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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 23, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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>> this is al jazeera ji'm tony harris live, from new york city. our top stories, searching for an end to the violent standoff in a kenyan shopping mall. word leaders gather in new york and the new iranian president's outreach to the west. and trying to avoid a government shutdown. >> it has been nearly three days
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since gunmen stormed a mall in kenyan's capitol and the tense standoff is still not over. here is what we know right now, kenyan's interior ministry says there are few many any hostages still in the fall, but police believe there are still al-shabab gunmen in the building. five americans are among the bu dozens who have been injured. kenya's interior min stray says the al-shabab gunmen set fire to mattresses. kenyan security forces say they are in control of most of the mall. al jazeera, mohammed has the latest. >> reporter: what is happening right now is the government
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forces are there. they are continuing to try to rescue as many hostages as possible, and maybe take over those who are coordinating the rescue effort. the interior minister and chief of forces have spoken a little earlier to the media, and they say they are in control of the mall. that doesn't mean that they have everything -- that everywhere in the mall it means that they are surrounding the mall and they are also in many parts and there is no one who can escape of the gunmen. they have also been giving figures including 62 people dead, 69 people unaccounted for, missing. they don't know where they are. they say they managed to kill three of the attackers and more than 300 have been injured, and more than ten people have been
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arrested. some of these people were arrested, other [ inaudible ] international airport, nairobi's main international airport while they were trying to leave the country. still there is some smoke coming out, and authorities explain that it's the gunmen who lit mattresses to try to disinstruct them from what they were doing. >> al-shabab has also been blamed for self-other attacks in eastern africa in recent years. >> reporter: the attack in nairobi is one of the biggest attack outside of somalia.
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al-shabab's leader managed to realign the group's leadership and consolidate his power by killing some of his main components. al-shabab first took control in 2006. and they fought european troops who invaded somalia. after the defeat at the hands of the ethiopian troops the group went underground. it's during these times that the group sworal alley gansz to alguy da.
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>> translator: be warned, we are coming. >> reporter: al-shabab also implemented strict control. they filmed the first evidence of the foreign fighters bolstering al-shabab's run. the kenyan troops went to war, and a year later, facing thousands of troops and the occasional suspected american drawn strike, al-shabab fled its biggest source of revenue. it hit back with attacks like car bombs, suicide attacks.
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al-shab al-shabab, the kenyans say there will be let up in the fight against them. dozens of world leaders of converging on new york city for the annual meeting of the united stations. iran's new president is also here. sudan's president could make an appearance. interesting, he is wanted by the international criminal court on genocide charges. john people thought that mr. obama would meet be the i n iranian president, but now it's reported that secretary kerry may meet with him. >> yes, but don't rule it out. for the first time in many years
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there is to be a top-level meeting between iran and the us. and germany is also involved in the process. they will have a meeting here and the american who will be in the american chair will be secretary of state, john kerry. he'll be meeting with iran's foreign minister. and that is quite a way to begin to what could be a very newsy general assembly for once. president obama is coming tomorrow. will speak tomorrow, and then over and above that you have the israelis and pal stan wr -- palestinians. it is often not you get to say
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it could be a very newsy general assembly. >> yeah. yeah. talk to me about the american agenda for next week. there's a fight against nuclear weapons, and chemical weapons. >> regarding iran quickly, the two country's interest in the region are aligning after many years in which they have been going in the separate direction. and america is looking to get out of lots of sticky patchies it is in in the middle east. i think you will see president obama and john kerry spending a lot of time trying to get the city council together on geneva. it's a very important deal between two important countries. for that to happen it has to
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come here to the security council and be enshrined in a resolution. so they will be working hard to try to get that done as quickly as possible. >> john, so much as this as you know is all about the optics, a political dance, who will attend, who will not attend. is the sudanese president applying for a visa to attended? >> we are told he is coming. he said it's sudan's right to attend the general assembly, and it is. whether he himself comes, that's a different question. omar has been the leader of sudan for many years, but he is accused, indicted of genocide,
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and war against humanity. if he comes here he is going to embarrass the united nations because it was the security council that referred him in 2005. if he comes he is not a signatory to the icc. so they are not obligated to arrest him. in fact they are obligated to make sure he has safe passage. al jazeera has discovered this year's general assembly is going to be over there. and if he comes he will be sitting with his delegation right in front of the delegation representing the united states. >> oh, my, something tells me the u.s. will slow walk that visa application. >> that's true. exactly. you have got it. they have done it before. >> absolutely. and to discuss what is on the a
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genda, james voice is with us, he is a seen i don't know fellow at kings college in london. james good to have you back on the program. let's start here. secretary kerry meeting with his iranian is counterpart. i'm told it is the first time since 1972 if it happens. warmer language coming from iran's president. is there a reason for optimism here? >> reporter: well, good evening, it's always good to speak to you have. this is going to be the highest level meeting since the carter administration. so we go back an awful long way to that point. i think there are reasons to be optimistic, we have seen
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encouraging signs prior to this, but not to this level. it now looks like we have this meeting with kerry confirmed. there's all sorts of speculation that there might be an accidental meeting between the leaders of the two countries, but it's all looking very, very positive isn't it? >> yeah, it is. what would be a truly encouraging sign to you, coming out of the p5 plus 1 meeting. a meeting between the united states and iran. what would be really ground breaking, a bit of news, encouraging as a sign of improved communications. >> as john as was saying it is going to be a very newsy
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convention. if you have the image of the president of the united states with the president of iran, that could be quite something, wouldn't it? if you are going to start talking about a move away from sanctions, and some degree of shift so he could start seeing high-level talks. anything that comes out of this, that starts the ball rolling, a lot of imagery perhaps, but they have symbolic and political momentum. >> do you believe the iranians in partnership with the russians are willing to have a substantive conversation on syria, not just on chemical weapons, but on the civil war itself? >> well, i do believe that there's very little other place to go with regard to this.
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i think putin has played an absolutely blinder here with regard to this. the americans are on the back foot as appear to be hesitant. you may have seen the piece about obama being on the back foot. i think the russians and syrians have taken -- made a surprise. america needs allies in that part of the world. >> would we be saying this about the russians if there hadn't been the credible threat of force from president obama? >> of course, the white house would like everyone to believe that, but i think one of the great problems here for the obama administration is all the impetus for change and progress
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appears to be coming from the other side. we have seen russian step up to an apparent slip by kerry. and the ironians are using twitter, if you can believe it, so start engagement with the british and others. so the impus us the seems to be coming from other areas. it will be interesting how the house with may try to spin this. >> yeah. good to talk to you, james. he is a senior fellow at kings college in london. >> thanks, james. >> cooler weather has moved in to the united states especially to the north. today the first day of fall,
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well, with that chill in the air, now we're talking about mountain snow. we got some snow in fair banks, k.c. -- alaska but we have also seen about 4 inches in colorado. a big concern is how soon will winter weather settle in for the rocky mountains, because they need to repair their bridges and roads. they have got a lot of repair to do in the rockies and they are trying to do it quickly before the winter weather moves in. we have a fos -- frost advisory. a lot of folks will be in the
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mid-30s to start the day. montana we'll have more powerful winds and winter weather. a well-known phone company is selling, and a giant auto maker is experimenting with a new kind of health insurance policy. we're back in a minute. together unexpected voices closest to the story, invite hard-hitting debate and desenting views and always explore issues relevant to you.
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remember this the crack berry? but the company announced it is about to be sold.
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it is reached a tentative deal with a canadian firm, the price tag $3.7 billion. blackberry is credited with inventing the smartphone but couldn't keep pace with rivals apple and samsung. while president obama is at the un a political showdown is looming no washington. once again a government shutdown is on the horizon. congress
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[ technical difficulties ] october 1st being tuesday, that's the beginning of a new fiscal year. congress has passed exactly zero of the 12 bills to fund the government beyond october 1st. the chief conservative fire brand fighting for the defunding of obamacare, ted cruz from texas, is trying to convince the
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senate at this hour to defund the president's health care law. harry reid stood up and objected to a number of motions that ted cruz made. we are in the procedural of role here now. harry reid filed the first motion. it will ripen over the course of two days. the first vote will come wednesday, and then more votes throughout the week and into the weekend, and then the senate will take out the coupling of obamacare to funding the government, send it back to the house. question then, tony will it be too late and what will john boehner do? >> yeah, you just said the motion will ripen over the next few days. you do have a good way with
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words. >> capitol hill talk. sorry. >> no, it's fine. if a deal is not reached by october 1st, what then, mike? >> well, there has not been sun sing single appropriation's bill passeded. in january '96, the defense bill has passed, the defense bill has not passed in this circumstance. and while most government spending is mandatory, 40% has not passed the senate, and the key is what he will tell conservatives when this comes back to the house without the obamacare funding in it. >> all right. mike viqueira thank you. after the budget and
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possible government shutdown are all sorted out, one item for house republicans may be the approval of the xl pipeline. >> reporter: the proposed keystone xl pipeline has prompted hundreds of rallies and protest. a house subcommittee website even has a keystone clock counting the days to when the energy giant first submitted us application to the u.s. government. the keystone pipeline would carry crude oil from canada's tar sands to refineries on the u.s. gulf coast of mexico. the approval process has been as long as, well, the pipeline itself. right now the state department
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is working on a review that runs more than 2,000 pages. that has generated more than a million public comments. this summer president obama said he would approve it if and only if it doesn't increase greenhouse emissions. >> the net effects of the pipeline's impact on our climate will be absolutely critical to determining whether this project is allowed to go forward. >> reporter: key sense to opponents say it would be an environmental disaster. tar sand is thick sticky stuff like tar that has to be heated up before it will be pumped out. canada is considering building a nuclear reactor just to get the
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oil out the ground. and that will create more carbon emissions. some say if keystone is approved it is game over when it comes to the climate when it comes to climate change. supporters, and there are democrats and republicans who back it, say keystone is critical for american's energy future, that it would create thousands of jobs and pour billions into the u.s. economy, and says this oil is going to go to the market one way or another. the state department review won't be done until december at the earliest. so you are going to be hearing about keystone for sometime to come. ♪
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now a look at the sports headlines and a story of one player making headlines for all of the wrong reasons. yeah, 49ers linebacker checking himself into rehab after being arrested for us is petition of dui. he apologized to his teammates and fans after yesterday's loss to the colts, and he promises that he'll fix the problem. he will not play on thursday night against the rams. on the field the chicago bare dr -- bears defense forced five turnovers yesterday. on the diamond, the yankees are shutting down cc sabatia for the rest of the season. he was scheduled to start on
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wednesday night against the r e race -- rays. but sabatia has a strained left hamstring. if you are going to the math, the yankees, tony, are going to need a miracle to make the playoffs. >> that's the longest of long shots? >> yeah. yeah. seizing assets banning activities. and educating the uninsured the cost to promote open enrollment for the health care exchanges. real money. victoria azarenko
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welcome back to al jazeera, here is a look at today's top stories. katherine soy found herself ducking for cover while reporting on a standoff in kenya. she and her crew are okay. kenyan's interior minister said gunmen set mattresses on fire, and they said that there are very sure that there are few if any hostages in the mall. more than 130 heads of state
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are planning on attending the general assessably in the un. if a deal isn't reached millions of americans won't get their social security or medicare payments mailed to them on time. every day this week, al jazeera will be focusing on the changes coming to the health care industry. obamacare will man straight that most people and their dependents have insurance or will have to pay a penalty. that coverage starts on jan 1st, and on march 31st, 2013, open enrollment closes across the country. outreach efforts are underway to get the word out about those exchanges. tonya moseley, takes us to seattle where volunteers are hitting the streets hoping to
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sign up more than 18,000 people who are currently uninsured. >> reporter: these young women are part of a 100-person volunteer team. their mission? >> we're informing people about health insurance. okay, so you are not currently covered? >> reporter: the volunteers quickly stumble on a man with lots of questions. he is out of work with no health insurance. >> threw the new act you might be eligible to receive coverage. >> the number one concern or question i get is how can i access benefits? i now can say now you can access benefits to many, many people. >> reporter: penny believes this one-on-one contact with give people a clearer understanding. >> i feel that we are ahead of the curb.
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>> those making less than $15,856 a year, or 32,000 for a family of four will qualify for extended medicaid coverage, and they are promised preventative care. >> we have to take into account that if somebody is literally living on the street under a bridge with serious mental illness, welling them about an website or an enrollment event is not enough. >> reporter: he says the toughest part will be changing the way people think about health insurance. >> maybe the new system is not perfect, but from a provider point of view, this is fantastic. this is a game changer for us. >> reporter: along with the
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outreach, the state is also sponsoring advertisements, with the goal of getting the uninsured on board by october 1st. volunteers just like that are fanning out across the country now. alan is charged with directing similar efforts in arizona. alan is with the arizona association of community health centers. alan good to talk to you. to do this job, how much training did you get? my understanding is that training was delayed a bit. i guess the question is will the team be ready? >> the team will be ready. we're working with 27 partners. each partner has been using an online system to help people enroll in medicaid. and we have been using that system for about 12 years. they are going through training
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for the federally facilitated marketplace, and we will be ready to help people. >> do you have information on pricing yet? >> here in arizona will find out pricing and which insurance companies are in the qualified health plans in the marketplace. we'll find that out on october 1st. >> okay. are you going door to door because i know there is a debate about republicans that have raised concerns about that particular kind of outreach. >> we're not going door-to-door directly. there are organizations that are trying to find the hard to reach populati populations. but they are referring people to certified application counselors
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for actual application assistance. >> are you a counselor? >> i will be. i'm headed to the training soon. >> you are not actually selling insurance policies, programs, are you? >> that's correct. >> the role of the navigator in arizona is to facilitate enrollment. that means help the person help themselves. we will not help someone choose a particular plan. >> here is another thing, will you be asking people about whether or not they have a preexisting condition and if they offer that kind of information, do -- what do you
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do with it? do you know it anywhere? >> we will only be using the questions in the marketplace questionnaire, or the questions used here in arizona to qualify people for medicaid. to the exsent the questioneers have that question, we'll ask it, but there are no longer preexisting exclusions. >> all right. what is your biggest concern moving forward? >> my biggest concern moving forward is simply that the grassroots community here in arizona works to get the word out, because surveys show that people with the most vain know the least about being qualified
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or how they could benefit. we're hoping the combination of media like your own organization, and grass root efforts will reach the right people, but we do have six months. >> all right. we'll let you go, alan so you can finish up your training. >> thank you. >> alan is helping people navigate the health care exchanges. outside outside of detroit they are experimenting a program that it hopes will help its employees stay healthy and also improve its bottom line. >> so this would be a lunch plate, showing you can have salad, tuna and bread on the side. >> reporter: this 56-year-old is
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receiving health and medical advice that is changing her life. >> i went from size 14, 16 to a size 10 >> operator: she is enrolled in optional health care program. ford and the united health care workers union have come together. these patients are paired with a doctor. >> the types of patients that we're seeing in this program are everything from diabetic, hyp hypertension cholesterol problems. this registered nurse has
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offered new tradition and healthy living advise to those in the program. >> i feel fortunate that i can catch people when they are just starting to show problems. i'm able to say, you know, you are stop this. >> regina has given up fast-food and cigarettes and adopted a healthier lifestyle. ford hopes this program will help them reduce their bottom line. employees are expected to be healthier, and this could reduce the auto maker's health care cost. >> we're looking forward to being a success so we can implement. >> the motivation and care and understanding that is provided is juster -- just irreplaceable
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to me. >> reporter: ford will decide whether the program is effective in reducing its costs. an egyptian court ordered a seize of assets of the muslim brotherhood. >> reporter: this is the first major verdict against the muslim brotherhood, but the group wasn't represented in court. the judge ruled the muslim brotherhood shouldn't be involved in political activities. the case was brought forward for lawyers for a left-wing segmecu
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party. it bans activity like transferring money and dealing in real estate. >> translator: the court didn't have any choice but to yield to the people's demands. they have tried to be the absolute power. >> reporter: the muslim brotherhood says it will appeal the situation. >> again, any real position -- [ inaudible ] in jewel the 3rd. >> the ruling says protests organized by the muslim brotherhood will be banned. demonstrations will be allowed to continue along as they are peaceful by other groups.
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>> translator: this is what a is happening in egypt now. >> translator: i'm against today's verdict. the people have seen a lot of violence in the recent days but the muslim brotherhood is being used as scapegoats. >> reporter: so with the leaders on the run, the muslim brotherhood is under pressure from all sides. working to turn the tide against abuse, young circus performers, their industry, and its force. ross will be here to break down the sports hot topics on and off the field. that's correct. -- next.
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ross is here with a day in sports along with our nfl insider, anita marks. >> let's start off the field because the 49ers have major issues. they are dealing with a very talented but troubled kid in all din smith. what kind of impact is he going to have? >> i think it is tremendous impact. he is one of the best defensive linemen in the game. the 49ers known for their very strong defense. on top of that patrick willis got injured last week. going on the road losing two, possibly three to the rams, not a good start. >> the 49ers got roughed up by
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andrew luck and the indianapolis colts. >> you say that with a smile on your face. was that a surprise in [ laughter ] >> i think this is a statement game. going into the season, probably one of the biggest debate topics were pocket quarterback compared to that read-option quarterback. i think that makes a statement saying the pocket quarterback will have the most success in the nfl. andrew luck, i think was a bigger statement for the pocket passer in the nfl. >> all right. i'm looking at the standings this morning i'm thinking bears, saints, all right. and i had to do a double take. the chief as well as the dolphins are also undefeated at
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3-0. which is the biggest surprise? >> the miami dolphins -- do not underestimate them. i think they win the afc east this year. but the bigger surprise is the chiefs. andy reid, and also how about that defense. five turnovers and five sacks against michael vick and the eagles last week. and the new york football giants, who have been struggling. kansas city will be 0-4 after week 3. >> some proud franchises all 0-3. >> right. >> which team do you see bouncing back? >> i would say that the giants just how horrific they have been playing is probably the biggest surprise in the nfl season. eli manning interceptions, offensive line not protecting well, no rushing attack with david wilson.
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there's no fight in that dog with that giants team. at least you see that with the redskins. i think we're seeing rg3 get better. i think they will be able to turn things around. the giants have a lot more problems they are deal wag. >> monday night preview, what can we expect from peyton manning? >> he loses his left tackle, and there is so much about terrell pryor and how good the raider's offense looks, but they have a great defense. nine sacks on the season so far. so can payton manning stay upright. they are both not the most athletic quarterbacks in the nfl. they need a good defensive line to have success. >> and your raiders. >> tonight. >> tony is like 9 sacks --
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>> what is the record for my raiders? >> 1-1 right now. >> all right. i need that. thank you both. one other story we want to bring you before we wrap up this news hour. children in nepal are being saved from the circus. a lucky few have found a new stage and hope in katmandu. sabrina has their story. >> reporter: this is the daily practice for cat mon due's only circus. >> translator: many people say that the circus is a bad thing. i used to think it would be so nice to have a circus here in nepal and people would get a good impression.
4:51 pm
>> reporter: the acts are fun and these children love their work. all of these children were trafficked to india and forced to work there under tough conditions. this is where she used to be. indian supreme court banned the use of children in circuses two years ago, but activists believe there are as many as 300 children napoli children still working in the circus. she was 12 years old when she was rescued. according to that pole rescue agency, many children struggle to readjust. >> most of the children don't want to express how abused. the education, they will be very, very weak because of the
4:52 pm
beating on the head. they are beat mostly on the head, because on the body for their beat, they are see the marks. >> reporter: for these children circus katmandu has given new help. >> they are going to change the history of circus in thnepal. ♪ >> reporter: and already with each performance, these children are doing just that, trainers who volunteer with them, say they are now good to go, and perform around the world. with luck circus cat mon due will go global soon. >> the government of nepal does not comply with the international standard for trafficking, but attempting to do so.
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while it may be warming up globally, locally tonight it's cooling off, and fall we have chilly temperatures and mountain snow to talk about. more on that next. with us tonight. up next is the golden age of hollywood going golden but elsewhere. why l.a.'s mayor has declared a state of emergency for the entertainment industry there. next.
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as many as 47 people are dead. their deaths blamed now on tropical storm, the eye of the storm that hit just north of hong kong. it raked across china's province where it killed 25 people, 13 in shani shaningway. the body of a woman has been recovered in colorado raising the death toll to eight. seven counties and nearly 2,000 square miles across the state have some level of flood damage. some of the world's leading scientists are meeting this week to put the finishing touches on climate change. it found the evidence of global warming was undeniable and caused by humans. >> reporter: from the sun's rays to the polar ice caps, from thu
4:56 pm
deepest oceans to the vast tropical forests, the earth's climate a complex system, that's why measuring changes to it and understanding what is driving them is important and challenging, which is why every six years the united nations brings together hundreds of scientists. >> what these reports have done is to provide increasingly compelling evidence about the scale of changing human activity is having on the world's climate. the report is considered a mass of scientific research related to climate change. the document comes in at more than 2,000 pages and the last revision received more than 30,000 comments from contributors, as chatters focused on the atmosphere, and
4:57 pm
clouds on the oceans and a levels. the last report from the international panel on climate change concluded that climate change is occurring and that human activity was very likely to be the cause. but a small somebody of areas were used to cast down on the findings. the last un report flagged up significant risk to a brood range of human and natural systems. this report is expected to build on that, taking in more scientific evidence to give people what is happening to the
4:58 pm
earth and what is likely to happen in the years ahead. every day this week al jazeera is focusing on climate change. tomorrow we'll take a look at costa rica. before we get to rebecca and weather. i want to update you on our top story. all hostages have now been released from the mall in nairo nairobi. ♪ ♪ as the storm system is working its way through the dakotas, we have wind gusts up to 45 to 50 miles an hour inside the eastern rockies. this is going to be tracking its way towards nebraska. this is the same one that brought four inches of show into
4:59 pm
the colorado rockies. we have a home with other storm headed in to the specific neirs. we're expecting a lot of mountain snow coming down in this one. if you look along the idaho, montana border, this is where we have a winter storm watch maybe tuesday through thursday. but the reason why this is good news? a lot of wildfire burning areas. in the meantime it will be cooling down quite a bit for parts of the northwest, and we'll talk more about the storms tonight coming up. ♪
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here are headlines. al jazeera has confirmed all hostages have been released in nairobi. the release is two days after gunmen seized a mall killing dozens. earlier today we heard the gun battle between police and the attackers firsthand. soy and her crew are okay. kenya's interior ministry said gunmen from al shabab set mattresses on fire. they're sure all the hostages and we've confirmed that now have been freed from that mall. over 130 leaders are meeting for


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