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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 23, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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welcome and welcome to al jazeera, i'm tony harris in new york. our top stories, the kenyan government says all hostages have now been released from a shopping mall. hi level diplomasy and struggling to find a job even as the unemployment rate false. ♪ it took nearly three days but the standoff in kenya is essentially over. the country's interior ministry
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say security forces have regained control of the shopping mall. security forces are now conducting a floor by floor search, but officials believe all hostages have been rescued. the red cross and kenyan officials say at least 62 people have been killed and 5 americans were amove the dozens who were injured. >> reporter: the third night of this siege in what was once a busy shopping mall is ablaze. in the darkness, long spells of eerie quiet after barrages of heavy gunfire. whatever the tactics of the kenyan special forces and regular army backup, the interior ministry says it prompted the al-shabab attackers to respond, and this is the also, fire blazing in a large section of the complex. [ gunfire ]
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>> reporter: there had been tense battles between the gunmen and security forces for prolonged periods. the kenyan army took casualties, as many soldiers ran for cover. the emergency services brought casualties to overcrowded hospitals. and then the government announced its forces were in full control. >> our resolve to defend our country has never been higher, and we will take the war to the criminal's doorsteps. this is our country. we are in control of the security situation, and kenyans should be -- should take comfort that the country is in our hands. >> reporter: the minister also said two of the attackers were killed in monday's assault, bringing the total number of
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hostage takers to three dead, but it's unclear what has to the other attackers. the security forces have been saying between ten and 15 were in the initial attack on the building. monday saw activity on the roof of the billing for the first time. solders securing another area with the smoke still billowing behind them. this government continues to call for calm, reiterating that its forces are in control, but once again, kenyans are in shock, some mourning the loss of loved ones, some still fearing what may happen next. world leaders are converging on new york city for the start of the united general assembly session. they are expected to spend the next few days discussing pressing issues, including syria's civil war, and the iranian peace process.
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christian what can you tell us about the meeting that will take place between the u.s. and iran. >> reporter: well, the headline today is iran's foreign minister is going to meet with the so-called p-5 plus 1, the permanent five members of the security council and germany later this week, but what is really interesting about all of this is representing the united states will be secretary of state john kerry. this will be the highest u.s. official to meet with the ironian counterpart since the u.s. cut off diplomatic relations with iran almost 35 years ago. so that is a big headline here. still questions about whether president obama might have a chance encounter with the president of iran who has only just arrived in new york in the last hour or so, clearly his
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message of wanting to negotiate about iran's contested nuclear program, the west is clearly interested in what he has to say. obama not confirming a meeting, but there is still a lot of speculation that could happen at some point in the coming days when they are in close quarters here at the un. >> so kristin as you know so much of the ga is about who will show up and who won't show up. what are you hearing as the latest as to whether or not sunni's president will actually attend >> reporter: he has said he plans to come to new york. the last we heard from the united states was that he wasn't welcome here. they haven't said one way or another whether or not they would grant a visa. if he does show up here, beshear
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will be sitting right in front of the united states in the general assembly hall. so it could be very uncomfortable for the united states who has harshly criticized this man for war crimes. but at this stage it is anybody's guess what will happen. >> thank you, kristin. a political showdown is also brewing in washington. the battle over the budget. congress has until october 1st to approve a temporary funding bill to prevent an interruption in government services. white house correspondent mike viqueira is on capitol hill. there were strong words earlier from senator harry reid, the senate imagine yourty leader, and then senator cruz. there was a bit of an exchange, i understand, mike?
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>> reporter: that's right, harry reid opened the proceedings about 2:00 today and right off of the bat ted cruz stood up and objected to a couple of routine nominees to some government agencies. they worked it all out. but tony i know you are a connoisseur of senate process, but as far as any mystery of what is going to happen in the senate, sits all over but the shooting, but the shouting could go into sunday. there are terms that i'm not going to use here, but the basic point is that harry reid has the votes to undo what the house conservatives did, and they tied the defunding of the president's signature health care law to a funding of the government past october 1st. we talked about harry reid and ted cruz talking past each other
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on the senate floor. harry reid, nancy pelosi, even the president trying to saddle conservatives to try to mar generalize them. let's listen. >> the radical tea party plan to shut down the democrat unless democrats denied the funding of obamacare has been called the dumbest idea ever by one republican senator. it has been called a box canyon, a morass from which republicans will not escape unscathed by a second. it has been called dishonest, and a suicide note by another republican senator. so mr. president, the reviews are in, and they are universal, the ransom demanded by house republicans in exchange of keeping the government open is unworkable and unrealistic. >> if congress votes to continue funding obamacare, that union exception will not be far away.
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and then will be left in the world where the job-killing consequences of obamacare fall just on hardworking american families, not on members of congress or corporations, and in the near future i predict not on union bosses, i predict, single moms, young people, and people struggling to climb the economic ladder. >> reporter: mitch mcconnell is up for reelection and has a primary fight on the right. even he didn't backing ted cruz. what is likely to happen is come saturday or sunday the senate sends it back to the house without the defunding of obamacare and that's when john boehner has a very tough choice either he passes it clean or sticks it back in there and tries to send it back to the senate in which case it is almost guaranteed there will be a government shut down. >> oh, my.
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mike viqueira is on capitol hill for us. good to see you. thank you. let's talk about health care exchanges. other way. other way. every day al jazeera will be focusing on the changes coming to america's health care, starting in january, the affordable care act, better known as obamacare will mandate that most people and their dependents have health insurance or pay a penalty. next week, october 1st, people will be able to start enrolling on the health care exchanges. across the country outreach efforts are underway to get the word out about those exchanges. tanya moseley takes us to seattle where volunteers are hitting the streets hoping to sign up more than 18,000 people who are currently unemployed.
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>> reporter: these young women are part of a 100-person volunteer team. their mission? >> we are informing people about health insurance. >> reporter: they are targeting one of see at's low-income communities. the volunteers quickly stumble upon a man with lots of questions. >> they can help me get health care. >> reporter: he is out of work with no health insurance. >> you might be eligible to receive coverage. >> the number one concern or question i get is how can i ak gresz medal benefits. i now feel i have the opportunity to finally say now you can access medical benefits to many, many people. >> reporter: penny believes this one-on-one contact with give people a clearer understanding of how to navigate through the system. under the washington state health care exchange, those making less than 15 thousand 856
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a year, or $32,000 for a family of four will qualify for extended medicaid coverage, and ensures them wellness care. john is a homeless outreach coordinator, a population he says is often ignored in the health care discussion. >> we have to take into account if somebody is literally living on the street under a bridge with serious mental illness, telling them about a website is not enough. >> reporter: gilbert says the toughest part of the whole process l be changing the way people think about their health care coverage. so many clients now have to get used to going to the doctor before it becomes an emergency. >> from a provider point of view, this is fantastic. this is -- this is a game changer for us. >> reporter: along with the outreach, the state of washington is also sponsoring advertisements, sign-up gathering and a hot line to
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answer questions. tanya moseley, al jazeera, seattle. outside detroit the ford motor company is experiencing with a new health insurance program. and it's bottom line is smaller. al jazeera has that story. >> so this would be a lunch plate showing you how you can have your salad, tuna, bread on the side. >> reporter: this is the wife of a ford motor employee in detroit, and is receiving health and medical advice that is changing her life. >> i went from a size 14 or 16 to a size 10. >> reporter: she is enrolled in a experimental health care program that is offered to many ford workers. ford and the united auto worker's union have come
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together to offer this program now to head off more complicated and expensive treatment later. they appear with a doctor and a private nurse whom they can contact email or phone in person as often as they need at no cost. >> the types of patients that we are seeing in this program are everything from diabetic, hypertension, cholesterol problems, obesity. >> reporter: over the past two months sheryl miller has offered new tradition and healthy living advice to dozens in the program. >> i feel fortunate that i can catch people when they are just starting to show signs of problems. i am able to say, you know, you can stop this. >> reporter: she has given up fast-food and cigarettes and adopted a healthier lifestyle.
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ford hopes this will help employees increase their bottom line. employees are expected to be healthier, and this could reduce the auto maker's health care cost. >> the motivation that's provided and the care that is provided and the understanding that is provided is just -- just -- irreplaceable for me. a similar program at boeing lead to a 20% savings on health care. ford says it will evaluate the program in two years and decide if it's the right prescription company wise to enhance people's lives while reducing their costs. dzhokher sarnav's defense team says they want more time.
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he is accused of setting up a bombs in the marathon last april. the 20-year-old did not appear in court. the man who managed the fallout of the boston marathon bombings announced he is stepping down. the police commissioner spent seven years on the job. he plans to teach at harvard. he plans to leave his post in 30 to 60 days, but that defends on how the red sox fair in the playoffs. a woman's body has been recovered in colorado and that raises the death toll to eight. vice president biden and his wife are in the state to survey the situation. ♪ waking up this morning, if you could see the east slopes of the rockies, you looked up and
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saw a fresh dusting of snow. the first start of fall and we have already have light snow in the mountains, but there is more on the way. this storm is now bringing powerful winds into north dakota and parts of rapid city, but denver you are getting gusts from 30 to up to 40 miles an hour as the storm pushes through. there's something else going on with the winds, they have changed quite a bit. exactly where that tropical moisture came from in the south coming through mexico. the same tropical moisture that caused all of the flooding in colorado has now been focusing its way towards florida. so the winds have shifted and bringing in significant rain into florida, in fact tallahassee and others. we're starting to total the rain
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up again today, showers and thunderstorms are going to continue here for the florida state and around the gulf of mexico. so far you can see over an inch of rain now for orlando. coming up, we're going to talk about where we have freezing temperatures coming up tonight. coming up on al jazeera, "real money"'swellwell -- ali velshi has his take on the government shutdown.
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in business now nor jitters over the on-going budget battle in washington. the dow is down for a third session in a row.
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as you have been hearing this could happen by the first of octob october. ali velshi joins us now. woe, what is this? >> this is a bottle of wine. it's a burgundy. you see that. >> 2009, yeah. yeah. >> 2009 was an excellent year for wine. i'm told. i'm not that much of an expert on it. but 2009 was also an excellent year for budgets. we have got had a budget since 2009. this bottle of fine and your federal budget are both four years old, and unlike a wine getting better with age, the budget does not.
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these extensions run out october 1st, and if they don't find a new budget, we have no budget. and that's why we have this government shutdown. >> love how you made it work. so if we don't get a budget deal what happens? >> a lot of things. but generally speaking, nonessential government services have to shutdown. this is a highly unpopular thing to happen. >> yes. >> if it happens people will be looking to someone to blame and that blame generally goes to congress. congress has one job. they have one job, and that is the budget. the budget is the manifestation of the government's priorities and how they are going to spend your tax dollars, so people have very, very little patience for government shutdowns. it's like i get into cab after work, the cab driver's one job is to make me where i ask him to
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go. so this will reflect poorly on congress and congress right now controlled by republicans. this isn't going to shine a very good light on them. so i think it's in everybody's interest to get it worked out, but we have seen these shutdowns before, tony. >> all right. that and more obviously at the top of the hour. what are you going to do with that bottle of wine? >> well, nothing until the show is over, but you have to watch. >> all right. ali thank you. a blackberry was once so popular, it used to be called the crack berry. but the company is about to be sold. it has reached a tentative deal with a canadian firm, the price tag of $4.7 billion. nearly 2 million americans age 55 and older are out of work right now. for these workers it takes about
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a year on average to find a new job. that is longer than any other age group. 70% of older workers who do return to work receive lower pay than in their previous job. younger workers do far better finding new jobs at or above their previous pay rates. and of those who don't find new jobs, 37% file early for social security. >> i'm joy. >> hi, joy. >> good morning, guys and gals. >> reporter: at this weekly meeting, participates update each other on their job search. >> today the top four is ally. >> reporter: most of these club members share something else. >> if i should see a show of hands of who here is over the age of 50. most have been out of work more
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than six months. for workers over 50 wa jobless, the path back to employment from the recent recession has been especially rigorous. last year, the number was nearly 55 weeks, for workers in their 20s, it was a little over 30 weeks. john challenger heads an outplacement company. he says the job search for older workers is taking longer, because many haven't updated their skills or looked fore work in years. and there is a third reason, age bias. >> the elements are they going to stay very long? have less energy? cost too much? have health care costs that are too high? >> reporter: the unemployment rate for older workers is about 6.4%. it's about a full percentage point lower than the overall national rate. challenger says it's lower because many older work verse
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given up looking for jobs and have retired early. part-time work at a library is helping barbara keep her household afloat. she says she could retire early but doesn't wanted to, because she would get less from a pension. >> it's a horrible thing, because i will be getting 25% of what i have worked for. and that's a really hard decision to make. >> reporter: back at the job club, the facilitator tells members to stay positive, update their word robes to look younger, and emphasize their skills. >> i'm very optimistic. >> reporter: many in the job club think they will find work again, but it could take time and a stronger economy until they do. diane estabrook, al jazeera,
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chicago. ♪ ♪ >> ross is here with sports headlines and a story of an athlete making headlines for all of the wrong reasons. >>al -- smith has checked himself into rehab after an alleged dui arrest. he will not play on thursday night against the rams and is taking an indefinite leave of abscess. the chicago bears looking like the monsters of the midway. their defense forced five turnovers last night, against the steelers. chicago hammered pittsburgh 40-23. the stealers now fall to 0-3 for the first time since 2000. the yankees will shutting down cc sabatia for the rest of the season. the big fella was scheduled to
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start on wednesday night against the rays. but sabatia, has a strained left hamstring that will take six to eight weeks to heal. it's going to take a miracle for the yankeeses to make the playoffs. >> oh, come on. >> it's possible but not probable. >> all right. engineers manage to salvage the ship, but the captain may not be so lucky. coming up next, a live update from the scene of this weekend's violent attack on a mall in kenya. now. we appreciate you spending time with us tonight. up next is the golden age of hollywood going golden but elsewhere. why l.a.'s mayor has declared a state of emergency for the entertainment industry there. next.
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♪ welcome to al jazeera. i'm tony harris here is a look at the headlines. a kenyan government spokesman says all hostages have been released from the mall. world leaders are meeting for the 68th un general assembly. syria's civil war is expected to be the biggest topic of discussion. the government has eight days to pass a budget or face a government shutdown.
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returning to our top story now the rescue of the final hostages from the westgate mall in the kenyan capitol of nairobi. mohammed give us an update, if you would on what is happening there now. >> reporter: tony, it's almost six hours since we have had one gunshot, and the government officials coordinating the recuse effort, say they are now nearing the end of that. the governments spokesman told al jazeera a little while ago that the government forces are combing through the mall going from floor to floor looking for more hostages. they say they are now sanitizing
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the place and ensuring that they get everything sorted out. however, he pointed out that some of the gunmen are still holed up in the mall. they don't know their exact location where they are hiding, but they say the kenyan defense forces are also looking out for them with the intention of either arresting them or killing them. >> mohammed it sounds like there are al-shabab gunmen who are still in the mall. do the security forces have any idea how many are still there, and it sounds like what is happening here is a floor by floor, store by store search of that building? >> reporter: well, they don't know exactly how many of the gunmen are still in the mall.
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neither do they know how many. that is why, he says they are combing and sanitizing the place and going floor by floor to ensure they have not left behind any hostages being held there. however, the government is saying that all of the hostages have been released, we haven't seen any vehicles getting out, brought out with hostages alive, in the past few hours. so it's a little bit of a confusing stage here, which has been part and parcel of what has been happening here in the last few days. communications has not been crystal clear, although the government officials have been trying to hold press conferences and media briefings as regularly as possible. >> all right. mohammed for us in nairobi
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kenya. james bays sat down with a kenyan spokesman just a while ago. >> we went into our security and economic interests were threatened, they were killing both kenyans and foreigners. they were taking tourists who n enye enjoy the beauty of our country and were killing them. i think you remember these cases. it was important that we defend ourselves. it was self-defense everybody does it and should do it if they felt threatened in the future. i obviously don't belong to the same religion as these people. i belong to a faith that
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preaches peace, harmony, tolerance, accept importance. it's a humbled religion. i don't belong to that religion that kills indiscriminately without any excuse or reason for no purpose or no end in site. i am a muslim. islam means peace. it brings people together. it doesn't tear people apart. we are at the front line of this war on terrorism, and we are willing to be part of the front line, and willing to be in the leadership in the fight against terrorism. we want the support and understanding, but more importantly than that, i think we need to now come together and develop, establish the mechanisms that are required to solidify this war against terror. it's about our war, our values,
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the way of life we have chosen, our society, that is what it is about? one drama playing out at the united nation is a visit from the sudanese president. john? >> reporter: there is no doubt that the headline of this week is to be the arrival of the new iranian president. another headline could involve president obama. the israelis and palestinians could make news, but there is this very interesting side bar story. it involves the president of the largest country in africa. he is wanted around the world on war crimes. he is threatening to come here, and that is ruffling a few feathers to say the least. take a look.
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omar basheer is one of the world's most wanted men. if he appears he could embarrass the united nations. he was indicted of genocide and charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity. the united states is not a signatory to the icc so it is under no obligation to arreese beshear. it does have to ensure his safe passage to the airport to the east side of manhattan. it's possible beshear's visa will be mysteriously delayed, preventing him from even leaving home. that is a trick the u.s. government has pulled off before when other unwelcome people try
6:38 pm
to get to the general session. but if he attends his delegation will be seated right in front of the u.s. at this year's debates. >> reporter: the u.s. has had the mysterious visa before. if beshear makes it here, it is embarrassing for the un, and the reason is, the security council referred the case to the international court back in 2005 tony is? john thank you. joining us is rodney dixon. great to talk to you. what can the u.s. do legally if omar al-bahsheer really wants to
6:39 pm
come in has an indieted leader ever been granted a visa. >> reporter: he only indicted by the icc, not the us. and the u.s. under the security council resolution which referred the case to the security -- to the icc from the security council, does not obligate the u.s. legally to arrest him, and the u.s. specifically also granted immunity to their own officials under that resolution, and therefore it would be somewhat unbalanced for them to be looking to arrest the officials of another country when their own officials are immune under that resolution. >> so the judges of the icc,
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complicating this a bit, are asking the u.s. government and government officials to hold omar al-basheer if he shows his face. should the u.s. first of all grant the visa? and if it does, should it hold him on the request of the icc? >> the u.s. has a specific obligation under the un headquarters agreement to grant the visa to allow sitting heads of state to attend the un general assembly and ensure they receive immunity in that process. that extents to all members of the united nations. so there is a separate obligation under that particular agreement, which is the one at the moment they are considering issuing these pursuant too.
6:41 pm
the icc is of course entitled to request under its statute any state to cooperate with the icc, and then it's for the state to decide whether they wish to comply with that request. but under the security council resolution specifically, there's no obligation on the u.s. in respect to this particular case to surrender him. >> rodney let's get to a couple of bigger questions here. what statement is made by allowing president bahsheer to enter the country and then not arrest him? >> yes, it shows the fact that the court -- the icc, which has now been in existence for some ten years has problems in enforcements. this has been raised by -- by many observers as one of its weaknesses. because not all countries have signed up, including the u.s. as
6:42 pm
one of the major powers on the security council. it makes it extremely difficult for the court to implement its orders. it can make requests, but there is no police force or any mechanism to pack those up. so it highlights a central problem at the heart of the international court at the moment. >> rodney appreciate your time. joining us on the phone now from nairobi, kenya, is the east african core respondent. under what circumstances did you happen to be at the mall on saturday? because i'm told you were an eyewitness to events; is that correct? >> i arrived at the mall very soon afterwards. like many people, i was having a
6:43 pm
normal saturday afternoon. i happened to get a call from a friend who was on a roof top, who heard some shootings, which is relatively unusual in that part of town, and we decided to find out what was going on, and found our -- ourselves outside of the mall. the first thing that indicated that things were not well at all, were there were cars parked at all stoe sorts of strange an. >> daniel, i want you to describe what you saw in some detail, if we are all fortunate, and blessed in our lives, we will never witness a situation like the one that unfolded in this mall. so take a moment and describe
6:44 pm
what you saw. >> the most striking thing that was there, was a balcony of one of nairobi's most popular cafes. it is a balcony where people were sitting there having a sandwich or coffee, spending their saturday afternoon like many would. suddenly people were crouched under tables, there were dead bodies. and some people were managing to make their way over the barriers of this balcony, but there were other people who were too scared to move. this was a place where i go on a regular basis. most people who live in nairobi who can afford to go to a relatively well off affluent
6:45 pm
cafe like this, and suddenly it was transformed into something that was somewhere between the worst of the attacks that we hear about in a place like the somali capitol, and something like some of the shooting sprees with which people in america have become too sadly and too frequently acquainted. >> if you live and work in that area, would you have been aware of the threats from al-shabab, maybe not to the extent that you would have expected something like this, but were you aware from the threats to al-shabab to attack inside kenya? >> very much so, and since kenya didn't make the decision to intervene in its neighbor somalia, people had been
6:46 pm
expecting an attack, and obviously the most likely attack would be one of the shiny shopping malls which brings together most of the high-value targets that you would expect a group like this to go off on, wealthy affluent kenyans who might be related to members of the kenyan government, this was an obvious target, and even in the shock of the -- that followed the first hours of this attack, people were saying to me that they had been expecting this. i spoke to people who were involved in this attack, who had been sitting inside at this cafe, as opposed to outside, because they always considered that one day this would happen. but it is very different to think you are in a place where one day this might happen, and then find yourself there on the day that it does have.
6:47 pm
>> daniel, thank you so much for your time. president obama has arrived at the united nations. the president's motorcade went past the front of the building in the past hour. mr. obama has gone to the u.s. mission and the un to meet with employees and their families. he is due to speak before the general assembly tuesday morning. coming up, ross has the day in sports. and they talk with the can gait for the american league most valuable player award. sound complicated. but don't worry, i'm here to take the fear out of finance. every night on my show i break down confusing financial speak and make it real.
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[ technical difficulties ] >> yankees shutting down south carolina for the rest of the season. sabatia has a strained left hamstring that will take six to eight weeks to heal. the angels have been out of the playoff contentions for quite some time. and that is going to hurt this kid's numbers who are among some of the all time-elites. >> breaking pitch hammered out to deep left center field. a one is gone! ♪ >> reporter: from the moment he
6:51 pm
made his 2012 debut, mike trout became an in -- instant sensation. asides being the first player in mlb history with his numbers before turning 22, he is also one of four players all-time with 200-plus runs, and a .320 batting average. the others joe dimaggio, ted williams, and albert pujols. >> i'm a very confident guy. i kind of set my goals high, and go out there and play, and whatever happens happens. just leave it all out on the field. >> reporter: trout's game has been sensational and electric.
6:52 pm
>> back out it is trout, back it goes. it is caught, oh, what a catch by mike trout. >> reporter: for trout he is really only amazed himself just one of his countless accomplishments. >> this year, it was basically -- i told myself after i hit that home run, it was like the first time i ever preplanned something. >> reporter: is that right? >> yeah, if i go up there thinking i need are home run, i usually fly out, or get out, and it was 2-0 pitch, and it happened. >> reporter: perhaps trout's biggest fan is his mentor and former teammate torii hunter who might be more impressed by trout the student than trout the player. >> that's what he did when i was with the angels.
6:53 pm
he came over and sat next to me and asked me all of the questions in the world. when i see him now, he has the smile on his face. he is playing with the passion, and running hard all the time. he is always running into walls, diving for balls, and doing everything possible to leave it all on the field. >> it is one of those things having that mentor, and getting that experience, any little thing you can ask him. so it was a big help last year. >> reporter: speaking of last year, several baseball insiders thought trout should have won the mvp award, rather than miguel cabrera. and that same argument could happen again this year. >> it's tough people always writing about it, or talking about it, and for me it's -- you know, as -- you know, money and other stuff comes out, the time will come. i'm just doing -- doing what i
6:54 pm
can do. and whatever i can do to help the team and, you know, down the road, all of that stuff will take care of itself. in the nfl, undefeated between the chiefs and dolphins believe it or not -- [ technical difficulties ] -- the redskins and steelers have yet to win a game. jay cutler and the bears looking very good, can't say the same for big ben and the materials. matt forte racking up some fantasy points. and they forced five turnovers last night as chicago would go on to hammer the stealers 40-23 so improve to 4-0, and pittsburgh calls to their record for the first time since 2000. >> it produced direct points and
6:55 pm
other point opportunities. you are not going to beat anybody in the national football league playing like that. we have got to get better. it doesn't make it less painful, but that's just the reality of where we are. not enough to overcome that. i don't know if it will ever be enough to overcome that type of turnover deficit. we acknowledge those guys are one of the best in the world at getting it. we were below the line. >> monday night football, your raiders 14.5-point underdogs. >> all right. some work to do. all right. ross thank you. the captain of the concordia cruz line was back in court to face manslaughter charges. the captain steered the luxury liner into the rocky coast and
6:56 pm
abandoned ship with thousands still on board. if convicted he faces up to 20 years in prison. >> rebecca stevenson is up next with our forecast. coming up on "real money," will the government shut down? i'll talk to a food truck owner in the los angeles area about that. and the government needs about 3 million healthy americans to buy insurance. and middle class wages are stalled. an increase in bonuses may be part of the problem. all of that and more on "real money."
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♪ >> autumn is in the air. temperatures were chilly today for a lot of folks across the northern portions of the u.s. rain showers and gusty winds too. we're seeing the temperatures fall across parts of the northeast. temperatures right now are actually a little warmer in toronto than you were yesterday. sitting at 59 degrees. that feels rather cool when you
6:59 pm
have a breeze coming through, especially around the great lakes today. boston sitting at 61, and now we're headed into a chilly night. frost advisory going into effect around 3:00 a.m. a few spotty freeze warnings in place, but even the frost stretches over to michigan. so cool weather here, temporarily. we will warm up a little bit, but we are watching for more cold air to bring in some more mountain snow. we had snow in the high rockies last night. now we're going to see the snow come back to the cascades around 5,000 feet. that's how low the snow level is going to fall with this storm. we have big concerns about this storm, because powerful winds will be picking up across western minnesota, and the rockies will accumulate up to a
7:00 pm
foot of snow above 9,000 feet. ♪ welcome to al jazeera. i'm tony harris. here are tonight's top stories. a kenyan government spokesman says all hostages have been released from the westgate mall in nairobi. the al-shabab gunmen took cool of the mall on saturday. world leaders are get aing for the general assembly. syria's civil war is expected to be the biggest topic of discussion. over 2,000 square miles of colorado damaged by flooding today. vice president biden went to see the destruction firsthand and praised


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