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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 26, 2013 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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>> counting down to a government shutdown, a tense congressional showdown over the federal budget and obamacare. >> the u.s. and iran will hold high level talks for the first time in more than 30 years. a nuclear iran is the talk of the agenda. >> dramatic new images of the navy yard gunman. aaron alexis is shown and the moment before he opened fire in washington, killing 12 people. >> you want to die eternally. >> an animated campaign designed
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to detour somali kids from being recruited by al shabab, the group behind the kenyan mall attacks. ♪ theme >> the clock is ticking on a government shutdown. monday's deadline is now less than five days away. that's how much time lawmakers have to pass a stopgap measure to keep the government running. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are urging their colleague not to play games. >> i hope we won't go down a bunch of political rabbit trails that take away from the seriousness of trying to solve our countries fiscal problems at large. >> bait obamacare all you want, but please don't threaten to shut down the government because you can't get your way. >> playing games is exactly what senator ted cruz is accused of
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doing during his tirade. >> the only path if we're going to oppose obamacare is to stand together and oppose. i would ask my friends on the democratic side of the aisle. >> the hour of noon has arrived. the senate will be in order. >> the senate voted unanimously to move forward a spending measure that will keep the government running past october 1 and keep obamacare intact. chris's marathon speech did ignite tea party campaigning. now tea party conservatives may have a new plan in the works to hold up obamacare. for more an that plan and the state of the push to get all this settled before the deadline, let's go to capitol hill. good to see you, libby, the fact that ted cruz himself ended up moving this spending bill forward, in spite of that 21
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hour non-filibuster filibuster, what does that mean? what was it all about? >> well, politics is politics and a big part is showmanship. he did mobilize a lot of grass root conservatives as you mentioned and members were flooded with phone calls saying don't vote for this, don't vote to keep obamacare running. senator ted cruz ended up voting for the procedural measure yesterday, a unanimous vote, putting his colleagues in a tough position. senators like john mccain, arizona republican, long time senate member who on the senate floor yesterday said we litigated this obamacare issue a couple of years ago and republicans managed to get some priorities in there and push back, but this is an old battle and we're concerned with what's going to happen with the government looming shutdown next week. he's getting blowback from members of his own party who feel they've put him in a tough
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spot and the vote yesterday was to move forward, but counter to what senator cruz had been calling for. he said he wouldn't take any votes that advance this issue. it's a bit of a political moment here in washington, what a surprise. >> the moment you're talking about, senator john mccain seemed offended that senator cruz implied that others had not worked hard enough, had not done enough to try to stop obamacare, as they call it. he's like n., you're new here, we tried and we lost. it was actually quite a moment. gop leaders launching a new effort to still hold up obamacare. can you tell us about that? >> absolutely. here's the situation. you know, we're watching this looming deadline that could shut down the federal government in just about five days. republicans are insisting that get livinged to obama. instead of linking this republican wish list, delaying
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obamacare, defunding obamacare to this government shutdown next week, they are instead thinking about lining it to the debt ceiling showdown in a couple of weeks. this is scary for those watching the markets and concerned about fiscal issues. the secretary treasury said the u.s. only has a short time before it reaches its debt limit. they would delay implementation of the health care law, obamacare for a year. they would also make cuts to federal civil service pensions. another priority, getting construction of the key stone pipeline, the key stone pipeline, a controversial project. it's a throw against the wall everything republicans want. we'll see if that goes forward. it would get the pressure off of this big moment and move this huge debate on to a few weeks' time, and give republicans a chance to tell their
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constituents that they are still going after some of their top priorities. >> libby, thank you so much. >> for more on the political rangleing over the government shutdown and obamacare, we are joined by a top aide to former secretary of state hillary clinton. thank you for coming in. you're kind of a regular here. let's pick up on a point, there is a lot of fighting in the republican party over the continued fight over obamacare. there is a section of the party that's like we tried this, let it go. another party that says no. they're kind of offending each other. what is this doing to the party? >> this is really a battle over the soul of the republican party. if you remember some months ago, rand paul did this marathon filibuster over immigration, but that bill was yet to be voted on. obamacare has already passed. you have veteran republicans saying what are we doing? we need to govern here, but these new folks who are tea
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party loyalists, trying to push the agenda and the moderate republicans are a bit fearful, because you've had a number of them that have been ousted, because they have gotten challenged in primaries from their right. they're almost governing by fear at the moment and this is a conversation about the soul of the party going into the mid term elections next year. >> the way this is playing out, who are voters going to like and not like? >> there's reason for voters to actually not like republicans or democrats here. for republicans, they've got to go back to their districts in 2014 and talk about how they almost shut the government down. that is not a very good talking point for them, because people are not getting paid, contracts are not getting fulfilled and programs are not funded. for democratic, they're about to roll out obamacare for their target demographic, young adults, most individuals were part of the coalition that elected obama. the obama administration needs
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those young folks to become part of those health exchanges to even out the. >> the pool. >> right, to increase the pool. there are challenges for democrats and republicans. i do think republicans have a steeper curve to go down, but especially because of the conversation around the shutdown, but i think both parties can lose here. >> let's talk about the president. his numbers aren't that good right now. is it messaging, is it policy, is it both? what's going on there? >> part of it is messaging. i think it has been for quite some time. remember when we talked about obamacare, when it got passed, he used a tremendous amount of political capital to do that. we've taken a lot of the conversation about jobs and recovery off the table. immigration is off the table. a lot of very important policy conversations. >> pushed to the side. >> pushed to the side and americans are still feeling the pinch. unemployment, even though came down, most is because people stopped looking for jobs, so
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there's a lot of work yet to be done. we're actually running out of time. i think because americans are feeling a little more anxiety, concerned about where this president is and what political capital he has left to spend. >> when you think of the way our political system is or is not working right now, it would seem that the american people are who are really hurting the most from this. would you say so? >> i absolutely agree. i think what they're looking at, the american people are looking at right now is washington that governors really for itself and is talking to itself and not to people, and when we look around other parts of the country, and again, there's so much concern about where this recovery is, even the fed, they were talking about tapered, then they went and sort of continued the stimulus, even they're concerned about where -- how robust our recovery really is and we're looking at what happened in detroit, other cities are wondering can we meet the same fate, a lot of nervous energy
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right now, and we're doing it at the beginning or at the precipice of mid term elections in 2014. every party is concerned about their talking points going to constituents. >> thank you so much. >> for the first time in third years, the u.s. and iran are set for high level talks. they will discuss iran's nuclear program today in new york. it's the first time iran's foreign minister will sit down with the permanent five members of the u.n. security council and germany. last night in an interview, the president of iran hasan rouhani was asked what it would be like to have a bilateral meeting with the u.s. >> well, after all, we're speaking of two countries who have had no relations for 35
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years, so it's clear that to begin talks requires some preparation work and whenever the prep work is completed, i believe that it's possible to have a meeting. perhaps if we had more time here in new york, we may have been able to coordinate what was necessary for that meeting to take place. >> for more now on u.s. iranian relations, we are joint by kristin. thanks for joining us this morning. good to see you. what can we expect basically from today's meeting? >> well, this is an historic meeting, but it is a preliminary meeting. it will be the first time that secretary of state john kerry meets face-to-face with his foreign minister counterpart.
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they will discuss the next meeting in geneva when the real work gets underway discussing iran's nuclear program. the west of course wants iran to back down from its nuclear enrichment activity. they want less uranium enrichments and more transparency. iran is looking to roll back the sanctions that have taken a bite out of their economy, with 42% inflation, 12% unemployment, a decrease by half of their oil revenues. all of this will be in the background to the preliminary face-to-face meeting that's going to be happening this afternoon, and we heard in that interview that you were just playing that he is looking for a very quick time frame, hoping that these meetings cancel rate and get the job done, get a resolution in a matter of months, he said, not years. >> kristin, this may be a difficult question to answer, but is there a possibility of a break threw as it pertains to
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nuclear talks? they have been stalled for so long. >> absolutely. analysts are saying that this is possibly the best opportunity in years for a breakthrough. they think the timing is right on both sides of the pond here, the west and the iran both looking for a resolution to this crisis, this ongoing crisis that's been about for several years now. there is skepticism, as well, though. you've heard western diplomats saying it's great iran is making these overtures and want to talk, but now we need actions to match their words. you get an idea of just how complicated it is by the fact that president obama and the white house reached out to the iranian president in order to have this meeting, and they weren't even able to orchestrate a handshake here at the united nations. it just shows you how politically charged this issue is on both sides. >> thank you so much.
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>> the f.b.i. is helping look for answers in that deadly mall attack in kenya, forensic teams combing through the rubble right now. officials are trying to recover any bodies that could be buried in the debris left by the collapse of three levels of parking garage. they want to find out why the structure collapsed in the first place. >> we have also been asked how did the mall cave in. again, that is a matter to be determined by structural engineers who have sinced moved to the site and we want to request that once we get the lab for information on whether it is the action of the exchange of fire or otherwise, we will come whack to you. >> the band of assailants rented a shop in the mall for these months, storing weapons and plotting the rampage that left more than 60 people dead. for more now on the search for
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answers, aljazeera comes live from nairobi. what are we learning about why there were no red flags when these gunman rented space in a mall months ago? >> well, this is one question many people in kenya are asking themselves. it's not the only question. there definitely is as pointed out by members of parliament, a huge failure of intelligence, particularly on the security intelligence institution of this country. we are also hearing claims like for example there were women who were part of the hostage takers and people who were attacked. the mall, we don't know for sure. everything hinges on the investigations right now that's being carried out by the f.b.i.,
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detectives from scotland yard in the united kingdom, as well as different other places. according to officials close to the ongoing at the mall right now, they tell us that then frommic experts and structural engineers are asking for more time, saying nothing should be taken from where it is right now, including the bodies. later this morning, as part of the mall was still smoldering and that is expected to hold the investigators from doing their work, which means it will be many days before we get the answer to say all those questions. >> ok, i guess we have to be patient. muhammed, thank you so much. >> some of the al shabab fighters involved may have been somali americans recruited here in the u.s. that put a spotlight on minnesota, home to one of the largest somali communities in the country. there is a major effort there to
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protect impressionable young people from radical influences. >> type in and you find something unexpected. this cartoon suicide bomber is on a different mission. >> the goal is to reach the kids first and counter groups likal ialshabab. they have a twitter account, a facebook page. these are modern things. these are all items in which i am using popular changes to counter. >> in an effort to present the counter point to the content put out by organizations such as al shabab, the ideal is to reach children before they are exposed to on line extreme its propaganda. >> do you want to die he termly
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and help the way you die on us. >> these videos challenge the justification for violence. >> it really helps out stopping the bad intentions of al shabab and bad thinking. >> a a woman we'll call amber has viewed the videos with her own children, ages eight and 10, speaking out against al shabab's message could be dangerous for her and her children, but she feels it's necessary to protect her kids from their influence. >> the most important message they got was peace up, and thumbs down to al shabab's ideology. >> youth outreach groups are trying to engage young people to keep them on a positive path. >> stay away and stay out. the message behind that is to get kids away from such things like al shabab, gang violence and put them on the right direction, which is education, education, education.
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>> some former law enforcement officials say these efforts are making progress. >> you can develop healthy human beings that are very resistant to radicalization, but when you leave them to their own resources and you let them lose their identity and fail academically and not be part of the mainstream, they really don't have a lot of other choices. >> while it is undoubtedly a community fearful of the threat of radicalization, it is not sitting idly by. >> the largest growth of america somali communities took place in the 1990's, during the somali civil war. >> a video of the naviator killer shows aaron alexis in the moments before his mass shooting. what authorities are revealing about his motive for murder. >> the science behind how an earthquake created a new island. >> we are four days away from a
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potential government shutdown. millions who need assistance now. we appreciate you spending time with us tonight. up next is the golden age of hollywood going golden but elsewhere. why l.a.'s mayor has declared a state of emergency for the entertainment industry there. next. on august 20th,
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>> the f.b.i. has released new surveillance video that shows
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washington navy yard gunman aaron alexis moments before his killing spree. the massacre left 12 people dead. >> silence before the chaos at the washington navy yard. the f.b.i. has released this 31 second long video of aaron alexis in the minutes before he started killing. the images have been edited from the many security cameras posted around the navy yard. this is alexis, the finger on the trigger of his sawed off shotgun. soon, building 97 was filled with police. >> two responders were teamed with the metropolitan police officer when the three were fired upon by the shooter. they returned fire and pulled the officer to cover after he was shot. >> federal investigators released the video and some photos of the crime scene 10 days after the massacre. >> we have not determined there to be any previous relationship between alexis and any of the victims. there is no evidence or
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information at this point that indicates he he targeted anyone he worked for or worked with. we do not see any one of that as triggering his attack, and we believe that his victims were random as we walked through the hall ways and stairwells of building 197. >> investigators are still reviewing the video of what they say happened next. 12 people gunned down, four others seriously injured. a police officer killing alexis somewhere on the third floor. they say they did find written proof both in alexis's backpack and on the gun's barrels and receiver, indications of his mental state and possible hit of a motive. scratched on the left side, better off this way, and my e.l.f. weapon. that's enough to explain why he started shooting. investigators have to do more work to give the families and the coworkers of those killed last week better answers. >> aljazeera, washington.
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>> in pakistan, 350 people are dead because of the 70.8 magnitude shake that shook the southwest part of pakistan. the quake was so strong, it created a small island. aljazeera visited the hardest hit area of the quake and filed this report. >> three days after a massive earthquake hit the province, the destruction in at least six districts, we are here in the worst hit district. the people here are complaining that they have not received any help from the authorities. the village elder was telling us that if people are not digging for gold or valuables, they are looking for their loved ones, who are still missing. a number of people are still buried under the rubble. there are no rescue efforts
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underway, except by the local population. the family members have been digging for the last two days with the hope that they may find the people who have gone missing. we are told in every village there is a considerable number of people who are still not accounted for. >> how did an earthquake create a new island? let's bring in our meteorologist to explain that. >> i think that's what sparked the curiosity of people is that there was a new land formed because of the earthquake. you have to understand the geography of earthquakes. there's three times. one is called a slip slide, where the plates slide together. we can also have one that is called convergent, you're most likely to get a trench forming, then a diverjent1.
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mud and water were released from the ocean surface, allowing it to bubble up in what they call a mud volcano. very fascinating that we have that no land form out there. if it is a mud volcano, usually they release back down into the ocean again. >> we are going to see here in the united states, our big weather maker is the system in the northwest. believe it or not, there's another behind that. it is a little early in the season for snow, although not unheard of in the month of september. it's in the upper elevations, 5,000 feet and 6,000 feet above.
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because we have so much of that snow coming down, some places have already had a foot of snow, places like yosemite are seeing about half a foot of snow. we could see some places as high as two feet of snow before everything is said and done. mountain passes are getting dicey at times. the other thing we are seeing is a cooldown. temperatures are 10-20 degrees below average, especially western parts of montana and wyoming. some of those temperatures are only in the 40's, we'll take a look at the rest of the country, a little more quiet out there in the next half hour. back to you. >> the u.s. and iran holding historic diplomatic talks today. what the iranian president is saying. >> crunching the numbers and obamacare cost comparison. how much the government health insurance plans could cost you. >> another crown in major league baseball. we'll catch the tiger by the
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tail, later in sports. hi, my name is jonathan betz, and i'm from dallas, texas, and i'm an anchor for al jazeera america. i started in a small television station in rural arkansas. it's a part of the country that often gets overlooked. but there are a lot of fascinating people there, a lot of fascinating stories there. i like that al jazeera will pay attention to those kinds of places. what drew me to journalism is i like the idea that we are documenting history. al jazeera documents it like none other. and to be a journalist, and to be part of a team like that? that's an incredible blessing.
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>> the clock is ticking, just four days away from a potential government shutdown. the senate voted unanimously to move forward on a stop gap measure to keep the government running past october 1 and keep obamacare intact. secretary of state john kerry is meeting in an historic meeting with iran. >> f.b.i. agents are assisting
7:31 am
the investigation into kenya's deadly mall attack. forensic teams are combing through the rubble, searching forego bodies. >> the u.s. and iran are meeting today to discuss the nuclear program. the goal is to remove any concerns about its nuclear program. in an interview with charlie rose, rouhani said the international community must respect iran's right to nuclear power. >> what matters is that iran must be able to assert its rights, its legal rights, i'm speaking of under international law and the other countries must acknowledge iran's rights under international law. then on the other hand, if there are any concerns specifically in our region about our program, it is iran's responsibility to also address those concerns. as to the modality for that,
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that certainly will have to be discussed during the negotiations, but in any case, we don't want iran to be an exception. we do not want discrimination against iran. we want iran to be seen just like the rest of all other count areries that have nuclear programs, as well as enrichment programs. >> in his address to the u.n. general assembly tuesday, president obama said he respects the right of the iranian people to access peaceful nuclear energy. >> the ambassador held a dinner last night for iran's president. a professor from rutgers was one of the guest. he talks about the handshake that never happened and said it was a mutual decision. >> he said tonight that it wasn't just his decision, that president obama also at the end decided that this was not a good
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idea. that was a shocking statement, that they both together somehow decided that this was not a good idea. that is not what the u.s. government is saying these days. the u.s. government is saying we would prefer it and it was too complicated from the iranian side, basically meaning that tehran somehow didn't like the idea. mr. rouhani said that i thought it is not a good idea, because there was not enough time to discuss anything substantive, and that handshake wouldn't do much, except that it will have raised lots of eyeballs back in tehran or elsewhere. it would achieve nothing except create a lot of enemies. >> the white house says the meeting between president obama
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and president rouhani would have been too complicated. for more on today's meeting between iran's foreign minister and john kerry, good morning, thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. >> good morning, good to speak to you, as always. >> talk about the significance of what is going to happen today, the p5 plus one and talking with and about iran. this is very rare. >> it certainly is rare. i dare say a lot of people watching this show will have no living memory of u.s.-iranian government officials speaking to one another. the last time it happened was during the carter administration. the fact that president obama has green lit this and is sending his secretary of state john kerry to meet up with the foreign minister along with the
7:35 am
members of the security council plus germany really is an historic moment. >> president rouhani has taken a very hard line in interviews, in his speech, arguing that the world he says must recognize iran's right to nuclear power, to nuclear jen richment. do you expect the foreign minister will carry that same stance into the meeting today? >> i think it's fair to say that one should expect the iranian government to speak with one voice. it's important to recognize, however, that what you're seeing, just as with the united states, with the iranian leadership is that the leaders are playing to both domestic and international audience. while there's no doubt that the leaders are talking optimistically, they've both got to cover their flanks at home. that's the reason the discussions didn't lead to a meeting, for example, at the united nations.
7:36 am
it would raise expectations too early and as a result that have, i think this is going to be a slow burn relationship that could develop in the very positive light hopefully, similar, if you will, to the reagan-gorbachev relationship. >> everybody needs to tamp down their expectations a little bit. what would be considered a success today? >> to be quite honest, this might seem like i'm trying to throw cold water on it, but i'm not. in diplomacy, small steps are important. if we have a meeting that comes out this week that john as herry is at, that is progress. it might seem small and baby steps to many of your listeners, but in diplomacy, that would be a sense of achievement, a very positive step forward in
7:37 am
diplomatic circles. >> is there anything that could make this go completely off the rail? >> where should i begin? as a start, many of your american viewers will notice there are for example, the small case of the american pastor being held in iran, has been for a year now. i know the administration would very much like to get him released, there's a small matter of the netanyahu government in israel who have high suspicions about america sitting down and talking directly with iran because of the nuclear issue, for example, so that's a problem. quite what's going to happen in reward to say syria, if they suddenly develops will focus away from u.s.-iranian ties to events on the ground. events can suddenly turn the tide. there's a whole host of issues
7:38 am
which could suddenly divert the situation away from iran. >> your point being a good one, if this leads to more meetings in the future, that is a success. thank you so much. thank you, always good to see you. >> thousands torched cars and gas stations in sudan's capitol. 27 have been killed in rioting in kartoum over the government's decisions. all internet connections to that country have been cut off. >> in athens, greece, demonstrators expressed anger over the killing of an anti racism rapper. more than 10,000 people marched through the city. the death fueled outrage. fires broke out all along the protest route.
7:39 am
police used tear gas to control the crowd. >> next week, people can sign up for insurance plans under obamacare. for the first time, the obama administration is releasing details about how much it may cost both individuals and families. aljazeera is here crunching the numbers, which is not an easy task. >> no, definitely not. we are learning a little bit more here about the different insurance plans and prices that will soon be available in 36 states. earlier this week, the president summed up coverage under obamacare this way. >> if you're say a 27-year-old young woman, don't have health insurance, you get on that exchange, you're going to be able to purchase high quality health insurance for less than the cost of your cell phone bill. >> we know it's not that simple and not everyone will be fortunate enough to get such an inexpensive plan. let's break down a few details
7:40 am
to give you a better idea of how much it could cost you. the four policies come in four options, bronze, silver, gold and mr. the numb. each covers the basics, doctors visits, prescription drugs and hospital stays. the silver plan, the second lowest cost tier covers 70% of medical expenses. that will cost an average of $328 a month, but the prices will vary significantly from state to state. let's take a family of four with an annual income of $50,000, again, under the silver plan. the prices range from $600 in a month in arizona to more than a thousand dollars a month in mississippi. it turns out, even within one state, rates vary from city to city. florida has 67 different areas with different rates, so a 40-year-old man buying the silver plan could pay anything from $239 to $352 a month, depending on where he lives.
7:41 am
at first glance, some prices might not seem affordable to you. here's the catch, the obama administration said most will qualify for tax credits. that's how the government says it's making it more affordable over the long term. the cost of your insurance premiums could get cut in half with that. the average family of four making $50,000 a year after the tax credit, that same silver plan could only cost them $282 a month. of course, none of these numbers are cheaper than your cell phone bill, but the administration says under the lowest cost tier, the bronze plan, a 27-year-old living in jackson, mississippi could pay as little as $8 a month after the tax credit. i bet that is certainly cheaper than your cell phone bill. >> yes, that is cheaper definitely than a cell phone bill. to clarify, you still pay out of
7:42 am
pocket, and then this all is supposedly evens out during tax time, is that right? >> yes, it's virtually the same as how it works with mortgages. you don't see the benefit of the credits until tax time. >> there's a big difference from state to state, a really big difference. >> yeah, it is. it's interesting what's behind that. there are a number of reasons behind that. some are more complex than ears, with all insurance, when more people enroll in the program, it spreads the risks, lowering the cost. one factor behind higher prices, state mandate coverage. some force insurers to provide more benefits. fewer insurance companies means less competition leading to higher prices. it is confusing, since it's an compile new way to think about insurance. the website is a
7:43 am
good place for information. >> the tigers sense max scherzer to the hill, needing a single win to clinch the american league central. he struck out 10 twins, giving up two hits over seven innings. tigers win 1-0 to clinch their third straight central division crown. the tigers can clinch tomorrow. >> there are wildcard spots to clinch in the a.l. yankees lose 8-4 and they're out. no wildcard for them.
7:44 am
the rays are looking good for a spot as are the indians. nick swisher's two-run home run helped compel them to a win over the white sox. >> milwaukee's gomez upset at paul maholm for hitting him with a pitch in june. he got revenge hitting a home run. his stroll around the bases was an angry trash talking affair that upset brian mccann so much he wouldn't let him touch home base. percentages were cleared, punches thrown. three got ejected. afterwards, gomez tweeted an apology for his actions. >> since the start of the america's cup 162 years ago, americans have dominated the sport of yacht racing. the americans found themselves up against it in this year's race. not only were they heavy favorites this year, they also
7:45 am
had home course advantage with the race taking place an san francisco bay. all that didn't stop team new zealand from jumps out to an 8-1 lead. after some tweaks to their catamaran and the crew, the americans stormed back to win eight consecutive races, including wednesday's affair for the biggest comeback in the history of the event. >> in basketball, all star weekend returns to new york city. the announcement was made wednesday that the knicks and brooklyn nets would cohost the event. the nets would host weekend festivities like the dunk contest. the knicks will host the game at madison square garden. >> in the year that these two teams have both shared the city of new york, their players have shared more than a little bad blood. i asked nba commissioner david stern how he managed to get the
7:46 am
bitter rivals to agree to work together for all-star weekend. >> once it was broached, they were all in. they just needed to work out the details. these are two well-run franchises and both care about the city in which they play. the idea that we could have the brooklyn nets and new york knicks together showcasing new york city was pardon the phrase, a slam dunk. >> did both sides accept very early on that the knicks and madison square garden were going to host the game? >> no, it was actually the discussion turned around who wanted two dates and who wanted one. remember, friday night is televised on tnt, saturday is televised with in some cases the highest rating of the weekend is saturday night at the slam dunk final.
7:47 am
sunday is televised. so it was two and one and i wasn't privy to all the negotiations, but it didn't go very hard at all. it was quite easy. >> finally, a week before the nfl kicks off, one and two teams try to right their prospective trips. the 49ers take on the rams in st. louis. that's a look at morning sports. >> thank you. >> two and a half years after the japanese tsunami, debris continues to wash up on north american beaches. alaska with thousands of miles of remote coastline is getting three quarters of it. one season alone, they collected nearly a quarter million pounds of garbage. the trash is called a slow moving environmental disaster. >> let's bring in meteorologist nicole mitchell. >> we are officially four days into the season of fall, and already we have this, this is
7:48 am
from colorado, but we have similar scenes in idaho, montana and wyoming. a little early in the season to have this, yes, but not unprecedented for the month of september. you can kind of see what this does to the roads out there, because there have been winds, high winds associated with this system, so it makes the visibility rough. the mountain passes are starting to get slick, so be careful heading out. as we head towards the northwest, it's been a very potent storm system fours. still, as we see the kind of purple eye blues out there, those are the winter storm warnings. that means the combination of snow and you're going to be definitely dealing with it is winds blowing around, making things more treacherous. some of the places in the northern rockies, a foot of snow has fallen. idaho, montana and wyoming have been harder hit.
7:49 am
the lower elevations, that snow is about five or 6,000 feet and above. as we continue, this has brought cooler air. temperatures running 10-20 below average. at the head of the system, we have a warm flow. minneapolis today, right around 80 degrees, so well above average because of the same system and the flow ahead of that. i want to mention the midwest where the system is going to be coming over the next couple days. we're getting into the time of year where we see fog, so dense fog in parts of wisconsin today. as we continue toward the souther tier of the country, the other trouble spot is as we get into florida, we are seeing a drier forecast, still a little bit of moisture. the low pressure system that had been in the region has slid off. we're still going to see enough of a boundary to cause a couple of showers, but most of the region is much drier. you can see how little that rain forecast is versus the inches
7:50 am
and inches that we've been getting over the last couple of days. that's going to be a really nice change for us, too, as we get into the next couple of days is to see it dry out in this region of the country. certainly, we've had a lot of problems here, so we'll need to dry out. the one region that is very nice is the northeast, feels like fall heading out the door there. richelle volunteer one state is trying to crack down on tax cheats. what lawmakers proposing to make sure homeowners don't skip out on paying their property taxes. >> the clock is ticking, four days away from a potential government shutdown. that's all i have an real money.
7:51 am
victoria azarenko
7:52 am
>> an out of this world record, the spacecraft docks at the international space station in hours. nasa discovered a shorter route on a recent supply mission. >> california's minimum wage is now one of the highest in the country. jerry brown signed a bill that raised the current minimum wage
7:53 am
to $10 by 2016. this is california's first minimum wage increase in six years. the governor is trying to close the pay gap. >> an ironic twist in detroit's bankruptcy. one reason the city maybe forced to cut city workers pensions is the city workers may long have been overcompensated, after being overpaid for decades. a report examining possible fraud in the pension system is expected to be released later today. detroit is one of the highest foreclosure rates in the country, making it an attractive target for potential investors. a staggering amount of the homeowners are not paying their property taxes because of a loophole. we explain. >> in wayne county, measure, nearly 20,000 foreclosures are hitting the august block. many properties fill detroit's vast landscape, homes,
7:54 am
commercial buildings and vacant lots are sold to the highest bidders in what the prett treass office calls one of the biggest tax foreclosure sales in the country. >> the city is going through a resurgence now where people understand that there are opportunities here that are unparalleled in the world. >> people buy, and some buy a lot. the problem is, of the nearly 1,919,000 properties sold in the past two years, 80% of those buyers are delinquent on property taxers. buyers, many of whom turn these homes into rentals don't pay taxes. they lose the property and buy again. it costs wayne county, home to detroit about $500 million in taxes. >> people have learned to game the system. they realize that if they don't pay taxes in the next three years, the same property's going to show up on another lust. >> it's a vicious cycle bill cavanaugh is trying to break.
7:55 am
he's introducing legislation at the state capitol that would require buyers who don't plan to live in the homes to fork over three years of property taxes up front. >> the argument i'm hearing is that so we won't sex as many properties. what does it matter if you're not going to make a viable productive use of that property? >> this has been the talk of the day. >> jerry runs a detroit-based property tracking web side. he's bought homes through auctions and does pay his taxes, but is not sold on the lawmakers proposal. >> it would seem common sense if you ask somebody to pay a bunch more money up front to work on a distressed property, that would be a deterrent to working on the distressed property. >> that particular legislation, i think would be harmful, because i think that it a chilling effect on people investing in property. >> representative cavanaugh
7:56 am
hopes this bill leaves out those looking to buy without taking on the full responsibility of owning a home. >> it sounds like a hardship, but if it's a business decision, then it just becomes part of the equation. >> if this legislation passes, it would not affect people who live in the homes they buy. until then, the wayne county treasurers office can only resort to begging owners to pay up. aljazeera, detroit. >> in july, detroit became the largest u.s. city to file poor bankruptcy. negotiations to settle the city's massive debt are underway. at the end of our first hour, we are following congress, trying to avoid a government shutdown. the senate voted unanimously to move forward on a stop gap measure. >> the u.s. and iran are set to hold the highest diplomatic talks between the nations in more than 30 years. >> the f.b.i. has sent agents to
7:57 am
nairobi to assist in the investigation into the small attack that left more than 60 dead. >> a comeback for the ages at the america's cup. i'll have the heights coming up later in sports. >> we're only four days into fall, but parts of the rookies feel like winter. i'll have the latest on a potent storm system. >> we're back in two and a half minutes. thank you so much for your time. keep it here, stephanie sy is up next.
7:58 am
7:59 am
faultlines investigates the epidemic of overcrowding in women's prisons. >> the system is setup to do exactly what it's doing - to break people and to keep them broken.
8:00 am
>> good morning, these are stories we're following. counting down to a government shutdown. with less than five days to go, a tense congressional standoff over the federal budget and obamacare. >> on historic meeting in new york. the u.s. and iran will hold high level talks for the first time in more than 30 years. >> a nuclear iran is at the top of the agenda. >> dramatic new images of the navy yard gunman. the video shows aaron alexis in the moments before he opened fire on his coworkers in washington, killing 12 people.


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