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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  September 24, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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i don't know how long president hassan rouhani will go on, it's impossible to know. but welcome to the second big show of the day at the united nations general assembly. president rouhani wrote an op-ed in the "washington post" last friday and it was quite different. let's leave it like that. different from anything we've heard from iranian leaders in the past. he suggested that he wanted to create a relationship with the united states, move forward and work with the united states. what's going on? well, the two countries, they're getting together because all of a sudden their aspirations in the region are beginning to align. sanctions are really hurting iran, and the united states would like iran's help in solving a wrath of problems that iran can help with. right now we have the president of the muslim republic preside t
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hassan rouhani. no one knows what will be stayed but we assume it will be close to what he wrote in the op-ed in the "washington post." watch out for any references to israel. last year past president ahmadinejad came up with quite vicious language towards israel. will president rouhani do the same and damage any future relationships with the united states is one of the key questions we're all waiting to find out. as we go to the speech now from the general assembly professor what are you expecting to hear from this speech. first of all you are already on
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the record saying the president obama made a speech you really enjoyed. there we see iran's president rouhani about to be introduced. what are you expecting from his remarks? >> remember, this is his inaugural speech to the international body. and he has signaled in every way that he is going to change the tone of the iranian presence in the international community. >> let's listen in. >> translator: in the name of ala, praise be to god, the lord of the world, blessings and peace will upon our profit mohammed and his kin and companions. >> translator: there president, mr. secretary general, excellencies, ladies and gentlemen, at the outset i would
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like to offer my most sincere [ inaudible ] on your deserved election to the presidency of the general assembly. and seize the moment to express appreciation for the valuable efforts of our distinguished secretary general. mr. chairman, our world today is replete with fear and hope, fear of war and hostile regional and global relations, fear of deadly confrontation of religious, ethnic, and national identities, fear of institutionalization of violence and extremism, fear of poverty and destructive discrimination, fear of decay and destruction of
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life-sustaining resources, fear of disregard for human dignity and rights, and fear of neglect of morality. alongside these fears however, there are new hopes, the hope of universal acceptance by the people and the elite all across the globe of yes, to peace, and no to war. and the hope of preference of dialogue over conflict and moderation over extremism. the recent election in is iran represent a clear living example of the wise choice of hope, rationality and moderation by the great people of iran, the realization of democracy consistent with religion and think peaceful transfer of
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executive power manifested that iran is the anchor of stability in another wise ocean of regional instabilities. the firm belief of our people and government in enduring peace, tranquility, peaceful resolution of disputes and reliance on the ballot box as the basis of power, public acceptance and lidge massey has indeed played a key role in creating such a safe environment. mr. president, ladies and gentlemen, the current critical period of transition in international relations is replete with dangers allied with unique opportunities. any miscalculation of one's
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position, and of course of others will bare historic damages, a mistake by one actor will negative impact on all others. vulnerability is now a global and in -- phenomenon. at this sensitive juncture in the history of global relations, the age of zero-sum gain is over. even though a few actors still tend to rely on archaic and deeply ineffective ways and means to preserve their [ inaudible ] and domination. militarism and the resource to violence and military means to subjugate others are failed
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examples of the perpetuation of old faith in new circumstances. coercive economic and military policies and practices geared to the maintenance and preservation of all superiorities and domination have pursued in a conceptual mindset that negates peace, security, human dignity and ideals, ignoring differences, it's in societies and globallizing western values as universal ones represent another manifestation of this conceptual mindset, yet another reflection of the same cognitive model is the persistence of cold war mentality and bipolar division of the world into the superior us, and inferior
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others, fanning fear and phobia around the emergence of new actors on the world scene is another. in such an environment, governmental and non-governmental religious, ethnic and even rational violence has increased. and there is no guarantee that the era of quiet among big powers will remain immune from such violent discourses, practices, and actions. catastrophic impact of violent and extremist narratives should not in fact, must not be underestimated in this context. the strategic violence which is manifested in the efforts to deprive regional players from their national domain of action,
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containment policy, regime change from the outside, and the efforts towards redrawing of political borders and frontiers is extremely dangerous and provocative. the prevailance international discord is surrounded by uncivil rised [ inaudible ]. in this picture the relation between the center of world power and the [ inaudible ] is hedge monic. the discourse signing the north -- the center stage and the relegating the south to the periphery has lead to the establishment of a monologue at the level of international relations, the creation of illusionary identity distinctions and the current
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prevailing violent forms of [ inaudible ] are the outcome of such a discourse, unfounded faith phobic, islamphobic, shiite phobic and iran phobic represents threats to world peace and security. this discourse has assumed dangerous proporeions through portrayal and presumed imaginary threat. one such imaginary threat is the so-called iranian threat, which has been employed as an excuse to justify a long catalog of crimes and catastrophic practices over the past three decades. the arming of the saddam hussein regime with chemical weapons and supporting the taliban and al
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qaeda are two examples. let me say this in all sincerity, that based on irrefutable evidence those who harp on the so-called iran pose such a threat. iran poses absolutely no threat to the world or the region, in fact in ideals as well as in actual practice, my country has been a harbinger of just peace and comprehensive security. mr. president, ladies and gentlemen, nowhere in the world has violence been so deadly and destructive as in north africa and west asia. military intervention inning afghanistan, saddam hussein's imposed war against iran. occasion of kuwait, military
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intervenings against iraq, brutal repression of the palestinian people. assassination of political figures in iran and terrorist bombings in countries such as iraq, afghanistan, and lebanon are examples of violence in this region in the last three decades. what has been and continues to be practices against the innocent people of palestine is nothing less than structural violence. palestine is under occupation. the basic rights of the palestinians are tragically violated and they are deprived of the right of return and access to their home's birthplace and homeland, a concept can hardly describe the crimes and institutionalized
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aggression against the innocent palestinian people. the human tragedy in syria represent a painful example of catastrophic spread of violence and extremism in our region from the very crisis outset, regional and international actors helped to militaryize the situation through infusion of arms into the country. there was no military solution to the syrian crisis, pursuit of expansionist strategies and objectives and attempts to change the regional balance through proxies cannot be camouflaged behind humanitarian
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rhetoric. the common objective of the international community should be a quick end to the killing of the innocent, while condemning any use of chemical weapons, we welcome syria's acceptance of the chemical weapons convention. and believe that the access by extremist terrorist groups to such weapons is the greatest danger to the region that must be considered in any disarmament plan. simultaneously, i should understood line the [ inaudible ] and in effective threat to use or actual use of force will further lead to further exacerbation of violence in the region. killing of innocent people represent the ultimate in humanity of extremism and
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violence. terrorism knows no country or national borders, but the violence and extreme actions such as the use of drones against innocent people in the name of combatting terrorism should also be condemned. here i should also say a word about the assassination of iranian nuclear scientists, for what crimes have they be assassinated? the detonations and the security council should answer the question. have the perpetrators been condemned, unjust sanctions as manifestation of violence are intrinsically imhumane and against peace, and contrary to the claims that pursue and impose them, it is not the state and the political elite that are
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targeted, but rather the common people. let us know forget millions of iraqis who as a result of sanctions covered in international legal jargon suffered and lost their lives and many more who continue to suffer all through their lives. these sanctions are violent, pure and simple, whether called smart or otherwise, unilateral or multi-lateral, these sanctions violate inalienable rights access to health and education, and above all, the right to life. sanctions beyond any and all
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rhetoric cause deliverance, warmongering, and human suffering. it should be born in mind, however, that the negative impact is not merely limited to the intended victims of sanctions. it also effects the economy and livelihood of other countries and societies, including the countries imposing sanctions. mr. president, excellencies, violence and extremism nowadays have gone beyond the physical real and have unfortunately inflicted and tarnished mental societies, violence leaves no space for the necessary foundations of collective life of human beings. we need to promote and reinforce
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tolerance in light of the religious teachings and appropriate cultural and political approaches. the human society should be elevated from the state of mere tolerance to that of collective collaboration. we should not just tolerate others. we should rise above mere tolerance and there to work together. people all over the world are tired of war, violence and extremism. they hope for a change in the status quo. and this is a unique opportunity for us all. the republic of iran believe all challenges could be managed sub seszfully. warmongers are bent on
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extinguishing all hope, but hope for change for a better widespread and universal concept. hope is found on the belief of the universal will of the people across the globe to combat violence and extremism, to value choice and act in accordance with human responsibility. hope is no doubt one of the greatest gifts bestowed upon human beings by their all-loving creator, and the moderation is to move in a wise judicial manner, conscious of the time and the space and to align [ inaudible ] ideals with choice of effective strategies and policies while cognizant of objective realities. the iranian people in a judicially somber choice voted for the discourse of hope, foresight and prudent
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moderation, both at home and abroad. in foreign policy, the combination of these elements means that islamic republic of iran as a regional power will acts responsibly, and is willing to cooperate in these fields bilaterally as well as unilaterally with other responsible actors. the ballot box everywhere, including other countries in the region, believe that there are no violent solutions to world crisis. the bitter and ugly real advertise of human society can only be overcome through resource to end reliance on human wisdom, interaction and moderation, securing peace and
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democracy and ensuring the legitimate rights of all countries in the world, including the middle east cannot and will not be realized through militarizism. there is no issue or s do see yay that cannot be resolved. iran's nuclear doseay is a case in point. as clearly stated by the leader of the republic of iran, acceptance of the right of iran constitutes the best and the easiest way of resolving this issue. this is not political rhetoric. rather it is based on a profound recognition of the state of technology in iran, global political environment, and the end of the era of zero sum
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gains. and the imperative of seeking common understanding, and shared security. put otherwise, iran and other actors should pursue two common objectives as two mutually inseparable parts of a political solution for the nuclear dseay of iran. one, iran's nuclear program and the matter that all other countries must pursue exclusively peaceful purposes, i declare here openly and unambiguously that notwithstanding the positions of others, this has been and will always be the objective of the islamic republic of iran. nuclear weapon and other weapons
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of mass destruction have no place in iran's security and defense doctrine, and contradict our fundamental religious and ethical convictions. our national interests, make it imperative that we remove any and all reasonable concerns about iran's peaceful nuclear program. two, the second objective that is acceptance of and respect for the implementation of the right to the enrichment inside of iran, and enjoyment of other related nuclear rights provides the only path towards achieving the first objective, nuclear knowledge in iran has been domesticated now, and the nuclear technology has already enriched industrial scale, it is therefore an illusion and extremely unrealistic to pursue
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that the peaceful nature of the nuclear program of iran could be pursued through [ inaudible ]. in this context the iran asks for respect in this exercise and will result in oriented talks to build mutual confidence and removal of mutual uncertainties with full transparency. iran seeks constructive engagement with other countries based on mutual respect and common interests, and within the same framework, does not seek to increase tensions with the united states. i listened carefully to the statement made by president
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obama today at the general assembly. commensurate with the political will of the leadership in the united states, and hoping that they will refrain from following the short-sided interests of warmongering pressure groups, we are arrive at a framework to manage our differences. to this end, equal footing, mutual respect, and the recognized principles of international law, should govern the interactions. of course, we expect to hear a consistent voice from washington. mr. president, ladies and gentlemen, in recent years a dominant voice has been
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repeatedly heard, the military option is on the table. against the backdrop of this illegal and ineffective contention, let me say loud and clear that peace is within reach. so in the name of the islamic republic of iran, i propose as a starting the step the consideration by the united nations of the project the world against violence and extremism, let us all join this wave. i invite all of the states, international organization, and civil institutions to undertake a new effort to guide the world in this direction. we should start thinking about coalition for -- peace all across the globe instead of the ineffective coalitions for war
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in various parts of the world. today the islamic republic of iran invites you and the entire world community to take a forward, an invitation to join the wave. world against violence and extremism. we should accept and be able to open a new horizon in which peace will prevail over war. tolerance over violence, progress over blood letting, justice over discrimination, prosperity over poverty, and freedom over disparttism.
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as beautifully said by ferdosi, the renowned iranian epic poet, be relentless in striving for the cause of good, bring the spring you must ban initial the winter, you should. not withstanding all difficul difficulties and challengeings, i'm deeply optimistic about the future. i have no doubt that the future will be bright with the entire world rejecting violence and extremism. my hope aside from personal and national expeerns emanates from the belief shared by all divine religions that a good and bright future evades the world, and as stated in the holy car
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-- quran, and we proclaimed, that my vert wows servants will inherit the earth. thank you mr. president. >> well, there you have it. we have been listening to the speech from iran's president, hassan rouhani. boy, a lot to talk about that. let's bring in our guests -- okay, we don't have the time to begin our discussion at this moment, but there is plenty, of course to talk about. couple of headlines, i think we'll see in tomorrow's papers. peace is within reach, stated unequivocally by hassan rouhani during his talk; that iran is proposing a time frame and a results oriented set of talks to resolve the nuclear dispute.
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let's take a break, and we'll come back with our guests and talk in more detail about what hassan rouhani had to say. al-shabab, targets a shopping mall in kenya. you are watching "inside story" from washington. ♪ hello and welcome scenes of shopping mall patrons gripped in fear. gunmen taking hostages and killing more than 60 others, civilians,


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