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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 23, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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>> hello, welcome to the news hour, live from our broadcast insertion in doha and london. the top stories on al jazeera. the battle for control of the westgate shopping center as night falls in nairobi. sustained gun fire and explosions were heard all day, we'll have the very latest in the scene from the kenyan capital. also this 84, suspended of
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their assets, the court contraction down on the muslim brotherhood. >> i'm barbara sera in london. angela merkel starts a new term but insists germany's monetary policy won't change. kenyan are military is continuing into the night, at least 63 people including three fighters according to the kenyan are government. the group al shabaab carried out the attack. >> the final stage to a siege hathat has cost so many lives. stretched to a break point, the
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military engaged in an operation they say saved lives. then this. persistent heavy gun fire, the thick pall of smoke has been there for an hour or more and this does look like the final stages about the no one's exactly sure exactly what the situation is. the interior ministry say the al shabaab is responsible for this, it detonated when. >> has never been higher. and we want to say that we will take the war to the criminals' door steps. this is our country. we are in control of the security situation and kenyans should be -- should take comfort that the country is in our hands. >> he also said, ten soldiers were injured during this stage
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of the operation and two of the gunmen were killed. it stills raimtion unclear on what's -- remains unclear on what's happened to the other gunmen. ever since the attack happened, images have been slowlily filtering out. these shoppers at a supermarket were attempting to find cover over indiscriminate gun fire. they shouted to each other, some made a run to exits. here a mother and child lay prone on the floor. apparently trying to pretend they'd been killed. no one knew whether the figure on the other side of the screen was a shopper or a gunman. in another part of the mall, police moved from store to store constantly vigilant. they checked some out, whether they were gunmen.
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such was the level of confusion. security members were trying to hunt down gunmen while getting people safety. this led to shock permeating throughout this city. the black smoke of a deadly attack thick in the air. andrew simmons al jazeera nairobi. >> well we've heard from the kenyan government all day today. let's hear from al shabaab. abu omar, thank you very much for talking to us here on al jazeera. now, the kenyan government says it's in full control of the situation at westgate mall. the security says they have killed three of your men. what is your situation as it stands right now? >> i begin, on this visit the enemy, to permission has been
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given to those leaders who are in control who have been oppressed, able to give them victory. as the situation stands now it's the third day, kenyan government seized control of the situation on the ground, the kenyan forces have attempted new occupation to storm the building, they were supported by their jewish u.s. and britain, touched with the mujahadeen, and so they believed to be jewish and operations are still ongoing, which have been on the kenyan part by jewish u.s. and british forces. but i'm concerned to you now, control of the situation on the ground, and the kenyan public,
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these attacks for the rest of their lives if they fail to meet our forces from our country. >> mr. omar you say you've killed 13 of the kenyan security forces. they say that three of your men have been killed. how many of your people are still inside the westgate mall, how many are still alive? >> the mugahadeen -- >> how many of them? >> i cannot tell you how many there are due to the ongoing operation. >> all right. you said you will not negotiate with the kenyan government. said there would be no demand so what exactly are you trying to achieve through this attack at the westgate mall, what's your purpose, what's the mission here? >> okay that is quite simple. certainly we do not want any negotiations with the kenyan government, as we've made that quite clear. but the kenyan public needs to understand perfectly, we did not
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mobilize forces against the kenyan government, we did not invade their territory, or encroach upon property and homes, shopping malls. in fact, kenyan people were until they invaded our country. they were allowed to be subjugated, international community the proxy statement, is there any actions of the kenyan government when they invaded somalia they refugee camps so why is this -- >> bull al shabaab has been killing somalis and muslims and we've heard reports inside the westgate mall, your people
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separated kenyans from nonkenyans, why did you do that? >> this war, i'm concerned that the mujahadeen, the muslims apart from the attack and that was done in order to safeguard welt and prosecute in violable, we take place the lines-- >> but sir al shabaab has guild thousands of muslims in somalia right now about when you say you're trying not to target muslims when you have done so for so many years in somalia. >> that is your interpretation,
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which i'm not -- >> are you denying that you have killed muslims and somalis in the past? >> what i'm telling you is we have done everything practically possible not to of this attack and quite clear, we are fighting to defend the rights of muslims, rather than gang up on all the muslims or killing muslims. so our job is to protect islam, protect the muslims, in that way of killing muslims, in this main attack we having supplied the operation as i just told you, inside the mall and they told us that no muslim was killed and they tried to. >> no muslims have been killed in this attack you say but certain thousands of muslims have died in somalia over the years. let me just ask you.
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we've heard reports of foreign fighters involved in this attack at the westgate mall can you confirm this? >> i can neither confirm nor deny this, the mujahazeen. >> we have heard from warning that al qaeda would be going after soft targets from now on. is this what this attack is? >> al qaeda are our leaders, they are our mentors, they're our leaders and they are are operating all if in a conflict against international christians and so the as muslims this is what, in muslim we are in this altogether. >> who is commanding this attack in nairobi, is al qaeda giving you orders? >> al shabaab, what is the difference is -- >> are you taking orders from al qaeda right now?
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>> sorry? >> are you taking orders from al qaeda? >> our leaders will take orders from our leaders, they are our leaders our tbroarlts and we have every right to listen to their guidance, the military instructions, and as they instruct we listen and we obey. >> all right well thank you very much for speaking to us, mr. omar, aba omar, a leader from mogadishu. joining us here in the studio on this al jazeera news hour is martin readoon, a former chief of the fbi, we have heard from al shabaab, we have all made of shabaab what, do you make of what you heard? they said they are in control of the situation, the kenyan government say no they are in control. what is it as you say? >> first of all the rhetoric,
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basing their complaints in this case about the kenyan government fighting against the somalis in somalia. his claim that they control the situation i think watching the news the last three days and the witness he or officials who have been interviewed i would say that the kenyan government has control of that situation. nobody is getting in or out of the mall unless they want. and as the fire is put down, there is -- they seem to be moving, closing that net more and more. >> what we also got from hearing from them is that they are clearly determined they're not making any demands, not negotiating whatsoever. this cost very bloody until the end. >> it appears it will. at this point there are no surviving attackers that have been taken into custody. you had the three or so that have been killed. so you could have survivors.
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but probably not by their own choice. wounded they go down and they're taken into custody. >> so how then do the kenyan security forces go about resolving this standoff without of course putting the lives of the remaining hostages, we don't know how many hostages are left in the building of course at risk, while at the same time flushing out these rebels? >> they will continue what they've been doing all day, slow methodology movement closing in that net. and again as you said, we don't know right now if there are hostages in there. >> it might take how long do you think? i mean they said earlier that the operation is almost over but it doesn't look like it. could we be in for another few hours another day or two even, perhaps? how long do these types of situations last? >> the timing is controlled by the fire. as long as that fire is burning, and there is smoke and -- >> fire above the building? >> fire in the building. with the smoke and the toxic
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fumtiofumes in there there's nog that the security forces could do. >> do you see this -- how do you view this attack by al shabaab, very sophisticated, she audacious. what about the movement, you heard from the commander that they said they are now allied into al qaeda. morphing into something bigger, badder if you will? >> it was a complicated operation, i think that it shows that they were able to rebound after they've been pounded hardly or heavily for the last two years by kenyan or u.s. forces or african union u.s. forces, they have rebounded or this is their biggest operation sings uganda. -- since uganda. they have shown they can put a cell in there, simultaneous
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entry from multiple locations in that mall. they're there and they're a force to reckon with for now. >> and for now, it will be interesting and of course we'll keep an eye on the situation and see how the standoff ends in nairobi. we'll have more on this siege during this news hour. there's plenty on the website. on the meantime now, more news. muslim brotherhood says it will appeal a ruling by the egyptian court. allows anyone taking part in protests organized by the muslim brotherhood. but egyptian government says it won't stop, when mohamed morsi was overthrown. more from our correspondent in cairo. >> one of the most significant impacts will be on protests and demonstrations.
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durations, any rallies where there are slogans or where the muslim brotherhood is directly behind the organization of that demonstration. however, over the last few weeks and months what we've seen ask most of the demonstrations in egypt have been organized by this broader umbrella group, the anticoup alliance, the muslim brotherhood is part of this group. however these types of demonstrations by the anti-coup alliance will be able to continue. essentially brotherhood will be allowed to continue its activities under the auspices of the bigger group, real estate offices, suspending of bank accounts, charity work. remembering that many of the senior leaders of the group have already had their assets frozen in previous court cases. so it's certainly going to have an impact on the group.
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>> still ahead on the news hour, signs of authority. iran will discuss its nuclear aspirations on the sidelines of the u.n. generallably. plus. workers hold a duration. and an unscheduled lift proves costly for a nascar driver. more later. illegalities bring you some news from europe now. germany's chancellor angela merkel fresh from winning a third term has contacted her social democrat opponent for coalition talks. the results for the other party means she will need a new coalition partner. her conservative cvu party won
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45.4% of the vote, its best result in 43 years. meanwhile, merkel's coalition allies the free democrats had a terrible night. they failed to win even the 5% of votes that are needed to be represented in parliament. greens and reds took more than 8% of the vote. >> on sunday they integrated a win bigger than anyone imagined but not big enough to govern alone. so on monday it was back to work to find a coalition partner. >> we are of course open for talks. and i have already had initial contact with the sbd chairman who said the sbd must first hold a meeting of its leaders on friday. >> the spd or social democrats,
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angela merkel's opponents on the center left, with chancellor merkel's party four years ago and will bargain hard this time for a better deal. >> the sbd is not standing in line or applying. after ms. merkel ruined her former coalition partner, to line up now so to speak as a success is not our intention, so we're going into the talks very calmly and will agree with sbd representatives at the party friday. >> neither is throwing itself into the arrangement. a win by angela merkel guarantees her four more years in that building, the chancellor's office. the talks will be tough possibly lasting many weeks. she won't want to give away any more political capital than she
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has to. they will want as much as they can get. in europe, mrs. merkel will find her win a powerful endorsement for a single currents. alternative for germany narrowly missed making it into plairnlt t thiplacement -- parliament. the christians democrats will have to explain why it makes sense not only politically and historically but also economically to support greece and portugal and give more money to europe. >> she's proven merself to be one of europe's most resill yant leaders. the assumption is that angela
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merkel will emerge dominant but it will be several weeks before that will be said with certain certainty. al jazeera berlin. three police officers have been removed if their post as the police force starts an inquiry of links to the far right golden dawn party. the murder of a musician from a member of golden dawn. suggests the police have been assisting golden dawn in criminal activity. >> another seven have been suspended pending an internal affairs investigation in which prosecutors will be present to determine whether and to what extent greek police officers, individuals, had dealings with golden dawn operatives and functionaries, and to what extent had may have been
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systemic. they have over the last year since golden dawn entered parliament, variation allegation he in the press that there was an informal collaboration between police units and golden dawn functionaries, particularly when it came to labor rallies which were heffary left wing, indicating that perhaps golden dawn which was far right, took part in suppressing actions of the left wing labor groups. but these now top brass in the police force have been suspended following police investigation. >> i'll have more in the news hour, now go back to folly in doha. >> thank you, 30 other people were injured. in syria rebels say they've made gains in southern aleppo.
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in eastern hamma province 16 people died when police dropped a bomb on a residential area. leader of hezbollah has denied receiving chemical weapons from the syrian regime. that shipment of chemical weapons have been are delivered but nazralla says he's against the use of chemical weapons for religious reasons. top five leaders are to meet rawfnian leaders to discuss restarting of nuclear talks. hasan rouhani has urged negotiations go ahead. james base is at the united nations in new york.
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what's come out of the meeting with katherine ashton today? >> very, very important developments i think. the iranian president hassan rouhani is in his way to new york, still in the air. but his foreign minister has been having initial meetings with western leaders, with the eastern european leaders, further meetings in geneva, but i think the most important development is that meeting that's going to take place in new york here on thursday. is because around the table yes, you have that p-5 plus one, the permanent members of the security council and germany meeting with iran. among those seven foreign ministers though, we're getting the news that the u.s. will be sending the secretary of state john kerry, the iranian foreign minister and his u.s.
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counterpart. that is the miest meeting from anyone in iran and the united states for 40 years, a very, very important development. >> quite significant indeed. so world leaders will be in new york all week. and the crisis is atop the agenda. what can we expect on that? >> well, this is the third year that they've met while war has been raging in syria. the situation is getting worse and worse. this time last year the official death toll stood at 20,000. the potential death toll and everybody believes that undercounts is around 100,000. earlier i spoke to the president of oxfam america. >> the potential for a widening crisis throughout the are region, the pleerdz must realize
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there's an -- the leaders must realize that there's really importance that we head this week towards trying to lay the pathway for durable peace, think about chemical weapons and arms embargo and cease fires. >> there with will be more talk about chemical weapons, pushing through that deal between russians and the u.s. in geneva, also efforts to try to get both sides around the able to again in geneva over the coming days. >> thank you james. still ahead on the news hour, devastation after typhoon usagi makes land fall. the toughest race in u.s. history, back after the break.
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>> welcome back. watching the news hour on al jazeera. kenyan security forces are still battling for control of the westgate shopping center in nairobi, operations continue for a third straight night. al shabaab told al jazeera it attacked the shopping center because of kenya's military involvement in somalia, it is not open to any negotiations with the kenyan government. and top diplomats from six world powers known as the p-5 plus one are set to meet this week, sanctions on nuclear negotiations can move ahead. on our top story, our siege at the westgate shopping center. mulla omar told us, let's take a
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listen. >> first of all we do not want any negotiation with the kenyan government, we've made that quite clear. but the kenyan government needs to be quite clear, we did not invade their territory we did not encroach poj the homes, towns and shopping malls. in fact the kennans until they invaded our country so we are honor bound to defend our freedom and we are not allowed to be subjugated, even worst option at the moment is the international region, action he of the kenyan government when they invaded somalia. but refugee camps shelled. >> why has al shabaab been killing somalis and muslims.
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we have heard reports that your men separated muslims from nonmuslims at the westgate shopping center, why is that? >> i'm concerned that the attacks, the muslims from the attack. and that was done in order to safeguard the lives, they are in viinviolable . >> peter, the al shabaab commander we heard about said they didn't target muslims in this attack but 62 people have been killed and many reports indicate that there were muslim victims as well in this crisis. >> we're going to have to wait
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and see until we get a final list of casualties. but it's very difficult to imagine there weren't muslims involved caught up in this attack. we've also learned separately that those muslims were separated. i think that is pretty much confirmed. it is not always easy to tell who is a muslim and who isn't. but we do know that the gunmen were shooting at random as they went through the building. it is highly likely even probable that the muslims were caught up. there is a large asian community the this particular neighborhood and there are many muslims, hindus among them and we know they were there at the time of the shooting. >> so where do things stand right now peter? we have heard from al shabaab saying they are in control, we've aheard from the kenyan government saying they're in control. bring us up to speed with the
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latest with what you've been seeing and hearing in the last few hours. >> he? yes, it is pretty difficult to understand who's in control and that definition is flexible i would guess. at least what the kenyan troops are telling us. they say the kenyan troops are going through the building searchinsearching the building g for surviving al shabaab fighters. we still don't know if there are any other survivors who are perhaps hiding. it is going to take a long timer before this situation is resolved, and it will take a while before we know what the final situation is. we know that ten people have been arrested in connection with this crisis and they're being questioned. we don't know who they are.
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we don't know where they were picked up. but there is an ongoing investigation. >> peter, the fear of course is there could be a backlash against the somali community in kenya. there are a lot of somalis who live in kenya. how have they been responding to this crisis, what's been their reaction? >> well, they've been very, very concerned about being singled out. we've sooner a lot -- soon a lot of comments on facebook, twitter, we've seen a backlash or at least i'm not sure bash lack is--backlash is the right term for it. it's not all muslims that are responsible for this attack, if
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somali community has gone out of their way to arrange a news conference to indicate how much in support they are, call for blood donors, they have set up tents in the smal somali distrf nairobi, somali businessmen brought in a lot of food and water and supplies here for sol judicious. as a matter of fact i'll ask john to pan off a little bit to show you the supplies they offloaded here. it's really to make people understand, kenyans understand they do not support this action and they are kenyans. this whole issue is worrying the kenyan community and don't want to go through that again. >> that's peter gresde, around
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we'll follow all the developments from the kenyan capital. tens of thousands of bangladeshi garment workers are creating a demonstration. hundreds of factories have shut down because of the demonstration. >> here is the report. >> auxiliaauxiliary right next e factory, we know from the incident report we got here is all rifles were looted from the camp, they were destroyed and thrown outside the nearby area in the camp. the whole industrial situation is tense right now, several of security personnel, most of the garment factories, except two or
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three where we visited, they had no choice but to open because they are shipping at nighttime. they were taking a happy chance considering what happened last night. government workers insist on a pay raise across the nation and on saturday they try to gather in the capitol city for a rally demanding a raise $200, and the government salesperson the minister for shipping he was in the rally propositioning he would look into it. right now? i'm in the camp, cmple is i have bahave. >> ties foofn usagi made land fawrl. winds up to 160 kilometers right across the region. scott hydler reports.
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>> chan dwvmento grew as a port, a combination of the massive storm and high tide because of a full moon. chanto saw the worst flooding from this typhoon, storm surge around rain, a day after this storm hit. as this city tries to clean up after, tens of thousands do not have power. it was the water that was the most devastating. this is the worst flood in 30 years. i have never seen such a big flood. the government gave us early warning of the phi noon, a lot of people were evacuated and they cleared the water quickly. >> thousands of people were taken to higher ground, keeping
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down the level of life lost but not possessions. allowing people to start off the week after the ploon cake festival. because of thousands of closed flights and rail lines. but for the people of this city, the holiday that left scars no. the remainder of next year. chando, china. barbara. ali, thank you. the captain of the costa concordia has blamed his helmsman for failing to prevent the ship from running aground in front of giglio last year.
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told a hearing that's being held in a theater that he's being blamed for mechanical problems and failings by other members of the crew. >> when i asked the helmsman to put the rudder to the left, the ship had an angular acceleration to the right. the failure to pull the rudder to the left caused an acceleration to the right. >> spain's amnesty laws prevent investigation of crimes from before 1976. so a group of former prisoners took their case to argentina which is now seeking arrest warrants for several former franco officials. hoping international pressure will help bring those responsible to justice. >> fortunately the majority of the vixtion of the fanco are
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regime, there is fear to speak of this in spain. >> the austin tv perchlt rob harris has appeared in ooshes tv experiential rob harris has appeared in front of court. historic sex ofns he. harris hosted tv shows including rolf haifs's cartoon time and had several chart hits. his lawyer indicated he would plead not guilty. now, at best they are a nuisance and at worse they can be deadly. most of us have experienced the coughs and aches that come with flu, once in our lives. but soon no more. scientists in the u.k. say they have created a blueprint that could protect from every form of the flu.
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tim harris has a look. >> this is what kills thousands of people every year, a flu advisor that can document, leaving doctors one step behind. until now researchers to imperial college in long done, have developed a cd 8t sell, a virus killing cell. for the first time it was imroisintroduced during a panden 2009. >> turns out the more of the t cells you are, the less likely you are to get unwell with pandemic flu. >> this is a t cell,. >> engaging with it and about to deliver a lethal hit. >> a vaccine that stimulates the body to produce more t cells could prevent new flu strains
2:44 pm
that cross fro to huments museus and pigs. >> a universal vaccine will now take some time to develop, but it could be in doctor surgeries within ten years. >> worldwide alarm at any new flu pandemic may one day be a thing of the past. tim friend, al jazeera, imperial college, london. >> that is the news from europe for a moment. now let's go back to folly in doha. >> sports news is coming up next on the news hour. england announces a surprise inclusion. robin's got all the details coming up shoreline.
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>> welcome back. now, a four-year-old boy has died in a suburb of new orleans in the u.s. state of louisiana after becoming infected with a rare amoeba. the third case since 2011. andy gallagher reports from new orleans. >> in st. bernard parish residents are loading up on bottled water. contaminated water is still a worry. >> i don't trust it. i don't think i need to risk my young once, i have another four-year-old. he likes to play in his tub.
2:47 pm
it's a shame he can't play in his tub while taking a bath because i'm afraid he'll get a brain amoeba. >> we've elected not to swim until it's cleared up. they don't seem sure of that. if they're not sure i'm not sure. >> their fears come from the death of drake smith junior, brain eating amoeba known as naglari, femuli. the system has been flushed with additional chlorine and is now safe. >> we have boots on the ground. we take it serious. we have to take it seared. do i believe it is in the water system? no i do not believe it is in the water system. >> the amoeba only causes a problem when it enters a person's nasal passage, take sensible precautions and stressing the drinking water is
2:48 pm
extremely safe. the chance he of getting the amoeba is extremely rare. >> an expert in parasitic diseases say parents shouldn't be overly concerned. >> if you want your child not to die a horrible death, you lock them into the car every civilian time, you put a helmet on their head. because the likelihood is so much smaller from nigleria than these things that we recognize as daily risks is kind of amazing. >> they now say it's safe to drink but there may be a time before residents feel safe. andy gallagher. where al jazeera. >> thank you, now sports. >> grand lift with fran do lanza, retired during the final
2:49 pm
lap of the race as the engine caught on fire. the race itself was won by weber's team mate, who has increased his champions lead to 60 points. monmonty panasar, has had an eventful 12 months from inspiring glabden to victory, arrested following an incident outside a brighton night club. are. >> yes, monty had his problems which we've worked hard to rectify in the last six weeks or so and he's worked hard to rectify in the last six weeks or so. he's a proven international bowler, he's shown what he's capable of doing on many occasions for, so from a
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selection point of view he knows what's expected of him and will do well to produce for us. three game outburst targeted at a referee. he reportedly made insulting and irritating comments. about supermario as he's well-known will miss crucial clashes between bologna, and uventis. >> on sunday decanio became the first premier league manager to be fired this season. helped relegation this firm but he's been dismissed following a poor record, bottom of the lead by one point.
2:51 pm
david mors has demand he a reaction from his players. the result leaves city just two goals behind, how city claim a 4-1 win. are they're now eight with seven points from five games, that reptsd the worst start to campaign since 2004. >> there was no reason for us not to perform well today. there is one game. plenty more to come. and point in time for us to try and fix it. >> there's one league game in spain on sunday, a win for either side would see them move into the champion league spots. meanwhile the world's most expensive footballer, injuring
2:52 pm
himself, coming from behind, chris charch reynalldo. >> 3-1 victory coming from seville. >> now could they hold this article team u.s.a, create one of the biggest come backs? a few days ago, closed the gammon emirates team. what this means is they trail the kiwi boat. rules infringement on a previous event but it seems like the momentum is on the tream that
2:53 pm
won the last four races of the season. henrik swenson, swede went into sun's round with a four shot lead, holding his nerve as he finished 2 under par 68, for a total 267, three shot win that of course secured him a $1.4 million in prize money for u.s. tour events and he can also adds $10 million to that, fourth in the world rankings. >> that's a fair amount. no, i mean, like i said the other day, that's definitely the second thing to me right now, it's having these two trophies on my fourth time on the pga tour and the fedex champion that means a lot more than the money
2:54 pm
of course. it's a nice bonus. >> the mlb has clinched the national league, title. the reds first division title in eight years. the atlanta braves are into the process for the second consecutive year. that's the sports. >> fairfax financial holdings, on friday blackberry announced a net operating loss of more than $1 billion. it would lay off more than 4,000 workers. blackberry has a struggled to compete in a market dominated by iphone and samsung. >> what we have been watching is the very slow fairly painful and
2:55 pm
public death of blackberry. the public scrutiny of what comes as a public holding company, fairfield financial holdings making a takeover. its numbers won't so closely be looked at. it is a rehow they are going to move forward now. that's the key, the company said this is a new exciting clap. what remains to be sooner and what they can, see if they can get back to the market or they simply abandon frying to get into the consumer smartphone market altogether. and cede the market. >> all right cath turner, let's update you on the situation in
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nairobi kenya, our top story throughout the day in al jazeera. the standoff at the westgate shopping mall continues. those are live pictures. third nightly of the siege at the shopping center which began on saturday when al shabaab fighters stormed the mall and killed shoppers who were there on a saturday afternoon. right now, it is all quiet, outside the westgate mall but throughout day we heard sustained gun fire as police tried to storm out the rebels, flush them out of the mall, without harming the remaining hostages. still an unknown number of hostages inside the building we understand not clear how many, not clear how many attackers are still hold up inside. kenyan police say they are in control of the situation which an al shabaab commander we spoke to this hour has denied.
2:57 pm
kenyan police say they have killed three al shabaab attackers, no word how many are still inside the westgate mall. mohamed adoho will be up with the latest in our next hour. meanwhile look back at the events in nairobi.
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>> hello, and welcome to al jazeera. i'm tony harris. here are your headlines. a fire broke out at the mall in nairobi, kenya. gunmen from the group al shabaab, set fire to mattresses, unsure if there are any hostages still left in the mall. u.n. general assembly meets, president obama is expected to be there and expected to meet with other leaders and the civil war in syria is expected to be the biggest topic on the agenda. and another meeting is going down in washington but this one is over the national budget. congress has


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