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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 26, 2013 8:00am-8:31am EDT

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>> good morning, these are stories we're following. counting down to a government shutdown. with less than five days to go, a tense congressional standoff over the federal budget and obamacare. >> on historic meeting in new york. the u.s. and iran will hold high level talks for the first time in more than 30 years. >> a nuclear iran is at the top of the agenda. >> dramatic new images of the navy yard gunman. the video shows aaron alexis in the moments before he opened fire on his coworkers in washington, killing 12 people.
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>> monday's deadline on a government shutdown is five days away. that's how much time lawmakers have to keep the government running with a stop gap measure. >> i hope we don't go down to bunch of political rabbit trails that take away from the seriousness of trying to solve our countries fiscal problems at large. >> please don't threaten to shut down the government because you can't get your way. >> playing games is exactly what texas senator ted cruz is accused of doing after his 21 hour tirade against the affordable care act or obama care ended predictably. >> i would ask for my friends on
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the democratic aisle to listen. >> the hour of noon has arrived. the senate will be in order. >> the senate voted unanimously including cruz to move forward with a stop gab measure and keep obamacare intact. tea party conservatives may have a new plan in the works to hold up obamacare. for more, let's bring in libby casey on capitol hill. what the plan consist of? >> this is a move by house republicans who realize that since the senate didn't go anywhere with getting obamacare, the federal health care allow defunded, they need a new path moving forward. they've put together a new proposal. instead of tying these republicans priorities to this
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showdown over government funding, we'll hit this looming deadline next week to keep the government running into fiscal next year, instead would tie their priorities to the debt limit fight. that will unfold in a couple of weeks' time. republicans have a wish list, a grab bag of republican priorities. here's some of the things it includes. it would push back implementation of the federal health care law, known as obamacare bay year. it would cut federal civil service pensions and kick start production of the key stone pipeline. that's what they're looking towards now. this would do a couple of things. it would push the debate off for a couple of weeks, give them some cover, also give them grassroots support you are talking about, stephanie and say we are still working towards these republican issues. >> speaking of grassroots support, if senator cruz's 21
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hour tirade did anything, it was to galvanize this grassroots evident. it didn't seem to have any other purpose. he voted to move the bill forward anyway. >> he was fighting a couple of battles that he didn't have a chance of winning. one was to block this procedural move forward yesterday. as you mentioned, he even voted for it. the other was to try to strip the funding of the federal health care law. the president isn't going to sign any legislation that kills his signature health care law. what he did was mobilize supporters. he did make some enemies, at least temporary enemies. in the senate, everyone refers to everyone as their friend. angry calls from constituents urged a vote not to move forward when senator cruz was going to do that after all in the end. it has kick started a grassroots concern and effort, but put republicans in a tough spot.
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they've now got to move forward. is he playing the lange game or short game, working toward presidential aspirations in the future, concerned about building alliances with his fellow republicans in the next years? the senate release on relationships to get priorities forward. >> i'm sure it's not the last we'll hear of him. libby, thank you. >> the u.s. and iran are set to hold high level dep low mattic talks for the first time in over 30 years. they will be discussing iran's nuclear program today in new york. it's also the first time iran's foreign minister will sit down with the five permanent members of the u.n. security council, as well as germany. for more on u.s. iranian relations, kristin, let's be clear, these are not one-on-one talks, right? >> that's right. secretary of state john kerry
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will be meeting with iran's foreign minister and other members of the security council, the permanent five members of the security council and germany, the group responsible for negotiating over ires contested nuclear program. it's a preliminary meeting to set up the next round of discussions over this program in geneva in october. the west, of course, is looking to iran and has been for several years now to decrease it's uranium enrichment capabilities and increase visibility in its program. the west has long feared iran is trying to develop a nuclear weapon, an accusation iran denies. iran wants to see the west and the united nations roll back sanctions imposed since 2006 and have really taken ability out of iran's economy. they're dealing with 42% inflation and seen their oil revenues cut in half. as a result, president hasan
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rouhani has been saying he wants an agreement in place in a matter of months. that is what will be discussed at the meeting, the framework for ongoing talks. >> we'll continue to follow the story, but that's preliminary. the other big issue is syria and continued discussion in the security council on that. what movement do we expect to see on that issue this week? >> the security council has been debating a resolution that would set out a time frame for dismantling syria's chemical weapons arsenal. this has been the topic for a couple weeks at the u.n. now, flying to enshrine a framework. we hear they are getting closer to a deal.
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this is whether or not it would be a chapter seven resolution. we heard they decided to put chapter seven off, allowing military intervention or sanctions in the event of non-compliance. syria's part. we're hearing will will be a reference to chapter seven in the future, saying the council would come back for another resolution under chapter seven if syria does not comply. there is still hope among diplomats for a breakthrough an that front and talks saturday between secretary of state john kerry and the russian prime minister in the coming days. >> thank you, kristin. >> joining us to delve deeper into the issues on iran and syria, curt volcker, a former u.n. ambassador to nato is in
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washington, d.c. ires foreign minister will have a chance to speak directly to secretary of state john kerry today. how do they even begin this conversation? >> the fact is the conversation has begun a long time ago. we've been having these p5 plus one talks and this meeting today is another in that framework for five, six, seven years now. i don't remember the exact date. there have been a number of proposals, they have gradually moved in the direction of iran continuing to have a civilian nuclear program. originally the demands was no enrichment whatsoever. iran has never really grasped this to lock in a program in cooperation with the rest of the international community. they've insisted on a unilateral right to enrich uranium to levels that really can only be
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explained by a nuclear weapons program. that's where iran needs to bring something new to the table. the tone is great, there is a change. we have to welcome that and explore it, but we have to see new policies from iran. >> what would significant a real change in course? >> i think if they were willing to have full transparency with the iaea, to have people on the ground in iran at all of their facilities and agree to the fuel going in and spent fuel once it has been through a reactor, so you don't have the risk of reprocessing into any kind of nuclear weapon. levels matter, you don't need highure rain yes, ma'am for civilian nuclear power. >> the other big issue is how to rid syria of its chemical weapons. russia clearly will not let a resolution pass that contains the threat of military action. do you think it's realistic that syria will comply with a u.n.
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resolution without that threat of military action? >> yeah, i think syria is delighted with the turn of events over the last couple weeks, as is russia. instead of talking about assad brutally killing over 100,000 of his own people and demanding that he leave power so that someone else or some other group can come into power and syria try to bring the country back together, he's now accepted as the leader of syria and the only thing we are talking about is chemical weapons. he is going to stretch this out as long as possible. i don't think he'll cross the line into non-compliance, but we're going to see a deal here that is going to play out for a long period of time, allowing him to try to consolidate power and defeat the opposition. >> assuming a resolution is passed, what about those broader questions, how to end the civil war, the larger regional conflicts spawned by what's happening there, a major humanitarian and refugee crisis, are any of those questions addressed in these resolutions
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being discussed in the u.n. security council? >> no, they're not. that's the real shame we are doing right now, by allowing this conversation to narrow down solely to the use of chemical weapons, we have allowed those other thins to run away from us. i think it's a real tragedy for the syrian people, runs a great risk of spreading the conflict in the region. it runs the risk that we're going to see increasing sunni, shia violence for a long time to come. >> more than 100,000 people dead in that so far. >> it is terrible. >> curt volcker, we appreciate your insight this morning. >> thousands are torched cars and gas stations in sudan's capital. 27 people have been killed in rioting in kartoum. rioter's over the government's decision to end fuel subsidies have resulted in protests.
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the government has cut all internet communications in the country. >> the death toll in pakistan is 48 after the earthquake. tuesday's 7.8 magnitude quake wiped out entire village. the force created a small island in the arabian sea. for a closer look, let's bring in our meteorologist. it's fascinating. >> i think this is what has captured the imagination of a lot of people when they heard this story. you have to understand how we have the earthquakes in the first place. here's a look at that island that has been folder, about 200 miles across. you can have three types of earthquakes, the slip slide where the plates slide back and forth and converge and you get a trench or diverge when land can come up in the middle. you would think that is what this would be, how often, it is well away from the either quake center. they think it's called a mud
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cool contain know where the earthquake released mud and that is that build up. >> this is obviously not a look at the island anymore. this is a look at our united states four days into fall and we are already seeing snow in colorado. these are mountains, 5,000 feet and above. it is time to practice winter driving skills and certainly we'll see more about this system moves out. the radar, it's been very potent in the northwest. the rest of the country is pretty much quiet. this is our big player out there. because of this, the snow levels really above 5,000 and 6,000 feet. some places have gotten a foot, some with snow this morning, wyoming getting light now out there. lower levels, it is rain, but watch the higher levels. even if your not getting. ♪, the temperatures are what you will feel. some had of 10-20 degrees below
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average. ahead of the system it's 10-20 degrees above average. the midwest ahead of this, parts of wisconsin, we're seeing a quarter mile visibility because of the fog with the stable air mass. temperatures into the 80's in minneapolis, 90s in parts of texas. watch for the air quality again to be a concern today. one other area we have had precipitation is the southeast. most of this is clearing out as the low pressure moves off. it's that northwest storm system causing us some problems today. >> thank you. >> f.b.i. agents in kenya searching for answers in the deadly mall attack. new clues suggest it was an inside job. >> no video shows the attack in
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the navy yard. >> we'll catch the tigers later in sports. retirement. whether it's bailouts or bond rates, this stuff gets complicated. but don't worry, i'm here to take the fear out of finance. every night on my show i break down confusing financial speak and make it real. >> obama administration officials said they need to enrol 2.7 u.s. redents between the ages of 18 and 35 in exchange plans to balance risks and hold down costs. will they enrol come 1 october - should they pay the face. >> joining me now is jen mishory, deputy director of young invincibles, she's in washington d.c. and yevgeniy
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feyman, a research assistant at the manhattan institute. thank you for being with us. i want to start with you yevgeniy feyman. the young people are crucial to the success of obamacare. >> absolutely. they'll balance out the risk pool, they'll keep premiums that need the insurance, and the administration is reaching out to them. >> jen, the young invincibles are in the 18-34 group.
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>> authorities in kenya say the assailants in that countries mall attack rented a shop for three months preceding the rampage. they likely used the space to plan the siege and store weapons. 29 f.b.i. agents are investigating the attack. officials are working to figure out why the three level parking garage at the mall collapsed, likely killing even more people. >> police in newtown connecticut are being ordered to release the 911 calls from the sandy hook school shootings. the state's freedom of information commission ruled they can't keep it. gunman adam lanza went on a shooting rampage last year. >> new details are emerging about the gunman who opened fire
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in the navy yard last week. aaron alexis shot and killed 12 people. investigators may have an important clue as to why. >> there are multiple indicators that alexis held a delusional belief that he was being controlled or influenced by extremely low frequency or e.l.f., electromagnetic waves. the edging of my e.l.f. weapon on the shotgun is believed to reference these electromagnetic waves. >> the f.b.i. released this surveillance video of alexis driving into the parking garage and carrying the weapon to carry out the massacre.
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>> only two division crowns remain unspoken for going into wednesday night's action. the number is down to one. the tigers sent max scherzer to the hill needing a win to clinch the central. he struck out 10 an gave up two hits. benoit struck out two for the save. tigers clinched their third straight difficulties crown. the tigers can clinch the n.l. tomorrow. >> there are spots to be won in the a.l. the bombers under the raise 6-2. dejesus went yard. ies lose and they're out. no wildcard for them. want rays are looking good for a
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playoff spot as are the indians. switcher's home run helped propel them to a win over the sox and the ace got in his first work since september 2. right now the rays and indians are in, texas one game back. >> milwaukee's carlos gomez said he came to bat wednesday night fuming at paul maholm for hitting him with a pitch earlier in the season. he got a home run and it was a trash talking affair around the bases, upsetting mccann so much he wouldn't let him touch home base. benches cleared. afterwards, gomez tweeted out an apology for his actions. >> a couple of quarterback controversies dot the nfl landscape this morning. josh free man has lost his starting job. coach greg schiano said he is
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being replaced with mike lennon starting this sunday. free man was a pro bowler in 2010 but this year one of the worst patters in football as the bucs have stumbled to an 0-3 start. >> the players association is looking into whether the oakland raiders followed a protocol after terrelle pryor was knocked out. he remained in for two more plays. after that, he head he had back to the locker room with team medical staff. >> since the america's cup started 162 years ago, america have dominated the sport. only fitting that it would be the u.s. that would pull off the sports the greatest comeback ever. the americans were racing inistic bay. team new zealand jumped out to a
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seemingly unsurmountable lead, but the americans stormed back to win eight consecutive raises, including yesterday's winner take all affair by 44 seconds to complete the biggest comeback in the history of the event. >> when you've got a team like this around you, they can make you look great. they did all that have today and the whole series, i'm just so proud of the boys. they may be facing the barrel of the gun, they don't even flinch. they are just a fantastic team effort. >> congratulations to team u.s.a. if that finally, week four of the nfl kicks off tonight. the 1-2 teams try to right their ships as the 49ers take on the rams in st. louis. that's your look at morning sports. >> thank you. >> got $60 million to spare? a rare pink diamond is going to be auctioned off for a record
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price. >> they're brought into the emergency room and need doctors right away. >> 50 years after jfk's assassination, two doctors talk about racing to save the president's life on that fateful day. faultlines investigates the epidemic of overcrowding in women's prisons. >> the system is setup to do exactly what it's doing - to break people and to keep them broken.
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we call obamacare. my staff has read the entire thing. can congress say the same? >> the most expensive diamond in the world will soon be auctioned off. the 59.6-carat pink diamond could go for $60 million when it hits the auction block in november. it has the highest possible color and clarity rating from the gemological institute of america. >> 50 years ago, this november, two young doctors were on call at a dallas hospital when the president was shot. they tried in vain to keep president kennedy alive. they shared their remarkable story with our heidi
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zhou-castro. >> the doctors were junk surgeons at dallas park land hospital in 1963. friday, november 22 was a day that began like any other, then just after lunch time. >> i heard a little tap on the conference room door. >> the president's been shot and they're bringing him to the emergency room and they need doctors right away. >> men in business suits parted a way for the doctors. >> i saw mrs. kennedy sitting on a folding chair outside trauma room one. then i was horrified to realize that it was just what they had said it was, that the president had been shot. >> president kennedy lay on a gurney, arms spread, eyes open, and covered in blood. >> i couldn't get any sterile gloves, opened the tray and bare handedly did a caughtdown and got an i.v. going in his left upper arm. >> the doctor was the first to see the head wound. >> the back half of the right
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side of his brain was gone. as i stood there, the cerebellum, lower part of the brain fell out of the hole on to the cart. this is obviously a fatal wound. nothing can be done about that. >> dr. jones was asked to deliver the news. >> a secret service member identified himself and said i need to call j edgar who haver and tell him the condition of the president. right behind him was the secret service. he said i need to call joseph kennedy and tell him the condition of his son. right there, i realized that joseph kennedy was going to get bad news, the whole world was going to find out kennedy was dead. >> in that moment, jones faced a dilemma. jacqueline kennedy asked the doctors to delay the press announcement until after her husband received his last rites. >> i told them he was not doing well, but knew he was dead. >> moments later, a priest arrived. >> he said if you live close to the president's left ear, and i
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couldn't hear him say anything else. >> after that, mrs. kennedy entered the room. he witnessed her farewell to her husband. >> she stood there, very self-contained, stood there for a moment and exchanged the ring from her finger to the president's finger and a ring from his finger to her finger. she leaned over and hissed his right foot and then walked out of trauma room one. >> less than 48 hours later, both doctors would be operating on a dying oswald. both doctors say they just did their jobs while history unfolded on their operating table. >> both doctors will appear in the documentary parkland, focusing on the kennedy assassination from inside the hospital. that with him do it for this edition of the news. news at the top of every hour, as well as on at any time of day.
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thanks for watching. have a great morning. >> the stock market recent run yo up. is it too late to get in on that action. and i'll show what you options your insurance agent might be able to offer you under boom obamacare, this is "real money." [♪ music ] >> this is real money. you are the most important part of the show. so join our live conversation for the next half hour using


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