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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 27, 2013 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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>> trying to break the deadlock or at that rain's nuclear program. deposidiplomats hold the first s in decades. >> i amii am elizabeth. destroying syria's chemical weapons. the security council agrees on a draft ke resolution, mourning at the mall. families wait on the bodies of loved ones killed during the that robey siege. and understanding the pain of
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annal shabaanal that lob aal-shabab attack, we report. iran's foreign minister says he's looking to break the deadlock on the long-running nuclear dispute within a year. the prospect of the settlement came after the highest level meeting between the united states and iran. since its revolution in 1979. iran and six world powers have also held talks at the united nations kristen reports from new york. >> reporter: it was perhaps the most high will be anticipated entrance at this year's general assembly. iranian foreign minister mohamed joined the permanent five members of the security council and germany hoping to end years of deadlock and sour relations,
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john kerry made it the highest level meeting between those two countries in decades. european union's foreign policy chief katherine ashton described the talks at substantive. >> having the foreign minister of iran come and openly talk changed the dynamic. all had an opportunity to put their point of view and the atmosphere was a very positive one. >> reporter: the group discussed an ambitious timetable to reach an agreement over iran's controversial nuclear program. ashton said she would like to see proof that iran is not working toward a nuclear weapon within a year. the iranians said they would like to move even faster and he eliminate the sanctions that have crippled their economy. >> we believe that sanctions are counselor productivcounter prodn to not being founded in international law, as we move forward there has to be removal the sanctions in the end game
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there has to be a total lifting of al all sanctions. u.n. sanctions and all sanctions whole to move in that direction within a short santiago span of immaterial. >> reporter: they both describe the meeting as positive, did you kerry remained cautious. >> we have agreed to try to continue the process that will try to make concrete and find away to answer the questions that people have about iran's nuclear program. needless to say, one meeting, and a change in tone, which was welcome, doesn't answer those questions yet. and there is a lot of work to be done. >> reporter: the group meets again in geneva on october 15th. the last deal they offered iran remains on the table scaling back enrichment activities in
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exchange for some relief from sanctions. they say it's now up to the new iranian government to respond. al jazerra, the united nations. >> national security analyst at stanford law school in the u.s. he says iran's new president had promised to fix the economy and that means getting sanctions lifted. >> part of iran's economic ailments aside from mismanagement domestically, are directly due to economic sanctions on its banking sector, oil production, so in order to make sure that the iranian economy with k* someho can somed to take a fresh breath this he have to cooperate with the international community to lift the sanctions. but they have to make sure that they address western concerns and western concerns about enrichment, weapon saying, all of these matters will be on the table and it's up to the iranian delegation to meet the demands
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of the international community. >> there has also been a breakthrough on sear i can't remember the security council could vote later on friday after agreeing on a draft resolution on damascus' chemical weapons helping enforce the joint u.s.-russia plan to have the stockpile handed over and destroyed. our deposit matic he had core james bays is at the united nations. >> reporter: it's taken days but now the five mechanics of the security council have come up with the draft and shown it to the other 10 members of the security counsel. it doesn't threaten force, it threatens another resolution which would threaten the use of force. the problem with that, of course, is that if there was that second resolution it could always be vetoed by the chinese and russians, next step things move from here in new york to the hague. the organization for the
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prohibition of chemical weapons, they are the people going in to syria, they've got to then decide that they are happy with everything and things then could move back here to new york by as early as friday afternoon for a vote on this draft resolution. i understand that some foreign ministers are staying here in new york, the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov is certainly staying, he wants to be around the security council table when a vote is taken. >> now, somalia's president has condemned the attack on a kenyan mall and called for more help to help fight al that lob. they describe them as a regional threat that must be fought politically and economicall eco. in a moment we'll have more from our jones erre kroepbt erred cog leasmogadishu.what is the latese operation in the mall?
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>> reporter: well, very frustrating because we are very close to the west gate mall that we haven't yet manage today get in, because what the kenyans are telling sus that they are still carrying out forensic examinations looking at dna evidence, fingerprinting, plastic clues and working their way up from the top of west gate, floor by floor, down to the bottom where that rubble is. and that eventually once they secured the building hope to go get under the rubble and discover what is under there, whether there is still more bodies, civilians who are inside or whether there are more bodies of the fighters who took part in the siege, as well. at the same time, the newspapers here and the media are filled with this international hunt for the white widow. now, an international arrest war end by interpol has been issued,
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the kenyans want to question her not about what happened here, there is no evidence she is connected at the time but about an indent on the kenyan coast two years ago, she has been on the run since then, it's believed that she crossed over in to somalia. there is a lot of speculation, report from eyewitnesses that perhaps there was a woman that was similar to her inside the shopping mall, but i say there is absolutely no evidence at the moment that she was connected to this. >> meanwhile, the operation inside the shopping mall, it sounds like that's very much you mentioned interpol there, but the operation itself sounds very international itself in terms of the other countries that kenyan authorities are getting assistance from. >> reporter: yeah, we understand that the kenyans are being assisted by the americans in particular the fbi have sent agents here as well. thathey are particularly
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interested? what happened here because of all the lessons to be learned for back home in the u.s. also the israelis have been helping and british forensic officials have been on the ground as well. i think what they are trying to establish is what happens during those -- that siege, but also one of the important questions and what everybody is asking here is what has happened to the missing people? it's believed now the numbers have lowered it was believed to be about 71 people missing accord to this kenyan red cross, what we are hearing today is there are still 61, around 61 people who are still missing. whether they are still there, their bodies are trapped inside. whether they are actually in a hospital unconscious, it's difficult to say. it's difficult to know. and also there are increasing reports that some of those fighters managed to get away. they manage today escape through the tums underneath west gate, that is a priority for the kenyan military, for the kenyan
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police to find out how many militant or fighters there were inside and whether they are dead or still missing or on the run or whether they manage today get out of kenya. >> thanks so much. that is our correspondent in nairobi. breads hra*ets go to weather who is in mogadishu. he sent us this report on al-shabab victims there. >> reporter: hassan understands the pain of the al-shabab attack. in one bombing earlier this year, he lost his restaurant, two staff and, his nephew. his daughter died in another. the blast that took his business was aimed at a passing government official. a suicide bomb had detonated the pollutioexplosions in the car oe the restaurants. he has heard the explanations for al show bac al-shabab's att.
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>> what did we do to deserve being punished? >> reporter: mogadishu's mayor had had plenty of experience with al-shabab. he showed me the concrete barriers around their office that they hope will fend off would-been assassins, their toughest job is learning how to fight the right war. >> it's a wil [inaudible] war. >> reporter: it's not a government war. >> we need qualified well trained intelligence. we don't have that. we don't have 245679 sympathy for the wick vic times of the west gate attack runs deep here. don't have to go far. take the hundreds of thousands of people, for example, who say they were forced to run from their homes by the movements draconian policies. in the shade of the city's
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ruined cathedral the animals wait for their food. the family fled a year and a half ago during the last draught after al-shabab refuse today let aid agencies in. the experience of the movement the west gate attack still came as a shock. >> i feel really bad for them. expect it here because we don't have a good government to protect us, but there they have a proper government. i never thought it would happen to them. >> reporter: and so this city more than a thousand kilometers from west gate feels nairobi's pain. but it has also learned difficult lessons that the mayor believes kenya would do well to heed. >> hundreds of sued knees soldiersued kneessoldiers have e rice of gas prices. fishermen in northern canada are enjoying bigger catches than ever before.
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faultlines investigates the epidemic of overcrowding in women's prisons. >> the system is setup to do exactly what it's doing - to break people and to keep them broken. >> good to have you with us, these are the top stories on al jazerra. iran's foreign minister says he's looking to break the deadlock on a long-running nuclear dispute within a year, the prospect of a settlement came after the high left level meeting between the united states and iran since its revolution in 1979. and also at the united nations there has been progress on syria. the u.n. security council could vote later on friday after agreeing on a draft resolution on syria's chemical weapons.
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and somalia's president has condemned the shopping mall attack in his speech at the u.n. they called for more help to combat al show bob fighters and extra african union troops in somalia. the army is bracing for more test on his friday after days of rioting over a hike in fuel prizes hundreds of soldiers have been sent to the capital. harriet martin reports. >> reporter: angry protesters accompany the coffin i've student shot dead on wednesday during violent protests against the removal of fuel subsidies. they shout that they want to overthrow the government. this man shows bullets he says were fired by security forces. elsewhere, the streets appeared calm as people stayed away from work and schools remained close, long lines for petrol, fear of shortages came after many stations had been torched during
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violent protests being internet has been restored after a blake on the preventing them from organizing through social media cars were burned and buildings torched which were more violent than similar protests last year. the government did not con testimony the protests themselves but did condemn the level of violence involved. >> we don't fear or feel embarrassed by these protests, it is understand all and be respected. we can con testimony protests that damage property and individuals and their rights. >> reporter: the government says it can no longer afford to offer cheap fuel. sudan is desperately short of cash after its economy lost 70% of its oil income which south sudan became independent two years ago. but some say lifting fuel subsidies will lead to higher bus fairs and food prizes which people here feel they can no longer afford. they say they have been struggling with rising prices for months now. because of the high inflation
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rate. which, o according to some analysts remain as high as 50%. the leader of the opposition party is calling for peace of the protest space generas and a. >> our party has laid out our vision for this new system. a vision for a new constitution, a comprehensive and just peace and how to achieve this. mobilization, sit ins and civil protests lead to go a general strike. >> reporter: the government was clearly prepared for these demonstrations, and there is currently a high security presence on the streets. in contrast, sudan's opposition party have a reputation for being disorganized and poorly led. so while more demonstrations are expected in the coming days, it's not clear where they are headed. harriet martin, al jazerra, car >> they welcome protests but con testimony violence. >> this demonstrations turn out
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to be some sort of terror us ticusticksort terror us tickactt the government. turning cars of the people and some of the areas that belong to the government and the pimas well. and it is not at all a demonstration, it's a sort of chaos. everybody can ex-experience that, some sort of demonstration something like that. and from the very beginning demonstrations start, we wouldn't interfere violently and we would let them do that themselves. how do you know that some people are not organizing guns starting to do that. they are not actually doing demonstrations, just let us know
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anything but gust just attackie people attacking the bands attacking the supermarkets, attacking the gas stations and actually this is creating some sort of horror to the people and the people are all innocent. >> emergency workers in pakistan say earthquake survivors are in desperate need of food, water and medicine. 359 people are confirmed killed 765 are injured and thousands are homeless. our correspond end is live for us. in the district that was the end certainty of ththeepicenter of . what's the latest situation on the ground there? >> reporter: we have been able to travel with the military convoy heading in to the
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interior. it is a distance of about 30 to 40-kilometers but it has taken us over three hours. and that is because of the battered roads and the fact that this is an insurgency hit district, there have been a number of attacks. the military is moving in full combat gear, they are also carrying relief supplies and taking so much time because of the logistical nightmares, here distance is not measured in the kilometers, but more in the hours it takes to travel those kilometers. so it is proving tonight an extremely difficult challenge because this is a very large province. it's the largest province in the country and getting those essentials to where an they are needed most is the biggest factor. today we will be visiting where the distribution is likely to take place, but this is several
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days after the earthquake and shows you the lodge u logistical nightmare of prayedin of operats providence. >> are there more aid still struggle to go reach the remote region? and also why would separatist groups, militant groups attack a convoy that is trying to help the people of this area? >> reporter: well, so far they haven't carried out any attack on the convoys, but the threat still remains because these people are fighting for what they say is an independent homeland. there are armed groupings, they have sophisticated weapons with them. and because they control certain stretches of territory, it is very difficult for ordinary aid groups or foreigners to come in to the province and then be able
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to move around and get that assistance where it is needed most. this particular operation is going to be extremely complicated, because of those factors, and of course, it's taking quite a bit of time to move all the supplies from point "a" to point "b." we have been told in certain areas no help has arrived. we have seen helicopters every now and then but as i mentioned this is a very large area and time may be running out because right now it's extremely hot in the daytime, people are -- do not have water, they have lost their property, so it's going to be quite a challenge for these people to survive. having said all that, one must remember these are very proud people. and also very tough people, so even though the challenges are great, so far the people it appears are able to withstand all of those challenges. >> thank you for that update. with the latest out of pakistan.
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now, jewish visitors to islam's third holiest site have promoted riots and rocks by palestinians, pete are reports from jerusalem. >> reporter: just after sunrise the faithful gather at the western wall. it's the end of the festival. one of the holiest weeks in the jewish calendar. thousands of jews from all over the world have poured in to jerusalem for the holiday but not just head for thi heading fr heading for the mosque that joins the wall. it is the third most sacred site and the presence of the rei think us right wing under the protection of a huge israeli security operation mobilize mobd ensure that i safety is a gross. >> this is just their way of aggravating the pal step
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wednesday. >> reporter: ipalestinians. >> reporter: it's pressured by muslims and jews alike. little ones their in these sensitive times this tru place p is a place of confrontation. every gay begins with scenes like these. the violence almost choreographed. settlers in the rei think us right gain access to the courtyard of the mosque protected by the security forces. that draws a furious response from palestinians which in turn prompts tear gas and stun grenades from the is really police. just another version of sigh violence so commonplace in this fractured and divided land. al jazerra, jerusalem. >> to india now where villagers have been cut off and roads washed way after daz days of ra.
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>> reporter: the rains finally stopped around the city to reveal the damage. when the flooding began, rescue efforts were slow in this area. but picked up on thursday. we follow these rescue workers as they headed out. flatting down the water on what used to be a paved road there were science everywhere that showed how bad the flooding became here. rescuers came to the small village outside the city. people here told us that they had been stranded for days. they can do with whatever they have. it's been like this for four days, there is no food. there is nothing here. just water everywhere. only a few villagers at a time can be taken away. and that time couldn't come any sooner for these trapped in the village with his pregnant wife without any amenities. >> nobody can go through. if these guys were not helping us out we would be stuck there. my wife is pregnant. we couldn't agree a doctor of any kind to support for her.
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it's the first day the incessant rains which began almost a week ago have stopped. rescue crews are welcoming the break and it's the first chance that they have had to rescue people in this area. but hundreds more around the state are still trapped and the forecast is calling for more rain. officials say rescues like this one are happening around and they expect to stay busy. >> so far today we have rescued 150 people. for the past few days, we have rescued people from bridges, highways and now because of the weather we have come to the periphery. >> reporter: but after being rescued, these people were left to fend for themselves without any help. all they can do now is wait for the water to recede so that they can return to their village and determine what's left of their homes. al jazerra. >> fran's interior minister has sparked controversy by calling for the deportation of thousands of ethnic roma people. jackie roland reports.
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>> reporter: the roma community has set up home, at least temporarily on the outskirts of the city. like all citizens, roma have the right to move freely throughout the european union. but with local elections approaching in france, some politicians are turning the roma and their campsites in to an electoral issue. >> we are not here to welcome these people. i think we should state it again, clearly and calmly, we are not trying to stigmatize them, but look at the reality. the difficulties we are experiencing in these cities. >> reporter: the socialist government has been dismantling camps continuing a policy begun after the previous right wing administration. there are about 20,000 roma in france, which the interior minister says most should be expelled. until we recently there was a roma cam op this scrap of wasteland underneath the road but they have even been moved on from here which gives you a
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sense of how marginalized these people are. but roma groves say they don't live like this by choice. they say french law prevents roma from getting a proper job and without a job, they can't get housing. >> most of them are in france for five to 20 years. so if they didn't want to to be they would not remain especially in this particularly there are conditions they would not remain in france if they didn't want to integrate. >> reporter: in sweden, too, roma have found themselves at ther oatthe center of continue . they have a database, this kind of ethnic profiling is illegal. >> if we want to be a credible voice on human rights in europe we must keep our own house tidy. 79 the case of the roma is testing the limits of e.u. rules on the freedom of movement. it also acts as a gauge of
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levels of seen phobia in france and elsewhere in western europe. jackie roland, al jazerra, paris. >> and that story is and of course the rest of the day's news including much more on those high-level talks between iran and the u.s. on our websites.


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