus is a bad thing. i used to think it would be so nice to have a circus here and people would get a good impression. >> the acts are fun. not surprisingly, these children love their work. >> things were not always this fun. these children were rescued from circuses in india. they were trafficked there and forced to work under harsh conditions. >> back in 2006, this is a circus in india. indian supreme court banned the use of children in circuses two years ago. activists believe there are still as many as 300 children from nepal working in indian circuses. more than 300 have already been
7:55 am
rescue the. she was 12 years old when rescued. she finds talking about her past too traumatizing. many children struggle to readjust. >> theman problem is the memory problems. many children, education is very, very weak because of the beating on the head. they beat mostly on the head because they can hide it thunder the mask. >> they are going to change the culture and history of the circus in nepal. by just doing the work they're doing, they're going to change people's perception. >> already, with each performance, these children are doing just that. trainers who volunteer with them say that they are now good to go
7:56 am
and perform around the world. with luck, circus kahmandu will go global soon. >> the u.s. state democratic said the government of nepal does not comply with the minimum standard for dealing with human trafficking, saying it is making significant efforts to do so. >> at the end of our first hour, here's what we're following this morning. explosions and gunfire erupting inside that nairobi mall where hostages have been held all week long. >> an egyptian court will suspend all the activities of the muslim brotherhood. president obama is on his way to new york city where the u.n. general assembly is getting underway. >> pittsburgh steelers needed a win and needed to do it against the undefeated bears at home. that story and more coming up. >> it's the first full week of fall. we have snow in the forecast. i'll tell you all about it very
7:57 am
soon. >> aljazeera continues. we will be back in two and a half minutes, but remember, you can always track us 24 hours a day on, as we continue to watch the situation unfold in nairobi, kenya, where thick black smoke has been seen coming from the roof. an update in two and a half minutes on the hostages still held inside.
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>> good morning. i'm morgan radford and these are some of the stories we're following right now. in kenya, a standoff at a shopping mall. this is a live look. thick black smoke has been billowing for more than an hour now. government officials say militants who stormed the mall over the weekend, killing dozens are now burning malt stresses inside. soldiers are trying to regain control and free any remaining hostages. >> world leaders gather for the u.n. general assembly meeting. topping the agenda, getting chemical weapons out of syria and the new iranian penalty's outreach to the west. >> key democrats a


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