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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 25, 2013 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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or on facebook or google+ pages. you can go to twitter. see you next time. good evening, welcome to al jazeera. here are the top stories. congress gets down to the debate over the budget with only days to stop a government shut down. secretary of state john kerry prepares for historic talks wittalks with iran. he's more pleased than the international community as a whole. >> a cautious tony blare said to trust but verify iran's intentions. >> and team usa coming away with a historic cup and a story book finish.
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with the clock ticking toward a po oh tential u.s. government shut down on tuesday, the senate voted today oh to move forward on a bill to keep the government running. the vote came shortly after texas senator ended a 21 hour throng speech criticizing the president's health care law. mike has the story from capitol hill. >> reporter: well, whatever you call it, it was one very throng speech. many are asking just one what did senator ted cruz accomplish? >> i like it being a bipartisan way. >> reporter: after talking in to lunchtime his this crucial time was up. the only time we will pass obama care, i would ask my friends in the democratic aisle -- >> pursue want to the order. >> reporter: the 21 hours the
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5th longest speech in senate history. he raeuld against the new health care law. are we going to stand together and say let's break the broken pattern of washington. >> reporter: for some it got silly. i do not like sam i am, i do not like green eggs and ham. >> now, she's losing that. >> reporter: potential candidates for the gop nomination chiming in including cruz's rival. >> but a tea party guard slit st was on display. >> na stk*eu germany. we saw it in britain. told the british people accept the nazi. >> that was from a past g oh op presidential thopl knee, john mccain. >> i do not agree with that comparison. i that it's wrong. and, i hit the's a disservice to
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those who stood up and shouted at the top of their lungs the. we must act. we ki did act. >> on the vote the yay's are 100, the nay's are 0. >> reporter: more vote come at the end of the week when democrats are likely to restore funding. with hours left to avert a shut down, the bill goes back to the house. today white house spokesman want the speaker to lead the health care law alone. we don't have a lot of time but fortunately, we can't let congress all by themselves. but that choice is still playing out this week as we inch closer and closer. >> and al jazeera has learned that the senate will finish his work by friday and send it over to the house which is expected to be in this weekend.
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question is what will john boehner do to avert a shut down. al jazeera, the capitol. there is a talk of a possible deal on syria's chemical weapons. the u.s. progress is being made on a draft resolution but cautions there's still more work to be done. john kerry has the latest from the u.n. >> reporter: we understand that the five permanent methods of the security council red light now close to dropping a resolution to bring the tkp* gea agreement. >> reporter: now the british and americans are talking about -- the russians on the other hand talking about wishful thinking. >> i understand that the original resolution dropped by the british have had a lot of what the russians didn't like about it removed. bites not what they call a chapter 7 resolution. that's the divide use with the united nations when dealing with a country by which there pwhaeu an attack.
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also the international criminal court to determine to carry out that attack on the 21st. if syria fails to live up to its promises of getting rid of the stock weapon stockpile. >> he talks about it for quite soon. most people think there may be one by friday. the other big story of the day involves iran. he's here to talk about iran's nuclear program. this will be the highest level meeting ever between a member of the administration and the iranian government. it goes back to the iranian revolution. he hopes the negotiation will lead to an end to the fight in the decades of involvinging
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iran's nuclear program. earlier today, i spoke with former british prime minister tony blare and asked him about the new tone between the the u.s. and iran. >> i think that the change in atmosphere and language is obviously an opportunity for iran and the the united states to see if they can resolve this along with the international community and so did you -- you don't get that very toxic danger situation we ra iran. if you can result in that diplomate khreurbgly, i think we there a degree of skeptical and maybe there's a better wife putting it. people will want to know that is what is now a better language what is match bid better action. >> you believe president rahauni that iran does not want nuclear weapons it does not have nuclear
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weapons. >> i don't know to be honest. that's why i think you have to test this by actions because there is a packing of behavior from iran on this issue over the years which is to open up and appear to be very open to a compromise and then you find the accumulation of the materials for the program just continues. so, the important thing is to test it by, the way, i don't have no doubt at all as far as president obama is concerned, he's reachinging out in order for see if still the possibility exists. i think it will be a huge mistake for the iranian leadership not to realize he's serious about the bottom line which is that iran shouldn't acquire nuclear weapons capability. if he's serious and it will be more pleased. what does. president
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nuhauni have to do to pass the test? >> i think there's a whole issue around as you know around sthaeps need to be taken or verify in what's happening in order to make sure that certain clear flesh holds are not being passed. for example, i think there's a meeting of international atomic agency where just recently the atomic agency issued was very skeptical about iran. now the question is that meeting, can the right assurances be given. so, i don't think there's much doubt about what steps are necessary, the question will they be taken. >> and joining us now to talk about president rohauni's diplomatic debut at the *urpb this week is the university professor. he's the found ter of the american iranian council. it's good to see you. you were a presidential candidate if iran in 2013. you would have competed if your
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candidates had been accepted by the council but it was not, correct? that's correct. >> and you also, night attended a dinner request president rohauni. what was the conversation about? >> it was basically on u.n. there were about 24 american officials and high ranking. others were most of them working out. but, the discussion was the nuclear issue unfortunately. and other issues that that engages u.s. and iran and travel for that. president rahuni is unthe spotlight at the united nations this time and -- i mean, did you get a chance to talk to him and sort of get a feeling about his move? >> well, his move is -- you can
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see also in the media and that this man wants to try to break the ice to say and in this relationship but it has been involved in a major diplomatic and i will say also public relation effort to get closer to the public, to the american media, to the american administration. his message is a message of admiration, hope, and come together in peace and sanctions are not good and work together. >> you can understand some american people are suspicious of this message when they've heard the united states describe it since 1979. >> yeah, in iran, among the iranian people there's a change significantly. i would say over 80% of the
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iranians have that ideas. it has changed significantly. it has changed 25 years ago. but it was in iran a few weeks ago. it will change and hope and basically, they actually like americans. they think they are seriously hoping that there will be a place to continue in iran. if tomorrow you open up the iranian boarders and i think most of the people will come to this country. >> and with difficult to arrange even a handshake between president obama and president rohauni, why? >> in iran we have -- you are dealing with two levels of administration, let's put hit the way. at the state level that the level and the system, there's a revolution and that revolution is led by a man called iotolla and -- he's the leader of the
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supreme leader. the leader of the revolution. that's very important. and a revolution oh with institution to civilian and religious. some wonder. let me just stop you right there. so, does a president rohauni have the authority to negotiate when the supreme leader has most of the pow stpher. >power? >> again, that's very president. president rohauni is for the government not for the state. at the hr*eft of the government it has to take care of the people that's concerned about their employment, job, housing. he try to open up for them to start the economy with him.
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i think the regime as a whole also has pressure and also a need that is opening but up to a point. there's a wall there for the regime. therefore, president rohauni can go to some extent. let me try to address one issue that has been brought up. there was an interview that the president did with christian annapour in which he condemned the holocaust. tonight, state-run television in iran is questioning whether or not the translation was correct or whether or not cnn fabricated that information. this is causing a stir back in what he said about the holocaust is causing a stir back in iran, why? >> that's the level of revolution. that's the level we are talking about. there's a level of revolution that has -- it has -- when it
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comes to israel, when it comes to the united states and it has a compromise, let's put hit the way because if you -- you are compromiseing the revolution. so president rohaun s*eu trying to pull the revolution along? >> yes, myny maine sag my messa. it certainly doesn't speak for the revolution. the level of the revolution as opposed to the level of the government. if the government is for -- but the boarders are divided. he got 50% of the vote and another was 45% and then to it's identifies.
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these are the guys that are questioning his cnn interview. there's a serious struggle with the government level and the state level. it it was last 30-some years. every government in iran was open. even the other considered to be very radical. he sends a note of congratulations. he didn't propose to meet president obama, handshake, it was president obama who refused, rohauni was refused. before it was president obama who refused. he was a revolution man. he has an authority very much bigger and stronger than ruhauni
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has. he forces the revolutions up to a point. then things are struggle. in this country, you have to understand that if you are able to put our maximum on the table, he will say it. and you need to learn that they can make it successful. they can make it -- and tes stabish with our absolute minimum demand and then move forward. >> i can only imagine the interesting discussion you had at him at dinner. maybe we can talk about it again. it's great to see you. thank you very much >. now to kenya. at least 72 people were killed, hundreds more injured request questions about nationalities of the west gate mall attackers still unanswered. somali-american communities here are working to protect their own from radical influences.
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>> reporter: type in average and you will find something unexpected. this cartoon suicide bomber is on a different mission. >> it looks like al-shabab. they have a twitter account. they have a facebook page. these are all things that are modern. these are all items for which i am using to counter. >> but if the campaign create somali american in an effort to present the counter points put out by organization like al-shabab. the aim is to the reach children by the ages of 8 and 15 before they are exposed to online extremist propaganda. >> if you want to die e the terally in hell --
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>> these videos use religion to challenge justification for violence. >> translator: it really helps out stopping the bad intentions of al-shabab and bad thinking. >> reporter: a woman we'll call ambers that reviewed the videos with her own children speaking out about al-shabab's message could be dangerous for her and her children but feels it's necessary to prooh text her tkpreusd theikidsfrom influence. >> translator: the most important message they got was peace up and thumb's down al that back's ideology. >> it's stay out and the message behind that and it's away from things like al-shabab, gang violence and what have you and point them in the right direction which is education, education, education. >> reporter: some former law
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enforcement officials say the efforts are making progress. >> you develop healthy human being that are very resistant the toed fromsation and you can lead them to their tone resourcing and let them lose their identity and fail academically and not be part of the main strain. they don't have a lot of other choices. >> reporter: while sit a community fearful of the threat of radicalsation it's not one they can sit idlely by. al jazeera, eupbt indianapolis. temperatures have dropped 20 to 30-degrees in nevada and utah today as cold air is breaking in. you can see the difference in temperatures falling so dramatically to the west and even falling down 5 to 8 degrees cooler to n california down to los angeles. we have the warmer weather for
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al pwe.we started early this evg request snow in idaho. you can see the snow tough to dry again and we're also going to see that bring in some possible power outages for parts of western montana. even washington got snow early this morning. coming up, i will show you where else we have cool temperatures ahead. >> we will talk about america's cup and the amazing day in san francisco just ahead. and i'm from dallas, texas, and i'm an anchor for al jazeera america. i started in a small television station in rural arkansas. it's a part of the country that often gets overlooked. but there are a lot of fascinating people there, a lot of fascinating stories there. i like that al jazeera will pay attention to those kinds of places. what drew me to journalism is i like the idea that we are documenting history.
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al jazeera documents it like none other. and to be a journalist, and to be part of a team like that? that's an incredible blessing. >> obama administration officials said they need to enrol 2.7 u.s. redents between the ages of 18 and 35 in exchange plans to balance risks and hold down costs. will they enrol come 1 october - should they pay the face. >> joining me now is jen mishory, deputy director of young invincibles, she's in washington d.c. and yevgeniy feyman, a research assistant at the manhattan institute. thank you for being with us. i want to start with you yevgeniy feyman. the young people are crucial to the success of obamacare. >> absolutely. they'll balance out the risk pool, they'll keep premiums that need the insurance, and the administration is reaching out to them.
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>> jen, the young invincibles are in the 18-34 group. >> every sunday night al jazeera america presents gripping films, from the worlds top documentary directors >> this is just the beginning of somthing much bigger... >> this sunday...the premier of "budrus" >> the primary concern of the fronts is security that trumps everything >> how could a wall designed to divide, unite israelis and palestinians al jazeera america presents... "budrus" premiers this sunday night 9 eastern.
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some are killing it the biggest race in history. joining us now from san francisco is katy pennybone who competed in the america's raises. >> hi, good evening. >> can you describe the mood there in san francisco? >> it's a huge celebration. there's a concert. there's parties. everyone is really excited. usa came back from a huge deficit, beat the odds, no one expected it but certainly the team really had great belief in themselves. >> when with us the most exciting moment that you saw today? >> well, new zealand had a strong start and were ahead at the first few marks and t*u sa just grounded down and got
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ahead. so at that moment and once they got ahead they simply took off. i think from that moment on, i mean for those who wanted to keep the cup here it was extraordinaryly exciting for those who have been battling to take it to new zealand that was heart break but going in to the end it was who ever won today was going to twin cup. that's exciting. when you look at these pictures, it appears that from everything we can see the conditions were perfect. is thais that right? >> it was a beautiful dayton bay. it was sunny. it was one canes. you couldn't have scripted it better. >> and, so, how would you compare this america's cup to other america's cup? >> of course, i'm a little bit biased because i've competed in other cups. the technology is phenomenal. it has really drawn in the average person on the street and
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that's really exciting. of course, the counter to that is the cost of this technology is extraordinary so we haven't seen as many competitors as we have in the past. there's been some pros and cons to it but at the end of the day we had a ton of folks here on the edge of the seat watching, same with tv and so many people just waiting to see around world who's going to win the cup. and that's good for the sport. >> good for the sport. absolutely, katie, it's great to talk with you tonight out in san francisco and enjoy the celebration. >> thank you very much. >> michael joins us now with news on an nba star land agca reaing acareer-changing contrac. >> paul george is now paid like one. george signed a five-year contract that guarantees him
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$80 million-dollars and more than $90 million. george averages a career high 17 -p points last season and really shines in the post season and welcome in the league most improved player. the nba announcing today that for the first time ever, two teams will share the hosting duties for all-this star game weekend when exhibition cup in new york in 2015. they will host the rookie soft pal game on saturday including the slam dunk contest while the knicks will host the game itself at madison square garden on sunday. nfl players association will look at the toke land raiders followed protocol after he was knocked out of monday's game with a concussion. after he was hit by the line backer, he remained in the game for two more plays and already back to the locker room for the teams medical staff. we will have more sports news coming up. this about 20 minutes.
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welcome back to al jazeera. congress is hoping the avoid a
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government shut down. senate will likely strip the affordable care act provision from the budget and the government is funded until october 1st. the united states is joining other nations to regulate world arms trade. secretary of state john kerry signed a treaty today at the united nations. they say it will be used to regulate civilian weapons. tomorrow t leaders from the u.s. and iran will sit down to discuss that country's nuclear program. this is the highest level meeting between the two countries since 1979 #. >> reporter: it's been more than three decades since they shared a smile much less kind words. this relationship was because -- they kept him in power. the cold war began and that would eventually turn hot.
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>> states like these in their terrorist allies constitute an access of evil. >> it dates iran and or my iraq can opposition it's opinion thrs and sanctions around nuclear programs. now a new push to talk. former iranian hostage says they are facing a huge challenge. often in this case is -- in washington are out of practice. they have not practiced
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diplomacy on the other side. instead careers and capitols seem to have built on the ability to bash the other side. >> reporter: the first issue they disagree on is why iran is doing this. enriching uranium. they say it's for nuclear energy and research. the u.s. worries it may be to build a nuclear bomb. >> many of these nuclear active teus which iran has been pursueing in the context of nuclear energy program and i think what the ieae says for many kwraoerbs the definitive evidence that iran is persuing nuclear weapons but they are also not sure that the t iran will have nuclear weapons. >> reporter: opening questions and a dark history face the leaders as they sit down talk. a chance for the first time in a long time they can focus on the future and not their past.
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al jazeera, washington. devastation in pakistan after a 7.8 magnitude hit. tuesday's quake in southwest's pakistan. death toll is now above 300. the force of the earthquake was so strong, it caused a strong island to rise from the iranian sea. >> there's a shortage of weapons and medical supplies. in the region it was the last month chemical weapons attack. doctors are improviseing to save lives. >> reporter: for those trapped inside, surviving has become a match of adaptation. the flour bags much needed to treat the wounds of war. it's welcomed by doctors at the local hospital.
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we had to make sure they were in order to remain safe. in others we had -- we've opened hospitaling inside a cave n a house, and in other locations. and in order to try to help protect them. patients had the to travel for several hours on dangerous roads to be treated.
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they need to be stabilize first before seek other medical care elsewhere. they involve -- it's not perfect but it's better than amputation. there is now fear that what little alternatives doctors have will soon not. available. the leader of al-shabab is confirming the arme armed groups behind the attack. in an audio posted on the al-shabab web-site. they said the attack was in retaliation in southern somalia and warns the people of kenya should be prepared far long war. joining us to talk about how the u.s. will move forward diplomatecally is frazier.
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welcome. >> thank you. >> al-shabab is a somali-based group established in 2006 as a militant arm of the islamic courts union but always had links to al qaeda. in fact the leadership from al al-shabab from the very beginning was the cell members it had access to finance, training and organization is really a threat quite globally. and for coverage of a terrible event like this is something they're looking for? >> well, that's about -- it's to create a speak tac spectacular n to terrorize and to threaten governments and so, yes, indeed, i think that the coverage of the laws attack definitely fits in
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their propaganda agenda. >> how can the united states help somali and kenya to deal with al-shabab? >> well, it's through intelligence of course and particularly kenya and they clear i will have cells or they have groups for individuals who are offering these in kenya and so an intelligent support to really weed out who is in fact a militant and threatening the country versus a l aly legitimae citizen. >> does it mean our intelligence are working up to par because they were able to blow off the attack or not. >> you really can't -- governments, they have actually had prior attacks. so our government can't be 100%. it's simply not possible. and, so, i wouldn't want to say
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that the intelligence is not sufficient but clearly, it's going to be in terms of americans support to kenya, it's going to be not only the spell skwrepbs in terms of weeding out and figuring out who are the opportunities in kenya but also continuing the support significant engagement with a country, economic development an growth it's a broad agenda that america had with kenya. how far -- >> that's the second part that america needs to play a role. in somali it's not just about intelligence it's about getting a strong stable government. the stkpwo*ft fairly weak it's a new government. it's institutions that were established in 2004 and this new government has been in september of 2012 that's just one year old
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it has significant divisions so anything what the international community can do to get a better rated state that broadly includes and the it's going to be important to ending a terror threat in s somalia. before i let you go, i have to ask you another question. if you worked in africa and south the africa and know -- -- can you talk about his incredible legacy in that country? >> yes, i've had a chance to meet with former president mandela several times. and, he is a symbol. shea man who has unifyed south africans of all races. of all ethnicitys. he's a man who is stood for reconciliation.
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i'll say the current leadership should look to nelson mandela and the example that the establishment of integrity and inclusiveness. >> it's great to talk with you tonight. thanks for coming by. >> thank you. in montana there's outrage over tomorrow's release of a temp who was sentenced for one month in prison for raping a 1 14-year-od student. and the student later committed suicide. activists are requesting that the judge lose his job. >> reporter: they took it to oh the standard's commission where they filed this formal complaint demanding he be removed. they also delivered some 15 boxes and some 8,000 pages of a petition signed by more than 140 people demanding that the judge
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be removed. a bureaucratic procedure. boxes of signatures dropped off and the complaint filed. but activists say they are making a powerful statement speaking is out against injustice. >> he needs to go and now. >> on august 26th, when district judge sent former high schoolteacher to 30 days in prison for raping a 14-year-old student, he said she was, "older than her chronological age and as much of her situation as him" and he sparked a storm of outrage. hundreds of protestors rallied outside the court house. the county attorney scott's office had wanted him sentenced to ten kpwraoers hin ten years . >> it's never okay to blame a victim. i think this issue put it to the
11:41 pm
forefront. we protect victims. >> reporter: the her mother said she was horrified by the judge's comments. >> a child of 14 thi 14 is not responsible. she cannot give consent. >> reporter: she wants to make sure that this doesn't deterring young people from reporting sexual assault. >> i want to make sure that if a young person, male or female reports that they are getting everything that can possibly done b done to help them. >> reporter: he later issued an apologize for the comments saying he wasn't sure he was trying to say. it came too late. he was charged with rape in 2008. in february 2010 as the case was making its way through the courts she took her own life just before her 17th
11:42 pm
birthday. >> the prosecutors office had challenged the sentence. it's something that the judge agreeed with. he tried to reverse himself at a later hearing. that move was blocked by the montana state supreme court which is now reviewing the case and the sentence and the also reviewing that form the complaint against the judge asking for his removal. >> that's paul reporting. now hundreds of new york city evactpwraoes supeevacuees from m "sandy" may soon find themselves on the street. the housing program needs to end september 309. that's when fema will stop reimbursing the city for hotels. >> those families are trying desperately to find permanent housing. they've just been given a housing coupon which will allow them to rent houseing in the private market. but as anyone who tried to rent
11:43 pm
an apartment in new york city knows that's not happening very quickly and they need some time to rent an apartment and find a permanent place to live. these are families who have already been made homeless, we don't need to make them homeless again. >> if the program ends, evacuees without other housing arrangements can apply for stay in a city homeless shelter. california's minimum wage is one of the high nest the nation it raises the current minimum wage from $8 to $9 by july 1st of next year and to $is 10 by january 1st of 2016. this is california's first minimum wage increase in six years. >> . it experienceed a gap in the bottom to some of the folks you have seen with before you as those who have occupied the
11:44 pm
economy. it's my goal and it's my responsibility to what i can to make a society more hai hair ha. it is the greatest come back in the history of the sport. michael plays now team usa was able to pull off an improbableable victory in the america's cup. >> spectacular renot remote acl. we will have the story who are picking 30 turns of trash offer mile of this coastline.
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it would have been terrific to sit on the back of the bay. >> just a beautiful scene in san francisco. it's history in the making. americans have dominated the sport it's only fitting that it would be team usa to pull off the sport.'s biggest come back. the america's team is a heavy favorite. they were racing on their chosen home turf of the san francisco bay but that didn't stop team new zealand to start with an 8-1 lead. after the tweaks to the ka a ma ran. including today's winner take all by a whopping 44 seconds to
11:48 pm
have the biggest come back of the history of the event. a 1942 stanley cup to win the nfl championship. boston red sox came to beat the new york yankees in the champ joinship series. now we can add team usa to the list with a dramatic come back after trailing new zealand 8-1. >> the tampa bay buccaneers have benched quarterback josh freeman who completed less than 50% so far this season. head coach will go the w rookie in tampa's game against arizona on sunday. i asked him if this t buccaneers will be able to trade freeman before the trade deadline in five weeks. >> they would love to trade him and get him out of there. even haas year of his contract,
11:49 pm
he has $6.44 left to pay him after the $8 million so it's going to be hard for tampa bay buccaneers find a trade partner. nobody is going to pick up that contract. only thing they hope is maybe a team loses the quarterback and is looking far veteran to come in. he would probably be the best veteran in the market to come in. to me is they stop him in that locker room. there's a bi-week coming up after the game. kwha'what's head coach's concern right now? >> with we have the first crisis and below 50 oh 0 for the first time there. they have a lot of problems as you said.
11:50 pm
they going to go with the rotation there. collin kaepernick is playing like a rookie quarterback. they had almost as many turn overs. that's a ten. so a tough road for 49ers right now. they are in crisis mode. a big game on friday night. you are joining us now. you said to undergo the surgery on the knee. how does jason garrett think his effort will effect the over all play the cowboy's defense. >> they had 34 plays this season. haeed thaall year -p he had thee
11:51 pm
surgeryry all year. he's going taob free agent and bad luck for him and bad luck for kpwoeus. he'the cowboys. but the defensive line coach is the bear's defensive and -- [ no audio ] >> oh obviously some technical difficulties. let's talk the about the nba n now. >> these are two, well run franchises and both of them care about city in which they play. the idea that we can have the brooklyn net an new york knicks
11:52 pm
together showcaseing new york city was the phrase of slam dunking. both sides were very early on. >> its a discussion turned around who wanted two days or wanted one day. because, remember, friday night is televised on tnt. saturday is televised and in some cases the highest rating of the weekend is saturday night at the slam dunk final and sunday it's televised it was two and run. it didn't go very high at all. >> then a year later, you can see the all-star weekend here. >> thanks very much. >> still ahead here. after the japanese tsunami is
11:53 pm
washing up on the north american beaches. the state of alaska with its thousands of remote the coastline is receiving a bulk of the debris. we have the story from the full of of alaska. >> the view is spectacular. america's large test island looks pristine, untouched by the modern world. fishing, boats and bowies from farms across the pacific litter the beach. just need more research and nor people. it's not hopeless but it's never ending. it's tsunami debris it's collect bid hand and flown out
11:54 pm
by helicopter put on the non-profit organization's landing craft and barge for long trip bac back to to civilsation. fit had wrebgd fishing boats and anything else that floats on shore. >> a huge job far crew trying to coffer every inch of every beach. so far what i've seen so far. >> so far they have taken 30 turns per nile off the
11:55 pm
coastline. they have a lot more work to do. in fact they figure about 75 more miles to the south. and the farther they go the harder this operation will get. 10 oh $le$100,000 to $150,000 a. >> we can look at the coastline. what can that translate to and what's that doing to our history? >> vently 10,00 he says eventua0 miles. this is our kitchen, we need to keep it clean. it's where more come to shore every day. with every tide. al jazeera, alaska. rebecca stevenson has the weather next.
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with us tonight. up next is the golden age of hollywood going golden but elsewhere. why l.a.'s mayor has declared a state of emergency for the entertainment industry there. next.
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temperatures in the west have been cooling dramatically today.
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we have been having them stay. low normal. the temperatures now have r these bright blue areas to the west. that's where we have a center of low pressure. low pressure is lifting up the air and it's cooling as it rises up so it continues to cool low near to the elevations and we're getting some mountain snow and it is heavy mountain snow. this is early season snowfall and the first offal season as we move in. we will see a foot of snow for places and also now we are tracking winter storm warnings moving in to wyoming. it has been since 2009 since casper wyoming had snow. so,. if you see the swirl of low pressure bringing rainfall mainly from washington, it was high in the kas kaeusd of a 5,000 feet that we got in the mountain snow today an also in to the idaho mountains and in to
11:59 pm
western montana. the snow level will have 8,000 feet. moving in to colorado even northeast nevada you will have high mountain snow. we will have a freeze watch for you, too. be from e paired for those temperatures dip well down in that freezing mark if not below. same thing for north california an moving in to parts of the falls and in the south central oregon. so, fairly cold drop. we are seeing temperatures fall by 30 degrees today. so this cold weather is moving down to southern california where the winds were into tkaougs iintroducingit today. an excessive amount of rainfall but you're now going to dry out. we have seen some showers up to parts of virginia. most of our rain for florida will start wrapping up and had the drier weekend ahead for you and it will stay in the warm side and chilly tonight and a bit cooler tomorrow.
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