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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 24, 2013 2:00am-2:31am EDT

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see you next time. >> good morning. i'm morgan radford. these are some of the stories we are following right now. the deadly standoff in a kenyan shopping mall is finally winding down. now there is new information that somalis living in america and britain may have played a role in the attack that left dozens dead. >> president obama set to address the united nations general assembly this morning as world leaders gather in new york city. at the top of the agenda - deal with the crisis in syria, and the possibility of improving relations with iran. the >> the new president of iran will speak.
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hassan rouhani has taken a different approach that his predecessor and appears willing to work with the west and indicates iran will not seek nuclear weapons. >> two men in chicago are under arrest accused of the shooting that left 13 wounded, including a 2-year-old boy. >> world leaders are in new york city for the 68th united nations general assembly session. more than 130 heads of state and government will spend the next few days discussing the world's most pressing problems. today president obama and iranian president hassan rouhani will deliver remarks, and there is a possibility that the two leaders will meet, but nothing official so far. it would mark the first meeting between a u.s. and iranian president in more than 30 years. a big week ahead for secretary
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of state john kerry. on wednesday he's expected to update the status of talks between israel and palestine. thursday he'll attend a meeting on iran's nuclear program. friday we'll monitor speeches from russia and china - who may address the crisis in syria. we'll have a closer look at what is expected for the week. >> it's shaping up to be the newsiest u.n. general assembly in years. president obama's motorcade arrived amid rumours of a meeting between u.s. and iran. a meeting on the sideline of the general assembly welcomed by the european union's foreign policy chief. >> what i saw today was energy and determination to try to move forward in our talk. many things flowed from that. but this was the first meeting in order to establish how we would work together. >> this is the deal - the permanent five members of the
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security council, plus germany, will meet with the iranian foreign minister. secretary of state john kerry will be in the chair for the u.s. it will be a huge turn of events, the highest level meeting since the iranian revolution in 1979. britain's foreign secretary, william hague says tehran's words must be turned into concrete action. >> time is right for the statements to be matched by concrete steps by iraq. to address the international community's concerns about iran's intentions. if such steps are taken, i believe a more instructive relationship can be created between us. >> iran's new president, hassan rouhani, is in new york and will address the assembly tuesday after the western friendly oped in "the washington post."
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his speech is generating a lot of good news. president obama will speak tuesday. the rest of the time he and john kerry will lobby for a security council revolution to make legal the geneva agreement between ruru rura russia and the u.s. >> nuclear india and nuclear pack stan now making nice over kashmir, a thorn in each other's side. a side note. president of sudan is threatening to turn up. wanted on charges of genocide, war crimes and charges of humanity in dar fur, his presence would present a dilemma for the u.s. over whether to arrest him or not. it creates syria's diplomatic fall out for the u.n., which referred sudan to the international court in 2005. >> when outer irony. if president omar bashir comes
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to the general assembly, they'll sit in front of the u.s. delegation in the temporary building housing the ga. >> the potential meeting between president obama and hassan rouhani is raising hopes of a possible thank you in the long icy relationship between the u.s. and iran. we have the tehran perspective. >> he's front name news in tehran and across the world. what hassan rouhani said in recent days means that he is making headlines in a way an iranian leader has not done for decades. rainians like this man, who voted for hassan rouhani in the june election want change. >> not only the persons voting, but the rainians expect him to fulfil his promises. what promise - being peaceful. being honourable and wanting to
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have a peaceful nuclear program. >> hassan rouhani campaigned on the promise of fixing an ailing economy at home, but acknowledged that would not happen until iran repaired its reputation overseas. >> translation: there's no need for a preliminary step. whoever has goodwill for talks, and if we fulfil our national interests through those talks, we have no problem. no matter who the other party is, even if it is the u.s. >> this willingness to talk, to engage and potentially act is highlighted in reports hassan rouhani will meet u.s. president barack obama on the sidelines of the general assembly. hassan rouhani's government efforts do not stop there. his foreign ministers met with the european union's envoy on iran's nuclear program. the diplomatic obstacles on iran are substantial. there's syria, a staunch storer
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of bashar al-assad, iran and the u.s., and its allies are on opposite sides. then there's iran's backing of the military wing of hezbollah, a listed terror group operating in syria and lebanon. iran's nuclear program left the country isolated. a former diplomat in iran's un mission says hassan rouhani can change that, especially now as iran's highest authority sees the need for flexibility. >> mr hassan rouhani has enough authority, free authority to deal with particular problems. >> the mandate means for the first time in more than three decades, instead of pes imism, there's a degree of opt miss m as an iranian leader prepares to speak to the world at the u.n.
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>> gunfire could be heard this morning in kenya as security forces conduct what they call a final push to remove gunmen from a nairobi shopping mall. as you can see here live, it's day four of the standoff between the al qaeda-linked fighters. >> all the hostages are free, and 62 people have been killed since the standoff began. let's take you live to nairobi, where peter greste has been covering the story from the beginning. peter, good morning. do you have any idea how close they are to ending the standoff? >> no, we have been hearing time and again, and certainly over the last few days that we are nearing an end. frankly, i think it's premature to say that. be will only know it's over when it really is finally over. the kenyan military says they have killed at least six of the
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gunmen. given we know 12-15 gunmen were involved in the initial attack, it suggests there's some way to go before they get all the gunmen and move through the building and confirm that this crisis is over. >> the big question is what does this attack say about the changing movement of al-shabab? >> this is interesting. you mentioned in your introduction that al-shabab has been linked to al qaeda. this is the first attack we have seen on this scale. there has been other attacks outside of somalia. one, significantly, in uganda when they attacked a crowd watching the world cup soccer final. that was a series of suicide bombings, suicide attackers. they have carried out several attacks like this inside somalia, but nothing on this scale. what is interesting is we heard from a spokesman from al-shabab
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earlier, who said that this was an attack that was coordinated with al-shabab - sorry, with al qaeda. al-shabab has been split into two groups, one that was a nationalist movement trying to free somalis of foreign influence and another a jihadist movement linked to al qaeda idea logically. we have not seen koord names on this scale, and it suggests, the scale, sophistication, awed afty of the attack suggests that al qaeda has been more closely involved. it implies the movement is from a sam articly based institution, organization into one that has global ambitions. >> you said they split - why would they join together now? >> the movement seems to have split within the last six to eight months. the leader of the national
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faction of al-shabab defected and went over to the government side. we saw a number of internal killings for high profile al-shabab commanders in recent weeks. that suggests that the jihadist faction of the organization is on the ascendency. this latest attack seems to confirm that. in fact, in the statement, in the comments we heard from the al-shabab spokesman, it commenced that they were working closely with al qaeda in organising and coordinating. >> peter greste live in nairobi, thank you for being with us. >> there's word that some of the gunmen involved in the attack on the mall in kenya may have ties to the united states and britain. that's according to the kenyan foreign minister who made the allegations in an interview with pbs. >> everyone needs to update again. this attack shows we don't do enough, we need to work more closely with everyone, but more
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with the u.s. in the u.k. because, as you know, the victims and the perpetrators came from kenya, the u.k. and the united states. >> both british and american citizens were among the perpetrators? >> yes. from the information that we have, two or three americans, and i think so far i have heard of one brit. >> the brit was a british-born woman. woman. i think she's done this many times before. >> and the americans? >> from the information we have, are young men, about - between maybe 18 and 19. >> of somali orange jip. >> of somali or arab, that lived in the u.s., in minnise oata is one -- minnesota, i think, is one place. that underlines the global
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nature of the war we are fighting. >> a small grouch of demonstrators held a protest at the university of ohio where the president of the somalia lives. >> chant chant >> mr mohammed said he met with kenya's president to send his condolences. he called al-shabab a threat to the world. >> police in chicago charged two men in connection with a shooting that injured 13 people. the shooting broke out last thursday at a basketball court in a park on the southsides. 21-year-old brian chance and 21-year-old gatewood are suspected of playing significant roles. police don't think either pulled the trigger. >> an federal bureau of investigation on the wrongside of the law, the bond technician will plead guilty to leaking
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information. he will plead gritty to child pornography. information leaked was related to an un intelligence operation, an attack in yemen. the group planned to take down an airliner headed for the u.s. >> search teams in the philippines are trying to retrieve bodies. 20 died from storms that battered the capital and provinces. low-lying villages are under water. major roads are blocked. thousands are seeking shelter. the rain is expected to continue until wednesday. >> more than a week after catastrophic floods hit colorado, the death toll has risen to eight, six are still micing. on monday vice president joe biden toured the area. 17 counties have been impact by the floods.
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>> i'm metrologist rebecca stevenson. plenty of rain slamming into central florida. you have been getting record rain fall and cool temperatures. below average for parts of tampa, talahasi. flood watches in place through the first part of our day. we are still getting a lot of heavy rain fall out there. showers, thunder storms, and all the cloud cover coming in with the showers and thunder storms. it will keep the temperatures down in the "70s, to low "80s. i know this doesn't feel cool, and we are not expecting a fall cool down until later in november - it's about average when we feel the difference. we are watching all the water vapour and tropical moisture that was going into mexico and texas. it shifted direction and has
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been focussing in to florida, and that's why you get the record total rainfalls. where we have been dry, sunny and chilly, frost advisories for the north-east and michigan, a new storm is getting ready to come in. while arizona is in the midst of its first freeze of the season, we'll get arizona in on big action, along with california as the new storm hits the pacific north-west bringing strong winds, wind gusts to montana, mountain snow and will develop into the si airas. that will happen tuesday and wednesday. we are prepping now for the bigger storm. the temperatures today will be cool, in the 40s, and high temperatures will dip. as you can see the new storm getting ready to track in. we'll keep you up to date and bring you the temperatures. >> illegal immigrants on the
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rise. how many undocumented illegal immigrants are in america? >> chrysler is looking to go public. the long-term car company takes the first step towards an ipo. blackberry the new lease on life - what the phone cop is going to come back from the brink.
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>> leaders are facing a serious budget battle on capitol hill. if they can't reach a deal on a temporary funding deal by 1 october, the federal government will shut down. white house correspondent reports - neither side appears ready to compromise. >> everything is going as expected. the bad news is what is expected is a train wreck in a week's
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time that could result in a government shutdown. the house of representative's passed their bill, led which conservatives insisting funding into the new fiscal year, next tuesday, 1 october, be coupled with a defunding of the affordable care act. they sent it to the senate. we heard a preview of the debate we will hear over the course of this week by developmentic harry reid. and ted cruz from texas. >> the radical taerty plan to shut down the government unless obamacare is defunded has been called the dumbest idea by a republican senator. it's called a box canyon, something which republicans will not escape by a second republican senator. it's been called dishonest and a suicide note by another republican center. the reviews are in.
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they are universe am. a ransom demanded by house republicans. it's open, unworkable and unrealistic. >> if congress votes to continue funding obamacare, that union exception will not be far away. then we'll have left in a world with the job-killing consequences of obamacare falling on american families, not corporations and members of congress, and in the near future i predict not on union boss, only on hard-working american families, single mums, and people struggling to climate the economic ladder. >> ted cruz doesn't have enough on his side. john mccain, bob corker and mitch mcconnell - they will not join a fila buster. it's a fait accompli. it will take all week because of
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procedure, into the weekend to have the vote in the senate decoupling the defunding of obamacare. it will be left to the house and there's little time for the house to act before it goes over the cliff and the government doesn't have the funding to prevent a government shutdown. >> the number of illegal immigrants across the country appears to be on the rise. >> according to the new pew estimate 11.7 million unauthorised immigrants were living in the u.s. as of march 2012. the number of unauthorised immigrants peaked at 12.2 million in 2007 and fell to 11.3 million in 2009. once the king of the smartphone market blackberry's gory days may be -- glory days may be behind it. it is now going private. we hear what it will mean for
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employee ace and the public. >> news of a public offering is good news. >> it will survive, privately under a private equity control. it allows the company to go off on its own and lick its wounds, inquire of wall street and the public. >> fairfax financial holdings will lead a buyout consortium, valuing blackberry at $4.7 million. shareholders will get $9 a share, slightly higher than the trading value. the head of fairfax says it will open an exciting chapter for blackberry, customers, and employees. it's unlikely to include product aimed at every day users. >> on friday they'll move to a business focus, that it taps out of the consumer smartphone market and said apple, samsung,
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android, it's yours. >> company headquarters are in toronto, the canadian government refuses to comment. the buyout will not say 4,500 employees that will lose their job. >> it's a brute disint grayings of a company that owned half the smartphone markers. their inability why to connect with buyers' demands meant the signal dropped out years ago. >> another big company is going public. autogiant chrysler is taking first steps to go public, 15 years after leaving the market. they are filing paperwork for an ipo to raise $100 million. the shares will come from a workers trust holding 42% of a company. >> it may be resolved by fiat that wants to american its
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business. >> the second time a charm for a south carolina man who hit it big.
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>> in south carolina the winner
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of powerball's fourth-largest jackpot has come forward but will remain anonymous. he turned in the ticket worth almost $4.5 million. he said it was the second time he played the lottery. >> american shrimpers are worrying about a ruling that could hurt their business. the u.s. trade commission voted to stop collecting taxes from businesses from five other countries. >> along the gulf coast of the united states, shrimping is a way of life and a business. . >> shrimping and fishing has been in the family for ages. grandpa did it, daddy, my uncle and my sons do it. >> this is in man's 30th boat. it can hold 10 pound of shrimp, but it is getting too expensive to run. >> you can't afford to pay $4 for fuel and make 2 pound.
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>> shrimp from overseas is pricing our fish too low. >> when our fisher many can't aired to go out. thousands of jobs, businesses and families are affected. >> industry leaders say as many as 45,000 people work in the shrimp industry in the gulf of mexico. tommy's sea food processes about 20,000 pounds of gulf shrimp. the industry works with tommy's, and others to keep a tariff on imported shrimp, targetting countries that subsidise production. >> nearly 95% of shrimp consumed in the united states is imported. shrimp industry experts from eight southern states say without the tariff in place they cannot compete against a cheaper frozen import.
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>> we need this across the board. >> the international trade commission ruled domestic shrimp processors did not prove they were harmed by the export. the national fisheries institute. the largest sea trade in the u.s. says the investigation was thorough and outcome accurate. >> a new orleans area which imports frozen shrimp says the ruling makes america's favourite seafood cheaper. >> as it is now, people are dropping like flies, they are getting out of the business because it's not feasible. they do not want to spend money on a boat like this if they can't make a living. >> the itc will explain its position when it releases its report next month. opponents say once they know why the tariff was lifted, they'll know whether to appeal. >> and that will do it for this edition of al jazeera, i'm morgan radford. thank you for watching.
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