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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 26, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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>> hello and welcome to al jazeera. i'm tony harris. these are the top stories that we're following. tackling iran's nuclear program. >> obama: the closer we've gotten to this date, the more irresponsible folks who are opposed to this law have become. >> president obama goes on the offensive against those trying to derail his healthcare reform law. an international alert for the british-born woman known as the white widow.
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>> efforts to find a diplomatic solution to iran's nuclear program could move forward. prime ministers of six nation also sit down with iran's top diplomat one day iran's newly elected leader hassan rouhani said they will never develop weapons. and u.s. and iran has not have an official relationship since 1979, so why does iran matter? it sits between two key countries, iraq and afghanistan, and has influence on both of them. there is iran's nuclear program. the west has accused iran from building a nuclear weapon but iran said it's only interested in generating energy.
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rain is also a main ally of syrian president bashar al-assad. hezbollah, a political party in lebanon considered for a terrorist organization by the u.s. is heavily backed by iran. the group is thought to be more powerful than the lebanese army and has sent fighters into syria to help the assad regime. iran supports hamas in the gaza strip and west bank. israel said that has set back negotiations on the two-state solution. but john terrett joins us at the u.n. where that meet something set to get under way any moment now. john where are we exactly in this process? >> reporter: it's getting under way in fact, in the building
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behind me. when they arrive, the history books will write about this day because there is going to be a meeting between secretary of state john kerry and iran foreign minister. it's all happening in the building behind me and it involves the p-5 plus one. we won't see it on information for a while but they'll do a spray with a camera showing everybody. i expect there will an handshake, and we'll get that recording in an hour or so, then we'll have a read out--in fact, i hear the german foreign minister will give a press conference so we may know about what he said then. anyway, who and what is the p-5 plus germany. here are the p-five. the permanent five members of the united nations security
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council in no particular order we put them up as u.s. russia, china, u.k. france, and germany. they have strong ties, they always have, particularly germany and britain and that's why they're involved with these talks. this is only the first stage, so we'll have to wait and see what happens. nonetheless it is a little moment in history as john kerry sits down with the foreign minister of iran. >> john, the president of iran spoke at the u.n. earlier did nuclear nonproliferation. what did he have to say? >> reporter: now, this is president hassan rouhani. with the op-ed and now today saying that the holocaust was a
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terrible thing that happened to the german people, and then we now know why mr. rouhani is so keen to make a deal, because when he was elected recently by the people of iran he promised to do something like this to ease tensions. he has come over here according to him. a lot of people said good luck when you get over here, better luck when you get back. he's determined to break a deal between washington and tehran. earlier today, in this nonproliferation conference he was talking about nuclear nonproliferation and urging other countries not to have weapons of mass destruction, particular linux. this is not ahmadinejad. he was not having a go at israel, it did not mention israel. but he did say many times that
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countries should roll back nuclear weapons. this was taken to be reference to israeli nuclear capability. >> nuclear weapon states have the primary responsibility for nuclear disarmament. i strongly urge them to comply with this long, overdue legal obligation. the fulfillment of nuclear armament no, not go on any further. >> so the stage has set place for this here in new york. >> john, appreciate it. thank you. time is running out for congress
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to pass a funding bill to avert a passenger government shutdown. that's an area seeming more likely now house republicans say they'll reject a short-term spending plan expected to pass the senate. let's go to mike viqueira, look, mike t doesn't look like there is a lot of room for compromise here. are we still looking at a possible compromise? >> they're talking past each other. they're not even talking in the same general direction where they're each standing. the republicans and democrats, having said that we've seen this movie before and sometimes there is a surprise twist. a lot of it we're seeing in the last several days and it's pre-positioning of the politics on this. the real crunch day is going to be monday. as it stands right now, john boehner, the republican speaker of the house, of course, says when the senate sends back that spending bill to keep its
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government over pas open past o1 without obamacare he is not going to take that up. that puts it in a very difficult situation. in fact,'s doubling down on raising the debt ceiling in october as well. they're adding riders a one-year delay in the individual mandate. approval of the keystone pipeline that led press secretary to crack: here's what he had to say about the proceedings earlier today. >> the president said i'm not going to negotiate. well, i'm sorry. just doesn't work that way. we're not going to ignore washington's spending problem. we're not going to accept this new normal of weak economy, no new jobs and shrinking wages. >> so we are here in the senate where they are still deliberating over that spending bill. the one that senator ted cruz had the 21-hour talk-a-thon
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over. >> let's leave it there for now. there is still plenty to talk to it, and we'll get to it in the days and hours ahead. mike viqueira for us on capitol hill. age international alert for the so-called wide white widow, samantha lewthwaite the latest charges come from kenya. >> there is not that much information about is a man contra-lewthwaite, her age, her alias, natalie webb. and she conspired to commit. >> we have two or three americans, and one brit.
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>> a british. born woman. >> she has done this many times before. >> she knows violence firsthand. she is the widow of jermaine lindsay, condemning her actions husband she married again, then disappeared with her new husband and three children. but in august she is named as a suspect in the grenade attack in a bar in mubasa. she has denied involvement in the operations although security analysts say her links to al is a babb are well-known. >> she won't be acting alone. she'll been in nairobi and on the ground in u.k. and traveling between those two countries. >> al-shabab's recruitment of young people in the u.k. is a growing problem.
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>> they're trying to wage war. trying to wage war against the west. they're getting their sons and daughters to join them. >> interpoll said the red alert is that they have activated a local tripwire for samantha lewthwaite and 190 countries will be looking for her. investigators say the assailants rented a shop inside the mall for three months leading up to the rampage, stored weapons and used the space to plan the siege. the attack left 60 people dead and officials are working on why the three parking levels ocollapsed.
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in iraq several killed and more than 80 others injured. more than 4,000 people have been killed in violence during the past few months. connecticut prosecutors say they will appeal an order to release recordings of the 911 calls of the sandy hook elementary shootings. they were refusing to release it because they were part of the a criminal investigation. but now freedom of information has ordered the release. 26, mostly children, were killed in the rampage. two fires wer rockets were . 350 people were killed in the earthquake that hit the
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country's southwest coast, and it earthquake created an island. it's declared off limits because it is still emitting dangerous gasses. >> meteorologist: good afternoon, i'm meteorologist dave warren with a look at the weather. we're looking at the storm out west. these are some different colors in the satellite and radar, it is winter weather. it is a large storm in canada and one developing east of the rockies. not heavy mix of rain or snow, but it is cold you have that the radar is picking up a mix of precipitation. here is an advisory of winter weather advisories. very cold winter weather developing out west. that's really where it will be staying in the next few days. in canada we have another developing east of the rockies.
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that will slow everything down. that holds the weather and cold air stays out west. here's the storm. as the cold air comes down north, we're getting warm air from the south. temperatures will come into the midwest and bring rain and warmer weather. we're tracking it all and we'll have a complete national weather coming up. >> those hit by the super storm sandy many are still looking for a new place to live. city attorneys say when the program ends evacuees without living arrangements can go to the city's homeless shelters. and the teacher convicted in
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a teenagers rape only received 30 days behind bars. hard-hitting debate and desenting views and always explore issues relevant to you. >> obama administration officials said they need to enrol 2.7 u.s. redents between the ages of 18 and 35 in exchange plans to balance risks and hold down costs. will they enrol come 1 october - should they pay the face. >> joining me now is jen mishory, deputy director of young invincibles, she's in washington d.c. and yevgeniy feyman, a research assistant at the manhattan institute. thank you for being with us. i want to start with you yevgeniy feyman. the young people are crucial to the success of obamacare. >> absolutely.
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they'll balance out the risk pool, they'll keep premiums that need the insurance, and the administration is reaching out to them. >> jen, the young invincibles are in the 18-34 group.
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>> just days after brazil's president blasted the u.s. on its spying techniques, leading lawmakers are taking up the issue and changes could be coming the way u.s. government monitors its citizens and potentially foreign governments. kimberly joins us live. what is coming out of the hearing. >> reporter: there may be changes that americans don't like. the senate intelligence committee looking at nsa monitoring program, one that was exposed over the summer by edward snowden, the normal nsa contractor who leaked intelligence documents to a british newspaper. there has been an enormous outcry about the monitoring and collecting vasts amounts of phone and internet data on
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ordinary americans. there has been discussion whether or not this program needs to be curtailed but the testimony has been coming out of this hearing has been going on in capitol hill just the opposite. not only did dianne feinstein say that this program is legal, necessary, and as been conducted with proper oversight but that the powers of the nsa should be expanded in the case that nsa were to identify foreign targets if that target comes to the united states. currently the monitoring has to start. the argument they made wa was tt that needs to be permitted. there has been backlash to the program, the argument being made that the programs should be more vast than they already arrest. >> wow, the government has been criticized for months since it came out that the nsa was
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surveilling americans. why is this coming out now? >> congress was in recess, that did put a halt to some of the hearings. the reason this has picked up now is that members of congress are getting an ear fail from their constituents saying we don't like this program, we don't understand it, and we don't trust it because direct of intelligence james clapper put the blame on edward know den bud en,but you and me, the media, saying the nsa, in fact, is only spying on people for valid foreign intelligence purposes so the ordinary american shouldn't be concerned. >> yes, you and me, the media, we're used to be being the whipping boy for this. a bill of sober news for anyone looking to get a home
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mortgage. research from the on line database zillow found that three in ten people aren't qualified and less than 620 credited score can't even get a quote. joining us is a senior mortgage analyst at bank a full third, a third of americans have credit scores of 620 or less. if they can't get mortgages, what will that mean for the housing recovery? >> i don't think it will mean much. about a third of people that have had credit scores for 620 for a long time. they're renters, maybe they live in which are parents. that kind of thing. people with credit scores below
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620 are not in a position to own a home. they're probably having a lot problem paying bills on time. maybe they've blown off debt and racking up ever increasing credit card debt. >> is it those people with credit score in that range who actually were getting loans ahead of the financial crash? is that part of the problem? part of the reason why we ended up having a bit of that meltdown in 2008? >> indeed, that was a big part of the problem. subprime lenders that was their market, people with credit scores below 620. usually you stay above 500 or so, but a lot of those people got loans. they had bad credit. they didn't put down payments on their houses.
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they got crazy adjustable mortgages. >> are we going back to the old days of lending, and is that good or bad? >> we went back to the old days of lending in 2008, i think that's a good thing. i think you're going to see credit standards loosen a little bit. just a little bit. down payment requirements just a little bit less. when you see that continue to happen, but i don't think people will ever go crazy. mortgage rates have gone up. so there are fewer people refinancing, so the banks are looking for people to lend to. they're saying we've got to find home buyers. >> holden lewis is senior mortgage analyst at bank since the housing crisis
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began a number of new renters has increased to 68% over all. homeownership rates are at a 17.5 year low. and the once reliable generation of young first-time home buyers is now buying less and renting more. we have more on that side of the story. >> reporter: 32-year-old dreams one day of owning a home. >> i just don't have the savings or the salary to take that plunge. >> reporter: she works at the new jersey federal public investigators office. she has been warned with the looming threat of sequesters she could be laid off any time. >> it would not be smart to buy right now. i can't even see the day it will be smart. >> reporter: one of a growing number of the growing millennia choosing to rent instead buying. >> this is an economic challenged generation.
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>> reporter: since the housing crisis, the age 18 to 4 showed the steepest deline in homeownership. one of the reasons, student loan debt. >> that makes it difficult to take on a second debt load in the mormo form of mortgage. >> reporter: those getting mortgage has dropped from 17% to 9%. >> it's much harder than it was then. >> during the housing bubble credit was so loose, interest rates were so low we created these toxic financial products. >> reporter: the average down payment was 20%. at the height of the housing boom that average dropped to 4% or less. >> reporter: the vast majority of john renters say they want to
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own some day. >> reporter: but for millennials like shawn, buying a home is not a goal. for him rent something a lifestyle choice. >> i choose to rent for the flexibility, the mobility of getting to live in different places and areas in the city. possibly move to go another city or even outside of the country. >> reporter: shawn owns his own concert promotions company in philadelphia. for him buying a house seems like a risky financial decision. >> i see buying a house questionable at this point in my life. right now i'm invested in four businesses. i chose to put my money in businesses rather than real estate or a house. >> right now i'm saving for survival, and that does not include a mortgage. >> reporter: al jazeera. >> you see patricias full report with ali velshi right here. and ironic twist in detroit's bankruptcy. city workers were overwhen
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stated. that's one of the reasons why the city may be forced to cut their pensions. they wereover paid for decades, an report examining the possible fraud in the pension system is expected to be released later today. >> owner general eric holder confirms he held discussions with jp morgan chase ceo jamie dimon this morning. the bank is negotiating an estimate payment regarding its actions during the 2008 financial crisis. toyota is ramping up production of cars made in america for export. the carmaker said it will produce 7500 corollas in its mississippi plant starting next april. those cars will be sold in latin
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america and caribbean. they increased their exports to 45% since 2012. the rising value of the yen made it more expensive to ship cars from japan. ross is here with the sports headlines and a big announcement from the baseball commissioner. >> yes, bu bud selig decided toy aloha. he took over on a permanent basis in 98, and now under his watch the league skyrocketed to a 9 billion-dollar industry, he's willing known for overseeing the steroid era of baseball. on the field the tigers are living large because detroit with their third straight final after beating minnesota. struck out ten for league
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leading 21st victory. as for the new york yankees they can start booking their vacation plans because they were eliminated for the second time in the last 19 season. and the home finale might be the last time that yankee fancy robinson cano in pinstripes. and he wants $305 million deal over ten years. which is the same as a-rod's record-setting deal. that's a lot of coins. >> and vaso's company is negotiating that deal. ross, thank you. texas governor rick perry says it's medicaid program is broken. obamacare will expand it, and patients are now expected to fall through the cracks.
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that's all i have an real money. victoria azarenko
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>> welcome back to al jazeera. tony harris in new york. here are some of the stories we're following this hour. foreign ministers from six nations are sitting down with iran's top diplomat at the
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united nations. the ministers are discussing iran's nuclear program. just yesterday iran's newly elected president hassan rouhani said that iran will never develop nuclear weapons. and republicans say they'll reject any short-term spending plan. house speaker john boehner said he won't support a bill that doesn't include defunding of president obama health reform law. and interpol is looking for a woman anyone as wide widow. kenya has issued those alerts. calls for expansion of you medicine said. 22 states have opted out of that
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expansion including texas where 25% of the population is uninsured. that means a million people living under the poverty line may not benefit. heidi zhou castro has more. >> reporter: a cancer survivor living in poverty. she lost her job last year. now at 60 making $10,000 a year and getting b by by odd jobs and taking care of her landlord's animals. she's doing her best to ward off the uterine cancer that's been in remission for ten years. she nos knows she can't afford treatment. >> if it were to return or if i devil another cancer i will just have to let it take me out. >> reporter: the affordable care act helps people under the
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poverty line, but the supreme court said states could ignore the federal mandate without penalty. texas is one of 22 states doing just that. >> the medicaid program is broken. it's already costing states tremendous amounts of money. >> reporter: governor rick perry is instead asking the federal government for a no strings attached grant to reform medicaid as texas sees fit without expanding coverage. the situation has forced some communities to be proactive. >> our goal is not to wait for the federal government or for help to come but to invest in local solutions. >> reporter: voters in travis county, for example, approved using revenue from property taxes to run clinics for people who are low income and uninsured. but to qualify for help, patients must live within the urban tax district. people in rural counties like paula, are left to fend for
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themselves. >> i'm 06 year 60 years old, son that gap between everything. >> reporter: paula knows she will have to make it until her 61st birthday. that's when medicare kicks in. until then she'll just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other. heidi zhou castro. al jazeera, texas. >> richard scheffler, a professor of public health at uc berkeley, and joins us from the berkeley campus. professor, good to talk to you. thanks for your time. >> thank you very much. >> let's do this. let's do a frequently asked question segment here. are you game to play along here? >> um, i hope i get some of them right. there are a lot of parts to this bill. >> here are the questions that we see a lot. i'm on medicare. do i have to buy something? what is the answer to that question? >> you don't have to do
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anything. medicare stays as it is. >> okay, i'm insured. do i have to buy insurance or pay a penalty? >> depends on some circumstances, but for most people you are mandated to buy insurance. there are some exceptions but for most. the penalty for first year would be pretty small. more or less $100. then it goes up over time. >> are there going to be enough doctors with all of these new people getting insurance? >> this is a huge problem because as you pointed out with people having insurance now, they have access to medical care that they didn't before. we are concerned about the supply of doctors, particularly in less urban areas, and especially primary care doctors. first contact doctors where patients go when they need help.
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we are anticipating some major shortages in various parts of the country. >> let's see here. i have insurance now through a large employer. why should i care about this law? >> well, right now it wouldn't affect you in the short run, but the insurance pools are all connected to each other. those through the exchanges and others. they are connected. there is some concern that you're insurance rates in the future might be affected by the implementation of obamacare. >> gotcha. >> also, it's also possible that your employer--some employers are still covering your spouse or significant other or partner or children, and it's possible that they may be dropping that coverage. the only option for you to cover
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them might be, in fact, to do something through the exchange. it does have some affects for some people. >> i'm a manager of a small company with six full-time employees and five part-timers. what is our company required to do for our employees under this new law? >> one to 50 employees you don't have to participate in the law. five and five part timers is not even close to 50. there is an exception for small businesses. >> are you concerned at all as to below whether or not the exchanges will be up, operating, the help lines are functioning, in time for the roll out on october 1st? >> i am. i'm from california here in berkeley, near san francisco, and california has done an amazingly good job putting the exchanges together. they've worked hard, and if it
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doesn't work, there will be problems in other parts of the country. we think it's going to be good, but it's complicated. it's on a website. we all use computers. sometimes an exchange is pretty much like buying an airline ticket. you decide where you want to go. you look at the various options for price, travel, and buying health insurance has some analogies to that. we know how complicated buying an airline ticket can be particularly if you haven't done it before. so the exchange first does the hardware work, is it wired, and can people navigate this and understand how to use the web page? i think there are some questions along that line about what is going to happen. >> boy, all right, trap in, hang on. richard scheffler is professor of public health and policy at uc-berkeley. professor, great to talk to you. we want to take a moment and
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give you an update on one of our top stories. foreign ministers from six nations are now sitting down with iran's top diplomat at the united nations. you see him there. the ministers are discussing iran's nuclear program. just yesterday iran's newly elected president hassan rouhani said that his country will never develop nuclear weapons. there you have it. the video we promised you. a stamp may go up to $0.49. the u.s. posa postal services ws to raise the price of a stamp because of financial shortfall. they testified of major reforms, the post office lost more than $16 billion last year and is expected to lose another $6 billion this year. china is relaxing a long-standing ban on social media but only for the shanghai
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free trade zone. we have more now from hong kong. >> social networks such as facebook, twitter and media outlets like "the new york times" have been banned from china. they maintain strict control on information and media outlets have been banned because they're considered politically sensitive. china watches with great interest the up rising of the middle east and the affect that social network had on those social up risings. but this morning in the post china is considering lifting those bans but only in one particular area, the shanghai free trade zone. that's a trade zone that is a test for china's future income structure. it what it will allow is for companies to come in for telecommunication rates and it
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will compete with state run organizations. they want these companies to feel at home and their workers to have access to the social and media network that they're used to having access to outside of the country. the only problem this may cause, of course, is that other regions within china might put their hand up and ask for the same sort of ban to be lifted. >> the countdown to the 2014 winter olympic games is on and the countdowthe count down comed athlete concerns. linger
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>> a convicted rapist walked free today from a montana state prison. stacey rambold served a 30-day sentence for raping a 14-year-old girl in 2007. he has been registered as a low-risk level one sex offender and he'll remain on appropriatioprobationuntil 2028. organizers are predicting the sochi olympics to be, quote a fabulous experience. ioc wrapped up their final visit to russia and their reports praised the host country effort and made no mention of what critics call laws that are
4:45 pm
anti-gay. >> reporter: north the weather nor on going civil rights have dampened the ioc inspectors' final assessment. >> reporter: we visited all olympic facilities in the valley and some on the mountains and our conclusion is quite definite. this is impressive. much of the city still looks like an enormous building site with unfinished hotels and debris from construction scatter across the coast. the games will go ahead, and on the subject of civil liberty, it was intested that it was not the ioc's role to intervene. >> as long olympics athletes are respected, we are satisfied, and this is the case. >> reporter: the sochi games will get under way. the stage is set not just for
4:46 pm
athletic excellence, but also for intelligently going political protests. on wednesday while the ioc delegation was still touring sochi, ten guy rights campaigners were arrested. they were demonstrating against a new iran law which prohibits propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations to minors. allawi the campaigner says is being used as an excuse to ban all gay rights demonstrations. nicolai was among those arrested and later freed. he's urging athletes and spectators not to boycott sochi but to come and lend your support. >> you can do this by unveiling the rainbow flag or during the medal ceremonies or competitions where sports memen can wear ther pins related to the gay community.
4:47 pm
so on. this can be very embarrassing for the iran authorities. >> reporter: russian and ioc officials say athletes and spectators will not be affected by the so-called gay propaganda law. but aside from urging athletes not to make political gestures the ioc has not clarified what penalty might be imposed on an athlete who ignores that instruction. in four months' time we might find out. >> process iross is here for oun sports. and it's bye-bye bud. >> reporter: yes, bud selig has talked about retirement, back to 1992. but he'll call it a severe after the 2014 season. he became the acting commission, and took it on a permanent basis in 1998. it has skyrocketed into a
4:48 pm
billion dollars industry, and for his efforts the commissioner gets paid $22 million a year. there are some black marks under sealing, thselig. let's check in with our college insider graham watson who joins us live from denver. let's start with number six, lsu strapping it up against number nine, georgia. between the hedges big storyline. zach meteburger heading back to georgia. >> this is a lot of offense. georgia has proven they don't like to play defense but they like to put up points. matt meteburger has run. this is a lot of fence and little defense and it will come down to the end. i really like georgia in this
4:49 pm
match up because they've got a little more experience and a few more play makers but it's definitely going to be a really good game. >> graham, notre dame they're looking to getting another beating up from oklahoma. oklahoma will look for their revenge. they had have made it two, can they make it three? >> no, they're not going to be able to beat oklahoma. this is a far different oklahoma team than the past two years. the new quarterback at oklahoma proves that he's just not just a running quarterback. he's a thrower and through for over 400 yards against tulsa a few weeks ago. defensively they're good, but offensively they've struggled and they can't keep up. they keep their defense off the field. oklahoma is going to blow them out, i think. >> as for the number one team in the country. alabama hosting ole miss. they have not looked very sharp
4:50 pm
on offense. is this the upset special of the week? >> yes, and quite frankly alabama has not looked sharp on defense either. ole miss is talking all sorts of trash about how their offense is better than texas a&mand their receivers are better than texas a&m. if that's true they're going light alabama up, especially in the secondary. i don't know what alabama offense is going to show up. it's only shown up against a&m so far this year. other games it's been totally non-existent. if they don't show up this game, ole miss is going to have their way with them. >> the showdown, you have wisconsin traveling to ohio state. what's going on with the buckeyes quarterback situation. >> it's very unique. braxton miller will start and we're just learning more about kenny guy ton. he has been the backup there for a long time, and there is a reason that he's been the back up because braxton miller
4:51 pm
is the gert quarterback. knowing that kenny guyton ca gun there. i think we'll see him do different place and be seen with braxton miller. i think this gives ohio state a different option that they didn't know they had at the beginning of year. >> graham watt on i watson, she. oklahoma and i agree with graham. >> whoa, whoa, whoa, i'll take a bees opiece of that action. a global effort to extend the tied of global climate change and president obama's work to prevent clim climate change in e u.s. desenting views and always explore issues relevant to you.
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>> the world's leading climate scientists are meeting this week to finalize a report on climate change. here in the united states president obama is trying to secure a solid energy plan in the face of political opposition. the question is what has he done?
4:54 pm
al jazeera's robert gray has the report. >> reporter: a year into president obama's second term his energy policy goes like this. ramp up natural gas and ramp down coal and develop an energy plan to reduce emissions from vehicle and power plants. one that obama says will spur the economy and helped the world's climate. but since he took office his energy ideas are too expensive and job destroyers. obama is uncompromising especially with his unwillingness to commit to the keystone pipeline. >> many republicans believe that climate change is not real or it's that it's a serious problem. >> reporter: he says that politics has derailed much of the president's climate proposal. >> in the first term his most significant action was putting forward fuel economy standards for cars and trucks. >> reporter: that will cut vehicle emissions 20% nationwi
4:55 pm
nationwide, but... >> the obama administration has increased fuel efficiency for cars but that makes cars more expensive. >> reporter: but the biggest source of carbon emissions in the u.s. cannot be blamed on vehicles. electricity production is the culprit. 40% of the carbon pollution in america comes from plants like this one behind me. there is no federal regulation that says how much carbon can be released in the air. that's what the president is looking to change. >> i'm directing to put an end to the limitless dumping of carbon pollution from our power plants and compete standards for new and existing power plants. >> reporter: the president by passed congress completely with that order to the epa. the rules install expensive technology to capture dioxide. they're just starting to do that. predictbly it's expensive. >> the american people will pay more for their energy, and in
4:56 pm
the future. well, that's just how it is. >> reporter: the white house expects both legal and political challenges. >> are there are too many in the republican party right now who think that the environmental protection agency has no business protecting our environment from carbon pollution. >> reporter: tomorrow in stockholm the u.s.' panel on climate change recognized as the leader on global environment will release a new report that is expected to further prove the world is warming because of carbon emissions. the findings could help president obama in his quest to regulate greenhouse gas emissions here in the united states. al jazeera, new york. >> on friday we'll take to you palm beach, florida, where people have been working to save their shore lines for decades. let's update you on the breaking news, foreign ministers are sitting down and discussing
4:57 pm
iran's nuclear program. just yesterday iran's newly elected president had a ran rouhani said that iran will never develop nuclear weapons. debris swept out of the seea and sweeps up on alaska's beaches, they get three-quarters of it. they elected a quarter million pounds of garbage they call the tsunami trash, a slow moving environmental disaster. >> meteorologist: i'm meteorologist dave warren. we're tracking a big storm out west. this is having a big impact on not only the weather out west with the cold air and snow but its pulling warm air up head of it. the storm is centered over montana and idaho. the blue is the snow and pink is
4:58 pm
a mix, and we're seeing snow coming down, not really coating the roadways but this is from lost trail pass, the border between montana and idaho and you can see the snow coming down there. we have cold care oning through the western united states and we have the pictures to prove it. there is the cold air and there is the storm if up in canada bringing cold air across idaho, montana and into colorado. ahead of it we have warm air coming up from the south. temperatures are soaring in the 80s ahead of this storm which will slowly begin to move west to east because of the low pressure area moving along that front. that slows everything down. the temperatures have climbed a few degrees in minneapolis, fargo, but look how quickly is drops in north and south dakota. that's where the front is, 80s to 60s, big changes in temperatures, and that will slowly begin to work its way from west to east over the next few days. what to expect. maybe a few showers and thunderstorms will try to slowly move east across north dakota.
4:59 pm
minneapolis could see an isolated thunderstorm with temperatures 84 and dropping. there's the front moving through, mid 70s sunday, monday, tuesday, and dries out once the rain clears out. not much happening in the northeast. temperatures will start to warm up just a few degrees each day. there is light rain across the southeast now just a few isolated showers but over all dry weather in the mid-atlantic states 71, 72, 73. there are the temperatures creeping up. it will be dry next week and we're inned mit in mid 70s in te mid-atlantic states in the northeast. some signs of development, but this does not look all that organized right now. we'll have a look at the headlines coming up next.
5:00 pm
welcome to al jazeera, i'm tony harris in new york, here are some of the stories we are following. foreign ministers from six nations have just arrived at the united nations to meet with iran's top diplomat. just yesterday iran's newly elected president said his country will never develop nuclear weapons. there isn't much time left for congress to pass a funding order to avoid a partial government shut down. house speaker john boehner says he won't support a bill that doesn't include defunding president obs


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