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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 24, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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a diplomatic solution, president obama says that's what he wants been the u.s. an iran tpep ranian president is responding tonight. he says his country is ready to engage in talks over nuclear program. so both sides are moving cautiously. john joins us live from the united nations. the iranian president is also talking act other sensitive issues. >> reporter: in the end, there was no handshake between president obama and the iranian president. that did not happen. the white house telling the press corp that they offered the iranians to have an encounter here. they said, no, the time is not right. however, both men did manage to make nice the each other in separate speeches here at the
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u.n. today. the president obama telling iran that america will accept the one day it will have nuclear power and the president saying that he's prepared to have immediate talks on iran's nuclearuation son a result or basis. the two then opening up a dialog which is now being carried out on the air waves of the world which started here today. at the general assembly, take a look. >> we should be able to achieve a resolution that respects the rights of the iranian people while giving the world confidence that the iranian program is peace. but u to succeed, there has to be words that are transparent and vary tpaoeuable. after all t it's the iranian government's choices that led to the sanctions that are currently in place.
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>> translator: all other countries must have peaceful purposes. i declare here, openly that notwithstanding the positions of others, this has been and will always be the objective of islamic republican of iran. nuclear rew*e upon and other weapons of mass destruction have no place in iran's security doc. >> reporter: well, international reaction to the two president's speeches was pretty swift. we heard from the benjamin netanyahu who said that this t he thought that the thoughts by teheranian president were cynical and buying time for him the to develop his nuclear capacity. another iranian diplomate was
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put up here at the u.n. today and he thought that the ian's president's speech is the a game of inception. one note that is very interesting, normally, at general assembly, when an iranian president speaks the other diplomates in the room walk out in protest. that did not happen this time. to there may be a long way to go between the united states and ian buiran if f the two countrys make it work out. >> thank you. >> and the president's appearance at the u.n. sparks a protests on the streets of new york today. kristin has that part of the story. >> after nearly four decades of silence between the government of the u.s. and iran, demonstrators are saying enough, it's time to talk. >> you don't solve problems by going to separate rooms and slamming doors. the iranian people want our
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leaders to talk. tphaurly elected iranian president hassan came to the united states eager to find a way to end crippling economic sanctions opposed by the west the to try to sto*pl stop iran from developing nuclear weapons >> reporter: they organized demonstrations like this for past several years. this year they're getting a lot of support from high profile figures from new york city mayor, former mayor rudy guiliani john hole tk*epb. the speakers here and the u.s. senate are urging president obama not to undue sanctions and the as they man tall the nuclear program. >> you can't do it by making it
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negotiable. you can't do it by -- we should make demands of iran. >> it was after the revolution in ian in 1979 1979 when 52 ams were held hostage for more than a year. and israel, america's closest allie in the middle east sees a nuclear ian as a threat to its very existence. gary was a member of the u.s. national security council during the iran hostage. he thinks they have a little window of opportunity. iran needs something. positive right away. >> reporter: president obama left the u.n. without meeting president uhani but there's still a prospect of high thr*el
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discussion. later this week, secretary of state john kerry is schedule tide tend a meeting that will include teheran's mohammed sharif. it will be the highest meeting since the revolution and many feel perhaps their best chance far break through. turning now to washington, d.c., in capitol hill where the count down is underway in congress. legislation is now stalled in the senate. t*bt*bs texasenate. he's speak out in to the senate floor late in tonight. he's oh opposed to oh obama care. i intend to speak in support of the funding obama care. texas senator ted cruz holding for hours on the senate floor but fighting a lost cause.
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>> fill busters will stop people from voting. and we're going to street tomorrow. hes that the vote to restore a new health care law, cruz does not. even a republican leader says he backs the idea. they are wasting time. we may not always agree on tactics but on the question of repealing obama care, we're totally united. he admitted there's little he can do to block democrats in the senate. he can call out other republicans. >> they are not listening to oh the people. they are not listening to the concerns of their constituents. they are not listening to the lost jobs to the people losing their health insurance to the people who are struggling. >> polls show a majority of the tpherpbl people more than 52% do oppose a new health care law but even more, 59% oppose shut down
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the federal government to abolish it. >> there are other complications for cruz. this is delaying the house bill which defunds the health care law, a measure he supports. they are more than actually closing the government on time. the last one roughly four weeks cost more than a billion dollars. and the measure he hopes to kill, obama care will be uneffected bay shut down nap money is already earmarked. if we spent -- president obama climbed in. >> the thei rony of those talking about repealing obama care because it's so widely expensive, if they repealed the law it would add to oh the deficit. >> as mike vacciro reports, a threat of a government shut down has not stopped senator cruz. let's take a live look from the senate one more time and listen in. >>ty'd like to see those without
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insurance get health insurance. i'd like to see a competitive market where low cost policies were attractive to people and they chose to purchase it. one of the best ways for them to get health insurance is for them to get a good job. >> world you like them here or there? now latest on the ma'am massacre. he says his country will begin three days of mourning tomorrow. death toll is now 72 people. kenya's military still trying to make sure they have found all the rebels inside the mall.
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the kenyans say all the hostages are free, however, the word from al-shabab was that attackers were still holding hostages. the fbi says it's investigating whether any americans took part in that attack. there's more than 200 people injuryed in the kenyan mall tragedy. many friends and relatives are still searching for information. >> reporter: he and his wife are lucky to be alive. they were parking their car at west gate mallle where the nightmare began. he had shrapnel hrorpblged in vary uslodged at theirbody aftea grenade at their car.
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>> reporter: relatives wait for any information. he's been waiting -- they left the to him on sunday. >> they were in the mall. the force left people from the board. but the number of hostages are still fighting in the mall by sunday. >> whats that become clear, though, thousands -- at least 4,000 people were handing out. >> most of these people have
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been here since the early morning and tell us they will stay here until they get a chance in this trying time. >> yes, i did. >> she was in that and she died. relatives continue to help some time soon. the loved ones can show up. hopefully alive. nairobi. earlier tonight, christopher dicky, middle east editor for "news week" said the sensational of the attacks motivated groups like al-shabab. >> people are learning the methodology of terror and learning how to put themselves on the global stage with few resource. take them hostages and basically
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hold the world's attention for day, after day which is what we've seen. that's what's scary it' more scary than the ideology. anybody who identifyed with al qaeda or any other group can start to kraeur out these kinds of terrorists the attacks and see they are very effective. a lot of americans the asked is this question, why didn't the united states see attacks like this here in this country because and we were told with al qaeda being spectacular. >> that was true fa for a while. basically you had bin laden and we're saying we have to do what we did in 9/11. we have to do that well. well, they couldn't and they can't nap's too much for the organization under the pressure they are so we have lower there had standards. now that bin laden's gone he's really lowered the the stan tkarsstandardsand said hit anywl
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attention to our call. >> it's terrifying when you go in to a shopping mall. they stop your car. is that where the united states is headed for? >> i'm afraid it may be where wear headed for. we are useed do the idea that shooters attack movie theater, that they attack schools and we have good used to random shootings. it's a horrible thing but somehow we accept that. we may get to the point where israel is where england was during thei ra bombing. where it's a horrible thing. people are terrified but they keep cam and carry on. ma panama city, you're gettg the stretch of heavy rainfall. we have a score line ther scoreg through florida. still dealing with a lot of
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water on the roads because of flashed the flooding. now that's tracking eastward an we will see this slow shreu fall apart. u you've had record rainal central florida for the last couple days you've been seeing it off and none different cities. right now we have the flash flooding in still parts of mobile and we also have that in central florida where we have got a lot of record rainfall and even over this last weekend. right now we are looking at totals in new orleans and over an inch for tampa. were not there as tropical moisture was sucked up through the gulf of mexico and then we had a little dissti disturbances the northwest last night it spun up that heavy rain again. i have mountain snow to tell you about on the west coast. thank you, the rebecca. president obama left the united nations today to meet with the form president. still ahead issues that have been joining forces with bill
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clinton. plus, a slow down in home prices. what's caution it an why it may not be as bad as you think for the economy.
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welcome back to al jazeera. .
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look around. we're all in this together. if you don't make all this go away, but the way we love and what we do with our lives can be the most effective. >> most of the projects and solutions feature a specific issue or group. >> i am mobilizing young people to create solution in their communities that this change their lives and their countries and the entire world. >> in 2010 i learned for the first time that malnutrition and chronic hunger caused a devastating condition in children. this was an activity that i knew i had the to work on to end it. >> today, there's a new fight. the mobilizeers in the 21st century needs to shut its focus.
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>> reporter: the conference also gives the world's biggest celebrities and actt activists present their own ideas. bono the lead singer jumped in with an invitation while his panel waited for president clinton. when i first met -- they walked in to the oval office and i was with the member of his own road crew. [ imitating president clinton ] >> reporter: he spoke about one of his signature accomplishments in the united states health care reform. >> and in many state ace cross the country t if if you are a 27-year-old young woman and don't have health insurance -- you get on that exchange, you're going to be able to purchase high quality health eu insurance for the cost of your cell phone
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bill. >> some of the important work of the clinton global initiative handled behind scenes. people were talking about it -- everybody is proud of the fact that through the year, p give has raised nearly $73 billion-dollars. >> reporter: that money is commited to projects large and small with the primary objective to bring creativity, edg edge ky to solving problems across the globe. >> several contractors knew that the navy arts shooter had also identified his documents to get in the service but kept that information from the navy. that's according to the "washington post" which says:air tran alexis reported that he had never been arrested or charged with any firearm offenses and
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were still granted a security clearance. last week they killed 12 people in the washington navy yard. here's a story that has don't some national attention. the former montana high schoolteacher who was sentenced for 30 years for prison for raping his teenager is now getting out on tuesday. that teenager later committed suicide. the skwrubl judge is coming und. we have more on that story. paul? reporter: good evening. i'm standing in front of the court house where the controversy in this case began a little more than a month ago at the end of august. august 26th. that's when the judge pronounced him to 30 days in prison for -- he was the teacher of morales who was then 14, a high school student here.
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they began a relationship that lasted some three months. later, he was charged with three counts of rape leading up to the sentencing late in august. now, today, what happened is the acttacttyhappened isactivists wd this petition along with 150,000 signatures and some 80 page, 8,000 pages of these signatures asking for the judge in this case to be removed. niece activists say they are calling out for skwreus does. >> i want to make sure that if a young person, male or female reports, they are getting everything possibly done to help them. >> reporter: actty sr*euss say this is a case of the victims blaming soft some remarks in
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that case where she was actually part of a party to her rape. the prosecutor called it illegal. it's working its way through courts now it will go all the way to the montana state supreme court where they will decide whether to setback the judge for resentencing or decide whether he violateed the state ethic's code and remove him from the bench. >> all right. paul, thank you very much. in business, a slow down might be a positive for the economy. the latest key shows reports shows monthly prices grew less than expected in july. partly to blame mortgage rates.
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the housing markets will get back to slow down to normal. >> it's a good thing especially in some of the markets we have seen dramatic and unsustainable priceing the increases recently. the show down in home price comes to the stkpheu dropping as well. ap private are research group said con saoeurplconsumers were. >> we are here with sports headlines and a big come back at the america's cup race out in san francisco. >> team new zealand was sailing away. remember, it's a first of nine wins.
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team usa had tide things up at 8. the red, white and blue had 7 straight tomorrow afternoon. otherwise san francisco start team is 1:15 pacific and 4:15 eastern. they will be restored to 2016. the ncaa announced today that they are refusing against the program in wake of the jerry sandusky stebgsandoes ski -- sae scandal. he's about to get paid. george will sign a five-year extension with a maximum $90 million-dollars. 23-year-old all-star had it coming up last year averaging a career high of 17 points and 8 repounds and made the league's most improved player. the pacers scheduled a news
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conference for tomorrow, john to make the big announcement. we will see a bit later. refugees caught in the middle of syria's war. they were professionals at one time. now they are trying to find a safe haven for their families. >> . >> classified information leaked about a bomb squad inside a former federal agent is facing jail time.
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welcome back to al jazeera. the texas senator is urging his colleagues to vote far me sure that will prevent a government shut down next week but also defund the affordable health care law. that will also end several funding for obama care. president obama told the u.s. general assembly that the security council needs to push through resolution on chemical weapon. john kerry met with his russian counterparts today. a possible diplomatic break through for the u.s. and iran.
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president obama wants to improve relations with that country. both who attend a meeting at the general assembly. >> reporter: the focus was on one man. the arrivallele of iran's president with less than two months on the world stage with a promise to a new stwart his country's relations to the west. but can he bring concrete change? he didn't meet president obama who spoke several acts beforehand but both met and spoke cautiously after more than three decades of mistrust about the possibility of a new relationship. we are encouraged that he will receive from the teheranian people mandate to pursue a more course given the commit toplt reach an agreement. i am directing john kerry to per stew it with teheranian government. >> reporter: he said progress will be made.
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the mistrust have deep roots. they are complained of the u.s. interferinterfereians on their . >> reporter: he picked up later when he took to the podium. >> translator: the statement made by president obama today at the general assembly that they will refrain from feelinging the short-side interest of war minding pressures. we can arrive at the main war to manage hour to differences.
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let me say loud and clear that he is the difference. it was not all talk. there were familiar criticisms of drone strikes and an introtreatments of palestinians. nothing met but struck travel violence. >> u.s. diplomates listened to those words in part is they walked out we ranian and the tkpa*tering but now they are staying. skwr*z jazeera, united nations. the iranian president said he's willing to discuss the nuclear plan. i asked mark wallace, a form ambassador to the u.n. and ceo against nuclear ian abou iran as
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reaction to his remarks. there was a public affairs campaign by the iranian government where they were changing and trying -- and you would hope that each is separate from the public affairs campaign. he would have said it is very much the same old/same old, other than a few references to oh the holocaust and naming the united states and israel by name, there's particulars that president rouhani laid out it's' similar to what we see from every other president we've steen previously. >> based on what you heard today. you think he's serious? >> i think today we saw the real rouhani. >> let's say rouhani isn't serious and it's a fake out, what's the point?
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he could be serious. clearly this public affairs campaign will end -- it will limit iran's isolation and the sanctions and around -- >> he was authorized to negotiate this. we will get to test that theory. >> you can perhaps test that theory. >> it is cautious and move forward. lit show the united states seriously whether or not he really wanted to do this. >> john, every president, every new world leader in office. >> let's face it. president rouhani were serious about changing iran with in nuclear program and the way they want to negotiate, they could do it today. they could do it in washington or new york.
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>> i think we have to be very cautious. >> far away from the diplomatic front as mill opinions of refugees are struggling to survive. >> he has a report from the turkey/syria border. >> they are surviving on crumbs. the family lived like this. thy is a teacher with a comfortable life when she set to turkey after her home in northern syria was bombed, her husband killed, near children orphaned. >> >> translator: the other day he got up -- >> he has a fever. there's medical care for him. winter is approaching. there are 2,000 syrians calling homes here and a face for the refugee camp but there's no
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room. the camps already thoeld twice as many people as they're supposed to. if the u.n. general assembly state with syria, people wait. it's surrounded by human extrament and the sting t-fp of urine. the toilet is a mile away and only water source a public -- on a nearby street corner. >> the majority of people here do not know much about political proposal put their message to the international community is simple. help the conflict in syria whichever way possible because they cannot live in these kinds of conditions. >> he was an accountant in the mill taeurbgs his wife an engineer. they aban tkapb abandoned theire class existence for this. >> translator: the children were in sheer terror.
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>> a life destroyed through reality. somehow 8-year-old mustafa is defiant. he showed me a rocket that fell so close to him that he could see the numbers on it. >> translator: we will go back and build a better syria. >> reporter: a sense and hope not shared by many who are older than him. refugees adrive outside the park and she tells me, i'm not used to this humiliation. she points to her son and says, look at his broken leg, we can't even fix that but alone our life. al jazeera on the turkey/syria border. >> a form fbi agent is pleading guilty for leaking classified information to the media. >> he has been changeed with distributeing child pornography.
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it. the information he leaked was an operation in yemen. the group planned to take down an airliner headed to the u.s. he will serve 12 years in prison for both crimes. >> all this week, al jazeera is taking a deeper look for health care. were focusing on caner in the u.s. more than a half million deaths are expected in cancer alone. and amon and lung cancer ws launching a very large nationwide study this year. researchers want to know about what causes cancer and why certain people are more vulnerable to oh the disease. he has more on the project. >> kimberly is a personal train and the health conscious mom jumped on the chance to be part of the largest cancer study in
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the u.s. they believeed they lived in farm country in kansas they were exposed more than two decades ago. at the time we didn't realize we're drinking it. >> the american cancer society need 300 participants by year's end. there's 40,000 shy and the recruiting continue nationwide. they tkpa*tered at a ymca building out on their health history and getting their weight measured. and their blood drawn. what causes some of those markers to get triggered in some people and some not are one of the big historys that are uncovered in this study. >> we don't understand why some people are getting cancer at a
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higher rate than others. this gives you an opportunity to understand thousan how variouses teuethnicitys develop it. whatever i can do to help as the next person comes along. that's what i am interested in doing. two of her ants died of auf cancer. >> i think she take one pill. a blood pressure medication and she doesn't take that every day. she has not been sick in her life. i'm just wondering why other people in our family has been sick and she has not. >> people can be exposed to car sin tkpwapbs and never develop cancer. there's something within their own body chase that help them fight the disease and that's the mystery that'se that's we're tro
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unlock. the study begins next year. it will better understand how genetics, life staoeurblgs lifee disease. frisco, texas. >> now team usa could take home the american cup. plus, recycling old f-16s. we'll tell you how the government is planning to reuse these fighter jets.
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crystal meth is one of the world east most dangerous drugs and the number of meth labs
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across the u.s. has dropped across the past few year bus tennessee is reporting more meth production. jonathan reports from nashville. despite laws tar getting the addiction. it may be getting worse. >> every time law enforcements fights it, the odds are against us. for the first time in years, a state with the highest number of meth lab busts. this year more than 1200 labs have been shut down statewide. 750 people arrested. we don't know why it has become such a major issue for our state. >> meth is a highly addictive stimulant the found in common cold medicine. in 2005, there was exsedrine behind the pharmacy counter.
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the new method in the registry keeps farm stoeukeeps pharmacieo someone with a meth adisk. >addiction. you might be convicted but i can. you pay me to go from pharmacy to pharmacy to buy my limit for you to manufacture meth. users turn to a dangerous way to make meth. >> it's very volatile combination. if there's a puncture in that bottle, there's an explosion. only way to really tackle tennessee's meth issue is to deal with the what states like oregon and mississippi have done. the idea has the legislature over concerns that may have inconvenienced people who really
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need the medicine. >> it will be additional burden in have it required doctors that regularly to get new prescriptions and to have it fill in the prescription. but with .ne but with meths happening daily in tennessee and few dollars helping to clean up. the pressure to buying new shraoubgss isolutions is greate. boeing found a use for old f-16 and is turning them in to drones. it is retiger th retiring fight. they are now being tested for the u.s. air force over the gulf of mexico tpaoeupts first time an f-16 has been flown remotely. they can be used to help train air force pilots by serving as flying targets.
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>> a big show out in the san francisco bay. the top safety is center stage. sitting down for this, the team usa have rallied out at 8 races each. it' unbelievable that new zealand jumped out to an 8-1 lead it's if first to nine wins. they won 7 straight forcing a winner take all race wednesday afternoon off the waters of san francisco. >> it's not as bad as it looks. it would have taken a year to recover. an mri restraoeld scored a ligament in his left knee and he could begin running in 6208 weeks. 6 to 8 weeks. all right, imagine being 23
11:49 pm
and getting paid $90 million-dollars. that dream is about to become reality for indiana paul george. according to several reports, the pairs signed the 6'8" george to a five-year extension worth up to $90 million-dollars. the 23-year-old all-star is one of the brightest young stars in the nba and coming out of the party last season averaging a career high of 17 points and 8 rebounds. in the process, the league's most improved player. the pairs and youth conference for tomorrow to make the big announcement. all right, from a rising star to a retired super star. shaquille o o'neal have had a great life. my favorite is when he called the sacramento kings the sack sacramento queens. shaq wants to be known as dr. shaq because he's hoping the
11:50 pm
crew the kings. >> this is a very exciting game for me. exciting game for the ownership group. we look forward to the challenges to bringing it back to what it used to be. i was interested in this team for three reasons. demarcus cousins. when i see look at him i see a young shaquille o'neal. we will call it shac shaqamento. i apologize for calling you queens. i'll. here a lot and if you see me, come give me a hug and a kiss. i'll do whatever you want. and again, i'm sorry. ^py apologize. >> shaqa maine nt to*. >> a few from hawaii who reached
11:51 pm
the highest level. now there's a rising star in the land for mongoli oh oa has the story. >> it's now a rising star ranked in the top 15. after to the training japanese -- he's being despite an injured leg. >> translator: in the beginning i wanted to go home every day. the train was hard. i struggled to get fat and you have to bow with everyone. >> recruited here -- it's like -- because su sumo can only have one on them. >> translator: in japan, it's a way of promoteing their own
11:52 pm
tradition in this sport. there's now sumo's from all over the world and it may be problematic if they all become champion. >> mongolians dominate the sumo wrestling. they hone in skills out here on the steps. >> mongolians in sumo originates in its own tp-rpl of traditional wrestling. the new to rise to oh the top hereof sumo. normally, mongolian wrestlers do that. the mongolian dominant of the sport -- japanese use performed
11:53 pm
or baseball. because sumo alone and the traininging -- >> al jazeera. >> all right, off tolel to coll, penn state will get five more scholarships next year. the ncaa announced today that they are reducing the sanctions against the program with the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal. the man still stands along with the $16 million-dollar fine and other sanctions that were issued over a year ago. the big story, john, the america's cup there are rallying it back and tied up at 8. you talk about new zealand. they have an 8-1 lead but winner take all. thank you. well, will prosecute on pry
11:54 pm
charges. paul has that story. >> reporter: almost a week since the ship was first braid russian coast guards. the rebels have been over russia. immediate fate on the actty str*eus now depends on russian prosecutors. additional protest are being reported. the security stand and the russian authorities by surprise. the launch of the ship arctic sunrise the demonstrators were able to send up up on the side on ropes. it's put half the coast guard and quickly came over them. the russians were not attempting. >> >> hours after that, the
11:55 pm
helicopters to sunrise and took control of the ship and in international crew. five days in the custody of the the russian coast guard is likely the end of the matter if the activists. here in moscow, prosecutors from already indicating the that they have a few piracy charges against the group. they describe an attempt to see the platform by storm. that i lates doubt -- it's loaded we electronicings and its purpose was not clear. the tpro*ethe protest was peaceo time to have property the way it's defined. >>vy no sense of an explanation why it was launched. the russian authority and have no communication with us. >> they are under our guard --
11:56 pm
the campaign is on the ship of 18 countries including australia, brazil, canada, denmark, france, new zealand t russia and the u.k. and the u.s. the prosecutors each could be facing up to 15 years in prison. al jazeera, moscow. >> when we come back, rebecca has the nation's weather including the first seasonal snow for the west. stay with us.
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rain is transitioning over to snow right now in the mountains of montana. high elevations snow that is and there's a storm warnings in effect from social idaho in to western montana to thursday. tonight it's working its way in. snow levels are falling down to 5,000 feet in the cascades of washington and northern oregon. we have one to two inches of snow but not too concerned quiet. the roads are still too warm from our summer heat. we look at the temperature change. it's a dramatic difference and this is why we see storms get so strong because as we get in to fall, all that cold air from the
11:59 pm
cold is trying to push south to the equator and all the warm air from the equateer is trying to hard to get its way to the north. so what happens is it creates mother nature trying to balance itself. we end up with thunderstorms too and quite bit of rain. right now temperatures we will see and it will stay rain. it's going to be changing to snow around that 8500-foot level near the continental divide and with the jet stream it's way up to 30,000 feet but creates extra gin. as it move throughs t it's going to increase some winds more for the southwest. winds are dieing out off there now but we're going to feel that cool air rushing in through the course of the night and in to the day tomorrow. with the storm warning here. also some win i winter weather advisory. get ready for some cooler
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temperatures. . .


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