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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 24, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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hello and welcome to al jazeera. i'm tony harris in new york. our top stories -- >> translator: yes to peace and no to war, and the hope of preference of dialogue over conflict and moderation over extremism. >> iranian president, hassan rouhani addresses the un general assembly. >> the international community must enforce the ban on chemical weapons. >> president obama calls for a solution to the syrian chemical weapons crisis. while in washington debate continues over a possible shutdown of the government. ♪
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iran poses no threat to the world. that's one of the points the country's new president made during his speech. his appearance before the un general assembly, hassan rouhani also responded to president obama's willingness to reach out to iran. >> i listened carefully to the statement made by president obama today at the general assembly. commensurate with the political will of the leadership in the united states, and hoping that they will refrain from following the short-sided interests of warmongering pressure groups. we can arrive at a framework to manage our differences. >> john terrett joins us now from the united nations. john your takeaways from
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president rouhani's message. >> well, there was a lot there for sure. and the speech wasn't as long as president obama's. i think the take away has to be if you were expecting him to basically read out that op-ed that he put in the "washington post" last friday, then you were wrong. because it wasn't as nice as that was. i don't think this is a man who is going to be sitting down any time soon with president obama to have a chat about things, however, the tone was very, very different from that of the previous iranian president. this was more of a balance sheet of where iran sees itself in the world at the moment and what it wants to happen in the future. let's take a look at a couple of key points. he made -- he was very emphatic that there is no place in iran's defense doctrines for weapons of mass destruction. he said the zero-sum game era
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was over, meaning the era when each country pushes things to the n-th degree to get their way. this is the era of compromise. but he did say in that sound bite that you just played, that he is offering immediate nuclear talks to the united states that will be results orient, providing that president obama doesn't listen to warmongering pressure groups, and he said peace is within our grasp. that is a significant different speech from recent speeches. but at the same time not over friendly, not over nice, and certainly i don't think that the two sides are going to be get ing together any time soon at the presidential level like this. of course we learned today, tony, just to keep you up to speed, the white house is
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telling the press corps traveling with them, that they offered the chance for the iranians to have what they called an encounter here on the sidelines, and the iranians said, no, no, it's too soon. tony? >> thank you, john. earlier it was president obama turn at the podium. >> reporter: president obama came to the united nations to lay out his vision for the middle east and the u.s.'s future involvement in the region. a detailed explanation of his policy towards syria, the israeli, palestinian process, and towards iran. >> we are encouraged that president rouhani wants to pursue a more moderate course, and i'm directing john kerry to
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pursue this effort with the iranian government in close cooperation with the european union, united kingdom, france, germany, russia, and china. the roadblocks may prove to be too great, but i firmly believe the democratic -- depp mattic path must be tested. >> reporter: he said iran can have a peaceful nuclear energy program, and he acknowledged u.s. dismakes from the past. >> the united states and iran have been isolated from one another since the islamic revolution of 1979. this mistrust has deep roots. iranians have long complained of a history of u.s. interference and their affairs, and of americas role of overthrowing the iranian government during the cold war. >> reporter: on syria, the president so close to going to
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war earlier this month explained the wider issues. >> the situation in syria mirrors a contradiction that has persisted in the region for decades. the united states is chastised for medelling in the region, at the same time the united states is blamed for failing to do enough to solve the problems. >> reporter: president obama spelled out exactly when the u.s. would involve itself in the middle east in the future. if there is external aggression, the threat of chemical weapons or terrorist network intervention, he will act. >> joining us is a professor of ironian studies and comparative literature at columbia university. we were watching this piece together. taking notes at about the same
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times during the speech. your impressions? >> well, first of all it is a sigh of relief when you compare it to what we have been watching the last few times. no reference to israel, no gsaly denial of a holocaust, nothing of that sort. but when you compare it to president obama's speech. this is the fifth speech that president obama gave in this place, and this is the first president rouhani had to give. so he had to clear the air and introduce a new language. and he did it in a combination of the two inaugural addresses of president obama. namely [ inaudible ] of hope, hope, hope, hope is great. >> we heard that throughout the speech. >> exactly. the crescendo of his speech begins with hope over fear all of that, and then the major body, the main body is full of substance, and full of balance. don't just talk about syria,
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don't just talk about chemical weapon, also talk about drones. >> yes, yes. >> very tough minded iranian reading of what is happening in the region, so we know in a negotiation what are the issues, but then concluded again with a note on hope. yes, as john said they didn't shake hands but they mention each other's name. he said president obama's, i heard what he said, and president obama mentioned president rouhani's name. number one, it is against the iranian national interests to have a nuclear weapon. >> yes. >> and second he mentioned, and perhaps even more important, it is in the iranian national interest to be transparent in the matter of nuclear project. he said don't bother with the question of nuclear knowledge and nuclear technology, you are too late. >> he did say that. >> he said the word has become
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institutionalized. so for a nuclear weapon is concerned, it is not in our interests, it is not our objective, and we're willing to sit down and talk. so on the rhetorical level, it is a good performance, and then he loses if we were to compare him with obama. obama is very specific, yet he is more -- rouhani is more generic, yet he is feeling the room and the new language he has introduced. and yet he itemized one and two, take the threat from the military table, and talk to the elected president of 75 -- he emphasized the mandate. so when you talk to me, talk to me as the head of the state, don't talk to me as i'm the student of some leader as you did perhaps legitimately so in the past.
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so on the whole it is a very positive development. i don't anticipate an easy negotiation, but it is a solid promise for us is contained and legitimate negotiation, which includes the nuclear issue but is not exclusive to the nuclear issue. >> yes. a proposal for time bound result oriented talks to build trusts over the intentions of iran's nuclear program. that's the next step here isn't it? >> oh, absolutely. he in effect is telling president obama i will give you what you want. i will give you what you need, which is transparency, and verifiable within the limits of internation an atomic energy agency, and mpt, both of them we are giving you. >> this begins on thursday. >> indeed. >> there is a meeting at me min
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stairal level starting thursday in new york. >> exactly. and the iranian foreign minister, his footprint is all over this speech, and the give away was when president rouhani sited the poem. that poem has been on his facebook for the last few days. he planted it there. so he is going to five plus one with the authority and the range of possibilities that he, rouhani just articulated with the intended objective, he is telling obama, bypass the pressure groups -- >> what does he mean by that? be honest? what pressure group is he referring to? >> he means aipac. >> yeah. >> of course. and also the kinds of congressional mobilization that
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apac will try to dismantle this. he in effect is telling obama, don't tell me that -- do i have authority that i can talk to you. you also have some cleaning up to do when we talk you can also talk -- >> fascinating. >> yeah. >> professor of iranian studies and a comparative literature at columbia university. it has been great to have you here. thank you for your time. >> my pleasure. meanwhile in washington different speeches and a different discussion to say the least. one that could lead to a government shutdown early next week. mike viqueira is covering that story and joins us now from capitol hill. mike? >> reporter: whistling in the dark is ted cruz and his wing man jeff sessions. they are talking about obamacare, as they term it. we just heard from president obama talking about it as well.
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it goes in effect for all intents and purposes october 1st and then january 1st in full effect. what are they trying to do? they are trying to stall senate consideration of a bill that they think will ultimately delink what the house of representatives did friday. and as you and i have been talk about for several days they linked the funding of the federal government next tuesday to a defuncting of the president's health care law. that is expected to be undone in the senate. that's why ted cruz is on the floor protesting against that, but there is very little he can do. he simply doesn't have the votes. harry reid does, and it's not just democrats, there are many republican senator as well who disagree with this strategy. even mitch mcconnell the leader of house republican as the minority leader, he faces a tough primary challenge from the right next year, even he says
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this is the wrong way to go. >> any one senator can object to any effort to shorten the process. my -- my own view is, it would be to the advantage of our colleagues to shorten the process, and if the majority leader were to ask us to shorten the process, i -- i would not object. i don't know who else in the conference may feel differently. >> oh, yes, senate process. here is the translation, tony. mitch mcconnell wants this to be sent back to the house of representatives. they are going to decouple that defunding of president obama's health care initiative. there will be a vote tomorrow, friday, and sunday. by the time the house gets it again, it will be too late to do anything with it, the country will go over the edge, and mcconnell feels as though republicans are going to get blamed. a dicey situation right here.
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>> as a always the case it seems. all right. mike appreciate. thank you. in a matter of just six days, health care coverage in the united states as we know it will start to undergo a major overhaul. thousands will begin the enrollment process in new health care exchanges. this week al jazeera will be focusing on the issues, challenges and changes. today we are looking at the need for primary care doctors. many states are literally coming up short. massachusetts is in the best position. but mississippi ranks 50th with only 63 per 100,000 people. robert ray takes us to mississippi to show us how the state is bracing for the future. >> how old? >> four months. >> four months. >> reporter: sister ann brooks
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is a doctor. at age 75 she worries who will take her place at the clinic she has run for years. if 74% of my patients can't pay me, how am i going to earn the money to pay another doctor? >> reporter: she is just one of three primary care physicians in her poor rural county. >> you are there when grandma dies, when the baby comes, and they are part of you. >> reporter: a shortage of 45,000 primary care physicians are predicted by the end of the decade. and here this hospital was started as a solution. dr. james turner predicts the affordable health care act will make the situation even worse because millions of americans without health insurance will
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suddenly become eligible. >> adding any burden to that system is only going to make it worse. >> reporter: 24 new medical schools opened in the u.s. since 2008. turner says that's only part of the answer. >> what we are about to see is a backlog where all of these new students are getting to the point that they won't be able to go into practice and solve the problem because they won't have the opportunity to have post graduate training. >> reporter: his school is trying to set up programs in rural settings, but only so many doctors, many people may find it tough to get an appointment. >> there's not enough doctors and too many patients, and it's going to be increasingly difficult to get in to see a primary care physician with the present shortage. >> reporter: so people here will have no choice but to keep relying on sister ann brooks.
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>> i still think you are going to be a doctor when you get big. yeah? you are. [ laughter ] >> okay. president obama took his health care pitch to the clinton global initiative this afternoon. president clinton moderated a panel features the chief operating officer facebook. he stressed the importance of health care and its impact on the economy. >> the fact is that we have been up until recently the only advanced industrialized nation on earth that permits large numbers of its people to languish without health insurance. the reason that we have not only current deficits, but also projected long-term deficits, the structural deficit that we have, is primarily based on the fact that we have a hugely
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inefficient, wildly expensive health care system that does not produce better outcomes. ♪ central florida has been getting a lot of rainfall in the storm of showers and thunderstorms from tropical moisture in this last week, week and a half actually, but we have been looking at record rainfall totals in central florida because the area that is the focus of this tropical moisture has been moving into places like tampa and even across orlando. there are flood watches going on right now, especially into northwest florida because of a squall line tracking through. this squall line is going to bring in that intense rainfall and we're getting localized flooding in a few countries. don't drive through the water, just turn around, don't drown. that's the saying.
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you want to stick to that. because the rainfall totals are impressive. we have well over an inch of rainfall now in tampa. as we look at the satellite and radar, you can see the focus of thunderstorms. a lot of lightning, and strong wind gusts too, especially tracking into pensacola, mobile and it is going to gradually work its way eastwards. this is water vapor and it is showing you the intensity and how fast the clouds are lifting. the bright green is high moisture content, the discharger the orange gets that's drier weather moving in. yes, florida you have drier weather as we get towards thrust. and a lot of snow moving in for the days ahead. that's next. >> thank you, rebecca. the kenyan president said
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several floors collapsed inside the mall as the stand off between the al-shabab fighters and authorities moved into its fourth day. the authorities say all hostages are free, but the attackers deny that. still ahead, "real money" ali velshi breaks down the latest numbers on the economy. and one state's battle to get control of its growing crystal meth problem.
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♪ in business, more signs, surging mortgage rates are denting the housing market.
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the latest report showing home prices rose by less than expected, .6 of a percent in july. ali velshi will be talking about this is a lot more coming up on "real money" at the top of the hour. how is the housing recovery looking? >> it is hot. never mind the slower than. they are up 12% over last year. this housing market is hot, there's no question about it. yes, things have slowed a smidge since the houses were going in may. why? because interest rates went up a little bit. here is the thing, interest rates are down to about 4.5% tony. if you have good credit and can put down a down payment of 20 to 30%, you can get a home loan of 4.5%. that's still a percentage point higher than what things were in may, and that's why things have slowed down a little bit. we know that's going to happen, interest rates go up and home
6:25 pm
sales slow down. we're seeing big, big gains in tampa, seattle, portland, oregon, and in those states where we have largely seen the biggest drops in the housing crisis. so you look at the states with high foreclosure rates, arizona, colorado, nevada, georgia, florida, all of those places are seeing big recoveries. now we have to worry if some of these markets are getting just a little bit too hot. >> boy, you mention georgia, i'm really happy to hear that. you'll be talk about this and more coming up at the top of the hour? >> i absolutely will. and i'll talk about how this is becoming a bit of a renter nation. >> ali how about this, we're going to talk about real money $399.4 million. hello in south carolina the soul winner has anonymously claimed
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their prize. lottery players in south carolina, don't know if you knew this, can claim winnings without having their name released. ♪ ross is here with a look at the sports headlines and the story of a really talented wide receiver who may have ended his own -- at least season, right? >> this is one of those sports stories that make you say, are you kidding me? he broke his arm in two places after reaching for a falling pizza box while driving his suv. true story. it is an article that happened around 2:00 am after he left a monday night football party. but according to police alcohol was not involved. he could miss the rest of the season. burleson also missed several
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games last season. how good is peyton manning, people? 12 in his first 3 games breaking the previous game of 11 set by tom brady. the broncos would go on to hammer the silver and black. and manning has 12 touchdown passes and has yet to throw an interception. in pittsburgh the drought is finally over. happy times are here again. the pirates clenched a playoff spot last night. in the american league a couple of spots are still up for grabs. >> yeah, i remember those pirates, we are family days. all right. pittsburgh fans, i'm glad you are back in the playoffs. ross thank you. they have come from around the world literally. still ahead, update from the un general assembly, and continued
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explosions and a collapse inside a mall in nairobi, at least 72 people with dead, and the attackers say they are still holding hostages.
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welcome back to al jazeera, i'm tony harris. here is a look at your headlines. president obama spoke to world leaders at the united nations. he asked the world to support tough sanctions against syria if it doesn't give up its chemical weapons. and iranian president hassan rouhani spoke, and said that any threat from iran has been overexaggerated. >> translator: such imaginary threat is the so-called iranian threat which has been employed as an excuse to justify a long catalog of crimes and catastrophic practices over the past three decades. >> we're joined by a fellow at the simpson foundation. good to talk to you. what did you think of the
6:31 pm
speech? >> well, i thought it was a very thoughtful speech. he is obviously a very sophisticated and intelligent man, and i think we should sort of view the speech in two parts. as you just mentioned, tony, he did to some degree criticize the west for its allegations against iran all of these years and for what he perceives as the united states domination in the middle east. he didn't use those words directly, but he other part of the message was very positive that this is a new era where peace is possible, and iran is willing to negotiate on issues that are important to the united states. >> i totally agree. there was a list of grievances against the west, on sanctions, certainly the u.s. drone program, listing of the west conflicts in west asia, and then
6:32 pm
there was absolutely that channelling of -- of the hope message that we heard during 2008 in the lead up to the first presidential term of barack obama. >> obama. yes, and i think also he -- he wants to -- he did everything in his power to try to demonstrate that this is a new era as far as the iranians are concerned, and i think that that's the message that we should take away from this whole experience. granted there probably will be no meeting between the two presidents, between president obama and president rouhani for what the iranians said are complications, meaning they don't have the political buy in back in theron and would suffer politically if such a meeting were to occur, but he certainly is a powerful president. so i think that even though
6:33 pm
there probably is not going to be a huge symbolic gesture to come out of this un meeting, that things -- we're in a completely different place than we were may -- say in may of this year. >> maybe we won't get the photo ophandshake, but do you expect anything to come out of the meeting on thursday as discussions begin anew on iran's nuclear program? that would be even more significant. >> absolutely. i think the iranians have somewhat of a problem now if they don't put something concrete on the tail at that meeting. because we had this huge orchestrated campaign ahead of president rouhani's appearance. we had speeches back in tehran, speeches by other leaders
6:34 pm
talking about peace, so now these oftures have ended with his speech and now they have to deliver on thursday. maybe talk about lowering the levels of enrichment or suggesting that flaps is on the table. because this is a serious meeting, and they have already planned to have a subsequent meeting after thursday. what the p5-plus 1 are looking for is okay. we have weeks of talks now, now we need to know the substance that is on the table. >> this new president didn't mention israel by name. but he did mention the need to work around warmongering pressure groups. did you make of those two statements? >> that's definitely a reference to the domestic interest groups
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here in the united states, and definitely a reference to the pressures that the iranians come to bare upon the obama administration to take action that they don't agree with, so -- but -- but i think that the united states for its part has demonstrated now to the iranians that they are seeking a diplomatic solution to the syrian crisis, not a military one. so this should empower rouhani back in terran, and there hasn't been that much discussion during his trip of the whole issue of syria, but over the last weeks, as they have created this charm offensive, they also say maybe assad won't stick around forever. maybe there can be a syria with assad, and i think that means the iranians are painting a
6:36 pm
picture to have a syria without assad. >> interesting time. >> absolutely. >> good to talk to you again. thanks for your time. let's get you back to john terrett now. john, what has been the reaction so far, if you have been able to engage, and i believe you have, to the speech from iran's president? >> the reaction is if anybody thought this was going to be a vocalization of that op-ed piece that appeared in the "washington post" on friday then they were only partially right. i don't think this is a man who is going to be sitting down with president obama any time soon. but we did hear a very, very different sort of speech from the kind of speech we have had from the iranians in recent history of the un. no mention of israel directly as you were saying, no mention of the holocaust, none of the viciousness towards israel that
6:37 pm
we have heard in the past. but hassan rouhani did say there is no place in iran's doctrine for weapons of mass destruction. he said the zero-sum game is over meaning that era where countries go to the n-th degree for their political beliefs. and he did offer immediate nuclear talks. let's listen to a clip that illustrates how he put that. >> translator: while there is an extremism leave no space for understanding and moderation as the necessary foundations of collective life of human beings, and the mother's society. intolerance is the predicament of our time. we need to promote and reinforce tolerance in light of the religious teachings and
6:38 pm
appropriate cultural and political approaches. we should not just tolerate others. we should rise above mere tolerance and work together. people all over the world are tired of war, violence and extremism. >> reporter: john, let me ask another quick question if i might here, there has been -- i have been checking my in-box, and i don't have it there, but i understand there has been some harsh criticism of hassan rouhani's speech. >> reporter: there has, benjamin netenyahu who is the israeli prime minister has already been on the social media to say that he felt the speech by hasan rouhani was cynical and the iranian leader was simply buying time. it's going to be very interesting to see going forward
6:39 pm
what the reaction between a closer relationship is, so we'll be looking for more statements like that from netenyahu and others, around the world who will be tweeting feverously as well. netenyahu will not be appearing at the general assembly this week as is the norm. he is going to be speaking next week. so in the meantime, the next real headline out of here, i think regarding this issue surrounding iran is the meeting between john kerry and the iranian foreign minister that is going to take place on thursday. and that's going to be the highest level meeting that there ever was between iran and the u.s. administration, since the iranian revolution 34 years ago. no meeting of course as we know
6:40 pm
between rouhani and obama. the white house telling the press corps this evening that they offered the iranians a chance for an encounter, and the iranians said no. >> okay. john terrett for us, wrapping up an extraordinary day of speeches. john thank you. while world leaders gather, protests are going on outside the united nations. two groups are taking different stances on iran. >> reporter: as the possibility of a [ inaudible ] between the west and iran being seen at the united nation, there is a push back coming from voices in the united states who believe that iran just can't be trusted. we are at a demonstration across the un organized by a group, that have organized demonstrations like this for the past several years calling to an end to iran's religious
6:41 pm
leadership. but this year they are getting a lot of support from high profile speakers from rudy giuliani and others. they are joining a growing chorus of voices who have expressed concerns about rolling back sanctions, including high-level senator like john mccain and robert menendez, republicans and democrats who have written to president obama saying that he should not end sanctions against iran unless there is demonstrable proof that iran is not pursuing a nuclear weapon. and the opposite view was also expressed. a group conducted a poll that found 60% of americans do support direct talks between iran and the united states. they say now is the time to talk and end bellicose language.
6:42 pm
but the opposition voices in the united states are very loud as you can hear. the kenyan president says the gunman who attacked a nairobi mall has been ashamed and defeated. they claim all hostages are free, but the attackers say they are still holding people captive. more now from al jazeera's andrew simmons. >> reporter: this is where the social forces call a clearing operation. a staircase is sealed off, and they reach the fourth floor, every corner or closed door presents a risk, and there's no hesitation in using grenades. [ explosion ] >> reporter: earlier more distant but progressively bigger blasts had soldiers running to avoid incoming fire. [ explosion ] >> reporter: that's the third and the loudest explosion so
6:43 pm
far. intermittent gunfire, the frontage of the building, you can see is still intact behind the ruins of the fire that burned right through the night. [ explosion ] >> reporter: we counted five explosions in the space of a few hours and single shots along with short bursts of automatic gunfire. [ gunfire ] >> reporter: the security forces say they disabled at least two bombs laid by their attackers, and so with tired medical teams standing by, this operation steadily moves through its fourth day. there have been more deaths. there is a body taken off, and three kenyan soldiers have died in hospital. then came the presidential address. he announced two more attackers were dead. bringing the total to five. >> five terrorists were killed with gunfire. eleven suspects are in custody
6:44 pm
in connection with the attack. intelligence reports have suggested that a british woman and two or three american citizens may have been involved in the attack. we cannot confirm the details at present. >> reporter: but there was no reference to whether there were any hostages still left inside the building. al-shabab claims hostages are being held and they are alive. some kenyans like these, visiting the city mortuary searching in vain for missing family and friends can get little comfort right now. crystal meth is one of the world's most dangerous drugs and even though the number of meth labs discovered across the u.s. over the last two years has dropped slightly, tennessee is seeing more meth production. jonathan martin reports.
6:45 pm
>> reporter: despite strict state laws, tennessee's crystal methamphetamine epidemic may be getting worse. >> it seems like every time law enforcement begins to fight it, the odds are against us. >> reporter: for the first time in years, tennessee is on track to top missouri as the state with the highest number of meth lab busts. this year more than 1200 labs have been shut down statewide, 750 people arrested. >> we don't know why it has become such a major issue for our state. >> reporter: meth is a highly addictive dug made be pseudo eh ephedrine. a new meth offender registry also keeps pharmacies to selling to someone with a meth conviction. but addicts have skirted the
6:46 pm
laws with what is called smurfing. >> you may not be allowed to buy it, but i can. so you pay me to go from pharmacy to pharmacy for me to buy my limit. >> users also turn to a quicker and more dangerous way of making meth. the shake and bake method requires fewer chemicals and a soda bottle to mix. >> if the top comes off of that bottle, there is an explosion, and that's what we're seeing. >> reporter: top law enforcement say the only way to really tackle the meth issue is do things like oregon and mississippi have done, and make pseu pseudoephedrine illegal without a prescription. >> it would be an incredible
6:47 pm
burden. >> reporter: but with meth lab busts happening almost daily in tennessee, and fewer federal dollars available, the pressure to find new solutions is greater than ever. coming up next the drought is over for the pittsburgh pirates, ross will tell you who is in and who is out. that's next. ♪
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♪ boy this is really bizarre what happened to nate burl linson, huh? >> yeah, we are talking about pizza. here is the thing kids never
6:50 pm
text and drive and never reach for pizza while driving. he was in a single car accident that hand around 2:00 am after he left a monday night football party. according to police alcohol not involved. the 32-year-old was detroit's leading receiver this season, but will be undergoing surgery tomorrow and could miss the rest of the season. he also missed 10 games last season with a broken leg. all right. how good is peyton manning? last night against the raiders, peyton was like getty up. he broke the previous record of 11 set by tom brady. the broncos will buzzing big time because they would go on to
6:51 pm
spank the silver and grabbing. and manning had 12 touchdown passes and has yet to throw an interaccept shun. michael vick also had 12 touchdowns and no interceptions in 2010. record for passes in a season, 50 set by tom brady back in 2007, but peyton is on pace to throw 64. in pittsburgh the brought is finally over. it has been 21 years since the pirates have clenched a spot in the post season, but happy times are here again. the pirates beat the cubbies 2-1. but then pittsburgh had to play the waiting game. and looky here, it happened. so pop that bubbly stuff. when you think about it most kids in college in pittsburgh
6:52 pm
have never seen them in the playoffs. because the pirates have had 20-straight losing seasons, but this year, they are like you better recognize. the cincinnati reds also looking like the big red machine from the '70s. all they had to do was beat the mets and early on, things were looking very good. but the mets would rally back, and this game, just like that, tide at 2-2, heading into the bottom of the 10th. somebody please be a hero. he is digging in, because chu drives in the game winner and sell the celebrations begin. reds win it in dramatic fashion. big red in big trouble. a hazing incident has forced
6:53 pm
them to cancel the lacrosse game. the freshmen were told to stand in a circle and continue binge drinking. the upper classmen are now going through an anti hazing program. shaquille o'neal has had some great basketball lines. my favorite when he called the sacramento kings the sacramento queens. it's funny now because he purchased a minority shake in the kings. sacramento has new ownership, a new arena that is being built, and hopefully a new winning attitude. >> exciting day for me. exciting day for the ownership group. we look forward to the challenges of bringing it back to where it used to be and going even further. i was really interested in this team for three reasons, veeck,
6:54 pm
marshall, and demarcus cousins. the new name of the town will be called shaqmento. all of the fans of sacramento, i apologize for calling you queens. i love you people in shackmento, and if you see me, come give me a hug or kiss or whatever you want. all right. team usa has rallied back to tie things up with new zealandland at 8-8. forcing a winner take all race. you talk about -- >> are you kidding me? there were penalties against the u.s. >> yes, and they are right back in it. winner take all race tomorrow. >> wow, let's take the day off,
6:55 pm
and go watch. all right. ross appreciate it. dozens of beached whales are washing up on the coast in brazil. this shows beach goers trying to help the whales. according to a brazilian newspaper, biologists are looking into what is causing the whales to beach themselves. rebecca stevenson is up next, and then "real money." >> buyer be ware, the hottest housing market in america may be getting a little too hot. and i'll tell you how obamacare will affect what you pay for prescription medicine. all of that and more on "real money." ♪ we appreciate you spending time with us tonight. up next is the golden age of hollywood going golden but elsewhere. why l.a.'s mayor has declared a
6:56 pm
state of emergency for the entertainment industry there. next. my name is jonathan betz. i'm from dallas, texas, and i'm
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6:58 pm
this is it, the first significant snowfall in the mountains for the grand tees on the and also for yellow stone. we're seeing snow levels come down to about 8,000 feet and up to a foot of snow above that. the storm is powering onshore right now for the pacific northwest. from seattle to spokane it is rain for you, but this is changing over to snow as it rolls into idaho and montana. this is great news for starting our snow pack, but being in the mountains we'll see the snow levels go up a little in the future months, but then we'll see the snow level come down again, so hopefully we'll see it stay a little low and we'll see a great snow pack in the year
6:59 pm
ahead. we have wind advisories in fact as the power of this storm will drop as far south as california. we're going to see some winter weather advisoriries even impacting nevada. it will be chilly in spots, the areas in purple will be the freeze spots. the winds will be the strongest in the higher elevations, as we get into those dark yellow areas of the sierras, and then from arizona into parts of colorado we'll have blustering winds from the storm. it's a big one. it will be the impact of the jet stream. when a jet stream travels into an area it gives it more lift and makes those winds stronger.
7:00 pm
we'll have more details on this storm coming up. welcome to al jazeera, i'm tony harris, here are tonight's top stories. iranian president, hassan rouhani addressed the united nations wrapping up just about an hour ago. he says that any threat from iran has been overexaggerated. >> translator: such imaginary threat is the so-called iranian threat which has been employed as an execution to justify a long catalog of crimes and practices over the past three decades. >> let's take you to washington now and show you life pictures from the senate chambers. ted cruz --


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