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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 23, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm EDT

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♪ good evening, everyone. welcome to al jazeera. i'm john siegenthaler in new york. [ gunfire ] >> after more gunfire at the mall, kenyan authorities search for the killers. we look at what is being done to prevent a similar attack on u.s. soil. plus the un general assembly gathers. big speeches expected tomorrow from president obama and the iranian president. ♪ the standoff continues together at a shoping mall in
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nairobi while kenyan authorities say they are now in control of five hostages and five hostages are free. several of the gunmen have not yet been found. there was more fighting today. the sound of intense gunfire and more explosions filled the air around the mall. the rebel group al-shabab has claimed responsibility. kenyan leaders say there is another organization that is ultimately responsible for this attack. kenyan's foreign minister spoke with james bays. >> this is al qaeda. the home of al qaeda. the way this thing was planned. i just told you, that -- they have been talking to everybody, obviously. if it was just al-shabab, i don't know how much training you would get. this is definitely al qaeda.
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it was led by somebody not some alia. we need to understand that, and giving them a different name doesn't actually help. we need to call them by their name, the name they acquired since 9/11. and continue to fight them in that way. >> joining us now to talk about safety procedures in the united states and malls is peter hern. welcome, peter. >> good evening, john. thank you. >> is this a new wave of terrorism that we haven't seen before? >> no, you're talking about an attack on kenya, on what you would have to call a very soft target. security is fairly minimal.
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>> so you wouldn't expect to see more soft targets hit by terrorists? >> no, i think terrorists are a target of opportunity. i think two an attack on a soft target has always been the concern. we do a lot of work and preparation for things like hijackings and attacks on trains and things of that nature. but a soft target is a soft target, and that's anywhere from a group of people get together and the security is fairly minimal, you would have to call that a soft target. >> we have seen mass shootings in the united states. we haven't seen this type of attack on malls or up scale resorts. so i guess the question is could we see a level of security in this country that they experience in tel-aviv for example? >> i don't think so. i think you'll see a ramp up on
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what the issues are in malls from mall security, to working with the departments, and up the chain depending on what could happen. but whether it's a mall or a school it's the same issue of having to deal with an attack. i don't think you could see something as organized as what you are seeing in kenyan. >> clearly since 9/11 security has changed in lots of places, but when i ride the train between washington and new york or go to grand central station, despite the sign that increased security is there, it's still a free place to move about. >> that's correct. and in our society, we're very -- understand that that is our society. we do that, and i don't think we would tolerate shutting down
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trains and going through metal detectors at malls, but it's a security issue, and people are aware of that. the mall of america they do lockdown drills just like you do in the schools in this country to get ready for any event of any kind of a mass shooting inside of a mall or public facility like that. >> is it a matter of having a better plan or actually increasing security? >> the plan is important. understanding what you are supposed to do in a mall just like a high school from the principal to the janitor. if something happens where are you suppose go and what are you supposed to do. the clients in the mall, understanding where they are supposed to be and understanding lockdown drills. every year fbi offices pretty much will do what we call a mass
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field training exercise, and in 2006 into 2007 in buffalo, we did a field exercise that wouz -- was called mall mayhem, because he believed it would be a good idea to do a training to make sure we knew and understood how our crisis management plans would work in the event of a mall attack or something like that. the training of first responders and working together should things like this happen are just as important as the intervention. >> all right. peter thank you for your inside view. we appreciate it. >> one group in indianapolis is trying to stop the recrew of americans to al-shabab.
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>> it is something that this community braces for every time they hear of an attack of al-shabab. there is a large sew mallian community here. and they have gotten together to condemn this attack. they held a news conference in which they condemned the attack and distance themselves from the ideology of al-shabab. and they have pushed for more engagement to try to prevent further recruitment of the youth here in minneapolis. john. >> there was some question whether some american sew mallians were part of the attack.
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what are you hearing about that? >> so far activists who are in constant communication with federal authorities, say they haven't had any confirmation. now there have been men who have gone missing over the last few years, families are look for them. they believe they may have been recruited. but there has been no confirmation that anyone from this area was involved in attacks in kenya. but there is a lot of concern that information may come out that may connect people to these concerns. we talked to a young college graduate who said the community has been unfairly scrutinized every time there is an attack like this. >> these people are destroying our home country. they destroyed us to run to here. and they want to destroy our reputation by doing that,
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whatever they are doing. they are a pathetic people. we should not be associated with them. >> reporter: and john that is the key here. that's what community members want to reiterate. there has been no confirmation that anyone from this community has been tied to those attacks. but they are bracing in case there is information released. >> usher thank you. as world leaders descend on new york city tonight for the general assembly, it is iran that could make history. the new president has implied he is ready to start a diplomatic relationship with the united states. john what is expected from iran? >> reporter: well, john, what happened today was there was a lot of excitement that went around the united nations when it become there was to be this
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high-level meeting between the united states and iran for the first time going back years. katherine ashton met with the foreign minister from iran. later in the day, william hague also met with the iranian foreign minister, and he too was very positive, but he said it was very important that iran follow through with its words. now what is going to be happening is the permanent five of the security council, plus germany, because they are involved in the process of trying to wean iran away from nuclear enrichment, they are be meeting on the sidelines, and john kerry, the secretary of state will take the american
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chair at that meeting. that will be the highest-level meeting that there has ever been between any u.s. administration and the iranians since the iranian revolution back in 1979. there was something in 1998 involving madeline albright, but that involved a deputy foreign minister. so we really do have history in the making tonight. and people are looking forward to seeing what the outcome is. >> all right. john what else can we expect? >> well, i think the real headline is going to come tomorrow, because the newly elected iranian president is now in town. he flew in this afternoon, and he is going to be addressing the general assembly tomorrow. and after that op-ed piece, i think it's fair to say that everyone is very much looking forward to hearing his words.
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president obama of course is also speaking tomorrow in the 10:00 hour eastern time. but clearly iran now, and syria are going to dominate this general assembly. it depends on what the president says tomorrow. regarding syria, for president obama and john kerry spending the rest of the week trying to nail down a security agreement. because right now they just have a framework, and they are looking for a security council resolution, and they can't get one. the problem is paperwork. there's a suspicion the russians are holding the process up somewhere, but in the meantime any process is stalled here in new york. >> all right. john at the united nations tonight. hah a number of events are scheduled at the un this week.
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tomorrow president obama and the iranian president will speak tomorrow. on wednesday john kerry expected to update the status of talks between israel and the palestinian authority. on thursday mr. kerry will attend a meeting on iran's nuclear program. friday we'll be monitoring speeches from russia and china. if lawmakers can't reach an agreement by october 1st, the federal government will shut down. mike viqueira joins us live from washington, d.c. mike, any sign of change? >> john, i guess the news is everything is going as expected. the bad news is what is expected is a train wreck.
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the house of representatives passed their bill lead by conservatives who insisted any funding of the government into the new physical year, but also coupled with a defunding of the health care reform act. harry reid and his chief antagonist in this fight, ted cruz, we heard from today. let's listen. >> radical tea party group threaten to shut down the government. it has been called the dumbest idea ever by one republican center. it has been called a box canyon a morass from which republicans will not escape unscathed. it has been called dishonest by one republican senator and a suicide note by one republicanseptor.
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the reviews are in, and they are universal, the ransom is unworkable and unrealistic. >> if congress votes to continue funding obamacare that union exemption will not be far away, and then we'll be left in a world where the job-killing consequences of obamacare fall just on hard-working american families, not on corporations or members of congress, and in the near future i predict not on union bosses, only on hardworking american families and people struggling to climb the economic ladder. >> ted cruz doesn't have enough republicans on his side. even mitch mcconnell nows the republican leader here in the senate, john, says he will not join a filibuster. the trouble is it is going to
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take all week into the weekend. then they'll send it back to the house, john, and then there is very little time for the house to act before we go over that cliff. >> so if there's no deal then what happens? >> then we have that government shutdown. and john in past years, you remember back in the '90s, they at least passed the defense spending bill, so soldiers and the military can b get paid. this year zero have been passed. they'll be working on ious, parks, museums, any somebody of entities will be shutdown if they can't reach an agreement, mike. >> all right. mike viqueira thanks very much. i'm rebecca stevenson. we have been tracking thunder storms and showers and extremely
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heavy rain. in fact hitting record rates of rainfall for parts of central florida. school temperatures too, running 5 to 10 degrees below the average. seeing the rain total up pretty quickly and the winds are shifting in the upper atmosphere to direct showers and thunderstorms into florida. all of this tropical moisture and high dew points, keeping us very warm for florida. probably won't see things cool down until we get to the average time. temperatures drop to 50 overnight, and we expect that in late october or early november. orlando has ever 2.5 inches of rain, and the water vapor satellite shows the intense moisture directed at the central part of the state. coming up i'll show you where
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snow is moving in fast. struggling to recover, coming up on al jazeera, the latest financial problem shrimp producers are facing in the gulf. plus the billion dollars deal to keep blackberry over for business. ♪
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al jazeera america - a new voice in american journalism - >>introduces america tonight. >>in egypt, police fired teargas at supporters of the ...
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>>a fresh take on the stories that connect to you. [[voiceover]] they risk never returning to the united states. >>grounded. >>real. >>unconventional. [[voiceover]] we spent time with some members of the gangster disciples. >>an escape from the expected. >>i'm a cancer survivor. not only cancer, but brain cancer. ♪ and returning to our top story now, the kenyan mall attack. muhammad is in nairobi. muhammad, what is the latest? >> reporter: well, john, a little while ago, senior government officials lead by the interior minister, told
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journalists that the operation was coming to an end. they say that most -- all of the hostages they say had been released and rescued from the hostage takers. they say that kenyan forces, troops were sanitizing the mall and moving from floor to floor making sure that no one was left behind. but at the same time they said that there was some of the gunmen still holed up in the mall, and the kenyan defensive forces were trying to take them out, either arrest them or kill them if they continued to resist. we haven't seen any of the hostages or ambulances coming out, because we are right at the entrance. we haven't seen much activity since then, and we haven't had any gunfire since nightfall.
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>> mohammed what are we hearing from the people who were initially let go from the mall or escaped from the mall? what do they have to say? >> reporter: well, so many stories. some of them very harrowing, how the attackers kept on shooting people point blank, and how they started taking some of the people hostage. how they were just throwing grenades in different places. heart wrenching stories of mothers separated from their children, and stories of people who are right now in hospital, injured, having lost their own children and some of them having lost their wives and husbands. so some very sad stories coming out. also some stories of bravery, how some people had tried to
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protect the people, including some of the government soldiers who had been injured or kill. >> kenyan's foreign minister is pointing the finger at al qaeda, talk about the connection between al qaeda and al-shabab. i know you covered al-shabab in somalia. >> indeed. there is a very thin line between al qaeda and al-shabab. al-shabab have many times before pledged their loyalty to the different leadership of al qaeda, including osama bin laden and we also know that al qaeda has kept on sending its representatives to al-shabab in somalia, and having links and communications between them. just a few months ago in the
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middle of a leadership tussle, some of them wrote a letter complaining about the leadership style and the division of the current leader, the man who emerged victorious in that tussle, and we know that al-shabab as toing territory in many parts of somalia, and many were killed, and cut it out in the heart of nairobi is something that will show its relevance, and send a message that it is still a force to reckon with, not only in somalia, but also in the eastern part of the region. >> mohammed thank you very much. ♪
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it might be time to say good-bye to the blackberry. the struggling smartphone maker has reached a tentative deal to sell it's a to a canadian insurance firm. the price tag $4.7 billion. it lost $1 billion this quarter because of unsold phones. it also said it was cutting 4500 employees. >> it wouldn't be surprising to see the handset go away at some point. even though there are millions and millions of blackberry still in use. the companies phones just haven't gotten any traction in the marketplace. another big bank is shedding jobs because of surging interest rates. this time citi laying off 1,000 workers. demand for new loans and refinancing has been hit by higher rates.
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this follows similar job cuts at wells fargo, jpmorgan, and banc of america. ♪ >> well, ross shimabuku is here with sports and one nfl player is make headlines for all of the wrong reasons. >> yeah, john hopefully he can get his life together. alden smith checking into rehab after being arrested for us is -- suspicion of dui. he will not play on thursday against the rams, and is taking an indefinite leave of absence. mani machawdoe suffered a nasty leg injury. he was in obvious pain and had
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to be carted off of the field. and to add insult to injury, baltimore lost the game 5-4. the yankees are shutting down cc sabatia for the rest of the season. the big was scheduled to start on wednesday night against the rays. sabatia has a strained left hamstring that will take six to eight weeks to heal. the yankee are four games back with six games remaining, so their chances of getting to the playoffs slim to none. >> all right. thank you very much. still ahead the reason sudan's president wants to be part of the general assembly. plus making health care work for you. the effort in washington state to help people understand why october 1st is such an important date.
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♪ welcome back to al jazeera. i'm john siegenthaler and here are the top stories. congress is in a budget battle over government funding. if an agreement is not reached by october 1st, the federal government will shut down. investors are already showing their concern as stock prizes drive on wall street. kenya says all hostages are
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free in the nairobi mall. kenyan soldiers stormed the mall late last night to rescue hostages who had been held inside since saturday. world leaders are meeting in new york city for the start of the united nations general assembly, more than 130 members of state and government will spend the next several days discussing important issues. president obama arrived this afternoon as he does each year, but this year the possible arrival of another president, saadam's president who is wanted for genocide charges. >> reporter: omar bashir is one of the world's most wanted men. and he could be headed to new york for the general assembly.
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he hinted he would attend. four years ago the international criminal court indicted bashir for genocide in sudan's giant western region of darfur. the united states is under no obligation to arrest bashir if and when he sets foot in new york. it does have to ensure his safe passage to the part to the east side of manhattan. it's possible that bashir's visa will be mysteriously delayed. that is a trick the u.s. government has pulled off before when unwelcome diplomats have tried to get to the general assembly. if he does come here, he and his delegation will be seated immediately in front of the united states in the temporary building on the north lawn that
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houses this year's general assembly. >> and joining us now to discuss the possible legal implications if the susausanese president do attend the general as assembly is denise. what happens if he arrives? >> that is an interesting question. >> has this ever happened before? >> we have never seen a suspect fugitive from justice on a warrant attempt to go to the un general assembly. what we have seen is a number of anticipated travel by al-bashir has been cancelled to various countries due to outrage over his attempts to travel.
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so from zambia, malaysia, turkey, visits have been canceled more than visits going forward. >> why is he doing this? >> that's an exactly question. one that should be put directly to him. because if he were to go forward with visiting the general assembly, this would really tarnish the un and be a real stain on the general assembly. >> but you don't think he is going to be arrested? >> i think he takes a real risk by coming. what we have is on the one hand the u.s. is not party to the international criminal court, and we do have that the u.s. is part of a headquarters agreement with the united nations. but we are in a current situation where no visa has yet been granted, and the u.s. has been indicating it is looking at
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the visa while also recognizing there is an arrest warrant it needs to look at. the u.s. also has obligations to prosecute and punish, genocide, war crimes. >> and if it doesn't? what happens? >> well, i think we should see how it plays out. i think it's too soon to say. what we have seen is when he does visit, it can backfire. and that was the situation in nigeria in summer. he insisted on a visit to nigeria, he went, and he got up and abruptly left less than 24 hours, never made his scheduled speech, and was ridiculed in the sudanese press as civil society brought legal action against him. >> he doesn't have a visa yet. >> does not.
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>> so he can't get into the united states without a visa. >> presumably. >> so he could be stopped at the airport. >> at this point he has no basis to enter the united states without a visa. should he will granted a visa, he could arrive, and there could be questioned that arise. >> if he gets through, would he then proceed to the un and they let him in? >> that's something the un will have to deal with should it actually come to pass. >> what do you think? >> what i have learned from following bashir's visits for years, is i cannot predict the future here. but what i can say is that the only place he belongs is in the hague to answer the case against him. >> all right. thank you very much.
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>> thank you. in egypt a court has ordered the muslim brotherhood to stop all activities and turn over their assets. >> reporter: this is the first major verdict against muslim brotherhood, but the group wasn't represented in court. the judge ruled they shouldn't be involved in political activities and it has damaged public safety. the case was brought forward by lawyers for a left-wing secular party. it bans the group from activities like charity work, transferring money. >> translator: the court didn't
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have any choice but to yield to the group's demands. they have tried to be the absolute power. >> reporter: the muslim brotherhood says it will appeal the decision. >> again any real opposition [ inaudible ] in july the 3rd. >> reporter: the ruling says protests organized which the muslim brotherhood will be banned. demonstrations by the anti-coup alliance, will be allowed to continue as long as they are peaceful. on the street reaction to the decision was mixed. >> translator: this is the least they can do to them, because their leaders went on the stage and predicted terrorism, bombs and gang war. and this is what is happening in egypt now. >> translator: i'm against today's verdict. we shouldn't point fingers at the muslim brotherhood for everything. they are used as scapegoats.
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>> reporter: in november another court is expected to consider dissolving the group. so with its leaders on the run, and a major court decision against it, the muslim brotherhood is under pressure from all sides. al jazeera, cairo. the body of a 79-year-old woman killed by the floods in colorado has been recovered. that brings the death toll number to 8. more than 1200 people were listed as unaccounted for in the first days of the flooding. that number is now much lower. 17 counties and nearly 2,000 miles across the state have some sort of damage. an irs agent who retiring. he was the head of the irs's
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tax-exempt division had been put on leave in may. members of congress have vowed to continue the investigation into the irs's aledged illegal service. every day this week, al jazeera is focusing on the changes in store for america's health care. the affordable health care act, also known as obamacare will soon require most people and their depenitents to die health insurance or pay a fine. americans will be able to enrole in the new health care exchanges for coverage next year. that coverage starts on january 1st. on march 31st, open enrollment closes. efforts are underway to get word out about the new health care exchanges. tanya moseley takes us to seattle, where volunteers are hitting the streets hoping to sign up more than 180,000 people
8:40 pm
who are currently uninsured. >> reporter: these young women are part of a 100-person volunteer team. their mission? >> we're informing people about health insurance. >> reporter: on this day they are targeting one of seattles low income communities. the volunteers quickly stumble upon a man with lots of questions. he is out of work with no health insurance. >> you might be eligible to receive coverage through the affordable health care. >> the number one question i get is how can i access medical benefits? i now feel i can say now you can access benefits to many, many people. >> penny believes this one-on-one contact will give people a clearer understanding of how to navigate through the system. those makes less than $15,856 a
8:41 pm
year will qualify for extended medicaid coverage. and it includes wellness care. john is a homeless outreach coordinator. >> we have to take into account that if somebody is get rally living on the street under a bridge with serious mental illness, telling them about a website or enrollment event is not enough. >> reporter: he says the toughest part will be changing the way people think about health care coverage. they now have to get used to going to the doctor before it becomes an emergency. >> from a provider point of view this is fantastic. >> reporter: the state of washington is also sponsoring advertisements, sign-up
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gatherings, and a hot line to answer questions, with the goal of getting the uninsured on board by october 1st. joie chen is standing by in washington, d.c. to tell us what is coming up on "america tonight." hi, joie. >> good evening, john. on "america tonight" as the international community anticipates a potential ice breaker between iran and the u.s., an incomplete american family in flint, michigan, awaiting the homecoming of their son. he has for two years been detained in iran, a country that recently freed 80 of its political prisoner ises. back at home his family says it's the support of complete strangers that have been fuelling their efforts. >> people realize when it comes to justice and for a humanitarian cause that they need to do something because it
8:43 pm
could be their son of loved one. that story and much more coming up at the top of the hour on "america tonight." john? >> joie, thanks very much. coming up next, ross shimabuku in sports, and a talk with the candidate for the american league most valuable player award.
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♪ in nepal hundreds of poor children are forced to work in the circus where they are often beaten and abused. now they have found a new stage and hope in kathmandu. >> reporter: this is the daily
8:46 pm
practice for circus kathmandu. >> translator: many people fear that the circus is a bad thing. i used to think it would be so nice to have a circus here in nepal and people would get a good impression. >> reporter: the acts are fun and these children love their work. but things were not always this fun. all of these children, trafficked from india and forced to work under harsh conditions. >> reporter: back in 2006 this is where she used to be in india. indian supreme court banned the use of children in circuses two years. but there are still hundreds of people still working in circuses. more than 300 napoli children have been rescued from circuses
8:47 pm
in india. according to nepal rescue agency many children struggle to readjust. >> most of the children they don't want to express how really abused. main problem is the memory problems. many children the education will be very, very weak because of the beating on the head, you know. they beat mostly on the head, because on the body if they are beat you can see the mark. >> they are going to change the culture and history of circus in nepal. they are not aware of it, but they are the first circus company in nepal, and they are going to change people's perceptions of what circus is. ♪ >> reporter: and already with each performance, these children are doing just that. trainers who volunteer with them say they are now good to go, and
8:48 pm
perform around the world. with luck, circus katmandu will go global soon. the government in nepal was not comply with the minimum stand with doing away with human trafficking, but is taking significant efforts to do so. ♪ >> ross shimabuku is here with sports. there are always going to be serious accidents, but you hate to see something like this. >> yeah, especially to a young star. mani manchado suffered a nasty, nasty leg injury against tammy duckworth. running to first base, and his left leg just gave out. he was in obvious pain and had to be carted off of the field. it was his left knee that buckled and hopefully it is not as bad as it looks. he has been leading the league
8:49 pm
with 51 doubles. to add insult to injury, baltimore lost the game 5-4. and they are now five games back of the final playoff spot. the angel's outfielder has been putting up ridiculous numbers. michael eaves has more on the superstar. >> breaking pitch. hammered out to deep left center. that one is gone! >> there is no one in the game better right now. >> reporter: from the moment he made his 2012 debut, mike trout became an instant sensation with his ability to run, throw, catch, and hit with power, epitomized the perfect player. deciding being the first player in mlb history with 70-plus
8:50 pm
stolen basis before turning 22, he is also one of four players all time with 50-plus lhome run. >> i'm a very confident guy. i kind of set my goals high. i just go out there and play and whatever happens happens just leave it all out on the feel and play my game. >> reporter: trout's game has been exceptional and electric. he has made plays in the field that even had his peers in awe. >> back out, it is trout back. it goes. it is caught! oh, what a catch by mike trout. takes a home run away from j.j. hardy. >> reporter: but trout has really only amazed himself once. >> this year when i got the
8:51 pm
cycle. i told myself after i hit that home run, it was like the first time i ever preplanned something. if i go out up there thinking i need a home run, i usually fly out or get out, but, you know, 2-0 pitch, and i told myself, hey, i got to hit a home run here, and it happened. >> reporter: perhaps his biggest man is his mentor and former teammate, torii hunter, who might be more impressed by trout the student rather than trout the player. >> he would come over and sit next to me and ask me all of the questions in the world. now i watch him on tv, and he has the smile on his face. he runs hard all the time. he is always running into walls and diving for walls. he is doing everything possible to leave it all on the field. >> growing up, and getting that
8:52 pm
experience, you need any little thing you need to know, you can ask him, so it was a big help last year. >> reporter: speaking of last year, several baseball insiders thought trout should have won the american league mvp award. and that same argument could repeat itself for this year's voting. a topic that trout is a little tired of discussing. >> it's tough. people always writing about it or talking about it, and for me, you know, money and, you know, other stuff comes out, you know, the time will come. i'm just doing -- doing what i can do, and whatever i can do to help the team, and, you know, down the road all of that stuff will take care of itself. >> trout is such an athlete he could probably play running back in the nfl. speaking of the nfl. andrew luck and the colts making a statement yesterday. and to make matters worse for
8:53 pm
san francisco, they will be without alden smith who checked himself into rehab. >> you are talking about one of the best defensive linemen in the game. the 49ers known for their very strong defense. on top of that patrick willis got injured last year. so you lose your top defensive linebacker, going on the road, losing two, possibly three to the rams. not a good start. >> they got roughed up by andrew luck and the colts. >> you say that with a smile on your face. [ laughter ] >> was that a statement game for the colts? >> i think it's a statement game, but going into the season probably one of the biggest debate topics were pocket quarterback compared to the read action quarterback. i think this makes a statement saying this is one of the most
8:54 pm
important issues in the nfl. wilson put up four touchdowns against the jaguars this past season. but andrew luck was a bigger statement for the pocket passer in the nfl. >> i'm looking at the nfl standings. the bears the saints. those guys. 3-0 the patriots. i can deal with that. i had to do a double take. the chiefs as well as the dolphins are also undefeated at 3-0. what is the biggest price. >> i'm going to give myself a pat on the back. what did i say the dolphins do not underestimate them. i think the bigger surprise is the kansas chiefs. andy reid a new home a new quarterback, they are doing really well for the chiefs, but also five turnovers and five sacks. and the new york football giants
8:55 pm
who have been struggling coming to arrowhead, kansas city coming to 4-0. the broncos also looking to improve to 3-0 in their afc showdown. >> yes, some fun games yesterday too. >> yes, and who thought the giants are 0-3. crazy season. >> yes, ros. thank you. more weather after the break with rebecca stevenson. real money. victoria azarenko ç]
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♪ colorado woke up to a beautiful day -- [ technical difficulties ] in central colorado and we're still seeing the storm rolling through, bringing powerful winds up to 40 mile per hour gusts, some 250 mile per hour gusts through the da codas and now through nebraska where we have wind advisories. rain showers and a few strong thunderstorms embedded within the system. this is expected to fall apart tonight and into tomorrow morning. the winds they have to die down for a lot of the frost and freeze advisories to actually
8:58 pm
occur. arizona you are looking at the first freeze of the season. we have a freeze warning in effect for high elevations mainly above the 8,000-foot level for parts of arizona. but you are also seeing here a high-wind watch. we're looking at a powerful storm developing out in the pacific. this will develop some very strong wind for montana all the way down into california. all the way over to the northeast, we had a cool day today. pretty, sunshine out there, and it felt quite like fall, but the temperatures overnight will be dropping down into the 30s, but going back into the west coast this will be seen on the satellite. the high clouds are just starting to enter the stream. that is the jet stream. and that is the leading edge. this will impact a lot of people.
8:59 pm
in fact we already know a lot of areas that had massive wildfires this summer, you have a low snow level, so it will not be rain on those burn scars it will be snow. this is good news. but this is where we're looking for strong winds, up to 60 to 70 mile an hour winds in part of montana and very heavy snow, too. we have showers going on in the pacific northwest and it is starting to track a little bit over to the east, but we haven't even begun to see this new storm coming in tomorrow night and into wednesday. temperatures dipping down. we'll all feel a little bit of fall chill. and tomorrow we'll stay on the cool side, and farther south, it is cool enough to be comfortable. florida you are not going to dry out or cool off until midweek. ♪
9:00 pm
>> welcome to al jazeera i'm john siegenthaler. here are the top stories. kenya says all hostages are free in the nairobi mall siege. kenyan troops have controlled the situation and are sweeping the plex. kenyan soldiers stormed the mall last night to rescue hospital stadges that had been d -- hostages that had been held by saturday. if the agreement will not be agreed by -- reached by saturday the government will shut down. vice president joe biden and his wife surveyed colorado today to see the


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