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tv   News  Al Jazeera  September 27, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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>> and this is the al jazeera news hour with me, david foster. a warm welcome. in the next 60 minutes syria sia >> these are the top stories on this al jazeera news hour. syria's foreign minister said will destroy chemical weapons. his country is determined to and u.s.-iran herald a new moving forward in destroying chemical weapons. chapter. >> anchor over rising fuel prices spill own the streets of russian'
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sudan. >> reporter: i have the news from europe, including the iran's president speak in latest from climate change talks in swede. human activity is the cause of the u.n. general assembly. four people have died in global warming says a new u.n. protests over fuel prices in report. sudan. earlier the government removed a >> beginning the news hour with few subsidy that has petrol syria, an international community pushing hard for the prices doubling. more on crisis in syria. first united nations resolution on the country. we hear that opposition groups are trying to break through a the foreign minister has spoken blockade of rebel-held areas of with our james basen. damascus. they cut off food, medicine from did he have a lot to say. those people that lived there. >> reporter: it was a snatched aid agencies are warning of the encountered he didn't want to risk of mass starvation. speak at all. we have more stories from he said that syria would comply with an u.n. resolution if there beirut. >> reporter: all this man wants was an u.n. resolution. is to find food for his we think it will be. it's a done deal. children. relief organizations say more the prohibition of chemical
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than 4 million syrians, more than half of them children, do weapons is meeting in two hours not have enough to eat. time. we've seen this, a draft of decision that we think they're there is a humanitarian crisis going to adopt. and then after that the united nations will meet here in in many regions but it is particularly dire in the suburbs new york. let's hear from the new foreign of doe mass cuss. they have been under siege by government forces for almost a year. people there say children are minister. >> are you pleased with the malnourished as food is prospects? >> it's premature to speak as increasingly hard to find. long as fight something ongoing on the ground. >> reporter: do you think it >> die something better than would be a deal would bring living this life of humiliation. everyone to geneva? there is no food. there is nothing to eat. >> i hope so, i hope so. we're having to live through >> reporter: what about the chemical weapons resolution. >> we'll work on it because ordeal of heavy fighting. we're determined to go forward with respect to destroying the >> reporter: they are the sites of the others 21 chemical chemical weapon. attacks that u.n. report found included the use of the nerve >> reporter: in terms geneva.
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agent sarin. >> reporter: for other a year government forces have been >> no one can speak of the role, trying to retake the suburbs and because it is mentioned in the push out rebels. constitution. we will not violate our they have managed to stop their constitution. his role is for the syrian advances in some strategic districts that are now effecti people is very important and effectively blockaded but the crucial. >> reporter: so that's the rebellion around the capital has sticking point, i think, david. still not been defeated. >> reporter: their main arms muallem saying assad's position supply roots into the suburbs were cut off by the army a few is guaranteed by months ago. the syrian constitution. not up for discussion and as nevertheless, the new offensive to block the army blockade. they have these face-to-face talks. >> we greed to set up a join ag. in a few moments, the president of the syrian national coalition is giving a news conference here we want to end this blockade. in new york. when asked about geneva, they >> reporter: but people have little hope that a new assault will engage in discussion. would end their suffering.
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they want food and medical but not open-ended discussion as supplies to reach them so they can stay alive. aid agencies are pushing for all people have suggested. parties to agree to a cease-fire we'll bring you more in a few minutes. >> i guess you're hearing a lot to prevent what they're warn from people regionally who will something mass starvation. be affected by events in syria. you spoke to someone from the to >> well, the number being given by authorities is 359 who have died in the earthquake that tunisiaen government. struck pakistan on tuesday. it's likely to be much higher than that, of course. hundreds are injured. >> reporter: not just from thousands are homeless and some someone but the president are buried. it's difficult to get aid to victims because many of the roads are impassable and it is tunisia. you see this new opening between likely to be a week before they the iranians and the west. are able to get them aid. they say that's good news for the iran nuclear deal but it could be better news for syria. >> reporter: 72 hours after that massive earthquake, the military they're urging that syria goes is finally beginning to reach to the table, too, in geneva, the more remote regions of our district where the catastrophe
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is quite substantial. lots of people, including the most of the mud house versus president of tunisia saying iran collapsed. people have no food, therefore the military has been ordered really needs to be at the table. that it should take those he told me that he didn't think there would be any peace in supplies as soon as possible even though this is an insurge syria unless the iranians are insurgency-riddled province, the military it moving in full included in comprehensive talks. military gear, but they're interacting with the local population, getting the supplies to them where they need it most. most of the people have been >> ia bomb went outside of a seekingh is welcome. mosque as worshipers were this is the biggest province in leaving after friday's prayers. the country, and therefore logistically it is also a james talking about iran, nightmare. and the country's president says the president between iran and the united states is entering a new era. hassan rouhani spoke at the national assembly. >> the environment that has been created as a result of iran's elections in this new government
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is completely different path. the conditions are such that the path has been already if a till stated or paved to great >> ahead of the national security agency said revelations by the whistle blower edward extent to create the snowden would change the way the circumstances required. and i would hope that such agency operates. kimberly halkken has more from circumstances are sufficient on both sides and i assure you on washington, d.c. >> reporter: on happe cap capi., the iranian side it is ther is n >> we only "spy" fo with multipe time that there will be 100% on the future. i believe the not too distant future we'll be able to resolve layers and oversight. the nuclear issue step by step >> reporter: many believe th bet and pave the way for iran and goes too far. including the expansion of >> has the nsa ever collected or
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ever made any plans to collect from american cell site information. >> i don't want to put out in an cultural ties between the western nations and iran. unclassified form anything that is classified here. >> if you're responding to my >> this is the highest-level question by not answering we'll talks held in decades. continue to explore that. i believe this is something that the american people have a right to know. iran's foreign minister spoke >> reporter: the vast scope was exposed this past summer, edward with secretary kerry. snowden leaked classified and a bomber admitted that documents. on wednesday a group of democrats and republicans iranians mistrust was rooted in introduced legislation to extract those records to include only those suspected of past interference in their terrorism. country. >> it is the most comprehensive they talk about how the first talks in 30 years are being bipartisan intelligence proposal since the disclosures of last received. >> reporter: messages of peace at the u.n. and lots of june. >> reporter: but u.s. surveillance is not just being deliberation at home. challenged domestically. iranians hard liners don't trust there are international concerns. the united states and don't on tuesday the united nations believe hassan rouhani should
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either, but they're supporting challenged the u.s. spy program. the diplomatic efforts at the it was her own communications u.n. general assembly. may also have been monitored by >> the iranian nation has always the nsa. been oppressed by the u.s. this president obama has defended the is a movement to defend the u.s. surveillance but nation. at different times it require acknowledges a need for reform. >> we're looking at the way we different approaches. i hope god helps rouhani and his gather intelligence so we balance the legitimate privacy government. >> reporter: but at this mosque in tehran there are those who concerns. >> reporter: despite outcry over the surveillance the head of the say iran will not benefit from these talks. >> in my opinion i don't think senate intelligence committee is drafting competing legislation relations with the u.s. is a that would broaden the good idea. it goes back to the revolution. intelligence powers so it can when there has been a war that spy on targets. occurred it has been because of u.s. or israel and i don't think this new legislation shows just how vast the divide is in iran benefits of it. congress over the government surveillance programs, and how best to reform them. >> they have agreed to have friendly relations with the u.s. kimberly halkek. but during the past few years they have not shown any >> the meeting of community leaders there in the next couple kindness, neither to iran
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neither to any other country. of days. there are more murders in >> reporter: on thursday u.s. chicago than in new york. secretary of state john kerry however, more gang members have an unusual take on this problem met their counterpart at the u.s. the first such meeting in almost explained by john. 35 years. the talks including iran and the six nations handling it's >> reporter: former gang members blame the murder rate on a nuclear negotiations were positive for those who were cowboy mindset. there. but that's not the case here in >> it's the same as the wild, iran. hassan rouhani is playing it wild west but in a different very carefully. he wants to appease form. me in a club, i bump you instead international community and relief iran of external pressures but he wants to of us resolving an issue appease the opinions of the positively, we resolve it iranian people. most iranians do want better negatively. you bumped me, so now i'm going relations with the rest of the world, including the united to come and kill you. states. but some won't be moved. >> reporter: they have thinned our the city's gangs with and for hard liners there is hundreds of arts targeting gang little optimism in these talks. leaders. that has left remnants of the al jazeera, tehran. organizations with groups with >> muslims in kenya are now no discipline. >> that's why the cowboy worried of becoming the target mentality is serious. there was a time when a guy of a violent backlash.
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could say, look here, shut it all down but it's impossible to al-shabab carried out attacks shut down republican gates. >> reporter: last year 500 people were killed in the windy city. most of them gunned down in poor specifically against muslims. now we have more reports from neighborhoods like this. former gang members say most of the kenyan capital. them were not gang-related. >> now there is no structure so all the kids, it's basically, >> reporter: her husband has been arrested on suspicion of like, the wild while west for being involved in the westgate mall attack. for six days she has been real. searching for him but without >> reporter: violence can be mere sport. >> the whole purpose is to find success. she said that her husband is a victim, victimize them, and go innocent, and he had taken his employer's daughters to the mall that day. celebrate. he was injured during the attack. get wine, beer, alcohol, >> it would be good to visit marijuana, and they sit in the playground and talk about it as him. my husband is not a terrorist. if well, that's the thing to do. i believe they arrested him just because he has a muslim name. that's the norm for them. >> that's entertainment. >> that's entertainment. >> reporter: in chicago's poverty-scared ghettos. >> reporter: once again their religion is in the headlines for street hustlers fill father
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all the wrong reasons. fission. just one in three young men have fathers here. kenyan muslims have distanced fewer here. themselves from the action of >> if you don't water, what the gunmen. they say there have been attacks against muslims and add that the happened to the plant? killings should not be allowed it dies. >> our fathers left us. to damage relations between a part of me die. people of different faiths in if i had my father here, i this country. wouldn't have gone to jail six times. i wouldn't have joined the the attack is full of gangs, i wouldn't be hopeless condemnation and criticism for and i wouldn't be addicted. those who carried out the >> reporter: they say a violent attack. muslim leaders point out they, subculture that has been festering for decades could take too, have been victims of that decades to transform. attack. >> there are injured who are in al jazeera, chicago. hospital, men, women, and very young children. >> to feel fear is a natural, >> is this messi's biggest goal? correct reaction. he's facing court in spain. but the question is where do we go from here. not just as muslims, but as human beings where do we go from here? >> reporter: for now it's what the future could bring tha thats
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this community's biggest fear. >> crossing the continent from west now to east, i beg your pardon, from east to west to the people of guinea are voting since 1958. unfortunately more than 50 people have already died in election-related violence. we have reports now. >> reporter: she's ready to vote in parliamentary election. taking part in saturday's election is so important to her because her son was shot and on august 20th, killed by government forces al jazeera america introduced during an opposition rally two a new voice in journalism. months ago. >> good evening everyone, welcome to al jazeera. she said deliberately. >> usa today says: >> my daughter came running into the house screaming mom, they've >> ...writes the columbia journalism review. killed my brother. and the daily beast says: i screamed what? he had just gone out to play >> quality journalists once again on the air football. he was only 14. he was not involved in politics is a beautiful thing
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to behold. but security forces were fighting nearby. >> reporter: she believes if the >> al jazeera america, option wins the election there will be an investigation into there's more to it. her son's death. >> my son was shot because of this election. so i must vote. let me go and vote, and let's see if they shoot me, too. >> reporter: there is no evidence that there will be serious violence during the poll, but things have been tense in many parts of guinea. >> the company which runs japan's fukushima power plant >> reporter: the government says at least 50 people have been plan to restart some of its killed during protest. but opposition reporters say the reactors. radiation has been leaking since figure is much higher and on the earthquake and tsunami of two years ago. tuesday a policeman was killed. despite the tension, opposition morhere is more. candidates and their supporters under the union of democratic forces of guinea have been out >> reporter: only a few weeks ago the fukushima power plant campaigning in force. it looks like they won't win the was still leaking radartive majority of the parliamentary material. now tepco wants to open two seats up for grabs. the ruling party is ahead in the reactors at the largest nuclear power station in the world. they answered questions on polls. friday and handed over an according to strategic firms but
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application for safety approval. the first stage in the process what is born here not so much before the plant can become win party wins more seats but whether the election is free and operational again. fair. the vote was supposed to take place in 2010. but it has been canceled five >> there is still trouble times. the opposition accuses the happening, indeed we need to keep things under control. election commission of but we believe we are properly manipulating the voters list and location of polling stations to keeping it under control. give the ruling party an unfair >> it's prime minister's shinzo advantage. >> but the african union observing the election say most abe's goal to clear the nuclear of the problems have been resolved. >> some irregularities have been noted, but the ruling party, the election and the opposition came together in how to resolve the issues. the problems have been fixed. it's not perfect, but no election is perfect. >> reporter: if the vote does go plant. >> they could restart things you smoothly it will be the first have to wonder if they can apply democratically election since to restart. in terms of tepco they're 1958. the results will be announced completely untrustworthy 1234
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three days after the polls until recently japan was heavily close. reliant on nuclear power. >> a quick look ahead to what we've got coming up in the news hour. >> there is no food. but it has been a priority since there is nothing left to eat. >> starvation in the suburbs of then nuclear energy supplies 30% syria's capital. >> reporter: and i'm daniel i'm of the energy. but it has been under review in canada's eastern arctic where since the 2011 disaster because of safety concerns and melting sea ice from climate sentiment. there is still a way to go before any reactors could change is bringing problems and restart. opportunities. tepco needs government approval. if they can get all seven reactors up and running they could save around $1 billion in energy costs in the region. until then they're having to >> news from europe now. shell out another $10 billion to u.n. experts meeting in sweden help clean up the mess. say it's now 35% certain human al jazeera. >> in peru government plans to activity has been the cause of layoff state workers and brought global warming since the protests. thousands march on 1950s. this u.n. report is by far the
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strongest message yet what may congress and the presidential palace in the capital lima. be behind the rise of global angry workers set up roadblocks temperatures. on parts of the highway. >> reporter: the grim picture of our future. frequent heat waves and ice free police in argentina are fraught arctic give sea levels rising with squatters as those squatters have been corrected. hundreds of families have been living for weeks in an unused fast. they studied 5,000 scientific factory. people were hurt as rocks and papers and now they've issued metro bombs were thrown. their report card. time for the sports round >> warming is unequivocal, and up. >> reporter: david, thank you very much. it's extremely clear that it's the international cycling union has a new man in charge with due to human activities. that's the good news. bryant cookson elected as we can act to reduce emissions president on friday. and protect climates for he replaces pat mcquaid after children in future generations. >> reporter: the u.n.'s last report in 2007 suggested that 24-18. the earth would warm between 0 mcquaid had held the role for eight years but has been to 3-degree sellous by 2021. criticized for the sport's failure to control doping, particularly the lance armstrong it says that temperatures will scandal.
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>> i'll make cycling fully still rise by 1.5 degrees, and a independent, and to work for a rise of two to four degrees. reports of sea levels are rising swift investigation into cycli faster than thought, and the cycling's doping culture. oceans betweeoceans 97 centimet, which is bad news for those >> we have been following the living at low level areas. story. the sport of cycle something >> we'll have more sea level probably made the right decision rise over this century than the going for a new man. but cookson has massive previous projections leading to challenges ahead of him. as much as one meter increase in >> well, with all the major problems that this sport has had sea level rise by the end of the over the last couple of decades, this was cycling's big event. center. this was the big day, never mind that could be quite devastating to some of the low lying areas what was happening on the roads around the world. and on the tracks. they had to get it right and >> reporter: the report says it's very likely ice covering they nearly messed it up. it was an utter shamble as they the arctic sea will become tried to get the election going. in the end they had to have a thinner. last year it melted to a record vote to decide if pat mcquaid low, a third of what it was 20 was even allowed to stand for years ago. this raises the distinct president again.
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he didn't have an official possibility that the arctic may nomination in the end he had become ice freebie summer if not nominations. that was disappoin disputed. by 2050 then by 2100. in the end it was cookson who said we've got to have an election here. melting ice cube to make their point on global warming. it was in utter shambles, and it may an stunt but their mention imessage is the same as. he's realistic enough to know that all the work they've done report. government and businesses need over the decades it's a huge job to act to reverse the worse and difficult job and the hard affects of climate change. work starts here. it's a long road ahead to try to >> reporter: scientists are warning some of the changes to the plant are irreversible. restore cycling's damage the best we can do is prepare to live in a changed and fast-changing world. representatioreputation. al jazeera, stockholm. >> reporter: well, the arctic is messi is aaccused of tax one place where global warm something changing the environment at an especially rapid rate, and people are having to adopt.
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wwe go to canada's eastern evasion. they will now decide if the case needs to go to trial. arctic. daniel, explain to us how people he's in the payment of are being affected there? $6.6 million has been made in >> reporter: well, as we heard back taxes and interest. in the report, sea ice is melting, and there is a big fear well, to matters on the pitch, on saturday hosting here that pe perma frost, ground chelsea in what is the pick of the day. it will be the first time that that has been frozen, may warm up. there are all sorts of changes morenmorenomourinho. to movements and species of animals and fish. interestingly one of those movements, the movement of fish species is seen as one potential >> how would you describe your benefit to changing climate. relationship? >> i don't describe it because beneath the still ice, more fish i'm not going to discuss than ever before. relationships with the media. i think it's a personal thing, >> we'll start loading some from and i'm not keen to discuss it. here. >> reporter: a great first catch for peter on his new troller's >> he says--
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>> i don't care what he says. maiden voyage. i'm here not to comment on what halibut is just gun to catch in he says or to know what he says. recent years. i'm not interested. was now the longer ice-free season is building a commercial fishery where people once fished only because, you know, i was full of for food. >> we went out to test our lines ambition to give him something and test new fishing grounds, extra, and i wanted further involvement in the job i was doing at the time, which was and i'm glad to say that with the effort of everybody we did scouting and match preparation. i felt that i could give him much more, so my initial idea catch quite a bit in a small was to keep on working with him. amount of time. >> reporter: new machines near the fish processing plan but he didn't feel the need for prepared it for expert to east somebody near to him or in asia. bigger fishing boats catching another position as an assistant. >> appeals for interviolence more fish means more jobs. between fan groups. >> it does turn to a traditional recent street brawls has left lifestyle. three supporters dead. if people are able to use some we have reports from the college skills that they've always had, and apply them to a job, then
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that's something that will colombiacolombia. probably be of long-term benefit. >> reporter: projects like this >> they gather in this bus newly built small craft harbor station where day before and this entire fishing pier show the authorities are taking hooligans killed a 19-year-old the prospect of commercial boy. fishing seriously. his sin, being a rival supporter but there are those looking for opportunity in what is essentially a global climate and reining a green jersey. >> we need new policies that can crisis might be premature. guarantee that not only football off alaska commercial fishing fans but the entire city can has been halted until scientists coexist in peace. do more research on the least >> this is just one of three understood area on the planet, killings. a wave of pre-match violence the northern seas. >> when you don't understand it. that has posted the mayor to you study it before you start postpone the game. exploiting it. >> reporter: but canada has been >> colombia football has a long cutting funding for arctic research and many of those who history of violence, and it's live in this harsh advisement not the first time that authorities have to take drastic want to seize whatever opportunities arise from climate measures. change even as they confront in 1989 the first tournament was it's challenges. >> daniel, clearly people have canceled after the killing of a been able to adapt to climate
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referee. >> security measures have change but how worried are they reduced violence within the by how rapid global warming stadiums but not outside where appears to be happening? hooligans fight to gain >> reporter: if it's a huge territory or gang status. worry up here, and they've been >> since i started coming to the thinking about it now for a stadium my mother begged me not couple of decades. to wear the jersey or at least the government of this part of canada which is largely an an zip the jacket up to hide it. indigenous people they've had a you never know what crazy armed climate change department for guy you're going to find. >> we are scum. much longer than other countries nothing more. we have no tolerance to the have. they've been looking closely rest. into it because the way of life this is our ideology. to kill for a jersey. is marginal. people struggle to make a living >> and they have been studying from a harsh environment. and documenting colombian as that environment changes, whatevetheinuit people are extry hooliganism, and to prevent further vie glens restrictive worried. policy that has been successful the traditional way of life, hunting, fishing for seal, in richer countries like raising ticket prices or prohibiting walrus, those are under deep threat. not only that, their settlement people from entering the stadium will not work here. patterns. hours is a social problem which we hear about the perma frost we need to solve through
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melt. education and inclusion. temperatures are warming faster >> the government promised new measures to stop known hooligans than anywhere else on planet. they venture on the ice to get from entering stadiums and said if there are more incidents they much of their food. that'se aug amount of concern. might decide to shut down the the government says it's doing what it can, but it's one small league. government among many in the world. looking forward very much to see >> races in new jersey and korea if this could be mitigated in have been included in a any way. provisional collar for th calene we have to remember that climate change report says if we start mitigating today it will go on for decades, possibly longer. the 2014 formula one season. >> all right. thanks so much, daniel. >> that is the latest news from a test race held on friday to here in europe. back now to doha and to david. demonstrate readiness for the events. tiger woods has been voted >> felicity. thank you very much, indeed. in egypt there have been pga player of the year for the protests across the country. 11th time despite failing to win a major he has won five demonstration versus been organized by the anti-coup tournaments and returned to the number one ranking. alliance, an umbrella group of opposition parties. the first time since 2009 that it's the first since th they hae he was won the player award. there were emotional scenes been banned.
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many protesters are now on the streets. on the face of it protests in a farewell from the yankees. in sudan which are getting bigger by the day are about the doubling of the price of petrol. but there is a sense that there a the rays went on to claim a is a growing resentment toward 4-0 win leaving the no. 42 jersey has been retired. >> it's amazing. a great, great night. i mean, we lost. government of al bashir. i don't know how i'll be saying that, besides it was a great let's talk to joe teman joining night. >> resurgence has been halted in me now from washington, d.c. japan. the former wimbledon champion won the first set. give us the back ground to these protests? the czech responded to take the >> well, the immediate trigger has been, as you referenced, the next two sets 6-3, 7-6 to secure increase in fuel prices earlier this week. the government made the the match. difficult decision to remove that's your sport. i'll have more later. subsidies which increased the david. >> i look forward, thank you prices, they do this in the very much.
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midst of a very difficult and thank you for watching this economic situation for the al jazeera news hour. country. but as you alluded to, this has see you next time. a lot to do with things other than the fuel prices themselvead response we see from the government. >> how much of a threat to his position is this? >> well, i think it's hard to say, and it's probably too soon to say. this government has proven itself very adept at survival, and it's proven that it's willing to go to great lengths in order to survive. it's important to keep in mind that there were protests similar to this about a year ago, probably not as large, and not as widespread as we're seeing over the past three days, but they have survived protests like this in the past, and they have a lot of strategies to do so. >> does it have anything to do with the dispute with the oil flowing from the south to the
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north and the lack of revenue the north is getting? >> i don't think this has much to do with relations between suzanne and south sudan. those relations seem to have improved somewhat recently. the oil that originates in souta pretty generous cut of oil revenue which should be helping them economically. there remain a lot of issues between sudan and south sudan. what we're seeing today and in other cities in sudan has much more to do with internal-- >> stay with us. did i mention we were trying to get through t yosef. you've witnessed some of the confrontations, tell us what you saw.
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>> yes, there was protest, and we came across heavy backlash of security backlash. we were actually dispersed using light ammunition. they're trying to injure and kill protesters. and shooting live ammunition in both direction. >> is this about politics or is it about living conditions? in other words, does it go across party lines because everybody's affected? >> it's both. clearly the lifting. our cost of living. we have inflation of close to 50% over the last six months and
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made the increase close to 100%, and it has increase on other parties when people are really struggling. we've seen on the streets this is really the trigger. people are coming out and very much expandable the feeling in sudan is they are pitching the country to all out collapse. there is a lack of basic freedom and people are trying to salvage what is left of their country. the trigger is the economy but that's not the objective of the goal. the goal is regime change. >> yosif, thank you very much. joe in washington, d.c. we understand that parts of the internet are back and working but facebook and other social
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media sites are still down in sudan because the government didn't perhaps trust what people might be able to do in terms of mobilization. does that say anything about bashir's sense of concern about what is happening on the streets? >> yes, i think it does. the government is saying there are other reasons for the internet being down but i think most accounts are that that was an intention move by the government. it says something about their concerns, it also says something about the level of organization amongst a lot of people who are involved in these protests. particularly among some of the youth groups. there is a vibrant and active social media scene amongst the youth that has been important to some of the resistence to the government that we've seen over the last few years. >> john, thank you very much, indeed. and apologies to referring to you as joe a couple of times. good to have you on the program. >> thank you. >> still head, the death toll
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continues to rise. the government is asking separatist fighters to help with aid. and how colombia is addressing violence that has caused one of the country's biggest football games to be canceled.
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