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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 23, 2013 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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>> hello welcome to the news hour in doha. these are the top stories. plumes of smoke fill the gate over the westgate shopping center as kenyan troops move to take back control. >> wour resolve to defend our countcountry has never been hig.
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>> stripped of think assets as egypt cracks down on muslim brotherhood. thousands of garment workers take to the streets of bangladesh. and angela merkel gets down to business after winning a third term as chancellor. >> the kenyan government say they are now in control of the shopping center. [ gunfire ] >> gunfire and multiple explosions have been heard at the westgate parole. the submi military has surrounde
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al-shabab fighters. no one knows how many rebels are still in hiding. al-shabab has threatened t to kill those still inside if military use force. he'they have vowed to bring justice. >> our resolve to defend our country has never been higher. and we will take the war to the criminal's war steps. this is our country. we are in control of the security situation, and kenyons should be--should take comfort that the country is in our hands. >> well, we're live in nairobi, katherine, there was a huge flurry of activity an hour ago. tell us what you saw and what was happening. >> yes, about an hour ago we had
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several loud explosions of gunfire, and there was a lot of activity, military officers running around. the atmosphere now is quite relaxed. they were all crouching down. there were policemen who had their guns cocked and really telling us to stay down, to signify, to show the intensity that was there. at the time the information was unclear on what was causing this explosions, whether it's security or the attackers themselves, but the interior minister said they're trying to get and secure most of the mall. but the concern is the hostages. where are they? people are passing through here, four people were rescued, and
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they came through here, we talked to them but we have not seen that movement today. we're not sure whether there are hostages inside, whether they've all been rescued. the interior ministry say there is smoke but they're not saying what it is. we're totally blocked off from what is going on. there is a road there that we cannot access. we have to rely on the government, really, on the government's word that things will be clear when they open that mall for us. but to say that the operation will go on, i'm sure, for a while. >> yes, it's a huge building that they must be searching. the problem is no one really knew how many hostages there were in the first place, and no one really new how many gunmen
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there were in the first place. >> yes, that was a big issue. there was conflicting information. again because we were getting very little information there was a lot of speculation going around on social media about who they were. the president yesterday said there were some women as well, but today the interior ministry say there was no women, and it was men, muslims that they confused as women. they sathe government say this t the information is, but because it's so little it can't stop people really from speculating, and some of the messages that are going around are very alarming. [ gunfire ] >> yes, we can hear more gunfire
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going on behind you. [ explosion ] >> that is a heavy and sustained round of gunfire going on. [ gunfire ] >> okay, that seems to have come to an end for a moment. but that was a heavy, sustained rapid gunfire that we heard then. it seemed that there was another explosion in the middle of it. katherine, if you can carry me, am i right? was there another explosion there? okay, we've lost our reporter for the moment. obviously having a few issues
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because that was completely unexpected. it had actually been quite quiet for the last half hour or so. just as we were speaking to our correspondent on the scene, we heard a loud gunfire down the road. that road leads to the shopping mall, where they have been speculat--wherethere has been se activity. the gunmen have been on the run. you can see that they're carrying weapons. just running across the road there. that road, of course, barred to anyone except the military to keep onlookers back and keep them safe. but it makes it difficult to
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have a clear idea of what is going on. more gunfire in the distance. whatever is going on there, it does suggest a shootout between the army and the remaining gunmen. [ gunfire ] let's see if we can run any of our correspondents on the scene. i've been told that none of our correspondents are in position to speak to us at the moment. so let's try to find out what is going on the ground. >> hello, i can hear you. >> okay, katherine has come back to us. >> katherine, if you can hear me. that was quite a sudden and very concerning burst of gunfire there. everyone crouching as they run
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across the road. impossible to say what is going on, but it would seam that the military has met some resistence in firing back. >> yes, it does sound--it looks like they are engaging the gunmen. we see military officers running around, and you can hear it's continuing. the gunfire is continuing. it seems that this is intensifying, and this seems to be coming to an end, really. >> yes, i guess if they managed to track down the remaining gunmen, but those gunmen are not to be taken easily or quickly. that's why we're hearing all this gunfire and seeing military personnel running towards the shopping mall. do you have any idea how many
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military personnel are involved right now? >> we don't have any numbers. we know that it's an exercise that has been carried out by multiple security agencies. we know that the police are here. the military is here. we know that the intelligence services in the course of the three day there was israeli and american special forces. i have not seen--i saw israeli special forces on saturday, and saw that they were not just helping, giving technical assistance, but also helping to engage physically. we don't know whether they're here right now. >> okay, katherine, for the moment, thank you very much, indeed, for that. let's go to katherin andrew sim. i apologize, andrew is not
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there. the way things are going, they have been kept back from westgate mall. they're not able to speak. when things like this happen the security forces' immediate concern is the safety of bystanders, and still we see plumes of smoke from westgate. let's go to michael reardon and. formereardo--martin reardon, for chief of the fbi. martin, a sudden, rapid, sustained gunfire and we see military running across the area. as a layman, i'm assuming that they've found some of the gunmen
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laying up in the shopping cent center. >> that's a safe assumption that in their attempt to clear the rooms then the gunfire starts. whether this is the end, time will tell. but wit that gunfire was big enh that perhaps they came across one or more of the gunmen. >> we recently heard from the kenyan government that the situation is under control, not completely under control, but they are searching floor to floor and that has to be a painstaking situation. >> whether that is under control, that's debatable. the way they've reacted from what we know now they're doing the right thing. it's a very slow methodical check every room, every open space or closed space, making sure they're not up in the ceilings, and with this fire up in the building, that really
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complicates matters. >> martin, please stay with us for a minute we have andrew simmons in nairobi. tell us what you're hearing and seeing there. >> the latest action, the sustained barrage of gunfire going on all around the area. there is a clear fight on the building, with the thick plume of smoke coming into the air. there is another plume of smoke, gray smoke, to the left of it, left of the front of the building. the gunfire is now less frequent than it was, but it's still quite sustained. it does appear that there is obviously an exchange between the gunmen, remaining gunmen i hayesen to add because the ministry said two were killed in
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the last assault three hours ago. this is definitely another major move on the part of security forces but it's hard to get accurate information inside, obviously. one has to assume that there has been fierce resistence from whatever al shah bob are left inside. the military services have been seen on the ground. there are casualties in the hospital. the military ministry are saying ten of their soldiers have been injured. we've seen one transferred through an ambulance. that was the earlier stages of this operation. no one knows, obviously, what is happening inside. but from what i can see here there are many troops cowering for cover on the exterior of the
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area. clearly whatever fire is inside the building, it may be an oil supply, something like that, some combustible material at the scene, which is spreading by the looks of it. it's eternal not going out. any form of control, the government says it has full control of the building, it has not patented out because of what i can see here. there may be access from the back, but it is unlikely. that fire is burning out of control. >> the government is saying that it managed to get pretty much all of them out of the building. we haven't seen any proof of that. is there any clear idea of how many hostages there were to begin w and how many might be
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remaining? >> there are no specific numbers on this at all. it was seem from the announcements that we've had from the interior of ministry, that a large number has been rescued. we don't know the latest casualty figures, but it does appear the majority of the hostages have been released. although we don't know how many are left inside whether it's a small number or not. it's clear on the present information supply. the information supply is a little erratic, and sometimes a little bit misleading. remember all of this was being monitored by al-shabab through media, through the internet, the security services have been adamant that the press show detailed shots if they're able to get them. an indicator of that is our
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right now. we're not able to use our camera, although i am able to stand at this vantage point, but i'm not able to use any filming device, not a phone, not any device. that's a continue of being able to be on this roof. some of my sources are suggesting there is misinformation being put out certainly at the earlier stages as a means of giving the al-shabab the wrong idea of what was going on. but as i was standing here, well, not standing here, but standing much closer, past the cordon yesterday, i saw the helicopters flying very low, buzzing the building, and then there was an al-shabab tweet
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that one of these helicopters landed and foreign agencies were dispersed in the building to join the security forces of kenya. i can tell you that there was not a landing of a helicopter in that exercise. they were circling the building, this was a means of trying to worry the--this is a psychological operation to effectively put, to test out what reaction they get from the fighters inside. there is a lot of tactics being used by the security forces in this whole thing, and that may well have been an important one. after that there was an assault of some kind, and that it was followed at least another two.
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so all of this information is unofficial. it's not confirmed, but it does seem they are in the final stages, some of the noise you may be able to hear. it's tear gas. there are crowds who are wanting to watch what is going on. the security forces have a massive job on their hands. not only to bring this complex siege to an end, but to care for the passersbies who passer pass. there is not an exact number of hostages released, exact number of hostages killed, and the
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latest number of force, now they are saying that ten troops were injured. >> andrew simmons updating us from nairobi there. a lot of activity that you can see on your screen. you can see large groups of soldiers leading down to the weswestgate shopping mall, and t does look quite cloudy, and andrew said tear gas is being used to keep passersby away from any danger. let's go to tristan, tell us where you are and what you've been seeing. >> well, i' i'm not far away frm
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what is going on inside, watching through the trees. there have been a number of kenyans filing in and out of the building through a service exit. there is heavy machine gunfire, and a couple of quite large explosions. clearly quite serious fighting is going on there as they try to dislodge the terrorists from wherever they are from inside the mall. >> have you seen any hostages leaving the building? >> no, not at all. the only information we've had, you know, alleged hostage being released come from the interior ministry, no longer have we seen them. and there are very few hostage have been fired again. so it's very unclear at the
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moment how many may still be inside the building. whether they're being held hostage, or how many are trapped inside the building. >> do you feel this could be coming to the end of the operation, the kenyon government saying they're in complete control of the building and now it's just a question of flushing out the government? >> you can't be in control of the building and still have perhaps 12 gunmen running around and hiding in shops. so make that what you will. clearly this is still going on. i think the government would like to believe this is the final assault, they thought it was the final assault at 6:00 in the morning. they will know that it is the final assault when the gunmen are all finished.
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>> tristan mcconnell, correspondent for the times newspaper there on the scene where he is near that shopping center in nairobi. so just to recap the kenyon government is saying that it is in complete control. and almost all the hostages if not all of them have been removed from the building. in the last few minutes we have heard rapid, sustained gunfire, and a couple more explosions. we know there are gunmen inside who have access to explosives. there are eyewitness reports that they were wearing explosives around their waist, at the same time there was a huge fire going on, huge billowing black clouds coming out. this has been happening for hours now, the clouds of smoke coming out of the building. what ever is causing them is not under control, and the kenyan
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security forces are trying to round up the remaining gunmen. we don't know how much there are, but we know that two were killed earlier in the day. now let's take this opportunity to get more world news. the anything court has suspended the activities of the muslim brotherhood and seized all its assets and now paves the way to police from anyone taking part of the muslim brotherhood protest. the ruling won't affect the group's political group, the freedom justice party. a short time ago we spoke to a representative in the justice freedom party who works at the party's newspaper say the court ruling comes as no surprise. >> it's a continuation of what
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the military leaders are doing in egypt. again, after july 3rd, and now the freedoms are banned in egyptians, freedom of speech. >> i'm joined on the line by our correspondent in cairo. we're not naming her for security reasons. tell us what has the reaction been to this court ruling? actually, what does it mean in practical terms of the muslim brotherhood. >> we've been trying to get clarification on that, and we managed to speak to a spokesperson of whether a to test rally over egypt over the last weeks or months. whether they will be banned,
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whether the police will be allowed to go in and arrest people. the military is saying there is no law to keep the protests from continuing. they're under the umbrella of the anti-coup line. it includes the muslim brotherhood group, but other groups who disapprove of the oustindisposing of mohamed mors. they certainly don't want to inflame the situation. they're being criticized as we heard, increased repression but not allowing political expression or opposition, but at this stage they're saying protests will be allowed to continue. >> yes, that's all a bit confusing. at the same time there is another court case going on to decide whether or not it's okay to dissolve the muslim brotherhood. >> that's right.
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so this case that we're talking about today is dealing with the muslim brotherhood activities. that's why we're talking about demonstrations. but the group is involved in a lot of other activities such as charity groups, charity work, associations, different groups. so it seems at a these are the areas that are going to be targeted with this court decision. there is another court case under way. perhaps larger or more significant because it's looking at banning the group entirely. dissolving the muslim brotherhood all together. now the next meeting that have court case is in november. at the same time we have another court case going on which is looking at removing its status aas a non-government organizations. the present picture in regard to
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the muslim brotherhood is confusing. but you can step back and say, they're all trying to do the same thing. ultimately crackdown on the grouped and get it resolved. speaking to some of the junior members because most of the senior members are in prison or on the round. they'll continue the rallies, and as far as they're concerned it's business as usual.
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>> really obtain legal status. it was always treated as a semi-legal organization that was simply tolerated although it was outlawed on the books.
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i think what might be different is the current regime currently in place trying to use popular support to further clamp down the organization from society in a way that previous dictators did not dare to do because of the popularity that the muslim brotherhood enjoyed, but it's not enjoying that popularity any more. >> now political freedom is a cornerstone of democracy. how is this going to sit with some of egypt's allies like the u.s.? >> well, it's not. you have the majority of seats that were allocated to the muslim brotherhood or its allies. none of those parties are likely to be allowed to compete in up coming elections which will cast a very dark shadow on the idea of an actual democratic process. we're seeing the return of the old regime under the mu barrack
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regime that is filling that void that would have been filled by political parties that were not alive or associated in any way with the former regime. >> good to speak with you. thank you for your thoughts. >> now tens of thousands of bangladesh garment factory workers have turned out in mass rally in the country's capital. the workers are demanding a wage increase from $38 to $100. factories have agreed to a 20% increase. bangladesh $20 billion garment industry employees 4 million
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workers. we're now joined on the line from the industrial zone from the outskirts of dhaka. how are those protests going now? >> i can barely hear you. i'm right on the camp. the garment factory, the camp was right next to the factory. now we know that they were looted by the camp and destroy destroyed. the whole industry is tense. the presence of security personnel. most of the garment sections are closed right now except for two or three that we visited. they're taking a heavy risk considering what happened the
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last two days. the garments were wanting the pay raise, they're gathering in the capital city to rally to demand the raise to $100. and the minister of shipping, he was in the rally and said he would look into it. right now i'm in the camp. the camp is badly destroyed. the commander of the camp is in the hospital being treated. >> thank you very much. >> christians in pakistan are marching holding demonstration around pakistan including islamabad, karachi. and they're demanding authorities to do more to protect them.
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>> there is considerable anger of the steak on the christian kurds. behind me you can see that the protesters want justice. they say the government was unable to give them the security that was required. however, the attack comes at a time when the government was to initiate a peace dialogue. the christian community comprises about 4% of the country's total population. today you will find the christians protesting on the streets of all major cities in pakistan. >> germany's chancellor angela merkel is speaking to the main opposition about four weeks of coalition government. she has led her party to a third
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term in the national elections. merkel's conservative party was 41.5% of the vote. that's the best result in several years. she's now looking towards the social democratic party. >> today i have contact with the opposition party. it does not exclude further contact with other parties. we'll have to hold it's first meeting on friday. >> they're in berlin. what do people make of the ideal of the grand coalition? >> well, germans actually have preference for a grand coalition, at least all the possible variation that they would prefer. now to shed a little light on why is that is so, i'm joined by
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a professor. why do germans like having two parties from the center right and senator left share the power. >> people believe there would be more harmony and lesser conflicts and bigger parties more open to the best interest of society rather than a small party could be. >> and the driving of austerity, is there going to be any weakening of the austerity? >> no, i don't think. they say they will support programs of unemployment and growth. as soon as she is under pressure by other european states she will be quicker than she had
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been. >> how long will it last? >> it could last 30 days, and at present both of the parties are discussing what opportunities they have, and what chances of other parties. >> one last question, angela merkel is still in the driving seat with her resounding victory. >> yes, but the problem is she only has the opportunity to take one party as a coalition partner, and she can't choose between two or three. >> thank you, shedding light on the choices that angela merkel has before her and her resounding victory in germany yesterday. not a big enough of a victory to govern alone. she needs a coalition partner.
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>> thank you, from berlin there. syria rebel fighters say they have made gains. in hama province six people died when regime forces dropped a bomb. the victims from the village hbit are said to be from the same family. warning of a hue man caran di it waste ithumanitaria disaster in egypt. these areas have been under siege for over a year. world leaders are now gathering in new york for the annual u.n. general assembly. does the body that was founded after world war reflect modern reality? >> for 60 years this is where
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world leaders made their speeches. the words from figures like kennedy, reagan, qaddafi, mandela, were all heard in this room. now it's closed for renovation. this is where the meeting will take place, a conference room converted into an u.n. chamber where there is likely to be calls not just u.n. building but the whole system. when the united nations was first set up in the aftermath of world war ii the main decisive power was given to the u.n. security council. it has 15 members but only five are permanent. only five have the veto. those five are the countries that were on the winning side when the war ended. >> ththings have been changing, and it should rise to the occasion. the system that was set up at the time was a good one, but over the he years those things
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have changed. >> the u.n. system works when the five major powers are in agreement. but when they disagree there is bed lock. for two and a half years there has been no progress at all on syria while over 100,000 people have died. it shows all the flaws that exist in the system. one of those voices is a former u.k. diplomat who now advises the syrian opposition. >> one of the odd things that i experienced when i was on the council. with one group of people you could guarantee would not be consulted with what was being discussed on the security council would be those who wered be affected. and they would never have a chance to have a chance to say to the council of what they thought. >> there will be talk next week about reform of the whole system
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but there is little chance of concrete progress on what many people say are much-needed changes. al jazeera, united nations. >> at least 25 people have been killed in southern china after typhoon usagi made landfall. it's the deadliest storm this year. it has grounded flights and closure of roads across the area. it has been downgraded to a tropical storm. >> this is the community that bore the brunt when severe typhoon usagi came through. 250,000 people were evacuated, and that included 8,000 fishing vessels being brought onshore when they heard this massive typhoon was coming ashore. we know there is devastation coming north and east, but this faced the biggest with 13 dead. the storm continues to track its
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way through china. the concern now is less about devastation like we see in this community but more about flooding. in the infrastructure of the interior there is worry about that because this is a massive storm. right now in communities like this in eastern china, it's all about the cleanup. >> rival gangs in the cape town suburb has reached peace agreements after recent increase of shooting. the violence forced 14 stores to close temporarily and require more police on the streets. >> these children are learning what to do when they hear gunfire. it's a necessary aspect of the curriculum when it comes to this part of cape town. the school was among 14 that was forced to close when gang violence increased recently. every student has a story. >> there was shooting, and i
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didn't know which way to go. i turned around and ducked. i was lucky. >> reporter: rival gangs are fighting over the territory to sell drugs, 50 people were killed or injured before a peace agreement was reached. $600,000 has been diverted from the city's education department to put police on patrol. >> that hurts. that money was meant for education. but you can't run a school when the bullets are flying, so the first priority must be that the school doors can open. >> this is a side of cape town few tourists see. many feel oh forgotten. after 18 years in prison for murder, one gang leader said he's trying to deter students from following in his footsteps. >> at the end of the day to be a
9:44 am
gangster, it's prison or you die. there is no way you're going to survive. >> police watch over the students as they believe school. at night they seize drugs and weapons. >> at the moment police are conducting raids like this every night. but for every alleged drug dealers arrested here by tomorrow morning someone will have taken his place. >> they've been raiding some of these houses for years. that's a sign that it may take more than policing to bring just the police. >> kenyan army is now in full control of the shopping center that has been held by the al-shabaab gunmen since
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saturday. now these are the scenes just a little earlier. sustained gunfire at the westgate mall and a witness told al jazeera that he saw kenyan forces going in and out of the building. a plume of smoke can be seen move the mall. no one knows how many forces or hostages are in hiding. two gunmen have been killed on monday in addition to the 62 people killed saturday. more on kenya a little later on. we'll have all the day's sports. could henrik stinson hold his position for the $11 million payday? we'll have more on that coming up.
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>> welcome back. now terrible news. one of the world's most iconic vehicles has reached the end of the road. the last ever vw camper van will leave the factory in brazil in december. now since its launch in 1949 the german auto has built 10 million of these. it does feature on the album cover of bob dylan's second lp.
9:48 am
this van has become an icon across the globe, and many people will be desperately upset that it has finally rolled off the production line for the last time. >> it's a car that was part of my childhood. we've known it since we were kids so we were really sad when we found out production was going to stop in brazil. >> it is charismatic, you always want to be touching, driving and innovating it. >> it is a car that has not changed. a car that has remained the same throughout the years. as such, it is part of our emotional and automotive landscape. >> part of our emotional landscape. i always wanted one of those. now i never will. what's in the sports. >> gareth bale wil, the world'st expensive footballer injured
9:49 am
himself. his colleagues did okay without him coming from behind to win 4-1. christiano rinaldo. made noyes has demanded a reaction from his players. the result leaves two points behind. two goals from agrero, and torre helped city to a 4-1 victory. rooney scored their only goal. and it's the worst start to a campaign since 2004. >> i'm disappointed that we didn't perform. there's no reason for us not to perform well today. but it's one game. plenty more to come. >> it was a very important
9:50 am
result. normally you don't expect to win 4-1 against manchester united. but the most important thing is the way we played. i'm very happy. >> well, as i mentioned before. arsenal now leave the table as they beat stoke. and t the third leader to be fid this season. he has been dismissed following the awful start to the new season. four losses in five games have left the black cats at the bottom of the league with just one point. now awaiting to hear what punishment they will receive after their fans ran a riot in
9:51 am
istanbul. some believe the violence may have been politically motivated. we have more reports from the turkish capital. >> many gathered to watch their teams play. things got out of control. hundreds invaded the police and clashed with the police. thduring the game they chanted a few lines that were popular in the anti-government protest in june. they claim it was organized by another supporter group. now they're waiting for the final decision. >> holding oracle team u.s. for the one of the greatest come
9:52 am
backs in history. a few days ago they looked down and out but they've now closed the gap of team new zealand. it still required one more race for the cup. they came into the final series having been docked from a previous event. >> henrik stenso stinson is $11.4 million richer. the swede went into sunday's final round with the four-stroke lead. he was able to hold his neonerves to win by three shots. that secured $1.4 million in
9:53 am
prize money for winning the u.s. pga event. he can add another $10 million and becomes the first european to win the fedex cup and moves up fourth in the new world rankings. >> that's a fair amount. no, i mean, like i said the other day, that's definitely the second thing to me right now is having these two trophies. and to be the fedex cup champion, that means a whole lot more to me than the money, of course, is a nice bonus sebastian vettel has won the grand prix. he briefly took the lead, and then took it back almost immediately, and it never looked like he would lose it from there on. the race ended when he was in
9:54 am
fourth after the final lap. the australian managed to come back. the day belonged to his teammate vettel who increased his standing to 60 points. in the mlb the atlanta braves has clinched the division title. it sparked massive celebration, and well coco crisp with a win over the minnesota twins. they now look for home field
9:55 am
advantage in the postseason. lots more sports on our website. check out also using twitter and facebook. i'll have more for later. >> thank you for that. now the biggest night in american television, the emanies tooemmysemmys. the netflix series "house of cards" scooped the best drama director prize. first emmy for a show broadcast entirely online. well, staying with the theme of hollywood, some of the biggest stars he'ding east as china's wealthiest man announced the building of a mega city.
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>> a splash of show biza-listers brought in for this event. the launch of the city's oriental movie me drop police touted as the biggest investment in the history of movie industry. >> i'm very happy. this is very beautiful. there will be more people coming here to make films and to attend the film festival. >> the man behind the project is china's richest tycoon, whose conglomerate included the buyout of america's cinema chain. >> the entertainment industry, in the west it's development has slowed down but in china it has just started so we have great hope. >> the project which will incorporate 20 sound stages as well as hotels, shopping malls
9:57 am
and an amusement park is seen as his biggest move yet into the entertainment industry. it is seen as the further evidence of the importance of the chinese market to the world's filmmakers. it's enough to make stars like nicole kidman learn to say hello in chinese. >> just to remind you of the latest developments on the ground in nairobi where that hostage siege as been going on for the last three days. you can see thick black clouds rising from the westgate small, and the kenyon government says that the military are in full control, and they're combing all the floors of the shopping center for gunmen who are in hiding. they also say they've got most of the hostages out of the building. they have seen no signs of that.
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still a developing situation we'll bring you the latest on that straight after the break. stay with us.
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>> this is al jazeera. i'm dale walters. these are the stories that we're following. black smoke has been pouring out of that building in kenya. kenyan officials are blaming the smoke on al-shabab fighters burning mattresses there. government forces went into the mall earlier today determined to take it back and free any remaining hostages. explosions and gunfire have been heard coming from the mall throughout the morning. president obama will be involved with united nations


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