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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 26, 2013 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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>> welcome to al jazeera. i'm richelle carey. here are the stories we're following for you. face-to-face meetings. secretary of state john kerry set for high level talks with iran. congress debates the budget, and on the hunt for the so-called white widow, an international alert. >> syria and iran are dominating discussions at the united nations today. the five permanent security council members have reportedly agreed on a resolution requiring
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syria to get rid of its chemical weapons stock pile. we're live from the united nations. what can we possibly expect the resolution olanguage of this re? >> well, we have to get one first. i got tweets on my blackberry, and posts, we all did, saying that they've made an agreement on syria. we've made some calls but they haven't come to an agreement just yet but they're very close, they're tantalizingly close. the resolution, when it comes, it's going to be very different than the one drafted by the british and the french. the russians have won a lot of concessions. it's not going to be a chapter 7 resolution which is the device
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the u.n. uses when there is an attack in the offing of a country. that's gone. there is no mention of the icc criminal court of whoever carried out that criminal attack once it's proved. and there is no condemnation of the assad government. and there is a bottom line that talks about the use of force or some kind of action if syria does not keep up with its promise to remove its chemical weapon stock pile. that's where we're at, one very watered down resolution. we also heard in the last hour from the u.s. unnamed source, of course, saying the u.s. and china are on the same page about the need for a very strong and binding resolution against syria. that's where we're at. that's where we were 24 hours ago, richelle, if i'm honest with you. >> we appreciate your honesty
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and your expertise and years of reporting. what can we expect from iran. talk about the historic meeting that is going to take place between u.s. and iran this afternoon? >> well, i'm glad you couched it that way because i think it is going to be historic. there has not been a governmental meeting of this level going back 34 years to the iranian revolution. it simply has happened. the last time it happens was with madeleine all bright. so this is really history in the making. what is going to happen, the five permanent members of the security council plus germany because germany has strong trading ties. it will be here on campus at 4:00. and then the iranian foreign minister, and then they'll put
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out a statement. today hassan rouhani spoke and he talked about the other countries of the world not having weapons of mass destruction as well, a thin veil towards israeli. listen to this. >> u.nunited nations have the responsibility of nuclear disarmament. i strongly urge for them to comply with this long, overdue legal obligation. the fulfillment of nuclear disarmament obligation must not be delayed any further. >> reporter: and it's becoming clear, richelle, that hassan
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rouhani wants a deal with the united states in the next three to six months. he said that to journalists last night. an when you see this meeting with the foreign minister and the five permanent members. if you hear p-3, don't be confused about it. they have twisted it around because they have britain, france, and germany, they call it the p-3. >> it's all different because it's all about perspective, as you always teach us, john. thank you so much. we're less than four and a half days from a partial government shut down. the debate over healthcare reform are complicated the process. lawmakers are trying to move things along quickly. libby casey with us.
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are there negotiations happening right now? >> reporter: no, they're not. they're not happening in front of the cameras. there are no meetings behind the scenes, now, there are two things in play, richelle, one is this issue of the government funding. we hit the end of the fiscal year in just a few days, october 1st of the new fiscal year begins. and the republicans say they're going to fund that going forward, but there are strings attached. defunding obama healthcare. that's a deal breaker. and in october the treasury said that the u.s. will max out on its debt limit, and then there will be another big fight over there. >> now the president said i'm not going to negotiate. well, i'm sorry, it just doesn't work that way. we're not going to ignore
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washington spending problem. we're not going to accept this new normal of a weak economy, no new jobs and shrinking wages. >> the president said he will not negotiate over the debt ceiling, so we're seeing a couple of stal stalemates in washington. this is in the senate hands right now. we could compass pass a bill, t would keep the government running. but it strikes out obamacare. that gets kicked back to the house when things are likely to get a lot more implicated. and richelle, we heard from senate majority leader harry reid, he's concerned about what may happen in the house when the legislation goes over there because we're not seeing any give on behalf of republicans.
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here's what the majority leader of the senate had to say about that. >> if anyone here thinks republicans in the house have a workable plan for a shutdown on monday, tell me about it. i get all kinds of reports from them that they're going to do this, they're going to do that. we'll have to see what they're going to do because right now they don't know. >> that's the leader of the senate democrats saying that overin the house it's really a guessing game, and the deadline is looming. we're looking at monday night to get this resolved. >> libby casey, live in washington. libby, thank you. >> thank you. >> law enforcement agencies around the world are on the look out for the white widow. samantha luthwite or natalie webb, is wanted for planting explosives. we're live from london with much more information on the story. the first question being tell us
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more about the white widow, who is she? >> well, she's 29-year-old woman from about 45 minutes outside of london, suburban london. and she gained that name the white widow because she was married of one of the bombers involved in the 7-7 attacks here in london in 2005 in which a boston of bombers used the transport system for their attacks. she subsequently remarried and to a person of interest to british authorities. they subsequently loved out of great britain and moved to the horn of africa and have interactions with al-shabab, and she has been on the kenyan radar for quite some time.
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not just for recent events. >> do we know for certain that this alert is related to the attack of the mall in kenya? >> that's just it. we don't. the kenyan have made this request to interpoll based on an arrest warrant the kenyans have for a conspiracy uncovered in 2011 to attack a number of tourist spots in kenya. there are a number of other incidents that authorities want to talk to i samantha luthwaite for the aforementioned conspiracy, and 2012 grenade attack at at sports bar i. the timing of this interpoll
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notice is certainly intriguing. >> thank you so much. live from london. negotiations with iran could take a step forward this afternoon. secretary of state john kerry is getting set to meet with their foreign minister. thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> reporter: thank you so much for having me. >> i want to ask you about syria, there are reports of an agreement monday the five members of the security council over a resolution of syria's chemical weapons. what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: i can tell that you we're getting very close, and it's certainly what everyone is focused on here a lot, our ambassador to the u.n. and the secretary has been very engaged in discussions of the security council text. we want to move forward as quickly as possible with the p-5 and then with council as quickly as possible.
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we're getting very close, and hopefully we'll get to a good place in the next few days. >> i'm sure you're not going to be able to answer this, but i'm going to ask it any way. are there key things that the u.s. has had to give up so far? >> reporter: well, it's been a discussion between us and the russians. it's based on what we agreed to in geneva. the resolution needs to be verifiable, binding. we need to hold the syrian regime to account and live up to its obligations. we agreed to the framework of the russians in geneva. it's a process, but i think we're getting close. >> we're seeing reports that rebel groups are abandoning the leadership. can a peace deal be reached under those circumstances. >> reporter: we said that a peace deal is the only durable, feasible solution to the crisis in syria.
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just this afternoon secretary kerry will be meeting with opposition leaders to talk about the way forward in terms of how we can better support them and increasingly support them. obviously we think it's important for the opposition to get stronger, to coalesce. that's why you heard thepresidet announce more humanitarian assistance. >> let's turn to iran. talks with iran have not been held in more than 30 years, an entire generation. what is happening ahead of the meeting this afternoon. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry will be sitting down with the p-5 plus one. this is the start of the crisis. everything will be resolved. any issues will be resolved at this meeting. we think there is an opportunity to resume diplomacy with the
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president of the iran administration. we're focusing more on just words. we're focused on action. but what we're going to be talking about today. you're right. this is a historic event with the iranians and their counterparts. >> what will the obama administration consider a success? >> well look, what we said, broadly speaking, a success is going to be iran not acquiring nuclear weapon. that's the broad policy goal. it has been since the start of our administration. we always said that we were open to negotiation because diplomacy is the preferred way to deal with this crisis. all options are on the table if diplomacy fails but we have an obligation if there is a diplomatic door opening to walk through it and see what is on the other side. that's what we're going to be oh doing in the weeks and months as
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well. >> rouhani mentioned the holocaust. he said this is a massacre that cannot be denied. what do you make of that? >> reporter: well look, we've been clear for a long time that the iranian government needs to see reality when it comes to holocaust. it was a horrific part of history. what we're focused on with the iranian government and with our 3-5 plus one partners is how we can resolve the crisis over iran's nuclear program. that's what we're focused on. that's the policy issue on the table today. that's where we need to see action moving forward. >> do you need assurances? what are the assurances that you need from iran to continue to move forward. >> reporter: that's a great question. we put on the table a proposal. that proposal still stands.
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we've been waiting for a substantive response from the iranian side. we hope under that response that the administration will be forthcoming. they know what they have to do. they know the obligations they have to live up to. this is a start of the process. let's see where it leads. >> can the administration ever picture an one-on-one with rouhani and president obama? the handshake didn't quite happen, but is there something that the administration can ever envision? >> reporter: well, president obama has said it certainly the whole time he has been president, and even as a candidate when he was running that he would be open to direct negotiations with the iranian government. that is still on the table. there are discussions about why a handshake or meeting didn't happen at the u.n. but we're looking forward to the meeting that the secretary kerry will be happening. they are willing to come to the table, and that is even more so
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today. >> thank you for joining us. detroit is in the midst of a massive pension problem. now there is new word on why the city is forced to cut pensions for city workers. gripping films, from the worlds top documentary directors >> this is just the beginning of somthing much bigger... >> this sunday...the premier of "budrus" >> the primary concern of the fronts is security that trumps everything >> how could a wall designed to divide, unite israelis and palestinians al jazeera america presents... "budrus" premiers this sunday night 9 eastern.
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>> welcome back. an ironic twist in detroit's bankruptcy. city workers were overcompensated for years. that may one of the reasons why they're forced to cut their pensions. they were overpaid for decades costing the struggling city billions of dollars. a report of possible fraud in the pension system is expected to be released later today. >> settlement talks between jp morgan chase and the government over the banks role in the 2008 crisis reached the highest lev
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level. attorney general eric holder confirmed today that jp morgan jamie dimon were in talks and confirms a $11 billion payment with $4 billion going to bad securities. shares are on the rise after the struggling jc penny gave a positive outlook for the second half of the year. penney stock has been in a free fall because of fear of a cash crunch. a female big three in front of the auto maker. it's been speculated he'll be replaced by mary bera when he retires. china is relaxes
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long-standing ban on social media but only for shanghai the free trade zone in shanghai. >> reporter: social met y such as facebook, twitter and media outlets such as the new york times have been banned in china since 2009. china maintains very strict controls on information and the flow of information in foreign media outlets have been banned because they're considered politically sensitive. china watched in great interest the political up risings in the middle east and the effect media had on those up rising. they're lifting the bans only in one area, the shanghai free trade zone, a test for china's future economic structure. what it will allow is for foreign companies to come in and tender for telecommunication
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rights and internet access. that that will be competing against state-run institutions. they want these companies to feel at home and for their workers to have access to social media networks that they're used to having outside of the country. the only problem this may cause, of course, is that other regions within china might put their hand up and ask for the same sorts of bans to be lifted. >> nearly a year after hurricane sandy hit, still no place to call home. hundreds of people forced from their homes by the storm. they'll soon be looking for yet another place to stay. ç]emercron
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women's prisons. ç]emercron >> the system is setup to do exactly what it's doing - to break people and to keep them broken. >> house republicans called on the senate to pass their version of the funding bill which also defunds healthcare reform. the senate is debating the bill now. a deal is needed by monday to avoid a government shutdown. secretary of state john kerry
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will sit down with a high level meeting with iran to discuss it's nuclear program. and interpole has issued an alert for the white widow. hundreds of new yorkers forced from their homes by super storm sandy may soon be looking for a new place to stay. nearly one year after the storm 350 people are living in hotels. lawyers for the city argued in court that the housing program needs to end at the end of the month. that's when fema says it will stop reimbursing the city for the hotel stays. >> those families are trying desperately to find permanent housing. they've just been given a housing coupon which will allow them to rent housing in the private market. but as anyone who has tried to rent an apartment in new york city knows that's not happening
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very quickly, and they need time to rent an apartment and find a permanent place to live. these are families who have already been made homeless. we don't need to make them homeless again. >> as the program ends, families can astay at the city's homeless shelter. alaska with thousands of miles of remote coast line are getting three-quarters of it, in one season alone they collected a quarter million pounds of garbage. they call it a slow moving environmental disaster. >> meteorologist: i'm meteorologist nicole mitchell. i hope you're having a great weather out there. let's start with the broad view and really look at how much this country is under the sunshine,
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the fall weather up in the northeast. just a couple of problem shots. the train has been moving out of the south and then our big storm system into the northwest that has been causing in a lot of places the first snow of the season. we're only a few days into fall and we're talking about snow. the system has pulled out of the pacific northwest, into the northern rockies. it's slow moving as it goes along. already by tomorrow the next system will be pushing onshore. oregon, washington starting to get wet once again. a lot of this system has been rain. it's the higher elevations of 5,000 and above that you start seeing that as snow. if you are seeing snow there has been enough moisture. it's been a foot or more and some places could get two feet before everything is said and done, isolated spots as this pulls along because of that. and we hav we have some of the r
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storm warnings and passes have become treacherous. this will move across the country, and we're not going to see as dramatic temperature drops. ahead of this system it's been a southerly flow. look at this anywhere from texas in the 90s all the way through the midsection of the company, minneapolis in the 80s. there has been really warm weather ahead of this system. the system approaches northern parts of the northwest have had fog in the morning. the winds will pick up and that will diminish the fog chances and this will move into region later friday and saturday. the system is already on the move. can you believe there is snow out there? >> wow, thanks, nicole. the u.s. navy has been to
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croatia to look for underwater mines. the dolphins are being used to locate mines left over from the croatian war of independence that ended in 19,995. >> these goll finishes are trained to identify specific sets of objects. they can be taught to identify any number of items that might be of interest. what they'll be doing here in croatia is mapping the sea floor and reporting back all the items of evidence that may be of relevance to the people of croatia. >> a dazzling discovery has found in the french as lps. a metal box with $300,000 worth of jewelry while he was climbing. it was probably from a plane that crashed in 1966. if will hand it over to local authorities, who will then send it back to india.
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you can always go to our website at >> in myanmar, buddhist pagodas stand alongside mosques. followers of both faiths have lived side by side for centuries. but as a military run dictatorship transitions into a free and open nation, religious violence threatens to tear the country apart.


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