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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 24, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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>> hello and welcome to al jazeera. i'm tony harris in new york. our top stories. >> obama: the builders of the united nations were not naive 37 they did not think that this body could irread irradicate al. they understood that humanity to not survive the course it was. the president of brazil blasting the u.s. on its spying
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techniques. and in nairobi the attackers say they are still holding hostages. >> so let's begin with an unfolding story on capitol hill. senator ted cruz has launched a filibuster. he wants to block a measure from the obama healthcare law from the health law. we'll have more on the filibuster and the battle over the budget in just a few moments. the president's focus on syria, iran and the united nations peace process. take a look at these live pictures where several world leaders are expected to speak
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tonight including iranian president hassan rouhani, a, and the president talked about bridging two nations. >> this gap can cannot be overcome overnight. the suspicions run too deep. but i believe if we can resolve the issues of iran's nuclear program, that can serve as a major step down a long road of mutual interests and mutual steps. >> the country is determined to prevent iran from developing nuclear weapons. if you were wondering it is austria's president who having his turn to speak now. we're wai waiting to hear from e
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iranian leader sometime in the next hour. james beaaez has more on president obama's address. >> reporter: president obama came to the united nations to layout his vision for the u.n. and the u.s. involvement in the region. a detailed explanation of his policy towards syria, the israeli palestinian peace process and towards iran where he expressed encouragement from statements of president rouhani. >> we're encouraged that rouhani receive a mandate to receive an meet course and i direct john kerry to pursue this effort from the iranian government in close cooperation of the european union, united kingdom, france, russia, china. the roadblocks may prove to be too great but i firmly believe
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the diplomatic path must be tested. >> reporter: he said progress would only be made if the delinquent removing the threat of the uranium bomb, and he ac mandarin majored u.s. mistakes from the past. >> mistakes from iran have been isolated from one other since the revolution of 1979. this mistrust has deep roots. iranian versus long complained of a history of u.s. interference in their affairs and of america's role in overthrowing iranian government during the cold war. >> reporter: on syria the president so close to going to war earlier this month explained the wider issues he has been grappling with. >> the situation in sir mirrors the existence of what has been
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happening for decades. the united states is criticized in its handling but then criticized when not involved. >> reporter: if it is external aggression of threat of weapons of mass destruction or from gropes he deems terrorist networks he will act. >> john terrett joins us us live from the united nations he said that a roadblock might be too great but the diplomatic path is the process. >> reporter: you got it. syria, egypt for a little bit. a lot of what he had to say on those topics was not particularly new, although with syria he was threatening.
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he held out the olive branch suggesting that the u.s. would support iranian nuclear power for energy not for bombing but for energy. and it was extraordinary that he acknowledged mistakes of the past referring to the early 19 50's when the u.s. helped to get rid of the then reigning prime minister. it will be interesting to hear what president rouhani will say here this afternoon. i believe that speech from president obama was written many times particularly after the op-ed appearance in the
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washington post. we're learning from the white house that they offered the iranians a chance of an encounter on the sidelines of the general assembly and the iranians said no, not now. so the president obama went to the launch to which all world leaders were provided, he went but not the iranians. we were hoping for a bit more of that. why president rouhani did not go, we don't know. reports are he didn't go because alcohol was serve. i think he left the u.n. for the afternoon, but will be back to make his speech in an hour or so. >> let me be clear on that point. so there was the report now that there was an offer from the administration to--for the president to meet with mr. rouhani on the sidelines. was this over lunch, before lunch, after lunch? and the iranian leader and
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delegation said no to this? >> reporter: we always thought that a meeting between president rouhani and president obama was kind of a bit touch and go. it was never going to be a proper meeting in which they were filmed greeting each other and chatting. it was always going to be if it happened at all a chance encounter in the corridors. what happens after the u.s. president has spoken, there is always a lunch given by the secretary general to which all world leaders go. they offered the iranians an encounter on the sidelines of the general assembly. one can only assume that would be in the environs of that bunker. to no meeting no, photo om, a little disappointing. >> i think a lot of observers were waiting for that photo.moment. >> we have to wait for what
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president rouhani actually says. it may follow the tone of the "washington post" article last friday. it's all up in the air. >> we'll take all that up with professor dabashi in just a moment. thank you, john terrett outside of the u.n. back to the topic of president obama called on the security council to follow up on syria's commitment to get rid of chemical weapons. >> now there must an strong security council resolution to verify that the assad regime is keeping its commitments, and there must be consequence it is they fail to do so. if we cannot agree even on this, then it will show that the united nations is incapable of enforcing the most basic of international laws.
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>> we're in turkey on the syrian border. we have more on how the president's speech was received in the middle east. >> reporter: one would expect that president obama hit certain notes that are going to make the government quite happy to begin with. obviously his very strong remarks against president bashar al-assad in which he made it very clear the turkish government here will probably be happy about is obama's remarks, quote, the notion that syria could return to a pre-war status quo is simply a fantasy. this has been a very important issue or aspect that the turkish government has been pushing for, even before the debate of chemical war started. now he wanted to see regime change, not just military strikes and certainly not limited deal in eliminating chemical weapons.
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>> with us now is professor debashi, it's great to talk to you. we have a lot to talk about. i want to keep the clock running here so you have an idea how much time, how many more speakers before we get to hear from the iranian president. my understanding is that this is still the president of u austria wrapping up his comments. we'll hear the president, paraguay, latvia, and then we'll hear from president rouhani from iran's islamic republic. professor debashi, first your comments on president obama's speech today. >> i felt it was excellent. >> slept? >> oh, yes, he touched on all the right points. the events in 1953, this is not
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the president time that president obama has not acknowledged the c.i.a.-led coup. >> and u.k. >> and u.k. coup against the democratically elected prime minister. he had acknowledged that on previous occasions during ahmadinejad's presidency. but as you know president obama and president rouhani have been pen pals. >> exchanging letters, yes. >> so my reading of the president's speech he is yet again touching on these critical points by way of registering with rouhani, remember he was elected with 18 million votes. it was a landslide victory. it's not only a mandate from his people. his campaign was transparency on the nuclear energy, he said yes, all the factories need to be running. he has a mandate to become transparent in the nuclear
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issue, lift this crippling economic sanctions, open up to the larger economy which includes the u.s. more importantly, equally important from the leader rouhani, who used a very critical phrase which he called heroic resilience. we need to have heroic resilience, which is a verbal gymnastics for him to say publicly, he said, he has approved an open window of opportunity for president rouhani to strike a deal with president obama, and five plus one, as you know, foreign ministers are scheduled to meet. >> yes, yes. >> so beginning with president rouhani's election, continuing with the appointment, which is
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perhaps the competent diplomat in the history of foreign minister and the approval of the foreign leader we have the indications that the nightmare of ahmadinejad is behind us and we're entering a new era. for a variety of reasons why we should talk not just the crippling sanctions, but the changing in the region. >> what do you expect in president rouhani's address tonight in essence to president obama's address. >> i'm very surprised that he didn't go to that luncheon because that symboli symbolic g. >> that would have been significant. >> there is a fantastic joke the last time president hotami. >> he went to the bathroom.
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>> the joke is that they would lock all the bathrooms. i don't buy that because of the alcohol. he doesn't have that-- >> yeah, you were shaking your head. >> i'm surprised from that report. so what i expect from rouhani's speech, underlying washington op-ed, and underlying equally important op-ed for the guardian, plus a letter for some 511 university professor, arti artists political prisoners, both civil society, society at large and the ruling regime, we have a condition, perhaps a historic opportunity-- >> a moment, to do what?
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>> to use the issue of nuclear crisis, the question of suspension of enrichment over 20%, and become more transparent. the expression of more transparency comes from rouhani himself. back in 1980s rouhani when he was in charge of negotiations he wrote in op-ed magazine the commitments that iran should be and willing to make in order to make this transparency more evidencevident. the only way you can test it is to go along. >> but iran has to come forward with a new set of proposals in your mind for all of this to mean anything? >> in my opinion more open and transparency commitment to regulations, to five plus one requirements and specifics that emerged that we had a version of
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it back when turkey and brazil were-- >> that means more intrusive inspections. >> within the regulations. >> what rouhani has to take ban both times we have not compromised our national sovereignty. our political national sovereignty. we're doing it within our international obligations, within that regulations and limitations it can be with good intentions from both sides to entepersuade the international community. >> that it can be verified. >> absolutely. it has to be verifiable. do you remember president reagan's trust and verify. same thing. >> okay, i won't take that now. i'll take it later when
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president rouhani is speaking. professor good to talk to you. stay with us. the president of the republic of paraguay is addressing the leaders. there is a real opportunity here in his eyes an window has been opened for real negotiation that will provide some real movement on iran's nuclear program. then of course there are other issues, professor we have not talked about namely in syria. again standing by waiting for iran's president to have his turn at the lecturn. >> meteorologist: there are two
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parts to our weather story. the first we'll start with florida where we've been hammered with so much rainfall for the last week, two weeks. thunderstorms giving a good tropical storm feed. stream throws running as high as they ever do in 30 years of record in central florida and northwest florida. you have a line of showers and thunderstorms heading over you. over mississippi we have a severe thunderstorm watch in place with strong gusting winds. it's a squall line and it is tracking eastern pretty quickly. we're going to see that brush the gulf coast in the next few hours. as we look at our flood warnings and flood watches we have them around tampa, and record rain again three inches of rain for fort myers florida, and saratoga. we'll see continuing heavy
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rainfall and already a quarter of an inch with new orleans rain gauge. and we look at tampa and orlando, an inch and a half already today and more on the way. we've got all that moisture there pointed to central florida, but these strong storms bring more heavy rain coming your way. we'll tell you when it dries out for florida and more mountain snow coming up. >> it has become a nationwide problem and more critical medical professionals, finding proper healthcare could soon become even more difficult. >> hi tony, you may see the senate floor now, ted cruz, the senator from texas, holding a quasi filibuster for the moment talking through the course of these hours in his opposition to the president's healthcare initiative. they're still trying to defund it. we appreciate you spending time with us tonight.
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up next is the golden age of hollywood going golden but elsewhere. why l.a.'s mayor has declared a state of emergency for the entertainment industry there. next.
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>> welcome back, everyone, shareholders of smith field farms have voted in favor of a takeover by china's
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international. the final hurdle to completing the deal which is the biggest ever purchase of an american company by a chinese firm. smith field is the largest pork producer and processer. america's confidence in the economy fell, they grew less optimistic as the outlook of jobs dimmed. consumer spending accounts for 70% of economic activity. congress has one week to provide a way to avert a partial government shutdown and the debate is heating up. senator ted cruz has lost a filibuster to defund president obama's healthcare reform law from a bill passed by the house. >> madam perez i intend to speak in opposition to obamacare. i intend to speak in sport of defunding obamacare until people' ni'm nolonger able to s.
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>> what does senator cruz hope to gain from this filibuster. >> reporter: he hopes to gain the favor of conservatives around the country. you may not be able to see it but there is a virtual box around ted cruz. what i mean this is not a filibuster in the sense of mr. smith goes to washington. he won't be speaking on end. there is a definite time limit on this. we don't want to get into all the rules but tomorrow morning at noon there is going to be a vote. at that too whether ted cruz is still on his feet, whether he lasts that long, the vote will go forward and the first of procedural votes. to get you caught up on our story last friday when the house of representatives led by conservatives sent this bill over that extends budget until
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october 1 and defunds obamacare, senator cruz intends to fight with every beth that he has, but this is not this kind of filibuster where he can stall the proceedings. yes, it will drag out the course of the next days and into the weekend. that is the house of representatives will get it one day to go before a potential shut down on october first. unclear what they can do about it even if they choose to do something. we're heading perilously close to that cliff. >> does senator cruz even the support of other senator republicans for what he's doing now? >> in a sense it doesn't matter. senator cruz tried to state the obvious to house conservatives last week when he said there is really nothing i can do in the senate if this comes over because of senate rules because he lacks the 40 votes he needs to block what democrats and many republicans are trying to do.
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republicans in the house were outraged. that's part of driving senator cruz to put on this oritorical shows. he's filibustering defunding the president's healthcare law. we've gone completely through the looking glass here. you're in the senate never-never land, there is very little that senator cruz can do even though he's holding fourth on the floor for an extended period of time. >> oh my, good to see you. thank you. ross is here with our sports headlines and a bizarre accident could end the season for one nfl player? >> reporter: you should never text and drive, and you should never reach for pizza while
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driving. he broke his arm in two places after reaching for a falling pizza box while driving his suv. it was a single car accident that happened at 2:00 a.m. after he left a nfl party. alcohol not involved. detroit's leading receiver this season, but he'll be undergoing surgery tomorrow and could miss the rest of the season. he missed ten games last year with a broken leg. in pittsburgh the drought is finally over. it's been 21 years since the pittsburgh pirates had a spot in the postseason but good times are here again. and the new nfl record last night. manning tossed for three touchdown passes against the raiders giving him 12 in his first three games breaking the previous record of 11 set by tom brady. broncos would go on to hammer the silver and black, 37-21.
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but what is more impressive. manning has 12 touchdown passes and yet to throw an intercepti interception. broncos improved 3 and 0 while the raiders fall to 1 and 2. >> that's not very good last night. ross, thank you. still to come, the maul attack in nairobi, kenya. the country declares victory but a lot of questions remain. we'll go to nairobi for the latest and why health care reform could make it harder to see a doctor. on inside story, we bring together unexpected voices closest to the story, invite hard-hitting debate and desenting views and always explore issues relevant to you.
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>> and welcome back every to al jazeera. we're still waiting for iran's president hassan rouhani to address the u.n. general
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assembly. it looks like we've got at least the president of latvia and the president of liberia to go before we get to president rouhani of iran. of course, we'll bring that speech to you in its entirety. president obama did speak to world leaders at the united nations. the president wants the u.n. to support tough punishment against syria if it doesn't give up chemical weapons. he also asked russia and iran to stop supporting syrian president bashar al-assad. texas senator ted cruz has launched a full bus filibuster d the obama healthcare reform law. the senate has one week to avert a government shutdown. health coverage as we know it will start to undergo a major
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overhaul. thousands of americans will begin the process of healthcare exchanges, a key part of the affordable healthcare act. we'll focus on the challenges and needs and the day primary care doctors will come up short. in massachusetts there are 130 primary care doctors for every 100 people. and in mississippi there are only 63 for every 100,000. we go to mississippi to see how the state is bracing for the future. >> reporter: sister ann brooks is a doctor in the mississippi delta town. at age 75 she worries who will take her place at the clinic she has run for 30 years. >> there are 74% of my patients can't pay me, how am i going to earn enough money to pay the salary of another doctor. it gets to be very sticky.
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>> reporter: sister brooks is one of just three primary care physicians in her poor rural county. >> we're there when grandma dies. you're there when the babies are coming. you're just with the family. they become part of you. >> reporter: it's a nationwide problem. the american association of medicine predicts a shortage of primary care physicians. >> here in mississippi this new medical college was started as a solution of a shortage of primary carry physicians in the gulf. >> reporter: dr. james turner is dean of osteopathic medicine. he predicts the affordable healthcare act will make the situation worse because millions of americans without health insurance will suddenly become eligible. >> adding the burden to that system is only going to make it worse. >> reporter: 24 new medical schools opened in the u.s.
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since 2008. turner said that's only part of the answer. >> what we're about to see is a backlog where all these new students are getting to a point where they won't be able to go into practice and solve the problem because they won't have the opportunity for post graduate training. >> reporter: his stool is trying to set up problems in rural settings like where sister brooks is. but with so many doctors, many will find it tough to get an appointment. >> there aren't enough doctors and too many patients. it will be increasingly difficult to get in to see a primary care physician. >> people here will have no choice to keep on relying on sister ann brooks. >> i still think you'll be a doctor when you get big. [ baby gurgling ] >> you are? okay. >> reporter: al jazeera mississippi. >> president obama is stopping by the clinton global initiative.
4:35 pm
the yearly event brings leaders together from all over the world to tackle some of the biggest challenges in the world. david schuster is there for us live. david, how is president obama using this event to bring home the message of affordable healthcare? >> reporter: it's a bill deal both for the clinton global initiative and president obama. the fact that the president is going to be speaking later this afternoon. as you know so much of what gets done and what people think about these events happens over coffee, when they're talking about the various plans, various speeches, and that will be the talk today when the president speaks. to give a flavor of what is going on right now. chelsea clinton is speaking and this panel is talking about preventive steps in healthcare to see what can be done to get medicines in advance to save communities and societies down the road. president obama is going to be speaking after this event, and
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for the president it is to talk about the imperative of the united states of healthcare reform in the united states, extending health insurance to people who don't have it, he'll try to marry his conversation with wha what has already been heard, and try to make the case to world leaders and ceos to try to improve healthcare and improve everybody's standard of living. a lot of businesses that have been skeptical of obamacare and the obligations that they will have some of those leaders will be in the audience. it's also an opportunity for the president to speak directly to their concerns and whatever misinformation they've heard about the boom care initiative, which of course ratchets into high gear one week from today. >> we've got chelsea clinton. we saw a picture of her leading the panel discussion. president clinton, the event is named for him. is there any buzz there about
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hillary clinton? >> reporter: yes, a lot of, a lot of people, the hillary clinton's positive candidacy. that's what you'll here most often when people are not talking about lofty ambitions of bringing clean drinking water. people like to talk politicians, fundraising and hillary clinton's possible candidacy is a huge talking point. she has not given any clues herself but all the clinton crowds, they're all gathered again and they're here both for bill clinton's participation in this event, but also hillary clinton's appearance as well. >> david schuster for us. thank you. brazil's president took a stab at the u.s. during her speech to the u.n. assembly this morning. she said that her country will adopt legislation to protect it from illegal interception of communication. she accused the united states of
4:38 pm
violation through espionage of her e-mail. >> recently disclosed of activities carried out on global network of electronic spying has brought anger in vast sectors of public opinion worldwide. in brazil the situation was even more serious since we feel such a target of such an intrusion, meddling in the life and affairs of countries and breach of international law and as such it is an affrontment to the principles it should otherwise governor relations among countries, especially among friendly nations. >> the about stillan leader called the efforts an affront and totally unacceptable. last month she canceled a visit to the u.s. in october. we will later we'll hear what
4:39 pm
the iran president has to say to the general assembly. he'll speak very soon. john terrett is there, and i understand it is the president of latvia who is speaking now, and we're very close now. >> reporter: the thing is we never know how long they're going to go on. they're given 15 minutes, but president obama took 43. we think that president rouhani will speak in a half hour. bess what, he has a middle east policy. two key priorities for the rest of his term in office are to sort out the iranian nuclear situation and syrian crisis to give a firm footing. i think the headlines to come out of his speech was his references to president rouhani. he said he was encouraged by what he has seen so far. hhe said the united states would
4:40 pm
back iran for a system for nuclear power. we're told by the white house they made an offer to the iranians for an encounter on sidelines but the iranians turned them down which is disappointing. but don't be too disheartened at we'll wait to hear from president rouhani himself. a lot of attention will be paid to the tone of his speech, and whether or not he makes any mention of israel, and how he couches the situation regarding tehran and israel. we'll bring all that to you live on al jazeera. >> john terrett from the united nations. want wait for that. everyone is anxious to hear that speech. the kenyan president said floors have collapsed where the
4:41 pm
stand off had taken place. gunfire was heard this morning as the stand off moved into its fourth day. all the hostages are now free, but this morning the attackers denied that saying they're still holding people captive. joining us live from nairobi, mohammed, what can you tell us about reports of more death, and floor collapses inside that mall? >> reporter: well, yes, the latest we're here something that the detectives from the scotland yard will be joining investigations that are going on inside the mall right now. the president a little while ago spoke to the kenyan nation, and he said that the siege was over. he said several people had died
4:42 pm
and had been confirmed dead so far. 61 are civilian. six of them are members of kenyan security forces while five others are the gunmen who carried out the attack, and had been holding the hostages there for almost four days. the president also mentioned that 11 suspects, however, he didn't say if those 11 are in custody includes men who had been in the mall and actually carried out the attack. and the president spoke with a lot of a am biggity. and what happened to the hostages. those people who were held by the gunmen for those four days.
4:43 pm
also the floors that had collapsed, and underneath the walls that collapsed were there more is what kenyans are asking. the members of parliament say that there will be an overhaul of security system, and there was a failure, and these should have been detected before it happened. >> mohammed, thank you in nairobi, kenya. >> ambassador, good to talk to you. >> good to talk to you as well. >> can i ask you your thoughts. you were there. we just mentioned you were there in 1998 when the embassy there in nairobi was bombed simultaneously. there was the bombing in
4:44 pm
tanzania, what is your reaction? to what you've been seeing, hearing over the last four days now? >> well, first of all my heart goes out to the kenyan people. my reaction was two things. the personal one hearkening me back to the 1998 and being part of the team working on that issue. but certainly the change intactn tactics from al-shabab. there was a sense that they had weakened, and clearly what they were doing was regrouping. we have a tendency always to declare successes a bit too early, i think. the think the kenyan government is grappling with that a little bit now by saying that they had secured the mall when things are still going on. but in general as a policy we
4:45 pm
tend to declare victory a little early. they were able to blend in up until the time that they actually tried to take the mall. how did they do at a? >> in costumes? >> yes, how did they do that? secondly, they learned from the boston marathon bombings. clearly some of them came with changes of clothes so they could leave along with some of the victims and wouldn't be noticed. we know some of the attackers did leave, did change clothes, and they actually learned that from some of the investigations that we did and shared on the media coming out of boston. that hit me as well. and then the last thing is that they actually dispersed the hostages throughout the mall. that makes it more difficult for rescue, and more massive assault from security forces in one particular location in the mall.
4:46 pm
they were very strategic. politically i think that clearly they wanted to make a big impact, and unfortunately, i think they've done that. >> is this on some level, i suppose security officials would say yes, successful terrorist attack is also a security failing. i get that. but the idea is that al i al-shb had threatened the mall, so much so that people who were in the vicinity had an understanding that it might happen, knew that this was a target, and yet it seems to have come off, unfortunately to say it this way, as successfullily as al-shabab could have hoped. we're talking about 175 people injured, 70 killed. >> yes, it goes back to that point, how did they blend in ohp
4:47 pm
to that point of attack. >> is it a security failing, an intelligence failing? >> i think what it is is a change in how we need to look at these issues. clearly we could even look at what happened in washington last week as a security failing as well, but i think we need to ensure that we're four and five steps ahead on some of these issues and some of these tactics, and we haven't done that. i wouldn't call it a failing in that sense, but certainly it is something that the kenyan government as well as every intel service around the world really needs to look at the entire operation of security forces. security reform is a big issue among the military. we taught a class on what we need to do to be ahead of the game. i'm sure they stepped up the security at the mall, but what they forgot was the extended
4:48 pm
perimeter from the mall to make sure that guns don't get up to the perimeter. >> ambassador, it is great to talk to you. let's have you back on the program because there are so many other issues in africa that we need to talk, even some areas of previous postings in nigeria, congo as well. i hope you come back to see us. >> thank you very much. >> it's a pleasure to have you on the program. >> thank you. >> let's take that live shot from the u.n. general assembly. we're awaiting to hear from the iranian leader, to hear what he has to say about president obama's remarks. he's scheduled to speak next. this is al jazeera. that's all i have an real money.
4:49 pm
victoria azarenko
4:50 pm
a. >> we're going to talk about peyton manning. that guy knows something about the quarterback position. >> reporter: you would not believe, tony. he made the game look too easy. ronnie hillman said no one can play madden as well as payton has claimed averaging 45 points
4:51 pm
and last night against the raiders payton was like, giddy giddyup. with 12 passes surpassing the record by tom brady 37-21, moving to 3 and 0 on the season. and more impressive manning with 12 touchdown passes and yet has to throw an interception. he passed a record set by michael vick in 2010. fyi, the record for touchdown passes in a season is 50 set by brady in 2007. but manning, we've done the calculation on pace to throw 64. what do you think about that pe why, ton. >> we'll just take it one week at a time. i don't have a great comparison over in the years but the guys are making great plays in the passing game and it makes a big difference.
4:52 pm
eric, wes, bt, catches, throw passes. to break that tackle and take it for 50-60 yards, that's helps to get the drive open. the guys are open on time they have a good clock in their head about when to come out of the break, different coverages, and protection has been good. so it gives a chance to see the field and try to throw accurate football. >> reporter: in pittsburgh the drought is over, i'm not talking about the steelers. i'm talking about the pirates. it's been 21 years since the pirates clenched a spot in the postseason. the pirates would go on to beat the cubbies 2-1. then they had to play the waiting game. they needed help from the cardinals t to play the nationa. that's exactly what happened. the pirates are in the
4:53 pm
postseason for the first time since 1992. when you think about it, most clonk kids in pittsburgh have never seen them in the playoffs this year pirates are like, you better recognize. the cincinnati reds didn't party like the pirates because they've been there and done that. the reds look like the big red machine from the 70s. all they had to do was to beat the mets, and early on things are looking good. todd fraser revs one up 1-0. gain tied at 2-2 heading to the bottom of the tenth, and let the celebration begin because the reds win it in dramatic fashion. for the first time in 1975-76 the reds are in the playoffs in back-to-back season. officials at cornell university
4:54 pm
said a hazing incident, forcing the new members to chug beer to the point where many vomited. the freshman players were told to stand in a circle to continue bing drink. those upper class men responsible will go through anti-hazing. so big red in big trouble for hazing. >> yes, ross, thank you. a live look at the united nations' general assembly, and ththe liberia's president. and next iran's hassan rouhani. in a matter of days a new
4:55 pm
report on climate change willing released. mariano sánchez takes us to costa rica on where farmers are working on becoming carbon neutral in ten years. >> reporter: this is not just any pig farm. pigs and cattle are major contributers of gasses that contribute to carbon gasses. >> it is used to cook or produce heat for the animals. for others its used for lighting. >> reporter: the solids left are turned into organic fertilizer in one month. they improve the quality of the soil. this is one of four experimental farms founded by the costa rican
4:56 pm
government. >> we absorb 120,000 tons. we have an ex-possess of emissioemissions. >> reporter: these are small projects. corporations like the joined standard food companies are the one who is contaminate the most. they're now taking small steps of recycling the bags that protect the fruit. >> the bag transforms for the pallets that would hold the bo boxes to transport the fruit. >> reporter: one of the greatest challenges the companies have is to reduce greenhouse gasses produced by transport their product which is 60% of their emissions. >> reporter: but in costa rica farmers are taking bold initiatives. they have been teaching hundreds of neighbors to use low carbon
4:57 pm
technologies. >> we don't need synthetic chemicals to produce healthy food. >> reporter: she uses ash to control insect, charcoal for the nutrients and husks and fiber to rejuvenate the soil. costa rica has pledged to become a carbon neutral nation by 2021. they are using the same methods of their ancestors, and returning to them now will also help the planet. >> tomorrow we will take to you zurich where researchers are focusing on solar energy to help those in need of water and electricity. >> meteorologist: there isn't much sun in parts of the pacific northwest. we have a big fall storm
4:58 pm
bringing mountain snow as we get into wednesday and thursday. we're still getting high mountain form i snow in the forf light showers. but as we get showers in across the pacific northwest and the lowlands this storm will have snow drop down. in montana we'll talk about a 5,000-foot snow level and see about one to three inches in the valleys near 5,000 feet. above that we're talking about a foot of snow. in some areas higher elevation of 5,000 feet. we'll get more than that. it's not just snow but winds, too. we have high winds warnings, and be appropriate those high mountain passes going through i-90 through north idaho. you're going to have slushy snow on the ground. and the big issue will be slushy wet snow falling on power lines, and power outages in parts of
4:59 pm
northern idaho as montana as we get into wednesday and thursday. as we get to this satellite picture you can see the jet stream that will dive south making it quite powerful especially as the system drags south. that will bring powerful winds into the mountains of california. this looks like it will be a window of wednesday to thursday on the storm. we'll keep you up-to-date right here. >> all right, once again let's take you to the united nations general assembly. this is helen johnson speaking wrapping up her remarks. we believe she is the president of liberia. we should tell you that these leaders are scheduled for 15 minutes, but they oftentimes will go longer than that. john terrett was telling us earlier, he's with us from the united nations. john, you were telling us earlier that president obama's speech went what, 43 minutes? >> reporter: 43, you got it.
5:00 pm
i don't know how long president hassan rouhani will go on, it's impossible to know. but welcome to the second big show of the day at the united nations general assembly. president rouhani wrote an op-ed in the "washington post" last friday and it was quite different. let's leave it like that. different from anything we've heard from iranian leaders in the past. he suggested that he wanted to create a relationship with the united states, move forward and work with the united states. what's going on? well, the two countries, they're getting together because all of a sudden their aspirations in the region are beginning to align. sanctions are really hurting iran, and the united states would like iran's help in solving a wrath of problems that iran can help with. right now we have the president of the


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